CHF to map location of AEDs to help save lives

| 15/09/2011

(CNS): Nine offices across Grand Cayman have installed automated external defibrillator machines (AED) in an effort to treat sudden cardiac arrest, one of Cayman's worst life-threatening medical emergencies. According to the Cayman Heart Fund (CHF), most occurrences of sudden cardiac arrest will happen in a home or public place and chances of survival are reduced by ten percent for every ten minutes without immediate heart recovery.  CHF which continues to appeal to businesses, schools, homeowners, and public entities to install the machines is currently mapping all AED locations in order to circulate to the public.

“We are compiling a list of all AEDs installed on island," said Dr. Sook Yin, Medical Director of the Cayman Heart Fund.   “We would like to encourage any person or company who purchased an AED, not necessarily from CHF, to email the CHF and let us know so we can include their location as well.  For a victim of heart failure, the presence of an AED machines can mean the difference between life or death.”

With the quick response of a rescuer and accessibility of an AED unit, a victim of cardiac arrest’s survival rate can substantially increase compared to just CPR. AEDs cost $1,800 per machine including installation and training courses are offered by St. Matthew’s University and the Cayman Islands Red Cross.

The AED machine assists to restart a normal heart rhythm by administering a brief, controlled, electric shock in the minutes before heart arrhythmia causes death. A user-friendly device, it provides clear, audible, textual, and visual instructions that walk the rescuer through the process even without previous training.

Maples and Calder, Pure Healthcare, AON Risk Solutions, RBS Coutts, Smile Dental Clinic, Water Authority (Cayman), A.L. Thompson, Public Works Department (Cayman), and Cayman Red Cross are the companies that in partnership with CHF are now joining the campaign to protect the public from heart attacks.

Maplesrecently installed seven AEDs at their offices to provide accessibility for rescuers in the event of an emergency. "We are very pleased to partner with the Cayman Heart Fund on this initiative," said Nick Evans, a Partner at Maples and Calder. "Every precaution taken is a step in the right direction."  The HR department is also coordinating  AED and first aid training for the firm’s staff.

For more information on AED installation and training, please contact the Cayman Heart Fund at (345) 916-6324, alternatively via email at


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