Teen arrested in shooting

| 31/08/2011

(CNS): The police have arrested an eighteen-year-old man for attempted murder in connection with a shooting at a jerk stand in Red Bay in June. The teen is accused of trying to kill 28-year-old Kemar Golding, who was shot through the eye by a masked gunman during a failed robbery but miraculously survived. The man was arrested, police revealed, during an operation in George Town on Tuesday and currently remains in custody. Golding, who is an assistant brewer at the Cayman Islands Brewery and still recovering from his ordeal, lost his left eye in a senseless act of violence that, despite the rising violent crime levels, still shocked the community.

The brewer was shot as he was helping his friend who worked at the Red Bay jerk stand take out garbage as the popular food stop was closing for the evening on 29 June. Three masked men reportedly emerged from behind the Prospect Play House and demanded cash from Golding and his friend. When the men said that they had no money, one of the robbers instructed another who was carrying the firearm to “give him one”, and the gunman opened fire shooting Golding through the eye.

Anyone who has information regarding this or any crime can call the anonymous tip line Crime Stoppers on 1-800-TIPS (8477).

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