Opposition playing ‘dirty’

| 22/08/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier has hit out at the opposition benches, accusing them of playing ‘dirty politics’, following their recent public outcry over the way they say government is abusing its power. In a short emailed statement to CNS on Friday McKeeva Bush said that the opposition was "being unreasonable”. The premier stated that they were well aware of when the Legislative Assembly was meeting and that all business would be place on the order paper. Following revelations by the independent member and the PPM members that more than seven private members motions and some 30 questions are outstanding, the premier said the business of the House had been decided by the business committee. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Bush chairs the committee on which two opposition members sit but the government has the majority of members.

The premeir said all the members of the committee were all well aware that the Legislative Assembly was scheduled to return on 7 September unless an emergency arose (such as a storm), a decision that was made more than three weeks ago. “The business committee, which I chair and which two members of the opposition sit on including Alden (the opposition leader), made the decision three weeks ago … and for all remaining business to be put on the order paper,” the premier stated.

However, Bush did not make it clear to CNS exactly what he meant by “all business” or if that included the no confidence motion, the 30 outstanding questions and the three motions filed by Ezzard Miller, which he has written to the speaker about calling for a special meeting to address them.

“The opposition is being unreasonable and employing dirty politics because they know when the House is meeting and that all business means all business,” he said. “That is what we decided in business committee.”

He said they way the government operates now is no different to the way other governments had to operate “because of the uncertainty of the times and conditions our islands have to operate in,” he said. “The PPM operated no different,” he said.

During last week’s press briefing the PPM and Miller claimed that the current administration was manipulating the Standing Orders that govern the Legislative Assembly and pushing out the opposition voice and essentially the voice of the people.

While the former leader of government business, Kurt Tibbetts, acknowledged that there are always circumstances when a government is forced to act outside of the normal Standing Orders – hence they can be changed  — he said no government has ever abused that power as much as the current administration.

However, Bush said he is acting legitimately and dismissed the opposition claims. He accused CNS of being nothing “more than an opposition mouthpiece,” which was “never … able to give a fair report. That is obvious even to blind Bartemus!” he declared.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What is that $17,000 loan payment to RBC ? Whose loan was that?

  2. Fed up, giving up says:

    Cayman should give up on democracy. It doesn't work here. Every election we end up with some incompetent XXXX running the country and bumbling around like he's the king of a vast empire only to screw up everything and make minor problems into huge problems.


    Look, Cayman is just a place for tourists to work on their skin cancer and for rich people to hide their money from tax collectors. We need to let go of the fantasy that we are some major nation that has to be run like a sophisticated and complex society. Cayman shouldn't made to suffer needlessly like this.


    All we have to focus on is finding safe places to put our garbage, sewage and children after school. We aren't dealing with wars and famine here. Wild chickens and stupid wannabe gangster teenagers are our great mountains to climb. Get overoursleves.


    "Premier"? Are you serious? Imagine if anywhere else the mayor of some goofball little hick village with a population of 50,000 had the gall to call himself "premier"? He'd be laughed out of town.


    We should just have some UK career bureaucrat pinhead come here and run the place like any half-competent manager would. We could still have district councils by election and people like McKeeva and Kurt could serve on them, give pompus speeches, and lead XXXX fundraising projects to build manger scenes at Christmas or whatever. But they wouldn't have any real power and couldn't do much harm to the Cayman Islands.  That's what we need!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on Mr. Premier do what is right by and for your country.  We know that you are human and undue criticism will and does hurt but that is the nature of the beast called politics and you better than anyone in Cayman should know that by now.  One minute your friends are your enemies and the next the opposite the same is true for the press.  You need to toughen up, roll up your shoulders, pull in your upper chin, stick out your chest and stroll pass the gossip and gossipers just like Gary Cooper by golly we know you can, time for a little hubris.

    You still have 2 years left to do right by the country and every second counts.  Caymanians need jobs, our young people need a future, many of our people are losing their homes and is one step away from being homeless, cost of living needs to be addressed, the budget needs to be addressed properly , Caymanians need enpowerment, we need honest solutions, what are the alternatives to the financial industry and construction because both are going bust the world over so we cannot rely on these much longer.  Do we plan on trimming our spending budget?  Mr Premier time is ticking and we as in all Caymanians need to know the hard cold truth and not the usual fairy tales, there is a segment of the population that is too old and jaded for the… and they live happily ever after ending we need to know that when the ship hits the iceburg there will be enough life boats and vests to take us back to shore safely. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    and who may I ask is the King of playing dirty?  I'm also amazed that they want to upgrade Grace Chirstian Academy (no offence to the school itself) whilst not having the money to finish the 2 high schools – just because McKeeva's, Cline's and Rolston's family members go to Grace. What a xxxxxx disgrace.  Finish the blasted schools for your own people who cannot afford to send their kids to private schools.  Opposition members, please please start the ball rolling to remove these imbeciles before Cayman goes completely down the drain. 

  5. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    I haven't been able to read CNS is over a month in the Northern US- something about signal strength.  Now that I'm in Florida you're coming in loud and clear.  Do you folks on Cayman know that you're living in your own little socialist regime and nobody outside knows about it?

  6. Anonymous says:

    While we should always call the current incompetence as it is, we do need to consider how the next party will win the next election. It shouldn't be at all from distancing themselves from the current incompetence, or we will fall into the trap that because what we have now is clearly not working  that the other party must be better, and as the historical records show, the other parties have just as many unresolved issues. Instead, any serious party that wants to move Cayman forward, needs to develop well designed proposals and detailed plans that the public can see NOW. Those progressive detailed plans should not contain any useless slogans, hideous hinted at back office deals or payouts, religious or cultural bias and favoritism, mud-slinging, or regressive minded and whining attitudes, and the public needs to see them NOW so they have time to digest the implications to possibly even provide feedback to modify these proposals. We need to weed out the actors obsessed with image and ego and see if we have any real politicians that will work the same long hours as most of us, do their homework and provide research to the public that will prove that they are competent of leading. And yes, even the UDP deserves a fair shot, even though they have quite a bit of explaining and from their lazy attitudes, I doubt they have the motivation to change their ways any time soon. 

    Let the best well prepared and well informing party win.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t stand the heat get out of the pot!

  8. Big Whopper says:

    Jeeezzz…talk obout the kettle calling pot….ah neva mind….it's usless

    • Anonymous says:

      BigWhopper, this is Whopper Jr. You just took the wind out of my trumpet – i was gonna say that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kurt is also a double dipper,, so there you go with your credentials.

    With no exception, all politicians are there for themselves only.

    When will people understand…….

    • Anonymous says:

      When will people understand that McKeeva is the disgrace of this country and not Kurt?

    • Anonymous says:

      If that is Kurt's only 'fault' he's definitely a saint compared to our dearly beloved.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The XXXXXX is at it again. He just does not get it that he has lost all creditability and Caymanians do not believe a thing he says as he continues his plunder of our nation with total disregard for his people and his country.

    Your days are numbered Mr. Premier and the people will not be satisfied until you are paying for what you have taken from the people of the Cayman Islands.

  11. Beachboi says:

    McKeeva has the mentality of a 3 year old and the temper tantrums to match. Sorry to all of the intelligent 3 year olds, but it wasnt easy coming up with an age. He is a disgrace to this country and I for one think that the Governor, what ever his name is, needs to step in. I am sure taht Mac wrote the Constitution to secure his position, but there has to be a way to oust him from his position. The people struggle and we cannot even say that we live paycheck to paycheck because we dont. All of this while he XXXXXXX and gives away millions more. 4 million to churches and now probably 4 million more on the christian heretage memorial or what ever it is. HOW CAN WE OUST THIS MAN FROM HIS POSITION OF CONTROL????????????

  12. EllieSollie says:

    Honestly!!!!! How can cns just let all these people talk about Our Preimer the man that is in charge of these Islands I dont think its right What do Foreigners think of us?

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly!!!!! We do need to replace our Premier so Foreigners won't think so bad of us?

    • poissonmonsieur says:


      If they (foreigners) think we are spineless minions – ruled under an ineffective, backlashing, incompetent, inept, and corrupt dictatorship that holds contempt for the press, freedom of speech, whilst dismissing opinons contraryto their own beliefs as acts of the devil which is motivated by a discriminitory religion-fueled agenda – fearful of losing our livelihood should we speak up or act against the powers that be, then they are probably getting the right message.


    • Anonymous says:

      wh think very little of caymanians who have voted him into power…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Ellie, there is a simple solution – keep him quiet.

    • McCarron McLaughlin says:

      Tell your premier to start acting like a statesman and then people may actually start treating him like one. It's really simple!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is your RIGHT and DUTY as a citizen of these Islands to question, criticise (call it what you like) the leader of your country. He was VOTED by YOU, the people and is being PAID by YOU, the people to SERVE YOU, the people of this Country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope they think more of us than we think of Mac

  13. anon says:

    Give me a break.  He is "premier" of a dependent territory with a population of 55,000.  It's not a country.  It's smaller than most US cities.  He needs to get over himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Smaller yes, but MUCH MUCH more attractive. Being the Premier of Cayman is like being on the Red Carpet of Hollywood everyday.


      Shashey! Shante!!

  14. Eye on the Isle says:

    The Autocrat is playing dirty by not bringing up the business of the other Members.

    We are tired of "AUTOCRATIC RULE".

  15. Yo mama says:

    These are trying times for the Cayman Islands. We desparately need a brave and honorable soul like Elio Solomon to speak out against therampant abuses of power and embarrassing tone taken by McKeeva Bush. Yes, he's the man! Remember how he used to courageously rant and rave about political misdeeds and incompetence on the radio every morning?


    Oh wait, I forgot, Elio Solomon was assimilated. I guess resistance was futile for him.


    It seems dirty, destructive political games are only bad in Elio's eyes when they are inflicted on the country by a party he's not a member of.


    How pathetic.

    • Anonymous says:

      "We desparately need a brave and honorable soul like Elio Solomon to speak out"


      Doesn't the fact that Mr. Solomon hasn't spoken out mean he may not be the brave and honorable soul you believ him to be?

      • Anonymous says:

        8.20. Didn't you read past the second line? That's the problem writing satirical or sacrastic blogs, so many miss the point. But perhaps your response represents some kind of inverted, double-reverse, counter satire, flushed with a dose of irony, which would make me the one who failed to "get it," but I doubt it. And no, I'm not the one who wrote the neat piece about Elio that you referred to, just a disheartened contributor.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Small Town Politics…about on par with some po-dunk town in West Virginia where everyone is related. Same guy is Fire Marshall, Mayor and Public Notary. Glad I lived out in the big wide world so I can see this place like it is. Cayman could never stand on its own without falling off a cliff. Everyone know it. Makes me not think about it so much.

    • Anonymous says:

      People in big cities dont know who their reps or candidates are, at least we in small cities/towns know what kind of buffoons we are electing

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman voters are getting kind of Slow, Mac has been around for 27 years and people just now loosing confidence in him! Did we not see what happened to the Dr. Hortor Hospital the MGT, The wonderful deal with the Ritz, The Cayman General deal? What does this guy have to do to do to show you he is unfit? 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the pressure!

    • Strangers in the night says:

      "pot calling the kettle black"!! Do not ease up the pressure, he is feeling it!

    • Y U T E says:

      $100,000 to professional boxer Charles Whittaker in the disguise of "nation building" is playing dirty! Whittaker is a professional boxer not an amateur, he chose his profession like we all did, so why should our government be giving him money? Mckeeva Bush should not be giving our money to Whittaker to support his chosen professional career. Helping amateurs is one thing, but not professionals, that is their chosen living, like a lawyer choses his/her profession, a doctor chooses theirs, an actor chooses theirs, a politician chooses theirs etc. etc. (why doesn't he pay $100,000 to doctors, lawyers, cashiers, truck drivers etc etc? Why not?)
      Mckeeva Bush is being hypocritical because using our money to support a professional is "playing dirty" but we all know the real reason for this large payment to one of his supporters (who is a professional athlete for GOD's sake), & the real reason behind the nation building fund in general; V-O-T-E-S!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I am an office manager with 30 years experience in my field. That's got to be worth at least two times a professional boxer. When can I collect my check, Mac? Hell I might even vote for you if you treat me fairly.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just to clarify a few things, Charles Whittaker, Cydonnie, and a few other athletes, swimmers etc. get around $50,000 per year for assistance with their training from the government budget. I can support the idea of our top athletes getting assistance as they push to make themselves world class.

        The $100,000 given to Charles Whittaker from the Nation Building Fund was over and above that which he was already receiving. I can only surmise this was to keep him quiet for awhile since he is not going to get the World Boxing Championship fight that he had been promised would be held right here in Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does "Killa" also get an annual stipend from Govt for being a Cayman Ambassador? If so, why the $100k?

      • Anonymous says:

        And why the money to hold a fashion show at the Ritz while others are struggling to make ends meet to buy some food and feed their children – having to go to social services and beg for assistance?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I wonder who is paying for the "bling" on his finger and cufflinks to match? Also ther personalised shirt. I see his has his intials embroidered on his cuffs

    I guess it all adds to the image of being premier

    • Anonymous says:


    • noname says:

      Who? Everyone on Cayman. Why?  Thats the real question.

    • C.A.D. Ence says:

      Why you got to be like dat? Don't Alden got a ten speed bike embroider on all he fancy shirts?

      Anyhow we likes our Premier to dress like a televangelist, specially when he sprinkling gold dust all owa.

    • Anonymous says:

      He probably has same personal shopper as Michael Misick had.

  20. Will S says:

    The (McKeeva) doth protest too much, methinks

  21. Anonymous says:

    Attention all politicians!! Get over yourselves and get on with the job that we elected you all to do.  You are all distracted with the mud-slinging while our country is going to Hell in a hand basket or haven't you all taken the time to notice??  Does crime have to come knocking at your doors for you to realise that we have a very serious problem?? It's time to start working together because united we stand but divided we fall!  I know it is the nature of politics to make the other side look as bad as possible but we really don't have time for the politicking now.  Please I am begging you all to put your differences aside and work together to try to solve the problems we are now facing.  This is a different Cayman we are living in. If this continues there will be no country to run for come 2013! And if there is, you all are making each other look soooo bad NONE OF YOU WILL BE VOTED BACK IN!! So what's the point I ask?? What is the point??!??

    • truth says:

      Its like you keep telling a cat to bark.  Cats don't bark and never will no matter how much you tell them to.  Those persons you have all put in power have done nothing right and everything wrong.  And yet you still think they can do what they have never done because you are still telling them too?  Better to get some people in the government to represent the people of Cayman that already have succesfull experiance, and education.  Start there then tell them what you want.  What you have now is not worth keeping.

    • Libertarian says:

      You, my friend, are one of the few who are enlightened and not caught up with the politicking. I encourage you to continue posting such comments on CNS and other forums. It is obvious that the system is not working in the people's favor. It appears that many of our politicians surmise that they are truly and fully representing the people, and that political power is needed to fulfill the people's will. But this is not the case. The political westminister system is out of touch with the people, because people's minds, hearts, and attitudes, change daily, and the system is made up in that the politician becomes distracted away from their constituency to politicking with other forces and politicians for their own interest. It is a false belief that you are accurately representing the people after they voted you in some 26 months ago. What is needed?  I will tell you… we need the people to have more political power so we can easily remove a politician that has drifted away from the people's interest to his/her own interest to the point that he/she will not take correction and at least find out what they want and need. When you see a politician so caught up with other politicians, mudslinging, travels, and elites, and have no desire to know what the people want, that is a danger that the laws that will be legislated, will be out of sinq with the populous. I won't be surprise that when PPM gets in, we will still be under the same westminister system that is distant from the people. You will see deals being made in districts, and hundreds of people opposing, yet with no power to stop the deals, because the system and Constitution does not give them that power, which is so unfortunate for Cayman's small eutrepreneurers, which need that free spirited innovative market to survive. Indeed the system is broken and given to us by the hands of a modernized colonial FCO.  

      • Anonymous says:

        You remind me of Elio lots of vocabulary and no idea how to use it properly; or better yet, you remind me of Juli lots of information and no idea how to use it and no idea about cause and effect.

  22. OMG says:

    It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool fool than to open your big mouth and remove all doubt.   Caymanians your mouth is open again.  Your intelligence and morality are showing for all the rest of the world to see.  Please do SOMETHING!

  23. Church Lady says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Bush is right.  Through some blunder, or just plain evilness, CNS neglected to run it's stories first through the Ministry Of Information And Positivness!!!  And who would make them do this?  Who has been talking to Nicky and Wendy?


    BURN THEM!!! Burn them at the stake!!!!! They are witches!!!!!!

    • Libertarian says:

      Like a Journal with lines, Nicky and Wendy still censor people on their news site, as stipulated in their policy. But give the Journal without lines, a little more freedom for people to comment and deal with posted errors alot more, and you will not only see words, but beautiful drawings, art, and more expressions. The more freedom of speech, is the more creativity and shared ideas. A society can not thrive without freedom of speech. CNS is just the beginning of a new day. As the sun rise more light will shine, and the Journal will blossom with lesser lines and more color.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well only one way to find out…see if they float!  They can possibly be rehabilitated with a good leeching!

    • Anonymous says:

      Church Lady:

      CNS is doing nothing wrong, or are you so wrapped up in the premier that you have forgotten the "FREEDOM OF THE PRESS"?  Go tell McKeeva that he must step down for the good of the country, because if he does not, we will go worse than TCI under his cohort, Michael Misick.  Your case is that you can't see the forest for the trees and you won't see the water until it is over your knees.

    • Anonymous says:

      Uneducated.  I rest my case.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Opposition playing dirty? So why is it that you are being criminally investigated, sir? Why is it that your former supporters are abandoning you and filing lawsuits against you? Why is it that entities that you have so liberally signed MOUs with are now taking you to court? Why do you constantly berate people who ask you questions? No sir, it is you that is playing dirty. Your style of dirty politics continues to embarrass the country. You have been a complete failure as the islands' first premier.

  25. The Beaver says:

    Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!  The Beaver

  26. Anonymous says:

    "blind Bartemus"?


    He likes to compare his spending/living/traveling to the President of the U.S. Can you imagine Obama calling ANYONE blind Bartemus?!


  27. Anonymous says:

    Apparently McKeeva is insinuating here that the two opposition members actually agreed or had any say whatsoever in the decision to take a vacation until September 7th. Isn't THAT typical McKeeva. What a joke. Hit the road, Mac, and don't you come back no more, no more no more, hit the road Mac, and don't you come back no more.

  28. Slowpoke says:

    Just to be clear, I for one, am not a PPM mouthpiece.  I used 3 out of my 4 possible votes this last election, and nobody I voted for got elected.

    At least I can't be blamed for this mess.

  29. Dred says:

    I'm just sitting here wondering how he never choked saying "playing dirty"….

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s got a very big hole is all I can say, I mean he called half the population devil worshipers a week ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Must be the same reason he didn't choke when he said

      "my hands are clean and my heart is pure" 🙂

      • Dred says:

        Yeah I bet his cronies have 911 on speed dial waiting for it to happen….

      • Anonymous says:

        When did Mac say that 1/2 Cayman population was "Devil Worshipers"?   I missed that.  Was that in the paper?  If so, which one, what date?  What was his point?  Because, honestly I hear he's the one who keeps flying over to Africa to get the highest obeah put on him to keep into power! 

        • Anonymous says:

          I never did believe in obeah, but now I’m really starting to wonder.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Mac is avoiding the no confidence vote at all costs. Why? he knows how 2 of his team will vote and he knows that will be the end of him. Why doesnt he "man up" and face them?

  31. anon says:

    I can hear it now, ppm is the purest immaculate party ever ya!. So pure and good ya!  So clean and so wihtout corruption ya!  So betta than jesus himself ya!  I just hate dumb bloggers that use this article and other articles to big up a party that is just as bad as udp. ya! ya!

    • Anonymous says:

      There is NO party on planet Earth just as bad as the UDP. Na! Na!

      p.s. We just hate dumb bloggers too.

      p.s. Your spelling is not to bad, all things considered.


    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps if you spent less time sniffing gasoline you'd recognize that there is a fair amount of disatisfaction with the PPM as well which is why you get people discussing who else would be a good leader.

      That having been said, I have to agree with the poster that say Mr Bush has been a complete failure as the islands' first premier.

      A complete embarrassment.


    • Anonymous says:

      Even the UDP did not accuse the PPM of corruption. You obviously don'tlike anyone and hate everyone. I am a PPM founding member and I would never say that I agree with everything that is done or how it is done  in the party and I also don't expect anyone to be perfect, immaculate or better than Jesus, we are all human. However, unlike the UDP we can disagree and tell the leader that we don't agree with him or that we feel he should look at things a different way AND HE WILL LISTEN. Very big difference.

  32. anon says:

    if the opposition is playing dirty tricks by asking for answers to questions then what kind of tricks are-

    Being investigated for corruption?

    Handing out millions for vote buying, sorry nation building?

    Changing names of buildings for no reason?

    Constructing Christian heritage parks with "weez broke" no money?

    Trying to get an oil refinery to choke us all? 

    on and on and on, its embarassing.

    Are these "clean tricks"?

    Mackeeva Bush, please resign, for the good of the islands and its people, the born, the status holder, the naturalised, the permit holder and anybody else who calls Cayman home.

    Get the hell out of our lives and livelihood.

  33. Sick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Maybe he should take a little time time to see what has happened in Lybia…………..

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully in 2013 or sooner the opposition will also become responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs.

    • Dred says:

      Or maybe it was Kurt who actually picked the forbidden fruit.

      Maybe PPM cars are causing Global Warming….

      Kurt's cookouts causing global starvation…..

      • Anonymous says:

        We'll allow you one more chance at posting but you have to promise to get your brain in gear first.

    • notagain::: says:

      See what I dont get is that some bloggers are prettying up the PPM, however if memory serves me right a whole lotta us were putting down the PPM, now I'm not saying that the UDP is good, no , what I'm saying how quickly we forget. Remember how Alden would say only God could stop him. Well this is what I'm trying to say, the PPM did a lot of garabage, the UDP is doing a lot of garbage,  One arrogant ass isnt any better than the other. They all get us in trouble. 

      2013 will make a big difference but I trust and pray that it will be neither party,  UDP or PPM. We need some fresh blood in the ring now, these guys are not looking out for us they are all for self and Christ for usall.

      Please young people start now to get ready for 2013 and please leave out the favors, the bribeing and back stabbing. We are better than that and should lead by example. So get ready new blood my vote is for anyone other than the party system.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes we need some fresh blood in the ring now. Apparently that is why we paid Charles Whittaker $100,000.00.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Apparently it still has not gotten through McKeeva's head that the Cayman Public is no longer buying his ridiculous explanations for not doing what he's being paid to do, and for doing what he's NOT being paid to do.  Four months is more than adequate time to deal with some of the most important issues ever to come before the Legslative Assembly. Deal with them, McKeeva, rather than taking a very well paid, month long vacation to avoid doing so. That's all we're asking. Do you really think the Cayman public is going to forget about this by September 7th? Please, no more excuses, no more blaming, no more of your condemning and derogatory remarks towards anyone on earth that sees fit to expose you. Please, we've had enough of that…Sir.

  36. truth says:

    And anyone should belive anything he said because of why?

  37. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Da master of trickery is at it again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Problem is, he's tricking McKeeva Bush these days, not the Cayman public anymore. This man obviously even believes himself when he comes up with this kind of crap.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think old smiley face Bush justs thinks to himself in these situations: "Now then, what would Robert Mugabe say?". Once he's had a little bit of a think about it he then gives this as his response.
    You can't criticize him for following a person who has quite clearly been so successful at staying in power. Obviously the country has rotted around him but, as everyone knows, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

    This way of thinking is an absolute gift to the Caymanian (currently free) press. Think how boring things would be if there was a normal leader in place? The Cayman Islands are exactly that – islands. Q.E.D. there will be island politics taking place. Never a dull moment with old MacDaddy….. It's a crying shame that there isn't a greater focus placed on his cracking smile. This is constantly drowned out by the highfalutin wail which constantly eminates from the commentary on these pages.

    Long live the Supreme Leader MacDaddy! (and his sunbeam of a smile).


    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right. This man is his own stand-up comedy show! I keep a collection of famous  McKeeva quotes. Here's one from about 14 yrs. ago "I don't believe in Freedom of Speech as it can lead to Yoga and other cults." Haha. You can't make this stuff up!

      • Anonymous says:

        Now there is a great book idea! 🙂 Publish it!

      • Anonymous says:

        you should post more.  we can use a laugh…

      • Anonymous says:

        Brilliant, the man obviously has intelligence and a level of education that few of us will ever achieve.

      • Anonymous says:

        I personally would pay for a publication of those quotes! Please – we are hungry for something to laugh about!

      • Anonymous says:

        well done!

        its a pity the 'journalists' on cayman can't keep track of his gaffes, u-turns and hi general all round buffoonery!

      • Anonymous says:

        But he’s right. It does!

        • Anonymous says:

          Congratulations Mac, you still have one supporter left in Cayman, and his intelligence is right up there with yours.

  39. Knot S Smart says:

    Nice photo Dennie.. He seems to be explaining how to replace yesterday's MOU with a brand new, bigger and better, MOU today.

    Also I get the impression that somewhere nearby, probably in his right hand, is a bottomless bucket of blarney…

  40. Libertarian says:

    Well it is obvious from the comments being made pertaining to news articles, alot of those comments are negative and against the UDP government. But so far, I think the CNS news articles themselves are factual and not bias to one party. However, I have not seen any negative articles on PPM or the Independent Ezzard Miller. CNS, are there any present inquiries going on  regarding the activities of the Opposition. Are you going to release number of articles the same way you do here about the UDP? 

    As for party poli-tricks, both parties will do the same thing over and over again. They will stall the other party as much as possible to buy time. It is the way the political game works. One can never say PPM won't do the same – they have did so before. If you flick a 25cent quarter, you have heads and tails on both sides. So… Cayman, you have UDP and PPM on the same coin – they are no different!

    Don't be fooled by party poli-tricks. In thinking that UDP will be the only ones to operate this kind of way, you have to really be naive.

    • Anonymous says:

      ppm is not of the same coin. they are the best party for this island.

      • anon says:

        Shall I sing about the ppm party, left us with "81 million dollar deficit and funds unaccounted for… "  :)))

        • Anonymous says:

          You need to learn that you can't believe the things that come out of Mac's mouth.

        • Anonymous says:

          prove it.  no one has.  it has only been claimed.  I now claim I am the sexiest woman on earth – which does not make it so.  If you can prove there was a deficit, there's an island or two in the western Caribbean that would like to see the proof.

          Methinks you're a bit out of tune.

          • Anonymous says:

            We think you're the sexiest woman on earth.

            • Anonymous says:

              Uh oh, oh well, as long as that thumbs down isn't your boyfriend it really doesn't matter, does it?

            • Anonymous says:

              Don't worry sweetheart, that thumbs down was probably one of those UDP supporters… probably thought someone was saying something bad about McKeeva.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sing de chorus joyfully, ppm lacks financial foresight and brought us into an "81 Million Deficit," ppm lacks financial foresight and brought us into an "81 Million Deficit," [again] , ppm lacks financial foresight and brought us into an "81 Million Deficit." Although the figure is not audited, it is still evident. Look at the people out of jobs.  And now they have the nerve to want to seek power to put into another deficit. lololol  we shall never stop singing it. :)))

            • Anonymous says:

              The people are out of jobs after two years of UDP government, bonehead. Are you planning to go to Northward to sing your beautiful song every Sunday?

        • Anonymous says:

          Ask your beloved McKeeva to prove that and we’ll believe it. Meanwhile sing your silly heart out but you’re incredibly out of tune.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sing all you like but until there are audited accounts proving the deficit, it is still just Mac's word and we all know how unreliable that is. You have plenty of unfinished buildings to show for any money that was spent by the PPM too. Better than spending it on first class travel, the hurricane hilton and millions in "gifts" to supporters and their families.

        • Can you read? says:

          The only thing the PPM did wrong is fail to predict the global financial meltdown, along with everyone else except for Vince Cable and a couple of authors who got lucky that Lehman was not bailed out.  The CIG budget had been rising year on year up to that point.  Never forget why that spending was necessary.  If the UDP gave a **** about you or any of us, they would have been building all of those things.  In fact in their previous term in office they left us with some very expensive white elephants such as Boatswains Beach ("For The Glory of West Bay") that squeezed the situation further.  We have also not seen any accounts to prove this deficit ever existed.  That my friend is the truth and the reality of your little song.  The pews are empty and you are the only one left.  Buy a new hymn book; may I recommend "McKeeva's Songs of Praise", published Cayman Islands Nation Building Fund, Four-Way Stop, Cayman Islands.  Pre-marked ballot paper included!  If you want to change churches, you'll need a copy of "Songs of Logic", available in an actual shop for an amount of money.

      • Anonymous says:

        yep best at sleep walking us into a mountain of debt too……

        p.s. udp are equally as bad…… time for direct rule!

        • Anonymous says:

          How can the PPM be the best if the UDP is equally as bad? I wouldn't exactly be wishing for direct rule right now, stupid.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Grabbing at your pitiful little straws is not going to change anything, stooge. Anyone on earth who has ever heard of PPM and UDP KNOWS that the PPM is the CLEANEST government ever to grace these islands. They also know that to say that the UDP is the exact opposite is the understatement of the year. If you must post, in future try positng something that reflects an intelligent mind, please.

      • Libertarian says:

        lol… I can see I am stepping on somebody's toes, but calling a party the "CLEANEST" makes me wonder how they bamboozled you in believing such a thing. Not one party is good for Cayman. They have both excluded the people of Cayman from major legislations that have effected communities. Whilst UDP is loud and awake, PPM is just sleeping, waiting their turn…

        • Anonymous says:

          When did you hear about the PPM being probed by the Auditor General for multiple financial irregularities simultaneously? When did you hear about the leader of the PPM being under investigation for questionable financial dealings with a member of the public? When oh please tell me when did you hear about the leader of the PPM bypassing the Central Tenders Committee to sign a loan deal that proved to be a flop at God knows what cost to this country. When did you hear about the leader of the PPM handing out 4.1 million of Government’s money in the name of ‘nation building’ with nearly half of it going to his own church? Would you like me to continue? WHAT is it ever going to take to wake people like you up???

          • Libertarian says:

            Hmmm… a thoughtful comment that's emotional. Yes, it is true that they are not being investigated "for questionable financial dealings." It is true that I don't recall them bypassing the Central Tenders Committee. There are some big things that they can be championed for spearheading. I just hope if they do get in again, Alden and crew learn from their mistakes, and see towards pursuing the program of a direct democracy in the Cayman Islands. If they fall short of this, I will always consider the PPM heads with the others. My ideals are high. I will not lower my standards and vote for any party until I see a sincere pursuit towards direct democracy (from the grassroot level) in the Cayman Islands.  Kind Regards

        • Anonymous says:

          You need to stop stepping on your own toes, Libo.

      • R.U. Kiddin says:

        I ain't UDP, but to say, "the PPM is the CLEANEST government ever to grace these islands."???      GOD HELP US!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva himself tried that one by trying to start an inquiry into the PPM/Tom Jones deal. Thankfully our sleeping beauty governor himself was brought back to life at the mere thought of that. Try putting the cap on the one it fits, Libo.   

  41. The Spin Cycle says:

    What???  Rome is burning??

  42. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work Cayman News Service. Every time he opens his mouth to berate you for doing what no one else will, we are standing by your side.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh well that’s a comfort: a bunch of really brave people have got your back, CNS. So brave that they’ve remained anonymous.

  43. Anonymous says:

    How often does the LA actually convene?  Millions in salaries for what seem like quarterly meetings that don't resolve anything?  The rest of the time these clowns seem to have free time to be panelists on Rooster and field personal requests from their favorite charity constituents.  Shouldn't they have to do some actual work?  

  44. Anonymous says:

    What else do you expect? Best defense is a good offense.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I would like to remind our leader that blind Bartimaeus had his eyes opened. The same thing is happening to the people of Cayman. Our eyes are being opened to the woeful failure of our government to provide sound oversight and protection for us, physical, financial and moral.

    There are no more role models.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Typical McQaddafi Bush rant.  Answer the Dam Questions already or step down.  And for your information CNS is the peoples (who pay you and you steal from) mouth piece. That is obvious to everyone but you.

  47. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    "Opposition playing dirty"

    OMG, talk about "pot calling kettle black"

    Does this man ever listen to himself when he talks?

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently McKeeva actually, honestly believes it's not possible for HIM to "play dirty", and we have this man RUNNING OUR COUNTRY!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No he doesn't ever listen to himself when he talks, he can't do two things at once 🙂

  48. Anonymous says:

    Oh why am I not surprised… another little tantrum, just as expected.

    Truth hurts eh Mac?

  49. Anonymous says:

    "CNS was not able to give a fair report" – in fairness, the opposition was not the one questioning (i.e. attacking) freedom of speech and FOI.


    It's like a three ring circus in the LA, with the ringleader McKeeva also starring as the all talented magician – with sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors and the ever popular disappearing act (financial disappearance I mean, unfortunately not the premier himself).


    What the ringleader really is is an uneducated tyrant who refuses to have insight into his own actions and consequences thereof.  There are medications for that – lack of insight I mean, not the education bit.


    Apologies if this sounds harsh.  Just a Caymanian really and truly fed up, who feels powerless against the onslaught of the incoming destructive tide.

  50. Anonymous says:

    What a christian and polite way to insult somebody…refer to them as blind beggar in the bible. Get on with it, stop wasting people's time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Careful, you might insult Mac and cause him to throw another tantrum, calling him christian and polite and all that.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wow and now he has his own propaganda radio show too.

    • Dred says:

      But look who he put in charge of it!!

      Truly the inmates are running the asylum.

  52. Anonymous says:

    this proves that bush has lost his grip on reality and MUST be removed from power…….

    • Dred says:

      This proves, this….hold on this…..only this??

      DAMN I believe we have a whole fleet of things proving he has lost it. Actually you know the question needs to be debated if he ever had IT to begin with.

      Let's see….

      – Kill Pirates Week – Only truly successful tourism campaign.

      – Let's dredge the North Sound – Which might well kill Stingray City.

      – Let's have Oil Refineries – Which might well kill tourism for good.

      – Let's have an East End Seaport (aka Mega Quarry Inc) – This could create a situation where hurricanes could do severe damage to more than just East End.


      – Let's give away STATUS like there is no tomorrow. The trickle down effects will be felt many generations down the line as the mushroom effect begins.

      – Let's set the greatest precident of them all. Let's have our BT candidates break the law to get their seats.

      – Since we did that let's make our GT Candidates breat election law with printed items being handed out on day of election.

      – OOh yeah and let's give our support to the churchs for all they have done. And mine let's give them the largest amount because well they asked for it.

      – Ooh yeah how about let's tell the governor on day one where he stands.

      Wait the cuties and silliest one of all….

      How about let's cause so many people to loose their jobs because of all the hikes I have done and then ask those same people to come out and support me because I am trying to find them work. Who care if it was me that made them unemployed.

      Did I miss anything?

      • Anonymous says:

        You barely scratched the surface.

      • Anonymous says:

        Great summary of some of the sins of McKeeva Bush. Thank you. A couple more questions which would be good to ask are:

        Does anyone know a single person who got a job as a result of the "Dart bar and UDP bbq fest" aka "job fair" at public beach????????

        Did the heavy equipment guys get more work than trucking a couple loads of fill to Jackson Pond in West Bay???????????

        Just askin', I doubt it.

        • Anonymous says:

          There are more questions than answers,
          Pictures in my mind that will not show,
          There are more questions than answers,
          And the more I find out the less I know,
          Yeah, the more I find out the less I know.