Mac not giving away Cayman

| 07/09/2011

(CNS): Government is not “giving away the country”, the premier said on Tuesday at the ground breaking of a public road which is to be developed by the Dart Group. The Esterly Tibbetts extension is being funded by the country’s largest investor and will be the first project to commence under the ForCayman alliance between Dart and government. McKeeva Bush revealed that the road project, which is starting in West Bay at Batabano on Dart’s own land, was given Cabinet approval that day, despite the fact that the full deal has not yet been signed. He called on everyone to encourage and support Dart and the forthcoming deal as it would create jobs and get the economy back on track.

“We should be thankful that we have long term projects, sustainable projects on the table here,” he said. “Why do people continue to oppose us and oppose the work that I am trying to get done? Don’t they understand that people are really hurting, that some of the crime we are seeing is because people are not at work?” he asked.

Bush said he didn’t understand why people wanted to twist the project into anything but good and criticised the media. He said the press should be using its editorials every day of the week to talk about the positive projects and the need to get work done. “Stop taking about me and start talking about what we want to get done for people,” he admonished.

He said that government had done its best to put projects on the table and the Dart agreement, along with the Dr Shetty hospital and the Special Economic Zone, were all about creating a better economy for the next ten years. In the face of the criticisms about the alliance with Dart, who is already a major land owner and investor, Bush said it was not about giving away Cayman.

“We are not giving away the country at all,” he said. “We are trying to help people … and soliciting people who can help us. That’s what Mr Dart is doing. Thank God we have got somebody who has Caymanian Status, who has a home here, who has all this property, who can work with us.”

The premier said that the Cayman Islands would have to give some things in return for the investment that Dart was making in the same way that every country that is encouraging investors has had to do. He said the investment by Dart would get people back to work and that government had an equal stake in the alliance with the developer.

He said that while the road construction would create jobs and present business opportunities for local construction firms, it was also true that Dart would benefit as it would open up the land owned by the developer along the road corridor. However, Bush also noted that it would alleviate many wasted hours in traffic jams and would be a safer route from George Town to West Bay in the face of bad weather and flooding.

Bush said that the project was legitimate and legal and that all elements of it would go through the proper regulatory channels and process. Again he criticised the press, saying it was inferring things were being done illegally. Bush said the media was just trying “to find something else to crow about and make noise about the investigation” and what he said he has now phrased “bureaucratic harassment”, which he joked about, asking if people thought it was a good phrase.

He said that Dart, who was paying for the entire $33 million road project, wouldsoon be seeking local firms to tender for the work packages that would be available and he warned local business that it was up to them to ensure that they employed Caymanians and treated their workers fairly. He said government would be making sure that locals were employed and that people wouldn’t get permits where there were unemployed Caymanians that could do the work. Getting people back to work, Bush said, was one of the major motivating factors for the alliance. 

The road project is one element of a ‘swap’ planned between government and Dart, in which the developer eventually wants to take ownership of 2,000 feet of crown land along West Bay Road to create a five star beach front resort and close the existing beach road to traffic between Governors Way and Yacht Drive.

As well as covering the costs of the Esterly Tibbetts extension, Dart will be giving government land in Barkers and West Bay and a cash donation of $18 milllion. The deal is still being negotiated and also involves swapping the George Town land fill with a new modern waste-management facility, which will be constructed by Dart in Bodden Town.

Dart is also being offered some duty concessions on further development of Camana Bay, which it has committed to undertake as part of the ForCayman Alliance.

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  1. DREAD MAC says:

    He's selling it for 2 cent on the dollar. Mac & Money perfect together.

  2. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    I read the Bloomberg piece, as someone suggested.  Some of the deals may have been shady, but that is often what high finance is. It's a game and Mr. Dart is an astute player. Aside from that, he wants to keep his money, as we all do. No crime in that, or if there is it's one that anyone who sees government as a bottomless pit can relate to. Mr. Dart is also interested in the workings of the human brain.

    Edward Bernays, a cousin of Sigmund Freud and the father of modern advertising, was also interested. The Dart parks are lovely and enjoyable everyone agrees and a very good way, at modest expense, to bring the public on your side. Once that is accomplished, as Mr. Bernays formulated, other agendas can take place the main drift however is to convince the public that what is taking place is for their own good. I don't know how Mr.Dart's brain operates but there is an old expresssion that with a million dollars, it's easy to make a second million.  If you can buy a million of something and raise the price a dollar you've made a million dollars. Mr. Dart knows that well and any wealthy investor is aware of it. The real problem is that businessmen of Mr. Dart's stature are beyond being answerable to the public and when they make large investments involving public assets it can lead to problems. Mr. Dart understands Mr. Bush's brain. He desperately needed something to show the public he was in charge, and he was moving forward. The Cayman Alliance, whatever that means, is a public relations coup, as it gives the impression there is a partnership taking place. But this partnership, involving public assets, was entered into without the public's consent or foreknowledge. Mr. Bush is, theoretically answerable to the public if this deal does not turn out to be what it is sold as or have quite the benefits and Mr. Dart is not. That is the difference here. This deal, once signed, is between someone answerable to the public and someone not.  Mr. Dart should know that the public, wanting to be careful, may give more of it's support to this deal if Mr. Dart's partner didn't seem so erratic and ill informed. But perhaps he knows this.

    After studying the human brain perhaps he choose his partner well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There's an old Caymanian tale about an unusually enterprising fellow that used to pick guineps off a shop owner's tree and sell them to him to sell in his shop. Then he would steal the guineps from the shop and sell them back to the shop owner…

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can you give something away that's already been given away?

  5. Please leave our "3rd world" says:

    Please read and learn a little something about the Dart family (dated 1995). These are the people investing in our islands. Cayman, are you happy with that?

    Although sources say Ken is devoted to his family, he's apparently willing to forgo their company to elude the taxman. "I've dealt with a lot of wealthy people, and there are two kinds," says a former Dart executive. "One kind just likes to win but isn't really trying to destroy the competition. Ken Dart is the other kind, like a primitive warrior who glories not just in winning but in standing in the battlefield with his foot on the chest of the slain foe."

    Outside of making money and playing the piano, Ken is intensely interested in the workings of the brain. He has funded several scientists' research through the Darts' charitable foundation. Ken is an "obviously intelligent layman," says J. Christian Gillin of the University of California at San Diego, who conducted a Dart-funded study of how sleep deprivation affects brain function. "The brain as a frontier is a fascination" for Ken, says Frank M. Ochberg, a Michigan psychiatrist and terrorism specialist who has worked for the Secret Service and the FBI and is a regular recipient of the Dart foundation's largesse. Tom Dart says the fascination has a practical application. In 1991, he claims, Ken theorized that research might make it possible to keep his brain alive after his body died, enabling him to avoid estate taxes for eternity. Ken won't comment.


    • Anonymous says:

      I find it fascinating that a man who is interested in keeping his brain alive after his body has died would build such strong rapport with a man who keeps his body alive while his brain is dead.

      Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

  6. oneworld says:


    McKeeva and the Darts are not the same thing. The Darts have to deal with McKeeva because he is the duly elected leader. McKeeva shouldn't get the credit or the blame for their ideas and public works. They may have their own agendas, but they also present a real opportunity for this island and we all benefit. And they seem to be able to accomplish big things despite government. Look at the by-passes gov't built – and compare to the one through Camana Bay. It's called "Planning". 

  7. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Over the last 30 years we have had two groups of politicians.

    Those that use the system to generate money for themselves and to influence voters through projects and hand outs in order to get re elected. They believe that development and capital projects is the only way to generate income for the country. They believe spending creates income. That the better off anyone associated with them and their Government is the better off they will all be. That short term opportunities are in an unlimited supply and happen every year no matter what is going on in the world. That there will always be money to spend or just borrow it. That the environment can mend itself no matter what they do. That because they are elected officials the people owe them large salaries, benefits and a first class existence because they are working so hard. 

    The other group believe it is an honor to be elected and serve the people and country. That their actions get them re elected not hand outs. That there is a balance between nurturing the countries natural assets, professional services, TOURISM, the environment, capital projects, educating Caymanians and keeping the residents and country  safe. That there is a long term balanced plan and always plan for a "rainy day". They believe in a balanced cheque book. That they owe their country, their country does not owe them.

    Until the "other group" gets back in control of our country we will continue to spiral downward. Unless "great Caymanian's" get off their duff's and face the fact that our country is dying a slow death they, we will all see the demise of a great Caribbean country and wonderful people. In the end the first group and developers will be the ONLY winners.

    • Examine the Motive says:

      @30 Years. You hit the nail bang on. Grabing like Carpetbaggers. Thats all they are doing.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Nice comments Lach. Unpaid politicians that I knew in the 60/70s ran our country without reward and I for one think they did a great job. There was some nepotism but so little iti is unworthy of comment. The problem we are faced with these days is that not only are the politicians overpaid but for years they have been making millions on the side. Not all but several that I know of and they have not been too bright in hiding it. I can assure all that will out in the end. There are no secrets in Cayman.
      However looking on the bright side I am comforted by the fact that there are many young Caymanians who have great leadership qualities capable of leading us out of the quagmire that we are in. All of us need persuade these persons to grasp the nettle.

      • Michel says:

        i cannot comment without signing my name. I cannot comment about the 60's but I can from the mid 70's and yes you Chris and Lach are on the money when it comes to your comments. I too would like to see Country first meaning it's population and contracts that go to the proper boards and not ground braking or MOU's before the fact. Let's pray that there are no big storms heading our way. So many have it so tough that should that happen, well God help us the persons struggling day to day who will have to ride it all at home and it's aftermath. And Tranperancy, Education for locals with chances of getting a job after. And of course the salaries are way out of wak compare to those who helped put Cayman on tha map with little or no corruption. first Love one Another and Do unto Others as you would like Done unto You.God Bless, Michel Lemay

      • The problem with that is says:

        Speaking as a member of this latter group, I'm afraid none of us will ever become involved in Cayman public affairs until the entitled lazy civil service that we would have to work with is reformed or replaced, and until we can be certain that the electoral process operates on the basis of integrity and ideas, not 'but Missa MLA sir, my mangoes na growin and mi cyaan make ens meat, I need a hundred dollas for school unifarms'.  I would refuse to even have such people shown into my office.  Frankly until the generational change is complete we will just not do it.  The LA is going to be the last thing to reflect this change and in the interim someone must have a go at running the country.  We worked very hard for the qualifications and opportunities we have and we will not give them up lightly.  


        You may say that is selfish or what have you but the fact is that we need a change of culture not persons.  This will be achieved through natural attrition.  The good thing is that by this time we will all have many years of professional experience to draw upon.  IF Cayman makes it that far.

  8. Anonymous says:

     I guess Caymanians are caught between a rock and a hard place.  The rock is the criminals that seem to be taking over due to lack of opportunities for our young people (jobs) and the many new Caymanians that are grabbing all of the jobs, and the investments and job opportunities provided by Dart.  Given both options I will have to go Dart 100%.  Dart has done more for the economy of the Cayman Islands than all of the banks, mutual fund companies and trust companies combined.  Way to go Dart shut them ALL down and establish your own kingdom I would rather work for you than all of them combined because when the good gets rough they will all get going like they did in so many other countries.  I honestly believe that Dart will stay in Cayman for better or worst.

    • Georgetown Dead says:

      @ I guess: You are correct the residents will work for one man, and like the old Country and Western song " I owe my soul to the Company Store".  Well done UDP now I see the "Better Way Backward" to slavery. Every store in Georgetown suffering, go ask the staff, look for your self. Eating away their equity every day. 60 plus stores plus, diying and no plan to revive GT.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Voice your concerns and objections via email to Cabinet (and the UDP) who still have to decide whether this project goes ahead.

    It's important to get these emails off as quickly as possible!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Do you really think a man like Dart, who made 100's of millions, from the poverty in countries like  Argentina and Zambia, gives a f..k about Cayman ?

    I do not understand how it is possible that a , so called "christian" mckeeva does business with Dart. Or maybe like all politicians and prisoners, he uses religeon to get the support from the naive and uneducated caymanians that support him.

    History will show that this mckeeva has done more bad than good for this country.

    There are only 2 winners in this:  Dart and mckeeva.




    • Right on Target says:

      14:15 go sit down, yue too grudgeful and badminded of MacKeva and Dart.  Red eye,

      • Anonymous says:

        If you're going to insist on worshipping 'MacKeva' you really should at the very least learn to spell his name correctly. People like you really should stay off the air. Hope you can read this.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Premier is not giving away the islands, unfortunately he has already given it away.         In 2003 the Premier gave away 3,000 status now there is absolutely nothing else of equal or greater value in these islands to give away.  Upon the grant of these status full Caymanian  rights were bestowed on each and every person that received such status. There were no longer the need for a work permit, in addition their spouse and under aged dependant child/children were able to recolate here.  In a matter of months jobs were in short supply, our schools were overcrowded, more businesses were being opened on a daily basis, there were more demands on our social services.   I must acknowledge that the granting of CS in 2003 was not all negative, however, the negatives are far more than the positives.  There were deserving invididuals who received status through the grants of 2003 but I am of the belief that they would have gotten status through the immigration department anyway.  In all fairness to Dart I would much rather give, trade and exchage every piece of property that we are in the process of doing with Dart now than having to give away the 3,000 CS in 2003 .  The trade with Dart will result in far greater benefits than what we have received from giving away 3,000 Caymanian Status.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think it is unfair to say status was given away to 3,000. I understand some people may have paid good money for it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    For all that Dart is doing for Cayman, why doesn't he come out and let the Cayman residents thank him? Does anyone even wonder why this man is hiding anymore? For him being in such close ties with the Cayman Islands Government, do they even know him personally? Who exactly is negotiating these deals? I am willing to bet that not even Dart's employees know how this man looks. I dont know about you but this makes me a little uneasy… He has such a major stake in our little community but what really do we know about him?

    • Anonymous says:

      We know that he is a smart man.  And he does smart things.  And he knows Caymanians and the way they treat non Caymanians.  And he knows that dealing with a Caymanian when your not a Caymanianis usually not a great experiance.  If you are Caymanian you have no idea but I'm sure you thinkyou do.  My own small opinion from my own experiance only.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does Dart have to go public, why should he not be able to walk amoungst us without being bothered?  He does not owe us anything and if he decides to have his employees represent him them so be it! The man does not owe you, me or the country a personal appearance.  Get over yourself.  He is a very real person after all he did apply for Caymanian Status and had his photo in the newspaper.  He does not want to be in the newspaper for photo opps, don't you understand that yet? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Very true…Dart is not a Mike Ryan in terms of wanting photo ops.

      • Anonymous says:

        I highly doubt that his picture was in the paper when he was trying to get his status. Remember that in 2003, those statuses were given, oops, handed out by Cabinet. Those were extraordinary circumstances. Besides, I think I would remember if the compass was that big to have made space for 3000+ pictures lol

    • Anonymous says:

      No they do not know what he looks like, never seen him, ever. I asked. Googled it, cant find a picture and very little information, what information there is is very unsettling. We are doing a deal with the devil, oops sorry, thats us.

      • Anonymous says:

        You could not be further from the truth 14:26

        It is easy to find images of Mr Kenneth and Robert Dart, but how on earth does that make any differnce? do you, your children, or relatives NOT enjoy any or the public parks that the Dart Group has constructed maintained for the past 5+ years because you don't know what the donators look like, do you have any idea how many charities and organizations the company has helped and continues to do so on a daily basis without thanks?

        Are you aware that as much as the family refuted the suggestions to call the park on South Sound the Dart Park it was named that anyway.

        So until you know what thiscompany has done and continues to do for the communities and individuals then it is really unwarrented to be suggesting that the company has nothing but good intentions.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you and all inquiry minds that want to know what Kenneth Dart looks like I can send you a photo for a small fee of $50.00 just for viewing rights one log on password protected no downloads but you will have to wait for a 24 hours until I set up my website and open my paypal account.

  13. Brit says:

    Whichever way you look at it it's already gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used to be a wonderful island now look at  what the so called powers that be have done to it!  They're alright though they have enough money to pay bills & buy food!

  14. Knot S Smart says:

    My late father used to say that people often do things 'ass foremost', and I never did get what he meant until now. Seems to me like we are doing this project back ways – that is: break ground and start the project – then do the agreement afterwards.

    So to use my father's words in my own sentence:

    'It appears to me that our Govt is operating Ass Foremost!'.

  15. Ask me no questions and I'll tell you.. says:

    "My fellow Caymanians I have a dream.

    All of you will work for the Civil Service or for Mr. Dart."

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe and maybe not. Maybe we will all slave for him if we are not extinct. I went to ken dart and kenneth dart google site as suggested on another comment and you should all do it too before he manages to stop all your accesses( not only the road) and our premier is a school boy compare to him, so he wants to make certain he gets what he wants along with his buddies. we are not  playing with fire here but dynamite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well who else would employ them if they had the choice?

    • Jayman-WTF says:

      Mr. Dart already owns the Gov't so…. therefore he owns the Civil Service too….. lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mac is telling the truth "Govt in not giving away the country" Cayman has been sold a long time ago  from the 70's and 80's.

  17. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    "And to let you know I'm serious about "The Cayman Alliance", I am now forgoing my enormous salary and pension until you see the benefits of this deal." 

  18. Jayman-WTF says:

    I would just like to throw something out there to the public…. anybody…. anyone… please tell me…..

    is it just me that can forsee that one day Dart can VERY EASILY become our 'dictator' and we will all have to succumb to his every demand….. WHEN HE SAYS JUMP OF COURSE WE SAY… HOW HIGH MY BOY…!?  

    I would really like some public input from those who see things in a broader spectrum…  please…

  19. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    We have to cast off this YOKE (UDP) that's holding back our progress.

  20. Caymanians for logic says:

    This is how I see it:


    DART Gives:

    1. New road to west bay- $33M

    2. New Dump-$30M

    3. New Seven Mile Public beach near yacht club- $40M ( using current real estate values)

    4. 6 acre Extension to existing Public Beach/new park – $80M ( using Ezzard's values)

    5. Cleans up and caps existing dump- $28M+

    6. Gives 72 acres of swamp & waterfront in Barkers

    7. Invests in 2 to 3 hotels- (Say $200m min total)

    8. Continues to invest in Camana Bay (will not guess what that is valued here)

    9. 20 acres of land for school, police station, park, football field, etc.

    10. $18M cash for affordable housing, community projects, scholarships, etc

    11. 20+ acres of land for road corridor (normally Government has to pay for that)

    12. Misc stuff ( I am still reading the fine print)


    Government (We) give:

    1. 72 acres of swamp land in Salt Creek

    2. 2,500 feet of West Bay road

    3. We take liability for dump (in case the stuff already in it kills someone)

    4. $45M to $54M worth of duty & Fee concessions( when they spend money to earn it).

    5. Ongoing Tax concessions on hotel (when they build them)

    6.  Some land rezoning at Camana Bay (Dart already owns the land)

    7. In fairness, misc stuff ( I am still reading the fine print)


    DART spends the said $415M in next 5 years and $1.25B in next 15 years.

    Government Spends $0…thats right $0!! NADA!


    The Cayman Islands get continuous economic stabalized growth, jobs, investment, and needed infrastructure which the government will never afford at this rate.


    Dart gets improved value on his lands( some significantly) and a better business plan for the hotels. Also confidence that he can invest here.


    Folks, even those of you who are PPMers and UDPers, if you cannot see this is a serious deal in favour of these islands something is wrong. Yes, we cannot drive the SMB road all the way to WB. Yes some persons prefer the swamp in Salt Creek over the swamp in Barkers. But when I add up the dollars and add up the economic impact it is clearly in our favour. I am sure DART has done his homework as well and is getting dollar for dollar EVENTUALLY (he would not be rich if he was foolish) but in these times, in this world, I for one fully supports this move.  Now lets get it done.




    • Anonymous says:

      "Continues to invest in Camana Bay (will not guess what that is valued here)" – LOL

      How does this factor into it?  What else should we give him to continue to seek returns in his own development?  You moron.

      • Anonymous says:

        10:29 becasue every time a new building goes up fees have to be paid duty is paid on materials and Caymanians are employed, don't take the word of some radio hungry politicians who tell you there are NO Caymanians that work for the Dart compaines, ask Immergation department in the form of an FOI get the truth. Over 60% are Caymanians FACT

        • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

          Maybe but only if you include the ones that were "given" status my McKeewa!

        • Anonymous says:

          And you might want to see how many have moved on from the companies he has interests in and under what circumstances.

    • Libertarian says:

      Well, my friend, this is good to know, but always remember that the real force that propels this economy, is not in the big fish fry, but the little ones, the small local businesses / companies on the island. The big fish usually continue to grow big and eat up the little fish. You would want to keep the market competitive – not just provide jobs under a hand-out system. Regards

      • Hungry in the Sea says:

        Little fish vs. Big Fish


        In many economies you may be correct however in Cayman we are totally dependent on INWARD investment to keep alive. No "little fish" is coming here with INWARD INVESTMENT.


        ps; Also understand the big fish on our reefs really hate the tiny lion fish. Clearly big fish do not always win even in your hypothetical situation  🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      What a sad sad people we have become. 

      Ready to accept any handouts. 

      Nothing is for free.  It will be too late for this little island when you all realise the cost.

      We'll have some unpleasant explaining to do to our children and grandchildren. 

      Caymanians – we used to know better than this!


    • Anonymous says:

      Please add me to the side of logic.  We need to get mnoving on this. There is way too much negativity going on and nothing happening because of all this noise (gum-flapping). Ezzard does not have a better plan; neither does Alden. Let's move Cayman ahead; put people back to work so that by Christmas things may not seem as desperate.  Mr. Dart and the rest of your group, please ignore this VOCAL MINORITY. The majority of people recognize what you are doing to help Cayman and we appreciate it.


      PS.  I really would be happier though, if you would change the name to the correct spelling and call it: CAYMANA BAy. Thanks for your consideration.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr. Dart and the rest of your group, please ignore this VOCAL MINORITY.

    • Anon says:

      Please can you give me some of the wool that you have over your eyes? I need to make some blankets for my family.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm a CAYMANIAN who completely AGREES and SUPPORTS the Dart – Gov't For Cayman Alliance.

      Well said!


    • An on nymus says:

      OK 09:01 fine you have made your point. Now google Kenneth Dart and do your homework and tell me again at 0$ in thelong run. Only the Hotels with all inclusive & armed security and all that if this continues will succed in the future and you tell us who will benifit then. Probably his own Airlines who at the end of the day will serve his own pockets and those involved in the Alliance For Dart (Cayman). don't let the $$$ blind you and study it carefully and if you research well enough you may even see a picture of your human saviour and make certain you read between the lines and maybe we should make him Premier so that he can relocate all Caymanians or worse ? and if your honest and not promotin your   human savior, or our infamous premier in politics but very popular on you tube. please then tell us (the majority of Caymanians voters) with families openly what you found about your smart billionnaire patner publicly and sign your name as it will definatly add credibility to your fairy tale story. remember the old staying if it's too good to be true it propably is!

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember the old saying that if you can do it better,cheaper, easier than you will succeed in your business.  An easy accomplishment in Grand Cayman where everything is done the Cayman way or the get on the plane and leave my island way.  The hardest part is trying to get an in.  Who is better off with better businesses?  The people who live in Cayman.  Who is not better off?  Those who have a lock on businesses in Cayman.  CUC. CIG.  Pretty much every business that starts with C.  The people of Grand Cayman could use a better cheaper airline, hotels, food,  gas, power. but yes it will hurt the Alliance for Caymanian only monopoly.  So it will never happen until the people of Cayman get smarter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Brilliant, Caymanians for logic, how is that what you have written makes so much sense yet few bloggers on this site (and most other) refuse to see it in light of the facts only?

      I think I have the answer, becasue they did not think of it first.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, you mean the land at salt creek, the land in the WB road, the duty concessions and the hotel tax concessions have NO VALUE?


      Ease up on the coke-pipe yute…

      • Caymanians for logic says:

        Read my comments properly before uttering nonsense….I was talking on the cash requirements of both sides to get this economy going. However, you as most seem to miss this central point of concessions…You can only get them IF you spend money here- 85% of something is a whole lot better than 100% of nothing. And as for the tiny stip of WB road, that is more than compensated for by the 100 foot bypass corridor of DART land given free. (also note that 72 acres in Salt Creek is being EXCHANGED for 72 acres in Barkers- please re-read my earlier post comprehensively this time).


        You may disagree with moving the country back into a stableeconomy, getting jobs to our people, even not having the government going to beg some technocrat in the FCO to pay our Caymanian civil servants salaries but what is clear is that this is a ZERO CASH FLOW from our government scenario with no debt commitments …all in a time when the government does not have the money to even fly the MRCU plane when needed–there is not a lot logical that can be said against this Alliance. Political but not logical. 



    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 09:01, are you serious? A good deal for these islands? What are you smoking because I want some! I hope you can say that when Dart owns every business in Cayman (& runs the government too) & he tells us how little we have to work for! He is running all businesses out of business starting with small businesses, & if you think it is good for one person to own all businesses then something wrong with you. It is happening, just look around. Talk about a serious monopoly! It is scarey!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You already have, This is just what we know about mac, what else are you planning to "swap" Young caymanians you must stop this man before he gives your country away completely. Cant wait to see the new line at the airport arrivals "Dart Employees only"

    • Jayman-WTF says:

      What is the solution….. ? I am a young Caymanian and i agree… how do we stop this snowball from rolling and growing bigger with every roll….?

  22. Beenie says:

    Well I hope unna dont drive on the road.  What a bunch of hypocrites cuz you know as soon as the road open, unna going be the first ones on it. Probably the same ones sneaking off to Camana Bay to watch a movie but dont want unna PPM friend to see.

    Unna wants to complain about everything but cant suggest anything different and dont give me the due process spiel.  The man just told unna everything is on the level.  Why would he put himself in the position to be proved a liar?  If I had 15 acres and wanted to a road on it I could.  I would go Planning and say "I want to put a road there, what do I haveto do.  Dart having the experience of developing major projects, it would be a easy thing for him to do.

    To all the naysayers, show me that they have not submitted the proper applications or shut up.  

    God bless Mckeeva. Heaven knows he needs it with all the crabs in this bucket.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh. That's good Beenie.  Yes, I imagine that people will be using the main road into West Bay – what choice will they have?


      • Beenie says:

        Easy . GO BY BOAT!!

        Surely you would do that before using Dart's EVIL highway.

        Whats that? Not convenient you say? Unreasonable?  Unna should now a thing or two about being unreasonable. Unna wrote the book on it.

        • Anonymous says:

          My point was:  of course people will use the road.  Whether or not they like it, that will be the main road into West Bay.  That does not make them hypocrites. 

      • Anonymous says:

        And I mean UNNA as in you people, as in you people posting, you anti-Dart, Dart is the devil come to take us away to hell in a knapsack people. Dont use the road.  Use a boat.

      • Anonymous says:

        what choice do the have now??

    • Anonymous says:

      Using "unna" makes you sound like an idiot.

      • Beenie says:

        Unna is a accepted informal colloquialism spoken by Caymanians so put that in ya pipe and smoke it. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Still makes you sound like a idiot.

          • Beenie says:

            Wha ya say? Who are you to tell us anything? What are you? Some kind of CNS grammer police?  Go so sit down and stop showing your ignorance. 

            You are in a Caymanian blog in case you forgot. Not American or Canadian of British. CAYMANIAN. I repeat. CAYMANIAN. 

            Get it? Got it? Good. Im sure you have forgotten your roots and where you came from but I wont anf I can bet you are still going show your ignorance after all thats what being ignorant is all about.

            • Anonymous says:

              like he said.  Sounds like an idiot.  Maybe its not just the unna.

            • Anonymous says:

              Ooooooooh, someone pi$$ed in your Cheerios this morning?

              Who says I am not Caymanian? I could be a Caymanian who wants to be taken seriously and not be branded as an idiot or maybe not.

          • Anonymous says:

            It's an idiot… not a idiot…

          • Anonymous says:

            Can any of unna tell me what in the world is "a idiot"?

          • Anonymous says:

            Can any of unna tell me what in the world is "a idiot"?

      • Anonymous says:

        Your ignorance is showing. That is native Caymanian dialect and we are entitled to use it. Every country has dialects.     

    • Anon says:

      Who yo mamma is? I wanna tell yo mamma wat u postin here! So she can gader all unna and teach unna some common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      We will have to drive on the road because it will be the only one and I'm sure you will be one ofthe first to complain about the traffic.  Remember how it used to be a few years ago?  Yes, you leave home at 6 or 6.30 am to get to work in GT by 8.30.

      • Anonymous says:

        It was horrible then.  it was the PPM that built the section of the bypass that lessened the traffic.  The long term plan was to have the two  methods of accessing West Bay.  Now we will remian with one access no alternative in case of traffic problems..

        Mac is not a forward thinker, he is a inward and backward thinker.

        He is selling Cayman not giving it away.



        • Anonymous says:

          It was PPM that left the current government with the bill for that land also…not sure Ms. Mitzi has been paid yet!


          And If we have traffic problems with a 100 foot road corridor you folks in WB will be living on top of each other, literally. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No Sir, I will not complain because there will be no traffic and I do remember how it was before the bypass was open and I am glad it did.  I will be even happier when this extension is completed.

  23. Paradise Lost says:

    Nothing good will come of this.  Welcome to D. I.

    • At least Dart give nice results says:

      At least Dart give us world class results!  Camana Bay is a success, period.  No one can say otherwise.  If we actually left our future development int he hands of politicians and chief officers with HUGE paychecks, we would be going nowhere fast.  Just last week our own (excuses excuses) Govt staff laid us out to dry internationally by snubbing the Financial Times…Gee, FT not worth our time or efforts?  That is a serious faulire!  Dr. Dax, you should be ashamed of yourself and your underworked and overpaid staff and can only dream to join the Dart team…

      Don't forget our failures, they will pave the future:


      CNS buisness report from a few days ago: "Dax Basdeo, Chief Officer with the finance ministry believes that Cayman did pretty well, considering the Islands were not able to supply the panel of judges with specific data."

      “Our number three placement in the Best Quality of Life category was positive news as this position was awarded without our active participation in the process,” he says. “While we were approached and invited to submit country details, the deadline set was unattainable given the amount of data collection necessary and our current staff capacity limitations.”  




      • Anonymous says:

        OK, that's a valid comment about Camana Bay but where are the tourists to keep the hotels, restaurants, shops, dive centres, taxi drivers, etc. going and earn local people the money to use the facilities DART has developed ?

        It's a bit like when companies like McDonalds moved into the Soviet Union and the locals couldn't afford the hard currency prices. You can build all the 'world class' facilities you want but unless they benefit the local community they ain't worth spit and they increase the divide within the local population.

        Reading this it looks like you haven't learnt anything from the questionable (but apparently completely legal) deals that put Ritz-Carlton on Cayman.  

      • oneworld says:

        Does not Camana Bay add significantly to the quality of life here? Our rating number 3 could be because of the Darts and in spite of our asleep at the wheel bureaucrats. Camana Bay is hard to miss – and never fails to impress. The fountains alone are simply stand-out! 

      • Anonymous says:

        A success on whose terms?  Is every business there making a profit?  And how long has it taken some of them to get to that stage?  Or is it simply a success because people can go there and let their children run through fountains?  Wake up – all that glitters is not gold.   

  24. No Ship can Dock here says:

    If Bush loved the people andwanted to get jobs for Caymanians, and not land for Dart we would have the construction of the two Piers in Georgetown going on now. Not talk and MOU with a company found guilty of GRAFT. Who love what ? that is my question. What is the cost of Zoning changes , what is the cost for a road change, everything has a cost and who pays in the end? 

    • Anonymous says:

      In where? Guyana? Or do you mean George Town in Grand Cayman? Just sayin’ …

  25. Anonymous says:

    No Mr Premier you're not giving it away you're selling it my the foot to the highest bidder.

    Just remember most of it isn't your's to sell.

  26. Vinicia London's says:

    Here in the Cayman Islands, if you are of Caymanian decent your words mean nothing …

    what you think means nothing …

    what you would or wouldn't like to see means nothing.


    You may ask why is that? …


    Answer: Because more than likely you don't have the money to shove into "The ones in charge of the Islands" so therefore your thoughts,words or concerns are considered useless. ( Ain't that ashame!?!)

    And I DO NOT AGREE that "Dart" should be allowed to build a road… the Caymanians should have a vote weither they would want this to be approved. It's not right at all!


    But don't worry guys keep God in your prayers,thoughts,heart,mind and soul.

    And everything will be alright.

    God never sleeps nor does he slumber.

    He see's all and knows all … one day everything shall be good again.

  27. Anonymous says:

    He is not giving it away. He is selling it to his friends. There is a difference.

  28. May I see if for myself, please? says:

    After reading the first few lines of this artice, I can only scratch my head and ponder…

    Was someone standing downwind of herbal medicine being burned on an open fire?

    Stop standing down wind.

  29. Ubelievedat says:

    IF the "deal is "being negoiated" how is it possible to have the Premier to have already spent the $18 as "money given to him by Dart"???

    IF the $18 million is part of a contracted deal for Crown land, then ALL of that money ($18mm) belongs to the bank account in the name of the Cayman Islands!!!

    IF the above two statements are TRUE, then the PREMIER has once again broken the process and procedure, laws and regulations and should be personally held accountable to REPAY all of these monies; and

    Should be immediately DISMISSED/TERMINATED/RELIEVED from his Government podt/function/duty!!

    "Dart will be giving government land in Barkers and West Bay and a cash donation of $18 milllion. The deal is still being negotiated"

    And peopke, Dart and the Premier is trying to make a FOOL out of us in this land swap. The land is Barkers is extremely extremely shallow for at least a quater of a mile, has a turtle grass bottom with hard-crusty coral spurs – you cant walk in the ocean without shoes, there's no beach similar or equivalent to that of 7 mile beach, the value of land is substantially lower, the LOCATION is'down in the bush' like we Caymanian speak about and its almost like we're being pushed into a corner outside of civilisation and there's not proper street lighting, and its located in the most desolate place of Cayman wherea few of our most horendous crimes were committed.

    SO, tell me, what kind of SWAP is this??????????

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't know about the rest of your points,but barkers is beautiful.

    • Anonymous says:

      You clearly can’t read what was written anywhere other than CNS and you seem very angry. Nowhere did it say government had spent $18m. The “land swap” is CNS standard anti-government twist on the Alliance deal. Cayman actually gets a NEW seven mile public beach opposite the yacht club as well as an extended public beach and park. Barkers land swap is a swap for same amount of swamp land in salt creek. Obviously barkers much better for us.

      Get real and stop being so negative.

  30. Ubelievedat says:

    NO GOVT, present or future CANNOT give away any CROWN land,  Any giving away of Crown land MUST be autorised by the Governor.  The Governor has the SOLE responsibility of protecting or safe-keeping the lands of the Caymanian people.  We NEED to request the FOI to release the Governor's authorisation on this matter.

    Please read excerpt of Section 38, 2009 Constitution, Cayman Islands.

    Powers to dispose of land

    38. Subject to any law for the time being in force in the Cayman Islands, the Governor or any
    person duly authorised by him or her in writing under his or her hand may, in Her Majesty’s name and on Her Majesty’s behalf, make and execute under the public seal grants and dispositions of any land or other immovable property within the Cayman Islands that may be lawfully granted or disposed of by Her Majesty.

    • Anonymous says:

      Government not giving away anything….exchanging lands. Road that was broken yesterday however was on Darts land. Nothing to do with crown property.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it was all about the breaking of ground for a new road on private property then perhaps Government ministers should not have been present and used it as a photo opportunity.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier is the also the ultimate authority in the Cayman Islands and has the power to sell, swap or give away anything that belongs to the Cayman Islands.   People should undrestand this.  No one can stop the Premier from being the Premier until his term in office is over.  So to all you haters, take that. 

      • Anonymous says:

        What utter, utter nonsense!

      • Anonymous says:

        Just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, now we have TWO people thinking with McKeeva's brain

    • Anonymous says:

      Block 12C, Parcel 394 better known as the Ritz property – check out the zoning!!! The eastern half is zoned PUBLIC OPEN SPACE! Why is nobody questioning how it was allowed for a golf course "private" and condos "again private" to be put on this property? The LAW specifically states what can and can't be done on Public Open Space zones. An interesting fact is that the Panning website had removed the Public Open Space and mangrove buffer designation from this parcel approximately a year ago and the when the infamous $350,000 letter became public it was changed back!


      Development and Planning Regulations

       17. (1) Public Open Space zones comprise predominantly undeveloped areas of land vested, or intended to be vested, in the Government or over which the public have rights and which is available to members of the public generally (whether subject to fulfilling any lawful condition or not) for purposes of sport, recreation, or the enjoyment or study of nature. Such areas include, but are not limited to, parks, reserves, beaches, playgrounds, sports grounds and playing fields, plazas, public access ways and land set aside for public purposes development and subdivisions under regulations 28 and 32.

      (2) It is the duty of the Authority to preserve Public Open Space zones.

      (3) The Authority shall permit development within a Public Open Space zone only if the development-

                  (a) is compatible with the character and function of the zone: and

                  (b) buildings forming a part of such development are directly associated with, and promote, the principal purposes and actual use of the zone.

      (4) In considering any application for development in a Public Open Space zone, ythe Authority shall ensure that the intended development-

                  (a) will preserve, to the greatest possible extent, the natural features and character of the land:

                  (b) is not detrimental to the natural character or appearance of the land:

                  (c) accords preference to use of natural building materials:

                  (d) includes adequate landscaping and planting to improve the appearance of the zone: and

                  (e) displays a highstandard of design and use of materials consistent with the character and heritage of the Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone care to try to access their Public Open Space? Is the developer a Caymanian? How did he get status? How long had he been here? Who was his realtor? Anyone know if it is true that Mac has a condo at the Ritz? Anyone know how he got it? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

        This place stinks (and we should stop blaming it on the dump).

  31. Anonymous says:

    "What I see happening is pure, unadulterated bu-bureacracy HARASSMENT!"

    • Anonymous says:

      I am waiting for the day when Dart will be in control of us going to the restroom.  I don't think that is far away.  Anytime, one person is the greatest stakeholder of property, especially on a small island, just remember the driver is in control.  You get knocked down or you are run over.  It is so strange how government claim the locals land and it is 'crown land', and they annot get it back, yet the government is giving away the country's 'crown land' to its rich investor.  

      I wonder how well was he accepted in the other countries that he lived in or tried to invest in? What I read online didn't leave a good taste in my mouth and less my thoughts.  Why are we so gullible?  Money is the root to all evil, now, we should be able to understand why the Premier has fallen so much in love witht his deal that is like manna from above.  It will spool if it is not collected now.  

  32. Anonymous says:

    As we all know, the "full deal" involves the disposal of Crown Land. After listening to Gilbert McLean's helpful rendition of the Governor's Investing in Land Law on Cayman Crosstalk this morning, it is absolutely clear the UDP and Dart are riding rough-shod over the law of the land by not adhering to the processes required in the aforementioned law for the transfer of land owned by the people.

    The UDP think that breaking ground on Dart owned land is a clever move; however, those who understand what's going on will see it as a contemptuous and cynical move; a direct assault on the authority of the Governor who must sign off on the disposal of Crown Land — the central core of government's deal with Dart — which he has not yet done. Another Bush slap in the Governor's face. The arrogance of the UDP (and, quite frankly, Dart in this case) is simply breathtaking.

    If this blatant breach of the Governor's Investing in Land Law (2005 Revision) goes unchallenged, one will have no option but to conclude that everyone associated with the For Cayman Alliance agrees with the premier's opinion that "substance is more important than process;" as if they are disparate concepts!  Of course, what everyone knows is that it's the premier's blatant abuse of process that has created a total lack of substance: not one significant infrastructure, social, or economic project launched during the first 2-years of UDP administration.  And now, once again, desperate to get something off the ground as soon as possible, Bush and Dart have ignored the Governor's Investing in Land Law and moved forward without due process.

    Believe it or not, I'm all for the public/private partnership with the Dart Group, but NOT at the expense of trashing the laws of the land.   "Substance via due process = good governance": A lesson yet to be learned by our beloved premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure you want to use Gilbert as a legal advisor when he doesn’t understand them at ask. Also, it would be nice if you quoted the name of the law correctly!

    • Anonymous says:

      It's actually the Governor's VESTING of Lands Law… but good to know someone knows what they are talking about???

    • Anonymous says:

      "Investing in Land" Law, you should probably learn what you are talking about before commenting. This island has too many "experts", too quick to provide an opinion without knowing what they are talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was it cross-talk that made everyone think its the Governor INVESTING of Lands Law//?? its the VESTING of lands law… 

    • Anonymous says:

      What pityful and pathetic nit-picking.  Na-na-de-na-na!  So he got the name of the law mixed up,;  "vesting"  "investing" so what?  Have you  a comment on the main thruts of the point, or are you content to act like children in a playground?  Pathetic!

  33. Anonymous says:

    “What I see happening is…..” Can’t get that tune outta ma hed, LOL. Three cheers to the Gowernment…
    He are making things happen and “at a quick pace….. “

    • Anonymous says:

      Criminals robbing businesses and mugging individuals in the streets are also making things happen for themselves and at a quick pace: If you don't get caught, robbery is a very fast way to bypass due process (i.e., getting a job) and get come cash in your pocket.  Mr Bush is "making things happen fast" by trashing due process and the law of the land.  I think there's another much bigger slap coming from the Govenernor in the very near future.  

  34. Right on Target says:

    The People of Cayman need to remember after Hurricane Ivan.  If it was not for MacKeva Bush you all would still have Tarpaulin on the roof top, beside think of the money you all got to buy nice furniture, and appliances.

    I hope all of you who have a conscience to remember this, and when PPM Government took over after that they took away the rest of the money to continue the projects.  No matter what anyone want to say about MacKeva Bush I will not forget the good that he has done to Cayman.

    I dont know why then anyone is grumbling about him being friends with Kenneth Dart.  For Petes sake, the man is spending his own money, and has not put a gun to no one head.  He is making Cayman Islands look better and pretier.  He has eschanged much more than he has gotten, and I am sure when he finish the road every one will be proud to drive on it.  How many Caymanians go to the beach?  No body go any more so if dart want a fair trade let him be,  It is only these hotels who have already made it that is setting Caymanians up against Dart.  I do not know how Caymanians cannot realize that MacKeva is the best person to lead this country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious?  Only West Bay was taken care of, the rest of the Island fended for themselves.  Do you forget also who didn't want the world to know we were hit by a Cat 5 hurricane.  What short memories do we have.  Do you remember First Cayman Bank??????

      • Anonymous says:

        I mist agree with you.  I worked for the Hurricne Relief Committee at that time.  Tell me how many people got any of the generators, tarps, etc, that was sent by the two cruise ships from President Bush?  Or didn't you hear about how McKeeva and his people raised such a ruckus on the dock that the captains of those cruise ships recalled their crew and weighed anchor and left.  We are Caymanians who suffered damage to our house which is located on the bluff in Beach Bay.  We repaired our house ourselves, bought our own generator and suffered until CUC came in on November 18th and turned on our power.  McChavez did not even know that we existed, so we've got nothing to thank him for except the fact tht we can just barely hold our heads above water now due to the exorbitantly high cost of living brought on by this man who is continuously getting us deeper and deeper in debt.  I HOPE THE GOVERNOR WAKES UP AND EXERCISES HIS "EXECUTIVE POWER",  DISSOLVES THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY AND GETS RID OF THIS DICTATOR WHO KEEPS ON RAPING THE CAYMAN ISLANDS FOR HIS OWN USE.

        • HAIL THE MAN says:

          07:16  Because people like you, collected Insurance Big time, , many of you all to.  But guess what you then applied for Government to fix una roof top too.  Down right scammers, wanting to have insurance and get money from government to Shame on una all.  Scammers

          • Anonymous says:

            How do you know who the Anonymous poster at 7:16 is?  I wager you do not.  Yet, you have no problem accusing them of being scammers.  Perhaps you are feeling a bit guilty about your own actions after Ivan?


    • Ubelievedat says:

      whaaaaaaaaaat?……….u must've fell down n hit your head and lost your memory!!!!

      Or you must"ve been in Turks&Caicos!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Look, It's not what he does, it's the way that he does it. 

      The Premier has become (some sday he has always been) a demagogue and a despot.  He rides rough-shod over due process (and the law) in vain and stumbling attempts to get projects off the ground, under his naive slogan of "substance over process," as if they are divorced concepts!  His intentions may be honourable but his methods of going about his duties is brash, arrogant, undemocratitic, and fundamntally flawed. In modern day political life, business cannot be conducted in his manner.  

      Mr. Bush will never concede that his intereference in the government's procurement processess has actually led to a lack of substance — i.e., not one infrastructure or inward investment project off the ground during his first 2-years as Premier. If Mr. Bush doesn't take stock of his modus operandi, he is likely to come unstuck, which will be a shame because he will have compromised what could have been a prestigious political career.

    • Anonymous says:

      are you crazy, or just extremely short sighted?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am bewildered by those who would represent McKeeva Bush as some sort of "Hero of Hurricane Ivan".  Nothing against Mr Bush on this one but it was everyone working together that brought this country back, not any one person.

      If you think you are "Right on Target", the only target I think you might be right onto is the commode.


    • Anonymous says:

      Right on Target, you are so correct to say that MacKeva is the best person to lead this country, but where to poverty and disillusionment?  It's obvious that he was the best  thing to happen to you maybe due to the status grants of 2003.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasn't it McKeeva Bush who told the world that we did not need help and would not let the press in because he was afraid of what it would do to tourism and banking.  The world was ready to help but he would not allow them.  Also, if he did a lot for his cronies after the hurricane.  However, many people who really needed help did not get – as per usual!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The vast majority of Caymanians took care of their own repairs after Hurricane Ivan. The people who got a little "hep" from McKeeva are part of the 8 THOUSAND  who are at Social Services 7 YEARS later still looking for handouts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn't let this one slide, sorry but neither "MacKeva" nor McKeeva gave me any money, shutters, appliances or food after Ivan and if that is what is behind your decision on who the best person is to run the country and there are more people who think like you then come election time, we're all screwed.

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Right on Target says, "How many Caymanians go to the beach?  No body go any more so if dart want a fair trade let him be," Another ignorant small minded old timer?

      Speak for yourself!!!  I go every chance I get and that is every weekend. Not everyone sits in a bar drinking and playing dominos every weekend.  Just this past weekend I saw dozens of cars parked along side the road exactly where it will soon be closed off. On the beach I saw plenty plenty families of all nationalities playing in the surf. And yes, many were Caymanian!!  Can you believe it?!! It's true. Believe it or not, life isn't over for everyone, just you, Old Timer Right on Target.

      You people need to open your eyes and broaden your horizons to realize that the financial industry is not the ONLY reason people, and that includes your own people, live, play, work and raise their families here.

      WAKE UP!

      The reasons people are here are diminishing fast.  Big Mac is making sure of it.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if our "self-appointed" realizes that if Cayman starts to tax peoples property and income like it is done in the US, that the 'saviour" will renounce his Caymanian Status like he he renounced his American citizenship, so as not to pay Taxes, so the quicker that our "self-appointed" wakes up to this fact and face the facts that we are being used, the better for Cayman!

    • Santa Claus says:

      I call it WIN-WIN….dart gets nice tax free lodgings and we get WORK and investment!!!

      Clearly you can see that?! What do you want someone to come here hand us money for free and don’t profit? You should stop believing in Santa Claus.

      WIN–WIN cayman or TAX FREE–Work for Unna, same thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        You show me the jobs and I'll agree with you.

        It ain't going to happen dude. The labouring jobs will go to ex-pats working on minimum wage (or less!) and the real management posts will go to DART's friends.

  36. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Yea fool-fool, you not giving it away now as you already gave it away!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Really Mac. Jobs for who ? Come on now if we did not know you better we would almost believe you. You sure broke grounds quickly once you heard of a petition being signed. We can't blame Mr. Dart for being such a smart business man who has finally met the person of his dreams. And we wonder why the U.S. is not too happy with us. Google Kenneth Dart and you will learn more about our human savior. Did you Mac ? If you did not,you should. You'll get a good idea who  your Caymanian Status partner is.  Much bigger Countries have tried this before and we are not a population of 40 millions + either. Elections soon come and Mac will put one of his puppets in charge and retire somewhere. Katching $$ and history repeats itself. You are playing with fire my friend and the future of our grand grand grandchildren and that is some countries called treason and if you can find Kadhafi ask him or the Argentinians. Why use a bank when you can own it as the old saying says.How does the saying go Mac?  Tell me who your associates are and I will tell you what you are. For Cayman Alliance, please. and what's worst you problably believe what you say and that's the real scary part.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am a small business.  I would like a duty concession so I can stay in business and not have to layoff my employees.

    I don't have millions/billions.  I don't count with this Premier.  I and my employes lose.

    Mr. Bush:  Stop criticizing the press.  Stop going against the wishes of the people.

    Stop giving away the peoples roads.  You are destroying this Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you applied to cabinet for the concessions? Simple letter will do. Locals have been getting concessions as well in case you did not know- it’s just hitting the headlines. Write cabinet instead of wasting your time on this political blog- maybe your employees will be better off.

  39. Strangers in the Night says:

    Yeah, Right! He who feels it knows it (& he sure as hell don't feel it)! Anyway Big Mac, it's too late because you have already given away most of the country so why not finish the job? We know for sure you are set for life, but what about us?
    Who is benefitting from this "wonderful" deal, because it sure is NOT Cayman! I wonder who & Dart is feeling good!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush I respect you to the max but you have a problem if youre gonna please Caymanians,I dont care what you do youre not gonna please them and let me tell you something else the next Premier is gonna have the same problem.NO ONE can please our people….

    • An on nymus says:

      Oh boy, sad sad sad. 21.01 If you don't mind we will try anyhow. If you have given up we haven't. Please don't see take this man as your idol anymore if you once did. At least you know he won't be the next Premier and back back on the promises that were made last elections and those that were accomplished. I call it a wolf in sheep clothing nah! a big big crocodile like the one caught in the Phillipines yesterday.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Your spelling is actually not too bad, and I'm sure your punctuation pleases Mac to no end. Congratulations, we Caymanians (the rest of us) are very pleased with your efforts.