UK cops give up on solving crime

| 01/08/2011

(Daily Mail): One in three crimes reported to police are not investigated as detectives write them off as unsolvable, an investigation has revealed. Burglaries, theft and criminal damage are cases most likely to be dropped before they are even looked at. Other more serious offences, such as sexual assaults, drug trafficking and violent attacks, are also 'screened out' by officers in some forces. Police have blamed funding cuts and limited resources for abandoning cases where they think there is little or no chance of catching those responsible. Police failed to investigate almost 650,000 of just over 2 million crimes reported in England and Wales over the last three years, following an initial screening process.

Out of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, 21 of them were found to have dropped cases before they had even been investigated.According to the figures, obtained by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act, the trend is constant nationally and runs at about 32 per cent. However, the figures are even more stark in London, with almost half of allegations being dropped after an initial screening process because officers in the capital think they cannot be solved.

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  1. Common Sense says:


    Why don't you publish articles of this sort on the front page of our local section?  You select the stories you want to share seemingly to stir up local reaction against things you have issues with.

    Why this is particulary troubling- is because we have a UK lead and managed (most would argue mis-managed) police force.  We are convinced there is alot more at play than meets the eye. 

    And if our UK leadership in the police are exercising the attitude demonstrated in the article of giving up on cases then its a good right we are seeing the madness that is being witnessed on our streets and in our community.

    But I am certain that showing the UK in its true light does not suit the agenda of the anti-Cayman clique which harbors on this site to stir up dissenssion, strife and hatred towards my people.

    Treat the issues fairly and let us draw our own conclusions.  Don't try to steer readers.