Victim stabbed in car-jacking

| 09/09/2011

(CNS): Updated 11:25pm — Police have now confirmed that there have been two separate car-jackings and robberies this evening (Thursday 8 September) in West Bay. One of the victims has been stabbed and shot at while another man has been arrested. Police said that the first of the two incidents took palce in the car park of the tourist attraction Dolphin Discovery on North West Point Road at about 6:20pm. A 30-year-old woman was approaching her vehicle when she was suddenly confronted by two men, one of whom was armed with what appeared to be a firearm. The robbers threatened the woman with the gun and she handed over her handbag and car keys. It has not yet been revealed if she was a visitor to Cayman.

The suspects drove off in the victim's car, which is a grey Toyota Marino, but the woman was not injured and no shots were fired.  Police attended the scene and a description of the car and suspects was broadcast. A short time later the car was found in Bonaventure Drive, West Bay, by the police helicopter.

The robbers are described as being of slim build, dark skinned and dressed in all black. One was around 6' in height and the other 5'8".

Anyone who was in the area of Dolphin Discovery who saw the incident take place or the suspects driving off from the scene is asked to contact West Bay CID. Police would also be keen to speak to anyone who saw the suspects dump the car in Bonaventure Drive.

Meanwhile, less a half hour later, a 30-year-old  man was attacked by two men at around 7:10pm and had his rental car, a white Hyundai Atos, stolen. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Ed Bush stadium.

The man was stabbed in the chest and shoulder during the attack. He also received a cut to his face after being struck with what is believed to have been a firearm. The victim ran off and was then shot at by his attackers but he was lucky enough to escape the butllets.

He was conveyed to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town, where he was being treated Thursday night, but his injuries were not thought to be life threatening.

Police attended and carried out a search of the area, which led to the recovery of the car a short distance away and the arrest of a 40-year-old man. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery and remains in police custody while enquiries are ongoing. Investigators are now looking for a second man in connection with the incident, which they said was not connected to the car-jacking and robbery at the captive dolphin facility.

Witnesses should call West Bay police station on 949-3999 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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    It is the politicians to blame reason why I say so is because they are the ones who imported expats here in our islands and the few caymanians who do want to work aren't being able to get a chance to do so which is ridiculous and ashame for the Cayman Islands.

    And also the reason for the constant flip flopping within the LA and when one ain't blaming the other for this and that then they either coming up with more ideas to "SO CALLED" improve our islands … which is the samething they are arguing over who was suppose to do this and that with this and that amount of money but yet the so called project is yet to even be completed much less started!

    How do they think tourist will react to this if they wanted to be in fear of crime they would stay home and no where in the world is perfect and every where has their own amount of crime activites taking place daily,yearly and so on … but Cayman was not that bad back in the old days nowadays people who are either residents here or visitors here are affraid to even walk the streets due to the crime rate which is currently on a rise in the Cayman Islands.

    I'm sure every Caymanian by heart would say the same when I say we want back our homeland the way it use to be; when at night you didn't have to worry about locking up your house as soon as dark sets in I mean come on now really? … things have gotten to the point that every time I enter my vehicle I automatically lock my locks in my car just to be on the safe side that no one trys to open my doors while I'm reversing or tryna start my car isn't that horrible or what!

    But anyhow Caymanians stop living in denial and see what they are doing to our country and try to save it before its TOO LATE!

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the funniest thing I ever read!! Must be a joke right?  So the reason there is crime here is because there are expats stealing Caymanian jobs?  What a moron.  No further comment necessary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I've been here for 6 years and lived in West Bay for the first 3.  West Bay is the most populated district on the island and will naturally have a higher relative proportion of crime than other districts as a result.  One could argue that WB is one of the most beautiful districts.  Natural beauty, lush, accessible to the water,  etc.  That said, we have a real problem here due to the influx of drugs, guns – and a seming lack of hesitation to use both.  The budget deficit and economy prior to the recent DART deal meant there was a scaling back of police services and the island's safety certainly suffered because of that. At this point, serious crime is isolated to opportunism, or criminally predisposed off-islanders committing a quick robbery prior to the trip home to Jamaica (or other points away from here). The "real" trouble starts when these crimes start to effect the belly of the economic class here, those investing and spending in the corridor betweeen the governor's house and the airport – and when as now, regular people enjoying the simple joys of Cayman are affected. It doesn't help that crime in districts such as West Bay and Bodden Town are unsolvable without the help of local citizens due to the decidedly Caymanian flavor of the area.  If I were Mr. Bush and all those in the political machine who support his government, I would seriously recalibrate my efforts at home on crime. We are just a few major incidents (or pointed letters from powerful business elite here) away from our governor writing home to express his dismay at the state of policing here. It would take very little effort to argue that this British Colony is not being run well and needs an influx of police service and administrative oversight to correct the present course. The Turks and Caicos can happen here.  You don't need a Michael Misick type character to make it happen, just bad management.  The Cayman Islands are exceedingly important to the global finanical system. If I was in local government I would consider the importance of law-and-order to preserving the continuation of the our administrative system. The upheaval in the middle east shows that regime change can happen quickly and that festering problems such as those we see here in Cayman, can continue until a boiling point, at which point unpredicatable results follow.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have a Michael Misick act alike in our midst, and we are heading down the same road, sad to say.   Good friends tutor one  another.

  3. Kourtney Kashi says:

    What I don't understand is people who knows that currently robberys are practically non-stop one right after the next; and they still don't be cautious no I'm not saying be parrow 24/7 and be on the lookout but women SHOULD NOT be out and about especially night time without a group of people or a male companian and not only women but EVERYONE for that matter ya'll know whats going within the Cayman Islands it happens world-wide everyday nothing new about but BE A LOT MORE CAUTIOUS!

    Carry a metal bat with you or learn self – defense either one is guaranteed one or the other will work.

    And on the other note: RCIPS ya'll should stop driving around in those new vehicles and get out there and do ya'll jobs PROPERLY!


    Concerned Citizen!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was coming next month to the cayman Islands for a vacation, I will now be getting a refund.
    I dont want to risk getting carjacked and robbed and from the reports on here the police dont seemed to be bothered, when a tourist gets killed or seriously injured & it makes international news, maybe something might get done, but for now its not worth paying all this money this country is definetley a BIG RISK!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn't bypass the Cayman Islands altogether.  For some nice relaxation and enjoyment, you can visit one of the Sister Islands:  Cayman Brac or Little Cayman or maybe all two.  When things get under control then you can go back to Grand Cayman as you wish.

      I call the Cayman Islands like Goldiocks call the bears' beds.  Grand Cayman is the big one, Little Cayman the little one and the Brac is just right and by that I mean the middle one.  The Cayman Islands have something for everyone.

  5. Carla Lopez says:

    I am from La Ceiba in Honduras and currently live there. I visit my sister three times a year with my son, usually for a week. We stay with my sister who lives in West Bay – my son Luciano, 16, went outside to pick up the dog bowl and saw two men talking to what he thought were 'tourists' in a car (since the license plate was white).  He said the persons inside the vehicle were shaky . He said they were being threatened by what he thinks was a pocket-knife too. He came inside and told me he has never been so scared in his life, watching regular people like you and I, be threatened. I still regularly visit my sister to this day, 3 times a year. But my son did not travel at all this year with me. He is that scared and threatened by the community in which my sister lives in, in West Bay. 


    It is sad to see a beautiful country like this. I hope this will turn around soon.

  6. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    In trying to prevent law-abiding residents from having a reasonable means of repealing violent robbers – who are armed with firearms, the Commissioner of Police himself is a major part of the problem.  Simply put, police officers cannot possibly be present to protect every resident against robbery, serious injury or death; the best they can do is clean up the mess and hope to find those responsible for the crime.

    Since the RCIPS claims to be responsible for the public’s safety, please tell me who should be held accountable, and in what way, when the RCIPS fails to prevent residents from being robbed, seriously injured or murdered?

    • Guns Kill People says:

      And watch the murder rate spiral.  Watch armed robberies spiral.  Watch domestic violence spiral into homicide.  Every thinks they would use their gun wisely.  Statistics show that many many prospective gun-owners over estimate their self-control and the care they take with weapons.

      With your lobbying you want murdered wives.  With your lobbying you want more children dying in household accidents.  With your lobbying you want more robbers to take guns with them.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Absolute nonsense and you know it.  Guns don’t kill people anymore than pencils misspell words. That is an indisputable fact.

        With your lobbying you want innocent people to be defenseless against violent criminals.  With your lobbying you want robbers and murders to always have a clear advantage over the hard working people and the law-abiding people of the Cayman Islands who are struggling to pay bills…  With your lobbying crime will continue to get worse until you pick and leave the rest of us here.  It is you who are lobbying for a continued increase in crime.  

        Lord Parker CJ in Chisam (1963) 47 Cr App Rep 130 said: "…. where a forcible and violent felony is attempted upon the person of another, the party assaulted, or his servant, or any other person present, is entitled to repel force by force, and, if necessary, to kill the aggressor ….".

        Let me be clear, I would rather not have to kill anyone in defense of myself or my family.  In fact, nothing would please me more than not needing to kill someone, in self defense, but if I were to be confronted by someone who wanted to seriously injury or kill me, you appear to be saying that I should prefer to be seriously injured or dead, but by no means should I ever want to defend myself or family against criminals who are armed with firearms…

        Mr. Tim Ridley was right in 2010 when he said that hard questions needed to be asked of those who claim to be managing Grand Cayman.  Well Mr. or Mrs. Pacifist, since the RCIPS claims to be responsible for the public’s safety, please tell me who should be held accountable for the increased crime, and in what way should they be held accountable when the RCIPS fails to prevent residents from being robbed, seriously injured or murdered?

        The Commissioner of Police should be fired, and not because he has failed to protect the public, but because he fully understands that he cannot prevent residents from serious injury or death and yet he attempts to prevent law-abiding residents from owning firearms… for their lawful defense.

        The criminal Harryton Rivers who was supposed to be in the care of the state, but instead he was out committing crimes.   Do you remember what happened to him?  Oh I’m sorry, I guess you would have preferred that the law-abiding home owner was the one serious injured or dead, instead of the criminal.


  7. Optimist says:

    For those IDIOTIC, NARROW-MINDED, IGNORANT and STUPID bloggers that would get on here and criticize and bemoan West Bay- I say SHAME ON YOU. Yes, I will agree that West Bay has its fair share of crime- BUT West Bay is NOT the only district that crime is being committed. I am NOT a West Bayer nor do I live in West Bay, but I do have MANY close friends and co-workers that live there and I visit the district every week- so I feel just as safe in West Bay as I do where I live, which happens to be Bodden Town! This crime spree is ISLAND WIDE and not just specific to any one district. Sometimes i wonder if CNS is providing a good service or are you guys just providing an avenue for persons who have no clue to try and make their point. I hope that it is is the former and not the latter. In closing, food for thought- during their time in power the PPM gave the RCIPS some $50 million. As far as I recollect- it was really only then that crime started to escalate. Makes me wonder how that money was spent.

  8. Anonymous says:

    1 week and 8 of my tactical students, criminals would be fearful to commit any offense.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So many  persons have dominated and claimed roots in the  Cayman Islands, and combined with the few Thugs/criminals we have has made matters worse. How can they have children?  Some do not have good guidance and the proper up-bringing  in their way of life to teach their children and upkeep their families.  The rational in their minds will be criminal activities to gain what  opportunities did not allow those tugs to have.  As far as the eye can see they either have not had good parenting or they  have met with the wrong influential crowd that swing and sway their minds into a corrupted way of life. This will continue to be a fighting force for the Cayman Islands, because we do not know who we "married", "issued a work permit", "gave  residency", and it is now backfiring on  those who made the wrong decisions/choices in whatever way it contributed to our Islands.   A get tough act needs to be in place to combat crime or else we're unable to live here. The next best choice is to use our own forces in the best possible ways to better ourselves and save our lives. 

    It is a crying shame to know that Cayman has come to such unscruplus acts of crime. This is an appeal to the the Governor, COP, Ministers, MLAs and the Public to help us attack this cancer by  more forceful means.  We need action immediately, stop talking and get the job going – this is an everyday episode in the Cayman Islands.  God Bless The Cayman Islands.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Humm, two cars stolen within 1/2 hour by gunmen… what are the chances that we have a major heist in the making?  The police are always asking for the public's help, perhaps if they gave the public details of the stolen cars (including licence numbers) they might be in a better position to help.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Mr McKeeva Bush

    The country is being destroyed and what are you doing apart collected your paychack and double dipping your pension?

    You will go down in history as the man who destroyed Cayman, congratulations!

    It seems that the 3 million you gave mostly to the churches in West Bay is working out well.

    Just a hint in how to do your job, instead of relying on pray and God to do your job, actually do it, leave the praying to those being robbed, stabbed and shot

    You must feel proud of yourself


  12. Anonymous says:

    We have been annual visitors to Grand Cayman for many years, and have always fely safe there. Early last evening, while we were waiting for a taxi outside the Lobster Pot, we were approached by 2 young men.  They asked if we could drive them to the movies but I replied that we did not have a car.  They walked on but I must say that I felt quite uncomfortable, a bit fearful and grateful that they apparently meant no harm.  I have never felt that way before in Cayman and it saddened me.  Visiting Cayman  has a whole different feel for me now, and I don't like it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is sad of all the happenning but have turned our backs on God and now He is turning his back on us.

    SIN IS TO BLAME FOR ALL SORROW  so lets stop the name calling  also stop the blaming game  this problem is all Islands it's just that the last two crimes were committed in West Bay so cutting West Bay off is not the solution getting  BACK TO GOD IS THE SOLUTION BECAUSE HE IS OUR ONLY HELP. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Why are you putting all the responsibility on God?  No wonder he was in despair for people!  Take responsibility! Do something about it! Sin is to blame for all sorrow?  There is nothing and no one to blame except those that do nothing but blame!  How old are you still talking about 'blame'?

      Sin is not to 'blame' – sin is committed by a person isnt it?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Wow… Please Governor, do something to save Cayman, are you reading the tourists writing in? Do you hear them, they are going elsewhere because they fear their safety on our islands. Hmmm why is it taking so long to address? Week after week the tourists are reading the Compass….looking to Cayman 27 and hearing of all the robberies…????? Wake up, SOMEONE, when we lose the tourists … Game over. This is not so hard to solve, its getting someone to ACT NOW.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please watch this short youtube video, "The Greatest Speach Ever Made:

  16. Kent McT says:

    Although I am not a supporter of our Government, this issue fully rests squarely on the sholders of our Governor an the Comissioner.  They are responsible for these policing, and they need to admit that they are failing!

    The Motto "We care, We listen, We act" was well though out, as it is missing one VERY important phrase "We Protect"

    The fact is not only will the not protect you, they are so stuck in their denial and arrogance that they will not allow you to protect yourself!


    I call for "our" MLAs to write laws that allow us all to protect ourselves with any and all less than lethal personal protective devices deemed legal in the USA!


    General citizens sall be allowed to regester and purchase:

    Pepper spray

    Tazer / Stun guns


    Shop owners, workers and Professional… shall also ba allowed to purchase and have ready to use:

    Bullet proof vests

    Bean bag/rubber bullet shot guns


    Security Companies shall be allowed to have add the below to le list:

    Tactical Shot Guns and Hand Guns


    Note: all systems that are able to be used beyond the area indirect contact shall have the approprate amount of back ground checks and training, with continual education…

    All protection systems shall require regestration, and record of purchase, use and disposal.  All systems shall only be purchased at approved retail outlets, or if purchased abroad are to be regestered with customs upon entry.


    Give or take some details, this NEEDS to be available to us as citizens, as the police cannot protect us, only we can do that!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I heard Elio talk junk for hours on Rooster today – not 1 word about last night's crime spree that was on the Rooster newsbreaks. 

    And HE is the UDP's General Secretary? 


    • Anonymous says:

      18.36. My secret to good mental health is to switch off the radio and spare myself the torture of listening to these useless people. As for the Dr. Frank McField show, I keep a loaded double-barelled shotgun close by,  just in case the "off" switch fails at any time. Radios are cheap, but  shrinks expensive.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was sooo disappointed with Rooster this morning.  Who cares about standing orders and procedure and who wears what in the Legislative Assembly, when the frickin' island is going down the toilet due to crime.  WTH!   What will it take to get it across to the idiots in the LA that
      all we care about right now is the CRIME in this country.  Do something!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      'oh thats the governors fault'…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets see; a UK Commissioner, UK Firearms Chief, UK Inspector in charge of Serious crimes Task FARCE.


      Yoda says "ä pattern I thinks I see failure!"

    • Anonymous says:

      Elio is a big part of the problem and not the solution, the reason I say this is that man has an excuse for everything and in as far as, in as much as, at the end of the day it's always the fault of the PPM.  This is a fine example for our young people, now when they rob they can just blame it on not having jobs as a result of the past PPM government. 

      • Caymanian says:

        Oh Pul-ease, Elio has been the biggest dissapointment to those who voted for him.  He will not be elected again and can go back to being "all talk" on a talk-show.  Please show me an MLA who is actually earning their paycheck!  

  18. MACDREAD says:


    British West Indies

  19. Survivor says:

    Sorrowful.  Not terminal.


    I am sad it has come to this.   I have lived in other areas in my life that became dangerous.   I took steps to protect myself.   I have done so again.  If a person comes into my home uninvited, they will be injured. 

    I didn't start the fire, but I can sure as hell put it out.   You would think we'd learn from other countries' example:   Remove the firearms from the hands of the law-abiding citizens, and the criminals (cowards) escalate in their influence and power.   Why?   It's obvious, right?  Law-abiding citizens comply.   Crooks do not.  I am not allowed to have a firearm here.   That's not to imply that it's safe to break into my house, threaten my family, or attempt to jack my car.  

    My statement is not a call to arms;  many people — maybe even most — are not trained in self-defense, and should not risk their lives for the loss of their goods.  "When will it end??"  people lament.   I'll tell you when.   When the ratio of crooks being injured or killed in the act of attempting crimes begins to approach that of crimes committed.   It's just that simple.   One can protect themselves and still abide by the law, but it's getting to where a person has to make hard decisions.  

    These are OUR islands, OUR country.   If a person doesn't want to work for income but chooses to unlawfully take from others, they have belayed the right to complain afterwards.   You sow what you reap.   God help us and keep us safe. 

  20. Red Flag says:

    Well, thank God for Cayman crime.  I really wanted to take our next vacation in Jamaica as I know that the island is beautiful but my wife was so afraid of the crime there that that was out of the question.  After reading for days on end about the never ending crime in Cayman, she has finally relented and we are going to Ocho Rios and the Blue Mountains and Port Royal as there is now no difference in security between the two islands.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Again – 55,000 people.  Someone knows someone who knows who did it.  Guaranteed.  Parents – these people are your son's 'friends' who you'd prefer your son not hanging around.  Girlfriends – these people are your boyfriend's 'associates' that you know are bad news.  Mothers, even helpers – you see gloves and ski masks in your son's/employer's son's laundry basket, you have to ask yourself if Cayman got a lot colder or if there is a more sinister explanation. 


    Why not report anonymously to CrimeStoppers??  I'm unsure of what is holding every single person in the know back – because there are definitely multiple people in the know.  You don't have an island this small with the same ten or fifteen crooks (i.e. bast*rd, lazy, bring-disgrace-to-their-mothers-and-deserve-to-go-to-h*ll @$$holes) every Thursday night looking for a quick bit of pocket cash for the weekend clubbing, marijuana smoking, phone top-up, buy their girlfriend flowers etc and not have a good few people know about it.


    Obviously they get off work at 5pm (construction job?  Office clerk?? – obviously low paying jobs because they are too idiotic, violent with no pride in their country to ever have any education above the 6th grade), head home to 'change' (ski mask, gloves) and pick up accessories (guns, knives), have a quick meal their mother/helper cooked them, and are back on the road at 7pm for their fix – robbing cars, mugging people, breaking into businesses, restaurants etc.


    WHO are these thugs (to call them a name that is polite), and WHY are people hiding them???  You can be a hero and bring these people to justice.  Yes, the police may have their issues, but without OUR help, they certainly will fail.  This is for the betterment of Cayman, Cayman's future and YOUR family and children's future – TURN THESE B*STAR*DS IN!!!!



    • Caymanian Concern says:

      Amen!  Neighbors, look out your windows at night…it is time to weed out these thugs and turn them in!!!  1-800-TIPS 

      No suchthing anymore that "he was a good boy"…NOW he is a lazy evil thug who is killing our society.  

      Aunties/ Cayman Cousins:  Do not bring in  "want-to-be-helpers" and "friends of friends" looking for work….they will end up hanging out  with these losers and fueling their game.

      Parents, tell your kids to "pull up their pants" and dont let them idolize the gang music or culture.  Get them any kind of part time job to give them confidence and responsibility.  Employers, start to question who works for you and who they hang around with.  

      55,000 people….lets wees these bums (and their girlfriends…) OUT.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The lack of leadership and the embarassing lack of action is the true crime here.  What exactly would it take for the police commissioner, governor and premier to acknowledge the problem and try to fix it?  Oh right, that might hurt the "tourism product".  Not as much as being stabbed and pistol whipped though.

    It's time for all those that can do the paperwork to apply for a firearm licence, and for all those who can't to arm themselves any way they can because until we have a credible police response capability (and actual convictions), the criminals are in charge here.

  23. Anonymous says:

    She's lucky they didn't drive her down the the dike roads. These baboons needs to be skinned and hung out to dry

  24. Anonymous says:

    Considering not long ago I remember a large number of Cayman nationals requesting that all ties with the UK should be broken, that they do nothing for the Islands.  Now we seem to have people requesting their help in policing and prosecuting.  Make your minds up. Secondly, the police are out there, yet they focus on writing parking tickets, sometimes speeding tickets (and are really quite intimidating while doing so),  to generate cash, rather than actually fighting crime.  I'm sure that it is not across the board, that there are some decent police here, but that they're tied up with red tape and cash generating requirements. A quick note on the comments about church, god, etc.  This has nothing to do with why and how people commit crime ("God has left the Island", etc).   It does, however, have a lot to do with people exonerating themselves and being exonerated by their family and peers and thinking "it is okay to murder someone, I will still go to heaven, as long as I say sorry to God".  This is not how belief works.

  25. Anonymous says:

    As James Baldwin Said " People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction". This Government and Judicary system has proven that it cannot protect us. The reality is that either we deal with it on a private level any way we know how or simply move away.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why is it, when something happen in West Bay people have so many negative things to say but when things happen else where its not so bad? Like every district, West Bay has its good and bad. Crime is an island wide issue not just in West Bay.

  27. Andrew Reid says:

    In the wake of the recent riots in the UK, even Prime Minister Cameron has recognised that the old fashioned UK notion of "policing by consent"  is no longer working effectively and he has now engaged William Bratton as an advisor.

    For those who do not know of him, Mr. Bratton is the American "supercop" who is credited with dramatically reducing serious crime in Boston, New York and Los Angeles. The Prime Minister actually wanted Mr. Bratton to apply for the top cop position at the Metropolitan Police but the homegrown "officialdumb" would not countenance a foreigner in that role.

    The Governor, the Chief of Police AND the Premier should get on a conference call with Mr. Bratton immediately and devise a workable strategy. He is already advising the UK and hopefully can spend some time on us too. Perhaps we could also take some of the Premier's "nation building" fund and hire Mr. Bratton to come over here for a year or two.

    We need a zero tolerance approach to crime. What we currently have is zero tolerance to trying a differentapproach.

    I also have to say that the failure of the elected leadership (the politicians), the administrative leadership (the senior civil servants) and the community leadership (the churches etc) to speak out on the issue of crime is truly woeful and unacceptable.

    The Caymanian people deserve better and collectively we must demand better.

    Andrew Reid

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: "would not countenance a foreigner in that role"


      Mr. Baines should be fired and replaced with a Caymanian.  The next Governor should also be a Caymanian.

      • Anonymous says:

        that ud fix things right up

      • Anonymous says:

        We had a Caymanian Commissioner of Police 8 or 9 years ago. Don't you remember the fuss that was made about that magnificent achievement? Then he went AWOL after Ivan and was clueless about what to do when he did show up. He then "retired" on full benefits. A very nice man but an embarrassment to all us Caymanians

        • Caymanian Concern says:

          Yes, sorry, but homegrown is NOT the answer.  The corruption and cronyism will run rampant even with the best intentions.  Remember that off-duty Brit cop who tried to arrest a senior RCIP for driving drunk?  None of the officers on the scene wanted to give him a breath alyzer as their feared for their jobs or promotions.  

          We really do need an outside influence and I have to agree with Mr. Reid, it needs to be a tough "supercop" who has had experience in cleaning up metropolitian areas.  Our only saving grace is that we are SMALL and with enough pressure and weeding out, we can make our criminals swim for easier pickings.

          Dont forget 1-800-TIPS, they DO get logged and it is a start at least.

          • Anonymous says:


            A DUI is your argument!

            With racism rampant, wouldnt you find it odd that the off duty officer was the only one who thought the man was drunk after he was schooled on CI Laws by a vocal intelligent Caymanian. Besides that I remember several junior officer who were pressured into corroborating that a ''blue wall'existed because he was told so, but miraculously he couldnt remember who!

            Ironically you fail to see where qualified caymanians are being passed over for promotions for UK officers with serious disciplinary breaches against them. Allegations such as racisism, time stealing, insubordination, being AWOL;XXXXX

            What about the John Evans complaint that Baines himself failed to have investigated because it was against tempura. XXXX What about hiring your old retired constable friends but making them Inspectors, cronyism?

            The local Compol over saw significant cases such as the Brown one, but he was pressured to leave for two murders! I hope you can learn to shed the colonial mentality and learn to support your own; if you are local…….

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm a Caymanian and I think that is a very very bad idea.

        We seem to forgot the problems our own can get into and all the trouble that has caused in the past and today. That comment is not just for the police alone. 

  28. Anonymous says:

    What a Sh!thole this place has become…who would have ever thought. Simply amazing.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lets face the real facts here!  I don't like the Police I'm only speaking for myself!  But for crying out loud the Police are not God!!!   They cannot perdict the future!  They cannot read minds!  They cannot tell us what's going to happen each day!!!!   Caymanian people STOP blaming the Police for everything!  They can only do so much and can only try their best!!!  They are here to protect and serve us, so please let them do their jobs and stop bashing them for everything little thing that's going on in Cayman!!!  

  30. Anonymous says:

    Cayman has gone to the dogs!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Have a look at the police budget and see how much money has the Police been given to improve policing in the last ten years.

    Whenever there is crime they just demand and get more and more., has the results changed at all?

    How does this compare to other government agencies?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thursday nights are quite busy for the criminals. Surely, must be exhausted after yesterday's escapades! SMFH

  33. Anonymous says:

    Lets try and seek help from Cuba,their system of socialism is disciplined and well organized when it comes to crime.The punk and wanna be gangstas in Cuba can only dream,they dare not act on their dreams( a strict and no nonsense security force is on watch  24/7 ),also,education and care for humanity is constantly instilled in young Cubans that is why Cubans are a disciplined and orderly people.We as Caymanians can forget about looking towards our dear mother for help,i am now starting to believe that the UK has a plot going on to destroy us………lets seek out tactics from our Cuban government and law enforcement brothers(I am not advocating  socialism for the Cayman Islands),the UK plot will most likely prevent us getting help from Cuba,but as i see it we as a small country must try every thing to stop this nasty sore called crime before it infects and kills us all.

  34. Jebbas says:

    People need to be educated to understand that the current generation committing these crimes cannot be saved without some kind of psychological support.  We need to pay attention to the young generation that is currently growing up, and raise them in a balanced, caring environment.  For anyone who has not seen this video "Zeitgeist" (!) they explain these issues in more detail.  Long story short, if you have kids, raise them in a loving home and provide the basic needs they need in order to develop their full mental development.  They need to be socialized as well from an early age to prevent the kind of anti-social behaviour which in turn develops into violent tendencies later on in life.  From living here all my life its pretty obvious the amount of animosity, jealously, 'badmind' tendecies everyone seems to embrace, almost like a real life jersey shore.  It's almost like a drug, so many people feed off drama to fill the empty voides in their life that comes from broken relationships, mental and physical abuse, and other destructive behaviours which this island is obviously flooded with.  Their kids are exposed to all of this, and therefore raised to mimick these behaviours which leads to a viscious cycle.  Everybody wake up, and raise your kids properly!!  We are far more blessed living in Cayman than the rest of the world.  If you don't see this, jump on a plane and travel anywhere except Miami, New York and disney world and get a feel of how other are living.  We have a choice in life to associate ourselves with postivity instead of negativty, get off your butt and try start embracing this in your own lives.  We are all one, and change can only start within ourselves.  Bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      True but what do you think is going to become of these children raised by the thug's baby mamma's.  They see that lifestyle and they follow it.  We need to intervene into the lives of these children being raised by these gangstas.

      Then there are the drug addict's and/or drunkard's children that are walking the streets and not being properly cared for.  We need to intervene.  These children deserve better.  

  35. Anonymous says:

    Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. McLean, Mr. Miller – please arrange a march re crime as soon as possible.  We cannot sit and take this anymore.  There is power in numbers and I'm pretty sure many people will participate. Something has to be done now.  None of us are safe around here anymore.  We need to do whatever it takes NOW.  Please get something going. I'm appealling to you because I know full well that the "Government" will just continue to ignore the situation because they just couldn't care less.   To those of you harbouring the criminals – shame on you.  Turn them in.  I saw that several mothersin England recently marched their kids to the police station after seeing them participating in the riots on TV.  This is what we need to do.  Stop being so afraid.  They can't come after all us.  Let us arm ourselves.  We are sick and tired of being sitting ducks.   

  36. Anonymous says:

    Could we just cut off West Bay now and truly declare it a Republic? McKeeva and his cronies and WB supporters can run it however he likes and the rest of us can try and repair the damage already wrought on the rest of our Islands by the idiots that district seems to breed. And behold – no need for a new road at all as we won't want transport back and forth from the WB Republic anyway!

    Brilliant idea, I say!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wouldn't even declare it a Republic – just cut it off, surround it with water and put the jail there! 

    • Anonymous says:

      You will have to check with Dart and see if that is acceptable!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good idea – but only if I can migrate from West Bay first!

    • Anonymous says:

      I've been saying the same thing for years! However we should give the handful of decent people who live there an opportuntiy to leave before we saw it off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why would we leave WB and risk our lives living somewhere else on the island. West Bay seems to be the safest place now a days.

        To person who said to cut off WB. Your little cousins that was breed from your idiot family is getting older now which is why the crime has spread accross the whole island.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol…"Brilliant Idea". Because it was in WB that a harmless elderly lady was robbed and then shot for no reason what so ever after a long day work , It was because in WB that an unarmed man got his eye shot out because he didn't have any money to give, it was in WB that a beautiful young lady is has seemingly vanished into thin air. All very recent crimes I might add.

      You sound like someone living in LA and saying that they would never go to Japan because of earthquakes?????

      Seriously…from West Bay to East End and everywhere in between equals Grand Cayman. We have an island wide problem!!!! Open your eyes my freind. Be Safe Cayman.



    • Dred says:

      We could make them have to get a VISA also.

    • Anonymous says:

      You must either be an expat or just dont have much sense…especially if you think that cutting off west bay will solve the crime issue that we are facing because this is an all-island thing happening. If you cut off WB, you will just cut yourself off from the best the country has to offer…We HAVE the best beaches, hotels, and also most importantly we HAVE the PREMIER…. :-p Remember think twice before talking….also my mama told me tobe nice to dumb animals so I'm a leave you with that.




    • Anonymous says:

      Let me start off by saying that this is a sad time in Cayman now if tourist are being targeted by these THUGS! because we cant afford to lose them, but when Caymanian Citizens make ignorant comment like this, i get so irritated because its so stupid to say that anywhere in Cayman is safer than another.

      in my opinion West Bay maybe one of the safest places in Cayman right now, if i am going to go by the headlines.

      in West Bay persons dont have to worry about disappearing without a trace, get shot at a jerk stand, get robbed in a store/bank while shopping, get your house shot at while sleeping and the list just keep goin on these days.

      o yeah and it isnt in West Bay that guns and ski masked are found (and it isnt West Bayers being arrested for these either).

      until the citizens of Cayman realize these and help out the police when we can to stop these criminals and get them off the street… ALL OF CAYMAN WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE THESE INCIDENTS BECAUSE THEY BELEIVE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!

    • Anonnymous says:

      "Ignorance is bliss".  You must be deliriously blissfull! (you sound delirious).

    • Anonymous says:

      10:49 Your'e so xxxxxx !!! – did you not count  the crimes committed in George Town recently !!!??? Where did that poor man lose  his eye??  Where is Cassanova??  Where is Progressive??  Where is CNB  etc etc ???  Did you not count the crimes in the other districts???  Where was that poor woman shot at the Gas Station??  Where is Reflections??  Where is the dump where that poor lady went missing??  Where did the other lady went missing??  West Bay is filled with people from all walks of life – criminals don't stay in one place –  if they haven't reached you yet  just thank GOD  – check your district  and start counting the crimes – blocking roads won't keep people out they have the bush, the beach and the sea – have some sense before posting !!!                                                       

  37. Anonymous says:

    I agree with some of the posters that we can't put all blame on the police, however, I believe there is general frustration and concern amongst the population that the police is seemingly not changing their approach towards PREVENTING crime rather than waiting until it occurs and then try to react.

     The constant acceptance of every day minor offenses committed by the public is appaling and has and is continuing to breed complete and utter disrespect for any regulations, laws and authorities. I do not understand why there are so many cars speeding on a daily basis, cars have dark tinted windows etc etc without any consequence. It is accepted that when there is a road block, cars turn around and head theother way without any follow up as to why these cars turned. 

    Unless the RCIP increases their presence on the road and puts out the notion that they mean business and can be any time anywhere, nothing will change as a huge part of the population has already lost their respect for them. If  you all think things are bad now, wait until the next generation is coming along who have witnessed their parents breaking and bending the rules as it suits without any consequence. It is hard to imagine but things will get a lot worse!

    I feel saver to walk the streets of Havannah as there is police out and about they are not afraid to check up on people and bust up suspicious looking groups and actions rather than wait until they get the 911 call and then deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn't agree with you more, "The constant acceptance of every day minor offenses committed by the public is appaling and has and is continuing to breed complete and utter disrespect for any regulations, laws and authorities."


      If you look at the New York Subway system and crime, they didn't address it with a large change, rather they actaully cleaned and repainted the subway cars each night, while enforcing the "small rules", which lead to a DRAMATIC decrease in violence.

      It starts with the samll stuff, you are dead on.  Do you know how many cars I see driving down the wrong side in Prospect each morning?  Or the buses driving on the shoulder to beat traffic daily?  And you know what, NO ONE cares…hence why the small stuff DOES matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you completely that the little infractions of the laws and the turnng of a blind eye toward them are as it seems the graduation to the crime wave.  Little problems become big problems if we don't address them in the initial stage.  I have been advocating a return to law and order for year but it just fell on deaf ears.  Well said, I just hope that the authorities take you suggestion and see if this will not greatly decrease crime.  I grew up in a Cayman Islands when once upon a time it was illegal to ride a bicycle without a light and riding your bicycle on the wrong side of the road was also a crime, if you did you would be ticketed and brought to court these are the little things that we need to start with again . The breakdown in this society began in the early to mid 1990's and the change have been gradual but constant. I am very hopeful and confident that things will turn around if we care enough to do the right thing.  I have seen New York change from the Wild West back in the 1980s to a very safe city today.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yet another frightening escalation. I'm tired of declaring that the worst has come to the worst as the criminals always seem to find a new level to sink to, but this is bad.  Tourists can't even drive on Cayman's roads without risk of being stabbed and shot.  And what was the motive for these crimes?

    • Anonymous says:

      The motive? That I don't know.

      But you must admit it makes life on the inside of Fartville look better each passing day.  It's now the only spot on the islands were there is no crime.  How did that happen?

      Why if I gave that a bit more thought, I might think that….!

    • Anonymous says:

      and the Tourists are reading the papers, watching Cayman27, and spending their vacation dollars on other destinations….this is so sad and so unnecessary, Why? why is it taking so long to deal with the CRIME, nip it NOW! The tourists are frightened to come, and robberies at the tourist restaurants, Casanova are sending a message to them direct? Someone needs to make a quick call UK side or Stateside or wherever can send help NOW, and GET THE HELP NOW…I fear help will come to late, the tourists will find other safer destinations, WHY is this taking so long!  Minimum wage making headlines….let's try New Defense Forces arriving today, to train forces in the fight against Crime headlines! NOW! Talk to those forces in Florida, and UK or wherever…We need their help LIKE NOW! 

  39. Anonymous says:

    This is just awful, but I don't think the blame should be directed towards the government or the police.  Sure they have a part to play.  BUT SO DO THE PEOPLE OF GRAND CAYMAN!!!

    And before anyone jumps on me I am not directing that comment at Caymanians.  I am directing it at all who live here who may know something about who is committing these acts.

    As I see it it is virtually impossible to secure a conviction here in Cayman.  Would you want to be on a jury that convicted a gang member?

    We have to stand up to these idiots.  Expose them and give evidence when we do see something.  It wil be a hard slog and yes there will be some casualties along the way – but not as many as if we let these thugs run rampant in the community

    I live close to the recent crimes and believe me I already refuse to answer my door or go out after dark.  It seems I now need to carry an attack alarm when I go out in the day as well.


  40. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that those in power, whether the Premier or the Governor, are not taking this seriously! Our whole way of life is in jeopardy. Not only have we caught up with the rest of the Caribbean in terms of crime, but I actually think in numbers of violent incidents and those involving firearms per head of population, we have now passed them all! I say enough is enough and it is time to make our voices known that we will not stand for this lack of security any longer. We need to organise a march against crime to the Governor's House, since he is supposed to be reponsible for the police force and the security of this country. Let's hold a protest outside his residence until something is done and before it is too late (…if it isn't already!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Who would give this idea a thumbs down??? Those who are covering up for the thugs maybe???
      God bless Cayman,we are going toned all the help we can get.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I work  in the tourism Industry for 20 years , Please Mr. Bush or the person running the country  please call in the Police help  from UK for our Cayman Islands. WE love this Island but this crime is getting worst please address the Crimes we cannot sleep at night and we have to go to work again to worry about getting attack  We need to go Marching in George Towm . We need to do a Island Stike  are you with me people lets join to geather and get back our islands

    WAKE UP  :


  42. PoppyCock says:

    Don't worry, Ezzard's minimum wage is finally here! All is not lost! All of this will sone come to an end!

  43. squared says:

    Not to worry, all will be well soon. The new $5.00 minimum wage will solve all of our crime issues!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    God has left the country.


    • Anonymous says:

      Satan has arrived!!

      • Came on the Planes says:

        Yes he muct be coming in every Friday on the airlines amongst all those work permit holders.  Bringing devil culture with them.

      • Anonymous says:

        and he is carjacking.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely right.

      My guess is that since he couldn't prove any familiar ties to Cayman, he didn't invest any money, much less sit the cultural test, that he was rolled over.

      As its the father's birth that matters in Cayman, Jesus must have been sent packing too.

    • Anonymous says:

      He might have left your country that is why you are here, but rest assured he is still here.

  45. Anonymous says:

    And all this happening in McKeeva's backyard. His BELOVED West Bay.  He should be so ashamed!  Ashamed that he has NOT ONCE addressed this issue.  Governor, you should be hanging your head low as well, after all, it is YOU who is head of the Police Department.  I guess once they get past that big wall you put up Mac, THEN you might finally decided to say or do something.

  46. Southside says:

    This is what happens when you can't get a conviction. SMFH

  47. Anonymous says:

    Sadly I doubt that our politicians will do anything about stopping these crimes unless there is personal profit in it.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the new Cayman Islands.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I for one am going to start arming myself and I don't care what anyone says. This Island has become a joke, a place where you can rob and murder people and always get away with it, why do you think they keep doing it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous @ 08:44 i support you 1,000,000 %

    • Simple days says:

      As they say 'it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission' why should the criminals get the upper hand on law abiding citizens who are looking to the police to defend them.


      I would rather protect myself FIRST then answer to the law because they are not getting the job done…

  50. Swine says:

    Cayman, the time has come to take your own personal safety into your own hands, there is no one here who can protect you.

  51. Anonymous says:

    What appeared to be a firearm….


    So tired of reading this ridiculously stupid phrase in every hold up story on CNS.  Please let's assume that when someone see's a gun and is shot at we can safely assume it is a firearm.  Do we think the victim was shot at with a banana disguised as a firearm?

    Do we really need to clarify every statement by saying "what appeared to be"?

    Anyway, this place is going straight down the toilet.   I used to think the violence was just drug related and thugs killing each other (which I encourage).  It is now obvious residents and tourists are not safe anywherew on this island and the police can't do anything to stop it.

    Stay home and keep your doors locked.



    • Young Caymanian says:

       "I used to think the violence was just drug related and thugs killing each other (which I encourage)." – Haha too funny!  Makes alot of sense though!


      What I dont understand is "Police attended and carried out a search of the area, which led to the recovery of the car a short distance away and the arrest of a 40-year-old man. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery and remains in police custody while enquiries are ongoing." – What about attempted murder?!?


      People say this situation is sad…hmph. There isn't a word to describe what's going on on this Island.

    • Anonymous says:

      When it says "what appeared to be a firearm", they were referring to the car-jacking by the Dolphin Discovery where the woman was not shot at.

      • Anonymous says:

        You must mean what appeared to be a woman in what appeared to be a parking lot next to what appears to be the ocean.  You appear to have missed the point…

  52. Chet o Ebanks says:

    This country is finished GOODBYE TOURISM, thanks to our JOKE of a government, job well done NOT. Am guessing selling out our contry is more important thank it residents and citizens job well done NOT. TIME for a change with the government and the governor, the judges and the joke of a police force. Am ashamed to say I live in Cayman anymore. More will soon leave these islands. Time for a MARCH against crime in the streets of GT, lets take our country back, come on Caymanians and residents.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let's get a march on Crime going now and not later.   We need to get going now.  Get organised, name the date and venue to get together and let's get pn the move.

      • Anonymous says:

        Will this march involve us going into the criminal's homes and beating the crap out of them, cutting off their balls and shaving their heads, or would it just be a human traffic jam holding up signs while our houses are emptied out?

      • Anonymous says:

        You have seen what happens in other country's how "peaceful" marches turn into violent clashes /riots. I say it is time for the churches to wake up but aside differences and form a strong coalition against this evil that has overtaken our country.  It's time for the strongholds to be torn down.

      • Anonymous says:

        march on crime??? what is that going to do?

        we need a march to remove the government and the governor for a very long list of reasons…..

      • Anonymous says:

        March? what is the point of that, how about the community starts turning in these thugs? the population knows EXACTLY who these people are.

        This nonsense about "the politicians the police the govener need to do something" should all sit behind the most important action is that the community needs to shop these thugs, until they do then this enviroment of fear will persist.



  53. Anonymous says:

    i had the privilige of seriving as a juror for 3 months, however for those 3 months, we could not get one conviction.  First of all the crimes we were dealing with were at least 2 years old, second of all there was not "sufficient evidence" to put these criminals away and third of all,  most of the cases were handled poorly by the cops.  Yes they may catch the criminals, but can they get a conviction in court?  That is the biggest problem that I witnessed. The police need to have proper training in brining cases to court for the Crown.  The criminals are being represented by professionals and they "wrap" them up all the time, and so people get a way with murder, and all other convictions.  this is very disheartening to this island.  Some drastic measures need to be ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY by Government and the Chief of Police.

    These criminals do not realise that they are not helping the economy, because if they can't get work as it is now and resort to criminal activity, after we run all our tourists and wrok permit holders, there will be nothing left of Cayman.   We need to take back Cayman from these criminals!!

    Mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, I urge you to speak to these individuals who are involved in this tyoe of activity and talk some sense into their heads, you all must know who they are??


  54. Patricia X says:

    There is no need to go near West Bay. I have lived here for years and needed to spend 10 minutes in the place to know there was no reason to ever go past Tiki Beach. That was my first and last visit there.

  55. Anonymous says:

    All I Can Say Is Well Done UDP!      For Giving the Island Away To The Dogs

  56. Reyab says:

    It is quite clear the local government is unable to have any effect on the rising crime. The governor and the British government must step in now and take control! No decent parent would sit back and let their children wreck the house!

  57. Anonymous says:

    cops need to clamp down on all ganster behaviour….. have mroe road blocks…. search all window tinted cars!

    • Anonymous says:

      Road Blocks. What a joke. I have seen numerous road blocks where several cars, seeing the blocks, simply turn around. Who do the police think are in those cars? It may just be an expired sticker, suspended license, drugs, guns, etc BUT….I would think these cars would be prime suspects for any wrong doing. More than thinking, I would bet you could round up numerous scum dirt bag criminals in two hours of just simple hard police work. There is something going on that we don't know about as GROSS INCOMPETENCE is way too obvous of an answer.

    • Anonymous says:

      5:55 let's go one step further, IMPOUND the cars with tint, but the liberterians will say ooohh the police cannot do that it is not legal, legal smeagle, let's stop pussy footing around here.

      Yes Mr Baines HARASS that action is well supported by me and shame on those persons that keep making noise on the radio saying that Mr Baines needs to apologise.  

  58. Anonymous says:

    Crime on a Thursday night, what else is new?

    Someone I know has made the comment that WB is like the Gaza strip. 

    Your home town Bobo! Get off your @r5e and do something! 

    Instead of the Christmas presents every four years and the soon come Fart handout,maybe you should insist the people of your district stay in school, after which they should be encourage to attend a university and take an HONEST job. Oh and just maybe those well paid churches could do a better job at teaching the Ten Commandments instead of improving their facilities.

    Pretty bad when you can't keep the minions under control, ehh Bobo…but then what can we expect from a well paid puppet with a very big nose that continues to grow and grow and grow…?

  59. Anonymous says:

    It is us good law abiding Caymanians that need to take a stand!!!! This won’t stop until we do something of serious measure; we need to find our backbone!!! We blame everyone else when it’s our relatives/people we know and who has info; Dem nah chat cuz the justice system fail them before!!!  We don’t we have a social problem anymore; we have much more than that!! We march against our politicians!!! Why can’t we march against crime?  Furthermore we need to fight fire with fire because our justice system is taken for a joke.
    Despite how bad things are in the economy people have a choice to make with their actions and I don’t want to hear about a ruff life because these criminals are doing these things because they know they can get away with it!! Many people have made thru a ruff upbringing and made a positive life with great success with good ambition. 
    Those who do wrong need serious consequences!!! The horrible thing about this is that if one of us good citizens takes the law in to our hands we are the bad example.
     I feel that the ones doing wrong are a minority we need to stop it before it’s the majority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say it, but I think a curfew is now needed.  A state of emergency should be imposed until the police are able to round up each and every last one of these thugs.   Anyone out after a certain time, except for emergency services, arrest them, no questions asked.  The desperate thugs can't stay home very long as they rather steal than work for a living and at some point their money will run out, so as soon as they step foot outside to go on their usual robbing and pillaging spree,  just cart them off to the prison and throw away the key.

  61. Anonymous says:

    everybody has opinions, but nobody actually has solutions.

    to the private citizens of cayman stop being afraid; go out and take back the streets by any means necessary.



  62. Anonymous says:

    This is basic primal jungle behavior when left unchallenged. Young monkeys thinking nothing can stop them. We need new police management to show these yard apes who's in control.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry guys. Without properly trained and willing police, a strong prosecutor and a very harsh prison system, we can forget it. This place is gonna get a lot worse.

  64. none says:

    Your island is lost.

    Your Govt have lost

    Your children are lost

    Your freedom is lost

    If your country was a business….look out for hostile takeover!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I am an expat and I don't know if you are, but I have to wonder why you would post something like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are in the middle of a take over.  The Dart take over.  Or in this case the hand over, for that is what Mac is doing.

    • Hear Hear!!! says:

      They CAUGHT one!?!  HURRAH!!!!!!!

      Now weed out the other thug and catch the rest!  More police, arm the police!  We need a TASK FORCE to work with the community.

      The gun amnesty did not work.  How about offering $10,000 for each criminal that is anonymously turned in (with clothes, evidence, and weapons?)   10X$10K=$100,000 – ** That is maybe the cost of just ONE of Big Mac's or Ju Ju's jaunts???    I think the people harboring these thugs may just NEED $10,000. – I'm just saying the phone lines would not be quiet at 1-800 TIPS if some cash was on the line?

      Just a phone call (and wait for the SWAT team to arrive?)

      • Simple days says:

        Look Mckeeva is a joker and people that FALL inline behind him or along side of him are jokers too…


        The gun amnesty didn't work because they treating it lightly, throwing a couple hundred dollars at these guys. WHAT is that going to do. LOOK a criminal with half a brain could say "hmm i take this gun in they know who i am and will watch me. I only getting a few hundred dollars at best. I loose the protection against other people who might want to harm me. and if i just keep this gun i can knock over a store and get the same few hundred dollars AND getaway.


        Whoever was in charge of the gun amnesty needed to pressure government to allow them to pay out more e.g. 3000 -5000 dollars. Several reason why:-


        1) most criminals have never seen that kind of big money all at once, unless they stole it. no obvious offense but if you were, then you wouldn't need a gun to rob people…? logic


        2) when one person gets paid big they will come back again with another gun now thats 6000-10000 they have to turn in a gun that they only paid a few hundred dollars for. once again BIG MONEY i myself don't even make that but if i had a gun and they were paying out 3000 dollars i be dam if i wasn't turning it in.


        3) the criminals themselves would be cleaning up the streets by turning in guns because they know look these gun return big money in cayman let me sell them to the government and get paid and it could in turn drive the cost of purchasing a gun up on the streets up because people would know that hey these guns are like gold to sell back to the government


        4) it moves your line of defense in having to recover guns from the streets of cayman to the borders to protect against more guns coming in…


        5) IT SIMULATES the economy…


        God man these people in power are SIMPLE MINDED the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. MEAT HEADS every single one.


        What is it to spend 1 million pay for guns in the attempt to clean up the streets???? we can SPEND 14 Million on churches but not 1million to pay for guns??? WOW honestly WOW this is why CAYMAN needs new blood at the wheel these people are old and trying to deal with today's criminals in the SAME OLD FASHION.

    • South Sounder says:

      If you can catch and convict them, they should be taken from the court house and put in the stocks for a week, publically humiliated and ridiculed then sent to Northward to face a sentence of VERY hard labour.

      Create a truly degrading experience and these silly little boys, who all pretend they are hard gangsters, will probably think again….I do not understand how these criminals can abuse our human rights with impunity…there is no redress and no justice andit begs the question as to why we bother catching any of them.

      It is time that we fought back against violent crime and it is abundantly clear, that our Police service is unable to cope.

      Governor, if you are reading this, I hope you realise that doing nothing, is no longer a sensible tactic, our government are lazy, stupid and incompetent and only interested in filling their bank accounts, they are not interested in this problem unless it affects them financially. The time is rapidly approaching where people will be afraid to come here to visit or do business….YOU NEED TO ACT NOW, take control, bring in the Royal Marines and take out a few of these violent morons…I am a law abiding citizen and I am demanding you do something or I will start a petition to ask the British Government to sack you…this lack of action is affecting my human rights 

  65. Anonymous says:

    I seriously doubt any of the top officials in this country read these blogs. If they did and I could say one thing ….I would ask are you really going to let a bunch of low rent sorry excuses for people kill our tourism and run off million dollar home investors by the droves? Police and Prosecutors do you know it really is a matter of life and death to this islands average law abiding citizen and YOUR LIVELYHOODS  that you get it right and get the goods on these guys. The Judge has to do his Job or someone gets wrongfully put away so you have to get it right. We are at your mercy. Families, Sisters, Brother and relatives if you know about a crime it is your duty to report it or you really are just the same same sort of low-life you are protecting. Many of your wealthy expats have one foot out the door? Don't fool yourself into saying where are you going to go with no crime. There is crime everywhere. Yes, there is but not like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      We used to say "it's so expensive to live in Cayman – but at least it's safe".  It's still expensive to live in Cayman, but it is no longer safe.  

    • Anonymous says:

      When is it going to stop?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't worry, even with one foot out the door we can't find a buyer, so we will just step back inside, put an extra lock on the door and wait.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Its sickening to read but I knew this was coming, the crimes of other countries are now rampant in the once sleepy streets of Cayman.

  67. Anonymous says:

    What next? Johannesburg? Are we all goint to start to be killed for our car parts?

  68. Anonymous says:

    I understand that its is not the police or governments direct fault that people do what they do but it is their Job and our right as peaceful citizens to not have to endure this. The Governor, The Top Cops, The prosecutors, Judges and the politicians should hange their heads in shame that they have not been able to hit back with the force required to put this fire out. Each and every person who knows about these criminals should be locked right up with them. You need to throw away they keys for these crimes. It is absolutley disgraceful that me as a private citizen can drive from one end of the island to another in one day and witness all sorts of infractions of the law and not one cop in sight. Where are you? 

    • Anonymous says:

      When you have all the tools you need, and refuse to implement them, it is you fault.

      From border control to traffic enforcement and maintaining standards in our society, we ignore all the laws designed to protect us. This is all very much the fault of those in authority – and particularly the politicians.

    • Hear Hear! says:

      Hear Hear!

      I KNOW that the police cannot be sitting at every sunset spot (Like the pretty view from the Turtle Farm parking lot) trying to protect innocent people.  The RCIP are not mind readers, but they should start with policing 101 and I too, and frustrated that I can drive fromRum Point to West Bay and spot a dozen infractions or things to investigate.  Tinted windows, Japanese cars speeding, no seatbelts, no license plates, etc….  The police need to be giving out tickets, stopping suspicious cars, enforcing the LAW, and sending a clear message that they are on duty!  

      People, we need to weed out crime before it is too late.  

      Government, if you need to send in 50 armed police in a task force, then DO IT, but what you are doing now Mr. Premier and Hon Governor is just not enough!!!

      We need to hear about HOW communities have successfully got rid of crime and DO it!

  69. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad.

  70. Anonymous says:

    What the hell man….this place has fallen of the deep end

  71. Anonymous says:

    I hope the victim is okay, but I can't stand reading all of the crap that keeps happening in Cayman.  Where are the police?  What is the conviction rate?  How can such a small place have such frequent crime?


    • Anonymous says:

      Your question on the conviction rate is a good one.  I don't have any official stats but as I read article after article of murder trials ending in not guilty because not enough evedence…..and apparently eye witnesses do not equate to convictions, I feel angry and depressed.

      Without convictions, where is the motivation to not commit crimes?  There just have to be consequences and somehow we are getting something wrong…..defence lawyers seem to be able to discredit any evidence that is presented.  Surely, either we are shocking at building a case against a criminal or the law sides with the defence and needs to be reviewed….but it just feels like there is an imbalance that supports criminal activity – and something needs to be done about it or we will only see an increase in violent crime.

  72. Bueller says:


  73. Anonymous says:

    stealing wheels is also becoming a major issue………(welll done udp! this place is going to the dogs fast!)

  74. Anonymous says:

    This has to end now. Govenor please report back that emergency powers are needed. Special UK task force to be sent to assist local police, random Stop & Search and national IDs for Caymanians and Residents. PLEASE !

    • Anonymous says:

      We have an impotent, and sterile governement, so how could you expect the Governor to request help.  The impotence starts at the top of the pirimid.  If he is going to request help, we have the right help close by and that is the USA.  I like their stile of policing, shot and ask questions after.  If we do not eliminate the criminals now they are going to eliminate us.  What is the precious UDP doing?  NOTHING.

  75. Anonymous says: