Monsters mash on as Sharks feed on Pythons

| 04/08/2011

(GCFFA): This past Saturday at the Camana Bay field, the Lone-Star Jager Monsters secured their second win, and the Hammerheads Lady Sharks proved it is definitely shark week, as both teams defeated their opponents in the fourth week of the Dart Women’s League, hosted by the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association.  Game one of the day came down to the wire, going into overtime with a score of 6-6 at the game clock’s expiration. The offensive changes that the Lone Star Jager Monsters implemented a couple of weeks ago seem to have made a tremendous impact on their chemistry and ability.

Quarterback for the second week in a row, Christina Hefner, completed 15 passes out of 27 attempts. Erica Bosch-Bone was once again her favourite target, receiving four of Hefner’s passes, followed by former quarterback Michelle McTaggart and newcomer Shalisa Barnett, each with three receptions. Hefner’s game winning plays were made with a touchdown pass each to Barnett and Renee Thompson.

The Monsters’ defense focused on stopping their opponent’s quarterback, Christina Pineda, by sending a steady blitz – knowing that giving her any time to throw a long ball would hurt their chances. . Marine Williams put all effort out by sacking Pineda four times during the game. Christine Bisnauth had a season game-high of five tackles, followed by Melanie Lewis with four. Tricia Miller also chipped in with a sack to the quarter back and Renee Thompson had an interception in the second half.

For the Androgroup Killa-Panthers, who were missing their second quarterback Lisa Malice, the pressure from the Monsters proved too great. Christina Pineda assumed full quarterback duties for the game, and although her passes were right on target with 21 out of 28 attempts completed, the team lost to the Jager Monsters with a final score of 12-6 in overtime. One of the most costly decisions to the Killa-Panthers during their overtime drive was declining a roughing the passer penalty, after a 20 yard catch by Dilbert put them within 12 yards of the end zone.

Had the penalty been accepted the 20 yard play would not have counted, but they would have received 10 penalty yards and an automatic first down, giving them four more attempts to score. Pineda’s last throw of the game went to Ebanks who was just outside the endzone and unable to make it in before Monsters’ Thompson made the game winning tackle, ending the Killa-Panthers offensive drive. 

Leading the offense in receptions for the first time this season was Sophia Dilbert, who caught seven passes from Pineda.  Heather Roffey was Pineda’s next look, with six receptions to her game. Pineda spread the ball around to Tonia Ebanks with three receptions, Caron Murphy with two receptions and Kristen Watler-Miller with one reception, and the lone touchdown was made by Pineda as she saw the opportunity to run the ball into the end zone.

Gillian Roffey had an amazing game on defense with seven tackles, followed by Becky Coe and Sophia Dilbert with two tackles each. Natalee Dyke also answered back on defense with a sack to the Monsters’ quarter back Christina Hefner.

In Saturday’s second game, Hammerheads Lady Sharks versus the Pythons, the Lady Sharks brushed off their previous week’s loss and bit hard into the Python’s game, winning 24-6. 

Quarterbacks for Lady Sharks, Bobeth O-Garro and Ellen Downey, completed six of eleven pass attempts, and five of six attempts, respectively. Between the two quarterback’s, three interceptions were thrown, which could have been detrimental to the Sharks momentum if they hadn’t stopped the Pythons on most of their possessions. 

The ball was shared amongst the offensive line-up, with touchdown passes made to Scimone Campbell and Courtisha Ebanks, as well as a pass to Kathy Miller, who only needed to take a few steps to make it into the end zone, and the final touchdown made by Dionne O’Garro-Anglin who ran the ball in 15 yards to the end zone.

Teamwork was key when it came to defense, as nearly every Shark player made a tackle. Serena Yates and Campbell each had three tackles, and Yates also sacked the Pythons’ quarterback once. The unassuming, but quick ball-handler, Keisha Anglin, came up huge on defense with two interceptions and two tackles.

For the Pythons, who have yet to secure a victory, their improvement on offense was evident as quarterback Tamika Byrd made 12 of 18 passes, with two interceptions thrown. Her favourite target was Jessica Ebanks, who caught eight passes. Anna Nyuandi and Carla Martin each received the ball twice. It was an interception that the Pythons caught near the 25 yard marker which put them close enough to their end zone as they switched to offense, for Byrd to run the ball in for the team’s lone touchdown.

On defense, Jessica Ebanks again showed she is the rookie to beat this year, as she intercepted two balls and made two tackles. Leading the Pythons defense in tackles was Nyuandi, who had six, followed by Colleen Williams with three. Violet Whittaker-Powell also showed her finesse as a rusher as she sacked the Sharks’ QB once and made a well-read tackle on a hand-off behind the line of scrimmage. Cynthia Powell also contributed with two tackles.

This Saturday’s game action sees the Dominos Wolverines against the Pythons in the first series, with Androgroup taking on the Hammerheads Lady Sharks next. Monsters have a bye this Saturday. Games begin at 10am at the Camana Bay Field, with snacks and refreshments available for purchase.


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