Dump legal troubles ahead

| 10/08/2011

(CNS): Government could be facing another law suit from a local company, this time because of what one businessman says was the “unlawful way it has handled the process” surrounding the GT landfill bids. The director of CWML, the local participant with Wheelabrator, which was informed last year that it was the preferred bidder on the project after going through a full tendering process, has said he is seeking a judicial review over government’s actions. Peter Campbell (left) says the move to hand over the landfill to Dart, which did not win the bid, merely weeks after the proper process was completed, was illegal and he intends to challenge not only government but the developer too in the Grand Court.

Campbell says that as the representative Wheelabrator he brought the well known US waste management experts to the table. Together they went through the full proper tendering process after the request for proposal was circulated last year.

He told CNS that he was informed by the Central Tenders Committee on 17 December 2010 that Wheelabrator had been successful in the bidding process. The firm would therefore have the exclusive right to begin negotiations with the Cayman Islands government on the way forward for a waste management solution, as per the request for tender. However, Campbell says, even before the first date for negotiations to begin was set a public announcement was made by the premier that government had changed its mind and was giving the landfill to Dart.

“This was a complete circumvention of the proper process,” Campbell told CNS on Monday. “I will now be seeking judicial review of both government and Dart and taking the necessary legal action about what happened. This is just not lawful. Several companies responded to the request for proposals. They all went through the competitive bidding process properly, including Dart, which came around sixth or seventh place. Wheelabrator was considered by the technical team and the CTC as the most capable company to meet the tender as requested.”

He added that the complete dismissal of the entire tendering process, by government just weeks after the bidding was complete was an illustration of what has been happening since this administration came to office and how too often the Public Management and Finance Law was just being ignored.

Campbell, who was a founding member of the UDP, says he resigned from the party in November last year (see email below), long before the bidding process on the landfill was complete. He said that his resignation had come after more than a year of growing concerns about the actions of the government and in particular how it was handling project bids. He said government has been creating what he described as “inappropriate committees” outside of the usual tendering system without the transparency and necessary lawful systems that offer comfort to businesses entering into what should be a fair process.

He spoke too about the need for politicians to be accountable for their actions, which was why he was turning to the courts in connection with the events surroundingthe landfill RFP and the subsequent bid. In this case, government’s actions are of particular concern, Campbell noted, because of its decision to overturn its own policy after putting out a tender.

Government has known for many years of Dart’s interest in the landfill as the developer has approached not just this but previous administrations, which Campbell says makes the last minute policy reversal by the government all the more peculiar.

“Why, if government was considering Dart’s offer, go through the RFP at all?” Campbell asked rhetorically.

As a long standing friend of all of the government members, Campbell said he regretted having to pull away from the party but he had concerns about the various conflicts of interest which were arising.  He said he saw no other option when he raised these potential conflicts of interest and was ignored.

Campbell said that he and Cline Glidden had recently exchanged words on Rooster’s early morning radio call-in show, Crosstalk, about those conflicts. He said the backbench MLA, who has been appointed by the premier as government’s lead negotiator with the Dart Group, firstly over the George Town cruise port and more recently with the ForCayman Investment Alliance, was conflicted but refused to acknowledge the fact.

Campbell pointed to the two companies owned by Glidden — GMC Contracting and GMC Electrical — that had been working for the Dart Group for some time and how the MLA could directly benefit from successful negotiations with the firm, which had to be a conflict of interest, one which Glidden had denied on the talk-show because he said he had declared his companies in the register of interests.

“This kind of conflict appears not to be of concern to government members yet the anti-corruption law, which is very far reaching, warns that this kind of relationship could be open to another interpretation,” Campbell said, adding that he intended to speak with the Anti-Corruption Commission. He added that he did not believe Glidden was alone in possible conflicts when it came to private business interests benefiting from public ventures.

Campbell categorically denied that his issue was nothing more than sour grapes and stated that Glidden’s claims were misplaced when he said he had done “the right thing for the Cayman people and not for Peter Campbell”, as it missed the point.

“We don’t know if Mr Glidden has got the best deal for the country over the landfill because the process hasn’t been transparent. We don’t even know the exact details of how this was decided. And we shouldn’t forget that the RFP, whichI as a representative for Wheelabrator and several other people pitched for, was circulated by government. It was government that said it wanted a waste-to-energy solution for the George Town landfill and that would be based at the same location and that’s the RFP we all responded to,” Campbell asserted.

The former UDP member stated that he was not opposed to elements of the ForCayman Alliance but he believed that as the landfill had been tied into it by government he was forced to challenge Dart as well as government in order to begin to highlight the continuing problem of the circumventing of proper rules and creating unfair environments for local bidders.

He said that he was not alone in his feelings about how government was seeking project partners and he said the recent report by the auditor general also pointed out that the proper tendering process was being ignored.

Campbell, who has letters from Wheelabrator confirming he was the firm’s representative in Cayman during the bidding process and would be the local partner should Wheelabrator be successful, said Glidden’s accusations that he did not have a binding agreement with the US-based garbage experts was irrelevant.  The local businessman said that whatever his relationship with Wheelabrator, the Cayman government had still ignored the process and it was that issue which he would be challenging and which should be of concern to all Caymanians.

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  1. Anonymous. says:

    Congratulations Peter!!! I was never a Political person but this one touches me. Hats off for u Peter…. You are a Good Person who is kind, Jovial, full of zest and ambition, you surely don't deserve this.

    Your Mom & Dad has served this Country well with Dignity and Pride. She has been a teacher for many, many years making Caymanian Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, just to name a few. Your whole Clan have supported the UDP with everybeing and got nothing in return.

    You're simply a business man trying to motivate yourself and to make a living to support your family. BIG MAC SHAME ON YOU, PETER WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR YOU. IT GOES TO SHOW THIS COUNTRY IS ONLY FOR THE RICH/WHITE. Keep pressing on, do what you have to do. U are not the first one to sue the Govt. Remember the Story on David," From Pasture to Palace." God will be by your Side. I hope Dart will Settle with you soon as this is the right thing to do.


  2. Anonymous says:

    … — …

    … — …

    … — …


  3. Fuzzy Durant says:

    Mr. Campbell may be too late to start judicial review proceedings.  You have to apply to the court for leave not less than 3 months after the decision about which you complain.  Even if he has a case, he is well out of time, and would have to persuade a judge to exercise the court's discretion to give him an extension of time.  Bearing in mind the commercial nature of the dispute, and the length of the delay, that might be difficult.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The UK will be here 911 (September 11, 2011) to take over, direct rule time.  You just wait and see.  This will be the Cayman Islands May day or Hey (NO MORE) Day.

    • Libertarian says:

      That would be unnecessary. Amend our Constitution and limit the legislative powers of the MLA's so that the electorate would be able to have more democratic say. 

      • Anonymous says:

        get real lib…..you had ur chance…u blew it…….

      • Anonymous says:

        the electorate can't be trusted…..look at the bunch they just elected……

        • Anonymous says:

          The constitution doesn't have any balance of powers except the Governor.  If he has to resort to calling in the military, he has failed at his job.

          I see bad choices get elected all over the world, here isn't anywhere special.  Taking a different perspective, could you imagine if the US only had one political body? 

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand.  If I understand the Dart deal in reguard to the dump correctly it simply consisted of Dart donating the land for the new dump location and volunteering to remediate the environmental issues at the existing dump.  Wheelabrator (or others) would still be needed to manage the new dump, etc.

    Was the remediation of the existing dump a lucrative part of the contract they are now upset is being done for free?

    • Anonymous says:

      That is my basic understanding as well.  Though "donate" and "free" may not be the correct terms.  Seems Dart is basically doing a land swap.  They give government a new dump site and government gives Dart the old dump site.  Dart will then remediate the old dump site.  But you are correct, Dart seems to have no part of managing the new dump site or in the process of actually moving the dump.  But your basic premise does seem correct.


      The funny thing is when it was announced Wheelabrator won the contract many on this board decried the decision that they were an agressive company with a history of issues with the EPA and the governments where they had deals (http://centos6-httpd22-php56-mysql55.installer.magneticone.com/o_belozerov/31115drupal622/headline-news/2010/12/24/us-firm-tackle-dump).  Many saying that Dart should have gotten the job as they have proven themselves. 


      Now of course those same people will likely be screaming bloody murder about Wheelabrator losing partof the deal (which seems less related to Dart and more related to the fact the government has decided the Wheelabrator idea of a trash for energy isn't a sustainable model for the Cayman Islands) and it going to Dart.  Many saying "GO WHEELABRATOR!!!!"


      Mr. Libitarian, this is the exact reason I don't support having direct popular votes on all of these issues (and also why basically every democratic government in the world is a representitive democracy and not a true democracy).  The masses are too easy to whip up in a frenzy about any issue.

    • Anonymouse says:

      No. As I understood from the press reports:  Wheelabrator was going to 'mine & burn' the dump while 'burning' any new garbage being sent to the dump. Dart is is simply going to 'cap' the dump. So you'll still have a huge pile of trash, just it wont look or smell so bad. if it will still leach is an open issue. You'll also have a new dump in Bodden Town, management scheme TBA. (This wont be owned or run by Dart. It will be owned by CIG and possibly run by a contracted company, or by DEH as occurs now.)

      • so - call expert says:

        look if you all don't understand what is going on,then you should at least try and find out…..why because you're making the international audience think that people here from the cayman islands are stupid and retarded please stop…..XXXX here are some facts that the general public should know #1 the RFP that was tendered for bidders clearly state's that the GOV can at any point terminate the company that was awarded the RECOMMENDATION not CONTRACT if they could not come to a agreement or if it was not the best rout after negotiations which FYI never took place so if the GOV'S tech team that was setup to handle these negotiations never negotiated then there can be NO CONTRACT so Mr campbell where is the contract???????? that you're trying to sue the GOV for….also #2 do anyone in cayman realize that the technology that  Peter's group want's to use is old mass burn technology that would need to burn more than 50% of the existing land fill contents that are on the site in order for it to be feasible, and would create major environmental issue's with pollution, and the GOV would have to pay them tipping fees as well…..so when everyone of you that surports him only because he is trying sue UDP IS also surporting him to create more serious issue's than what we currently have now…..please lets stop the polotics and just try and get cayman to where we can secure a future for generations to come…. 

  6. Charm says:

    Well done Peter!! I really admire your strength and boldness. While this is in the making, and the courageous young man that you are, please see if you can have them churches return some of that 4 Million to us.  You should also try and run for the next election. You already have a whole lot of supporters. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Register of Interest Law 1996 requires all members of the Legislative Assembly to register their interest in any and all companies and business activites in the register of interest which shall be maintained by the Clerk of the Assembly and shall be open for public inspection at the Legislative Assembly at all times during normal business hours.

    It is required by Members of the Legislative Assembly on the date they are sworn in and on each aniversary thereof.

    All members of the LA are requiredto declare the following; Directorships, renumeration and employment, office profession,clients, sponsorship above $1,00, gifts, benefits, hospitality above $175, overseas visits, overseas benefits and gifts, land,shareholdings and miscellaneous.

    The law carries penalities of $5,000 for incorrect information or omissions.

    Now the purpose of the register of interest is so that everyone will be aware of the interest that MLAs have and can tell if there are any conflicts in their actions in the LA or Government. A member who has an interest in any matter before the LA or Government has to declare that interest and not take part in the debate, the negoiations or the vote.

    The Anti-Corruption Law 2008 makes it an offense for an MLA to breach the trust and carries a fine of five years in prison as well as a mirad of other offences XXXX

    Where is the anti-curroption commission asleep on the job time to wake up and act.

    • Libertarian says:

      Also, a sleepy man is told to vigorously pull weed from an acre of land without gloves and utensils that would make his work easy and effective. The sleepy AC Commission is unable to effectively weed out political corruption. Why?  Because our lawmakers have not dedicated themselves enough to providing the Commission with the gloves and tools of enforcement needed. At the rate we're going, better watch out that the weed doesn't spoil the acre of crop land.

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva's wife owns a realestate company

  8. 4th CLASS CITIZEN says:

    Mac will XXXX. Peter Campbell is a living witness and a former UDP supporter.

    Mac has fallen so deep into the Dart well that he cannot climb out and he is taking down the whole dam Island. The Governor is only here to collect a paycheck nothing more. We are in a terrible fix my brothern. The horror show will continue but not past the next election. Am I wrong on this?

    • Durrrr says:


    • Libertarian says:

      I hate to say this, but do you realize that if another Premier gets in, he/she will have the same powers, authority, and perks like this one. And when you have power, it can go to your head. You have to be very humbled to control it.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Let's get this clear, no perks were foisted on McKeeva. They are not rquired by the Constitution. He has simply claimed for them for himself. He is our worst case scenario.

  9. Anonymous says:

    mac giveth and mac taketh away…..

  10. Libertarian says:

    The legal system to keep our politicians in check is inadequate!  This problem will not be solved by trying to change parties or remove politicians. This is a systematic problem that steams from UK foreign policies and our weak constitution that does not directly represent the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but you statements are becoming increasingly idiotic, the Premier is responsible for his actions not the UK's policies, the ballot box is a plenty adequate solution but sadly individuals like yourself appear to lack the intellectual capacity to grasp that fact.

      • sandra says:

        well it radical statements like libs that makes sense to me… stop chopping the grass… let's pull it up!

      • Libertarian says:

        Yes… the Premier is responsible as well as the UK

    • Village vicar says:

      Libertarian every other post you make blames the UK.Get a life, almost none of Cayman’s problems have anything to do with the UK.Consecutive Governments over the past 20years are to blame.

    • peaceful protest man says:

      Libertarian you kind of wayward. You must deal with the real issues and stop finding excuses for this bad ras government! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly. Libertarian keeps trying to find ways to shift blame to the PPM and distract attention from the real issues.

  11. a naw no mouse says:

    I told you so!…."don't trust Mac Mac". "He is not one to follow process".

    PPM is not perfect, but are more trustworthy than the current group for sure!

    Still, good for you for getting out from UDP. Pity you had to 'personally' learn the hard way.

    Mama said; "there'd be days like this".


    • Libertarian says:

      If personally, I don't know them, how in the world can I trust them???

      • Anonymous says:

        watch what they do and how they do it…

        • Libertarian says:

          In a democracy of representatives, you can do that, but they just pretend and are good actors. In a direct democracy, power is spread out to everyone. No one relies on another person's judgement. We have a constitution ordered by the UK that holds us hostage to 15 representatives for four long years.

          • Anonymous says:

            Libertarian are you saying that caymans constitution is different that what other countries have?

            Isn't it the norm to vote politicians in for 4 years?


            Perhaps you want to vote them in for 15 days.


            The methods of removal of the government is the same as anywhere. Or maybe you should point out what makes it impossible more so than in other countries.

  12. Anonymous says:

    "He added that he did not believe Glidden was alone in possible conflicts when it came to private business interests benefiting from public ventures."

    “We don’t know if Mr Glidden has got the best deal for the country over the landfill because the process hasn’t been transparent. We don’t even know the exact details of how this was decided."

    So who is Glidden's partners in GMC Contracting and GMC Electrical and what is his role?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Peter don't say I never told you so.  However I am proud of you for making a stand and please don't give up becuase you run into some blocks. 


  14. Anonymous says:

    Where is the Office of the Complaints Commissioner? Only persons apparently doing their jobs to ensure proper procedures are followed by Government are the FIO and Auditor General (if AG could ever get a chance to publish other reports).

    But in all this where is the OCC? Or are we simply wasting funds there too on someone who is not willing to do their job? Too many contract workers in high positions on paid vacations! 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Here is an "ex UDP" soldier who is now claiming to be unfairly treated by the results of this deal. 

    Speaking of "conflict of interests" as one of the reasons he resigned – yet he was also a part of the party while bringing in the US firm at the same time.  Is conflict of interest ok once you are getting what you want? 

    Fair enough the deal was not fairly handled and surely some things dont add up why its been handed over to Dart.  But its obvious conflicts were ok when it was going to be handed over to Wheelbarator/Campbell.  Cry me a river…..but he's still right for having further investigations carried out and consequently a lawsuit.  I hope this sets a precedence for not only this government but also for any others that get in thinking they can rough shod the people of this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the two scenarios you mention are not similar. At the relevant time, Peter was/is a business man, part of the UDP Membership, and potential partner of Wheelabrator – but Peter was not part of the CTC that were awarding the contract to Wheel.


      At the relevant time, CG is in business with DART via GMC (whatever) and is also part of the "negotiating" team of the Govt who is suppose (italics) to be trying to get the better deal for Govt/Cayman. CG said he declaredhis interests. He should have declared it a gotten out of the way!! Effectively CG was negotiating with his business partner.


      Which one is worse?

  16. Libertarian says:

    It is obvious that in light of the conflict of interests and possible political corruption involved, the Public Management Finance Law is still subject to legal evolution despite amendments were passed in the House the other day. There needs to be enforceable guidelines on what a politician can do and what they can't do during all CTC processes. Definitely, both parties have failed to implement and enforced the AntiCorruption Law that was introduced in 2009, and where is the Governor so passive?  One thing is for certain, Kenneth Dart is here to get all he can get. He is forming a strong coalition with a desperate government that appears to be looking out for his blessed hand. This will not offer any comfort to local businesses on the island, competiting in a market that is becoming more and more centralized to a few big shots. I am afraid the political leaders are not doing enough to secure the people. Where is the United Democratic Party?  Or, is it really becoming the United Dart Party?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Before you go searching for more contracts to give investors please read this Mr. Premier


    • Anonymous says:

      You are giving the premier something of that magnitude to read.  Without his well-educated ministers, he would not know what he was reading.  Maybe he feels that this is his final rule, his swan song and is going to do as much as he can while he can do it.  Someone needs to force this man out of power, before Cayman Islands become Cuban,Venezuelan Islands with Castro and Chavez advising, 

  18. truth says:

    HINT:  Maybe next time vote in someone who has the experiance of running a successful business.  Or at least a high school education.  Just saying.  The Cayman people are looking  more fool fool every day.

  19. Anonymous says:

    whay a mess…………..

  20. Say it Aint so says:

    CNS thank you again for bringing us the grit before it becomes news. What is being reported should not be viewed as one party selfdestructing (although it seems that way) but rather the people of this country getting the short end of the stick. The reality is everyone of us will be effected by one of these many forthcoming lawsuits (we the people will all have to pay). Mr. Campbell, I hope your actions will some how cause the AG, Governor or Attorney General to get involved and put a stop to all of the many problems relating to all of these deals. We are all talking about the actions of the politicians, what about the inactions of the AG, Governor or Attorney General? The people of this country should start taking these individuals to task as they are the ultimate guardians and protectors of the people of this country. They have the power to step in and prevent rogue politicians from doing what ever they so wish. Mr. Campbell, what has taken place with the Dart deal is unaceptable, its nothing short of Dart throwing there weight around to influence the outcome of a decision in their favour. Both they and the elected government has stepped on you like a bug. Sad! If Dart truely has the interest of the country and its people at heart, then they would step in and act as honarable buisnessmen and pay you what is fear instead of having the Caymanian people take on the burden of a suit.

    Long gone are the days of a hand shake to do business!

  21. nauticalone says:

    Good for you Peter for stepping away from the UDP, as they are clearly operating in the manner which would cause any ethical minded persons to question. Good for you taking this to the Courts.

    Hopefully this example may encourage others (including past and current Politicians and Attorneys) to bring similar actions for other very questionable matters to the Courts. Otherwise we will surely very soon find our Cayman Islands in the same predicament as TCI !

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why do the insist on going thorugh the tendering process if they are just planning to act unilaterally? It's beyond comprehension

  23. Anonymous says:

    Picket outside the Governor's House, DEMAND a vote of no confidence……..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Mr Bush wants to go down in history as the Premier who invited the greatest number of lawsuits against a sitting government, by his slash-and-burn approach to the law and normal business practice. He inhabits a bubble of his own creation, and he rather fits  the quote," he's a self made man who worships his creator."

  25. Knot S Smart says:

    Conflict of interest is a cancer that will destroy our integrity, our values and morals, and ultimately our society. Yet it seems to be the norm in so many of our Govt appointed boards, where members of the board, and in some cases even the Chairman, have a direct financial interest, or benefit to be gained, from projects that they participate in approving or disapproving.

    Peter. Thanks for standing up for your rights and in doing so you are acting in the interest of Caymanians in general. Your late father – the good soul that he was, would be proud of you!

    From the article I gather that the MLA in question has declared his interest in certain companies that are employed in some form or other, with the vendor that he alledgedly negotiated with.

    And therefore I am wondering – does the same law that requires the MLA's to declare their Interests, not have regulations as to what defines Conflict of Interest?

    And Rules to prevent Conflict of Interest occurring?

    Are there similar requirements and regulations for members who are appointed to Govt Boards?

    And finally, why is it not a Criminal Offence if those Laws and Regulations are breached?



  26. Diaz Lane says:

    Peter I knew that you would eventually " Do THE RIGHT THING!"  I knew your dad and I know your mom and the values they raised you with would not tolerate such unethical, immoral, and certainly NOT for Love of Country behaviour!! The young boy who used to come and watch TV on our porch, was taught, and knows right from wrong! I know that you will teach your children the same values and one day they will be proud of the stance that you have taken.

    Congrats and I wish you every success in your future endeavours.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Sue away buddy, I'm sure you have every right to, and everyone else is doing it. Maybe the churches will give us some of that money back to pay you. God help us.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Peter!

    It speaks volumes when key members of the UDP party resign and then sue the UDP leadership. Ittakes a lot of courage to admit things that you previously defended and supported are wrong to the point where you are willing to spend your own money to seek justice.

    MacDinejad must realize that he is not about the law. He must follow the rules that are in place. This is NOT "his" island.



    • Anonymous says:

      So, help me to understand. For example, if I wanted to build a house and placed ads for proposals, and when I received them by the stated date, and told the winning bidder that they were the first choice; then decided not to proceed with the winning bidder but use someone else, are you telling me that the winning bidder has ground to take legal action on me because I did not use them. Listen, I have the right to do whatever I want to do with my project, I am not obligated to the winning bider unless I have a signed contract. Let me tell you what I see for Mr. Campbell, lawyers taking money from him and then saying that they have reviewed his case and cannot find grounds for any legal action. Now, let me tell you what I would have done in this case knowing the stage of not having any legal contract with another party. I would have been patient and waited for the next RFP to run the new site and would have bid then, would have probably won that contract, get a signed document and been "in the money" as future growth takes place.

      • Anonymous says:

        The politicians do not "own" the dump project, so your illustration is highly simplistic and is like comparing apples to oranges.  Politicians are merely representatives of the people of Cayman who appointed them.    If the CTC, the committe that is responsible to review the awarding of contracts, approved the award to a certain company after following due process, and a politician or politicians overturned that decision in a process that was not transparent, and gave it to some other company which placed 6th on the bidders list as per CTC, then that action CAN be legally challenged. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Well friend, make sure to let everyone know when Peter wins his case.

          • Anonymous says:

            If it goes to judicial review, it will become a matter of public record, so you will get to know if he wins or not.  

    • Anonymous says:

      He will be suing the government not the UDP leadership. If successful then he may be awared damages which will be funded by the taxpayer – you and me. Not sure that you should be overly joyed about this-there are better and more needed things to spend our money on. Sorry Peter but its the truth. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately, since it is the people who voted them in, its the people who suffer.  Until you change the laws to hold [politicians] personally accountable for their shenanigans, charge them for their offences or malfeasance while in office, and seize their assets to sell and pay off the claims, then you have to bear the cost as the taxpayer.  Unfortunately that is how it works, so maybe next time the people will vote more wisely since it is coming out of the people's own pockets.   Peter, you are brave to stand up to them, considering you used to be part of them.  XXXX

  29. Anonymous says:

    The PPM and Chuck Clifford in particular when he was with them told the country that if the UDP was re-elected in a majority in 2009 that this time around the XXXX would be 10 times worse because they would treat the election result as an endorsement of their "way of doing business" 

    They say a country gets the government it deserves……in other words the government it chooses to elect and there is little you can do about it now until 2013 !

    • Anonymous says:

      …unless of course early elections are called!

    • Anonymous says:

      And the same PPM messed up on their "way of doing business" big time!  So spare us the hypocrisy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sad for us and the country.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yes Mr. Peter this is exactly what The Chuckster was warning your party membership and the country about from 2004.

    The Dolly House is about to collapse and I predict that arrest and charges will come about a year out from the 2013 General Elections which will put any associated trials right in the middle of the General Elections cycle.

    Intersting isn't it !

  32. stopmessinabart says:

    Go Peter!

    This is what the community needs to do – when they see and experience abuse of process they need to step up, talk about it and take action.

    There are too may people who have fallen victim to the misuse of the system dat keep schtum out of greed because they think oh well next time i'll get my little sumtin-sumtin…this is  not how it should work. There are rules, they should be followed and everytime they a e not the people who are victim need to stand up and say so.

    Campbell was not the only person that entered into what was supposed to be a lawful tedndering bid and everyone who was involved in this should be standing up with him…but its easy to gues why they are allowing him to stick his neck out alone…..


  33. Anonymous says:

    Alright more delay in dealing with this problem. More time for leaching into the North Sound.

    Where is "Save Cayman"???

    • Anonymous says:

      My understanding is Save Cayman specializes in shouting down private land owners if they don't allow the public to park on thier land and thus make people walk an extra 10 feet to the beach.  I don't think tons of toxins leaching into North Sound is really the type of thing they concern themselves with.

  34. loyal supporter says:

    It's official the wheels are falling off the UDP bandwagon!

    Congratulations to mr. Campbell for having the strength and courage to do the right thing for the sake of good governance in the Cayman Islands. His decision to pursue legal actions against the govt and Dart is the correct thing to do and the only way to stop all the double dealing, obvious conflict of interests and XXXX.

    As a former party member and supporter it must have been a difficult decision to go against a govt he helped to elect and gave several years of dedicated service. If the Govt, Cabinet & UDP leadership can treat a loyal supporter so poorly what hope can the others living in Cayman expect from this group of 'honorable' politicians?

    1. Cohen Financing Deal was a failure and will lead to an AG investigation
    2. GLF/Royal Construction deal will result in a lawsuit and AG investigation
    3. GT Dump rfp contract results in a lawsuit and judicial review and AG investigation

    After 2 years running the country it's clearly "Better Way Forward" for some i guess.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Oh Wow! Another big UDP supporter upset with the UDP Govt. and threatening to sue them. he is also complaining of conlflicts of interest in the Govt. Whatever next?!  

    • Anonymous says:

      How much longer before the other UDP MLA's and key members throw Mc Bush over board then get our Islands and UDP back on track?

      Please do not wait on the no confidence motion do what has to be done now.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are too scaredy cats to do anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        They won’t do that because they are ALL just as bad as Mac. They are all tangled in that web…
        The solution is to not vote UDP. Clearly, Ezzard and Gilbert realised ther err in supporting Mac and that’s the reason those two founding members have not been a part of the UDP for years.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yet more public money to be lost due to MacBlunder… do we have any left?

    • Anonymous says:

      YES! pick up your check wednesdays and sundays at church.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got $18million more bobo, what to do now..(thinking), Bahamas, Miami or Vegas.., i know, I'll roll adie – first 2 Vegas, second 2 Hard ROck Miami, and last 2 Bahamas. Kerry you ready? Mannie soon come y'know

  37. Anonymous says:

    Well done Peter for having the integrity to walk away from a party making the wrong choices, finally someone stands up with the courage to challenge these clearly incorrect, unreasonable and irrational decisions by government in the courts, sometimes that's the only path left, may you find success.

  38. Anonymous says:

    "He who lies down with dogs, will rise with fleas"

  39. Anonymous says:

    UDP wake up and do the right thing.  For real listen to people, change you course and do the right thing before it is too late for all of us.  Put the Country first and not your personal gains, if Peter can do this why can't you?  Just let go, put away greed and corruption and let us come together as a people and let the healing of our country begin. 

    • JJTA says:

      You cannot get blood from a stone. You cannot expect any different from McKeeva Bush and/or those who stand with him, facilitate him, support him, legally represent him, accept "donations" XXXX from him or any and all other such actions. This includes Kenneth Dart.

      • Anonymous says:

        If that's your reasoning, then it should include Peter Campbell too, but clearly we're seeing differently now.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This administration is acting just like the former Premier of the TCI.  I wonder what the UK is going to do about this.  I know that the UK has its problems at the moment but if left alone the Cayman situation will become just as bad.  We don't need a Banana Republic.  Please UK it is now time to send in the big boys and clean up this mess.  This is a founder of the UDP who choose to resign his position with regrets because of the way that this government is out of control.  Come on Caymanians the Premier and his administration has gone too far.  Thank you Mr. Campbell in standing up and doing the right thing as much as it must hurt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like how they cleaned up T&C?…..let's hope Caymanians don't wish for that! Even the opposition and government came together to march earlier in the year. Can't wait to see Alden & McKeeva holding hands on Elgin Avenue.

    • Anonymous says:

      The FCO encourages their OTs to run themselves independently however they would become involved if it reached a certain point. I agree with that, ofcourse, but I do want to ensure that they are atleast aware of these little discrepencies. I suggest that whoever else is concerned to look up this department online and send them an email as well. Perhaps if more people voice this then they may consider contacting the government here to "check in", which at the very least coud place some indirect pressure for more transparency over our government's current processes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK is smiling while we self destruct – they plan for our lost business to go to them in the City of London financial district.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Go get em Peter!!!!! You are a Caymanian and need to stand up against the tyranny of this party called the UDP. I am proud that you have come forward.

  42. South Sounder says:

    Excellent news Mr Campbell, it about time a few Caymanians actually took their government to task over it's behaviour….perhaps you could also ask them who gave their permission to fund Mr Bush's Church, whilst you are at it…oh and there is also the question of the Port development fiasco and a hundred other scary deals.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Way to go this government needs some legal action, this is not the way to do business.  What is happening in this country? one minute a MOU and contract is signed and the next second it's null and void.  There should be consequences for this type of behaviour.  I am happy to see that someone has had enough and the guts to stand up for what is right. 

  44. Anonymous says:

    Letting the light in on yet another dark and XXXX act of the current administration. I hope more people begin to come forward and take action as Mr. Campbell has. I also hope his motivation is as he claims. If he is right and truthful in this matter, I wish him all the best and success with judicial review.

  45. hmmm says:

    Too many "Pigs at the trough" me thinks.


  46. Anonymous says:

    With all the success that came out of the Matrix deal, I wonder if some people really believe that the George Town landfill is worth fighting about.

    Seeing that the UDP Government had to eventually Finance the liabilities of that deal, one would think that utmost care would be taken as to who became involved in any future decisions of the landfill.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but the UDP Government CHOSE to finance the liabilities of the Matrix deal so that they could be seen handing out cheques to small local companies. The local boys who were "in business" with the Canadians from Matrix, should have paid this out of their own pockets. You should be VERY careful who you get into business with because their mistakes can bankrupt you.

      Having said this, I take my hat off to Mr. Campbell, it takes a big person to admit that their former team mates have lost the plot and should be taken to task for it.



    • truth says:

      Why would one think that?  What has changed?

  47. Mark Eb says:

    In the words of Bob Marley:

    "stand up for your rights"


    • peaceful protest man says:

      With the passage of each day, it certainly appears that the Foreign and Commwealt Office will suspend the Cayman Constitution. Where is this unorthodox governance leading us to?

      Come on opposition, lets get the Governor plugged in before we lose all that we have strived so hard to get!