Former Cayman banker released from Swiss jail

| 14/08/2011

(Reuters): Former Julius Baer bank manager, Rudolf Elmer, is no longer being held on remand, Swiss newspaper Sonntag reported on Sunday. Elmer, former head of the Cayman Islands office of Switzerland's Julius Baer private bank, last winter handed over two disks that he said contained information on about 2,000 offshore banking clients to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Elmer was detained as Zurich police and prosecutors investigated whether he had violated Swiss banking law by handing the CDs over to Wikileaks, but he later said the disks did not contain any confidential banking data on them.

Sonntag reported that Elmer was allowed to leave the district prison of Winterthur on July 25, but that it was not clear why he had now be allowed to go, or if he will later be charged.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One is left to wonder just how many of these expats with high paying jobs and positions is willing to sink this country when they leave.  I can see it coming again and this time the results will be worst if the government does not make an example out of this man. 


  2. Crook says:

    Yeah, you hit a nerve. If you are talking about the one up at UCCI…then, he was no Dr. He was a crook. Plain and simple. A very hansome, smiling crook who smiled and bullshit him way through UCCI and ran off with an attractive sum of salary advance from our meek PPM government.  I bet he could not have tried that with Big Mac. He wouldn't get a Dime.

  3. ubelievedat says:

    he appears to have more integrity, guts & balls than people I know

    • Anonymous says: are a sap.  Wasn't this information first offered to his own company for reward and then taken to tax authorities in various european countries with the same thought in mind?  It was only then it was given up possibly for free to wiki. 

      He was a mediocre disgruntled employee who stole from his employer and breached his employers and clients trust.

      Now shut up and if you are in Cayman get the hell out.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    he will soon be back on island working as a temp!!!!

  5. Village vicar says:

    Wonderful and now the Cayman Islands can extradite him and prosecute him for breaching our laws. Oh I forgot we do not do that anymore. All crooks since Jean Doucet in 1981 have continued to prosper because no government since, has had the guts to do it. Why I ask has nothing been done about Dr. Saad? Maybe it was too embarrassing for the lawyers, accountants and bankers that sat on the board of directors. Have I hit a nerve I wonder?