Police appeal for calm

| 14/09/2011

(CNS): The RCIPS has launched a murder enquiry following the shooting of 28-year-old Robert Mackford Bush (left) in West Bay last night (Tuesday 13 September) and officers are appealing for calm. Senior police officers confirmed that Bush was shot in the head while sitting in a blue Honda civic at around 11:20pm at the junction of  Capts Joe and Osbert Road in the Birch Tree Hill. Police say they are not ruling out the possibility that this was a gang related shooting but because the enquiry is still in its very early stages they are unable to speculate on the motive behind the first fatal shooting in twelve months.

At a press briefing Wednesday Chief Superintendent John Jones appealed for calm and asked the community to come forward with any information that could assist the police in ensuring the perpetrators of the crime are brought to justice as quickly as possible. He said that at the moment the police could not say that it was a retaliatory crime or what other crimes it may be linked to but he did confirm that the recent release over the last few months of several young men from prison was of concern to the RCIPS.

Although unable to offer many details about the shooting or any descriptions of the possible suspects, the police confirmed that a woman who was in the car when the victim was shot was also treated in hospital for injuries sustained at the same time, but could not say if she had been shot as well.

Officers were also unable to confirm speculation thatBush had been killed with a shotgun or how many times the victim was shot. However, Jones stated that he had received at least one wound to the head and had died at the scene. Jones further revealed that emergency services, including the Uniform Support Group, were on the scene within five minutes of the call being received from the woman who was with Bush in the car. He also said that specially trained firearms dogs had been deployed at the scene.

At this stage no arrests have been made and the police did not say if they were hunting for more than one gunman. They did  confirm that Bush was arrested and charged in July for an assault in connection with an incident which took place at a bar in Hell, West Bay, in July, for which the victim had been bailed.

Jones and DS Marlon Bodden said that police were now following up on the intelligence, which they hoped to convert into evidence.

The shooting took place in what is becoming a notorious spot for serious crime and very close to the yard where both Damion Ming and Tyrone Burrel were  killed last year  in gang related shootings.

“One would have thought by now, given the number of incidents in the area, that the community would be extremely alert and ready to pass on the information to police,” Bodden said as hepleaded with witnesses to come forward.  Jones said that in recent months police had seen an increase in the amount of information being given to the police and asked for that to continue, as both officers pointed out the need to get solid evidence in order to lead to a conviction.

Jones said the extra funds voted by government would help the police get into the faces of all of the suspects in the neighbourhood that are associated with gun crime and turn the intelligence into evidence. “The more resources we have, the more effectively we can target and bring them to court with solid evidence,” Jones added.

The last killing in Cayman was in October 2010, when Jack Forbes was beaten to death in a fight outside a liquor store in Bodden Town. One man has since been jailed after pleading guilty to mansluaghter in connection with the crime.

The last fatal shooting also took place in Birch Tree Hill in September 2010, when 20-year-old Tyrone Burrell was gunned down in the same yard in which Damion Ming was killed in March 2010. Leonard Ebanks is currently on trial this month in Grand Court accused of murdering Burrel.

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  1. Cman 2 D Bone says:

    RIP Robbie,  you were taken away from us too soon. You were and always will be Loved and Cherished by all of us.

     Robbie may have made mistakes in his life just as all of us do, but this was no way to have been taken from his family and child, Robert was a very quite, loving and caring individual, he always greeted his family and friends with the brightest of smiles,  those of us who were close to him know of the other side of Robbie, the side that not to many people were privilaged to know of him, he was a person who you could turn to to in your time of need someone who would be there when you needed him,this is the side which we will shed many tears for.

    And yes he may have been living the life that he was,  but who are you to sit by and cast stones at when each of us have our own demons hiding in our closets ( yes each of US!! including the Police and Pastors). 

    God said vengence is mine, for all of those who sit by and past judgement on each of these indiviuals, know this there is a story to be told of how each one reached the road that they walked. 

    I don't condone any of this,  as a mother (single at that) I too have struggled to raise my children on my own, but some of these young men faced many difficulties coming up, some may have had a chance to make a different choice in their lives as well as some may not have had any exposure to anything else but this lifestyle.

    The "DOT.COM" days were the days when money flourished here in Cayman and alot of that money wasn't legally made.

    That same money "helped" fund the development of this Country, hey facts are the facts!

    There are many "Business men" whose business connections were those who funded establishing companies with "dirty money" .

    The hard core drugs came here after the businesses were all established and the money started to be funnelled through them, with the "High Class" visitors flocking here by the hundreds to "invest here"  the drug world flourished. 

    This is still happening today but now it's in a different form and the  honest and hardworking people of Cayman,   reconize how we willbe pushed into non-exsistence all in the name of "advancement/development.  The deals and decisions made back in those days are what we are reaping now. 

    The easy money made mentality has created the "lazy" young men AND women of today. 

    The unfortunate part about these young men's lives, is that when you get to know them (move pass the Thug mentality front that they put up) these young men are very intellegent, each of them have a God given talent of some sort  that they could utilize to make an honest living and move away from the life of crime, but society today has closed the door in thier faces. We are outnumbered and to leave this lifestyle is a tremendous and often very dangerous move for them, as they try to turn their life around and leave behind all that is wrong.   

    Many have tried and failed at moving away from this lifestyle and because of the constant fight that they have encountered they return to this life, this IS their alternitive this IS what they know SURVIVAL of/on the STREETS.  

     These young men are battiling in the same manner in their own world,  the world in which they live the"Gangsta Life"

     So before all of you who don't know about the beginnings of the "Gangsta Life or Thug Life" stop and face the truth about how all of these evils was introduced into our Country. 

    Rremember electricity only became availiable in 1966 a mere 40+ years ago, do the math these young men & women parents weren't even born yet!! So to blame the TV and all the other shit on today's technology is absolute garbage, The influences came here with what we imported.

    To my Beloved Cousins  Robert & Carlo and my friends who were taken away senselessly, may each of you REST IN PEACE. 



    • Anonymous says:

      I am so sorry for your losses. It is truly heart breaking when justice cannot be served, even when it's so close. your right, everyone has their demons and all these murders is a result of them. everyone has the chance to turn their life around but once sucked into this thug and gang lifestyle you either go too far or don't live long enough to give yourself a chance to stand above it.

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      Has a "good heart"? then why would someone want to shoot him?

      "Be there when you needed him"? When?- to supply the need for drugs? 

      Or was he bi-polar? living a double life?

      "Easy money created lazy men and women"? No lazy men and women made bad choices and now they reap the rewards of their choices. 

      And another poster suggests we shouldn't jump to conclusions by saying they are gangsta wannabes? Keep living in denial my friends.  

      We can choose to remember people for their few nice acts of kindness or remember them for who they really were, and what their ruthless actions speak for. Not casting stones- simply calling a spade a spade. Sometimes the truth hurts. 

      Stay safe fellow villagers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Woman, I was beginning to feel sorry for you until you started your rant about children being a victim of their circumstances. When will ppl like you, who are obviously close to these bad seeds going to stop blaming their lack of mommy/daddy/money/food/love etc. as the reason/s for them to become troublesome/thieves/gangsters/murderers?? Both these dead guys from the sounds of it had ppl in their lives that loved them; it’s too bad you never told him the truth about "his other side" and if you did it fell on deaf ears and now dead ears. Everybody has a choice to rise up out of negativity and bad situations so don't chat no bull s*hit. He died just the way he lived by the damn gun!!! Don't knock ppl for calling it as they see it. His FB page alone tells a dark story.

      • C-Mon 2 de Bone says:

        Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/16/2011 – 15:21

        Yes I am close to Robert if you had read my post carefully  you would have seen that I stated he is my cousin, and regardless of what he chose to do with his life he is still my cousin and his lifestyle doesn't mean that i should shun him,  I say it here and now,  He will always be loved and remembered by each and everyone of us.

        I also stated that i don't condone the lifestyles that he or the others were living. 

        However with this island the size that it is there is not a single family who doesn't have one or more family members who are or have been down this same road. 

        I make no excuse for none of them who choose to continue in this type of life however the facts are the facts. .     

        The rest of my post that your have remarked on was taken out of context.

        If you have never seen the darkside and made it through to the other side don't sit there and F****** judge people,  people like you are who i made reference too, the same ones who when someone is trying to turn around their lives gives them a kick in the face and sends them back to where they were. 

        Govt spends a s**t load of money on crackheads sending them to "Rehab!"  only to have them come back  into society stealing and doing all the s**t they do.

        Why havent Govt taken the time to spend money on the root of their habits, get the sellers of the streets then there is no drugs to buy!!!

        The RCIPS was willing to pay for guns! well find a way to reach these guys and help to turn them around. 

        You are a nieve a$$, and as for your statement about pittying me you can keep your pity I don't need it.

          I made it through very hard times and never once had to  step foot in a court house or to  Fairbanks, I thank God for being there to deliver me from the hardships that i went through because mankind like yourself is the mean reason i don't step foot in a church, your a hypocrite and parasites .  

        Someone elses posted about people like me making excuses for these guys,  I make no excuse for no one not even myself, when I fell I picked myself up and dusted myself off and pushed forward,  it wasn't easy, and yes many times i felt like giving up, but my children and my family gave me the motivation i needed to succeed,  and as for the other side of Robert I was referring to was not the Gangsta Life.   

        Stop judging people and assuming the worst about people you don't know, i didn't say he was an Angel did I? 

        Hell you got guys worst than these "Gangsters, they are wearing full suits and neckties and collecting a " so called  honest paycheck"  the only differences with them and the Gangsters they are looked at as "law abiding citzens" what a joke thebunch of you are you all need to face reality about what is really going on in this country!!!  

      • C-Mon 2 de Bone says:

        Which FB page would that be that you could verify that Robbie was a Thug?  He has NO,  FB page!!!!!!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Another shooting I just heard … Guess this appeal for calm fell on deaf ears?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, there could be a zillion reasons he was sitting in a parked car in that area(if that was so the case)…..girlfriend is from Birch Tree area……he wanted to instigate trouble……he had some business to do in that area and thought he could do it safely and on and on. These make believe gang borders are ridiculous! Gangs give the feeling of power and they feel that they are immortal.

    Sad, sad, sad!! Young men killing each other over what?? A "look", a "girl", "turf"…. Nothing that will really matter tomorrow!  And innocent bystanders sometimes get in the way of these stupid battles as the gang members usually have to have a few drinks or get high to get the "guts up" to do these shootings and when they get their high on, their shots are off and so they end up shooting and missing their intended target or they just shoot up the area.

    So sad, so dangerous. How many funerals of friends does it take to end this madness?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do as they are doing in Trinidad. Put westbay under curfew 2100-0600 anyone out at that time is either locked up or shot. the few law abiding people get permission to be out during this time period do as the normally do.  Death penalty would also be a lot easier on the Purse strings. for the cost of prison for a year you could put down 20 of them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you want to look, play, act and talk Gangsta….Then you are Gangsta. No one is fooling anyone. It's why you don't go out deer hunting dressed like a deer. They are no gray areas here. Anti-Social behaviour aka Gangs are the scourge the world over by youths who parents primarily have let them down. Life is no dress rehersal. Do you children a favor and raise them right and you may save their life. Quit passing the buck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Live by the gun, die by the gun.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some of the comments I read are alarming. It's interesting that so many are quick to assume someone is in a gang because of the way they dress etc. There are often distinct patterns in terms of language, dress, behavior etc of people who are affiliated. But this should not be placed across the board.

    May I remind you that some of the most notorious criminals who were gangsters did not necessarily fit a particular stereotype. One could often see Al Capone wearing clothing and behaving like many other individuals in the general society. One need not have a bandana wrapped around his head, wear shades, wear gold chains or dress in baggy clothing o be a gangster.

    Having lived in Detroit for many years, I can tell you that a number of the predominately white gangs would not be identifiable from a crowd of people. They fit in perfectly well with you and me.

    Free your mind of ignorance and stop stereotyping people by the way they address, of APPEAR to be. If you see someone who is black and drives an old Corolla, do you automatically assume they are poor? If you see a woman in skimpy clothing, do you assume she's a prostitute? Tattoos mean they are thugs? And Italian accent and wearing a suit they are with teh mafia? Ignorance the world over.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK, so the more well-appointed gangsters were suits, I get that. On the other hand, if this crew cocks the hat and wears the bling and strikes the gangster pose, aren’t they obviously and deliberately holding themselved out to the world as gansters? Why else the costume and the pose? Surely they are not just hoping to be discovered by a talent agent and made into actors, playing gangsters in a movie, right? Surely.

      Clearly they are dressing as gangsters because they want to be perceived as gangsters. OK, we’ll treat them appropriately.

      And for the deceased: RIP dude – shame to go so young. Maybe your story can educate others who might otherwise follow your footsteps. RIP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ur an idiot, don't compare this small island to the likes of Detroit. Caymanians are nosy and due to the size of the island somebody knows something about some1 who tells some1 else and in trickles down and travels fast. We have already checked out his FB page where he bigs up his gang the "Logwood Losers" so he confirmed he is/was a gang member.

  8. I am Insane too says:

    The Police need to lock up suspected persons, and make them then prove that it was not them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    CNS & others should look into posting more appropriate photos of victims in such cases. Perhaps a D/L photo which looks more decent, rather than taking pictures off FB which most of them do.

    • dig deeper says:

      Your response is exactly where we are going wrong. If CNS was to post their Drivers License photo, then the image portrayed is the one governments like us to see. If they post the Facebook image, it is the one the person has chosen. Which one is closer to the real thing do you think.

      Here is a post i shared two days ago under the original article relating to this murder- and it applies directly to what you are speaking to in your post. I think this formula/questioning below needs to be applied to criminals all over the world and not just in Cayman.

      But since we are addressing issues in Cayman right now, lets start by applying it to this case and every other in the past 5 years. It's time to take our heads out of the proverbial sand and have some frank, uncomfortable discussions, about how these young people (more often than not men) end up in body bags- from homicide, automobile accidents, or the such.

      Information I think would be helpful for society as a whole:
      1) Who was Robert Macford Bush? Did he work? Was he an uncle? A Dad? what kind of father was he? Did he have a previous criminal record? If so, what were the charges?
      2) Who is his mother?Has the father been involved in his life?
      3) Who are his siblings? How many half brothers/sisters does he have?
      4) What was his teenage home life like? Was there love, caring, and concern?
      5) Is there any history of addiction, depression, mental health disease in the family?
      6) Did Robert finish grade 6? grade 9? graduate? Any post secondary eduction?
      7) who are his grandparents? What role did they or didn't they play in his life?
      8) What was his father like? Did he work? How did he treat his kids? Was he in their life? Was he a good role model? Or was he a deadbeat dad?
      9) Same questions for his mother.
      10) Interview his teachers, his past girlfriends, his current girlfriends, his cousins, his brothers, his sisters, his half brothers, his half sisters.
      Instead of reporting that another likely gangster wannabe (assumption) was shot, and in this case murdered. Why not dig deep into the life of the murdered. Paint a picture for society. Talk about the less nice stuff, and see if we can paint a complete picture. Then do it for each of our incarcerated and murdered, perhaps we can start facing and addressing the real issues underlying the behaviours and activties that we read about regularly. It will make for uncomfortable reading for many, including the family, friends, and the average person in society. We should feel uncomfortable,
      Then perhaps, when the details are in the media, in the public, and some patterns and trends start to form, perhaps Government, families, and friends will face the issues head on and start changing how society looks at these thugs and gangster wannabes.
      Why protect the deceased? Why hide the details? Why sweep it all under the rug like it doesn't matter? What are we scared of?
      Then look at your own children and ask the same questions above- while they are alive.
      Then ask yourself – is there more I can do to help my children succeed in this world?

      For a better Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      truth hurts?????

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like a duck? Quacks like a duck but it's a fish?? He was a gangster duck! Face it…pictures tell a thousand words.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should CNS post a more appropriate picture??? Let everyone see what the person really looked like.  A GANSTA!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    What causes these MEN to want to dress and act like they do?  Clearly he looks tuff but tuff against who or what?  Certainly not a bullet. They probably all realize but its only seconds before it is too late.  Parents that continue allow their children to glorify Gangsta clothes and pose are partly to blame.  It always seems to start of a funny thing, and everyone laugh at the Gangsta look.  Its not funny anymore no matter the age.  

  11. What I See Happening says:

    Wait, you mean all this didn't stop once the minimum wage was introduced? Astounding!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Live by the gun, die by the gun. Simple as that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The people who are upset that this man is judged based on the picture posted need to get a reality check!

    He may have been one way with his family but that is not much good if he is bad news for everyone else. Are you really saying that he hasn't had a certain life style which contributed to his tragic ending???? Unless the families are willing and able to step up and tell their kids, brothers, cousins etc (no matter how old they are) what they think of them and that they do not respect and accept who they are hanging out with, nothing will change……….but I get it is easier to be in denial and turn a blind eye and hope that the ending isn't such as this one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gaza a gwan mad!!!!! who's next ????

    • Anonymous says:

      Since you use the gansta word, can you please explain the meaning? Are you describing an area in a district where two gangs are grappling for control? 

      • Anonymous says:

        From what I heard of it, it comes from Jamaica. If you say, "Gaza" , "It means that you support Vybz Kartel (an entertainer) and his crew from Portmore St. Catherine. If you say "Gully" it means you support Mavado.  They are rivals. Most of the young people in Jamaica is divided into 'GAZA' or 'GULLY'.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Government needs install programs in our public schools that teach our young chidren  that violence/gangs and bullying is not the life style they should follow.  The number of stabbings/assaults and violent crime in Cayman exceeds per capata many cities in the US. 

    You have to look no further than Northwood Prison. Most of the inmates were  troublemakers and Bullies when they were in school.


    Does anyone agree that we need to programs that address gangs,vilolence and bullying in our public schools?

    Other countries have programs that address these problems. Why can't we?


    We spend CI$35,000 – CI$50,000 per year to house each inmate in Northwood.

    How about investing a little inprevention.


    Save Cayman


    • Anonymous says:

      Don't we have gans violence and bullying in the private schools?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100% – start it from an early age.  Some of these kids are bullying and acting out because they have terrible home lives, parents who don't care or are wrapped up in toxic relationships, drug abuse, etc. These kids are vulnerable and often fall victim to sexual abuse.  I think we need programmes to identify these kids and take then out that environment or help the whole family.  This is becoming an epidemic in Cayman.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Back comes the arguement for getting Fathers involved again.  No offense to Single mothers but look t the satistics from the US, UK & elsewhere.  Children that grew up in a single parent family are more likelyto commit crime & be involved with gangs.

      Cayman is lacking in promoting the family unit – from little annual leave 2 weeks to a complete lack of maternaty leave for fathers.  The one true bonding time with your children and here Fathers do not get that chnce.

      Also I agree that its shocking that the community doesn't speak up & probably won't.  Again no family pride and respect.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you, my husband has a child by someone else, and every five minutes he is summonded to court if he goes late on the maintenance part of it, but for four years he has not been allowed to see the child, he has repeatedly asked the courts for help in this  aspect but has been told many times that they dont like to get involved with visitation rights, and that is in the court records, his child today has a very gangster attitude towrds life, and the mother is a vendictive woman, but in the end she is causing her child to pay for her vindictivenes. Cayman needs to invest some money and time in promoting family values.  I am very sorry about Robert's death because I knew him and I thought he was a nice guy and my statement above has nothing to do with his personal life, it is just that the court system here fails so many of these children, they are more interested in getting the dollars out the fathers pockets than letting the fathers have say in their children life.

      • tweetypie says:

        Actually, after having recently watched a show on single mothers, it was found that 85% of children born in a family with both parents end up being upstanding citizens and 75% of children born in a family with a single parent end up being upstanding citizens. It is of the 25% of those who don't become as successful in which the 'alarming' statistics are shown. Therefore the statisitcs are exaggerated to bring home these 'alarming' figures.

        We must look at everything in context because people, journalists especially, love to take things out of it,.

        Having grown up in a single parent home and becoming a very upstanding citizen myself, I must say sometimes it's better when the father isn't involved, although it's very distressing, at times, when growing up.

        I should also say, not only that but we must look at the type of person and parent the mother is as well as the family background children are born into. Because whether a father is present or not, not all women who bear children are fit to raise them and not all families are most adequate either.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Retaliation before next week. Watch for it. 

  17. Survivor says:

    I'm sorry to see another young man has been killed.   I can not judge him based upon his photo — or otherwise.  

    I hope the community local to this crime will work with the Police and bring the killer(s) to justice.   Some of you know who did this.   Give it up.   It's the honorable thing to do.

    Please, fellow Caymaians, don't just forget about this event.   You may or may not feel that Robert was involved in "the life", however what is important is the follow-through;   If we connect crimes — through dilligent community input and good detective work — to the events and prosecute the offenders, we move further toward the peaceful society that many of us grew up with.  

    This is a tragedy.   Let it not be for nothing.  Let us look hard and work hard and gather the evidence to put a stop to at least one killer.   One at a time.  Easy does it.   That's the way changes are made.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Gangs evolved over the past two decades into organized crime.

    Unfortunately they supply the wealthy on this island with cocaine and that connection makes them untouchable.

    We all know atleast one person with "money" that is using cocaine.

    Gangs have laywers that protect them from the law and if problems arrise, one phone call is mostly enough to have the police back off.

    Look at how most cities in the US are controlled by gangs, there you see caymans future.

    There is simply no way back. . . . . . .Politicians don't care and church is a joke on itself of course.

    So if one gangster kills another, I would say let them. Unless an innocent victim is involved then handle it with extreme force.


  19. Anonymous says:

    I think all the cameras should go to Birch tree hill.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alot of camerasyes and a sub Police Station.Get the area cleaned up. These youth need to work. Majority of them are idle, and the devil always find work for idle hands. Train them to be Policemen and firemen the community would be better off. Oh by the way just a few days ago just across from Hurleys by the Scotia Bank I was most upset to see a young fireman walking towards Town in his uniform and the back of his pants was hanging and baggy and a pair of dark glasses on the only thing I did not see was the earings. I was most surprised as thats not the way that firemen used to dress. We are certainly loosing it all.

      • Anonymous says:

        Alot of people wear dark glasses maybe cos the sun does seem to shine alot here!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Really?? Oh yeah I just rembered that all the crime happens in Birch Tree Hill.  There is no shootings or robberies in other parts of the Island or even the district.  DONKEY!!

  20. Polly Tricks says:

    Yet more evidence that crime is a local problem and not one caused by foreigners.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are most of the drugs grown here?

    • Anonymous says:

      My prayers go out the the victim families…As for your comment (18:02) do you know for a fact that FOREIGNERS aren't involved in some of these crimes????? Let's keep in mind here' there's alot of murders still waiting to be solved here in Cayman…Seems to me you know each and every person or persons that has committed these crimes..Did you do the right thing by turning them ALL over to the COPS?????? I think not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crime of course is a local problem but by no means does that mean foreigners are not involved.

  21. Anonymous says:

    A ray of hope.

    The fact that he only shot the guy shows that they are only targeting their own. The rest of us just need to catch the last one of them standing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sad day for this young man's family and friends.

    WHY? WHY? WHY?………….

    The young people in our society are dropping dead like flies. If it ain't  foolish or preventable accident's, it's murder! I blame our government for the "thug" like example that they are setting in the L.A. and I blame most of the churches (especially that big one in NWP) for not being a safe haven were young people would want to go and worship! Hell, not even the old people are interested anymore! After all, it is FOOLISHNESS like when they say wearing jewellery is a SIN that irk me, or the other stupid one they have, that if you are going to the church for Friday night youth meeting and you aren't there by 7:30p – the door will be closed and whomever is in, is in. And whomever is out, is OUT! Great chrsitian attitude!! NOT!

    Also may I ask? Heard it on the radio this morning and the subject was about the CCTV cameras. Now correct me if am wrong. But wasn't the purpose of getting the cameras was to put them in known "hot spots"? If that was the case I think this Birch tree hill area should have had the very first one! XXXX

    ANYWAYS……nuff said but…WEST BAY IS CURSED, thanks to Mac and his FAKE kiss azz congregation!

    PATHETIC!!! (spit)

    • Sharmaine walker says:

      My greatest sympathy goes out to this young man's family,I am so sorry for your loss".To sad for this young man's family".I dont think this is the time to play the blame game.we are living in the last days and all we can do is pray and ask God to intervene. I dont believe West Bay is cursed, i remember when people would refer to West bay as being the republic of the Cayman Island but I would sleep with my door open many nights. Cayman Island is a lovely place.Blessings.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately this whole island is cursed! The headlines speak for themselves. Every day there is another unbelieveable crime being committed. From the boldness to rob a store of $15,000 including $6000 worth of cigarettes (imagine the boxes that had to be loaded) all done in front of the police station? Or the boldness and evilness to take a life? Enough is enough and the churches need to do all they can to be a more popular place to be than the clubs. True, some are trying, but now is NOT the time for other churches to be worried about building another hurricane shelter or doing upgrades to the building. It is time to use those funds for the right purpose – NATION building…spend money on Bible tracks, Bibles for students, materials. Spend it on Bible camps and friday night youth meeting field trips. There is hardly any "draw" being sent out to kids – hardly no advertisements in the paper, no visiting guest, on and on etc…But, I betcha that every Friday those nightclubs spend a ton of cash persuading them, starting with the full page ads! This has got to stop! And we've got to START with the churches rising up and taking back what our forefathers/mothers believed in with their every being! There is a serious battle of right and wrong going on on this island and if we concide to the forces that be, then we get what we deserve! CHURCHES STAND UP, AND OPEN YOUR DOORS, YOU HAVE SOULS WAITING!

    • Anonymous says:

      "The young people in our society are dropping dead like flies."  Really? This is the first murder since the beginning of the year, (Kerran Baker excluded, tragically.) and with our population of around 55,000,  that puts us at the very low level of killings enjoyed by most  European countries. If we had the murder rate of Honduras, for example, Cayman would have had 27 murders already this year. I suggest you try another fly spray.

      • Anonymous says:

        The year ain't done yet and more of the jail birds getting out. Just wait and your stats will look better soon!


  23. Anonymous says:

    Big boy's games…… Big boy's rules.

  24. Dan Up Dan says:

    My My oh so quick to judge. I looked at the picture and I can tell you this, there is nothing in what he is wearing to give anyone an idea that he might be associated with anything that is wrong.

    What are you guys insinuating…that  young men in gold chains and sunglasses are automatically criminals. The funny thing is that you are thinking just like the police. They see this young man and bam they think Yes this is definetly a gangsta or wannabe and go about handling him as such.

    Unfortunately in his case it was probably warranted but there are many others that are classed the same for nothing at all. What is it the head tilt that causes people to get scared? The white t-shirt maybe? I'm at a loss.

    RCIPS – Here is some advice. Instead of ASSuming maybe you should go out and talk to these young people, find out who they belong and contact the parents. Let them know where their children are and what they're doing. TALK not shout. Seek the confidence of these young people so that you can help erradicate the problem from within! I keepsuggesting more interaction with the neighbourhoods but instead you brought new cars!

    Mr. Baines – If you would but take your head from your anus for just two minutes the fresh air will surprise you. This is by no means England. Our youth still have a chance to come out of this. Don't class us with any others, treat us with respect and you'll be surprised at the reciprication. Offer support to your officers and listen every now and again to their suggestions to make changes as they are the ones on the street, not you! Thank God for that btw.



    • Anonymous says:

      Did this young man have a record?  How about a job?  You haven't given any "facts to back up your opinion of him.  Sorry to say but if its like most of the other killings than it most likely is the same as the other killings.  We will just have to wait and see the "facts" for our selves .  Until then your opinion is noted and will be put to the test.  Heres more advice  Always ASSuming Mr. Baines and the police are always wrong just means your on the other side of the law.  And if not what are you doing to help? I means besides complaining about the police.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you Google the name, you will see some Cayman Court documents regarding this man.

    • Anonymous says:

      What's all the crap about 'youth'.  This guy was 28 years old.  What's all the garbage about go and talk to the parents???  He is way past that age, and we ahve to rpesume his assoicates and probably enemies are the same

      • Anonymous says:

        Believe me…I work with teens ages 13-21, but run into them when they are well into their late 20's and some of them are just as confused as when they were 13. They still have no education, still have no job and no direction. Their age may be 28, but unless they got out of school and headed in the right direction, they have been out there for years floundering like a fish and that usually (where I am from) means trouble, youth offenders, probation, jail time, more probation etc.  So, bottom line…strong community role models are needed to get to these guys (wall sitters, groups on corners, gang members, whatever name you want to give them) and get them moving in a positive direction. If you want to concentrate on their age, your community will suffer.

        It may be late for parental control, but it is not too late for the community to get involved. Job training, community based programs, court assisted jobs, community sports programs, GED programs, college/computer classes, etc.

        Gang mediation and liason work in the school systems with at-risk youth starting at age 12.

        • Anonymous says:

          They need to start programs at the age of 6. Teach them vilolence,gangs and bullying is wrong. Other countries have these programs why don't we?

          • Anonymous says:

            Cayman does not need those kind of courses. The churches have it covered.

        • Anonymous says:

          18.18; We need  "strong community role models." Good idea, let's start at the top.

        • Anonymous says:

          "I work with teens ages 13-21"   —  I stopped being a teen at 20, things sure have changed!!!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            you are correct. I should have said…I work with inner city young adults age 13-21…not sure if that is even correct, but wth…you get the idea.

      • MonkeySee says:

        EXACTLY!  Thank you for pointing out his AGE for those non-reading bloggers out there!  However…it could be said that LIKE THE YOUTHS OF TODAY who are on a path to self destruction, when he was a youth himself he must have taken that same journey. 


        I would hope that the YOUTH out there glamorizing 'thug life' look at this ADULT, at the decisions he's made in life & the outcome of the lifestyle he had chosen to be living, and see that the reality is you could DIE for that lifestyle.  





      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        They all start out young, don't they? Thats the point of people mentioning youth am sure. Because if you look closely and LISTEN carefully you'll notice the dramatic increase of youth crimes. So maybe it ain't crap after all. Just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      This may be too long to print here, but it is a poem that every "gangsta" I know really relates too and asks for copies of. I hope if it does get printed here, someone will find it beneficial. I do not have the author's name. Sorry.

      A Gangster's Prayer

      Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight,

      I need so much guidance to live my life right,

      Sometimes the pressure is so hard to bear,

      I often wonder if anyone cares,

      How can I wake up and face a new day,

      Knowing I have to live my life this crazy way?

      Heavenly Father, forgive all my sins,

      I want to change, but where do I begin,

      Give me strenth to resist the wild life I desire,

      Help me get away from the nightly gunfire.

      Please God, bless my family whose eyes silently plead,

      For me not to go out as they all watch me leave.

      And God bless my mother who cries every night,

      WorryingI 'll be killed in yet another gang fight…

      Heavenly Father, please answer my prayer,

      Please let me know that you are listening up there.

      When will it end? What's it all for?

      To prove to my homies-

      "Yeah, I'm down…I'm hardcore".

      Sometimes I wonder how I will die,

      By bullet wound…or a knife in my side.

      Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight,

      Give me the courage and strength to live my life right.

      Please show me the way, Lord, show me the light,

      Help give my heart peace, so I don't have to fight.

      Thank you for your forgiveness, Lord , and for still being there.

      Most of all…thank you for listening and help me,please, cuz  I really do care!





    • Dred says:

      You are so wrong.

      But the problem is larger than ever now and everyone is to blame.

      The rights groups are to blame for drawing the lines in the sand for parents to beat their kids. It makes parents sometimes not beat their childs when they really need to. Do you actually think "time out" works? Might work for a child who will turn out to be a nerd in school but to the more hardened kids its just silly wishful thinking.

      The parents are to blame for allowing their kids to do what they want when they want. If I caught my son wearing his pants down and showing his draws I would pull his pants up and pull that belt so tight his hair would grow four inches. I would then tell him MAKE ME SEE YOU DO THAT AGAIN!!!

      The politicians are to blame for allowing this to grow and fester. I recall at my graduation our education minister at the time saying "there are no gangs in our schools only groups". NO we had damn gangs. That's sticking your head in the sand and praying they will go away. They were young then and could have been broken easily but today they are more brazen and we see where this has all gone to.

      The police are at fault for not acting faster. They too like the politicians stuck their heads in the sand praying it would just go away. They stood by and watching a fledgling gang turn into a serious threat to our civil society. They were no proactive instead just dealing with what happened after.

      It is time now for us to all act and act swiftly. Here is what we need and I have said this before and continue to say it:

      1) New Offensive Weapoin law which calls for the following:

       – All gun or knife or machete crimes now have a minimum of 10 years. This is non negotiable by judge or prosecution. There is no way to lower this. The charge is further compounded by addition weapons at the robbery by adding an additional 5 years per weapon. This means if there are two guns and a machete at a crime the time would be 20 years MINIMUM.

      – All members suffer from the minimum weapons charge. This means it does not matter if you backed a gun or even if you wereonly the driver you all take the same punishment from the weapons standpoint. In the example above all members in the robbery would face a minimum of 20 years in prison.

      – Additional Charges are added to the minimum. Robbery, use of deadly weapon, etc. This is where the limit of involvement could mean a shorter sentence.

      – Cummulative addition – In this when there are four criminals but only 2 are caught the cummulative minimum is spread over the ones caught. This means the minimum is 20 years x 4 because 3 had weapons and one drove. The two who were not caught minimum would be spread over the two who were caught meaning their sentence would be now a minimum of 40 years each. Why? Because it makes them give up the others or never see daylight again. The prosecution would have to proove number of criminals involved. Keep in mind these are all minimums we are talking about. The judge may/will still add to this the other charges such as robbery etc which may have their own minimums also.

      Why this approach? The reason is simple. Anytime weapons are used there is a risk of someone getting killed or seriously injured. Criminals must PAY SEVERELY for creating this situation. By charging everyone with the weapons it makes them conscious of what they bring to a crime and that there is no one who will make off easy. By compounding the weapons it demonstrates that more weapons exponentially increases risk and should be charged accordingly. By spreading the minimum over the caught offensders to account for the free criminals it means they will be inclinde to give them up.

      2) Severe Crime Law – Create HIGH absolute minimums for crimes such as robbery, rape, murder and abduction. Let's say 10 to 15 years minimum. No more letting people out on the street early. Judges can UP the ante on charges but never lower.

      3) Hard Labor – People who go to prison for serious crimes such as in #2 MUST serve HARD LABOR. We should consider sending them to another prison. I am not sure Northward Hotel could ever be considered hard labor.

      Let me tell you what we are looking at now. Criminals are simply not impressed with our prison. The doors of northward is a revolving door spinning round and round. Criminals find life easier in prison than outside.

      What I would like to know is what the actual rehabilitiation rate is. How many people who have gone to prison do not return and are actually holding down a job? Now how many are returning to prison?

      Criminals need to know that when it comes to serious crime in the Cayman Islands we mean business. Criminals give away their rights when the do criminal activity and we intend on it being for a really long time.

      • Anonymous says:

        you need to educate yourself on human nature and child rearing before you try to educate others

        • Dred says:

          Are you speaking from the position of someone who has a problem child because you failed your child?

    • Anonymous says:

      "My My oh so quick to judge. I looked at the picture and I can tell you this, there is nothing in what he is wearing to give anyone an idea that he might be associated with anything that is wrong."

      If you can, follow instructions below:

      1. Open web browser, go to http://www.google.com

      2. At top of page on the Google Nav Bar select Images

      3. In the Google search box type "Thug", or "Gangster", or "OG" and click search.

      4. Compare some of the images that are brought up, to the picture at the top of this article.


  25. Anonymous says:

    I would not trust a dog with a firearm even if it has been specially trained

  26. Anonymous says:

    There are a bunch of factors that could impact our youths to commit murder, but all of them lead to one result: destruction of the individual prior to any murders committed. People only destroy life when they don't have it — they see others having and enjoying something they don't have, and they don't want others to have that, so they destroy life because they don't have it. To stop this from occurring, I think we need to ensure that every person "has life," or maybe more so the ability to live.

    The ability to live life to the fullest can be lost by the factors — violent media, lack of attention/support,parents buying violent video games for their kids and gansta rap music that sets a bad example.  parents also not paying attention to what or where their kids are going these days or not checking the background profile of certain friends they hang around with.  If you don't start paying attention to your kids they will stray away from you and fall into the wrong crowd or end up dead on the roadside somewhere, and If you think about it, our youths of today need our help and every parent should all take full responsibility for their kids action. Instead of shouting and screaming at them to do this and do that, be gentle, and sit down and have a talk with them. Start off by saying "how was your day my child? Is this too much for you to ask your Children? Some of our youths don't get any attention at home it's all about a lack of love. The love can be felt, but it's not much to another person unless it's conveyed in a way that can be understood, and that way will vary based on the differences among people. To you parents its just another typical day, u go to work come home,don't know where your kids are and all u do is watch TV! ITS HIGH TIME U KNOW OR FIND OUT WHERE THEY ARE AT?

    There are a bunch of other arguments I can provide, but I think you understand my point. If you want to make a positive difference, just do what you can here and now. start talking to your children, know where they are going, stop being their best friend and give them curfews,or chores to do more at home. You have to start with something small before it can grow bigger. And just believe that you can make a difference in your childs life, It kinda reminds me of something my religion teacher told me, "If you truly believe in something, nothing else will matter." Another quote, from a 6/7 grade teacher — "Anyone can be negative, that's easy. But it takes effort to be positive." I wish you all the best, and my prayers are with the family!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      The murdered victim IS NOT A YOUTH.  He was 28 years of age almost 30, this is considered A FULL GROWN MAN!!!  Stop making excuses!!! This is why we are where we are at today!

  27. Anonymous says:

    They say

    "Jones said the extra funds voted by government would help the police get into the faces of all of the suspects in the neighbourhood that are associated with gun crime and turn the intelligence into evidence. “

    What's that mean? That they can now afford to put Gas in their Police Cars and drive from George Town to West Bay?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Seriously speaking, people know who committed the crime! But its so hard for people to "snitch" for the simple fact that they aren’t sure they willbe protected by RCIPS. Quite frankly people don’t have any faith in RCIPS and there for are unwilling to help them in many cases. Is there a witness protection program in Cayman? NO!If there was where would they send you? Cayman Brac, or East End.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hello!!!   CrimeStoppers Hot Line!  No one has to know who provides the information.  Why is it so hard to get that into your heads?

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, that's why they offer a reward which you can never claim since are "Anonymous". This is Cayman, before you hang up the phone, Joe Brown knows it is is that reported him. Sad!! Look at the lady on TV who is being bullied for calling the police. Encouraging isn't it?

    • Anonymous says:

      14:25 the public do not have to tell the police, they can just tell someone else who has the fortitude and bravery to take a stance against these thugs that have honest people running scared.

      Slip a note under a door, tell a pastor a doctor, they will pass on the information. But to state that the public are unwilling to tell the police anything will only serve the punks.

      So it is either tell what you know or live in fear that you might be the next one.


    • Anonymous says:

      Except that they can call the overseas based tip hotline and not have to worry about what you're saying. fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      People can make up any excuse for everything and anything in life.  Don't you think that is also the root of the problem.  The overseas tipline isn't there for fun.  Just stand by and we will read reports of the next one.  Human life has to be more important than 'gangsta' life!

  29. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Birch Tree Hill Gangsta's "kill one" of Logwoods Gangasta's.

    RCIPS =  "Aggresive Intelligence Led Policing" at it's best !! 

    • Anonymous says:

      If the above is the case, it is time the police round up the gangs and meet directly with them with the urgent message that violence will no longer be tolerated- it has to stop- and if that message is ignored- than the full extent of the law must be levied against them. Zero tolerance. Work with probation, police, court, and get these "gangs" off the streets! Cuff them and bring them in if necessary( I am sure you could bring them in on loitering charges if necessary) . They fight and kill out of "respect", but have no idea how to define it! It may have to be defined for them, but if you bring them in a room…most of the time…the toughness of the streets disappears and the real reasons come out. Get to the bottom of it and work it out as men. Most of them, I am sure, grew up together, schooled together?? Now, they are being buried together. Shameful.

      Job training and find a company or companies who will get these "guys" working- cleaning, landscaping, painting. Some sporting event (I like basketball) at night must take place starting at 8p.m. – 11p.m.- give away free T-shirts or sneakers to all players. Have them play against EMT's, firemen, police, teachers. Week one will start out rough and by playoffs you will have a great series going.

      Find out what they are good at and some role model in the community point these young guys in the right direction.  Have guest speakers before the game if you feel it is beneficial (domestic violence, STD's, job core, insurance info. etc). At the start of the game, you will have their attention.

      24 is too young to die. The life of a gangster is tragic and does not go far. No one ever retires as a gangster.

      my condolences to the young man who passed away on the streets of GC. Let the violence end there. It takes a stronger man to walk away than it does to stand and fight.



    • Anonymous says:

      If that is the case, that he is a "Logwood Gangsta", what was he doing sitting in a parked car in Birch Tree Hill?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Aren't there any better pictures than the one you posted ? It just makes me jump to a quick conclusion of the type of person this guy is. Am I the only one who thinks like this ?

  31. TALK TOO MUCH says:

    Mr Jones I believe you need to have less talk that you have seen  an increase in information comming forth.  This is something  that police need to keep to them selves.  Believe it or not it is scary telling the police anything, and this is not being said to deter anyone, but you people need to keep your blasted mouth close on certain things.  Police will make people get killed, because una talk too darn much, and do not know what to say to the public.  Why do you think that the public dont want to say anything to you all?  Because they are afraid of you all.   Mr Jones, and the Commissioner, and all the others white collar  officers do not know a thing about investigation of crimes in Cayman.  I do not know why MacKeeva Bush dont get rid of them, or is it the Governor to do that,  well I am wasting my breath then.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes you are wasting your breath because your comment makes no sense at all

  32. Whodatis says:

    "A photo speaks a thousand words."

    If any of you young guys are looking at the photo of the deceased and can identify similarities between him and yourself (persona, attitude, pose, clothing / attire) then you may want to consider a change in your way of life.

    Think about it fellas.

    You only live once.

    * Lastly, if any of you females are looking at the photo and know that deep down this is the type of individual that you find attractive … you my dear, are a major part of the problem in regards to the criminal element in our society today.

    (Condolences to the family and friends.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you "whodatis".  I tell my sons all the time that you are judged by the company you keep and the clothes you wear.  


  33. Anthony Montana says:

    One would have thought by now that given the number of incidents in the same area the police would be extremely alert and able to block roads off and search cars immediately before the perpatrators escape?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Place the country on curfew like Trinidad.



  35. Anonymous says:

    Another murder, such a tragedy, don't worry though the police are on it! The response time has drastically improved but again does it really make a difference what time they get there? Isn't it about time that the we replaced the noise made by police sirens with the circus clown theme tune? That way we would know in advance that the clowns are arriving?

    Even if they found/find anything I'm sure one of the clowns stepped on the evidence with his big clown feet, or put the evidence in his pocket and then put his big clown pants in the laundry machine. In fact now that I think about it it was dark, how on earth can clowns collect evidence in the dark? Even if someone is caught the judge will have to let them go only for those who run the circus to get angry at the judge. Sorry to be so cynical but what else have I got?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Maybe use the $4m as a reward for anyone who talks… I'm sure that would be a better use of the funds than anything else they plan on using it for!

    • Anonymous says:

      pretty sure that person would not remain "anonymous" for too long!

  37. Stop the madness says:

    It is time that we ask our longest serving persons in Northward Prison to step forward, make a video (everything goes viral these days and it is the only thing our youth understands) and get THE MESSAGE OUT that gangs and a life in prison is not what a punk or thug really wants.

    Television has glorified gangs and violence, we cannot fight this.  Parents cannot control their young if they are running with the wrong crowd, and this economy and lack of vocational training offer no hope of a job for these young men.

    We have a lost generation, we must accept this.  These punks will finally be locked up or end up dead.  We now need to try to reach the young boys who are considering joining a gang or turning to crime.

    The time for soft talk and UK policing are over.  We need to get the message out that crime does not pay and a life in prison is not what the Caymanian dream is all about.