From Cayman to the ‘Universe’ and beyond

| 21/08/2011

(CNS): Twenty-four year old Cristin Alexander left the Cayman Islands on Saturday (20 August) to begin her training and preparation for the Miss Universe Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The contest is Miss Cayman Islands’ last competition before she will hand over her crown to the winner of the 2011 Miss Cayman contest later next month, and before she goes on to follow her own career with twelve months experience as an ambassador for Cayman under herbelt.  The final part of the contest known for its glitz and glamour will take place on12 September and will be televised live on NBC. Fans can also help get Cristin a place in the all important semi-final line up by voting in the internet poll. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

For the first time in the history of the contest voters in an online poll will be able to help secure at least one of the semi-finalist spots. The contestant with the highest votes is guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals and voters can log on to and to vote for Cristin. Voting opened Saturday and will be open until the eve of the 12 September contest. Users can vote from the same email address 10 times per day and anyone who is 16 years old or older and legally residing in any of the countries/territories with 2011 Miss Universe contestants can join the online poll.

This is the 60th anniversary of the pageant when Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete will pass on the crown to one of the 89 contestants currently listed to participate.

The Miss Universe contest which was acquired by Donald Trump in the 1990s was started in the US in 1953 but it is slightly younger than the Miss World pageant which was started in the UK in 1951. Miss universe is the most widely televised beauty contest in the world with more than 600million people tuning in.

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Comments (12)

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  1. Azenith Gentles-Gayle says:

    Go! Cristin do your thing Girl.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You see the negative remarks…what unity , same ole same ole.

    Did you Miss Cayman came in the top 10 last year with votes.

  3. Dare to Dream says:

    Cristin is indeed a beautiful, intelligent  young lady and I wish her well in the upcoming pageant. I guess the reason why the Premier got dragged into this conversation about Cristin is because of the West Bay connection.  I too am hoping that he will refrain from travelling to Brazil because knowing him the way we do he will come back with some "pretend" MOU about some "pretend" business deal and of course being there will also embarrass Cristin and the Cayman Islands. If he has any intention to attend  I hope the family will tell him that it is not necessary for him to do so.  Let us hide him away as much as possible.

  4. JEB says:

    This is about Cristin in the Miss Universe pageant representing the Cayman Islands please leave POLITICS/THE PREMIER out of it.

    All the best Cristin continue to make us  proud……………….


    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:


      We just plain and simply don't want the man in Brazil to embarass us and to undo what greatness Cristin will do in Brazil.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Remember Facebook and Twitter laos to spread the word. I hope News 27 will do a small promo on her also 😉 

  6. Bill says:

    Any such online voting system is seriously unfair and meaningless. People just vote for their own representative, so it's the bigger countries who win. Whatever happens, Cristin is the most beautiful Miss Cayman Islands ever and I think she'll do well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cristin we wish you all the best…whatever the out come you are stilll our beauty queen and we are so proud of the way you have worn your crown!!

    From your fans in West Bay!!


  8. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    We have our best opportunity to win the Miss Universe crown with Cristin Alexander as Cayman's representative.

    She will make us all proud but I am begging the Premier to stay as far away from Brazil as possible.

    Imagine after Cristine making us so proud, what an embarrassment it will be to have the Premier making an appearance at the Miss Universe pagent.


  9. Libertarian says:

    So you can vote for a Ms. Universe online, but you can't vote to remove an MLA that doesn't continue to represent his district…. Ha…the world we are living in!

  10. anonymous says:

    Come on Cayman… for Cristin…took me 25 seconds…lets show them who has the greatest penetration of internet…let your friends know as well.