Dart to break ground on road

| 05/09/2011

(CNS): The local developer who has entered into a major alliance with the government to develop a new resort along Seven Mile Beach will be breaking ground on the Esterly Tibbetts extension Tuesday, even though the main agreement with government has not yet been signed. Government has entered into preliminary deal with Dart, which among other things includes swapping crown land with the developer so the West Bay Road can be closed, allowing Dart to redevelop the old Courtyard Marriott site into a new beach front resort. Before the West Bay Road can be closed, however, the bypass needs to be extended into the district, and although the swap is not yet signed and sealed, Dart is going ahead with the extension as the first step in the development of the whole project.

Dart has already begun work clearing the old Courtyard Marriott hotel, which will be demolished to make way for the new resort, but until the bypass is finished the developer cannot close the road, which runs along Seven Mile Beach.  As crown land, which belongs to the people, the swap has to be approved by the Governor in Cabinet and according to the governor’s office, the proposal has not yet come before the government’s closed door inner circle.

The premier has also stated that negotiations over the ForCayman Investment alliance, which the deal between Dart and government has been named, are not yet complete and McKeeva Bush has said he is hoping to get more from the islands' biggest developer in what he says is already a good deal for the country’s future.

At present, the West Bay Road element of the deal involves government giving Dart some 2000 feet of land along the West Bay Road and in exchange Dart will give government land in Barkers and West Bay, pay for the construction of the Easterly Tibbetts extension, revamp the existing Seven Mile Public Beach and donate beach frontage further north along the West Bay Road area for a second public beach. The developer will also be making a cash donation to government of around $18 milllion, which government has said it will be using for community projects, mortgage payments and primary school revamps.

The deal also includes swapping the George Town landfill with land in Bodden Town, where Dart plans to develop a new waste-management facility, which it will give to government, and although it has received some support as people believe the projects will stimulate the economy, there is still considerable opposition from the public to the closure of the West Bay Road.

The ground breaking is set to take place at 5pm Tuesday and the public is invited to attend the ceremony, where the premier is expected to speak more about the ForCayman Alliance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bet most of una talking crap about dart are the ones who enjoy watching a movie at camana bay very often . dart is amazing, he should build a zoo and a aquarium too and they should be cheap :D. 

  2. AGG says:

    I cant believe the people of cayman is selling out to dart listen cayman this is just the begining of whats about to happen here hes gotten most of cayman already soon the name will be change to dartvill not cayman island where is the profit for the cayman people i dont see it its ll in darts pocket XXX and all of those that giving dart the go ahead to do what he wants to do sooner or later the people wont be able to go the beach cause he will own that to cayman people you need to wake up and see whats about to happen in this island,  whats that  saying it goes like this the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer we have to know when to say NO to people like that. dart your greedy and you just want everything to go your way just because you have the money to do so you claim your helping..  you want to help them go out in the street and by ways and give the people that really needs the help instead of putting money inthe pockets of only those that can do something for you what about those that cant do anything for you you just leave them in the gutter right god sees everything and he will help the people from people like you . 

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a done deal, Dart will get his road the Cayman Islands will get lots of lands, roads, jobs and money.  This seems like a fair deal and I thank the Premier for this.  I don't see anyone else stepping up to offer the Premier any help with the finances of this country.  Mr. Premier don't listen to those people who have no alternate plans.  We your people need jobs and money to pay our bills, buy food and support our families. If Dart is the answer than so be it we cannot eat asphalt and swamp lands.  You are doing the right thing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman has one natural element that makes it world class – SMB.  It is not only the locals that like to see it every day (partly as a reminder of why they would continue to live and work in a society which is becoming more bogged down with crime and where the costs of living and working are spiralling upwards), but tourists get to appreciate the natural beauty of the island.  It has been a constant refrain that cruise traffic should turn into stay over guests and possibly to condo ownership.  This is what we have been told is good for Cayman.  But for anyone wanting a glimpse of the beach it is now going to be either at a cost or to the public beach, which will now be partially man-made.

    Many of the destinations that high net worth individuals choose to visit and stay worldwide provide full views of the beach/ coast for everyone and often hotels etc are all located on the opposite side of a narrow road with wide promenades for people to enjoy the views.  Why has the Cayman Government and Planning failed to realise this over decades? 


  5. Anonymous says:
    Voice your concerns and objections via email to Cabinet (and the UDP) who still have to decide whether this project goes ahead.
    It's important to get these emails off as quickly as possible!



    • Anonymous says:

      yep…i can just see 'captain' eugene being a whizz on the the e-mails…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • anonymous says:

        Re Eugene and emails  – he is a whiz-  why so quick to judge? and on what basis?

        • Singing Chicken says:

          Someone does not know what "whiz" means.

          Keyboard solo – hit it John John.

  6. Cynical? says:

    Imagine if we could really get what we want:

    1. First that Dart provides funding for the things we beleive he should, like to poor areas of Cayman. and out of the goodness of his heart because you know how it is, he has enough money already so he should just give it to the right causes for us. otherwise he is just an evil person trying to make money..and you know how that is… so so bad (considering that is what we all do for a living in order to survive and feed our kids etc) but making money is so so wrong…. especially for the rich.

    2. Second we should have no development that damages any of our beautiful cayman islands. Leave our mangroves alone please and please dont dare take away OUR 7- mile beach view. This is an important part of our rights and our heritage so don't take that away. we really could not live aithout this, it means a lot to us when we drive by there everyday.

    3. And while we are at it lets remove that monstrosity of Camana Bay anyway. We don't even like it. we can't recall the last time we went to see a movie there or took our kids to play around the area (infact none of us here on these blogs have ever even seen a movie ate at a restaraunt or attended any major event there—terrible place we always try to avoid). It is atrocious; that development looks too much like an overly developed Miami beach type area. We don't want it. Central George Town is actually a much nicer area, very quaint, has pedestrianised roads and encourages tourism. Central GT is also a thriving place to be in the evening. we don't need any other place. development is so bad. please please pretty please lets get rid of all of it (aside from anything that we might do on a smaller scale like build a a little duplex to make a few extra bucks or anything that one of our releatives tries to do)

    4.  And why doesnt Dart stop buying our businesses? surely he understands that the people who sell them don't really want to sell? i mean WE want the owners to keep their busineses. We don't understand why they want to sell their own property. oh why oh why can't we have more control over the private decisions of our felllow caymanians. how can we stop THEM from selling out to Dart? don't they understand that there is much national pride in keeping their businesses? why do they want so much money anyway? do they feel they have worked hard and earned the right to sell out as they wish to secure their rewards? well we dont agree with that!

    5. Finally, lets be honest, if Dart did not invest here at all, we would not have missed it one bit. seriously the money he spent on these developments have not filtered one bit into our local economy. Not a single person benefited. In fact I heard that they don't actually employ anyone up there. It is all a big farce.  someone said he may have already spent over half a billion dollars locally. But we don't need to beleiev thatnonsense. what we beleive is that he managed to spend all that money on himself. yeah thats it. it all ended up in dart's pockets anyway, so none of it matters. In fact had he not invested we would have easily found a few Caymanians to invest the same amount. and we would not have minded one bit if THEY had destroyed a few things or bought out each others busineses because at least that is being done by our own.

    Anyway soon, and I hope really soon, we can get rid of all this mess and return to the good old days where we had peace and tranquility here in this country. where we did not have to worry about these terrible investors tryying to hoodwink us. who cares about so called inward investment anyway? that has never mattered to us and it never ever ever will.


    • Anonymous says:

      Cynical….you might actually have some people believing that you were serious in your post. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its time to begin:

    Boycott Dart Businesses

    • Anonymous says:

       Its time to Boycott Caymanian businesses!  At least until we start getting our moneys worth.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Imay have missed it in all the comments, but has anyone thought about the value of this 'land swap' to Dart? He has a chunk of land at the moment which is not beachfront, and after the swap will convert that land to beachfront land. If I use some realtor listings of $30 square ft on SMB and land on the beach at over $100000 a linear foot.  Now you need a fair bit of land maybe even 1000 ft deep to develop something useful but even that deep that would mean that as a result of the swap Dart is turning land that is $30000 linear foot (1ftX1000x$30) into land which is $100000 linear foot. Sure he has a little beach there right now already but he can't build a lot on that, about as wide as the Calico Jacks bar is about it.  What I am saying is that has gov even looked at this, or is Mac just seeing the freebies (a bit of Barkers, a new church or two in WB) and missing the really important thing that the little bit of diverted road is probably worth a small fortune to Dart.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dart and his investments are the best thing to have ever happened to the Cayman Islands. He gave us a new road, a new town, lots of jobs and several beautiful parks to take our families.  Do you remember before Dart came here to invest we had no paved roads only dirt roads with pot holes, no jobs, unemployment was rampant, we had no city or town, no cinemas or parks, Caymanians were starving and lived in thatch huts with dirt floors.  Dart has brought civilization to the Cayman Islands and we should all be grateful, he brought us from 3rd world standards to 1st world status in less than 15 years this is the story of the century,  he needs a noble prize, can someone please let the queen know just how much this man/entity has done for this islands.  He deserves the highest medal in the world, he has single handed transformed the Cayman Islands from the land that time had forgotten to a world class mecca that has even a higher standard of living than Monaco.  We are the best and richest country in the world, zero unemployment and all the people and businesses are doing so well.  Thanks to the Dart and his investments, long live the Dart! 


    Let us pray.Psalm KY1: "And as they came to break ground upon the bypass, a loud voice from the burning bush, shouted forth, for the premier time: " Go ahead!! Whosoever amongst you is not already compromised should throw the first freakin stone!! Get it over with now or forever hold your piece!!." And those at water and at dominoes and at monopoly remained silent.  And no amount of gifts of china or rare ports or steely darts or turtle steaks could turn any tribe members against the appointed one. So they all jumpeth into the same boat and rowed like hell together as they milked the fatted calf. And along the shores the roads were built and bank balances were paved with gold. And all the people were indeed pleased, except those who threw in their towels and walked naked amongst the laughing revellers, on their way to alternative flights of fantasy. And the Governor of this great Provenance smiled and sayeth unto his Queen: "You see, there is no injustice where all benefit. There is no discord where all are of like mind. There is no jealously where all driveways are paved. There can be nothing wrong where hegemony and harmony prevail.There is no evil to be seen in the land of the blind, where blind is surely nothing if not, a blessing of the mind." And the Churches all agreed, except a few idle idolators who were always out of step with destiny. And the Queen concurred and she interfered not. And everyone being so well looked after became good friends in the end. And in time all forgot whatever it was that so agitated them. And new rules were written before their daily constitutional which was ignored and they felt better for it.. And veritas the truth blurred into fiction and faded into history. And so it came to pass. Amen.              ,

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am astounded that people cannot see that having a stinking dump in the main tourist zone is a bad thing? Would you go on vaction, and pay a premium, to be next to a dump? 

    The West Bay Road is highly dangerous. It is dangerous to cross on foot. How many tourists have we had to clean up off the road? With so many cars travelling at speed along a road with so many entrances and exits is crimial. The West Bay Road should be 20mph. The daily commuter traffic should be directed away from the West Bay Road and onto a more efficient and safer dual lane carriageway that transports them into town much quicker and safer.

    As for merchants on the West Bay Road they will benefit from more foot traffic from the condos and hotels. And we all know that people in Cayman will drive to get what they want. So no lost  income for the shops and businesss on the West Bay Road.

    Consider the multi-million dollar investment, stamp duty, use of local services and businesses and the improved tourist offering.

    If you cannot see all that is positive for Cayman that this project brings then I am affraid you are not pro-Cayman. 


    • Anonymous says:

      As in every country, and on every electronic forum, we have here a bunch of armchair quarterbacks who find it much easier to criticize and complain than do anything useful themselves.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why Can't he just use a bridge like the Hyatt and the Ritz? Thank you Dart, you will definatly run those hotels out of business. Instead of making everything worse… why not channel your energy to the good of the people? Not the good of your tourists. 



  13. POCKET BOOK says:

    Dart do not need to put anyone in his pocket book.  He opened up Caymana Bay for all to enjoy, and the food is cheaper too, and the security is nicer too.  Think about making the few Caymanians here happy and visit Caymana Bay and see how they do it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am proud of all the people who realize what is now becoming the end of Cayman as we know it.  As they say "talk is cheap".

    Since no one is standing up let's lie down (in front of a bulldozer).

    There is no time like the present and the present will be tomorrow.  If we don't act now it WILL be the end of all of us.

  15. Libertarian says:

    The "United Dart Party" is at work to monopolize the entire business field and secure their elections. Closing down one road to open up another road, will divert traffic to his new hotel and Camana Bay. It will stop the flow to the otherhotels along the closed West Bay Road. Anyone who is blind to partisan "interest", will be in for a rude awakening when the only two employers left will be the well-off few and the government.

    The people are prevented from aspiring, because government still refuses to lower fees, permit, duties, and amend certain immigration laws that are anti-business. They have disregarded the Miller's Report completely to be in alliance with big shots.  

    • Sheryl says:

      We can always rely on Libertarian to bad mouth everything and come up with no solutions.  Saying NO to all development while dropping our entire tax base is tantamount to russian-roulette.

      • Anonymous says:

        ummm cutting expenditures and reducing fees hon is a bright solution to me 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I have noticed the author to whom you refer is quite vocal with a wide range of interests. XXXX Never the less, I agree with you that moving the unprotected road away from the shore and making that area productive in a tourism attraction sense is good for the country.

        Jobs remember…


      • Chris Johnson says:

        Libertarians comments are not well thought out. Such as suggesting the new Dart Road extension will eliminate tourists from other hotels. Well Libertarian how come when all hotels are South of his property. The other problem he has is to continually blame the FCO for everything. Perhaps one day he could make a constructive suggestion but do not hold your breath.
        I have no axes to grind about Mr Dart but what I do know is that without moving the road there will never be another major hotel on West Bay Beach. It is interesting to note that whilst condos replaced hotels on the beach, in the long term it was bad for the economy as far less labour and soft/hard goods were utilized. Mr Dart I note is not utilizing the beachnto build condos.

    • Dart on the Bulls Eye says:

      15:33  Why are you soworried about the dart road.  Those hotels have been there for umteen years, and have made temendous business also, but guess what, they did not want Caymanians in the hotels or on their beaches.  They ran Caymanians away like dogs and even called the police on them untill they found out that the High water marks was ours.

      On the other side of the coin, let me inform you that Kenneth Dart is paying his work permit fees without grumbling, so why should the Government lower fees to please you.  If you all had been nice to the residents on your beaches before we would not be feeling this way.  So it is not too late to make amends.  Have a barbecue every Sunday like before, invite all residents, sell food half price.  The chicken is very cheap.

    • been there done that says:

      the road does not stop there.you can drive pass and continue into town.you still have that option my friend.

    • Y U T E says:

      Why the hell don't we just give Dart everything? That's what he is aiming for, & that's what a ignorant few in government are hellbent on allowing to happen. Then we will all be happy when our islands are no longer in the control of the Cayman people, but instead in the control of one individual that was allowed by one greedy politician to do all that he wanted! I say don't wait 10 years for Dart to own the whole island, give it all away to him now (thank you government). As for me, I'm headed to the Brac, they have far more sense, & Dart will not be allowed to do on the Brac what he has done in Grand Cayman. I'm totally fed up with all the corruption, I'm fed up with our sick government, & I'm fed up with Dart getting everything! Brac, here I come, please adopt me!

    • Y U T E says:

      Mckeeva Bush publicly said at the meeting that "this is going through no matter what"! This is unbelievable! This is shocking, even by Mckeeva Bush's standards. I think this says it all, we don't need to hear anymore from Mckeeva Bush, & to think that he gets upset when people call him a dictator! Can you imagine folks, Mckeeva Bush said "THIS IS GOING THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT"!!!!!!!! I hope you all understand now! Why can't that investigation speed up? We need help.

  16. Freedom Man says:

    I've decided that I will be breaking ground today on the dump relocation.  Just went down with my shovel and have already taken my first load to someone's yard in Bodden Town.  Since I have begun the process I would expect at any time for the Government to approve my process and cut me a check for the additional $3.5 million needed for me to complete it. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dart would have had to put the road through anyway. It is the only way he would be able to access that property. IMO wether the deal is approved or not, he will be the only one who really benefits.

  18. Anon says:

    Its not like Mac has a history of backing out of a MOU. I mean. Has anyone ever heard of Mac breaking a Mou? Naa thats one good thing we can say about him! His word is his honor. And he would never go back on his word! Or cast doubt on his honor!

    Never! Never! Never!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I'm not quite sure who is smarter – Dart who certainly stands to benefit the most from it…or government, which may chose to nationalize Dart Holdings at a moment's notice – Hugo Chavez did it, so why wouldn't McChavez do it.

    • Farmer who fishes says:

      I would just like to point out that we can't nationalize anything like dear Hugo as we are not a "Nation State" in that sense.   Much as I would love to hear the giant sucking sound of all financial service business and international tourism companies leaving the UK would say NO.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it is just me reading the situation like this, but they are doing a ground breaking on the road, not the hotel. So if Mr Dart wants to go and build a road without having the deal signed then that is only a positive for the island, if it does not get approval and he has built a road, then the country will be the winner… go ahead….

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am delighted to hear the by-pass extention is being started, sorry that the approval process is so slow. and that everything is lumped together.

    Regarding the dump. I would prefer, (instead of Bodden town becoming a new dump site) to hear that a plasma gassification and co-generation plant was being developed adjacent to existing dump that garbage sources woudl include excavating the existing dump, and charging cruise ships to dump here thus generating added national revenue and electrcity.

    Still, some progress is good. I would suggest that road designers please consider making the extension a divided highway for safety, and please add a lane on either side of  the current bypass section which reroutes traffic from West Bay Road onto the bypass extention as far as the next exit onto the old West Bay Road. (so as to avoid that bottle neck.)

    Will there be a renaming of West Bay Road now that it is no longer continguous?

    • Anonymous says:

      And what about the bottle neck at Camana Bay where the road becomes one lane?

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear that when the by pass from town become two lanes camana bay will meet it with two lanes. Sounds fair to me …

        • Anonymous says:

          Both sections of the bypass flow quite freely now.  The bottleneck and delays are caised by Camana Bay with all the turns on and off it.  So why not open this up to two lanes now?

      • Anonymous says:

        It is one lane now.  There won't be any additional traffic, will there?  It's just being diverted.

  22. Anonymous says:

    any comment mr governor?…or are you going to let mckeeva rub your nose in it????

  23. Anonymous says:

    Come on people..Those of you crying down development must be those that works for government, the banks or law firms..what about the rest of us? should we starve because you can still afford your grand lifestyles..

    Listen people while you go out picket, down cry and talk badly about every bit of any new business coming to this island, me and my children are barely making it. I have to stretch every dollar i have to put food on my table for my children while you go out protest everything whether it is good or bad for Cayman.

    What the hell is wrong with DART building a road that is well needed and we can't afford? What is wrong with us getting back to work and able to put food on our table? would you rather us steal and beat up people like we her about everyday on the radio or TV. 

    I'll tell you this much I am going to ask DART if I can drive the first bulldozer! Please don't get in my way!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What is wrong is that process in not being followed.  Processes that are normally embedded in democratic countries to protect you and me from anyone simply doing what they want without consideration to impact and people.

      I like the idea of more public beach to enjoy, but I don't like the idea of the government or private sector to do just as they please.

    • The Hiring Office says:

      Sorry, Anonymous 12:47, but we will only be hiring Jamaicans for road building…… although we might consider a few Chinese.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hang on, if the deal is just "provisional" and has not yet been signed how can Dart break ground?  Is this just another example of our beloved Premier abusing due process? Goodness, Mr. Bush is so desperate to  get anything going (and I mean anyhting), he'll damn due process and the potential consequences.  What the hell is going on in this country?  Where are we with the investigation into the Premier's financial irregularities?  CNS do you know what's happening with this investigation?

  25. Anonymous says:

    lets all go and lie down in front of the shovels or bulldozers…come on, lets do….get Chuckie to organize the protest, he's AWESOME at organizing tings like this…..lets stop this nonsense before we're stuck with a stunning hotel resort, lovely traffic flows and buckets of dollars of inward-investment


    • Anonymous says:

      Now wait a moment. This by-pass is NEEDED! there is no reason for speeding on Seven Mile Beach and how many tourists had to get hit by cars before we started forcing people to use the bypass? I am ALL for the road. It goes with the original plan and Governors Harbour road move. **ever wonder WHY the Gov Harbour road was set back so far with the grand entrance? Because it was gazetted that way two dozen years ago!!!
      Dart was clever enough to actually look at what was proposed a long time ago.
      Looking forward to a more pedestrian SMB!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong….Governors Harbour road is not gazetted.  It is still private.

      • Anonymous says:

        So, rather than correct the problem with speeding we simply move the road so that the only people getting knocked down are people who live and work off the bypass???  Sweep the problem under the carpet.  And they wonder why the crime rate is rising.

  26. Fill me in says:

    Why isn't anyone protesting this? Or have they? Am I missing something….?? Fill me in.

    • Anon says:

      Sorry. We are all out of fill. Probably because we protested that east end quarry/port. But dont worry. When they finish dredging the north sound we will have more fill again… And will fill you in at that time…


      12:05, what you are missing is that the people of Cayman love Kenneth Dart.  So the saying goes, if you cant win them, then join them.  Hehehehe.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The more they can do before the approval the more difficult it will be for the concerns of the people to be listened to.  Dart is no dummy he wants to get ass much going as possible so that it has to aproved. 

    Once again the concerns of the people and due process is being put aside for personal gain.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Disgraceful.  This road move, like the move of the dump to BT merely serves to increase the value of Dart's holdings, while affecting the property values of those who live around the areas he picks and chooses as the areas that don't matter to him.  WB Road becomes a road to nowhere and everyone who invested in the quiet area around Governor's Harbour now lives off a 4 lane monstrosity (the only bottle neck on which is the area around Camana Bay).  The same in BT – your life savings went into your home, but no one cares enough to make sure that your investment (and the hard work that went into acquiring the funds for your investment) will be worth something after they choose to move a dump and all of the traffic to the "waste management facility" to your area.

    There are surely other ways to kick start the economy without affecting the pockets of all but the mega-rich.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Now I know that I would not be able to start building my house without all the necessary checks, balances and approvals in place, so why does King Dart think that he can break ground without approval? "dah" because he already knows the outcome

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sounds the same as the developer who is putting in a road next to my property without final approval from Planning . I haven't even seen the letter yet which gives me an oppertunity to object ! Where is the Rule of Law and where is the enforcement . These guys just go ahead with what they want to do . Is it because they already know they are goiing to get their way ?

  31. Road Scholar says:

    Good. About time. The road needs to be done. We should all just sit back and enjoy the ride, which will culimate in McKeevas demise.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Great News!! First real piece of new development happening in Cayman in a long ime.

    Let's see how long before the Captain Bryan, Alice Mae, Ezzard and Arden gather their troops together to lay in front of the bulldozers!

    Big time tomorrow on the Ezzard show with Austin and Gilbert! Randy has got to be proud of these guys keeping the ratings of that show up…Too bad it is so anti-everything!

    BTW…This is one Caymanian saying thanks for doing this..I'm not kicking the gift horse in the mouth this time around.

    • Beep Beep says:

      Beep Beep says I am sure Dart will put down a piece of road that will look good.  Ever drive on the road going across Caymana Bay.  It is just one beauty to look at.  Visit Caymana Bay and see all the beautiful Cayman trees.  It is opened on sundays for you to take you family for a Sunday evening outing.  I remember certain Hotels who have made it,and now against Dart, these hotels Caymanians were not allowed to go near their beaches or even sit under a pine tree or they come and run you.  Remember those days.  Now we have Caymana Bay to feel comfortable.  Leave the man alone.

      • Get the boot says:

        Your name should be fool-fool. You think Dart will be any different when he has made enough of us fool-fool Caymanians?  He is using us now and when he has bigger fish to fry, we are the ones who will get the boot!

    • Anonymous says:

      i'm all for development but it is a sad state of affairs when you have to hold a ground breaking ceremony for a minor road extension……… this is a testamane to the the shambles that is the current administration….

    • R.U. Kiddin says:

      Anonymous 10:34,

      I think it's LOOK a gift horse in the mouth.  You kick them in the other end……. but be careful, they might kick back!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hopefully we will all be ready to lie down tomorrow..If this isn't dictatorship what is.


    • Anonymous says:

      I feel so much better since I quit listening to that negativity on the Ezzard Show. Listening every week to "the sky is falling" was starting to wear me down.

  33. Cayman Gone The DOGS! :( says:

    We really don't need anymore roads … what we do need however is more educational facilities to assist the Caymanian children who want to do better with themselves and become someone useful in the future to come.


    More roads, more roads and more roads really now?

    Please change your mind and do something MORE USEFUL! … PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Much Appreciated.


    • Anonymous says:

      Remember this is Dart,s money not the governments.  This man is beautifying the Island, I dont know what about that the people cannot see.  And I am sure that if you all would be a little nicer he would assist with schools too "Government schools"  The few Caymanians who are against Dart, has no good reason to be, then are only listening to those who have been here for donkey ages, made a killing, and do not want to see anyone else come in and get a piece of the pie.  Stop being mean and selfish.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some how I don't think you are a Caymanian. Caymanians have better sense.

        They realize what is happening and are powerless to stop it, as the premier is in Dart's pocket and won't let the people have any say.  You will seee more projects like this rammed down our throats during the little time Mac has left in office.

        I urge the attorney general and police to speed up the police investigation so we can get rid of Mac NOW.

  34. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    The Unbelievable Prince Dart just does what he wnats. That's the way he rolls. The UDP and Dart seem to be one of the same. If there is a difference will someone please ajust my attitude it needs adjusting from time to time. This is not a prudent move. If the Powers in the UK said stop this now, Mr. Dart could be out a lot of time and money. The people has not had a say in this matter. Just my opinion.

  35. Anonymous says:

    WOW,  absolutely no respect for due process even while being investigated, what arrogance, XXXX.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so they start with the road, while the governor has not decided yet.

    So they know it will be approved, since they got a monkey taking care of their business.

    Again, Kenneth Dart is a danger for this country. On the long term he will take back and you have to pay the price. Please check the internet for more info . . . . . . .

    • Road Runner says:

      Kenneth Dart know that it is not thepoor people of Cayman against him, and the few that are bad mouthing is being set up by those who have already made a killing and dont want to see him do anything for the Island.   This Caymanian Road runner, says "Dart we love you"  Go green make Cayman Clean.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for ruining our island Dart. Just go ahead and slap concrete down everywhere and make this island even more cramped then it is now. Can't you just accept whats left of our beautiful vacant beaches and keep your rich fingers out of it? "For Cayman Alliance" sounds more like For Darts Riches Alliance.

    • Road Runner says:

      Road runner says it is not your Island, 09:35, please be nice and enjoy the road.  The government is getting more out of this deal than dart, can,t you read.  Now leave the man alone.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh I agree, We get a road through the bush, dart gets prime beach front property, new hotels and a monopoly in the SMB area…. Great trade. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    Finally some good news.!!!!..wait til Austin and Gilbert join with Ezaard tomorrow morning to plan a protest with the West Bay anti-government groups to stop it.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So the deal is not yet signed and sealed. Meaning there is a chance that it may not go through, why on earth would a ground breaking be taking place given the aforementioned.


    This deal is more beneficial to the Dart Group than it is to Cayman, we need fresh politicians with original and sustainable ideas. Patch a leaky dam with bandaids and what you have is a flood waiting to happen.

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Quote:  "the deal is not yet signed and sealed. Meaning there is a chance that it may not go through, why on earth would a ground breaking be taking place"

      Perhaps it's because Mr. Dart has certain people in his pocket.