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| 18/08/2011

I was very impressed by a recent comment by a young Caymanian journalist (see below). It shows an understanding of the issues that far exceed anything which the premier's statements reflect. Like her, I think many young people in this country find the statements of the premier to be offensive and not conducive to civil society and good governance. I maintain that religous society would have a similar view.

I do not at times agree with the editorials of the Compass but whatever the case, those are opinions that they are free to hold and as a free press they should be able to express them. They reflect the views of society to one degree or another and on this matter I would suggest it is to a very high degree.

Our leadership has reached the point where any criticism no matter how objective is rejected immediately and these sort of aggressive Repugnatorials are issued in response. Threats of legal action against talk shows, the media and individuals to stifle free speech and the exchange of opinions and ideas seem to be a weapon that is employed frequently these days as well.

I am particularly concerned that this sort of behaviour is instructive to elements of our society that this is the way to resolve issues and the way to get ahead. Leaders are supposed to lead by example and be role models in society. Sadly it seems that is not a concept that is recognised much these days.

If we are to have a better society and our leadership is to have less occasion to bitterly complain about criticism how about trying these suggestions for a start:

Stop the outrageous stuff which gives reason to criticise.

Stop attacking the media for doing their job and exercising their rights.

Stop trying to turn the various nationalities of our cosmopolitan society against each other for political convenience.

Stop apparently breaching or abrogating the laws, regulations, rules and processes of the country that are there to create a more perfect society, to give certainty, to deliver fairness and the same opportunity for all.

Stop promoting every harebrained idea that comes across your desks.

Stop supporting the destruction of our natural environment.

Stop appearing to ignore or embrace conflicts of interest as if they are opportunities for the privileged who enjoy the spoils of a less than perfect democracy.

Stop offending society's sense of right and wrong, of justice, of comity.

Stop destroying the national psyche.

Stop this latest tactic of using religion as a cloak, as a shield and as a spear!

The present and future of this country like this young Caymanian journalist are looking to you as an example of good, for right, for principles and values, for national pride, for motivation, for inspiration. Stop dissapointing them!

This is not nation building. It is destructive and frankly scary.    


Comment by lilpressgyal (Wed, 08/17/2011 – 11:03) on Mac goes onattack

Alexis de Tocqueville, a renowned political philosopher in his age whose writings on democracy are respected to this day, once wrote about the importance of newspapers to the survival of a proper democracy.

He wrote: "When men are no longer united among themselves by firm and lasting ties, it is impossible to obtain the co-operation of any great number of them unless you can persuade every man whose help you require that his private interest obliges him voluntarily to unite his exertions to the exertions of all the others. This can be habitually and conveniently effected only by means of a newspaper… Newspapers therefore become more necessary in proportion as men become more equal and individualism more to be feared. To suppose that they only serve to protect freedom would be to diminish their importance: they maintain civilization."

The press, if they do their job properly, maintain our civilization. To attack them for edtorialising on current affairs, for publicising blatent breaches of transparency, is to attack the foundation of our society. That is what McKeeva is doing.

If McKeeva truly cared about the good of this country, he would follow its laws, he would spend the budget wisely, and he would not attempt to silence the news media.

I am a young Caymanian journalist and I can only do good in my country by writing. If my own government tries to stop me, nothing but my love for these shores will keep me here and keep me writing … and I do not know how long my love for Cayman would sustain me if my job was taken away.

I would love to see McKeeva call me a devil-worshipper to my face. If he did, that's one more young Caymanian he could add to the growing brain-drain.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr Panton,

    I agree 200%!!!!  Would you kindly run in the next election?  I would vote for you based on your comments above.  Doesn't seem to be anyone else… ;(

    I'm scared though that democracy has become ineffective as the people have nothing more than promises to hold on to.  Leaders do as they please, and in effect, create a dictatorship of our beloved political system. 

    This country needs REAL PEOPLE who can reasonably wiegh the actions of this country as well as their own.  We need REAL PEOPLE who will be transparent and give us the truth, and nothing but the truth.  We need REAL PEOPLE who will LEAD EFFECTIVELY and stimulate personal, economic & moral growth amoung a nation.  We need to stop be REAL FAKE, which seems to be the oxymoron in style these days.

    Mr Premier Bush (and the others in Gov't where the shoe fits), in the greatest possible sense of respect, would you PLEASE PUT YOUR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS BEHIND THE INTERESTS OF THE COUNTRY!  THIS IS A COUNTRY NOT YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS!  *who am I kidding, we'll always have a conflict of interests.  I'm just saddened that Cayman's future is taking a backseat.

    This may always just be a dream but Martin Luther also had a dream.  Wonder if this dream will have any support?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Dred says:

    Advice to Big Mac….

    Resign and becomes a Pastor….

    Pay is good, you can preach all you want and you have mindless sheep to follow you…all the perks of being a politican just not fully destroying the country. Just one mind at a time.

  4. Just Commentin' says:

    Advice to the premiere: RESIGN!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are on a downward spiral. the majority of voters are quietly kicking themselves for not putting the Country first (1st.)  when they placed their   x's  last time.

    Unfortunately when the envelopes, plates, cans and promises begin to circulate again, all will be forgotten and the ship will pull out of port once more with the same crew, who will have once again promise their supporters everything on earth.

    God help us all,

    especially those that only see what is in their hand today, with no thought for tomorrow!!!! unfortunately they have become the majority.

    remember those big supporters last time. whare are they now VERY SILANT?????

    remember those that once shouted from the rooftops demanding good governance,

    now silent also because of a few ****'s and some ********.

    see where we are headed.

    think who ran this country for the last 3 decades (30 years), the AG findings are basically the same for that period,  now rea lllly think and you will see how we are where we are today.

      Remember the uni. grads choosing their (our) leader.

    what do that tell you, certinly the country was not seriously thaught about.

    those than can help us, PLEASE DO SO the future is very very bleak.

    Exposing wrong doers surely must be good for all of us. even the wrong doers, off spring and best friends!!! will be better off.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two party politics with a single representative body is atrocious.  Representatives will almost always vote along party lines, and there never be any real debate.

    Trying to avoid a party system with a traditional one-man-one-vote will be akin to fighting an uphill battle:

    The major binding force for either parties political base is/will be negative cohesion( 'Vote for us, because you hate them more.  A vote for anyone else will be a wasted vote, because if they don't win we will' ).  Political rhetoric will focus on this, and it is/will divide the country.  It is systemic.

    If we are to have one-man-one-vote it is extremely important to have one where people vote in preference of candidates.


    "Parties are an inherent evil in free governments" – Tocqueville

    • Libertarian says:

      In regards to the spirit of democracy, I strongly support this statement.

  7. bo miller says:

    It is time for the thinkers of this country to start talking and for those who have been doing all the talking to start thinking and listening.

    For those of us who have been the lone voices crying in the wilderness, it is indeed refreshing and encouraging to read Wayne's timely and wise commentary. I also wish to commend my friend Andrew Reid for his supportive feedback. I know that many of our people are fast loosing hope about the future of this country; but it looks like there may be some hope on the horizon.

    In the past 40 years we have seen more of our young people acquire higher educational standards than in the previous 400 years and this fact alone should give us all hope. It is now up to us to encourage them to take their rightful places in the policy making processes of this country.

    For Wayne, Andrew and all other like minded Caymanians, your time has come. For Cayman to have another 40years of success, it is imperative that a new vision be created NOW and a new system of management put in place, where the primary focus must be the next generation, instead of the new election.

    If not, what are we going tell our children and grandchildren?

    • Libertarian says:

      True… if it is talks about a new election, you end up putting another party in and going in circles. The system is not changed, the inadequate constitution of a non-direct democracy is still there.

    • tim ridley says:

      As I have said in another post, there is a great need for the younger generations of educated and influential Caymanians to take an active role in shaping the political future of the Islands. And this means walking the talk, i.e. taking real action to secure election to the LA and Cabinet. And the successful business elites (real Caymanian families and there are quite a few of them) need to put their financial backing behind these people so that it happens. This is a Caymanian issue and no-one else can solve it for them (or us); and certainly not the Governor and the UK!


      Tim Ridley

  8. Anonymous says:

    I remember when McKeeva Bush was a pastor from WB who started pushing his weight around and Dart arriving in GC with the intention of buying up whatever he wanted. Each wanting power and control of the island.  The island was so different then. Peaceful, virtually crime free.  Those who wanted to work had a job, the standard of living was high, tourism and the economy were doing well. I left the island in 97 and the changes that have occured since then are frightening. Violence is a common occurence.  The island is now run by a "premier?!?!"  Dart has the run of the place.  This twosome really needs to go away.  Caymanians…please write to the powers that be in the UK and tell them there is a growth that needs removing before the damage is irreparable.

    • Anonymous says:

      At least mr dart could leash his dog.

      on another note…. Mac was a preacher?!  which side was he on?

  9. KS says:

    I already asked Mr. Panton when I can expect to vote for him and am hoping this means he is heading in that direction.

  10. At Last Oh At Last says:

    Thank Mr. Wayne Panton and Mr. Andrew Reid for having the courage and the love for Cayman to come out and bravely say what so many are saying behind closed doors. I now know that I will soon see the backs of Mike Adam and Ellio Solomon as they ride off in to the sunset never to return. The UDP has destroyed itself and the Party system in Cayman thank God, I  say that the UDP has lost about 80% of it's support in Georgetown, and about 60% in Bodden Town, West Bay well on a good day 30% to 40%  are fed up, no more voting straight it's to late. Its time for a breath of fresh air West Bay.

    Never in history have so few Gutless men held down country  so one man could have his way.

    MOU's for every thing, East end Port, GT Port, Spots Dock, New Airport, Hospital, Enterprize City – Memorandums Of  Unsuccessful Government, complete incompetence, in the LA and around the world. We are the laughing stock of the business community.


  11. A. Colin Panton says:

    Thanks Wayne for your open, timely and germane comments and suggestions. Our beloved Islands are 'one wave short of a shipwreck' and hopefully it is not too late for all right thinking Caymanians to take appropriate action. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Wayne.  It's about time a Caymanian steps up to the plate so openly.  Those of us (who do have jobs) are afraid of losing our jobs if we speak out…and yet we're losing our country hand-over-fist so rapidly to the numnuts and aimless airheads we call politicians.  Too many of them have cotton for balls because NONE stand up long enough to give u a straight answer bcz ALL of them RUN for cover the moment they see us coming with any question.  WAYNE!  Why don't you run for election?  Seeing as from this discourse above, the eloquence, the fairness that youhave and that you're certainly equipped with legal expertise…why don't you run for politics?  SAVE OUR ISLANDS AND OUR ISLANDERS!  As it is now, Caymanians can't even get a job!  We can have degrees coming out of your ears!  They still don't want Caymanians.  Worse, they're taking the island of Grand Cayman and cutting it up into slivers…so tell me how can we survive another IVAN?  I say, Wayne…you find out who this female reporter is and you and she link up to save CAYMAN ISLANDS! 

    • AhAh..... says:

      Well done and thank you Mr. Wayne for sharing your opinion and advice at this most critical time in Cayman's history.  I do hope and pray that if our Premier Bush genuinely wants to do what is best for and respects ALL  (not just those who vote for him and/or otherwise support him)  who live and work in the Cayman Islands, that he will not only read but will listen to and follow the sound advice offered (free of charge I must add!) not only by Mr. Wayne but by many others whose motives are not self-serving .   People of Cayman, we need only to stop, think, listen and carefully look around in our respective communities and districts and we will surely find that there are indeed persons of integrity, intelligence and honesty willing and able to put country before self.


      Yes, there is light at the end of that dark tunnel through which Cayman is presently travelling, final destination unknown – BUT it is up to each of us to stand up for what is right, otherwise we will all sup salt through a wooden spoon.

  12. oneworld says:

    Would someone please explain to me why we have a two party system and what each party actually stands for – what are the philosophical differences? 

    • Anonymous says:

      We have a two-party system because it fits well with the Westminster system of government.    The main difference is in the focus.  The PPM want to grow civil society and improve the country organically – that is, through the endeavours of Caymanians.  It is much more sustainable and ensures that opportunities to profit are had by our own people. They are no less religious but are quieter about it, which is a major reason why expats and my generation of Caymanians prefer them.  Some might call them social democrats.  McKeeva used to say ' if we do not embrace wealth, we will reap poverty'.  His method for growth is attracting foreign investment.  Seemingly, that is all he can see at the moment.  All the other differences branch out from here – the way they govern, the laws they pass, etc.

    • Worried professional says:

      That is similar to a question I put to a very senior member of the expat business community, who in fact now has Caymanian status, about a year ago

      My question was, what do you see as the fundamental difference between the the UDP and the PPM?

      The answer was interesting,

      There is no doubt, he said, that the UDP is perceived as corrupt and the PPM is perceived as incorrupt.

      He went on to suggest that people perceive that the UDP leadership makes decisions quickly whereas there is a perception that the PPM takes more time with the intention of getting it right.

      I then asked if what he had observed since the last election reflected that.  He was somewhat amused to have to acknowledge that his observations hadnt. In fact,  he volunteered that this UDP government appears to have great difficulty arriving at any decision that it wants to stand by

       I dont know how others feel about it but I have no tolerance whatsoever for corruption and in terms of how damaging it can be to a country, the perception of corruption is as bad as the proof of it. You simply cant have any trust and confidence in that sort of government from a domestic as well as international perspective.

       It seems to me that the examples of why that perception exists are becoming too numerous to list. Even the Premier and leader of the UDP party is under investigation for corruption!

      It is hard to imagine a country that trades on its reputaion as a very significant player in the international financial markets where the very Minister of Finance responsible for guarding that reputation is under investigation for corruption yet remains in office!  Astonishing!

      That he is also the chief minister and remains in office while being investigated is equally astonishing!

      Of course the other main component of the Cayman Islands economy is tourism. And yet the same individual who is apparently under investigation for corruption is the minister responsible for that crucial industry as well…..and remains in office?  Talk about consolidation of opportunities!  Worst of all is the potential exponential increase in reputational risk for the Cayman Islands! This country needs a lesson (or three) in risk management!

      I suspect all of this is pretty indicative of some of  the differences between these two political parties in the Cayman Islands.

      I hope I dont have to pack my bags and leave soon. I need to find my colleague to update our chat.


      • Anonymous says:

        The fundamental difference between the UDP and PPM is one is a Political Party and the other is a Dictator calling himself a Political Party.

        One believes in the rule of law and one believes they are above the law.

        One believes in openess and transparency andone do not care about what the people think and is bold and gets away with everything that they want to do, XXXXX

    • Libertarian says:

      They fail to share and make known to voters their philosophical differences, because they don't want to lose voters when they divert from those declared principles in their philosophy. It was never about the issues, party politics here seems to be more about the personality and position in society. If you start a party,you should rightfully declare what you stand for, but not here in Cayman, they are silent on what they stand for, and sorry to say, but naive people vote them in and will do so over and over again. They promise some a tv, a fridge, a scholarship, a job position, or some favor in order to win. It is sad.

    • Polly Tricks says:

      One has an permanent sense of abuse of power but an element of effectiveness, the other has good intentions but is totally incapable to doing anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its one side of the island versus the other

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is the man who will put a stop to the abuses by the premier and his gang of cohorts finally a younger highly educated and successful Caymanian has now step forward to change this gutter politics for the better I here ya deh Wayne O watch out all you cronies your days are numbered.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wayne Panton for premier this whole bunch of jokers need to get out of politics and those previous ones writing letters need to stay out too. Go Wayne Go 2013 too bad for Rollie Kline Elio and the boys no future in politics for followers.

  15. Bueller says:

    Certainly good advice, but one has to question Mr. Panton's motives when said good advice is 'given' on a news blog, instead of directly to its intended recipient.


    McKeeva certainly needs good advisors, and I'm sure Mr. Panton would make a great one, but taking easy shots for the world to see isn't going to help anyone, in my opinion.

    • Len says:

      Unless Mr. Bush seeks intelligent advisors the only thing a person can do is express their thoughts in any way possible and the press supplies this option. 

      If you try to enter into open give and take discussion with Mr. Bush, and you happen to disagree with him, he will just fined a way to denigrate you. He will not debate you on facts.
      One option is to keep you mouth shut and let him do what he wants.  The other is to speak out through the press.

      His other UDP MLA's do not have the interest of the people as their #1 priority or they would have stopped him long ago.

      We have no choice but to speak through the press.  Remember Mr Bush would like to take that voice away from us!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to disagree. Mr. Panton's article is a great help. It shows that there are intelligent articulate Caymanians who care about their country and it therefore gives hope for a brighter future, something the Premier has not done,

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are playing fast and loose with the word "advice". McKeeva does not accept advice, especially any that may be contrary to his own warped thinking.

      I would surmise that Mr. Panton, like the rest of the country, has endured the boorish and callous antics of the Premier to the point where his very soul cries out.

      McKeeva's actions are so despicable that even his most ardent supporters must now be cowering in shame. If you are not, then your mental faculties are suspect.

      Wayne Panton, Andrew Reid, and John Meghoo are simply the latest names in a list that will soon be too long for the Premier to recall by himself. People are fedup and their conscience will not allow them to remain silent in the face of the destruction wrought by a one-man wrecking ball.

    • Mr. Rooney says:

      You should have spent more time in class Ferris!

    • Anonymous says:

      Giving him advice this way is more effective. He also gets the valued advice of all those who blogs about this. Besides, not just Mac needs this advice, this is a kind reminder for a lot of us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Mr. Panton for reminding us that there are still decent, right thinking, educated Caymanians like you out there.  As a mother, it breaks my heart to see what is happening in this country and as I struggle to educate my children so that they are able to contribute positively, I can't help but wonder whether there will be anything left here for them.  Our grandparents and great-grandparents must be rolling over in their graves.  From where we came, how did we disintegrate so quickly into such a  lawless, corrupt, crime ridden state?  How is it that we find ourselves essentially held hostage by one egotistical, power hungry, uneducated individual who clearly has no respect for the people and laws of this country and no qualms in doing whatever it takes to gain and retain power, legal or not, country be damned? The current situation leaves me stressed, disgusted and ashamed.  Today, however, I feel a glimmer of hope. Thank you for that. 

  17. Dare to Dream says:

    Has anyone else noticed how hungry we are for an intelligent and educated point of view.  Everytime someone of substance dare to suggest real solutions and remedies to our situation here in Cayman, he/she is showered with thanks and respect and many times hopes of that person standing up for election is expressed.  That should show us that there is a real urgency for someone to come help us out of this mess that we are in. I agree whole heartedly that both Andrew Reid and Wayne should seriously  put their expertise and good common sense together to try to educate  those of us who would dare to listen and prepare us for the next  election and beyond.  We are losing everything we hold dear in this country and too many  are satisfied to just talk rubbish week after week  and not offer anything constructive.  It is  time we get pass all the  useless rhetoric . 

    We should also by now realise that the Premier is  nothing but a XXXX.  He is not sensible enough to realise that he is destroying this country by his actions.  He listens to no one- except his cabinet- and it seems as if not one of them is man (or woman) enough to set him straight on these issues. Mike, Mark , Rolston,Cline, Juliana are all educated persons, but I can only assume that they are just like the Premier or afraid of him.  The others are not even worth mentioning. Can't they at least see the damage that he is causing.?  They are blatantly raping this country of its ethics, conscience and good will and evenually  we will all become cannibalistic and start eating each other if someone brave enough does not get the conversation going in another direction.   

    We need  people to think beyond the  hand outs and demand an opportunity to fend for themselves. We need a renewal of pride and self-worth.  The Caymanian of yester-year would never stoop to begging; we were the ones offering the hospitality to neighbors or strangers. who wre worse off – and believe me they were many We were embarrassed if  we could not take care of ourselves with something left over for strangers.  Now it seams like politicians are hell-bent on making our society one of beggers so that they can hold it over our heads.  So, it is time for men like Wayne and Andrew and the many more out there who are educated, intelligent and has Cayman at heart  to come together  and at the very least  try to guide us towards a "New Day" in Cayman when people will be able to vote  for and embrace people of substance and stand up on our own morals and  integrity.  Please schedule some town hall meetings – start a Movement !!

    • Anonymous says:

      13.40. Sometimes it takes an extreme swing of the political pendulum to initiate a counter-swing. Mr Bush is providing the exaggerated impetus in the wrong direction that will lead to  his own destruction.

      The Caymanian people are up to their gills in disgust and anger at the blatant disrespect  shown to them and the laws of the land by their leader. And to listen to the deafening silence of his cronies, cowed into silence by their instinctively dicatorial leader, reveals  the entire Government to be dysfunctional.

      (Some bloggers have been referring to the dinosaurs in relation to the government. I would ask them to restrain themselves in future. The Dinosaurs were characterised by outstanding success, and  dominated the world for 165 million years, and I can't take another week of this, I don't know about you.).

  18. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Good to know we still have a few people around here steel in their backbones!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Panton could you PLEASE run in the next elections!!!!

    • Common Sense says:

      As a matter of practice, wealthy Caymanians (once they truly become financially wealthy) don't 'F' with elected politics.  

      They stand behind a few tokens and pump cash here and there into their campaigns, but it is always to ensure their business interests are protected.

      Many used politics to sure up their businesses and when they got rich, they removed themselves (or the voters removed them). 

      That is why we have the duty free regime that is now in place.  So don't expect this gentleman to step into the ring.  There is nothing in it for him or for the many other rich educated Caymanians who could very well make a difference. 

      • Common Sense says:

        Forgive me for commenting on my comment, but I don't understand what is objectionable about a purely factual and well proven statement.

        Caymanians value financial wealth more than anything else and will mortgage their own personal happiness to acheive this.  

        We also do not have a problem sacrificing other people's well being to get this wealth.  I have outlined the rule of thumb that has been the hallmark of wealthy Caymanians thus far.

        The debate on the Legal Practitioners Bill says it all.

        Which other Caymanians ascended to equity  partnership after Messrs Panton and Reid acheived this in their respective firms?

        Articulate, talented and capable of great things yes these gentlemen are.

        Leaders willing to stand up for Caymanians when they are in a position to do so…that remains to be proven.

        Giving advice to a highly unpopular premier who makes one lampoon after another…that doesn't require a "S" on your chest.  

        I don't mind their comments, but banana republics and failed states are created when each of us in our respective stations in life look out only for our own interest and don't ensure that those who come behind us find a good legacy.  What is the legacy both of these gents have left at Maples and Walkers as it relates to Caymanians attaining equity partnership?

        Caymanians we need alot of help, but let's expect more from our leaders than articulate sentences, good education and big bank accounts.  

        Damian Marley's song "Educated Fools" is worth a good listen.

  20. John Meghoo says:

    Well said Wayne.  Amen to that. 

  21. Truth says:

    If you want good governance maybe you chould first vote in (or at least not vote in what you now have) good people.  Right now Cayman voted in a self serving, undereducated fool and now they are trying to make him turn into something he is not and never will be.  The Cayman people are showing only that they know what they want and don't want.  To affect real long lasting change is going to take hard work.  Talk is not hard work.  Marching is not hard work.  Crying about something is even less work.  Just a suggestion:  You have to do what you have to do to get it done.  If you can't figure that out you desrve what you have now and what your kids will inherit.  Less than nothing.

  22. Yo mama says:

    Wow, Mr. Wayne sounds like a grownup. Hope he runs in the next election. The question is, of course, would be able to beat those who speak for God and hand out washing machines to the political flock the week before the election?


    Sadly, probably not.

  23. Libertarian says:

    The Premier is the result of our broken system where he thinks he can do as he please without consulting the people of these islands. You don't take people's money and give it to churches!  You don't say you are a Christian and not follow the Bible which states, "render to ceasar the things that are ceasar's, and to God the things that are Gods." The pastors accepting people's monies are handling stolen goods!  No one gave them the right to accept what the premier has taken without the people's permission. In a democracy, you are suppose to be representing all of the people – not christians only. Sadly, I strongly believe that the PPM would have done the same thing if they were in power. Mr. Panton, we have a broken system indeed with no checks and balances! 

    • Anonymous says:

      In your party rhetoric, must you attack ppm. They are the best party for cayman and will never sink the economy. Without them we never would have a new constitution. You are too independent.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shall I sing "81 Million Dollar Deficit"?  The PPM brought this country down to its knees in debt, and you're telling me that they will never sink the economy?  Please get off this bandwagon and start smoking some better herb.

        • Anonymous says:

          There has still been no proof that there was a deficit of 81 million, just McKeeva's "accounting". We can put as much faith in his figures as we can in everything else he says – NONE. Until we have an audited set of accounts we cannot believe any government.

          • anon says:

            For all you know the Ppm caused us to sink in a  worse condition. I would not want to see the damage Udp has caused. Both parties are bad for Cayman.

            • Anonymous says:

              If there was a $81m or (according to you) even worse deficit in July, 2009 there certainly could NOT be a $25m surplus two years later. How is it accounted for? Massive new revenues? Huge budget cuts?

    • Anonymous says:

      Libertarian you are one mixed up individual. You do not know your foot from a hole in the house floor! I think you been licking the pipe!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Excellent commentary!

    My confusion is EVERY election year when I expect change from the West Bay voters because people seem disgruntled and disappointed in their representatives. They vote back in the same group EVERY election year, even in the year they lost the majority of the seats West Bay still maintained the very same four seats!!!!! This is a problem that we need to get to the bottom of. Clearly there is a very strong silent majority who are connected to the Premier and who believe in him. Please dont bring rubbish into this debate about only "non" caymanians are voting for him————NONSENSE!!! Caymanians are voting in this man election year after election year-why????

    • Anonymous says:

      One Man One Vote is the answer.  But guess who stopped it??   Your right Mac.  What does that tell you?

      • Anonymous says:

        And guess who supports it? PPM!

        • Libertarian says:

          That PPM supports one-man-one-vote does not tell us anything!  Our politicians can do better – Change the Constitution completely, weaken the powers of the MLA's, and give more power to the people!

          • Anonymous says:

            Of course it tells you something! It tells you that they are for better governance – governance that works in favour of the people and holds the politicians accountable.

        • Anonymous says:

          So they say — yet they failed to include in the constitution – based on a promise from Mackeeva which he promptly reneged on. Once again showing that he can outmanouver PPM naivete every time.

          • Anonymous says:

            "outmanouver PPM naivete". There is another word for that but I am probably not allowed to post it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Appliances, favours and other fruits of corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe keeping people stupid and dependent on government is effective in politrix.

    • Power of the People says:

      Clearly, the 'sensible' voters of WB have nothing to do with the UDP as the last election scores will attest. A few independents (and first time delegates) got a fair chunk of votes. These same voters BEGGED for an investigation into the WB election as there were blatant breaches of the election law but NOTHING came of it. What does THAT tell you?

      In WB, it is common knowledge that the indigents are penned up the night before elections and paraded out bright and early by UDP family who would not normally give them the time of day much less a bread crumb.

      Weeks leading up to election are like Christmas in this sad district. Drinks flow freely at local bars, "allowances" can be collected (quite openly) at your nearest MLA office, wish lists are sent to MacSanta via express mail. But the clincher is the propaganda spewed from the hustings warning the electorate that should anyone one else get into office, all these wonderful gifts, pensions and financial aid will dry up and that they will be forever lost in the Sea of Forgetfulness…

      So you see, theWB Hold-'Em is a combination of facilitating guilty pleasures, satisfying a recurring 4 year old economic need and propogating a fear of loss that is believed by a generational electorate that are afraid (or simple unwilling) to unplug from the machine that suppresses them and is actually the cause of their hand to mouth syndrome.

      I would like to think that they will one day awaken to the reality of their plight, but having seen them support the current situtation even now…methinks that there be no hope for the Republic of West Bay and that it should be constitutionally unhinged from the Greater Cayman Islands and subject to its own governance, rules and law(lessness)…

      The onus now is on the electorate of the rest of the country to disband the UDP in their districts so that even if WB continues to perform the same actions (whilst expecting a different result….!?!?) there will be no bite nor sting and we may perhaps have a fighting chance at righting the wrongs…

      Are you with me!?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong with the suggestions posed by Wayne  They go for the current Government as well as past ones, and future ones as well.

    Suggestion to the young lady journalist – dont say things like "I would love to see Mckeeva call me a devil worshipper to my face…… brain drain".



  26. Name changed by moderator says:

    Excellent post Wayne! So happy tosee a post from a well educated, intelligent, articulate Caymanian who is not afraid to sign his own name and to put country before self! I applaud you and concur with your advice.

    We need more people like you. Keep it coming. Lets Save Cayman!

    CNS: We applaud people who identify themselves when commenting, but to avoid issues with imposters, please could you register (link below the comment box and in the log-in box LHS column) if you are going to use your own name. Thanks!

  27. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Excellent "viewpoint". Well said Wayne.

    Lachlan MacTavish

  28. Anonymous says:

    God bless you Wayne and God bless you lilpressgyal.

  29. The Crown says:

    Cant be said any better than that Wayne'o. Salute!

  30. Alice says:

    Wayne please run in the next election

  31. Andrew Reid says:

    Excellent commentary.

    The actions and rhetoric of the Premier, which I assume are fully endorsed by his colleagues in the LA and the rest of his party, are completely out of line and, frankly, as embarrassing as they are dangerous.

    We do have a choice. I stand with Mr. Panton in support of good and effective government and in resolute opposition to those who would turn this proud country into a banana republic.


    The Cayman success story is under direct threat and it is time for all right thinking Caymanians to speak up.

    Andrew Reid


    • Anonymous says:

      Well said Andrew, and of course Wayne's commentary was spot on. Now if only we could get your father, a man for who I have a great deal of respect, to see the light.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Mr. Reid for speaking up for your country. Cayman has a desparate need for educated and articulate Caymanians to step forward to put the country back on the right path.

  32. nauticalone says:

    Thanks for your post Wayne.

    It is however very clear that the UDP will NOT listen to anyone who doesn't just bow down to them. It seems they are in too deep!


  33. Anonymous says:


    It is so good that you are speaking up, I hope you run for office, you are well educated and you have integrity  and a sound intellect. You are of independent means so you cannot be corrupted like so many current politicians have been.

    So many stand by and because they profit from the status quo they turn a blind eye or prop up this administration. To think XXXX actively campaigned for a man they well knew the substance of pretty much tells you money before best interests of the country has become the norm, its time for men such as yourself to step in and bring the change.


    • Anonymous says:

      To be honest talking about who campaigned for who etc is irrelevant , smacks of just more politics and is not in the spirit of the objective and sensible approach displayed here by wayne et al . At the rate the country was going people would have tried anything to get some change as they are entitled to do in a democracy. The trouble is that we gave another group a chance and they screwed up. No amount of silly name calling can ignore thst fact; this is just democracy at work. The fundamental issue is we have very little to choose from when it comes to politicians , not that people gave an alternative group an opportunity to address the issues that some other group had left behind.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are absolutely wrong, responsible people knew the way the Premier had previously governed yet they went into the community and persuaded the masses to vote his party into power knowing he would become the Premier. If I know a man has no integrity and is open to being XXXXX the last thing I would do is get up on a stage and tell the people he should run the country. The sensible approach is to examine why we have our current situation and not make the same mistakes going forward. One of the mistakes made previously was upstanding members of society thinking more about their pocket books than the best interests of the country. Say what you want to about Kurt but he was far more of a statesman than the Premier and his integrity was beyond reproach.

  34. Len Layman says:

    Well said Wayne.

    I could not have said it better.  Thank you.


  35. Right ya so says:

    Well said both of you.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Wayne for speaking up in defence of Cayman. Your words of wisdom may fall on some deafenedby greed political ears but I am one Caymanian that is grateful for them. We need more Caymanian leaders to speak out in this way.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Quite right Wayne and quite right lilpressgyal.

    But what a damning indictment that this should even need articulating, to the leader of a 'liberal democracy', in 2011.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Well put Mr. Panton. I just pray that Mr. Bush will take that advice.  Unfortunately, how I see things now is that the XXX and power hungriness has gone so far that certain people believe that they don't need advice from others they just keep doing what they want to do and what XXXXX.

    What sickens me the most is the so called religious part.  These people claiming to be Christians and giving money to the churches.  Give me a break, no true Christian person gets drunk regularly and hangs out in night clubs and tries to pick up young women like what I've seen with my own eyes so many of these politicians doing.

    Their behaviour is so disgusting! Then to see the so called big shots that actually support these people. I mean people that you once respected and thought better of and you realize that they are all just as XXXX because they are all just sucking up to get a piece of the pie too.

    I don't know if I'll ever be rich, but I'm already successful when it come to being honest which is a wonderful trait that I inherited from my father who was one of the most fair and honest people I've ever known.