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| 10/08/2011

(CRFU): With torrential rain, scorching summer sunshine, 40 mph wind-gusts or near 100% humidity, Super Saturday seemed more like an episode of MAN (or Woman) v. WILD thanthe backdrop for 24 teams battling it out for points in all three Divisions of the Summer Touch Rugby League.  Each team was slated to play two games representing Rounds 6 and 7 of the competition which followed on from a busy week of games that has stretched the resources of some teams to breaking point. Prior to Super Saturday, a brief one-week transfer window was opened for teams to redress some of their recruitment problems. (Photos Caroline Deegan)

The end of Saturday’s games represented the mid-point of the season and teams can now reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly that has represented their season so far. 
Matches were far tighter than in previous rounds and could be an indication that teams are getting their defensive strategies sorted or perhaps more teams were suffering from the exhaustions of late Friday night team bonding sessions than they would care to admit.
In Division 1, the Match of the Day was Appleby versus PWC. 

Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance during the season and the game was played in wet and wild conditions.  Appleby are a team that can worry anyone on their day and the dynamic duo of Stuart Geddes and Simon Raftopoulos were in devastating form with four and three tries respectively. 

PWC were always dangerous and any team taking them lightly will be put to the sword without a hint of hesitation. Their try threat comes from all over the team but they could not muster enough in the end and Appleby ran out 7-6 winners.  Maybe the effort to win this one was just too much for Applebyas they came a cropper in the next game against a Genesis Five Nationsteam that is steadily growing in confidence.  Five Nations won that one 4-2.

Maples1only had one game due to a postponement and against DMSthey were once again were penalized for being asleep at the first whistle.  DMS, like PWC in the previous game, scored all too easily in the first few seconds with the Maples1defence asleep. 

Defensive co-ordinator, Guy Major, looked a lost soul as he desperately tried to explain to his teammates quite how lightning had struck twice on his watch.  “I doubt if you’ll see him on the pitch next time the opposition kicks off” said an inside source.  Eventually the sleeping giant awoke (I’m referring to Maples1 here not Guy Major!) and put away nine unanswered tries.  Rudolf Weder was the stand-out player running in two solo tries with 30 metre sprints round opposition defenders. 

Both Team LIME and Walkers Blue Iguanas wished they had stayed in bed as they only mustered one try between them all day.  Bottom-of-the-table Walkers played teams from the top half of the table and were handed two defeats to make it seven from seven.  However, they must be commended for their never-say-die approach and hopefully that first win will soon come.

Division 2 is proving to be the most competitive in the League with each team able to upset the other on any given day.  The surprise package of the day was the DART team.  Previously without a single victorythey may have feared the worst. 

However, it is testimony to the old adage that “practice makes perfect” as all their hard work on the training pitch paid off with two defensive performances pulled out of the top drawer.  Having conceded an average of eight tries a game to date they conceded only three in their two games.  They handed defeats to Harmonic and Trident Titans who must have been stunned by the turn around.  Special mention must go to Elizabeth Taylor, ShakeraMitto, Shynecka Williams, Kelly Fiebig and Captain Stacy Ottenbreit for performances above and beyond the call of duty.

In the much anticipated top-of-the-table clash between KPMG1 and Maples2 it proved a match too far for the Maples2 team as they were spanked by the KPMG’ers 4-1.  Philip Fourie, in what was to prove to be a very productive day for him, scored a hat-trick in tricky conditions.  Their two victories on the day (they also beat Harmonic 4-2) take them to the top of the league.  Paraphrasing their company motto, they use their expertise and insight to cut through complex defenses and deliver tries galore. Maples2’sseasonhas stalled without a win in three.

In their first game, Trident Titans scored a good win against Campbells (6-4) with speedster Riley Mullen catching the eye.  Permanently in fast forward mode, this fellow is a try threat every time he has ball in hand and only the sharpest of defences can handle him.  Knowing what he is going to do is one thing, stopping him doing it is something entirely different. 

The happy Fish Ticklers went home with a smile on their faces after a win (UBS) and a draw (Maples2) to show for a good days work.  They currently reside 5th in the table but given the quality of their roster they must be thinking that they need to be more consistent in the second half of the season if they are to achieve their full potential.

UBS had a “curate’s egg” kind of day – some good, some bad with one win and one defeat.  Campbells and Harmonic lost both their games, however these are two of the easiest going bunch of guys and girls and accept defeat and victory in equal measure with both grace and humility – the true spirit of touch rugby.

In Division 3Deloitte continued their excellent form of late with good wins against closest rivals KPMG2 and Credit Suisse.  These made itfive wins on the bounce.  Again, Riley Mullen was the danger man with five tries against the Suisse.   

GCM also posted two wins against Ernst & Young (5-1) and Island Heritage (5-3).  Philip Fourie was once again imperious with 6 tries on the day.  This form belies their position in the table where, due to two defaulted games, they only lie in seventh place.

Rawlinson&Hunter’s dreams of progressing up the table were dealt a blow as they only managed two draws, and Island Heritage were on the brunt of two defeats.  They should send in the assessors if they are going to adjust these losses and make a claim for the top half of the table. 

Ernst&Young posted their first win (5-2) of the season against QueensgateGrizz’s Old Fellas.  In a most entertaining game both teams enjoyed themselves in a match where both were happy to throw the ball around.  If only they had thrown it to a team-mate it may have made for an even better spectacle. 

Dennis Hunter continued his rich vein of form in recent weeks with an invaluable contribution to his team on the day with a great try and sublime assist to show the youngsters just how it should be done.  Larry Cayasso scored his annual try for the Old Fellas and can now happily return to the bar to regale all with stories about how he ran past seven players to touch down in the corner.  At least I think it was seven, right Larry?  But aren’t there are only six on a team?  Ah, the stuff of legend!

Player of the Week

He’s fast, he’s Fourie-ous! This week’s Heineken Touch Player of the Week goes to Philip Fouriefor his standout performances for Genesis Five Nations, KPMG1, and GCM.  Sixteen tries in six games.  A bucket of six cold ones awaits you at the bar!

Results and league tables:

Division 1 Results
Walkers Blue Iguanas 0 v. 8 Genesis 5 Nations
Maples 1 9 v. 1 DMS
Appleby 7 v. 6 PWC
Ogier  v.  Team Lime – MATCH POSTPONED
Division 2 Results    
KPMG1 4 v. 1 Maples2
Harmonic 1 v. 4 DART
Campbells 4 v. 6 Trident Titans
UBS 3 v. 4 Happyfish Ticklers
Division 3 Results    
Deloitte 7 v. 3 KPMG2
Island Heritage 0 v. 4 Credit Suisse
Rawlinson &Hunter 3 v. 3 QueensgateGrizz’s Old Fellas
GCM 5 v. 1 Ernst & Young
Round 7   
Division 1 Results    
Walkers Blue Iguanas 1 v. 6 PWC
Genesis Five Nations 4 v. 2 Appleby
DMS 3 v. 0 Team LIME
Ogier  v.  Maples1 – MATCH POSTPONED
Division 2 Results    
Happyfish Ticklers 5 v. 5 Maples2
Harmonic 2 v. 4 KPMG1
DART 3 v. 2 Trident Titans
UBS 3 v. 2 Campbells
Division 3 Results    
Rawlinson &Hunter 3 v. 3 KPMG2
Island Heritage 3 v. 5 GCM
Deloitte  8 v. 3 Credit Suisse
Ernst & Young 5 v. 2 QueensgateGrizz’s Old Fellas
Division 1        
Rank Team Play Won Draw Lost Df Points For Points Against Points Diff Total Points
1 Genesis Five Nations 7 6 1     42 13 29 20
2 Maples 1 6 5 1     48 16 32 17
3 PWC 7 4   3   42 30 12 15
4 Appleby 7 3 1 3   37 41 -4 14
5 DMS 7 2   5   18 34 -16 11
6 Team Lime 6 2   4   18 38 -20 10
7 Ogier 4 1 1 2   20 22 -2 7
8 Walkers Blue Iguanas 6     6   10 41 -31 6
Division 2        
Rank Team Play Won Draw Lost Df Points For Points Against Points Diff Total Points
1 KPMG 1 7 5 1 1   43 27 16 18
2 Maples 2 7 4 2 1   35 25 10 17
3 Trident Titans 7 4 1 2   33 28 5 16
4 UBS 7 4   3   35 34 1 15
5 Happyfish Ticklers 7 2 1 4   32 34 -2 12
6 Campbells 7 2 1 4   33 36 -3 12
7 Harmonic 7 2   5   27 39 -12 11
8 Dart 7 2   5   32 47 -15 11
Division 3        
Rank Team Play Won Draw Lost Df Points For Points Against Points Diff Total Points
1 Deloitte  7 5 2     54 19 35 19
2 KPMG 2 7 5 1 1   34 25 9 18
3 Credit – Suisse 7 4   3   34 25 9 15
4 Rawlinson & Hunter 7 2 3 2   24 28 -4 14
5 Island Heritage 7 3   4   20 34 -14 13
6 QueensgateGrizz'sOld Fellas 7 2 1 3 1 22 30 -8 11
7 GCM 7 2 1 2 2 17 20 -3 10
8 Ernst & Young 7 1   5 1 16 40 -24 8



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