Committee to review UK relations, Bush reveals

| 09/09/2011

(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has said he is seeking Cabinet approval for the creation of a local committee which will review the country’s current relationship with the UK and complete a report within the next two months. McKeeva Bush said that times have changed since the 1991 white paper that still governs the UK’s relationship with the overseas territories and which the British government now wants to review. He said that the territories had little input to that document and in order for the relationship to become a two way street this time it was very important that the OTs were all involved properly in shaping future strategy.

“This feedback is necessary as it is the UK minister’s intention to discuss with each territory the detailed substance of the relationship with the UK and to create opportunities for exchange of views and discussions, offer suggestions, advice and propose alternative strategies that will enhance the relationship,” Bush told his legislative colleagues in the country’s parliament on Thursday afternoon as he asked them to participate in a meaningful way in the process.

The committee will be expected to produce an interim report in 60 days from the start of the meetings ahead of  a meeting to be held between the FCO Minister and Heads of Government from the Overseas Territories.

Plans for the review were announced at the Overseas Territories Consultative Council (OTCC) in November last year when the OT minister said the UK was in the process of reviewing the relationship with the Overseas Territories, and framing a new strategy to guide this relationship in the future.

Bush explained that since Partnership for Progress and Prosperity was published in 1991, advances had been made, including the modernization of some of the OTs constitutions and in Cayman’s case including a Bill of Rights, establishment of institutions promoting good governance, and the granting of access to full British citizenship.
But not all of the aspirations of the 1991 White Paper have been delivered, the premier said, as he pointed to the rise in crime undermining the goal of peace and good order, and in the area of good government one of the shortcomings had been that audited financialrecords have not been delivered for the past several seven years.

“There is no desire on the part of the (CI) government or the UK to change the fundamental structure of our relationship, but this does not rule out constitutional evolution or reform where it may be necessary,” Bush added.

He said Henry Bellingham, the OT’s minister, had proposed three strands in order to take the strategy forward. These include strengthening the engagement and interaction between the territories and the UK by not only the sharing of expertise, but also by pursuing partnerships between local governments, the private sector, NGOs and professional bodies in the UK and their counterparts in the Territories.

The UK minister has also suggested collaborating with territories to strengthen public financial management, economic planning and good governance arrangements where necessary and improving the quality of support from the UK, such as strategic investments in those territories where the needs are greatest.

Bush said that the process was essentially in two parts, with the first beginning immediately in order for the country to have input into the defining terms that are proposed to guide the evolution of the new strategy. The second part is geared towards more detailed review and input into the new UK-Overseas Territories agreement. While the initial timetable was that the new framework was to be agreed by June 2012, Bush announced that the UK has now suggested a radical shortening of this timetable, which would call for agreement to be reached by the spring of 2012.

“I am seriously concerned that this would prejudice the prospects of territories, including ourselves, to put forward our best position, and accordingly intend to robustly challenge this new timetable,” he said.

In the meantime, the committee that will spearhead the review process for our country will be established as soon as possible. He said it would consist of one representative from the Chamber of Commerce, one from the Cayman Ministers Association, one from the service clubs, one from the Civil Service Association Management Committee, one from Cayman Finance and two representatives from the general public as well as two from the Sister Islands. The government will also appoint a competent secretary to ensure the committee’ business is properly managed and recorded.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    have not reached the 12,000 yet but they are working deligenty on it.

    they did not vote in their own country.

    think they will vote here? they are not interested in voting, so are not registered.

    only interested in the privilages, that Caymanian Passport give them!!!!  acceptance world wide.

    privilages they never had with their birth Passport.

    1 grant given, grantee have 4 children under 18 yrs. old, 

     2 of those children have 2 children each, not far fetched is it.  what a mess 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, and once you have a British passport, in which England is part of the European Union, you are then considered a Citizen of EVERY Member Country, where you can live freely without the need for work permits, have freedom of movement in immigration which means you, as a EU citizen, can move freely between member states to live, work, study or retire in another country. There's 27 countries to choose from, where unlike Cayman, you're not subjected to all this vile racism on a daily basis and called a "paper Caymanian".


    Thanks for giving away the farm, Mac! Now, let's see where I want to explore, work, live, study, retire since through Cayman, I got my British passport: Belgium (been there, loved the food and the people), Denmark, France, Germany (been there, surprised that I loved the architecture that much), Ireland (love the natural beauty), Italy, Luxembourg (mountain climbing was great there when we visited with my children, impressed about the amount of people up in age really healthy, taking care of themselves, treating themselves to LIFE and in shape), Malta (ehhh), Netherlands (okay, I guess, we picked up nice touristy gifts and stuff), Poland, Portugal, Spain (I could start my exploration here and go to their beaches), Sweden, and ANY DEPENDENT TERRITORY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM is my playground.


    So, keeping everything in perspective, WHERE'S THE VALUE FOR MONEY, MAC? To dole out all these Status Grants, I sure don't see this translating into additional voters. And as a matter of fact, the Revised List of Electors shows that WE LOST 80 CAYMANIANS IN THE PAST 2 MONTHS since I checked on 13th July and yesterday 11th September! Don't know why 80 people were removed, but PEOPLE need to really get a REALITY CHECK tosee if the world shares your sentiment! Now that life has so many options, who wants to be humiliated on a daily basis here in Cayman?


    • Anonymous says:

      Paper Caymanians are those who view being Caymanian as an immigration permission (which is what it is) rather than a nationality. However, if your patriotism is primarily directed at another flag, then you are Caymanian on paper only. Seems fair enough to me. Get over it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a member of the Cayman Ministers Association? can't we get rid of this Church/State problem? They should NOT be representing us as many of us do not share their religious beliefs!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is nice to see you are reading. You managed to get the church state thing down. Of course you are using or trying to use it incorrectly. The church does not run Cayman. Their representative is simply an advisor.

      • Anonymous says:

        The poster's point is still valid.  On what basis do you imagine a pastor would advise the government?  And why have him there at all if he exerts no influence on the government?  

        • Anonymous says:

          You know a lot of people has forgot the good that church's did in the Cayman Islands.

          Before Government came up with social services department the church provided it.

          Before there was career development unit the church youth programs provided this service.

          what about meals on wheels. I dont know who runs it now but back in the 80's it was run by churchs.

          The foundation for education in the Cayman Islands was started by the church.

          Do not judge the church by a few spoil apples. Even if you are an atheist this does not change the fact that the church provides vital services in the country. And please dont judge the church by the few pastors who appear to be in it for the money.

  4. Anonymous says:
    If you want to kill any idea in the world, get a committee working on it.
    -Charles F. Kettering
  5. Come on says:

    The altering of the White Paper will be the nail in the coffin of the British Overseas Territories' right to self determination.  The ball is already rolling. Once they change the contract with respect to the territories' rights, all citizens of the territories will be second class citizens to the UK agenda.  They won't have the same rights as UK citizens because the UK will create a new set of laws and fail to incorporate common law rights for citizens of the territories,  a separate set of laws constructed by the UK and enforced without any input of the islanders.   The UK expats will become super-citizens because they will have all the protections of UK common law but still voting rights in their resident island and the UK. All true citizens will be marginalised.  It's modern day imperialism. Just you wait and see.  

    You should all support your premier in advocating for input and watch dogging the granting of autonomy in the new White Paper.  Bush will be out of power soon enough and then you will be bitching about the UK oppressive actions toward the true citizens for decades down the line.  Don't be short sighted. 

    • Anonymous says:

      By true citizens do you mean the ones bleeding the country dry with the free healthcare, gas, double dipping pension, non payment of fees, non compliance, non performing, overpaid, unemployable, and criminaly minded ones.  Is that the ones?  Action should be taken against them but it will be more defensive to the country of Cayman. Short sighted?  Really?

    • Alan Nivia says:

      Come on, you really should visit plant Earth some time, it is a bit like the planet you are on but at the same time very different.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Premier and the UK representative will come together and find the right solution for the Cayman Islands. The Premier problems are as a direct results of his advisors, most of them are no more that economic migrants that fled their countries of origin due to its destruction by political corruption, greed and crime.  The Premier should stop listening to those people and listen more to the UK.

    • truth says:

        IF the Premeir listens to those people because he thinks like them.  He has also gotten good sound advice by  good sound professionals (Millar report etc.) and he did the opposite.  Political corruption, greed and crime sounds like what you have here now.  The ability to listen to ANYONE  with good advice is one of the main problems.  So one of the main solutions should be to somehow hold leadership accountable for their own personal choices over choices that are good for the country.  If thats possible.  In Cayman.  Without UK intervention  Some how.

      Its not happening now.  Leadership is doing whatever they want to the detriment of the country without being held responsible for bad choices, not following procedures or rules and regulations, and not being transparent in the least about finances, deals, contracts, pretty much anything and everything.  How are the people of Cayman going to take back control of their country without  being informed of what is happening to their money?  All of it!  Without UK intervention.  How?

      They can't.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ''This feedback is necessary as it is the UK minister’s intention to discuss with each territory the detailed substance of the relationship with the UK and to create opportunities for exchange of views and discussions, offer suggestions, advice and propose alternative strategies that will enhance the relationship''…….

    what a load of waffle……you could not make this stuff up…..zzzzzzzzzz

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier:  Treat the Governor and Her Majesty with a little more respect, and try to be less of a interferring demagogue and despot and Cayman and the UK will get along just fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why isn't there a committee to review the premier? That committee could help with the investigation into the premier, & help with further reviews!

      • Anonymous says:

        When it comes to accusations of criminality there is: The RCIPS and the Crown Prosecution Service. The question is: Where are they in the investigation into the Premier?

        • Anonymous says:

          maybe it got distracted when the criminal investigation news went public a few months ago, and then days later it was reported that rcips was getting brand new cars, then millions more dollars, and then everyone walked away happy…except us

    • Eye on the X says:

      Please stop the talk 18:47, why should the Premier has to Kiss the A*&^%$$ss of these people who does not care one squat about Cayman.  Everybody wants to see this Island sink when they are rolled out.  Ungrateful I call it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm not asking him to be a kiss-ass, and I'm not asking him to agree with everything the UK says or wishes to impose.  I'm asking him to stop being a loud-mouthed, ill-mannered lout; to curb his childish tantrums; in summary: to try to act in a statesman-like manner when he's dealing with matters of state.

      • Head in the .. says:

        Short sighted and self absorbed I call those like you.  This is about the Country and not only about you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How about a committee to review… oh I don’t know… crime? Is that asking too much? I apologize, we residents get mixed up with our rights and all.

  10. Anonymous says:




    those          status    grants 

    will qualify at least 12,000  (twelve thousand) people to gain a Caymanian Passport, allow them to travel the world as Caymanians. because of them we will not be welcomed with open arms around the world much longer.

    just look at the hassel we now have to go through when we arrive in miami. the good old days you handed them our passport  they stamped it and said welcome to USA, Canada etc. now they want to know wh u fu an wa u gine

    remember afew years back, none Caymanians with Caymanian Passports gave us a huge BLACKEYE  in the college rape case, etc, etc. well done Mc.udp

    • Kung Fu iguana says:

      Ah the joys of small minded xenophobia.

    • noname says:

      It must be a cultural thing to blame everything on everyone but yourselves.

      You are only fooling yourself.  What do you think the reputation of Caymanians should be to any overseas destination?  Do you read the news?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not cultural, factual. A number of foreign nationals who have been given Caymanian papers, sometimes in questionable circumstances, or even given Caymanian identity papers despite not being Caymanian, have caused problems both in Cayman and overseas. Until recently, nothing of the sort occurred overseas. Caymanians were afforded various privileges such as visa free travel to the US because they as a group were viewed differently and for good reason, from other Islanders. All of that is now at risk, in considerable part due to the actions of non Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      The change in the attitude of US Immigration officials couldn't have anything to do with…oh, I don't know…9-11?   

    • Anonymous says:

      where are the extra 12,000 status grants people from 2004? 

      wouldn't that mean they are considered caymanians with the right to vote? 

      if so, then how come the elections website says there are only 15,187 as of 8 august, 2011?

  11. Shock and Awe says:

    Hopefully this "new relationship" will take place before the investigation into financial wrongdoing is complete.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Change the constitution now and get rid fo the party-system!

  13. Anonymous says:

    SMH. This was announced November last year and Government is only now mentioning what they might do to prepare for it. Yet they criticise the UK for a "radical shortening of this timetable" from June 2012 to Spring 2012.

    So McKeeva waits about 10 months to do something, then complains about losing a maximum of three months ("Spring" is generally thought of as March – May)?

    • Anonymous says:

      Where is intelligence, foresight, planning?  Isn't it like the bean on the shelf?  The bean with the water grew, while the one without water did not germinate, (it perished) and that's exactly what is happening to us because of poor and unbridled leadership.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh God help us. Do you want a special Facebook clause Mac? What a joke. You are a SUBJECT Mac, not a leader, deal with it.

  15. Winning says:


  16. R.U. Kiddin says:

    More smoke and mirrors! 

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a great idea. We need to know why the governor has not sent he and his gang packing.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please no. Someone shut him up

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well done Mac. Now you have really screwed us. That reference to us granting full British citizenship? That means that the Caymanian people are not the only ones suffering about a number of low-lifes and undesirables your arrogant and probably unlawful status grants. Some of them have moved on to the UK. The UK wouldn’t give them visas to visit, but you gave them the farm! Now we cannot get British passports in Cayman anymore. You ignored our laws and we are paying a heavy price.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would they move to the U.K.? Isn't this the ONLY place in the world people want to live? Hence the need to roll them over. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman use to be the ONLY place that "Caymanians" wanted to live before the mass status grants of 2003 not ANYMORE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanian status has paved the way for imported criminals to get passports to move to other countries and the good old caymanian generosity is cotinuosly being trampled.