Armed robbers in’police’ jackets

| 06/09/2011

(CNS): Update Tuesday 11:20am — The RCIPS has said that the two men who  robbed the Texaco gas station on Eastern Avenue, George Town, around 10pm Monday night were both wearing black masks, black jackets with ‘POLICE’ in white lettering, and gloves. Both were described as 5’5’’ tall, one had a handgun, the other a machete. Police said the masked robbers entered the gas station, threatened staff and demanded cash. The two then made off with the cash register which contained a small sum of money towards the School Road area. No one was hurt and no one was injured during the incident and police have not yet stated if the two were caught on CCTV.

Anyone who was in the area and witnessed the robbery or the suspects fleeing the scene should call GTPS on 9494222 or C/ stoppers 800 8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where on earth did they get they Police jackets fro? This beats me.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      A reliable source tells me that it was stolen from a police car, so I should not have to explain why the public didn't hear about it before.

    • Anonymous says:

      They could ahve just made them but I am definitely just guessing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Guaranteed 92 % of us won't complain about police harrasment. 5% will be given a chance to straighten up and fly right. Maybe even pull up their pants and get a job. the remaining 3% will be complaining.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some of the problem is that there are too many libitarians here that will scream blue murder if the Police go in heavy handed and kick down the doors of would be criminals, there are lawyers here that will take up a case and sue the police for haressment.

    I know one thing the police are not coming to my door, they know who the crooks are but there are too many "human rights advocates" that will say that the police cannot do this or that  becasue it is a violation of civil liberties. Those same lawyers have not been a victim of a violent crime yet have they, and can certainly afford a good home security system that is wired directly to CPS, now there is an irony !

    The only way this crime issue is going to get solved is if the community stop harbouring these thugs. turn them in. get the guns off the streets. many more people wil be injured and even killed. Who is it that knows who committed the crime can live with that on thier conscience? a person not better than the thug in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is not about tourism only anymore . This is public saftey and the way of life here on Cayman . No one feels safe . Short skinny amateur thugs are making headlines because they OUTGUN and carry more weapons than a police force on a supposedly modern island . English way of policeing can be damned. It is not working and these young amateurs have the police chasing ghosts . Better equipped ghosts . All we have here is a glorified Security force staffed with homegrown people who think they have a job for life so who cares . The influx of expat police have done no better. It is time to call it as it is , an out of control scene where the bad guys are winning . They have the bigger toys [guns] and they win . It is proven they are not scared or deterred at all by the law . The police are not supposed to come in second place where crime is involved . They should have respect and our support.  But you have to earn it!



    • Anonymous says:

      You make good points Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/06/2011 – 15:22. but miss a massive, massive point, although you hint at it. English policing WOULD work here, if it was allowed to, but as long as you have what you call 'homegrown people who think they have a job for life' preventing porper policing because "dis is dem cayman islands and dats how we do it ere', then you will continue to wallow in your own filth in  your incredibly shallow gene pool. You all miss the irony of this.

      Your plastic gangsters, be they robbers or Chief Superintendents, are striving to escape the lowly cluthches of cayman, because 'your way' ain't working, and the constant political restraint and political interbreeding simply holds you back. If any of you had the good sense to say, 'ok, let them police how they see fit', and yes, much as it pains me to praise Dave, he'd do a better job if allowed to actually do it, then the police would shape up.

      Be allowed to police effectively, get rid of all the illiterate (!) dead wood without all the 'but dat boy dere he caymanyan, you canna fire 'im' and bring in some proper, keen motivated expat officers who came here to actually police, because it's what we do. Remember Cayman, in international terms you are nothing more than a village, and so you shall remain without accepting that cat boats, coconuts and your sista will not see you through the 21st century.

      • Anonymous says:

        Let's see the Cayman / Jamaican style of Policing. I am sure it has worked in Jamaica!


    Straight Jacket says, I am really tired of the Bull S$%^*T some of you write.  Do you ever think.  Why evry thing you people are blaming Kenneth Dart and the Premier. Darn!!!

    These tugs in Police Jackets had to buy them somewhere, had to make them some where or someone made them for them and I am sure they know exactly what they are doing.

    I would suggest that the Government offer a curfew to 8 pm.  Lock down the Island for a while.  Anyone found on the streets after  8pm is taken to the police station and locked down 100 in a cell till morning.

    Seriously something has to be done.  So the quicker the better.

    • Anonymous says:

      Straight Jacket as good as your intentions might be can you imagine a curfew on the island at this time? I could just see the news on CNN and the other news organizations, the travel advisories in the USA and Europe.  Then we would really have to pull the curtains, roll up the carpet and ask the last one left to turn out the lights.  You are really advocating the death of tourism and business in these islands.  We need to find a different approach to fight crime/criminals.  The police know the high crime areas and individuals.  The police need to make their presence known around the islands especially at business areas at closing time, most business already have alarms and security officers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Both 5'5".  Short in other words…kids?  Where would they get police jackets…..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely ridiculous.  Islands of 50,000 with what, 30,000 Caymanians?  Utter b*llsh*t from the government in power, police force AND community in Cayman.  This is from a Caymanian.  If that were any of my relatives, I would be so damned ashamed of them.

  8. After dark is sad says:

    Mothers mind your teens, girlfriends mind your boys, and neighbors please start talking.  These thugs don't run home without bragging to a few.

    If you have an unemployed "at-risk" man in your household, then you need to ask where that fresh money came from…

    Social Services??  I see youhad the cash to sponsor a BBQ last week for the whole Prospect area…How about using some of your TIME & FUNDS to weed out these high risk households and start working with police to nip these low-lifes off one at a time?

    Until, WE AS A COMMUNITY, start saying "No More!!" we cannot expect more from our police.

    1-800 tips?, Neighborhood Watch?? (where is the RCIP push to get these going nightly????) 

  9. Come-on-nuh Boy says:

    Come ah tell unna sumtin. If we keeps goin dis way the only hope we got for effective law enforcement is that the crooks will get a little too rambunctious and try to hold up Camana Bay.

    The Premier can then subcontract all the policing to Kenny's private SEAL team. We knows dey always armed and dangerous!


  10. Anonymous says:

    At 8.58 On Thursdays its money to party for the weekend and on Mondays ….well I guess the bills were due. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    If I remember correctly, that station has a CCTV system with a big color monitor right out for view by the customers.  Hopefully there will be some good quality pictures that someone can identify. Maybe there are friends or family of the robbers who are as fed up with this crime spree as the rest of us who will step forward with an identification.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't count on friends and family coming forward!!

      Not on this island….That's a large part of the problem here….

      There are people that know who does what….so guess I should say

      ''they''  are a large part of the problem…

      • Anonymous says:

        I work in a city where it is un-cool to "snitch" and has been for years.

        The city is full of crime and for years the police has been begging people to call the tip lines, annonymous crime lines etc.

        The other night, a family had a domestic issue and 3 members of the family were killed. Not one neighbor called the police! People heard the screams, heard the gunfire. People did not want to get involved. Involvement may have saved one or all 3 of their lives.

        The city is a state of shock and disbelief! The neighborhood is shattered to the core "why couldn't something have been done?"

        The sad thing is…….something could have been….people, neighbors, could have become involved!

        I remember when I first started travelling to GC there was no crime, to speak of. I follow the news on the island as I have some friends on the island and the island is also my get-a-way from where I work.

        Some may feel it is wonderful not to "snitch", but I have seen the consequences build and build over the years, in different circumstances,but what happened over the weekend was devastating and I would never want GC to experience something like that.  "Snitching" when you really think about it,  is helping someone straighten out their lives and possibly save someone else's life. 

        GC~ Don't get so immune to not getting involved. It may not just be a robbery where someone needs help, as was the case in the city near me.

        You have a beautiful island, beautiful people….cherish what you have and work together!



    • Anonymous says:

      they were wearing masks stupid!! no CCTV is gonna see through those to give good pictures!!!!! 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Switching from Thursday to Monday. Who would have thought? How enterprising..Caymans new entrepenuars

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess they've figured out if they can get away with it every Thursday, they can do the same on every other day of the week.  I mean there's no one here to stop them and no one is going to catch them after the fact.  On the way to work this morning, a police car (one of the new ones) came flying down the centre of the two lanes on Shamrock (the lane going in to town was bumper to bumper traffic).  A few hundred feet down the road was a little fender bender.  I didn't think it was really necessary to fly past traffic putting everyone else in danger to get to something like that.  Give it a few weeks and the nice new cars will be just as beaten up and shabby as the older ones and all the police boats. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    How much longer do we have to endure this until the Governor (who I understand is in charge of the police) will step in and actually come to realize that the current way RCIP is operating is failing left, right and center?

    The recent headlines are SHOCKING. I really do not wish anything bad on anyone, but at this stage it seems that unless some high ranking police officers (including the Mr. Baines), some elected officials or the Governor will experience some crime on a personal level nothing will change.

    Hello, wake up, what is going on has an impact on EVERYONE. This is not a couple of druggies at war, or gang related crap. We are ALL targets here!

    • Anonymous says:

      They were wearing police jackets. Maybe thats why they are not being caught.