Drivers asked to take care after Savannah smash

| 21/08/2011

(CNS): At least one person has been injured in a two car road collision near Wendy’s in the vicinity of Buddy’s Way, Savannah, Grand Cayman, police have confirmed. Officers from the RCIPS Traffic Management Unit are on the scene of the smash and are asking motorist to drive with caution near the area as one lane has been closed to vehicles. Police have confirmed that one person has been injured and taken to George Town hospital but at this stage there are no further details of how the crash occurred. Meanwhile, at around 7pm a woman was taken tohospital following a single vehicle crash in the Breakers area. CNS understands that the car flipped but there are no further details of the crash. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about the Breakers accident, as I didn't witness that one, however – speed definitely WAS a factor in the Savannah accident.

    I heard the car shown above speeding just moments before turning around and seeing and hearing the crash. Had that driver been doing 30mph as the speed limit clearly shows, he would have been able to stop in time and not rear-end the truck as he did. People speed on that little straight stretch of road (quite annoyingly and aggressively) all hours of the day and night, and it's really a miracle that no one has died there YET. That being said – the other vehicle also played it's part by not judging how fast the above vehicle was approaching and still pulling out in front of him very slowly. I am no accident expert, but the fact is had the above driver been doing 30mph or maybe even 35mph and not speeding, that "accident" definitely could have been avoided, and yes this information was given to the police on the scene.

    Lastly, I cannot stress enough to our drivers, especially the young ones – Speed kills, and YES it can happen to you, no matter how good you think you can drive.

  2. truth says:

    Bad drivers of Cayman asked to take care.

    Bad leaders of Cayman asked to be good.

    Smart people asked to understand supidity.

    Grand Cayman.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We approached the accident in breakers shortly after it happened. The ambulance (from frank sound)  had just arrived and jumped straight into action trying to get the passenger out of the flipped vehicle. At that point the police had not arrived on scene, we continued our journey heading into town, when we past the BT police station we noticed there were police cars in the parking lot (one parked at  the front of the station with the door left wide open no police in sight), as we continued driving through Bodden Town up comes one of the newly purchased chargers "at high speed"  bulldozing their way through, my guess is it was heading to the accident (not sure why the parked police cars that were closer to the scene werent dispatched) and ironically two minutes later we pulled to the side of the road to let the ambulance pass as they were transporting the passenger to the hospital.                               So the ambulance arrived on scene, got the person out of the flipped vehicle and was half way to the hospital and the police still hadn't arrived to the accident scene!

    The police & public know there are always cars speeding on that stretch of road on Sunday evenings, we didn't cross one police car from East End until we got well into Bodden Town. Maybe if they would patrol these areas more often there would be less accidents and preventable fatalities.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if people stop speeding on they own they wouldn’t crash!!!!k

      • Anonymous says:

        Speed wasn't a factor and neither was alcohol.  Accidents do happen and thankfully the woman wasn't badly hurt.


        • Anonymous says:

          Are you sure of this?  Because from the (lengthy) skid marks, the vehicle doing a full flip and landing on its wheels, and then its final position when it came to a stop, it wouldn't appear that it was driving very slowly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not speed.  Not alcohol.  that really just leaves the inability to keep the car in the right lane going the right way with all four wheels on the ground.  Lots of one car accidents lately.  What does that tell you?