Cops call for BBM contacts

| 09/08/2011

(CNS):As the missing person investigation into the whereabouts of 25 year old Kerran (KerryAnn) Baker moved into its ninth day police called on anyone who had BBM contact with her on the Saturday before her disappearance to contact them as they believed they could hold crucial information. With numerous lines of enquiry still open the police said forensic results had however closed one possible line. Stains found at Pedro St James close to where Kerran’s car and car keys were discovered turned out not to be blood DS Marlon Bodden revealed. As the days slip by Bodden and CS John Jones said Tuesday that while everyone still hoped for the best they had to face the reality of what could have happened.

As a result the officers said they were divulging no more about the “material” discovery made on Sunday or the full details of what they knew regarding Kerran’s phone activity leading up to and after her disappearance in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation. Bodden added that there were a lot of questions about her phone, which has not yet been recovered, but police could not share publically all that they knew as a result of the sensitivity of the enquiries

However, Bodden said that police would still like to hear for anyone that communicated with Kerran on Saturday 30 July via blackberry messenger service. Both Bodden and Jones asked people not to assume that the police would know that they had communicated with Kerran or that whatever exchange people had with her might not be important, as they asked people to come forward. Bodden pointed out that talking to the individuals who sent or received messages could give police more of a lead than simply knowing that Kerran may have communicated with certain devices.

“We know that Kerran was a heavy bbm user and we would like to talk to anyone who was in communication with her this way on the day she was last seen,” Bodden added. The officers explained that the bbm system was different from calls and texts and that they needed people to come forward.

The officers also said they believed that there may be people in Jamaica who she communicated with n the service who may also be able to provide police with relevant information.

Once again the officers raised their concerns that there were people who knew more than they were willing to say about what might have happened to Kerran but people were using the issue of fear, as is common in Cayman, as a reason not to tell what they knew.

“What more does it take?” CS Jones asked, as he noted the pleas made by Kerran’s family and their own constant requests that had not yielded the information that police hoped it would.

In the meantime, as they waited for the all important break that may lead them to Kerran, the officers said investigators would continue combing through CCTV, following up existing snippets of information and forensic leads as well as cross checking witness statements already taken.

Bodden revealed that as a priority investigation there were now fifteen investigating officers working on the case who were receiving support from numerous other units as well as assistance from special constables. He said a dedicated search co-ordinator was also on stand-by to organise further searches as relevant information came in.

The two senior officers also revealed that as per the RCIPS policy the investigation had been internally reviewed by other officers who had not been working on the case as well as civilians that were friends of the police service in order to cast “independent eyes” over the investigation so far to ensure no stone had been left unturned.

Despite the resources focused on trying to find Kerran, Bodden also assured the public that the police were not ignoring other crimes and that investigations continued into all the other outstanding cases where there were lines of enquiry to follow.

Twenty five year old nurse, Kerran Baker who lived alone in Bodden Town was last seen on CCTV tape at Foster’s supermarket on Saturday 30 June at around 7pm. A friend raised the alarm on Sunday having not hear from her and after going to her apartment found no sign of Kerran but her handbag bag and unpacked groceries on the counter of her kitchen. On Monday 1 August police found Kerran’s car parked at Pedro St James a few miles away from her home and the followingevening the keys for that car thrown in the bushes nearby.

Anyone that has any information at all about Kerran (Kerry-Ann) Baker is asked to call the crime hotline 949 7777, Kerran’s father Wilmot Anthony 321 4271 or Crimestoppers 800 TIPS (8477)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People is defiinately talking but they are saying the wrong things very bad things about this very beautiful young women that is unable at the moment to defend her self. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was anyone able to access her computer? if she had the blackberry applicatoin on her computer, if she set the settings it could have saved all over her bbm conversations onto her computer.. might have already been looked into, but justa suggestion.

    • Jilly says:

      Now y in de hell are they thumbs down for this? I swear some people cant read and just clicks on the thumbs down.

  3. Cat says:

    For goodness sake people….TALK!!!

    We need this solved! The police and her family really need to find her! This is someone's precious child, their daughter,their flesh and blood! Her life is just as priceless,important and valuable as yours or mine. There are some of you who know this girl,who are suppose to be her friend and aren't talking to help find her. Put your blasted fears aside, be fierce and do the right thing not just for her sake but for your future and the future of all women here in our country!

    We women deserve to live the life of freedom,peace and not having to live in fear of being harmed and taken, and our  peace of mind taken by these low life,sorry excuses for  human beings! We all deserve to be happy! We deserve to be free and to feel safe at all times no matter where we are.

    Please please please….put your FAITH in GOD and yourTRUST in the POLICE just this once, if no other time in your life, that you will be protected and lets see this case straight to throughitian and bring the scum responsible to real true justice. Do not let our country be destroyed by this evil. Do not let them win. You are not weak, you are not defenseless, you can do the right thing!!

    Please help her , help her family and help the police,be brave, be fierce, do what you would absolutely want and need someone else, whether your friends or not to do for you to safe your life. You know you would be praying and hoping that someone would put any and all fears aside and care about you enough even if they don't know you, to do this for you, because you are precious, you are important just like the person who know something that could have your life saved! Kerran deserves to be found,so does Anna Evans, a mother of five precious children who hasn't seen their dear mother in over 6 months!!! They deserve their mother the woman who carried them for 9 months and introduced them to this world and does not deserve to be ignored and forgotten!

    Help them and you will be blessed and rewarded!! God is watching over you, he knows everything !He will give you strength. He works in mysterious ways and will protect you! Do the right thing please!


  4. Anonymous says:

    What's baffling me is the seeming lack of CCTV evidence – didn't we just spend an obscene amount of money installing these on public/main roads? Was her car not spotted anywhere there at any point? Or are the cameras only in GT, NS and the West Bay Road?

    • Anonymous says:

      If I recall the last article on the CCTV this was being rolled out but hadn't been completed yet and any cameras there have been put up may not be being recorded as yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please people……for the sake of this distraught family please help them and the Police piece together what has happened to Kerran.  All of you who are her friends hold valuable pieces to this puzzle so do not think that any information you have is not of any importance.  In the big picture all BBM's, texts, emails, conversations, activities you know she was involved in, problems she may have had, people who she may have dissed for whatever reason….all of these bits of information can help find out what happened to her so please do not keep this to yourselves for fear of giving away any of her secrets or fear of being involved… would want to know EVERYTHING from EVERYONE if your spouseor partner or child or sister or mother or any loved one was missing so please help this family.  Give them whatever information you know…tell someone , anyone, who can help this family find what happened to Kerran.  You or one of your loved ones may be the next ones to go missing from not saying anything instead of helping to catch whoever has done this to her.  Speak up… is the only right thing to do and you know it so do not wait any longer….Tell them what you know and the truth will set you free….   

    • Anonymous says:

      The really sad thing is that if these ''so called friends'' and bbm contacts have not come

      forward already, they probably won't now. Shame on them!!