British PM announces moves to tackle gang culture

| 11/08/2011

(The Guardian): David Cameron has signalled a new drive against gang culture following police reports in Manchester, Salford and London that a nucleus of the rioters were organised by inner-city gang leaders. Senior police have briefed MPs and political leaders, including Cameron, that well-known gang leaders were at the centre of the second and third day of the looting, even though the majority of rioters were not gang members. Cameron told MPs "gangs were at the heart of the protests and have been behind the coordinated attacks". He has also asked the home secretary Theresa May to work with figures such as Bill Bratten, the former chief of police in New York and Los Angeles, on how to combat gangs. The announcement of a new drive is an admission that the government approach has so far been ill co-ordinated and under-resourced.

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