Lazy people missing athletic gene says new study

| 06/09/2011

(Metro): McMaster University researchers working on mice, removed two genes in their muscles that are essential for exercise and found they could not do as much as their healthy counterparts. The genes control the AMP-activated protein kinase, an enzyme that is ‘switched on’ when you exercise. ‘The mice looked identical to their brothers or sisters but within seconds we knew which ones had the genes,’ said Gregory Steinberg of Canada’s McMaster University.  Dr Steinberg said the breakthrough may lead to treatments for people who found it hard to exercise, including the overweight and people with breathing problems.

‘When you become obese and sedentary that is what makes it so hard to get started. The message is don’t let yourself get to that stage, but if you do this is not a genetic defect, there is something you can do about it.’

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