Mac defends Dart deal

| 08/08/2011

(CNS): The premier outlined what he said was the "critical importance" of government’s deal with the Dart group of companies at a packed meeting in West Bay last week. From land swaps to provide room for expansion of a West Bay private school to money to help pay mortgages, McKeeva Bush said the ForCayman alliance was a good deal for everyone in the country. He acknowledged that some people may not agree, whether for environmental or other reasons, but he said that government had to do something to get the country out of the current difficult economic situation. Bush said he did not believe in just talking about the problem but believed in “doing something”.

Listing the various elements of the complex deal between the developer and the government that involves crown land swaps, the relocation of the dump and the closure of a stretch of the West Bay Road, Bush also revealed that there would be money to pay people’s mortgages as many had reached the point beyond what they could manage.

Bush did not specify how the cash would be allocated but said around $2.5 million of a cash donation of around $18 million that Dart is making as part of the package will go towards mortgage arrears. He said many people were losing their homes as the banks were stepping in, albeit reluctantly, but he said they were taking people to court because they were so far behind with their mortgages and no hope of paying the arrears.

The Caymanian people were suffering, Bush told the West Bay audience of more than 150 people on Thursday evening, “far beyond what they can endure” and government has to find a way to “help people get back on track,” he added. The premier stated that he believed that the ForCayman alliance represented a partnership for recovery and said Dart had demonstrated its commitment to Cayman and this was a good deal for everyone.

He explained that it takes a long time to get projects on track and the people back to work but that he believed this partnership to revitalize Cayman’s economy was absolutely necessary. As he spoke about what the deal entails he stated that Dart had to get incentives in order to make the investment and start the infrastructure projects that would create jobs.

Bush explained that the full package was not yet a done deal as government and the developer were working out the finer details and he was trying to get more for the people before it was signed. He said he wished it was already agreed so that things could get moving, but the government had to make sure that the deal was fair to all concerned.

Although the deal includes medium to long term development, he said there would be immediate benefits to the country and its people as jobs were created. Bush said the ForCayman investment alliance would help not just a few but lots of people “to grow and prosper.”

One of the key elements of the deal includes a land swap with government in order to allow Dart to move 2000 feet of the West Bay Road in order to develop the former Courtyard Marriott site into a new four, or possible five, star resort which will become a beach front property. This crown land swap, it is believed, will triple the value of the land that Dart now owns in that area. In exchange, the developer will be giving government land in Barkers and in West Bay, which government appears to have earmarked for a private school – Grace Christian academy – to expand, and a donation of some $18 million in cash, which will be used to go towards the primary school redevelopment project and the new mortgage assistance programme. Dart will also purchase the land needed for the extension of the Esterly Tibbetts Highwayinto West Bay up to Batabano and pay for the cost of constructing the new road. 

A second major element of the deal is the swap of the current landfill, which Dart will cap and remediate addressing the leaching into the North Sound, a long standing problem. The former dump will eventually become a recreation area once it is safe after the remediation work has been completed. In exchange for that land, which is adjacent to Camana Bay, Dart has purchased land in Bodden Town on which it plans to create a new modern landfill site that will be managed and operated by government, which is expected to include recycling and composting.

Dart has also committed to building out more of its planned residential phases in Camana Bay, creating jobs and opportunities for local business as well as extending the existing public beach, creating another public beach north along the West Bay Road, more parks and other charitable donations.

For well over two hours representatives from Dart and government, including Education Minister Rolston Anglin and back bencher Cline Glidden, who is government’s key negotiator with Dart, talked to the crowd about the project and its various elements. Jackie Doak, CEO of Dart, outlined the company’s history in Cayman and its record of employing Caymanians and giving back to the community.

The presentation received a mixed response, with many people offering their support to the project. However, key queries included why so much of the West Bay Road needed to be moved when the hotel site could be turned into a beach front resort with the closure of a much shorter stretch, an answer which was lost in the melee of the evening’s crossfire and never answered, as well as queries about the donation of land to Grace Christian Academy.

Some members of the audience queried how a donation of land to a private school could assist everyone, given that most people would be unable to pay school fees, and asked why it could not be put towards the planned Beulah Smith High School. The minister said government didn’t have the money to either construct or run a new public school but indicated that by assisting a private school it would ease the pressure in West Bay. He did not say if government intended to pay the fees of local children to attend that school once it was built or if scholarships would be available.

The audience was also told that the deal with Dart would be legally binding and any subsequent government would have to honour the final agreement that the current administration intended to sign.

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  1. Nomad says:

    A comprehensive feasibilty study of that area and the bypass would have alleviated alot of fears and issues of a number of the objectors,the manner in which the government has conducted its negotiation and business has contributed to alot of anomosity towards the developer. There is a right way to do business government doesn't seem to ever get it. To most people it does not appear to be the Cayman Alliance government is touting to the public it in fact would appear to be Cayman Defiance on the part by the UDP government..


    So finally DART worked out how NOT to pay an $18m commission and I guess someone finally worked out how to benefit indirectly from a substantial "donation". Eigthteen million dollars given to this Government in such circumstances is not a donation. There is no difference between an $18m bribe or an $18m donation if the ultimate aim is to achive planning approvals that will enable you to get 3,000 feet of beach rezoned that will increase the value your landholdings by $200m.          

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why are we so against Dart? he has done more for the these islands than all the banks combined and remember there was a time when there were in excess of 400 banks registered here.  Ritz-Carlton was given lots of incentives show me what this developer has given to the Caymanian people other than a few jobs and a hotel that most Caymanians don't go to simply because most of us cannot afford it.  Camana Bay is there for all Caymanians to enjoy and it is a real nice development.  The Dart group is willing to investment money to help Caymanians save their homes while the banks are taking them away.  As for the other segments of the financial industry most of them don't even want to hire locals but Dart does.  I hope he hurry up and own the entire island.  I am one of those people who believe that he should ownevery industry in these islands.  I cannot wait for him to open his own banks, insurance company, hospital, law firm, investment brokrage firm, pension  fund, factory, service station, supermarkets, airlines, bus companies, telephone company,  printing press and television station.  Cayman will be very self sufficient then and the sooner it  happens under Dart Management the better.  

    • Anonymous says:

      You are clearly very naive. While Mr. Dart's developments have been impressive he is a very shrewd businessman and clearly has an end-game in view. Contrary to what you appear to think his motives are not charitable. This is clear if one reviews his record in lending foreign governments money from Argentina to Russia and his use of vulture funds.He bought distressed sovereign debt from Argentina for 20 cents on the dollar, then forced Argentina to pay him about $20 for every man woman and child in the country. He made similar moves with the debts of Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Turkey. Here is some more information.

      I believe he does want to be a general monopolist and that can only be to our detriment as it will confer enormous power on him and we will be at his mercy. It is clear that he is no philanthropist. He would be lord of the manor and we would be the serfs. I cannot understand how anyone on their right minds would want that.         

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't worry, at the rate things are going, you will soon get your wish.  Only then will you  realize what that really means for you – you will become a serf in a private little kingdom that will have absolutely no checks and balances. Good luck to you then,

    • Anonymous says:

      Why so against Dart group?  Check out what their commercial interests did in other countries, and then figure it out, use the grey cells in the brain that God gave you.  Google is your friend, do not be afraid to use it.   Check out which South American country gave them the boot because they realized what they were all about.   Remember this, "beware of greeks bearing gifts".    The only interest this group has in this place is that it is tax-free, so it is in their best interests to make sure this country don't fail, they are not here for love of the islands or for the local people. 


    • Anonymous says:

      WAT A LIL MESS U IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answer me this one question. Did dart come her and build on what he doundhere? OR didhe come and build on the land that he found here?…. EXACTLY! What was the first thing that he did… built HIS own school and HIS own (what is soon to be) CITY and its only on God that can tell ya what him and MAC have up there sleves to do next!  So for one i would say that you my friend need to get a grip of yourself! As far as i am concerned any caymanian that works for him shuold just join the train with him (DART) and big mac,be put  in a trailer and ship there asses off somewere else! SELITA! dont worry we are far from being 3rd world with BIG MAC & DART!

    • Village vicar says:

      You just remindered me. Has Ryan or one of his many companies paid the $6m duty yet? If not why not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    SO surprised that no one has mentioned the traffic jams that will occur when part of west bay road is closed…

  5. peter milburn says:

    The reason I asked the question at the Dart meeting in West Bay recently about what happens when a new Govt gets elected?I have seen so many instances of this Govt,that Govt changing so many things that were done by a previous Govt.The Premier assured me that this agreement with the Dart Corp.will be binding and cannot be changed by a different incoming Govt.I disagree and will wait to see how that plays out in the future.Stay tuned.The beat goes on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, and I can't wait for a new govt to change some of the ignoramous installments of the current barrel of monkey nuts!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This Island do not need New roads or Canals THIS ISLAND NEED A REVOLUTION!~

  7. Jacky boatside from old bush says:

    What about all the infastructure such as light and water that has to be moved to the interior who is going to pay for this, yet not a single study of area has ever been done by the developer. Yet new bypass comes directly and head to head at who's Salt Creek Development???? The government negotiator is well aware of this, anytime politicians become involved it always muddies the water and transparency goes out the window. The first sign that corruption in a society is still alive is that the end justifies the means. The questions people need to ask is who's spouse is involved with Grace Academy who's children attend the school, answer those questions and that may shed some light on why?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Greed and Power came together in 2002, first came 3,000 status, then came votes, then mortgages relief, then came the ForCayman Alliance, soon to come will be the Premier with the Independence carriage.

  9. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Mac and his horror show continues. Every step he makes is a complete horror show that is why thinking people of this country are so upset. Macdracular rules.

  10. Knot S Smart says:

    What about the Cohen deal – does he still defend that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Vigourously. I hear he has a court injunction that prevents the AG from releasing the report. lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        An injuction on a public document that is 'dead' as the deal fell through "on Cohen's part" – I smell fried goggle-eyes!!

      • Anonymous says:

        If the Cohen deal is so defensible why try to hide the AG's report?

  11. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    i have no great objection to the Dart West Bay Road development – I actually think it has a lot to commend it. What I believe is of concern is that it possibly represents the end of any Caymanian government, or indeed the Caymanian people, having any control over their own country and it’s future. The island’s premier is now a puppet whose strings are pulled by a vastly wealthy FAMILY, which has no philanthropic interest in the island. Their God is MONEY and whilst they may occasionally condescendingly patgovernment on the head, if push came to shove, they would cut us off at the knees, in an instant. I suspect that even now, they could walk away from their existing investment without blinking an eye. I would love to hear their private comments on our Minister of Finance.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Haha ! Una woting in the wrong district !!! 

    Need cash wote West Bay. every year

  13. John the Baptist says:

    WELL, SOMEBODY has to pay for something, I know I cannot pay for anything. What about paying my light bills for the next 10 years?

  14. Anonymous says:

    What's Mr. Bush doing still in office when he's under a police investigation for possible criminal acts?  What sort of country is this? 


  15. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Where is the Governor and the FCO – has anybody informed the FCO of what is going on. It would be interesting to see what the foreign press thought about it. If this goes on much longer, the old cliche’ “Would the last one out of the door please roll up the carpets, and turn out the lights before they go.” could become very relevant.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Liberterian, I have one question for you have you actually read the 2009 Constitution it does not appear so because it states that a vote of 2/3 on a no confidence motion removes the Government and elections will have to be called if the LA cannot put together a Government or if the Premier so advises the Governor.

    Can you get four members of the UDP to vote withe the opposition and the independent candidate to get the 10 votes tp save the country from the pending UK invasion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Libertarian:  Excuse me for being Anonymous myself. Even if we get 4 and a new election is called, that would be no political systematic change. The very document ratified in ’09 also needs revamping to include more direct democratic provisions to lesson the legislative power which a lawmaker has over Caymanian communities. Until that time, we will always be misrepresented by two parties.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is another variation of the "Vulture Fund" that screwed Argentina. Who was behind it? Just Google it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just like to move this one back to the top of the list:

    UDP     UnderDart'sPower

  19. Annoymous says:

    I am one Caymanian that the Premier does not speak for in this country.  So please do not say that I agree with what you have entered this country into which I personally see as a CUT THROAT DEAL.

    Furthermore, Mr. Premier there are many other avenues that could have been taken, besides this one to help boost our economy, XXXX.

    Please do this country and favour and resign, you are under investigation and you should be suspended pending the outcome.

    Lastly, if you Mr. Premier are so looking out for the best interest of this country then why is it that those three women whom you refused to work with when you became Premier have had them sitting at home collecting unpaid leave money.  You should be held responsible for the three of them and you should be made to refund the public coffers for that irrational decision you made that cost this country hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  This is what you call good leadership Mr. Premier, you are as much use to this country as a bucket of ice is in the Antartic.  Get out of our LA, and while you are at it call one of your rich greedy friends to come and jet you off into EXILE!!!!!

    • Time will tell says:

      You are one of 55,000 people that the Premier does not speak for!

    • Anonymous says:

      17:07,  I would suggest you learn that dog has no busines in cat fight.  Figure that one out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhh…..S-ugar H-oney I-ced T-ea!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I don't need assistance with my mortgage since I haven't been able to qualify for one as yet, but it sure would be nice if he gave me a boat and a special license that would allow me to fish in the Marine Parks.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can we just sit back and let this man run the country.  Who the hell gave him permission to donate a few million dollars to different churches.  This is the people's money, not his peronnel account.  He is selling out our country and there is nothing we can do about it. 


      Who gave him the right to give away money?  That money could have gone a long way for people's mortgages or salaries. 



      • Anonymous says:

        IF he has the right…. we gave it to him.

      • Anonymous says:

        16:15  I am wondering , do you believe in God.  If not, please do not be critical about the churches receiving money from the government.  Love God in Faith and be blessed.  The man who fears God is a wise man.  Mr Bush I say keep on giving the church, we are still God fearing people, even though we have the outside influence trying to change it dont let it happen Cayman.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh please…this has nothing to do with believing god…..churches don't need millions of dollars for people to worship and believe in guard.  What are the churches doing for the people who are losing their jobs, what are the churches doing for the civil servants?  Just the other day in the paper was a woman who can't pay her bills anymore….don't think god received enough money to help her out…so the premier needs togive some more. 

          • Anonymous says:

            EXACTLY! I would like to see what they are going to do with the money now that they have it! They have to realize that after we leave their church service the bills are still going to be there waiting to get paid! But no they dont see that we as CAYMANIANS have more bills than income! INSTEAD of them lower the cost of living they are giving millions to the churches!

        • Anonymous says:

          i am wondering, do u believe in the word HYPOCRITE!?

          For  one, i am 19 years old, yes all of the giving to the churches is good..but can't u not see that it is all a SHAM!? That is why people believe him now. I am a very proud CAYMANIAN (proud as in i love my island dearly) if u have any young children, after the  trail off mess "Mr. Premier" has left behind, what will your children have..? Is it only now that he notices that the churches need money…? As they say MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS! After he has made his mess and is retired, sits down and is being payed off by government (because i bet you he will get all his pention) Why the hell won't he spend on education like this. In all of my school days i have never YET had "BIG MAC" come and give any encouriging words or to come in and do anything with us students (and its not like we will not listen to what he has to say) Alden had to do it all and what? BIG MAC IS NOW THE PREMIER! Sorry  to say but if i was to ever sit in your congergation and i was to see him i would tell him the same thing he is a XXXX and he had nothing to offer the island nor its people!

  22. Pathetic says:

    I've never come across such a bunch of spoon-fed babies in all my life!

    "He said many people were losing their homes as the banks were stepping in, albeit reluctantly, but he said they were taking people to court because they were so far behind with their mortgages and no hope of paying the arrears."

    Mortgage assistance my ass!  This is no different to the plight of people in most other advanced countries, only difference is, those people don't get assistance with their mortgages, they get their houses repossessed, and learn NOT TO LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS!


    • Anonymous says:

      Too true …. don't venture out into the real world, you may not like what you find or what you have to do for yourselves!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Damn, and there was me expecting something like a 55" plasma screen TV before the next election.

    What about us who don't have mortgages? What are we going to get?



  24. Anonymous says:

    U notice, all this is being done in West Bay for West Bay. This should tell u something Cayman.

    • Libertarian says:

      Both parties should be reaching out to each other to better all three islands. Instead we have all fell for the "divide and conquor" cliche of colonialism. There is no unity, no togetherness for the national issues at stake. More attention should be given to Cayman Brac and eastern districts. More attention should be given to small businesses instead of to Dart and big names. We are just a kingdom divided before a big fall. And what is amusing is how the Governor is silent.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it tells a lot, he is securing his re-election and this time he pulling out the BIG BUCKS (our money) to use to buy them votes with.  He can't get votes for washing machines, dryers and microwaves anymore or phone credit!! Them bayers wise up now and demanding more stuff!!! LOL!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      mmmmmmmmm…McWest Bay sure lookin good wit all dem freshly paved roads, new churches n skools goin up.

      All dey need now is some banks so dey wont be botherin us all with dey unlawful transactions.

      "Fill up de bag!!! De money mine btw, I just no wanna fill de forms out cos ah failed me Grade 5!"

      • Anonymous says:

        So it's only West Bayers robbing banks? You na been watching the news awa? Boy you fool!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    RE: No money is going to GRACE 12:09.

    Neither Dart nor Nobody else will be giving us anything for "FREE"!  He now owns most of the West Bay peninsula, plans to shut off access to Barkers beaches etc etc.  Come on — THINK Cayman!

  26. Anonymous says:

    What Next?  From cutting civil servants and statutory bodies employees' salaries to give it to the church which is the richest organization in the world – to promising to pay off people's mortgage – What the hell!!!!! ——— Does he consider what he is doing – he is certainly looking at starting a civil war.  Promising  West Bayers, who already like himself have overspended their earnings – now what would benefit the whole country he expects to keep in West Bay.

    Someone please tell me I have the wrong interptation on this one.

  27. Libertarian says:

    Party poli-tricks!  It is all about winning votes – to help people pay off their mortgage arrears, help the churches, help private entities and wealthy folk. This is what the party system is all about.  PPM / UDP / or some other entity:  It is not about the people, it is about their party and how many they can win on their side. This is a UK approved political system that disenfranchises the people!

    • So wrong.... says:

      The UK would not condone this kind of behaviour, indeed much of the behaviour we witness here from Cayman and its politicians is nothing like the UK, nor would much of it be legal in the UK either.

      • Libertarian says:

        The UK's Foreign Office do condone this kind of behavior. If not, then they wouldn't had interfered with the drafting of our Constitution to their liking. They would have right away intervened and set the record straight.

      • Anonymous says:

        The UK condone's unpopular war's, and annexing their military without a referendum.

        • Anonymous says:

          Never take geopolitical advice from someone who failed to master the apostrophe.

          • Judean People's Front says:

            'and annexing their military without a referendum.'

            What does this mean? It makes no sense whatsoever?

            What referendum would 'their' military need prior to the 'annexation' of what?

            Somebody, somewhere, has smoked the crack pipe whilst reading a dictionary with a vague and impossible desire to be taken serious.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What is all this flack about government paying peoples mortgages? Don't the people working for government pay their mortgages with their government paycheques? All the government is doing is paying peoplesmortgages who don't work so that government doesn't have to hire them and pay them a salary as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well that's what una get when una tell him to down size  civil  service and cuts  civil servants  and  statutory bodies  salaries. either pay their  mortgages or social  service  will have  to do for them. 'I understand  that those that were fired  from the hospital were rewarded their  mpositions.  Good  for them.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Now this is what you call buying out your people !!! What Govt in this world announces that Govt money will pay off mortgages??

    For the lack of commonse sense our people are going to perish. 

    • So wrong.... says:

      And for those that accept this umm, 'mortage assistance' is called Sell-off.

    • Loren says:

      I do not condone paying off individual mortgages however, I do agree with the government in providing some assistance.  I believe the banks should assist in this regards.  Over the years the banks were the recepient of huge profits and they in turn should give the people of these country some help by lowering the payments and interest to amounts that people can afford even if that have to work at minimum wage at two jobs.  Government should give Caymanians a break and reduce many of the hurdles that Caymanians how face in building a house. To whom much is given much is expected.  Greed is what has brought the USA market from AAA rating to AA and it seems as if greed will also be the downfall of these islands, I pray not.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I wish that the media would ignore the current Premier's rantings and treat his ignoramus comments as not news worthy. He is feeding off of inciting anger and violence in the Caymanian populace. He enjoys being the subject of our daily conversations. Already, we know that every time he opens his mouth, more stupidity come forth, like a swarm of black flies, poisonous to our health and well being. Let's just concentrate on voting out the UDP in 2013 – let's put forward a few good people to run in West Bay, against McKeeva's posse of puppets. Let's not fall for the tricks and bribery being offered, in return for supporting his D-artful projects. They are all for financial gain – but not ours. 

    • Libertarian says:

      Take away legislative power from the party-system and give it more to the people, would be a start!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Again how much of this money will actually stay in the economy. Everything has to be bought overseas, employment from overseas and in the end most of the salaries will end up overseas. Of course we will se a small portion of this money in cost of living for the imported workers and government will see some in work permit fees also. I am sure though dart will get some favorable import duty cut backs so i guess the government will also compensate with the sale of alcohol and food. In the end when all is done exactly what effective action will be taken by immigration to get the Caymanian a chance in getting employed. Please dont say they do not want to work or be employed in the hospitality industry as this is lies. Caymanians are always applying for these jobs and are told they have no experience if they ever get a response by the employer or that they are over qualified for the position.In most cases the employer just checks the application form that no Caymanians applied.

    I do support the progress with dart and if he wants to invest here well Thanks Mr. Dart. Though Mr. Dart I dont want to see you lose on your investment either when crimes get so high that tourism drops,or the expats start leaving and then business have no choice but to hire Caymanains who are then still inexperienced.

    This is clearly going to happen if the employment situation is not rectified. Oh sure , the world is in an economic recession  but yet i see Cayman as having more work permits granted or renewed and we still have 3000 Caymanians unemployed. Yes, I do understand that some are just lazy thugs and bums but come on not all 3000. If that is the case our family value unit, morals and education system has some serious issues.   All i am saying is that government id doing nothing to sew up the immigration loopholes that allow these business to get away with hiring cheaper labour and allowing the standard of living to decline.  

    • Libertarian says:

      Have you ever played the board game Cayman Monopoly?  Whoever has the most equity and asset, ends up the winner, and is able to control the cost and price of everything. We complain that CUC is a monopoly. Just wait until you see Dart. Just wait until you see a country with no competition, but a socialized two-party government that has to alwaysbail-out the people. In a monopoly environment, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, and soon you will hear that we have to tax for the welfare of those who can't make ends meet. Dart is slowly buying up the properties and businesses with the help of a desperate government that wants to balance its books that has not even been audited.

    • Anonymous says:

      3000 unemployed Caymanians, that's just what the DER has on their books.  There must be another 3000 of professionally qualified Caymanians, that are returning from graduating with their degrees that are searching desperately for jobs but can't find one.

      The other lot of Caymanians do not want to use the DER to register because they are so incompetent of assisting people and personally who would want their personal information left in a file in the DER??  Before you leave the office from registering your information is on the street. That is proven over and over, but they remain employed and they have no figures or stats to show that they have helped Caymanians.

      Also, if you are fat do not register at the DER, they will tell straight up that you are too fat for them to help you find a job.  The way they have told many people to their faces, or they ignore your application, and keep giving you the run around.

      If you want to work in this country here is how you do it.

      1. When you submit your application to the Company for the position.  Copy the advert from the newspaper and send it in with a copy of your application to them and address it to: The Secretary The Work Permit Board, Dept. of Immigration, Elgin Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman.  

      2. It is best to hand deliver it and get a signed receipt from the receptionist that you delivered it to them on a certain day and time.

      3. IF you do not hear back from the Company that you applied to in a say a week after you have applied, then call them and confirm that they have received your application and get a name, and document the day and the time.

      4. IF you do not get a response from the Company you applied to in say 30days, then write   to the Secretary of the Immigration Board and advise them that you have not heard back.  If you have heard back in the form of a letter stating that you were unsuccessful, then send a copy of that to the Secretary of the Work Permit Board.  

      If you do these things then you will get results.  Trust me on this it will work.  Bombarding the Work Permit Board with your applications for work will put a stop to the grantings of work permits etc. and you will get a job.

      Then you won't need the DER to assist you because they never will.


      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking as an employer that has always favored Caymanians, if you were to follow the above advice and if I were to find out about it, your application would not be successful because I am looking for an employee who will be honest and hardworking, not one who assumes from the commencement of the relationship that I am out to screw him/her.

        The opinion above projects that the applicant will not hesitate to assume the worst of his/her new employer and is telegraphing an inflexible and confrontaional relationship that will most likely end up in a Labour Tribunal.

        • Anonymous says:

          Additionally, it shows the applicant does not feel they are qualified to obtain the position with their own experience and expertise. Just bully your way into a job! Never forget – you are entitled!

          • Anonymous says:

            It shows that the applicant considers that there is a risk that his application will not be treated fairly by the would-be employer. If he does not possess the necessary experience and expertise notifying the Board will not assist him.  

        • Anonymous says:

          There was nothing about the poster's comment that suggested that they were dishonest or less than hardworking. It just sounds like you would be peeved that he is trying to keep you as an employer honest.

          Unfortunately, the poster's concerns reflect the common experience of many Caymanians in the market place for jobs. If the Board is not notified the Caymanian's application may well be put in the shredder and representations made to the Board that there were no suitably qualified Caymanian applicants, or the job may be re-advertised with modified requirements so that the Caymanian applicant is no longer suitably qualified and the Board will have no idea that this occurred. 

          Your attitude and approach demonstrates the perils of the Caymanian applicant trying to police the system themselves. Ultimately, it does not help you to force your way into an organisation which does not want you regardless of the fact that the law may be on your side. Basically he may be damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. 

          Clearly the honour system does not work. How do propose that the system should be policed to ensure that employers are actually observing the requirements of the law, or is the law simply a nuisance to you and you feel it should be repealed?       

  32. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    The most worrisome aspect of this project whether it turns out to be good or bad or happens at all is whether the Premier has become a public relations flack for any and all developers who whisper an idea in his ear. People plain don't have faith he knows what he's doing, and a leadership based on sound bites and press releases is no leadership at all. The most decisive move he has made so far has been to give away a few million to churches in a thinly disguised bid to buy the votes of the parishoners of those churches. In my book this is not leadership in any way at least not for a first world nation, or what was a first world nation. It is stumbling around in the dark looking for a way out. Someone is being manipulated and he doesn't know it.

  33. Knot S Smart says:

    Paying mortgages for people with our money?

    Well that should certainly secure their vote! Robin Hood is alive and well in the Cayman Islands.

    The sad part is by the time the U.K. finally takes action on what is going on here, we will be so bad off financially that the only thing that will keep the Govt afloat will be to impose property and income taxes. Then we can kiss our financial industry goodbye.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where is the UK in all this? His Excellence please help us we need intervention this country is fast becoming a Banana Republic.  We need the UK intervention NOW! The ruling Caymanian politicians are now reckless and taking this country to the brink of total chaos.

  34. Anonymous says:

    As i read the Cay Compass article to this post  in regards to and EIA i see where our Education minister Mr Rolston has now transformed himself into a enviromental scientist or expert and has given his qualified opinion,and i quote " nothing sensitive in the area is being proposed. Wow these guys have really lost it, like the South Sound Emerald project who at least did some research into the geological make up and water table or aquifer positions in that area. Our politicians are so blinded by what can only be described by unbridal greed  that them and there sponsors have not even decided to even bothered to check or research the properties features or make up and what would be the residual effects of such a bypass just because it has worked in other areas such  Newlands Crewe Road or West Bay Road  some of areas are yet to be tested under Hurricane or severe weather conditions , i saw some terrible damage after Hurricane Ivan on the West Bay Road in the vicinity of Queens Court to Harquail center chemical and contaminants leeching was severe. I am neither here nor there with these projects but we need to at least not repeat past mistakes of not doing some research or determining a number facts or scientific data about these areas before we go clearing them out and altering irrigation features in such areas. That would be just very good common sense or should we listen now to our qualified political experts who put us in this very economic mess? They really do take us for idiots.

    • Libertarian says:

      I am against South Sound Emerald Development because of the dredging that will take place, and government's indifference to the over 1000+ people of that community. Haven't heard anything from Ezzard Miller, Alden McLaughlin, and Arden Mclean. Their silence is deafening. But come such a project happening in their own district, they would be on it like lice!  It appears that South Sounders are left on their own.

      • Anonymous says:

        Still politicking, I see. Remember that, according to you, if you oppose any development at all that means you are anti-development. The reasons do not matter.

        P.S. South Sound is a part of Alden's district of George Town.  

        • Libertarian says:

          There is a difference. I am for "responsible development" that respects the communities.

  35. Rollin G. Calfe says:


    CNS 29/7/2011: Bush said, “At the same time, the whole cliché still rings true that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him the food,”.

    It would seem that the "whole (old?)cliché" does not apply where the Premier's 'woters' are concerned. Far better to keep them uneducated and needy!

    I await the Auditor General's report on the more shameless aspects of this patronage scheme.


  36. Anonkymous says:

    UDP = Under Dart's Power

  37. Anonymous says:

    I need some cash I wonder if Dart will help me because I KNOW I wont get any help from OUR Premier ESPECIALLY since I'm A CAYMANIAN!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    using gov money to pay off mortgages???????

    everytime mac opens his mouth it leaves more questions than answers……

    just another day in wonderland i suppose……

  39. Anonymous says:

    This is not just about McKeeva, this is about our survival. All of you naysayers, anti-development and environment protestors, anti UDP, anti PPM, anti foreign investment, Austin and Gilbert, anti-Dart people better understand that this may be our last chance.

    Are we going to sit by and wait for the next election and hope and pray that another set of politicians do what we want, which appears for most of you is to do nothing? Are any of you aware of what is going on in the US economy right now and the impact that will continue to have on our frail economy?

    We have an airport in sad need of updating and expanding, no cruise ship berthing, a lanfill that is getting more and more disastorous everyday, businesses failing, people losing their jobs, crime running rampant and yet we sit and do absolutely nothing but complain and protest. No alternatives are offered except to say, leave it as it is.

    This is one Caymanian that is in support of this project and despite some of the things I dislike in it, I believe the good that will come from it to help our country far exceeds the bad.

    It's time to come together Cayman and stop blaming politicians and foreign investment. Not that DART is foreign anymore. We are starving to death and slapping the gift horse in the mouth.


    • Libertarian says:

      I share your sentiments. It is the "person" we should be attacking, because McKeeva is just playing the political game which the system allows him to play through the establishment of the Constitution 2009 with little checks and balances therein. Instead we should be attacking the issues and pleading to the UK for a better Constitution. As for the dart deals – many of them I support.

      • Anonymous says:

        The issue has nothing to do with the Constitution of 2009. McKeeva was playing the political game long before that came into effect.

        • Libertarian says:

          Understood. But he wouldn't have had so much power if we didn't elected him into office, and if we had ratified a Constitution with more "checks and balances" to prevent politican corruption.

          • Anonymous says:

            you are right, we should have elected the PPM and given the power to Kurt and Alden. They know how to use the power and the money and they would put a stop to this DART foolishness and build us more schools and roads. Who needs these foreign investors anyway…don't you guys listen Austin and Gilbert or to Ezzard every Tuesday morning? The constitution was written for the PPM not the UDP…We just messed up!

            • Anonymous says:

              I wasn't sure whether to click thumbs up or down since you mixed in some truth with a bit of nonsense like "who needs these foreign investors anyway".

              • Anonymous says:

                Simple answer, if you are a PPM'er click thumbs up and if you are a UDP'er click thumbs down. Why would you say it 's nonsense to say we don't need foreign invesors..isnt that what the majority of us one here is trying to say..Read the the majority of the comments on here…No McKeeva and no foreign investment. That's what we PPM'ers want and we will show everyone at the polls next time. We don't need hotels, or foreign investors to build our schools and roads. we need Alden as Premier so that the rightful people' the government' not private investors can build our schools and roads. McKeeva is not telling the truth, we have plenty of money and when Alden is Premier, he will spend it and we will get the other schools done and Arden will build the road to West Bay and finish the one to East End and we will still have plenty of money left over. Don't worry we suffereing but we can last until then. Just because a few businesses have closed down and people are what, it is happening all over the world..Alden will get rid of the recession, just you wait and see!

                PPM to the core!

            • Libertarian says:

              As far as I am concerned, the PPM party is not any better. From both sides they can point the finger, but fingers are pointing back right at them!

              • So wrong.... says:

                A sad case of 2 wrongs not making a right – we need fresh, aware, educated, astute, financially and politically aware blood.  We need a fresh start and a fresh outlook.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Nothing's going to change.  The two party system is horrible.  A one man one vote will futher entrench us into it.  We need systemic change if meaningful change is what we want.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    One man one vote is the only thing that will mitigate the effect of the parties and the coattails effect of certain politicians.

          • Anonymous says:

            You can't prevent political corruption. But you can have mechanisms to detect it and punish it if you have the will to do so. One check that the Constitution should have had was the ability to remove the Premier by majority (and not 2/3) vote of the L.A.

            I agree that a Constitution should take into account the worst case scenario – in this case that McKeeva Bush would be Premier. It didn't.   

          • Anonymous says:

            There are checks and balances, but he doesn't follow those. The only checks and balances he keeps track of are the govt cheques to supporters and the remaining balance in the official travel account.

  40. Anonymous says:

    how do you qualify to get your mortgage paid off?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I can remember when it was only for a few weeks leading up to elections that people received "early" Christmas presents to buy their vote. Now the electors are demanding to be paid all year round (mortages, business loans, school fees, etc) and we are sinking into a moral morass from which there is no heavy equipment onthis earth that can dig us out.

    • Anonymous says:

      The electors are not demnding to be paid.  It is Mac who is trying to but them.

    • Libertarian says:

      The mortgage assistance program is not a grant – people will have to pay it back.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why don't you make an FOI request to the Cayman Development Bank and see what the current default rate is on the $4Million that was lent to UDP friends and family before anyone else even knew that it was available for lending. XXXX

        • Libertarian says:

          I was quoting what was said in the CayCompass – Bush said, "This is not a grant."  Now I agree with you, because he said it, doesn't make it so. We will have to see for ourselves.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why donate the funds to Grace Christian Academy and not use those funds to build a much needed Vocational Trade school in West Bay? Is its because the Premier's grand children attends that school?

    • Anonymous says:

      No money is going to GRACE only 5 acres of land that DART is giving them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why should this land go to Grace and not to a government school that all can afford to go to? (Other than than the fact that McKeeva's grandchildren and Rolston's children go to Grace that is)? Anything from Dart should benefit all of us, not just the chosen few.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It's funny how we have not heard much about the school donation.

    It's private, It's run by a church,

    Oddly enough thats the church that McKeeva goes too.

    In many places this donation would be called something different and would be highly irregular and warrant an investigation.

    • Anonkymous says:

      No the one you refer to is Wesleyan Christian Academy. The one in question here is Grace (which is where Rolston & CG send their kids…)

    • anon says:

      The churches who take the money that is being distributed should be ashame of themselves. They know what they are getting themselves involve with, but the same thing they supposingly teach us in church about greed, they obviously pay no attention to either.

      Do people not find it odd, that there was nothing said by any of these churches about these "generous" donations?  Guilt is a b*tch isnt it.

      One day the truth be be told.Apparently the people who are doing work "for" God, think they wont be judge in the same way by him.

      This thing goes way beyond district politics now,more and more it just seems like a complete corruption racket no matter what district your in.

      If people honestly support every action this man  has taken, and not question anything in the past year, they are honestly corrupted themselves.

      Yes Im speaking about the same elected members of each district that is sitting down and watching all of these things happen too. The people who can actually do something right and hold him responsible.

      You all were voted in to work for your community, Not for one man andall the deals you can make for yourself.

      I dont know about you guys, but this thing is bigger than a PPM and UDP foolishness. This seperation has cause us all to stop worry about the most important thing. The preservation and growth of our Island . Not a stupid segregation act that is ripping us apart, especially in a time where we ALL need to come together to find solutions for the troubles ahead.

      Make me sick SMH

    • Anonymous says:

      Grace Christian Academy is not run by McKeeva's church. Check your 'facts'.

    • Libertarian says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comment.  Do you oppose all the Dart deals?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps those people in arrears shouldn’t have stretched their finances so precariously… Mind you, given it’s Mac talking, we can be certain he’s referring to West Bay mortgages. The country would be better off if the money went to paying down our national debt, but Mac is better off paying for his next election result.

  45. Anonymous says:

    its a pity mckeeva does not  grasp the fact that it his economic policies that are causing the economic hardship

  46. Anonymous says:

    Now Dart is bailing out ordinary Caymanians?

    Hmmmmmmm… there's no such thing as a free lunch.

    • foreignor says:

      Sadly, he is the only big name I see who has an interest in conservation and beautifying the place. The other local big names have moved overseas and want nothing to do with building up Cayman.

      • Anymous says:

        You are absolutely correct.  They all should put there money where their mouth is, like Dart is doing.  I am a Caymanian born and bred, and no one in Dart foundation is acquainted with who I am, but I have seen the many things good that this man has done.  It is his money, so why dont you people leave the man alone.

  47. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Mac never misses an opportunity to make a bad deal. When questioned he insults our intelligence.

    Thinking people can see through our misleader’s behavior predicate. He doesn’t have a clue what a modern leader should be about. All he cares about is being in control of our country and his stooges. Every decision he has made or floated and got blow back has upset the population. We are tired of through back leadership. The UK needs to take over or government only because our leader and his direction can not be trusted or instruct the Governor to take his head out of the sand. Mac won’t even do the first step to see where our finances stand to set a new beginning. He does everything else but that.  This man has even corrupted the churches for reelection purposes. The worse part is the churches have gone along with it. This man is dangerous to our very being and if I remember the last time he was in office Ivan hit us with a wake up call.

    • 200 mph winds says:

      4th CLASS CITIZEN you are so wrong and ignorant for pinning hurricane Ivan on Mac,what about hurricane Paloma,i guess Kurt Tibbetts and the PPM were perfect…………..please stop with your ignorance and do your self a favour and pay attention to all wake up calls.Thank you

  48. Libertarian says:

    Like McKeeva Bush said, "Nothing is for Nothing!"  Government had to do something. I support the Dart deals – the moving of the dump and capping it with shrubs and vegetation for a better waste management system, and the swapping of lands for the public beach and land areas in West Bay in which Dart is going to establish two public beaches for the locals, and two brand new main roads exiting West Bay. I have no issue with these projects so long it doesn't pose any harm to locals and to our environment. I believe coupled with the economic zone to come and other projects, this project will create more jobs on the island. I just have one concern:  And that is government's close association with Dart excluding others in the local community. Regards

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the same concern plus one other – we are giving away too much in this deal. Why doesn't Mac ask Dart to make the Esterley Tibbetts bypass and the Camana Bay road into four lanes as originally planned, with the divider so that we don't lose any more of our young people (or young mothers or anyone else) on this road. Five lanes from West Bay funneling into the single lane at Camana Bay will be the biggest bottleneck this country has ever seen. Driving to town from West Bay will take this West Bayer a lot longer.

  49. Anonymous says:

    i only ask that Grace christian Academy does not raise the fees to math Cayman International School as they have their prices in my mind inflated so that only the very wealthy can have there children attend. I checked out the prices to send my son to school there and believe it or not, colleges that I have looked at sending him to in the United States are less expensive..Something is wrong with that since DART gives these buildings rent free and provides them with endless support.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Let's stop talking and get going before another group of anti-developers start protesting and it it gets shelved like most of the other projects.


    there is more good than bad in this agreement. Come on Cayman, let's support this one! Let's jump start our economy! Let's stop business from failing and people from losing their jobs!


  51. The lone Haranguer says:

    He is not defending it CNS, he is bragging about it. Fabulous work Mac. Come on haters just say it, "This is going to do the country good". Say it !!

    • CSI says:

      I am a hater, and I will say it.  I think this is a good deal for Cayman.  There are parts of it that stink, but overall I think it's good.  Will it ever happen though? Note that it is yet another "deal" that is announced but not signed yet.  It seems promising, but don't count your (wild) chickens before they hatch.

      • Anonymous says:

        Someone who calls themselves "a hater"? Haters never think they are haters. 

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the kind of thinking that really worries me. "there are parts of it that stink" – these are the things that people should be concerned about but, in typical style, it's being excused or overlooked. Like the corruption in this country – the bad inside is left to fester and rot because the outside looks pretty. See what good that will do.