Bush hits back at governor

| 26/08/2011

(CNS):  Full story — The premier wasted no time in his response to the governor’s criticisms on Friday in another statement, in which he defended his actions and again criticised the auditor general. Thanking Duncan Taylor for what he called his “sage advice”, McKeeva Bush said that there were, however, two sides to the matter. Bush said that he would speak out when he sees deliberate attempts to lay him to “waste in the public arena — particularly when those persons don’t have the commitment to this country” that he said he had or accomplished the good “I’ve done for" Cayman. Despite the comments made by the governor about showing restraint, he continued to call out the audit office saying the auditor general was “vindictive”. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

Bush claimed that the auditor general’s report did not revealed the full picture and Bush insisted he was being harassed by bureaucrats who were deliberately trying to say he had done something wrong when he said the procurement process had “deteriorated over the previous four years”, so he had called for a review of the finance law and procurement.

“I begged for a review of the procurement service long before the governor or anyone else at the time because of what I saw happening to Government expenditure,” Bush said. He said that when coming to office, his government found that bids for procuring services for government that should have been $3 million were going for $6 million. Although he did not explain that claim, he said government had to step in and cut them back to $3 million.

He also said that government had to step in with the CCTV “because it was going to a chosen friend for $3 million,” he said. “It took six weeks, but we got it cut back by $1 million. I and the Government have been chastised by the audit office for interfering.”

However, in his report the auditor general points out that the senior civil servant connected to one of the bidders (Eric Bush) had recused himself from the process at the get go and the actual tender was “generally in accordance”  with the proper process.

Bush came in for considerable criticism in the auditor’s report for his role in the Cohan and Coloan, but Bush insisted that because everyone was criticising the quality of financial service advice in the ministry he had sought outside assistance.

“The Auditor General says that in regard to financial matters that the Civil Service did not know what they were doing in procuring government financing. The Opposition, who were the last Government, complained bitterly and made accusations about the Financial Secretary of the country for giving them bad advice. If the Opposition and the Auditor General found these faults, why should I not go outside of the civil service to find advice? Why should I be criticized for trying to get advice?” he asked rhetorically. 

The premier said his complaints about bureaucratic harassment were genuine as it is his responsibility to get government’s finances stabilized. “Everything that I am doing for my people, they try to make it look nefarious,” Bush said of the bureaucrats.

He also took aim at the auditor over the Jazz Fest case study as he said the auditor general had “slammed “ him in his report but had not told  the whole story.

“When I got elected in May 2009 the Jazz Fest project and Alicia Keys were already decided and I was told by the Acting Director, Mr. Shomari Scott that it was already decided and I could not do anything about it. I have never seen the contract, as I was told that it was already agreed and the Chief Officer was also told that,” Bush said in his statement. “The Audit Office went to the Department of Tourism and asked if I had done the contract, they were told by Mr. Scott that the Minister had nothing to do with it as it had already been decided. They went to two other officers in the Department of Tourism and were told the same thing.”

Bush said that the auditor general had said when he made his report he would acknowledge this but the report did not clear up the matter at all and made it look like the premier was responsible.

“None of the explanations given by Mr. Scott as to why the commitments were made and as to how this type of business is done were included in the report,” the premier complained. “I take this as a direct slap in the face of the Premier and Minister of Finance and I will speak out when I see deliberate attempts to lay me waste in the public arena – particularly when those persons don’t have the commitment to this country that I have or have accomplished the good I’ve done for this country.”

Bush said that he believed in good governance and claimed that he has pushed for more good governance vehicles than any other legislator, fighting for the auditor general position, the Register of Interest, the complaints commissioner and has supported “many of the present vehicles” for good governance, he insisted.

“I believe in good governance but it must be peace, order and good governance, which under British common Law means fairness and unbiased administration, not vindictiveness and undue harassment,” he said, adding that the auditor general’s duty is to report his findings to the Public Accounts Committee and the Legislative Assembly.

“He should not be in these highfalutin every day interviews with the media. He should not be courting the press,” Bush said.

See details of Bush's promise to give back the civil servant's cost of living allowance in separate story here

See full statement below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to know what the Cabinet members are doing….are they just saying yes to everything that goes before them that big mac wants for the leeches that is draining the country's coffers of stamp duty and lessening government's assets…the people coffers and assets!!!! OURS CAYMANIANS..OURS!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well since you seem like you know it all….why don't you run the island?  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you shouldn't be so hypocritical. If you don't think he should be "courting" the media than you shouldn't be either. The Governor has achieved and done much more with his life than you have or ever will. Because he's finally acting out on his fiduciary duty; we've been waiting for this, you naturally complain. You always complain. Step down, Mac and save what little face you have left.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mac, you have lost all credibility. You are under criminal investigation. H.E. The Governor is not. You are in no place to make demands.

  4. tounge in cheek says:

      I remember Big Mouth (sorry, Big Mac) behaving in a similar fashion back in his pre-Ivan tenure in office.

     I also recall the amazing turnaround in his behaviour, after a very breif closed-door meeting with a FCO representative by the name of (I believe) Mrs. Scotland.

      Perhaps he needs another reminder of his true position in the order of things.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is "na-na naa-na, na-na naa-na, hey hey hey, GOODBYE"!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello? Is this the UK Foreign Office? Listen, that length of rope you gave us last year, could you send over a slightly longer piece? No, we haven't lost it or anything, it's just that Mac's neck is rather thicker than we estimated. No, please don't send anyone, he's quite capable of doing the job himself. No charge? Well how very kind of you sir! Goodbye.

  7. Truth says:

    Its time for the UK to take over while there is still something for them to work on.  the only faith the people have in current Government is that they will continue to screw up everything they try to do by not following  rules and regulations, giving  contracts and public money away to friends, and now makeing it OK to not have to be accountable for the spending of puplic funds.  How low can it go?  Does it really have to be as bad as T&C before UK steps in?  Is it already as bad financially?   If not it is headed in that direction at a high rate of speed.  It is already going to take a great deal of work to get Cayman back on a self sufficient tract.  If Cayman with all its wealth cannot be self sufficient then it is doomed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't have the same faith that the UK will have anything but their best interests should they take over…look attheir and every other large but inefficient and inlated economies foreign policies.  I don't think you will find any heros there.  The only salvation would be a coalition to do nothing until our intelligent and rich Caymanians decide they owe this country something for the opportunity they were given and run for office next election.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Sad that one man would think he is the only one to have ‘freedom of speech’!

  9. sammy so-so says:

    Kind-a-like the FIFA fiasco! None of his Lieutenants are saying anything! Could it be that they too are all equally guilty? UMMMM!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Premier and his yes man (and woman) clan are the ones making everything look nefarious. 

    – Removing reliable ministry reporting which significantly dilutes the power of FOI. 

    -Apparent nepotistic appointment of Florida liaison. 

    -Cancellation of the CTC approved agreement with GLF after a trip to Venice which had no apparent legitimate reason. Subsequently giving contract to a corporation reputed to use illegal means to obtain contracts.  Then changing applicable board for one more condusive to his methods.

    – Unilateral contracting of Goverment financing with entity which appears to have gifted certain benefits which at a minimum is the use of a private jet.

    – Private paving on public purse.

    – Country building slush fund.

    – Refusal to address issues in a meaningful public address.

    There are many more to list but in general this type of government doesn't work in Cayman anymore.  You and your whole party are dinasaurs and it's time to get out of politics. 

    And all Caymanians must remember the premier did not and could not do this without the support of every member of his party.  Every criticism applies to them also.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hear hear !   All his yes minions and weaklings are just as bad as he is, and you should remember this at the next poll and give them all a swift boot through the door. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    And we keep electing this out of control reckless irresponsible individual? The worst this person does, the more popular he becomes. He needs to be put out to pasture. The country is the worst off because of him. Conditions can only get worse as long as he is alive.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is the lack of responsible, credible, dynamic and honest alternatives…..any suggestions? 

      • Anonymous says:

        People who apparently voted for McKeeva keep suggesting that we have no choice but we can most certainly write Cayman and it's population off completely if that were a fact. Alden McLaughlin's presentation, manners, education, and integrity alone qualifies him for this position one thousand times over McKeeva Bush. And there indeed more. Wake up Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        Open the telephone directory and pick a name. If you want someone that meets our election criteria then get a copy of the Voter's List and pick a name at random. I'm sure Vegas will give you 100 to 1 odds that any individual selected at radom will perform the duties of Premier better than the incumbent.

  12. Anonymous says:

    History and Sociology should be mandatory in Cayman government schools.  This country will experience a rude awaking very soon.  I cannot believe people can be so blinded by a few pennies and the need for social acceptance.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths shall be found out.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘found out?’… The whole thing has been conducted in the open for almost a generation! Driveways, FCB, Real Estate Deals, Government contracts, status grants, planning laws, boatswains beach, refrigerators, threats to civil servants. We are behaving like this is new. We should be ashamed.

      • Anonymous says:

        "From a youth I have been distressed at how spineless Caymanians are; even my own fathers and uncles… I put them in that category.  They would let people insult them, deny them their rights, even assault them, and they wouldn't do anything about it."

        "The things that Caymanians put up with; I don't understand it.  And it's getting to the point where I feel I should stop writing letters to the press because everybody complains to one another about how things are going, but they do nothing."

        Both quotes are from the book "A Special Son:  The Biography of Ormond Panton" by David Martins which was written in the early 1990's.  If Mr Ormond were alive today, the fact that these statements still hold true would probably make him very angry.

        "If it's at all possible I would sell everything and leave this country because I can't live here in any peace.  I see things going on; I hear it in the street, on the radio; I read it in the papers … I am not happy here … I am not happy."  –  Ormond Panton


      • Anonymous says:

        It's our culture that's been found out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ashamed? Aren't Caymanians entitled to live well in  Cayman?

      • Anonymous says:

        The Ritz, Stan Thomas affair, and so on…

    • Anonymous says:

      I stopped reading this after the Premier oppined about how the civil servants who are doing their job do not have the commitment he has to the country.

      All of these types of arguments are fallacious — in other words, reflective of false reasoning.  It is typical politicalise — attack the man rather than address the issues.

      Usually when people do that it is indicative of weak logic.

      It is also rather narcissistic — when you think of yourself as more substantive, more weighty, "better" than others, you will then try to berate them, usually falsely.

      Premier, you may be a victim of your own success — it has all gone to your head and you think that your power and selfness is all that matters.

      You are wrong — and you may need to get out of the way — your perceptions are blocking the good that you could be doing.

  14. nauticalone says:

    If "the Auditor General's report does not reveal the full picture" (which is likely true) then surely Dennie's photo does.

    More from the AG and Governor soon i'm sure (for a fuller picture)….. As Mac just does't know when to hush!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mac, you and your last 17 supporters are just not getting it. Let me try and put it in terms you understand.

    When a man robs me and takes my money he is a thief. It does not matter what he uses the money for or who he gives it to.

    When a man deducts a pension payment from an employee, and then does not pay it into a pension scheme thus depriving his employee of any prospect of a secure retirement or provide it for the benefit of his employee, he is almost certainly a thief. It does not matter what he uses that money for or who he gives it to.

    When a man takes money given or entrusted to him for one purpose, and he uses it for another….

    Robin Hood (who was a thief) maintains some moral credibility, because he was taking money that had been improperly taken from other, and above all, he NEVER even appeared to use it for his personal gain.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Fu Fu Mac. Im tinks dis a game of las lick! Well Guv gonna lick im, an lick im good!

  17. West Bayer says:

    Am guessing gov't owe's ANOTHER favor to Big D for the surplus and THIS YEAR'S emergency "fixup's", right? But can we, the native Caymanians, at least see his face before we're banished to OUR sister islands?


    Please don't let him gain ground over there!! PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF KEEPING CAYMAN HERITAGE ALIVE…I BEG OF YOU ALL – DON'T GIVE IN TO THE CURSE OF THE DOLLAR! There is a reason you all are the SMARTEST in OUR land…so please stay as STRONG as you are! PLEASE!!!!!! ;( Over here we are doomed by sin!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone surprised? what a disgrace this man is. Shut up bush. I cringe every time I hear you speak or I read about your comments. You have to realise you have turned this island into a XXX joke in the world media. Lets pick up the speed on his being investigated so we can end this now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    He needs to give back what was taken from them. and then he need to disappear  and crawl  into a hole if he can find one large enough. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    A blind man on a blind horse could see vindictiveness brewing.  I am surprised that the Governor could not see that. But I guess I expected this.

  21. Hello Please says:

    Can any video be found on his speaches? Links please?

    Thank goodness for social media and online discussion boards.

  22. Anonymous says:

    well it appears the governor is paying attention…now the question is for what reason…because he cares about the cayman islands…or he merely cares that when his office and appointed AG can not be perceived to have facilitated the demise of the protecorate.


  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    First they cut the civil servants pay 3.2%, while the politicians themselves refused to lead by example and take a pay cut themselves as Mr. Premier had initially said they would.  Now that this ruling UDP party is losing popularity as things are coming to light and people won't stand for the foolishness anymore, this sudden announcement about giving back the pay cut – what are they trying to do –  "curry favor" with the civil service?   Sorry to enlight you, but that old ploy won't work anymore.   You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.   The people are wide awake now and the young, educated, intelligent Caymanian youth will not allow you to destroy their future much longer, even if their leaders may have already sold out their own future.  

  25. Anonymous says:

    Disgraceful ! Mr. Premier is an embarrassment to this country's international reputation.  Mr. Governor and Mr. Auditor General, please do not let this latest tirade of his,  sway you in the least from your fulfilling your duty to these islands and its people.

    Mr. Premier probably believes that this place is "Bush Overseas Territory" rather than a British Overseas Territory.  He needs to be reminded who really calls the shots and that he must show proper respect to the officials appointed by Her Majesty. Instead of blasting them for doing their job, he should listen and implement their recommendations to ensure good governance.  His actions are tantamount to insubordination – if an employee acted this way at his workplace, his boss would have fired him long ago.   Mr. Premier needs to remember his place in the grand scheme of things –  if he doesn't like it, then he is free to push for independence, but until then, show proper respect to the appointed officials. 

    The Auditor General and Governor are the ones who have proven they have this country's best interests at heart, not this current ruling UDP.   Actions speak louder than words. How has this current government helped its people over the past 2 years.   Look at how many businesses have shut down in the past 2 years,  people losing jobs and livlihoods, increased cost of living thanks to this government's reckless raising of duties, licenses, permits, fuel tax, etc, increasing crime, projects failing to start due to bumbling of politicians who do not follow proper procurement practices and completely ignore established regulations to ensure good governance, transparency and fairness.    I think Sir, the public's eyes have been opened and they cannot be fooled anymore.

  26. MER says:

    The UK is going to soon say to h#ll with these islands and our illiterate leaders, and then we will be sailing up crap creek with no paddle and a broken engine!

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe you can sail up Salt Creek and leave your boats there until this all blows over.

    • Anonymous says:

      17:18  UK cannot say a thing, because they have enough dirt in their back yard to make mounttrashmore look like ahand full of sand.  Besides the English people are not the worse.  They stick to them selves, and they do not try to make problem for anyone here.  But I cannot say the same for some others, but we know who you are. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, go ahead and delude yourself.  When Turks and Caicos 2 strikes here, thenyou will be preaching something entirely different.

    • Anonymous says:

      We ARE sailing up crap creek with qualified and educated paddles floating all around us. All we need to do is reach out and grab a few. Unfortunately that illiterate broken engine doesn't carry enough weight either for ballast or an anchor, which means we simply through it overboard to lighten our load and so we are no longer inhaling that obnoxious black smoke 24/7. Plus we are being told that ours has a cracked head that needs replacing along with leaking exhaust manifolds, it's timing is out and it needs new plugs and wires and the carbureator is constantly coughing and sputtering and belching out smoke. That old thick black oil that it is continually leaking is also a serious threat to our environment, andwith the price of deisel these days we're better off with paddles anyway, since paddles do only and exactly as we say, they don't back fire or catch fire, and in fact they cause no trouble whatsoever, they don't require constant over the top maintenance, and they don't need twice as much moola to keep them preserved when they finally end up in the museum…   

  27. John the Baptist says:

    A whole lot of Caymanians had to close their businesses because it has become so expensive to operate a business. License fees hiked, work permits doubled and the Red Tapes that are implemented just to get started.  Are these areas that the Premier is going to consider altering, to assist us the poor Caymanians who want to be independent and operate their own businesses?

    • Anonymous says:

      17:01  A whole lot of Caymanians closed their business because the very people who supported Caymanian business were rolled over.   Caymanian businesses are more supported by Jamaicans then any other nationality.  Say what you may want about them, but if you have a local restaurant, then count the Jamaicans in there getting food; 95%.   If you have rooms for rent count how many Jamaicans you have renting  95%  If you have Laundry business, count how many Jamaicans using it 95%  if you have a bar, night club, count how many Jamaicans is buying beer 95%  If you house top leaking, count how many Jamaicans up there fixing it 95%  If you grass need cutting and garden need weeding, who is doing a better job, Jamaicans. 95%  I ye want to go out one night and dont have anyone to mind your children who can you call, but a Jamaican 95%   If you want good food cook, and not wonder what you are eating call a Jamaican 95%   If you get a flat tyre in the middle of the night, or car cannot start, who will stop or give you a hand, a Jamaican 95%.    However they are less recognized, less paid just because %$^&*(. 

      How many Caymanians want to operate their own business and do it?  None they have to get someone else because they feel that they can do it better.   But what many Caymanians born and paper do not realize is that they are getting S&*%*** one way or the other just because they want to keep slavery active in the Island  of having the  bowing down and yes maming..   The premier do not have to alter no work permit fees, because it is not Caymanians complaining and he quite aware of it, the same way he is aware that it not Caymanians complaining about money given to churches.  We are not as foolas you may think, and I am a Caymanian not a Jamaican, nor am I married to one.

      • Anonymous says:

        What else could we expect? The SHEER number of Jamaicans in Cayman is frightening. Jamaicans probably make up 95% of the total population INCLUDING the speculatively high number ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don't know where you learned math, but it sure is not doing you any good.  Jamaicans make up 95% of the population?  Oh please.  Over half of the population here is Caymanian, and the majority of those in prison are Caymanians.  Do us a favor and go back to school, your ignorance sure aint bliss for the rest of us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. This must be the cause of the economic troubles in Greece and Italy and the United States and Mexico and England and Canada. All you need is a high number of Jamaicans. That is why Jamaica has such a booming economy, all their citizens returning and all to boost the economy.

        I call bullsh1t!

        • Anonymous says:

          You got it all wrong.  The reason why hardworking, honest Jamaicans go to other countries to work, is because their corrupt politicians back home are destroying their country and they can't feed their families.  Do you think it is easy for someone to get up and leave their family, to go to another country to live and work, and only being able to see their family every now and then.  It is called self-sacrifice, to look after the family's needs.   The same thing is happening here now.  You know how many Caymanians I hear saying they now have to leave Cayman, to make it in another country because they can't make it here, because politicians are destroying this island just like in Jamaica?  Life is full circle my friend.  So before you start insulting another nationality and their country's problems, take a good strong look at the problems in front of you here and help to resolve them, otherwise you too will soon be fleeing to another country in order to survive and feed your own family. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, he has to look after the status recipients and their extended (expatriate for now) families. They are a safer bet when it comes to voting for him at re-election time. He needed the money to make his church look cris ( it is sweet you know) and to get darker tint on his car and to educate all the expats in Government schools and pay for the healthcare of all the people who have no cover cos he won’t enforce the Law.

      Why you paying proper fees anyway? No-one else is. You muss be PPM.

  28. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Being an oaf with no breeding, manners, or graces, I wonder if it ever crosses the mind of Beloved Leader that when he addresses the Governor, particularly in any official forum, he is in effect speaking to the Queen. I would love to see her response if he made one of his snotty little remarks to her in person.

  29. Anonymous says:

    What a dreadfully unsophisticated, uneducated, loud-mouthed, unstatesman-like, despotic Premier Mr. Bush has turned out to be.  What on earth happened to him?  The title of "Premier" seems to have gone straight to his head, and he obviously expects to receive every single one of the "spoils" he feels belongs to his title.  He should have read 'Conversations with Myself' by Nelson Mandela before he accepted the Premiership; perhaps he'd be more able to grasp the essential aspects of what constitues an honourable political career: humility, openesss, transparency, tolerance, due process, due diligence, and diplomacy.  The downward spiral of McKeeva Bush we're now witnessing is a sad reflection of the leader he could have become.  ThisSon of the Soil — this gardener from West Bay –has squandered, because of flaws in his character and his aberrant leadership qualities, the chance of an esteemed political career.   In fact, if he continues in this demogogic "only I can be the saviour of Cayman" fashion, he's likely to become the most reviled political feature in Cayman history; which overal, he probably does not deserve.   It's all a little bit sad and a bit of a waste, really. 

  30. Yo Mamma says:

    Amazing. Isn't it strange that this one politicianskeeps having so many problems with those who are supposed to keep on eye on financial waste and corruption? Coincidence, or is there perhaps some problem of substance here?


    Cayman needs national elections for national leaders. West Bay may be stupid enough to keep reelecting this man but hopefully the entire Caymanian population is not so dim. We need to unite brain power to overcome our tradition of self-destructive elecitons.


    Besides, national elections would be very challenging for our politicans. Just imagine how expensive it would be to buy new washing machines for voters on all three islands instead of just one district.

  31. McKeewa Rush says:

    No governor is going to come here and tell me how to run MY island. I try to do good for the people everyday but these damn rules and regulations keep getting in my way. I am thinking about doing away with elections and appointing myaelf Czar of Cayman so I don't I don't have to be harasses and encumbered by all the rules. Lets dooooooooo this! If your not for me then you don;t count anyway.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Not enough Guv. You can try to tame his mouth but leaving him in office to further mismanage our finances is going to be your downfall as well as ours.


    Why should one Premier have the power to decide willy nilly when to grant pay raises. Such decisions should be make by an unbiased commitee of economic experts. GET HIM AWAY FROM OUR MONEY NOW!!!!!


  33. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Sounds more like Richard Nixon all the time. With his irrational outbursts.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Mac, there are some people who do not show commitment to the country, including those who confuse self gain (for themselves and their associates) with public service. The Auditor General and Governor (although I am astounded by the latter's inaction before now) are not amongst them.

  35. Like it is says:

    The Gov’s warning was a classic FCO test. Mac failed it by answering back with more vain self-justification. Tick tock.

  36. Anonymous says:

    It looks like Bush won't be satisfied until he has driven everyone in a position to help Cayman away, including investors, tourists and the financial services sector.  God help us… we really need it.  Cayman is doomed under the current Premier, and the damage may well be irreperable.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I'll only say this, anyone who cares to do so can FOI the minutes from the CTC bid opening meeting for the CCTV project and compare that to the minutes of the bid award meeting.

    You will see that the amount awarded was the same amount that was in the initial bid. Bidders cannot change their prices during the Tender process once the bids are open. This claim of saving the Country a million dollars is a blatant lie and the facts are there to prove it if anyone cares to request them.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Keeping the public informed of how the country's money is being spent is not "courting the press". The accountant general is doing his job. If he isn't looking out for us, then he is not doing his job. If you don't like his reporting of the way that public funds are being spent,then take more care in going through the proper procedures. The CTC is our first line of defense and you should not ignore this.

    Thank you Premier for explaining your non involvement with the jazzfest, now please also explain your involvement in all the other issues of public concern..Cohen deal,grants your chosen few, port deals,and thelist goes on.

    • Comedy Show says:

      When I think of our Premier two things come to mind, Don’t stop the Carnival and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

    • Y U T E says:

      I heard Mckeeva Bush on radio Cayman a few days ago & I think it is wrong & disgusting for him to look sympathy by claiming he is going through some trying & sad times because of the unfortunate death of his daughter. He then said that his opponents are taking advantage of him in his most vulnerable time. This is soooooooo wrong of him, & is an insult to the memory of his daughter. He should not use such a sad event in an attempt for political gain. (That is just awful Mr. Bush). If he cannot take the heat he should step out of the arena, but he should NEVER use such a tragic & sad event as an excuse. There is no pardon for such a vile act.  

      • Anonymous says:

        My friend,

        I would not be so quick to judge the Premier on this particular matter.  He has only said what many people who know him truly believe.  He is not dealing with his personal grief in the correct way.  

        Everyone has noticed an upsurge in his anger and vitriol.  I am not going to make any excuses for rude behavior.  But if he says he is hurting, you don't live with him or his family so you have no right to say how he feels. 

        If he wants to speak of his personal pain and suffering- leave that to him.  He has to live with his conscience and the pain of his daughter's memory.


        • Anonymous says:

          Sunday 1:27 has got to be one of my poor deluded kool-aid drinking co-workers.  I have a long memory of McKeever and he behaved this way his last time in office and he behaved this way before his daughter died.  The position has gone to his head pure and simple.  He has no excuses but is trying to make people feel sorry for him.

          He took my 3.2% and I can barely put food on the table while he gallavantes all over the world.  Our hard-earned dollars were given to the churches while people are doing without.  Gas prices are out the roof, everything is for sale, apartments are empty, people are leaving, food prices are up, etc.  What is McKeever doing?  Living like a King.

        • Y U T E says:

          Despite what you may say Anon 01:27, it is wrong to try & use such a sad occasion for political gain, & it is wrong to use such a sad occasion as an excuse for all he is doing wrong & for all his failures. No one says he is not feeling pain, any parent would, but I do not know of any parent who would use such an occasion for gain or as an excuse for anything! It is wrong, it is sad & it is disgraceful.

        • Anonymous says:

          If he is unalbe to run this country because of his personal grief then he should step aside.

          If he can not see the problem then his fellow UDO elected members should explain it to him.


  39. Anonymous says:

    Now come on Mr. Premier is there something happening that the people of the Cayman Islands should know about about or should we read between the lines? well after reading this portion of the news article "McKeeva Bush said that he would speak out when he sees deliberate attempts to lay him to “waste in the public arena – particularly when those persons don’t have the commitment to this country,” that he said he has or have accomplished the good “I’ve done for" Cayman." I find this most troubling because the Premier used similar words to the then governor of the TCI when he was under investigation not a direct quote but something like " I challege you sir to the fact that I have done more for the people of TCI than Gordon Brown has done for the UK".   Call it conspiracy theory but shortly thereafter the Premier of TCI resigned and we all know what happened in the TCI after that.  Is this the signal of a UKtakeover/direct rule?  

  40. Right ya so says:

    Ahhh here we go – giving back what was taken away – elections must be coming up…

  41. SORRY STATE says:

    Continuing down the path of irresponsible economic, financial and environmental decision making, bending & breaking regulations and reckless comments is not leadership. Crying bureaucrat harassment when they are doing their job, doesn’t he understand that people with any common sense is not going to put up with his shenanigans? He is driving us of the cliff of no return and we are not going to put up with it. Will someone tell him that this is a democracy and if he was going to do all of these upsetting things it should have been in his party’s platform? And when the Governor says something about his inflammatory statements towards our Auditor, please use your manners and take it like a man. You’re not the same man I used to know so please do the honorable thing and resign.  We had enough.


    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously didn’t know him very well. I’d say his record has been fairly consistent.

    • Anonymous says:

      A truly honorable man would not have gotten himself into this mess in the first place.  Do you think Quaddafi would resign because the Libyan people asked him too?  He has made it clear that he will listen to no man.  Bush will go out fighting and crying and blaming everyone till the bitter end.  Then he will make it his lifes work to get pay back from his own people and his own country.  If you wanted honorable you should have at least started out with honorable.  Maybe next time?  If there is one.

      • Y U T E says:

        The end for him 'soon come' & I mean BEFORE the next elections! There is a serious investigation of corruption ongoing, & the UK will not put up with much more of his disrespect & stubbornness towards their representative & his dictatorial behaviour! Believe me the end "SOON COME"!

  42. Anonymous says:

    This "Premeir" is the same one that called this country a little "two-bah-four"  country. That is the "good he has done"? And does the 3.2% apply to him two? And is this why he is in power? Because he continues to support the largets "union" we have? Come on "civil" servants; reject this raise which is designed to bribe you coming off the backs of all Caymanians!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Advice to Mr.Bush, It is a poor workman that blames his tools, The auditor general is part of your toolkit that you should be using to fix the country..Clearly you have not even completed your apprenticeship so why don't you listen to those that are far better qualified than yourself (like the Governor and the Auditor General) and learn,  then you can move the country forward positively. or step aside and allow someone to do a better job.

    Stop Threatening anyone that has an opinion and listen to them constructively. You have two ears and one mouth, do twice as much listening as talking and get on with the job we asked you to do.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Keep the 3.2%, just LEAVE. PLEASE RESIGN NOW!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ask not what MacKeeva Bush has done for his country, but stand AMAZED at what his country has done for MacKeeva Bush…!!

    • Anonymous says:

      SO?  Mackeva Bush is a Caymanian, and it does not matter what this country has done for him, Just you shut up.  He belongs to Cayman and is entitles to every cent he make.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is one of the saddest things I've read in quite a long while.

        McKeeva Bush was elected to office.  Therefore, he is accountable to those who elected him.  He is responsible to be open, honest, ethical and to govern these islands according to the will of the people.  You see, "Mackeva" Bush (as you call him) owes these islands and the people of these islands – he owes them responsible, mature, intelligent leadership and it does not seem that he is able to do that.

        I think perhaps you should just shut up.


      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly, the entitlement, 'Wuz born yah', free lunch culture shines through in everyoccasion.

        When it is time to enter the real world, stop being spoon fed and have to pay for your own mortgages, etc, it is going to hurt twice as bad!

      • Anonymous says:

        Is he also entitled to every cent you have?  Cuz it sure seems that way lately, taxpayers money being away to churches, paving parking lots, and God knows what else.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Bless his precious little heart.

  47. Anonymous says:

    The "good" that Bush claims he has done exists ONLY in his own mind. And as for "commitment to the country" the Auditor General has demonstarted more commitment than Bush, in that he is not afraid to point out where the Laws and Regualtions have not been complied with. That's his job. That is why he and his staff were hired. That is why they are being paid. They are the only independent watchdog we have. A watchdog without political influences or prejudices.

    When our Leaders choose to ignore our own Laws, Regulations and Rules all of which have been duly passed through the Legislative and political process one has to ask whose best interests are being served. Certainly not those of the Country. So the conclusion has to be drawn that it is those of the individuals who insist on breaking the Laws, Regulations and Rules.

    To even think that an uneducated fool can even dare to challenge the integrity of such a highly qualified team of professionals is preposterous to say the least. And then back answering the Governor? Someone should box him, but good!!!

    And now he is trying to buy back the goodwill of Civil Servants, after insulting them and accusing them of everything but good. Slamming them with charges of "bureaucratic harassment" because they follow the rules, and now trying to buy them back with pennies.

    Good thing that same Civil Service has the institutional memory which will not allow them to forget. And no, Bush CANNOT take from them the right to vote in the next elections.

    Not today, bobo!!! Not ever!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      He's given us a lot of poorly planned development.  If he was educated he would understand the problem with just dropping buildings anywhere.  It's not about having a degree, it's about having an ordered thought process.  It's embarassing and cringeworthy seeing someone who lacks one try to run a country.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Awe, elections must be around the corner.  He's giving back the 3.2 %… can you say too little too late!  Your history Mac !!!

  49. anonymous says:

    No COLA for Civil Servants (yet)! Use the excess money to pay off our debt and reduce interest payments. If you want to give the people a break then reduce the taxes that have increased the cost of living (COLA).


    Mac, don't you see that half of the working age Caymanians are Civil Servants and you will merely be giving them back the taxes they are paying you from higher fuel costs. Lower fuel taxes now and you will solve the cost of living problem and kick start this economy. What you are doing is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.


  50. Anonymous says:

    All McKeeva seems to know how to do is to buy votes.



    • Anonymous says:

      It's all he does, but he does it well

    • John says:

      Well… that's the 2-party system!  Don't like it, then don't support PPM either!  :o)

      • Anonymous says:

        That's the truest statement ever written on this blog.  

        PPM tried to buy us with fancy state of the art buildings for our 'SPECIAL CHILDREN' and, fancy roads with 1000 round abouts and a brand new Government building for poor suffering civil servants.

        What did we get- a BIG BILL that will never be paid off.

        They all sold status!  They all buy votes!  They all are a  bunch of jokers.  To HELL with PARTIES.

        • Anonymous says:

          If Caymanians didn't need to be bought this wouldn't happen.  Unfortunately the only way you can wake your average Caymanian up from their toxic slumber of nostalgia, spicy food and church is by waving something in its face.  No one goes into politics to pander to idiots.  When they find they have to, they hope to do some good in spite of this.  That means some money must be spent remaining in office.  Sad but true, and the reason why McKeeva is in office.

  51. Anonymous says:

    “Don’t have a commitment to the country” = Mac can’t intimidate them because they know they are leaving anyway?

  52. Muffy St.Pierre says:

    Aye Aye Aye…the man has more issues than Sports Illustrated.



  53. Anon says:


    Mr. Taylor, can we have this UNRULY Premier we have to be simply gagged, restrained and taken AWAY somewhere that we would never have to hear from him again and so that we can have our country back, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.???

    One absolutely astonished and completely FED UP Citizen.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Give Bush time………….. like 20 years

  55. Bonnie says:

    Please Mr. Bush,a lot of us believe in you and love you. Think before you speak and like a good Christian, turn the other cheek to your enemies. keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh and by the way thank you for the fish, refrigerator, handout, fill etc. etc.


      Bless yourself (or as the ignorant develworshipers understand God belss you)

    • Anonymous says:

      Why stop there with the Christian things you think he should be doing?!? You cannot pick chose and refuse which Christian values you should be displaying.  McKeeva displays little or no Christian characteristics that the rest of us outside of his Church can see.  It's not like he is slipping up every now and then…..he is constantly displaying non-Christian like or blasphemous behaviour.  The only how we know McKeeva is a Christian is because he says so….if you want him to be more Christ like perhaps you should encourage him to resign.   When he gets to the Pearly Gates he is not going to be able to blame it on past administrations, the Auditor General, the Governor, the Civil Service or any one else.



  56. Anonymous says:

    Desperation in da nation!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Mac, just shut the $&@ up!

  58. Y U T E says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! This man is so uncouth! He has respect for no one. What I find most disturbing is that he can make such an insulting & condescending remark as to pretty much say that the Governor does not care for Cayman. well I have news for Mr. Bush. The Governor has not done as much to harm, hurt & embarrass Cayman as Mckeeva Bush has done, therefore I would call into question his rude remark about the Governor. One thing I can question about Mckeeva Bush but I cannot in all honesty question about the Governor is if Mckeeva Bush cares more about Cayman or himself!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Of course he's going toto reinstate the 3.2%. He's going back to the only patch of dry land he has left. 

  60. What Ever says:

    I am so sorry to have today this….shut up Mac and just concentrate on getting of out of this mess!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Bush means what he says and says what he means!  Don't mess with this guy. He has Charles Killa Whittaker backing him.

  62. Anonymous says:

    So let me get this straight. The Premier initially says he has no control over the civil service and the Deputy Governor has to make that decision to cut pay for 2010/11. Donnie also had to write us a letter saying the pay cut was being extended through the 2011/12 year. But now McKeeva gets to announce that we're getting our 3.2% back? All the glory for the good, no responsibility for the bad. That about sums up McKeeva and the UDP.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Who is he trying to fool?  Bad reports, compensate the poor civil servants and blinfold them but don't block off their ears.  Smile, the spider is still spinning, and making more cobweb.  The fly will get tangled in the web.

  64. Anonymous says:

    CNS You do not want to print anything I write positive about the Premier, but every day Cayman is getting worse, and the rise of hatred against foreigners is unbelievable.

    I would like to say  that this all a poolitical stragety being fanned by foreign persons living here.  But the bitter thing about it is that it will get worse before it get bettter.  Then we will see who will live here in peace.   Caymanians are fed up with everyone telling us how to run our country.  We do not go to Canada or U SA and tell them  anything about Obama or the Canadian President.  Foreigners need to stay out of our affairs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nonsense. It was foreigners with the right to vote (aka MacManians following his abuses in granting status) that were largely responsible for his re-election. We have foreigners to thank for having him, and I am grateful, others who see how damaging he is to our long tem future – and who now play a critical role, with Caymanians, in seeing the end of him!.

    • Anonymous says:

      Many of the people posting on here, including me, are not foreigners. I am a 10th generation Caymanian. There is a groundswell of public opinion against the way McKeeva is running this country but I believe you already know this and your post is just a pathetic political tactic. The curious thing is you start off complaining of the hatred against foreigners then continue on an anti foreigner speech.     

    • r ebanks says:

      Clearly you have a hatred for "Foreigners" from the sounds of things. But consider this. If you needed life saving surgery and the doctors of Cayman did not have the experience to operate on you, would you not call in a "Foreign" doctor who did?

      Same applies to the Govt and not just this one but all over the world! If they dont know how they ask someone who does. BUSH might not like what he hears but trust me he will learn from it.

      Be thankful for the "Foreigners" because without the auditor who would keep BUSH in check, because its clear that we cant. All the news on this website and not one mention of a protest, petition or public enquiry into BUSH. If people really wanted change they would push for it not just moan about it and blaim the "Foreigners" who do what they have to do even in the face constant criticism with no right to vote to help make a change.

  65. Anonymous says:

    He criticises the Civil Service and then announces he is giving them back their 3.2% COLA? That sure won't help him.  There is no method to his madness.  Any relief would be welcome now; the RCIP, the Governor, or 2013!  Whichever is first.

  66. Village Vicar says:

    Congratulations to Frankie Flowers Jr. who is apparently doing a remake of One Flew over the Cookoos Nest . I am relably informed that the Premier has the starring role.

  67. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    The typical response of a cornered rat. He lashes out at any statement which HE perceives as critical of his ideas and thoughts – which are , for the most part, those of an uneducated bully. Hopefully, he is only digging an even even deeper hole out of which, eventually, he will not be able to climb. It is fascinating that even the three Dumbos in his own constituency have made absolutely no public comment in support of his statements. I am of course assuming, that they are are capable of writing more than their own name – in block capitals – whilst still drawing salaries in the region of US$100,000.00

  68. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier.  Please heed the Governor's advice and Mr. Wayne Panton's advice for the good of this country.

  69. Dred says:

    I was wondering how long it would take….

  70. Village Vicar says:

    Our premier really has no clue as to finance except as to how he can waste money.He must resign before he bankrupts the country. He must learn to take criticism and to respect our Governor.

  71. Anonymous says:

    "…civil servants will get back their 3.2% COLA reinstated next month."

    Civil Servants… please DO NOT vote this man back in.

  72. noname says:

    Dear Mr. Auditor General please tell us how this "timely act" of Mac's "kindness" has been covered?

    1)  Nation Building Piggy Bank

    2)  Big Daddy D's Weekly Allowance Fund

    3)  Give Away Land Fund

    4)  Rob Peter to Pay Paul Fund

    5)  Devil Worshippers Bank of the BWI

    6)  Signed an MOU with the Satan – fresh souls for cash

    7)  Manna and sacks of cash appear on his doorstep daily, because he is pure of heart.

    8)  other?

  73. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    I have had enough of this man. I heard him on Talk Today on Thursday saying that he has never lied to this country – yea, and I am Queen Elizabeth.

    He is now having a go at the Govenor, who did what he should have done long ago by telling him to behave and keep quiet.

    He really believes he can do as he wishes and NO ONE should say a word to him, and then you have 1 or 2 of his beneficiaries backing him up – Cayman, wake up and lets do what we have to do, so as to have something left for our children and grandchildren, for goodness sake. We cant be cowards all our lives!

  74. Anonymous says:

    No commitment to the country?  There goes the pot calling the kettle again.  What a hyprocritical load of nonsense… as usual.

    And what flickin good have you done for this country Bush?  Pray tell, coz aint none of us seeing anything good at all… except the churches, Mr Dart, CHEC oh and now you tryin to buy back the civil servants too… hilarious!

  75. Anonymous says:

    The civil servants should notJUST get the increase put back aon their salaries, this increase should be retroctive to the month it was taken off. The Government was never in a bad financial position like what Mckeeva was brainwashing people into thinking. Nothing less than full back pay for those months should be paid. Many civil servants fell behind in their committments because of that salary cut, coming at the same time of Mac increased taxes, higher gasoline prices and electricity costs. SHAME on UDP, they have ruined the lives of a few good civil servants! And they have other brainedwashed.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Well done Premier. My thoughts about have changed.

  77. devil worshiper says:

    Two sides.  Bush's side and the Devil worshipers side.  Handing out more of the private sectors hard earned money to your tribe is just what is expected now.  Its easy to see what good Cayman has done for McKeeva bush and friends but what is the good Bush has done for Cayman?  Is there a list.  How about a headline? Anything?  You might want to keep up with the news on how Qaddafi is doing in his bid to keep his premeirship with a continued screwing of the Libian people.  Where will you hide? In your west side compound?  Good luck Dude your going to need it.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Honestly this is only a comment that was made. Who knows if it is a fact that they will receive there 3.2% COLA. The big Question is ” will there be any back pay for the Civil Servants .” They are not at fault for the Government horrible, and wasteful budget spending.

  79. sammy so-sad says:

    Keep it up Mac! Your ego won't even  let you feel that "proverbial" noose tightening around

    your neck. Just so you'll know! It's called suicide, and not one of your ministers are warning

    you!  Each of them is waiting in the wings, thinking, let him hang himself, and when it's over,

    "I'll BECOME PREMIER."  

    Give it up Mac, and leave with some dignity!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    COLA reinstated? There must be an election coming up in the near future. Watch the civil servants trying to get it backdated!

  81. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a problem with the civil servants getting the increase but again the timing of this announcement is suspect.

    I wonder if McKeeva will send out a memo with the pay raises reminding the civil servants of thier obligation to praise him and stay on his side. This just another bribery attempt by Mckeeva