Dart to host public meetings over government deal

| 04/08/2011

(CNS): Representatives from the Dart group of companies are hosting their first public meeting this evening to discuss the new deal the company has made with government. The developer entered into a complex investment agreement with the Cayman government in June that includes land swaps, road realignments, the moving of the George Town dump and the development of a new resort on Seven Mile Beach. Dart Realty management will meet with the people of West Bay Thursday evening at the John A Cumber primary school to outline what the ForCayman investment alliance includes and allow the public to ask questions about the deal.

The meeting which starts at 7:30 pm will be the first of a number of meetings which will be held in the various districts on Grand Cayman to discuss the wide impact that ForCayman may have across the island but mostly in West Bay and Bodden Town.

The investment agreement has received a mixed response from the community with some welcoming the deal as a way to boost the country’s flagging economic fortunes while others are concerned that Dart is being given a significant number of major concessions but what it is giving in return will not necessarily benefit the wider Caymanian community.

The realignment of the West Bay Road to enable the developer to turn the land he has purchased around the courtyard Marriot into a beach front resort has tripled the value of that land. However, Dart will be absorbing the cost of constructing a new by-pass through to Batabano in West Bay and will be donating land to government for an extra public beach along the West Bay Road as well as land in Barkers. Dart is also giving government several acres of land in West Bay but government has stated this will be given to a private school to develop a secondary level campus.

Dart has also been given the George Town landfill by government, whichthe developer will be capping and remediating and removing what was a problem for Dart as it can be seen from many of its properties in Camana Bay. In return Dart has purchased land in Bodden Town which will now be home to a new landfill where Dart will develop the infrastructure and then, it is understood, will hand over the new dump to government to operate.

The group’s representatives have stated that the deal signed with government is not yet set in stone and various elements may change but they will be available to answer questions about the general issues at the public meetings.

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  1. anonymous says:

    We need to know how much of this work will go to Local companies. If he says he is spending so much make sure it stays in cayman not a slight of hand and go offshore!

  2. Incognito says:

    not to sounds negative, but I guess I am. lol.

    Does it really make sense to say anything about this project? I mean, its not as if the whole cayman islands dissagree with this, that it wont happen. This meeting is only to tell you what is going to happen.

    To all the people who are denial… Dart Co. owns Cayman… XXXX

    he has glamoured his way here enough that his name is now part of the Cayman islands.  You can't speak to people who know about Cayman and not have Darts name brought up in the conversation.

    My question is… why is it every other country who knows about Dart, doesnt want him?  Guess we'll find out one day. lol


  3. Anonymous says:

    What I really want to know id who will run any concession stands or bus routes to the public beach. Dart Group say they want to create jobs for Caymanians, but just take a look at Caymana Bay. You can count on your 2 hands how many Caymanians are hired in the stores, restaurants/bars. The only business is the Cinema.

    Are they going to have small stores that sell beach products, maybe a pharmacy and other helpful solutions on that property to aid tourists and locals alike. Maybe  local food , just something with no bar. If they want alcohol they can walk over to Calicos. 

    • Caymanian/Expat family- all one says:

      Come on Jackie-O…..show us a few execs that are Caymanian please!  

      I don't want to see the CBay tour guide or Discovery Center receptionist be local, I wanna see you make a CFO, Sales Managers, CTO, or the like be a Caymanian.  You KNOW you have QUALIFIED applicants.  Your HR team is a joke.

      Oooooh, is there room on the white collar team for more Caymanians?  Or should be expect more North Americans?

      Show us you know how to help your own in these economic times.

      • Anonymous says:

        you need qaulifications and experience and good work ethic to be an 'exec'

        • Anonymous says:

          This is the same exact statement that has Cayman employment in the mess that it isin now!

          Have u ever heard of TRAINING!

          Sometimes it is the humble that endures!

          HOW DID U START OFF! Did u have to go to school to know what u know? DID U HAVE ANY SOR OF TRAINING?

          There are people out there that cannot read or write but they are some of the best with gardning, painting, fixing cars doing hair etc.

          The ones that are being calledthe "lazy Caymanians" most of them are not lazy most of them for example know that they  are good with cars, they look in the newspaper and see a job but it requiers 5 years of experience. Can u explain to me how a student that just graduated failed every subjuct but aced mechanics wants a job, were the hell and how the hell is he going to have 5 years experience?



          Its time for us Caymanians to stop getting jobs by who we know and actually get something for OURSELVES!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that we need to see more Caymanian in senior roles with the Dart organization; however, when a Caymanian venture to apply for these senior roles there are so many excuses given to immigration as to why the Caymanian did not qualify and why they(Dart) need a permit holder to do the job.

      I understand that their test to enter the organization is similar to one you would have to pass to become an astronaut ( I exagerate, but am serious).  One would have to wonder if the permit holder is given prior assistance with the test as they are the only ones, who according to HR is successfully passing it.

       As long as you have permit holders as your HR person, it's hardly likely that you will see this change any time soon and Caymanians will continue to only hold the less senior positions to satisfy the status quo.

      With so much of this future work happening around the West Bay area, why don't they hire someone at a very senior level from that district whom the people respect and trust, to be their person to refer to with repect to this  development.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mr. Premier for your partnership with the Dart group, this is the kind of development that we need in and for the Cayman Islands.  The world is in a recession but Cayman is doing very well all things considered.  You are doing a very good job in keeping these  islands together.  Good long term planning and development is good, you contnue to do a good job and don't let the detractors get you down there are lots of people on your side.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very interesting to say the least.  There is absolutely no reason why people should not attend the meeting to hear about this project and come away with a better understanding of the issues to quoute "Austin Harris".  Then and only then can we make an informed decision.   Maybe this is not such a bad idea.

  6. The Lone Haranguer says:

    If this project is done anything like Camana Bay it is going to be a great asset for this islands tourism product. turn him loose let's go Dart !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you are for Dart and this "ForCayman" initiative then kindly answer these questions. Is Cayman better off today with the presence of Camana Bay? Is the cost of living down because of Caymana Bay? Is employment up? Is tourism up? Is public spending up? Are people happier? Is crime down? Are new shops opening or are old one's closing?


    All of the current promises being made were also made back before Camana Bay was built. Yes it is impressive but it is more suitable for Boca Raton or Palm Beach than for Cayman. The benefits to all of Cayman just didn't happen.


    After Ivan we had a re-building boom here funded by insurance money and savings accounts. There were not enough local workers to meet the demands so we brought in foreign labor. The damage estimates were about 2 billion dollars. That is about the total GDP of Cayman for a year. As the damage repair came to an end, so did the money and the need for labour. There is nothing a government or developer can do to generate the number of jobs that Hurricane Ivan did. And if such a delvelopment took place at a fraction of the size of the Ivan aftermath, all of the contractors and labourers would once again find themselves out of work when the project is completed.


    The bottom line is that no man or government can develop and build us out of recession. Development is at best temporary and cannot be sustained in an ongoing manner to meet labour needs. Over development leads to more problems that cannot be undone as we are seeing now.


    Caymanians sold their primebeach front land to foreigners long ago for nice financial gain. Now the money is running out and Caymanians are being pushed aside for the desires of those to whom we sold our birthright. The developers will always claim their projects are for the greater good but it is for their financial gain that such promises are made.


    Pandora's box has been opened and there's no way to close it.


    • Anonymous says:

      "Is public spending up?"


      Hold on a sec.  Cayman already has major debt issues and you want public spending to go up even more?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I see nothing but road congestion in this road re-alignment proposal.  Another round about??? Good grief I am dizzy! 

    It would make so much more sense if the re-aligned road did NOT join the current by-pass highway but remain as a second carriage way to and from West Bay by encircling the current property, if this has to be and it seems like it will.

    West Bay commuters, prepare for the level of traffic congestion to return, before the by-pass was built.  You have my sympathy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Public meetings?  Is Dart running for office too?  Then again if Burns got his through despite the overwhelming objections at the many public meeting, Dart hardly need bother.  It seems to be a fait accompli.

    • Anonymous says:

      when he wants an office, he wont run for it.  He'll walk in and take it.

      • Anymous says:

        03:08  I really wish he would do so.  I know I would try my best to help him because one thing for sure, Dart is no fool.  He knows that it is not the people of Cayman against him, and the few who are are being set up by foreign counterparts.   Get a grip on una selves and leave the man alone.

  10. Libertarian says:

    Dart is a different issue altogether. Some of the deals I support. The others I just wished the government included the people in them.

  11. Excuse me says:

    Excuse me while I quietly pack my things and board BA to London, this place aint for Caymanians anymore I can tell you that!

  12. Anonymous says:

    GO DART!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Carry on – don't mind us – We're Caymanian – we love to moan!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that they're buliding a monorail too..? Cool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Monorail!!   Dart I just love you.  Please hurry build it.  I dont know why people don not leave this man alone and let him spend his money.  It  is his money, and I have not heard of him threatening anyone for their property or space.  Get real Cayman, and please stop letting those who have already made it set you up against dart.  At least what ever this man does he do it good.  Nothing half hazzard.  Buitifying the Island.  I support him 100 percent.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Will they have refreshments? People in Cayman don't attend meetings if there are no refreshments. Perhaps some styrofoam containers to take a lil' bit home for mama and Aunt Sadie as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      according the frank mcfield and steve mcfield radio show the other day,…. caymanians don't like going to job fairs either…apparently you must go to them and ask them if they want to work!!!!!

    • Libertarian says:

      Whoever attends the meeting, I think public beach access towalk along the shoreline without having to be stopped by Dart's security officers for his hotel, should be brought up amongst questions. Also, will there be enough parking for the locals to go there and swim?  The beach access is one of my prime concerns out of many others.

  16. Shock and Awe says:

    "What benefits will this have for Cayman?"

    "That's a good question. Next question."

    "Will this mean that Cayman is being taken over by a large corporation?"

    "That's a good question. Next question."

    "Were there any side deals made with certain politicans to allow this to happen?"

    "That's a great question. Next question."

    "What real estate companies were involved in this transaction?"

    "That's a good question. Next."

    "This will alter the landscape for it seems the benefit of one individual company but you don't seem to be giving any answers to our concerns. Why??"

    "That's a good question. Any more questions?"

    • Anonymous says:

      "What benefits will this have for Cayman?"
      Hundreds of millions will be spent to fully develop this project.  All of Cayman will be effected positively effected by this in one way or another.  From those directly recieving empolyment in the construction of the development, running the development when completed, all the way to the resturants and shops those directly employee will purchase things at. 

      This will also improve our tourisim product.  Besides the obvious top of the line new resort, through our efforts Cayman will finally be able to offer one of the worlds most beautiful beaches without the island's busiest road having tons of vehicals zooming by at break neck speeds.  This will provide a more peaceful way to enjoy such a wonder of nature and for the parents of young children actually give them a bit of a break from having to worry about thier young ones being hit by a car flying by a few feet away.

      In addition to the above, there will also be a new public beach donated to the people of Cayman as well as major enhancement to existing public beach facilities.

      "Will this mean that Cayman is being taken over by a large corporation?"
      Ahhh….. no?

      "Were there any side deals made with certain politicans to allow this to happen?"
      Ahhh….. no?

      "What real estate companies were involved in this transaction?"
      Check with Lands and Survey, I cannot do all your work for you, ya lazy bugger!

      "This will alter the landscape for it seems the benefit of one individual company but you don't seem to be giving any answers to our concerns. Why??"
      Sorry, you didn't list any concern.


      • Anonymous says:

        fresh, but…

        #2 yes

        #3 yes

        • Anonymous says:

          To be fair, I should have just answered #1 and said the rest is non-sense political bickering that has no effect on if the project itself is good for the Cayman Islands.


          The rest I should have left as it obviously wasn't about the project itself, but just the need to turn every possible topic into a way to raise a fuss and complain about something even if it is good for the island.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to hear the facts and to ask questions. Do not come with closed minds which have been previously informed by supposition, innuendo and scare tactics …  come to hear the facts and THEN make informed decisions and opinions.

    • Jumbles says:

      You're not from round here are you?  What you suggest is completely alien.