Teen shot in 3rd WB murder

| 18/09/2011

(CNS): A West Bay teenager has become the third murder victim in the district this week after being shot dead in Andreson Road at around 10pm on Saturday night. When paramedics arrived on the scene of the shooting Preston Rivers was already dead. It is understood the young victim was shot at by two masked gunmen and the killing is believed to be related to two other fatal shootings in West Bay on Tuesday and Thursday night, when Robert Bush and Andrew Baptist were gunned down in what police have saidis the latest spate of tit-for-tat gang related killings. One of the suspects was described by police as male, about 5”10” tall and dressed in a blue polo shirt with white stripes and a blue shirt covering his face.

On Friday morning senior police officers had stated that the patrols would be increased this weekend but they could not be on every street corner. Although the police have been given an increase in the budget this week, this cash has not yet turned into resources or an increased headcount though all officers have been placed on extra time.

Having launched the third murder investigation of the week, police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to call the major incident room in West Bay police station on 949 3999, mobile numbers 926-1773 or 925-6761.  Alternatively, people can speak to any officer at any of the RCIPS’ Stations, call the police crime hotline 949 7777 or Crime stoppers at 800 (TIPS) 8477 if they wish to remain anonymous.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    You are far from the truth.  Poverty breeds love, closeness, togetherness.  As a child back in the 60's I grew up next door to a family who lost both their mother and father, the kids were left to be raised by the aunt who had her own children to take care of.  They were all very poor.  My mother took compassion on those two boys who lost their mother, and so did the rest of the neighbourhood – My mother mae sure that those boys went to school every day, she provided breakfast, dinner and anything else that she could help them with. It was to a point that she could not  get me to drink tea because I believed that tea  was for poor people only. Having said this my Dad was a seaman – and of course in those days you were living above the other kids who didnt have much. 

    Poverty brings love among the community –  it means sharing with those who have less than you.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats wonderful that you have such a great story, but those are called aberrations.  statistics show that being in a poverty-ridden environment mean you are far more likely to commit crimes.  sorry, but that's what the statistics show.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your right. I see young mothers and fathers (if they are around) yelling at their kids, being abrupt with them (who knows what goes on when no one looking). Letting them ride in cars standing up bwteen the seats, Making them walk with them in the heat on the side of the road. I've seen all sorts of behaviour and the "parent(s)" will actually say and maybe think it's good for them. "Make them tough". They're way of absolving themselves from knowing how to treat a child or actually think it's okay becuase they were raised with no love either. My kids are tough becuase they have self confidence. They know I am proud and I tell them I love them every day. Babies who are begrudged for being a burden to a young mother and given just enough to stay alive, with no love have no hope. If at a young age they don't get the emotional development they need they start misbehaving right after theri toddler years. They grow into kids and young adults with no care or need for the things that makes a normal human being a decent person. They never a have humility, remorse, love or any of the normal emotions and are a life wrecked by the way they were raised. We have to know that these people missing these things and can't be fixed becuase they can't go back to infancy and start again. They can't survive amongst us without preying on us and must be put away. A whole life wasted becuase two people wanted to have sex and didn't want a child. They didn't have the example of good parents that makes them want to step up to the plate. One form of birth control for a moment can't be considered so you'll make a person who will suffer and the the people they "do wrong" a whole lifetime of anguish? These are the lowest forms of people we have among us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To 09/18/2011 – 22:01.Leave the polititians alone.  They have their jobs to do.  You have yours to do.  Make sure you are doing yours by turning your child in to the Law, and then the polititions can help.  You spoiled your kid then cry and curse polititions for what you did.  You need to get in line with them and help your community instead of your copmmunity helping you.  Get real this is no time to be bickering about politics – your kids were born by you,-trained them right.   From what I am hearing all 3 of these guys are from distrupted  families, mothers on drug, fathers abondoning them, the school never failed them –  McKeva never failed them – you did. When you abandoned them for hours and hours all cracked out on the corner did you not realized that his is what would happen.


    THESE AREN'T ORDINARY KIDS  -They are coming from rough back ground. Now tell me writer what did do when all this was going on, did you turned in  these parents – if not  SHUT up.  The system is only as good as the Community

  4. Anonymous says:

    I've seen comments here about arresting anyone that's wearing baggy jeans/caps worn to the side etc., I have two teenage sons, they sure as hell aren't in any gangs, as I make sure they aren't, but they like to wear their caps and baggy jeans (and they are not allowed to pull them down cross their behinds!) and sometimes hoodies so you really can't include everyone in this. The main issue is the parents, if there is no one looking out for them to steer them away from trouble then a gang is the first thing they will run to, if it was my child hanging out on these street corners acting like he was in a gang, police wouldn't have to worry about him, because I would be the first one out there dragging him home! But if there is no one in these kids lives to look out for them no wonder they are so lost. Even when my boys are out with friends at the cinema or a friends house, I am constantly calling them and bbming them! And I definitely don't claim to be the best parent but I try and I make my kids my first priority in life and of course kids are kids especially boys they will always get into some kind of trouble but you have to be there to show them what's right and wrong, what's good and bad and give them the encouragement and advice to be a better person.

    • Married to a Caymanian says:

      14:25.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you are raising ducks.  You ALLOW  your sons to wear hoodies and think they do not have friends in gangs?  You BBM them?  Think that boys-will-be-boys and get into some kind of trouble and that is ok???  That my dear, is NOT raising young men, that is raising thugs.  It is only a matter of time.  Sorry to hear you are doing your best, but it is not good enough.  

      • Anonymous says:

        18:20. You seem to have misunderstood me, when I say baggy pants I do not mean oversized, 3 sizes too big baggy pants. When its raining or cold they wear hoodies. They do not have friends in gangs and I know this because I take interest in knowing what my children are doing. I sure as hell aren't raising thugs and I take offence to that. The point I am trying to make that in this society with all the outside influences its hard to raise kids these days, of course I don't think its right for them to get into trouble but if they have no one (and I am not talking about mine) to steer them in the right direction they are going to keep going in that wrong direction! Yes, I bbm my kids and call them whenever they are not with me, I don't just drop them off and forget about them, I check in with them regularly, they do deserve to have a life and they are allowed to go to the cinema and friend's houses!

    • Anonymous says:

      To 14.25 It would suit  your  children  wise, that they  shun the very  appearance of evil. As been noted-  these baggy  pants  down on the behinds  is sending  a signal. Try  steer  your  children.   I have  heard many  mothers  came to  the  courts and said  their child was innocent, the police was just  trying  to frame  them……….Lets try  and  get back to the basic. the fact  that  your children wants  to wear baggy pants, just like the others are telling you that they all have the something  in common…….baggypants……..if  you love them….help them shun the  appearance of evil




    • Anonymous says:

      You allow your kids to dress like this and then ask everyone else why they can't get jobs?  You allow your children to act like everyone else and you wonder why they can't get education?  You allow your children to get tatoos and turn your back to "things" kids do and wonder why everyone thinks they are in gangs?  If you are 18 or 19, you are now an adult and these kids and even more importantly, parents need to wise up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My heart breaks. The latest victim of the violence was just a boy. There was still hope for him. Now it has been snuffed out. The so-called "elders" if these gangs are the ones who should be lined up and shot. They recruit their young and vulnerable family members and associates' family members with the allure of the male and "fatherly" support these boys don't have at home. Then they programme some of them to commit crimes and to kill, and set others up for death. These boys are looking for love in all the wrong places. And instead they find violence, prison sentences and death.

    It can all be traced back to the absence of FATHERS in Cayman over the last 20 to 30 years. As our society became more affluent, it became more fractured. More and more men refused to take responsibility for their children. And now 2 to 3 generations of young men have grown up with no male role models or support.

    To the men who live up to their responsibilities and take care of their children – not justwith money, but with time, discipline and by providing and example to live by – I thank you.

    To the rest of you – drugging, drinking, impregnating at will and without thought to consequences – these bullets flying should be for you.

    • Say wha? says:

      "…It can all be traced back to the absence of FATHERS in Cayman over the last 20 to 30 years…"

      Wait just a minute. The men of the Cayman Islands supported their families throughout the 20th century by going to sea. That left the women at home raising the children on their own. The absence of the fathers didn't result in rampant gangs back in the 1940s and 1950s, did it??

      There's lots of blame to go around, but it's MUCH bigger than the conclusion you so conveniently settled upon.

      Try again…but this time think it ALL the way through.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you read properly they said 20 to 30yrs – that would take you back to the 70's and 80's not 40's and 50's…smh

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a Baya. The truth is, everybody has an opinion, feelings and some have suggestions for how to prevent/stop these crimes. What nobody seems to be considering, is putting it up here on these blogs and making pubic critisims and assumptions is only instigating and adding fuel to the fire. People, be careful what you say on here and facebook and BBM! You are entitled to express yourself but stop to think before you do, is this helpful/constructive? You don't know who will come behind you and be affected by your message when you probably don't know these individuals, their families or their situations. Think twice before you write, and if you believe in Jesus/Jah/Allah pray and hope things will get better for us all. We can blame the police, the parents, music and TV but these lives have been lost that can never be replaced and to prevent further loss be mindful of the power of your words! ONE LOVE WEST BAY!

    I <3 CAYMAN



  7. Anonymous says:

    Just don't target West Bay as the only district  dealing with crime. The whole Island is dealing with crime.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In regards to parenting – you could be wealthy or you could be poor, doesn't matter. It's how you parent that makes the difference. Some wealthy children, who have it all, are in gangs because no one is paying them any mind or no one gave them boundaries to live by. Some poor children, who have nothing, are in gangs because no one is paying any mind to them either. 


    Rich or poor, without boundaries, children know no limits. Are you listening parents? 


    As far as the police, gov't, and politicians – It's in the UK's and the Governor's best interest for Cayman to be riddled with crime and corruption so they can just waltz in and take over.


    The politicians are too busy trying to make a dollar and saying "it's the Governor's and RCIPS' problem – give 'em more money.  


    Commissioner Baines gets his orders from the same place as the Governor so he dishes out over time and that should do the trick and curb crime all the while knowing that this won't do it. 


    RCIPS – why the hell would anyone blame them? The thugs, murderers and robbers all have high powered guns and you expect the police to hunt them down, take names and kick ass with what? NIGHTSTICKS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 


    The police need to carry guns and citizens of Cayman need to be able to arm themselves. This must be done immediately if we are to survive. 


    Tourism is down, property values are down, jobs are down, investors are leaving or not coming here at all. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR SOMEONE TO FINALLY DO SOMETHING?

    • Anonymous says:

      Its real sad when all these murders are taking place in his district but the Premier feels it more important to attend a PNP rally in Jamaica and be introduced to the Jamaican people by Portia Simpson. What a shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      unfortunately, poverty does breed violence.  it is a fact of life.  i do agree that parents need to be accountable, but a lot of problems inherent of violence are an offspring of poverty.

      i think you have a misunderstood the role of the governor and the commissioner.  it is not in the UK's interest to have us as a crime-ridden place.  I think it is very unfair for you to make those sorts of assumptions. on what basis do you believe this misconceived notions?

      as far as arming citizens of cayman.  that is ridiculous.  that is what is going to get us into more trouble.  guns are not the solution.  albeit that it must be difficult for police to take charge without guns.  the solution is not to arm citizens with guns.  don't you see the problems that are rife in the US?  this mentality that americans seem to have that it is their right to bear arms.  when the constitution of the US was written, the authors of the constitution had no idea what lay to the west of them.  in the context the people and citizens needed to be able to protect themselves against bears and other wildlife.  it is not appropriate in this day and age.  how many times do you read a family member killing someone else because they are alarmed by noises in the house late at night, only to find it was their daughter.  or how about children who have no idea the consequences of a gun and accidentally shoot one off.  guns in the hands of citizens is not the answer.

      perhaps i agree that the police should carry guns, but in that instance there should bestrict measures in place and high level training, as to how to assert their authority in those situations without using guns.

      tourism is down, property is down, jobs are down…but this all relates to the economy that we are in, due to following along the foolish mistakes of the US.  the world cannot continue this consumer based market that we have put ourselves in. 

      please re-think what you are asserting, as i do not feel anything you have said has offered any solutions to the problems at hand.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only response I have for you is learn how to spell and use proper grammar and maybe I'll take your opinion seriously.


        Otherwise, it's best for you to close your mouth as you have removed all doubt that you're a fool. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Only you can control your destiny! Not Mama, Papa or Government can determine how well you do in life.  Put down the guns and live!  You cannot change the past but you can control the future by making the right choices.

  10. Anonymous says:

    West-Bayers Unite! Stop these meaningless acts of murder! YOU ARE ONLY KILLING YOURSELVES! 

    Mr. Baines,  what a wake-up-call.  Bet you thought it was going to be Sand, Sunshine and Saltwater for Scuba Diving huh? Well  you obviously have Governments support so lets see what you intend to do about the "feral  youth of Cayman"?

    Mr. Premier, stop with yournonesense 'talkin bout Nation Building Funds' – stop giving these idiots handouts as the gang warfar is more rampant out of YOUR DISTRICT!  They expect Government to pay their rent, utility and grocery bills AND raise their illegitimate babies while they run around playin' hood rats and smoke ganja all day!  They are obviously affording GUNS!

    To the IDLE-YOUTH of Cayman – stop it!  YOU ARE ONLY KILLING YOURSELVES! And young ladies you will be left behind to pick up the pieces after these young men are gone.  When you have blood on your hands you are only putting an expiry date on your own life!  Put down the guns and Unite for your future and your childrens future! 

  11. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian born and bred myself, the ignorance of MOST Caymanians on this Island is a real issue. How do you expect these kids to grow up when they have watched their parents either sell or use drugs, fight each other (family members/boyfriends/girlfriends whoever) in front of them or beat them to the point of bruises and bleeding, never ever show them love, never ever told them that they love them and the names that they call their own children are just unbelievable, so how do you expect a child to grow up, with nothing but HATE because he doesn't know how to love so he isn't going to feel any remorse whatsoever for whom he murders.

  12. Anonymous says:


    "Lets have a documentary on  local TV called Meet the Parents." I like it!

    Meet the Parents should follow Cayman's version of Cops. On the first show we meet the criminals (and see the situation from the perspective of the RCIPS), and on the second show we meet the parents (and see the situation from the perspective of the communities, neighbourhoods, and families).

    At first it may sound like it deserves a "lol" and a "for real though" but the truth is we need to think outside the box. For real though, who wouldn't watch those two two shows? lol

    • Anonymous says:

      And who would agree to star in these shows? They won't even make anonymous calls through the safe line called crime stoppers………. sigh….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Placing the whole district on curfew lockdown is a bit silly. It's more practical to tag those who are in the gangs and place them on curfew (as was previously suggested on here). The intel is easy enought to get – if the police do not alreadyhave it.

    • Auntie says:

      If I am going to have an illegal gun, am I going to obey a curfew?!  DUH!

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is no honor in this! Don't these guys realize that once you are dead that's it!

    You may make headlines for a couple of days, maybe two weeks and you gang moves on to the next person. They not going to come and visit your grave or speak of you in the years to come. You are nobody special to them, no matter what they have told you.

    You are really willing to throw your life away for something like this?

    For the ones that are in those gangs and are afraid because they don't know how to leave, I urge you to seek help immediately before you slip into this any further.

    Perhaps as a part of the High School programmes all kids should have to visit the morgue and prison. Cayman needs to work on prevention, not just trying hastily to react.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So sad. I do not know him but hear he was a footballer player and a nice person. Why oh why is this happening?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thumbs downand lol, you must be a gaza member. Remember you will reap what you sow. A nicer young man you will not find. He was murdered at the hands of some sick individuals  There was no reason to kill him. Preston knows he never hurt anyone so he was not in fear that anyone would want to take his life which made him an easy target for these bunch of cowards!

      It's very tragic the young lives that are being taken. To the family of Preston have comfort in knowing that he is with his creator now and justice will be done for what happen to him. The good lord will not let such violent acts go unpunished.

      To the ones who claimed this young man life and others, you can hide from the law and laugh at them and the victims families in  mourning, but you can't hide from who gave you life and not the right to take others. You will pay!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Things won't get better in this country  if we keep blaming people. A parent can try very hard to raise there child to come out to be the best and they can turn on them and be the worst. A cop can't do his job if mouths are seal.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As ever, it all comes down to politics. Where is the majority of the violence? West Bay. Where do the Premier and several of his parliamentary colleagues come from? West Bay. Whose votes do they therefore rely on? West Bayers’. Why will we never see tough talking to the lawless elements (or more particularly, their parents) and zero-tolerance policing in West Bay? Figure that out for yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where did that man get his eye shot out? In Red Bay. Where did the old lady leaving work get robbed and shot? In Bodden Town. You have any idea how close these two incidents were to being cold blooded muders. We are very fortunate that those idiots were too stupid to complete the job they set out to do which was to kill someone. Atleast in WB it's gun man vs gun man and not gun man vs old ladies like the rest of the island. You are an ignorant fool!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Funny how all of our problems come from the same place.  Not funny, the other thing – depressing.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is a message is to all the parents, uncles aunts spouse partners friends.. anyone out there that is familiar or have knowledge of your loved ones that are involved in crime, guns drugs etc….

    "If you don't turn them in, report that they are involved or the ones polluting these islands, – you are just as bad, stupid, guilty and responsible".
    You are not entitled to help, you are not allowed to stand on the corner of the street over your dead kid's body and blame the police, the commissioner, the governor or even your politicians that they must do their jobs and stop the violence.
    Wake up call! they are doing their jobs it's you who are not.  When it's 10pm and your kid is standing in the dark on a street corner and you know about it you are not doing your job.
    When you kid is wiping the barrel of a gun and putting on a ski mask and you know about it you are not doing your job.
    When your kid has knowledge of a crime and you know about it you are not doing your job.
    When your kid is selling drugs and you know about it you are not doing your job.
    When you kid is failing school and you know about it you are not doing your job.
    When part of the problem is you – you are not doing you job.
    These problems will only decrease when you help yourself.
    But hell what do I know… I'm just a 16 yr old, a kid trying to keep my head above water, only trying to survive in this mess you have helped create. This ghetto.
    I'm still waiting to see this so called piece of paradise that my elders claimed that we have here.  If this is it I'm not impressed.
    Do your job!
    R. H. Ebanks
    • Anonymous says:

      You may only be 16 years old, but it is obvious you have learnt more in your 16 years than the parents, family and friends of these idots that are not allowing you to see the piece of paradise you were told about.  They are stealing it away from you and the rest of Cayman and indeed the world with their total lack of responsibility and ownership.

      I echo your comments and only wish that those family and friends would read your post.  If not, someone should for them.  Absolutely, ridiculous!!!!  Oh he was such a good boy, oh I feel so sad… oh oh oh BS!!!  Turn the little rats over and you won't have to be writing this crap!  If they are so big an mighty why cover they're faces then run and ride?  It is because they are SPINELESS, COWARDS!!    

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where to start!  Another sad day for this beautiful country of ours. Another young man lost his life.  For what reason? It's sad to know that for such a small community, especially as a district, that these individuals can congregate amongst themselves, and decide to seperate themselves from others, who despite what road they live on, is the disctrict of West Bay.  Shame on you, who associate yourself with these groups!  Shame on any of the family members who know of this affiliation.  Another son of this soul was murdered over a senseless act.  My fellow West Bayers, silence hurts!  Do what's right and speak out when necessary.  The affects these acts are for very growing, and if we don't get a grip on it soon, we will all suffer. These individuals more than likely grew up together, and possibly related, and now that they are so called men,  feel this is the way to handle a confrontation. 

    I had the pleasure of knowing  Preston, and despite his downfalls, he was always a respectable and a happy go lucky kind of kid!    Just the other day him and I were talking, and ironically it was his first day at his new employment.  He was so excited!  He alluded that he was going to make significant changes in his life.  Now, him and I had not spoken on a serious level for sometime, and hearing him say such a thing, I knew that he was on the right path.

    I agreewith the those that spoke about the parenting aspect of raising a child. Despite not having constant support from both parents, Preston did have other family members who supported him, and had is best interest at heart. 

    Its true that there are minimal things for teenagers to do when it comes to entertainment..  However, this has been the case for many years.  Therefore, let's stop using this as an excuse.  Parents, we need to be creative, and do all you can with your children.  Peer pressure is real, and there will come a time in one's life where they will have to choose, what was instill in them from childhood or to be cool and succomb to the pressure! 

    My people we need to rally together and send a message to these nuisances in our society, that this our country and we will no longer be silent by there acts.

  21. noname says:

    Can somebody explain to me how the UDP sweeps every election, over and over? How do they accomplish this when West Bay is the worst district in the Cayman Islands by many measures and is only getting worse?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh West Bay is the "worst district by measures" huh?? You all fail to remember when George Town was a living hell a few years back!!  I'm not saying that West Bay isnt  getting terrible but stop and realize that it is still a part of the same country called the Cayman Islands. Gangs exist in every nook and cranny here. They may not be as big as others but it wont be long before the voilence has moved elsewhere in the country and at the rate it is going, NO DISTRICT will be able to do anything about it!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    ITS a HARD KNOCKS life.   This is not cool. 

    As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    I take a look at my life and realize there's nuttin left
    Cause I've been blastin and laughin so long that
    Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone
    But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it
    Me be treated like a punk, you know that's unheard of
    You better watch how you talkin, and where you walkin
    Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
    I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc
    As they croak I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool
    I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like
    On my knees in the night
    Sayin prayers in the street light

    We've been spending most our lives
    Living in the Gangsta's Paradise
    We've been spending most our lives
    Living in the Gangsta's Paradise
    We keep spending most our lives
    Living in the Gangsta's Paraside
    We keep spending most our lives
    Living in the Gangsta's Paraside

    Look at the situation, they got me facin
    I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the strict
    So I gotta be down with the hood team
    Too much television watchin got me chasin dreams
    I'm a educated fool with money on my mind
    Got my ten in my hand and a gleam in my eye
    I'ma loc'ed out gangsta, set-trippin banger
    And my homies is down, so don't arouse my anger, fool
    Death ain't nuthin but a heart beat away
    I'm livin life do-or-die-a, what can I say?
    I'm twenty-three now, but will I live to see twenty-fo'?
    The way things is goin I dunno

    Tell me why are we — so blind to see 
    That the ones we hurt — are you and me

    We keep spending most our lives
    Living in the Gangsta's Paraside
    Power and the money, money and the power
    Minute after minute, hour after hour
    Everybody's runnin, but half of them ain't lookin
    It's goin on in the kitchen, but I dont know what's cookin
    They say I got ta learn, but nobody's here to teach me
    If they cant understand it, how can they reach me?
    I guess they cain't — I guess they won't
    I guess they front; that's why I know my life is outta luck, fool

    Tell me why are we — so blind to see
    That the ones we hurt — are you and me
    Tell me why are we — so blind to see
    That the ones we hurt — are you and me

    Tell me why are we — so blind to see
    That the ones we hurt — are you and me
    Tell me why are we — so blind to see
    That the ones we hurt — are you and me

  23. Anonymous says:

    In regard to the three murders –  I have read a lot of bull shi* especially in regard to the police not doing their jobs- teacher, school, churches and lastly the Premier not doing their jobs –

    Please get real,PARENTS, SISTER, BROTHERS, AUNTS, UNCLES, AND COUSINS THE POLICE AND EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS YOU TO COME FORWARD AND TURN YOURSELVES IN  -YOU ALL KNOW WHO IS WHO. Start taking  responsibility – the law  can do so much and no more-  You families who are mourning the loss. There is no pity for you – because you all are aware of where your child is headed long before he is pronounced a criminal.

    Mothers RAISE YOUR DAUGHTERS RIGHT – STOP COMPETING WITH THEM-THEY FOLLOW WHAT THEY SEE YOU DO –  SOME OF YOU WERE LUCKY –(-but it not  so today)- WHEN  YOU ENTER INTO BAD  RELATIONSHIPS YOUR DAUGHTERS DOES THE SAME -make sure you know who your daughters are dating, having babies for, shacking up with – you mothers who  daughters are caught up in this type of relationship – you too are  responsible –  There is a lot of people responsible for these three deaths.


  24. NorthSideSue says:

    This whole scenario has now been posted on Trip Advisor.  Deal with it, Cayman, or you will face the consequences.

    I won't ever stop coming to North Side.  Too much family history and too many friends.   But I am not a tourist.

    Tourists will stop coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree that the perception is not good, even if the violence is confined to gang-on-gang events.  Time for the Governor to obtain the services of a senior U.S. police commander from any of a number of American cities that have dealt with gang issues, and have him or her draw up an action plan to suppress the violence.

  25. Anonymous says:


    At least the blame game can't work in this instance. Look at the victims and you also see their killers.The creation of these gangs is not due to lack of opportunity due to ex-pats "stealing"all the jobs. This gang culture is just like any other, a group of individuals who are too lazy to work a 9 to 5 and get paid by the "other man" and would rather work for 10 minutes at a time, preying on their fellow man. With escalating costs of living and the only thing to the deter them is a brief stint at "Hotel Northward Prison", I am afraid that these robbery sprees and assassinations will not conclude any time soon.
  26. Anonymous says:

    Alas, the picture and his Facebook page says it all – as do the pages of lots of the other lost souls (including their "girlfriends") if anyone cares to look.

    Just talk to some of these guys' teachers. There was no contact or support at school for these kids from mothers who had them for multiple fathers leaving these same well meaning (but not monogomous) mothers struggling with 24 hour jobs just to give them food and clothes. No father figure. No one at home. Poor education results as they rebelled against the discipline at school that they did not experience at home. Warmth, support and ego boosting support from the gang. So much so you would kill or die for it. It's not rocket science, folks. We saw it growing in the schools from the mid 80s but the powers that were in Education refused to believe it. Just naughty Caymanian boys letting off steam and not being properly disciplined by foreign teachers.

    • Jumbles says:

      Our abortion laws are directly leading to these types of crimes 16-18 years later.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, you would prefer the murders to be committed by the parents in the hope of eliminating potential criminals. Where do you get these ideas – Mein Kampf? 

  27. Oscar Hernandez-Garcia says:

    This killings is ruin Cayman. I feels safer in my former home Nicaragua. Ayee Aye Aye!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I had an old friend who used to say that 'West Bay is a land of battle, where the people live like cattle.' I wonder what he would say if he was alive today.

    • Anonymous says:

      Born, grew up in WEST BAY, never lived as cattle!   The cattle living in WB came with the importation of Cattle, who called themselves human beings!  I am well aware of when the lifestyle change started in CAYMAN. BY THE WAY WEST BAYERS ARE SOME OF THE MOST CARING PEOPLE  OF THIS ISLAND!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I care for you deeply… here, please hold this bullet as a token of my affection. Take care, it’s moving fast… oh xxxx, that’s gotta hurt.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Parents need to know where their children are. When your son leaves the house with his pants down to his ankles it is pretty certain he is not on his way to prayer meeting. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    I honestly believe that familyand friends are working with all their might to protect these gang members. Go house to house of anyone that is suspected to be a gang member and round them up and get rid of them. They serve no useful purpose in society. It is useless to ask the government to close down all the ungodly bars in WB. We remember their position when JS wanted to move into Savannah.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Curfew— West Bay on lock down………………

    Until  this is done and the people realize that they have to be accountable for their actions, nothing will change. Social service grants to people who is known to be assoiciated to these individuals will be cut off. All assistance to families with known gang members will be cut off.If you are receiving assistance and your child is in school and causing a problem your assistance will be cut off. We need strict accountabilty for these families who for what ever reason is receiving a hand out but is not holding up their side of the bargain, your assistance will be cut off. Life skills has to be apart of the school system, early intervention department has to be made available at all schools. This is to identify at risk students and a plan has to be developed to either remove them from an acedemic school to a technical or social skill deveoplment section so that no kid will be left behind. Again this has to be with the cooperation of the parents. I do not know if the social service agency actually do home visits to access the home situation and remove the kid if the home is unfit or safe, maybe someone with more knowedge can englighten me.We need to start making unfit parents be held accountable for their actions, the buck has to stop some where. Politicians need to stop interfering with the laws that are made for the protection of its citizens whenever a supportor gets in trouble, stand up and make a statement that they will not condone anti social and criminal activity even in the time of mourning. You here so many stories of potential wasted when the young punk is being laid to rest. If the parents and families had taken a stronger stance against them in the early stages, a life could have been saved. We have to stop the enabling and see the truth for what it is, if we set boundries we have to up hold the consequences or it will not have the desired effect. Start kicking in the doors of known gang memebrs, tail them 24/7. Let them know that the Police is the up holder of the law and not them. Put pressure on them till they break. Citizens of West Bay you have the key to the situation,you have to get involved in taking back your comunities, the Police cannot do this alone. West Bay is on curfew until we get the full participation of all citizens. You cannot hold the information and expect a conviction. The Police are not magicians.

    • MonkeySee says:

      Hate to point this out to all NON West Bayas…..


      Those of us NOT involved in this gang violence are already on a self-imposed curfew!  (I'm sure I'm not the only one!)

      This is the new reality of life in my district….safer to stay indoors for now.

  32. Anonymous says:

    You might be a bad parent if:


    1.) your son dresses like a gang member or your daugter dresses like a street walker – this shows low self respect for oneself.


    2.) Your teenage son or daughter has a child out of wedlock and you're raising the child so they can bar hop all weekend – shows bad morals and values.


    3.) Your son or daughter is doing drugs of any kind – shows disrespect for the law and oneself.


    4.) Your son or daughter is part of a gang or you suspect they are – shows that they cannot think for themselves resulting from low self esteem.


    5.) You make excuses for them – no accountability for one's actions.


    6.) Your son or daughter cusses their elders – bad manners.


    Stand up and own your parenting for God's sake and quit blaming society, the gov't,  the police, and the judicial system for your own failures. 


    We don't feel sorry for you one bit and we're not going to contribute to your child's fundraiser when they're in the hospital from their own doing. We'll suffer though when the tourism is gone. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    As with driving a car, you have to learn, do a test and maybe qualify for a license.
    Maybe we should do the same with having kids.
    Additionally you have to be of certain age, speak proper english, have respectable living conditions in proper neighborhoods, a good job, proof of sufficient income and a background check of family members and friends.
    If your child does something wrong then YOU go to jail too.

  34. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    I fear that, certainly in the case of it’s crime problems, Cayman is no longer staring into the abyss, it is now plunging terrifyingly into a state of complete anarchy. How long before organized executions on street corners escalate to attacks on individuals in their homes, exposing other family members to the risk of injury and worse; petrol bombs through windows. The politicians, and especially the Leader from West Bay seem to think that they will suddenly find the magic “silver bullet” that solves all problems – it ain’t going to happen. Like someone who can’t be bothered to get a job because he has a Florida lottery ticket in his pocket which he knows is “sure” to win.

  35. Anonymous says:

    These two gangs aren’t just in West Bay. They also have members in ALL of the other districts. The members in West Bay, obviously, don’t have regard for human life. I think the police should, tag those they know are associated with the gangs and put them on curfew.

  36. Quincy Brown says:

    The Governor and Premier should declare a 'condition of emergency' for the district of West Bay. Temporarily <lock down> West Bay. Martial Law should be in effect.  Put into place curfews, roadblocks and seek the armed assistance of the  UK  or the United States of America. 

    • Anonymous says:

      great idea

      let's give the thugs a reason to move on to another district and start destroying it as well

  37. Anonymous says:

    Evacuate WB for the weekend (except for the politicians)    Leave a pile of automatic weapons in the streets and let the gangs fight it out.  With luck they will all shoot each other and the problem will be gone.


    Seriously when is the governor going to recognise the RCIPS are inneffective and get real cops to do the job.  This island is the size of a village and the cops know who each and everyone of these people are but they are afraid of them.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Things can get alot worse


    roughly speaking SA has 48 million people / Cayman has 48,000

    16,000 murders in SA / 3 in Cayman. ( 16 a year would be comparable to SA, as would 56 rapes & 11 car / truck highjackings)  Imagine those stats in Cayman.

    You have the resources Cayman but crime fighting is only part of the solution.  Once you have a group of unemployed, underskilled and disgruntled people, you have a real problem.





  39. Anonymous says:

    The waste of another young life is a tragedy. It is time for some new measures to break this pattern of the thugs living behind the protectionof friends and families.

    You are absolutely right. We need to make it a crime for people to shelter these thugs or keep silent about their crimes.

  40. Chris says:

    Lets have a documentary on  local TV called Meet the Parents.

    I think that will answer many of the public's questions as to why we are where we are. we will also have an understanding of where we are going.

    Police need to get serious. All these young thugs have facebook pages. Follow the links, see who they are connected with, who are the members of these gangs.

    RCIP, We now have anti gang legislation – USE IT!

    As soon as there is one killing, round up all the members and affiliates of the warring gangs and detain them for questioning. Question them, charge them where possible and release the rest one by one with your gps collars.

    If nothing else we will create a cooling off period, stop the killing for a few days, maybe even learn some more useful information. It cant hurt to try a new tactic. Reality check: these young thugs do not fear the RCIP as your tactics are old and soft. You must strike fear into the criminals by using more force than they are able to handle. You must be smarter and quicker than they are. Be proactive as the reactionary "attending the scene of a crime" stuff isnt helping.

  41. Stop pointing Fingers. says:

    OK!..so tuesday, thursday and saturday had a killing..POLICE more than likely Monday they will strike again (seeing as they need 1 day to plan and get their guns in order)..i expect Monday night the entire West Bay police force to be out patrolling the ENTIRE region of west bay & not only Birch Tree Hill..

    Seriously, this needs to stop, and everyone needs to stop blaming the police..stop pointing fingers! The police are not genius' (obviously) who can just get up and say "ok tonight they will kill at ….. spot".. I am 1000000% sure someone out there (who isnt in the gang) knows that the killers are gong to do a "job" or where they keep their guns. But instead of calling and leading on the police, they keep their mouth shut and update their status' "wutless police, the war now start" …i wish they would realise that sooner or later how stupid they are making themselves look, risking their lives trying to get back at someone for killing their already DEAD friend. Anyway Cayman you all need to speak up..


    Further more, the police service needs to have swaps, where they swap atleast 60 police with jamaica police for atleast 3 months (in that case nobody has time to make friends with criminals in the force) also in cayman's favor they will have experienced police workers (who have dealt with this before) from jamaica and also the ones down there will learn how to deal with the situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes okay i agree with you that they who know something should speak up but, in the past we have heard of people who give information to the police and later are threatened by these gangsters. There is a leak in the RCIPS and the people who try to help are not guaranteed protection. Maybe the whole facebook thing isn't such a bad idea the RCIPS just needs to have a look at it and do some investigation. We need to have more foreigners in the police force because every gangster has a family member there. At least two foreigners to every caymanian police officer.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I am the last to blame the government or police for any type of crime and I do this with a very heavy heart.  Last  evening (saturday) at around 7:00 – 7:30 I took a drive to West Bay in the areas of the most recent murders and lo and behold there were absolutely no police presence, looking at the areas they were not a shread of evidence that a crime happened there a day ago.  I did however see a congregation of young men along the side of the road in Watercourse road not too farfrom the former Ms. Che Che store and I wondered as to what would happen next but quickly put it out of my mind because I was sure that the police would be very proactive and would make it so very uncomfortable for gansters in the islands particular in West Bay that they could not be able to put a foot outside without police surveillance, how I am proven wrong.  Is it illegal for the police to cordon off the know sections in West Bay where these murders are happening and search them for illegal weapons? 

  43. Trinity returns says:

    Anti-gang legislation exists – use it!

    According to an article in the Bermuda Sun, a Cayman government spokesperson said: “This time last year, the police did explore the possibility of using the legislation but it is very difficult to prove.”  How would they know? They have never EVER tried.

    Is proving murder easy? Apparently not, based on the recent "success" rate, but they tried. Every one of these idiots, openly displaying gang signs on Facebook, is flaunting this law and essentially admitting guilt! If these punks are so tough, lets see them show up for a jury trial on a charge of gang membership with their gold chains around their necks, their tattoos and finger signs on display and their pants around their knees. 

    The only thing more pathetic are the whores that flock around them. Good luck getting your fingers on that pile of cash featured on the Logwoodz Dons Facebook page. It took me about ten seconds to find that picture on the webusing Google Images


  44. Anonymous says:

    Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword! I turned on my computer this morning and went to CNS fully intending to see that a third killing had occured. I hoped that it would not be so, but unfortunately it was. We can hope and pray and suggest what the cops should do, but the truth is that it will only stop when the gangsters decide that enough of them have died and they call a truce. Parents, raise your children right. Be findful of the company they keep. Know where they are at all times, and teach them right from wrong. This most recent victim didn't turn bad after he turned 18. His journey down the path that brought him to this point began many years ago, and he should have been steered in the right direction a long time ago. Someone failed him a long time ago until he got to a point where no one could help him. Maybe it was his parents, maybe it was his school, maybe it was his community, or maybe it was a combination of all three. If you see a young man in his early teens who is clearly on the wrong path, try to save him before it is too late. Your life, his life and the whole community will be the better for it.

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Anonymous says:

    He is making a "CRIPS" sign and wearing the colour blue. Those two things right there shows he has some kind of gang affiliation.

    Parents needs to know these things and be aware of what your children are involved with, get into  their minds sometimes to hear what they are thinking. Sometimes you have to be their best friend in order to know them better, get to know their friends, their hangouts etc.

    There are many ways parents can divert their children from going in the wrong direction and it is a tough and challenging job to say the least but if you are a good parent and love your children, you will need to make some sacrifices. Sacrifices that may very well keep them from being destroyed.

    For these 3 it is too late and alot more that have gone before them. Please PARENTS get involved with your children and ask GOD'S GUIDANCE FOR THEM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Strangely, I am reminded of another group of men in Cayman whose leader is from West Bay.  This group of men have a particular color that is "their" color and woe to anyone who wears the color of a "rival" group.  This group of men, to show unity, always appear in public wearing an identical item of clothing – all in the "approved" color scheme of the group.

      With the actions we have seen from this group of men – flaunting the law and attacking anyone who does not support them, is it any wonder that this type of undesirable behavior is on the rise across the island?

      I call on this group of men, the UDP government of Mr. McKeeva Bush, to put up or shut up.  Start behaving like a government and not a gang.  Until you do that, you will always be part of the problem and not part of the solution.


  47. Mr. Green says:

    There is a lot of injustice on this island, police are usless even with new cruisers which seems are only there for looks, judges are not worried about justice but high conviction rate, Bush has only concern for building a stupid road that nobody wants in the 1st place, people of this island will loose every right soon enough, gang violence as you can all see is getting worse and i dont believe it will slow down any time soon, people are not cooperating, there is a big veil of ignorance covering the island. Where did norms and morality go? I have been asulted before and cops saw it all , did absolutely nothing about it on top of it i nearly got arested because i told them they were USLESS!

  48. U.S. traveler says:

    Travelers in U.S. canceling already.
    People already being advised against the Caymans.
    Police better act now or financial collapse coming.
    check the daily visitor numbers already, worsr is coming

    • The Facts says:

      14:52  Sorry to say but the only persons who would be advising people not to come to Cayman is foreigners.  I do not know what kind of a consious mind you people have.  You people work here every day, eat out curry chicken and oxttail and throw the plate in the street.  Meaning you love the cow but hate the calf.   Have some consciousness and stop being so negative against the people of Cayman.  Why warn someone not to come here?  Are any foreigners being shot……yet.

  49. Yo Mamma says:

    Damn, if only West Bay had an elected representative in a position of power who could do somethig about all of this violence!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Put an "On the run" in both areas and also they(po po) can only rent in that area also 😉 

  51. Anonymous says:

    West Bayers! Wake up we have been slumbering too long. Come on! We must act now before another life is lost. It could be an innocent person.

    If the gangs were isolated by themselves then I would say leave them alone and they would eventually rid society of the nuisance that they have become but that is too risky.

    To the parents of the fallen this is what happens most of the time when  you are not good role models for your c hildren. The law needs to put pressure on some of you to be more accountable in raising your children.

    POLICE it is time for a curfew. Stop sitting on your rearends and do something. Ok! Baines it looks to me like you still don''t have the answers or a plan to this problem. Do yourself a favour take an early retirement. Marlon, you're from WB you know who some of them are. Do something!

    POLITICIANS OF WEST BAY. If you don't act fast there will not be one young man under the age of 30 voting for you come next election they will all wiped out by gangs.

    MINISTERS this is your time to act too. Get yourselves involved with helping the young in the community. Sunday mornings isn't the only time to preach a sermon. The law needs help out there with the gangs.

    CAYMAN we have come too far to let this destroy us. Please let unite and work together to solve these problems.

    PREMIER. Please act fast. If the RCIP can't handle this situation don't be afraid to ask for outside help. I will support you 100 percent and others will too. Law enforcement that is use to fighting gang crime needs to handle this one. Not our RCIP. Maybe you need to use some of the 4 mil to get it done.



  52. COFFINS says:

    Parents, guardians, fathers mothers, brothers sisters and all of you who have your children and then cannot controll them.  Then I say buy COFFINS for them.  If you will not talk to the police and report what you know about these thugs, then there is nothing else the community can say but BURY THEM.

  53. The Facts says:

    I think it is time for the police commissioner, The Governor and the Premier to leave these Islands.

    Are you people deaf or what?  Dont you hear we want a curfew.  What the Hell is wrong with your ear hold anyway.

    Why cant you understand that you are not doing enough, Stop thinking that the police here can do it.  We need a Squad of No nonsence officers in here to stop this madness.

    We want the commissioner of police to Leave, and the Governor too.   Because if you all dont leave we are going to lock down the Island.  Then you will have to do something fast.

    • Anonymous says:

      no we dont want a curfew idiot! why should us law abiding citizens be forced to stay in at night on lockdown?


      some of us are responsible enough to go out and have good times with friends and don't feel the need to participate in the new national sport of thuggery.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier has left the Island!

  54. Life 101 says:

    Post 11:54


    XXXX  It's everyone's fault to be honest and this "thuggary" mind set has been here since the 70's so it's not new.  What is new is the increase of violence as guns have made it in abundance onto this island but again this has been occuring since the 80's and 90's – just everyone was enjoying their lives too much to pay attention to the changes going on right in front of them.  The school systems have failed, the police have failed, the government has failed, society has failed but most importantly the parents of these "wanna be's" have been the biggest failures.  You have allowed your young child and yes I say young because most of these parents – particularly the mother's have dressed up their son's and allowed their son's to dress like the rappers on TV, speak back to their mother's maybe even father's, curse their grandmothers or teachers, hit their siblings, break every rule if there was even one implemented and not even attend school.  SO to all you mother's and you know who you are take a good look in the mirror and be honest with yourselves is your son walking out that door right now with his pants to the ground, hat tilted to the side, tattoo or 2 on his body, piercing somewhere on his body and swagging out the door with his fingers in a "gang pose" if so – pick up the phone and call the police because most likely you will be attending your son's funneral next…don't just stand by denial and pray that yours won't be next because that prayer will not be answered.


    The only turf your son should be worried about is your own – fear of Mama that's it.



    • Anonymous says:

      Fear of Mama (because the father is a deadbeat)

    • Anonymous says:

      in response to life101, 9/18 13:48


      yes, i agree with "fear of Mama turf" with my child also, i have instilled in my child from birth, childhood and adulthood and continue to instill to love and respect people and not hurt people.  However, the Bible tells me i can't judge, so i am not the judge of mothers who have not done what i have done.  All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.  The Bible tells me to not be a hypocrite and judge others of their shortcomings, but rather to take the plank out of my own eye so i can see more clearly to remove the speck of dust from another's eye, that whatever meausure of judgment i use the same measure will be used back on me, that all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, all need Jesus the Saviour to save them from their sins, and none are righteous not one, that one can only be made righteous through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ by becoming born again, because then the same Spirit thatraised Jesus from the dead, the Holy Spirit, comes and lives inside of me once i become born again (repent for my sins and ask Jesus to be Lord of my life), and that same Spirit regenerates me everytime i sin and makes me whole and new and righteous again because of Jesus Blood shed on Calvary's cross to free me from my sins.  So i am not righteous because of anything i can do in life, i am righteous only because i'm born again and God's Holy Spirit lives inside of me and Jesus Blood covers my unrighteousness.


      Does this give me a license to go on sinning as a Born again Christian, no it does not, but rather because i am so in love with God for his Grace and mercy and forgiveness and lovingkindness towards me and my sinfullness, that i want to please Him because i love and adore him so much, and i fill myself with His Words in the Bible, His instructions to me to how to conquer over sin by walking in the fruit of His Spirit – forgiveness, mercy, grace, compassion, loving kindness, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control; and to take up the full armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6, that i am in a daily spiritual war with the one and only Enemy Satan the Devil, that my war is not against another human being, my war is against the evil spirits of the Devil and his demons, that it is not a carnal war, that the weapons of my warfare are not carnal, they are spiritual weapons against Satan, mighty to tear down Satan's strongholds!!


      No human being is any other human being's enemy, it is the Devil spirit working in a human being that is causing the hatred, jealousy, greed for power, lust, etc.  And it is those evil spirits that i am to war against, to bind them up and cast them out in Jesus Name!


      So as you mentioned of all who "failed them", you forgot the most biggest important one who has failed them all – THE CHURCHES HAS FAILED THEM!!!!!!BLAME THE CHURCHES!!!!


      When Christians live and walk in their true power of God that lives inside of them, a small island like Cayman can easily be conquered for God, and Satan and his evil spirits FLEE IN JESUS NAME!!!!


      So there you have it, that is the real entity that has failed them, THE CHURCHES IN CAYMAN HAVE FAILED THEM!!!  THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB FOR GOD, THEY ARE TOO BUSY CAUGHT UP IN THEIR OWN FLESHLY DESIRES THAT OPPOSES THE TRUTH OF THE KNOWLEDGE AND POWER OF GOD!!!  And it is Satan that is decieving the Churches to be caught up in these fleshly sinful desires, to keep them from walking in God's Power, so that he Satan and his demons can carry out their evil works.






      There is only one way to conquer the Devil and his Demons, and that is the way the Lord Jesus Christ did!! 


      Hire Me for the Job!!


      Condolences to all grieving families, freinds and loved ones on both sides of the spectrum.  I pray we conquer over Satan in Jesus Name!!


      God Bless All.


      Forgiveness is one of the greatest Weapons against the Devil!! 


      Forgive one another, in Jesus Name.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry this is the life he chose, just check his FB…gangsta written all over it.  Parents and family can keep crying, but did you not see the righting on the wall.  YES THIS IS THE PARENT's fault.  Example:  Take a good look at the uniforms alone at the government high school.  Pants that two people can fit into, dragging to the floor, underwears sticking out, shirts way to big.  Are you parents BLIND???? Do you not realize your son who is only maybe 5'5" and weighs 105 lbs should not be wearing XL SHIRTS and size 38 PANTS……

  55. curfew says:

      The Nation at risk


    West Bay has 4 members of parliament from the same party and in government, two of whom are in cabinet. This murdering of young people by young people has being happening for some years now and you going tell me that nothing can be done by their representatives.

    I believe that this is the case because our politicians are not community leaders, by that i mean they do not come from community groups that interact with the community hence the disconnect. I know that there are some of our politicians involve in groups but do our young people see them as community base, are these groups accessible, are there programs targeting our young people who are disconnected from society and why do the politicians past these issues off to the police?

    Programs have to be tailored to the young people not as adults sees it but with their input and we do not need infrastructure we need programs with the backing of the community, this includes the politicians, private sector leaders, church and most importantly mothers and fathers.

    Nobody look down on West Bay as it has happen in other district before and can happen again, what we should do is act to stop it happening again in West Bay and prevent it from occurring anywhere else.

    As I saw Camany Airways plane rose this morning for the Miami route I could not help to embrace the pride for the country rising with reflection of the aftermath of Ivan but had to quickly get back to the present where our country needs grace especially the families affected and the disgrace facing our country.

     All flags should be flying at half mass.

    Police and National Security Council should be in emergency meeting to plan the way forward, time restriction should be considered, yes a curfew and additional foot patrol in all district. I say all districts for once it is suppress in one district it can or will pop up in another. If we need outside help, get it. We should not be too proud to ask for help. We have to also consider changing the police top brass.

    This to my mind the single most important issue facing our country, even unemployment has to be second to this crime wave and the top brass cannot handle it and seem to have nothing more tocontribute. England sought help from the USA to deal with gang and our top brass is from the English jurisdiction, we need to consider looking to the USA for help.

    A prayer for the nation

    Lord, help us for we cannot help ourselves.




    • Point the Finger in the Right Direction says:


    • Dred says:

      Sorry but it's not in their financial best interest.

  56. Anonymous says:



    I completely disagree with that comment, reason

    1    It is hurtful for the families involved at this very difficult time

    2    You can't blame all parents in a wide brush stroke like that, there are parents right here in Cayman as well as all over the world that are good parents, that set rules are good examples to their children.


    Cayman has not seen anything yet, trust me I have lived in London, Jamaica, & Europe, Trust me what is happening here in Cayman is just the baby in the crib, compared to what is happening throughout the world.


    Please everyone in Cayman we need to pray for these families today & pray for this epedemic to stop.


    God Bless & keep us all


    • anonymous says:

      I fully agree… the epidemic of greed, ill-will against others, and ignorance!

      • Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

        …an epidemic of sheer LACK of UNDERSTANDING and PROACTIVE governance by our Govts., Governor and Commissioner in the matter of FAILURE to tackle the 'GANG/CRIME PROBLEM' from WAY BACK in the past and to have developed a more non-tolerant and hard-core approach to crime. Perhaps it would not be near as bad as it is today.

      • Anonymous says:

        And cowards who use guns instead of words and reasoning to settle their disputes….

  57. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    Good job… Let's keep it rolling guys. At this rate we would be rid of a good protion of the thugs/gangs in no time.

    Let's get academic here and throw in some Algebra.


    Where y = Society and X=Thugs/Criminals

    Equation: y – X(x >3,000) = y(+9,000)

    Answer: Society less 3,000 thugs/criminals or more = Much Better Society by 300%

           Note: (where amount 3,000 – amount is minimum)

    Do we have a Professor in the house who can validate and approve this problem?

    • bradley says:

      Far from it. These thugs killing each other is not good for Cayman. By them killing each other, will just generate more hate and vengence in their hearts, and that means more crime in Cayman. It will just escalate and they will be recruiting more youngsters to fight their battles. I can't imagine how you can see this as a positive thing.  

      • Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

        You're missing the point…. Those who are so easily recruited were just WIRED that way in my firm opinion, so I say let them too join and be killed just the same!!!

        It could be my own SON!! I say if my teachings are not good enough, then he will have his own lessons to learn or in the owrse case, would not LIVE to learn the lesson. End of story!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          How or Why would you give up on your own flesh and blood so easily? That to ME is a shame.


          God would NEVER give up on us. Infact, he died for us…all of us.


          Dang Dang…

  58. Caymanian with pride says:

    The families go on TV crying and begging for the police's help when they know their loved ones are a part of a gang. What do they expect from this way of life? Turn your loved one into the police. It is better to visit them in jail than to visit their grave. As for the really young members, apparently they are being recruited into these gangs right from High School. Parents, you need to watch who your teenage sons are hanging out with. Pick them up directly from school, stay with them at their soccer, basketball, softball etc practice. Take them straight home. Don't give these thugs a chance to recruit your child. I believe these armed robberies are a part of the initiation into these gangs. That is the way it works. God help Cayman and the young men that are lost in recruitment to these gangs. The notorious Sheldon Brown, now in prison, could possibly help the police shed a little light on how to handle this. Offer him some incentive to get his input. Sometimes it takes a thug to catch a thug.

    • Anonymous says:

      Case in point, an MLA from GT has a family member associated with Logwoodz FB fan page. 

  59. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for the property owners in West Bay, as if that district didn't have enough of a bad rap before, who in their right mind would want to purchase or rent in WB now?  You couldn't pay me enough to live there and I'm definately NOT going to frequent any of the lovely restaurants, businesses in that area now.

    • could be worse says:

      We Love our house, neighbors, friendliness of this little spot right here on the boulevard in the heart of West Bay. If you don't want to frequent the many fine restaurants here fine. Those that live in fear can never fully appreciate life to it's fullest. Sad for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      West Bay doesn't have the monopoly on adolescent hood rats.  This could just as easily be happening in Dog City, Bodden Town, or EE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I live here.  Purchased in 2008.  Just with the economic downturn I have droped 50k from my property value.  With all this I suspect I have dropped more.  I would love to move, but see no prospect of being able to.


    • Anonymous says:

      Its comments like that, that let the people know ignarance is abundant throughout the enitre island and not just West Bay.  I am sure the West Bayers and business owners will be happy to hear you will not be gracing them with your presence. Lots of robberies in town so one would assume that you will only be patronising the outter districts for your needs. Thank God for small miracles.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeh, yer ignarance is abundant.  Lots of robberies in town, is right!  And a murder every night in West Bay.

  60. Anonymous says:

    As a Cousin of the Rivers family My heart is broken the way my people has becomes with so much hatred in their hearts and murderous  intentious ways…R.I.P My couz we will meet again someday bo bo….A message to all my fellow WB People pls lets us STOP from killing each other and let us once again be family!  An Important message to our Premier Mr. Mckeeva Bush my family and all our fellow WB families and friends have all voted for you for as long as we can remember.  we as WB people has alwaysstood by you no matter what.  We have respect for you and always will for you as our leader but I think its time for you to step down from office.  No doubt you have done many wonderful things for WB and we thank you but the most important thing you have not done was to help us fight against these henious gang crimes.  We have watch you let our people die in vain and not stepping frwd to do anything about the situation.  Mr. Mckeeva Bush my couz death  and many other deaths could had been avoided if you had gotten together along with the Police Comissioner to form a drug task force and set-up curfews.  My Wb People its time for our leader to go, its time for him to take a back seat and focus more on our young people and try to get help for each and everyone of them.  How long must we suffer?  How long can this go on?  Either we change things or face the consequences.  I hope you are listening my people….R.I.P Bo Bo

    • Anonymous says:

      Em….Mac has proven himself to be quite worthless and MIA when it matters most but somehow keeps getting re-elected?? He's like a hamburger with 9 lives. He is no ghost buster and is no where near batman status and in this case the gang members are to blame for the idiotic murders and the ones still alive need a good a$$ whooping for being so freakin DUMB!! Sorry for ur loss but it was self inflicted.

  61. Anonymous says:

    well i just looked up this dudes facebook page and i see him in gang sign poses, ganja pics, AK 47 pic. etc etc. need i say more?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ironic that he adopted the "West Coast" Hip Hop gestures and ink, and he met with the same fate as his pathetic idol 2Pac.  Let me guess, the other pathetic gang members are "East Coast" BIG fans?!?  These morons are losers of the first order.

      • Anonymous says:

        WHO ARE YOU to judge the way in which HE chose to portray or live for HIMSELF?

        ANSWER THAT…dont question me back!

        Dont you ever judge a man by his appearance. The little boy was only 18..Does he deserve to have this said about him?? …..YES? ….Really now… Well IMAGINE if it was your kid who got SHOT!!

        Cant blame the youth for choosing any road…he just turn 18! What you want him to do?


        When you were 18 you probably were into the trends and "faults" in which you are "pointing out" today!!


        But i guess im wrong huh..? hahaaaa.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m going to suggest that when you were 18 life in Cayman was very different from what it is now for the current crop of 18 year olds.

          When I was 18 (not so long ago) yes the boys would dress like that as it was the “trend” but when someone looked at them harsh and said “boy pull up your pants and take that rag off your head!”, they damn well listened and had the sense to look ashamed and apologize and say “yes Sir”. Now these boys will curse their elders off, in public while kissing their teeth and threatening them….

          I don’t know the family or this latest victim but I do know the life he openly PORTRAYED himself as keeping and considering the fact that his brother was also killed violently as a result of his affiliations then YES he can be judged, he knew what the potential consequences of his behaviour was and he EMBRACED it. People like you need to take off your rose coloured glasses and see these kids for who and what they truly are, until everyone admits that there is a problem there can be no solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes its sad, but retribution is for anybody. 

  62. Anonymous says:

    Time for new tactics do deal with this mayhem.

    • Anonymous says:

      These tactics are already taking care of the problem, one gangsta at a time.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Just like last year (from which the RCIPS should have learnt a few lessons), I can't understand how a third murder happened in basically one of the two same locations within a short period of time. Now don't get me wrong: I am not blaming the police for the taking of another life as they are not the ones gunning each other down senselessly. I am simply saying that this third murder could have been prevented from happening (at least from happening within the same week, within the same district). The armed unit of the police squad should have been stationed in both of these gang areas around the clock ( yup I do mean day AND especially night) for a minimum of one week. Shoot down to the very cockroaches if they move too fast or too suspiciously. Time for a serious curfew!!How long before someone not involved AT ALL is targeted just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time??

  64. Anonymous says:

    Can someone get  Les Green, Mark Shields( english )and Rheneto Adams(Jamaican) they  were the ones that put the  dent in   the GANGS in Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      And try get Charles. Bronson. He would fix this.

      • Married to a Caymanian says:

        Documnentary on Rio gangs link attached.  Come ON people.  We have less than 50,000 people and live on a small rock.  This CAN be controlled.  This is not Los Angeles, Detroit, or Rio.  We do not have hundred of miles or a million people to deal with.  This is a tiny community that needs to rid itself of this lifestyle.  

        We need military force to clean up the streets, community policing to know who these thugs are and work with the people- not a/c cell phone cops,  and lastly…we need to kill corruption all ALL levels.



    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, Sir Reneto de Cordova Valentino Adams would never be allowed to clean up Cayman because they wouldn't want to give him a gun… and he not into no pretty talking with no "bad man", real or self-perceived. Second, after he "deals with" the first punk, everybody would start calling for him to be "rolled out" or "rolled over". LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      with all due respect, did their 'clean-up' lead to arrests? are those gang members tied to any here now in Cayman? makes sense to consider geographical and cultural ease of moving here…

  65. Anonymous says:

    By now we all know that neither the Government, nore the police is to blame for this. It is not their fault that parents fail to raise their children properly and it is not for the Government to give them something to "live for" like one poster said, however, it is the duty of the police and Government to try and prevent something from this to be happening as much as possible and the problem is nobody can see any prevention plan or strategy.

    By now I am sure the public could understand and respect if the police would crack down on the entire population until order has been restored, but it doesn't seem that anything is in the works. Until the gangs are shown that there is a higher authority who takes the laws very seriously, nothing will change.

    • Dred says:

      I could not DISAGREE with you more.

      This is a result of the following:

      1) Parents – Not taking time to guide and nurture their kids properly. Allowing them to associate with KNOWN thugs or just plane bad elements. Or allowing them to roam mindlessly as I have seen countless times. Failure to see the issues after they have arisen and failed to get help to correct it. The parents of these Children have failed them. Now society may have assisted but in the end it is their fault.

      2) Politicians – Not recognising the issues and dealing with them. They tell you as an addict the first step is to accept that you have an issue and then you attempt to deal with it. From all the way back in 1980's we had gangs and our politicians, the Trumans and Pierson's said we did not have gangs only groups. That was a pile of crap. When did they even proclaim this a dire problem? A month ago? maybe two? This is a several decade old problem. This predates UDP and PPM or any party for that matter. And every new government has done the exact same thing, bury their head in the sand praying it would go away.

      3) Police – For not taking a more proactive approach. To go after them not wait for them to do something. To not team up with other agencies to thinnen the herd by trying to get into the base of the group and pull the young ones out and stop the gangs growth.

      4) Society – For falling in love with "Human Rights" – What this has done is handcuff parents into being afraid to beat children when they do wrong. I am in my 40's and I got some serious wooopins as a child and I am still alive. We are not even talking about beatings like I got but beatings to show wrong. The bible tells you spare the rod and you will spoil the child. The children are now spoiled. When a problem is basically only 5% wrong you don't tear apart the whole system. It is best to just deal with the issues that arise. We tore the whole system apart for NOTHING. We need to get back to basics.

      So please don't say no one is wrong. They all have played their hand in this issue.

      • Anonymous says:

        I suggest you re-read my post because we actually do agree with each other.

  66. Smoothy says:

    I am sick of you people calling on the police and laying the blame for all of this on them.

    This is comming out from your own doors. These gangsters all live somewhere and the persons they are living with must have some ideas what there are up to.

    You know they have guns, you know their friends and you know their acttivites are not above board.

    We keep hearing the gans are known to the police but you mothers, sisters and brothers who remain silent now your tears will run like water later if you do not start speaking up and giving up these punks.

    Try loving them with some hard love, try saving them form themselves, speak out now, its better to feed them in Northward for five years and let them live to see the children grow up than for them to keep droping like flyes. The call is your, give them up NOW!

    • Anthony Montana says:

      Er… pls explain to me why we are giving the police millions of dollars every year if we cant call upon them? The purpose of the police is not just to give traffic tickets, its also to keep the peace.

      Of course I do agree that family members need to intervene if they feel a member of their family is ina gang.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Alright this is going to be straight to the point;
    Logwood Boy
    Birchtree Boy
    Logwood Boy
    I assume Birchtree boy next
    Well too the point- I am not going to blame the police or MLA's or Senoir Gov members ( who i usually blame )

    I am going to blame all the family members and friends for all of these deaths, you guys know your friends and family members are in gangs and do nothing about it, you know they carry guns, steal and sell drugs. But of course it's someone else fault not yours as a resposible parents 'got to be the Governments fault". You can trurn these guys in at least they will be alive in Northward.
    The families are to blame even in the case with some of the inoccent deaths, you need to take resposiblitiy for your actions, if your in a gang your entire family is at risk and you are putting them at risk, if they get shot and or killed maybe besides charging the shooter we should charge you for being in a gang… maybe we should charge some of you family embers for a some sort of offence. YOU CAN STOP THIS- GO INTO YOUR SONS, COUSINS ROOM, LOOK AROUND, IF YOU SEE A GUN/DRUGS CALL THE POLICE TURN THESE LITTLE sh>>>>>S IN.

    I am not really concerned abou these murders gangn membvrs killing gang members, they are soon going to have to run out of people to kill or in jail.
    What i am really worried about is all these robberies going on, these guys are really scarry, they rob and shoot inoccent people, i did love the RCIPS come out and say Burglaries are down, OF COURSE THEY ARE. it is so much easier to rob get quick cash than break into a house and sell a TV then try sell it.

    As far as i am concerned forget these gang members killing each other (they are going to do it even if we catch them), work on the really crime all these robberies of inoccent hard working people.

    Now let me see all these thumbs downs and comments telling me to >>off and go home. Gues wha, im Caymanian and I turned my son in for firearms and drugs.. he's still alive and in NW.. SO YOU … OFFF


    • Anonymous says:

      another sad day and so many questions….I agree it does seem possible to see a pattern but what about another possibility, a third gang with members not even from West Bay, out to destroy and provoke so-called gang members of two rival gangs?


      What if there is a third gang doing the killings?

      What if they don't have the tattoos, symbols and are able to operate under the radar?


      What if this third gang is not even from West Bay or Cayman, and even involved with the disappearance of women, (which is more scary)???


      It is my prayer that the people committing these violent crimes be caught and even more important, in my opinion, is getting it right in the first place and not harming any more of our young people with false, premature arrests while the guilty are still free to commit more crimes.


      And finally re the value of land in West Bay, Grand Cayman is so small and the crime has become so prevalent that we need to stop pointing fingers, since if it is truly gangs killing gangs, innocent people can get hurt in any district, and if West Bay is perceived as the place to not be, guess the criminals will feel the other districts are not being 'watched' so return there to continue the criminal acts.


      I all residents don't stop using greed, short-term vision as a shield we will all be worse off as this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed in a fast, holistic manner.


  68. Anonymous says:

    All of you gang members who are nothing but a bunch of punks, Listen up! Put down the weapons and set a meeting place where you all can fight until the last man is standing. Ooops sorry, I just realised you can't fight, probably cry if you are even looked at too hard and then later on you mask up hide in the bushes and shoot the person who looked at you. What a bunch of pathetic losers. Man oh man would I love to get my hands on a few of you, I know I could break you into little peaces barehanded but I value my life and I don't believe in guns therefore I can't take the chance. I know these guns to you are like the diapers you are still wearing can't leave home with them, you might shit your pants. Punks!!!!!!

  69. Cuban Neighbours says:

    Are they going to be another murder on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday September, 25th? Maybe the police should get loaded and be prepared. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

    • Anonymous says:

      With the exception XXXX,I believe we all feel deeply about the continued loss of life of Caymanian children. That as a country we have made mistakes in not addressing the imminent social issues for which there were many signs while we basked in the glory of unbridled development for the past twenty to twenty five years or more; is certainly something we cannot reminisce onLk today. We can attempt to place blame on the past and present leadership,but this does not solve the problem. We can talk about the police being incompetent but this still does not solve the problem. We can however take immediate action in restricting the movements within these areas to a degree where there is sufficient pressure created that will cause people who are inconvenienced to take action and assist the police in their inquiries.

      We can further create an outreach program to the families of the deceased youth present and past to help guide them move forward in reconstructing their lives in a positive manner which invariably may engender their wanting to assist in eliminating the violence. There must now be a sense of community in all areas of the cayman islands to protect what has been built by the sweat and brows of many from being destroyed by a cadre of youth that we have allowed to grow amongst us,watching their antics and hiding the truth from ourselves only,for all of us have had a hand in fostering this; by not supporting programs for youth intervention,by not speaking to the youth when they were disrespectful,by not insisting that the prison like style of wearing your pants below the waist be banned from our society,by not creating parenting programs for our children who believe pregnancy is a badge of honor with utter disregard and understanding of the consequences on themselves and the society.

      We have all played a role in where we are today,as we have stopped being our neighbors keeper, we have to now and not later join together to solve the issues. Disdainful criticism will not,will not bring an end to the violence,but a willingness to address and try everything plausible will go a long way, we must all take allok in the mirror. There is also a need for people caymanians,and immigrant workers to to unite in this effort,for if cayman fails the consequences will affect us all

  70. Anonymous says:

    I am sure these "gangs" have a leader of some kind, I am also sure the police know who they are or can find out, get these guys and put them away forever, when the members come to visit the lead scumbag they will get an idea of a lifetime of misery, thats if they dont kill each other in prison. I can live with that though.

    • Anonymous says:

      The leader isn't the one doing the killing. He is probably the one giving the "orders". It is the lower "man"  doing the "job" and then also getting shot and killed. That's what these guys need to remember when joining a gang…they are just being sent to do the "dirty job"..whether it is the dealing (they never get to keep their profits) or any other part of the gang's jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Park the unmarked surveillance vans outside the houses of these punks and get in their face. Then listen for their outgoing calls, SMS, and PINs.  Get a warrant for the search and seizures and put these guys away.  In the Western world, this Active Detective Surveillance is commonly referred to as, "Police work".  There is no reason why these public menaces should feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood.

  71. Dred says:

    I might seem harsh and this may seem terrible but I have no condolenses to offer to the families of young men and women who are members of gangs.

    To me as parents you have failed us. Your kids today are ruining the country I love and for that reason and your lack of attention I feel no remorse for the lost of your child.

    This goes out to all the other parents who have their children in gangs. Do us all a favor and come forward and try to bring your kids with you to see if you can turn them from this life of crime or soon you too will be morning the loss of a child. By your not reacting to this message and the many I am sure that have come before you are turning your back on your children and too will deserve no remorse when you child is killed.

    Act now. Do not wait until they are shot at, shot or worse killed. Bring them forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with you, but even if the parents go to the police and tell them their child is a gang member, then what? Police can't do anything unless there is evidence that they comitted a crime. Most of those family members themselves are intimidated by those thugs and fear them and they may know that they were linked to a crime but don't have the EVIDENCE to prove it.

      • Time for action! says:

        Harbouring a gang member needs to be an offense.  The baby mammas aint goiung to throw the thugs out until they are pressured.  Make wearing gang colours or hoodies an offense.  Under 50,000 people and a small geographic area.  Time to squeeze these gang members into a cell and kill the corruption at the TOP.

        Ireland got serious, Brazil got serious, Chicago got serious…..time for hard, swift, and effective action.


        Two pieces of legislation enacted over last year, the Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act, 2009 and The Criminal Justice Surveillance Act, 2009, provide vital new legislation to support the Gardai in the war against this very dangerous form of criminality.

        The Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2009 introduces important measures targeted at organised crime.  The Act allows that organised crime offences may be tried before the Special Criminal Court.  The Act also provides for prosecutions of people whom Gardaí suspect are involved in criminal gangs. It will allow cases to be taken against ‘people acting in joint enterprise to plan and commit that crime.’ Some offences covered carry sentences of up to 15 years.

        The Criminal Justice Surveillance Act, 2009, provides a statutory framework which allows evidence obtained by means of covert surveillance to be used incriminal trials. This Act, gives An Garda Síochána, the Defence Forces and the Revenue Commissioners a basis in law to carry out covert surveillance to combat serious criminal, subversive or terrorist activity for the first time.

        A third piece of legislation, published in January of this year,  The Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Bill 2010, will further strengthen the forces of law and order by providing for the  establishment, for the first time, of a national DNA database in Ireland.

        The establishment of a database represents a major step forward in the fight against serious crime. It will give the Gardaí access to intelligence on a scale and of a quality that has never before been available in this country.

        When the Bill becomes law, everyone who is arrested for a serious offence can be required to give a sample. A profile generated from that sample will be placed on the new database, along with samples collected at crime scenes. A separate part of the database will be available to help trace and identify missing or unknown persons.

        The new measures are already starting to bite.  On 12th May four Dublin men who were arrested in connection with a foiled post office robbery in Drumcondra, were charged under the Criminal Justice Amendment Act 2009, with ‘knowing of the existence of a criminal organisation, they participated in activity with intent to facilitate the commission of a serious offence by that organisation or its members.’

    • C-Mon 2 de Bone says:



      Dred,  you have a right to speak your mine; as do I.

       I don’t know whether you yourself are a parent for your sake I pray that if you are that your lack of empathy does not return to haunt you. 

       Parents can nurture their children with everything that child needs and wants but in the end that child can still turn around and choose a life that the parents never exposed them too. 

      Right here in Cayman you have children who attend private schools; their parents are spending large amounts of money to provide the highest quality education for their children.

      Their children attend squash, rugby, football, tennis and other types of social clubs they are involved with community activities, social clubs  etc however this still does not guarantee that these children who ARE PRIVLIGED to be exposed to a positive and constructive enviroment won’t and haven’t turned to drugs, violence, etc.

      We have gated communities, upscale subdivisions’, private estates  that have drug use taking  place, not only in the “Hoods/Ghettos of Cayman” but of course you don’t hear about those ppl, their “well respected professionals” Police don’t patrol these areas unless it’s a burglary of some sort.

      We have seen cases in the US where children of privilege turn around and murder their own parents have we not?  And for what?  Money, power &, material things, so what is the difference between these children and these young men?  The privileged children had a choice and the means to NOT end up behind bars or on drugs, they had an adult present at all times (a nanny/caregiver), food in abundance, designer clothes and just about anything they wanted, so how and why did they turn to drugs and crime?

      These young Caymanian men have turned to a life of crime do not come from privileged families many are  from single parent/broken  homes where some mother’s/ father’s work 2 maybe 3 jobs to try to keep a roof over their children’s head, clothes on their backs and food on the table and unfortunately yes these children basically raised themselves as their parents were out working and yes in some cases both parents were very neglectful of their children because there are two sides to these stories in some cases there were no parents out there working at all they themselves were caught up in the drug world either selling or using drugs themselves. 

      The children that come from these type of parents have a greater difficultly trying to escape from their home life and the exposure to this type of lifestyle.   An intervention was never done to expose them to what is outside of their “norm” way of life. 

      There are numerous clubs and social events that are available to the public, but what many of you seem to fail to understand many of these children and young men have been made to feel like outcast long before they reached young adulthood, whether from the depth of poverty that they are/were raised in or the social class that their parents belonged too.

       To want to attend the “ball” sort of speak and can’t because they feel as if they don’t “fit in” as they fall sort of the “required” necessities (by this i mean they have no decent clothes to wear to an event, or the lack of funds) in which to get into an event.

      There are church Youth Groups out there that are free for them to attend but at times there are times that funds are required to attend some of these functions also.   

      So for you to sit there and say that these parents have failed their children and you, I ask you one question, have you ever taken the time for an underprivileged child and tried to keep them on the straight and narrow.   I don’t think so, or you would not say the things you have.     

      Dred at the end of the day we all have failed these generations,  ppl like you can say what you want about the problems that we see today, but how many of you have actually taken the time to be a solution to it? 

      It’s very easy to point a finger at someone but remember when you point one at me THREE are pointing at you!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear what you are saying, but being a member of a gang is not like being an employee of a Bank or a member of a soccer team. Membership in a gang is secretive and losely associated, so much so, that not everyone knows each other. The gangs are not formally organized and there is not initiation to become a member, but you are associated by the company you keep.

      As a father of four, I can not honestly say whether my children are a part of a gang or one of the ringleaders. I challenge any other parent to say that your children are not part of a gang or associatred with any crimnality. None of  us can know for sure what our children do every minute of the day. But we as parents, we must talk to our children and lead them in the right direction and condemn anything that is not true, condemn anything that is not honourable, discredit the unjust and only do what is honourable and your children will follow you.

      • Dred says:

        As a parent you know. All you need to do is pay attention to who they associate with and where they hang out. Problem is we just let them go and just think “they are with their friends so they are okay”. Your responsibility goes much further than just providing for them.

        I am not saying there will be flashing signs but they will be there if you know what to look for and if you don’t know you need to find out. If you can’t find the info online ask someone. Do not walk around with blinders on. All kids who are in gangs show signs from bad grades, lack of respect to a host of other things.

  72. Charm says:

    Having launched the third murder investigation of the week, police are asking anyone with information on the shooting to call the major incident room in West Bay police station on  949 3999, the police crime hotline 949 7777 or Crime stoppers at 800 (TIPS) 8477…

    WELL, this is my call to the police and all those numbers listed.  It is now time to get some guns and go combat crime.  You cannot fight gunmen with your hand cuffs and bad breath!! Bring out the guns!!! and stop the F#c%ing foolishness.

  73. Anonymous says:

    The waste of another young life is a tragedy. It is time for some new measures to break this pattern of the thugs living behind the protection of friends and families.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Today is the beginning of a new day, and the Cayman Islands has clouds of sadness hanging over our heads for three young persons who have carelessly lost their lives in uncalled actions of crime/gang voilence.

    Commissioner Baines, Bodden and Jones I invite you all to visit the http://www.lapdonline.org/juvenine_division/content_basic_view /2011 When there were outbreaks of Tenage crimes in Los Angeles with  teenage gangs, and how some of these problems were cracked down.  I really hope that someone will take the time to read and put some of these steps in place to deal with these problems our small country is presently faced with. .  The country is fed-up with all the teenage madness.  You all are trying to do the best but it is not working. How many more lives will be taken, before we can find a solution?? It is plain to see that we require forceful Police officers to knock on doors of criminals, search, handcuff and lock -down until they talk. , I don't know where, when or  how!! but something has to be done immediately or innocent persons will be paying a price.

    God bless the Police Force in their endeavours and the Cayman Islands. 

  75. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    The comments from callous individuals here about "let them kill each other" are beyond shocking. These are people and they are dead. Am I frustrated with the violence and gangs , yes. Personally I think gangs should be banned. As a society we cannot just stand by and allow this to happen. The core of the crime and violence in The Cayman Islands is education, parenting and leadership. We need 10 years of elected members working for the people focused on creating a better education system coupled with a fully funded social services department to re educate parents and develop multiple programs to assist parents and teens. We need an over funded police and immigration department along with a court system to handle these criminals. This situation isn't going to solve itself and until we have leadership that is more interested in the people and the country than in their personal wealth and power the killings will continue.

    Lachlan MacTavish

    • Anonymous says:

      I as usual agree with most of your post however please consider the whole of the Cayman society is a victom of these gangs.  While I agree that change at the root is needed (especially parenting) it doesn't helop us right now.  Our unarmed and unexperienced police force is understandly ineffective.  And while these young people that are being killed were as all born innocent…they are far from that now.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PROBLEM is, "children who have had children and those children who are having children' who were not brought up, let loose to roam and encouraged by their children parents to do whatever they wanted to do.  If you have an animal, you can train it and it will obey your instructions, so if those individuals were taught and given the right instructions from an young age they would have followed down that narrow pathway.  Train the tree when it is young, because when it is older you cannot straighten it, the bend remains withit forever.

      Train up a child in the way it should go and in the later years of its life it will always remain steadfast it its persuit.  

    • Kent McT says:


      I also am saddened by the fact that either by violet death or the fact that many are lost prior to this type of ending. I disagree with the reasons you state, in the fact that parenting in the number one issue here.  The complete lack of a moral compass (not necessarily religious), The lack of expectation by their elders for self reliance, responsibility and accountability that falls within the laws of the land.  We have a society that finds a father that is involved is a rarity and those who are not involved are not held to task for being dead beats.  No school in the world nor school system will be able to replace piss poor parenting.

      We have leadership that have moral compasses that are even further askew than the parents of the trouble youth.  So to say the government needs to implement  some sort of programs to get the core family issues corrected is so far from something that can really happen, that I think finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is of higher probability.

      We need a social movement that will stand up and face the parents that are so wanting in real parenting abilities, a movement that will back up the good examples when they offer their help to those who so obviously have no clue how to raise social productive individual.  A movement that will openly frown on those that will not accept the help, and that will punish those who neglect and abuse.  We need less talk in church and more action in the home.

      I could keep typing for hours, but I feel the point is made.

      I also want to thank you and people like you that are willing to be those who will put their name and face behind their opinions, that is exactly what we need!


      Kent McTaggart

    • Right ya so says:

      Yes, the comments are callous but these thugs have been given every opportunity and they have CHOSEN this life of violence. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Simple as that. In the meantime they are running this country and people are scared to death. Parents, family, friends are scared to turn these thugs in because they know they will be next to be killed.

      When you come back here and live with that on a daily basis please then make your comments. This is Cayman NOW not 15/20 years ago.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will somebody get off their ass and put a stop to this SHIT! Put 20 Police in West bay walking the streest with their wepons to at least make the people of that district feel safe! That may not be the solution to the problem but it can be a start. Look I come from a big city wear crim is out of hand. I hope the powers that be get this under control and fast! Because the news headings are reminding me of the news back home. THIS IS NOT GOOD for the image of the Cayman Islands!

    • Anonymous says:

      And when there is a murder a few miles away from one of the 20 officers who are on foot, I assume you will be demanding that the officers get to the scene of the crime faster.  The police whilcst not perfect are doing the best they can.  THE PEOPLE of Cayman need to be the ones who do somethign more.  They need to be working with the police instead of constantly against them.  Inform on the individuals and give evidence where necessary.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fish in a barrel.  Better to find a solution that doesn't require risking the lives of a limited number of good guys.

  77. Anonymous says:

    God Help us Please! I know this young man and he did not deserve this. He was not involved in any of this gang violence. They had no reason to kill him, he would never harm anyone. These coward bastards need to be caught now! This is so heartbreaking for the families. How can these  people be so cruel to kill someone just because they can. Police you have to eliminate the Gaza gang of Birch Tree Hill, they are killing innocent children! Haven't they done enough damage! Come on people you have to see by now who is doing the murdering here! This gang is growing in numbers daily if something isn't done about them now, then you can kiss Cayman goodbye!

    Are you just waiting for them to kill off themselves and in the mean time innocent children are being murdered. Enough is enough! They have to be stopped NOW! They don't care and they don't need a reason to kill but without those guns they are nothing but a bunch of cowardly punks!

    • Time for action says:

      Any local adult must STOP playing their numbers.  Your "innocent bets" are FUELING the gangs.  Betcha didn't think of that.  If you know ANYONE playing the numbers racket, FORCE them to stop.  If you know ANY person involved in a gang, you must give their name to the police on Monday morning.  We must stop the drugs and stop the gambling to stop the gangs.

      Sorry folks, these are NOT ex-pats, but local thugs that must be turned in by local families.

      If you have knowledge of a young person in a gang, the time to act is now.

      We must have anti gang legislation passed NOW (Trinidad 2010)


    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest you check his facebook page maybe you will change your mind about him not being in a gang.

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      Anon 11:23- you mention he was not involved in any gang violence? Have you checked his facebook page and flipped through his photos. I have posted it here in case you haven't


      I can't be 100% sure he was involved in gang activity, but I am certain he was not on the up and up with the law. 

      reality check time. 


      My next plea goes out to the mothers and fathers of the young women who worship the ground this young man walked on. His facebook profile is fully public and I enocurage all parents in Cayman to flip through it to see if it was one of their daughters groveling over Preston. You can see their comments below the photos.

      Then ask them is the phone call you want to receive at night? 

      I am no religious person but I am wise enough to realize that worshipping a thug, gangsta wannabe, or Tupac isn't likely to lead to a happy fulfilling life. 


      • Agree says:

        Yup….and to all those young ladies who hold nice air conditioned office jobs and post on these FB pages, but go home and hang out with these gang thugs….WISE UP!  You just gunna end up a baby mamma instead of a strong independent woman.  Behind every gang banger is a woman making his dinner, washing his clothes, and allowing him to have a slimy gang life.

    • Gangstas suk balz says:

      Seriously, are you havin a f, kin laugh. Have you seen his FB page. Every Picture a gang sign, or a joint, or an AK47.

      Stupid lookin clothes that don't fit his frame, and the (I am hard as nails stare).

      I don't wish death on anyone, but he looked like he was axin for it.

  78. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    This latest victim is the half brother of Carlo Webster who was gunned down at the night club almost two years ago.The next victim will obviously be a "Birch Tree Hiller" as a connected "Logwooder" is now gone again.

    All I can say is to keep your horses saddled, fed and on close reins. The "Wild Wild West" is not letting up anytime soon.  

  79. Anonymous says:

    I don't think these "gangter kids" give te first damn about opportunities.. they live in their own worlds They get the same (or no wait BETTER) chances for education than kids in many countries do but they join these gangs and act lie ittle gangsters anyways…. You could give them all money and they would still act this way.. Caymanians have plenty of oppotunities to do well for themselves, some of us make use of them and some of us are useless.

  80. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad, if police don't do anything about these young weedheads killing each other, West Bay's drug dealers are going to need a bailout plan.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I said it yesterday, Cayman is following down the deadly path of Jamaica, it all started out small in Jamaica also.

    Jamaica is a beautiful country, but the crime situation there is out of control, too much drugs & guns involved.

    Cayman is on a path of self distruction, the Government needs to take a hard look at the programmes they have in place to assist the youth here, in finding work, in steering them away from the destructive path they are on, they view themselvel as having no where to progress & no vision for a future.

  82. Spectator says:

    "On Friday morning senior police officers had stated that the patrols would be increased this weekend but they could not be on every street corner."

    Now that is a joke!  That is a word of encouragement!  They have nearly four hundred police officers with CCTV camaras to help them on this small rock, and they can't post an officer at every street corner in the little district of West Bay???

    I am sorry, Commissioner, but we need more ground officers – not officers behind the desk. Since you arrived, we have had so many cases lost in court. I am wondering if somebody else (at least local) could do your job better! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to ''On Friday Morning''

      Agree with you totally.  Cayman needs a seasoned  Crown

      Prosector  well experienced in the gang culture and mentality of these thugs.

      Someone that  when the police present the evidence to him  he will have the

      knowledge that it is enough to get a  conviction. Or therwise tell police ''go and

      find me more evidence that will hold up in court'''

      Not just the police coming up

      with evidence and ''hoping for the best''….

  83. Love for WB says:

    Condolences to the family and friends of this young man. Condolences to the entire district of WB. This has been a very sad week. A week of senseless violence. Why are we killing each other? We are all in the same gang, with the same fight, we are Caymanians that need to come together! Right now, tonight we need to go to take it to the extreme! Lock down WB! Everyone off the streets by sunset!! Raid every house that is believed to have a gun or is residence to a suspected gang member. Stifle them so they don’t have time to react! NO MORE NATIVE SONS TO GANG VIOLENCE! Love and peace in WB!

  84. Scared Girl says:

    There seems to be pattern here. All these shootings are happening it appears at the same time of day almost. Makes you wonder if the so called gangsters aren't being fed info as to where the armed police are. Are these shootings being staged to take place at a certain time? It makes no sense as to why we CANNOT catch them. Any other jurisdiction and heads would roll at the police station. Maybe some of the guns are the missing ones from the station.

    A curfew needs to go in place. 0 to 20 years old must be off the streets by 8pm and allowed back on at 7am. If they are caught out they need to be held accountabl. Locked up overnight and questioned throughly and not by their cousin or uncle who might be a police person. The evidence might go missing.That age group lives at home so hold parents accountable as well.

    Minister Scotland was on 101.9 on Friday and said he would not support a curfew…Ok then go catch the criminals. Because its not your family member now 6 feet under? Until its in your backyard you won't support one? Well Mr Scotland we all share the same backyard. The Cayman Islands. We don't need your support as you haven't done anything worth talking about this would have been something to support.

    Why is the helicopter flying around in Savannah everyday? Yesterday a man is on the run and the helicopter hanging out at Countryside. GPS issues? Common now. That plane should have its GPS heading West for awhile until things are controlled, not out in Savannah looking at the cows and horses.

    Should give credit where credit is due, but a good percentage of Cayman is related in some way or the other. The police must know who is doing or involved in these crimes. 2 that have died so far are related to police personell. Makes you wonder!

    We need a curfew in place!!!

  85. Anonymous says:

    This is a stark message to the Caymanian government and people. These are Caymanians killing each other in case you had not noticed. You have given these children nothing to live for, nothing to aspire to. Why should they? You have sold out your country and your morals to the highest bidder and they have bought you lock stock and barrel.

    You drive in your big SUVs, You live in your big 4-5,000 sq ft houses and you climb the social ladder like a pack of soldier crabs trying to escape becoming fisherman's bait.

    I am disgusted in what you have become. Your children are being removed from you because you have failed them. Your compassion, empathy and sympathy have been transformed into greed.

    God gave you this country several hundred years ago and your recent stewardship has been abysmal. Unless we prostrate ourselves before a mighty God, we will continue to experience this whirlwind from Hell.

    Mark my words, children of the soil, unless you expose the dark forces of greed within your society, you will lose your country. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COUNTRY! These are not my words, I am simply a messenger.

    • Anonymous says:

      whose words are they and what exactly do they mean?

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s a load of garbage. How manly of these thugs have gone out to get a proper education and qualifications to challenge for positions? While I have little time for McKeeva you can’t blame him for these thugs not getting an education. If they went to school and university they would be employed as these islands protect Caymanian workers very well. They need to get qualified though it’s not an automatic job. Unfortunately we Caymanians expect a job and 6 figure salary to be handed to us on a silver platter. Breaking News……..we have to work to get these good jobs……..and shooting our peers is not work.

    • Anonymous says:

      I must sort of agree with this in that as a society we tend to write off our children so quickly. They are treated as 2nd class citiziens.  They are expected to be perfect and for the littlest of mistakes they are tarred for life.  I think that we as adults need to look at why is this happening.  The children need better role models.

      My first suggestion is to either call in the US anti-gang unit or arm the police.  Secondly, get rid of McKeever and his bunch of merry men.  Third, start working on the children and don't let them fall through the cracks.  Check on those gangsta children and give them a better life with families that care for them. Fourth, and most important, find as many positive male role models as we can for these children so they can nurture them and show them how to be productive members of society.

  86. Anonymous says:

    LET THEM finish EACH OTHER off.    It is cruel to say, but this is the only way this will end.   Let them line up on each side of Ed Bushstadium, and let us know when this is over.  

    CITIZENS have just about had enough.   Blame whoever you want (police, parents, economy)……but I have given up trying to explain things.  This is 100% these thugs' fault……so good luck to you thugs….Im moving on with my life and have now stopped worrying about you.  

    Damn thugs.  

    • Anonymous says:

      And when THIS set 'finish each other off' then what? Their family left behind start on innocent people for no good reason? That's the scary thought whenI think the same thing you said….what comes after this??

  87. Anonymous says:

    Incredible…anyway couple of things…maybe police can focus on:

    – patterns (every second day, who's turn is it now)

    – where do these supposedly known members live, hang out, etc.

    – when is it happening


    – do not waste the new money on increasing the unarmed and untrained (for this kind of organized crime) police on the streets.  Get help but do some due diligence (not like the Vacation Tempura guys).


  88. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure that sign he's making with his hand is a local greeting.

    Mothers, you know your sons.  You know if they're messed up with this.  The longer you stay quiet, the better chance your child will die.

    • Anonymous says:

      caymanian parenting is to blame.

      • Anonymous says:

        From the names of many of these punks I think you will find an absent expat parent is at least partially to blame.

        • Anonymous says:

          I stand astonished at how every goddamn problem on this island is somehow laid at the feet of expats.


      • Anonymous says:

        plus American TV and Jamacian drugs. Thank you very much!


  89. Anonymous says:

    We could of gave RCIP thirty six million instead of  three million and the results would be the same with the TOP cop in charge.Wasn't there a shooting at this location a month ago?Time for this man and the rest of his country men that have high positions in the force  to get on B.A . What other country in the world has Expats incharge of  the   police force?

  90. Hammock says:

    'The Police cannot be on every corner'. True, but the local community can be in every house and every corner. Since coming to this island a few years ago, I hear a lot about the word 'informer' and that you don't tell on your own. If that is the case then the main religion in West Bay is that of 'Hypocracy'. to allow this to happen. The main reason for evil to succeed is when good men do nothing. If you know then let the Police know, or you could just watch as the very real possibility of another young man being killed in the next few days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly dude, I don't trust the police to keep me safe after I share information.  Many of these criminals have uncles and cousins working as police officers…

      • Anonymous says:

        Reply to Honestly Dude

        Have you heard of Crime Stoppers?????

        At least when you know something…go to a public phone and give the call……….

        They can't trace you then if you are worried about that…………

        YOU PEOPLE WHO KEEP SILENT   are just as guilty as the ones doing the shooting.

        If someone would have come forward  with info before Baptise was shot he could have

        been saved!!

        if someone would have come forward with info before Rivers was shot he could have

        been saved!!

        Who will be the next one making the headlines?

        ……  You mothers, fathers and family of the young men still alive…….

        Will Your Son or Relative Be Next???

        Thinkabout that….and consider this….

        You will have to answer to God for keeping silent and any deaths that occur because of it.

        How can people live with themselves when they have kept silent and a death occurs?

  91. Anonymous says:

    In order for crime to be reduce, police officers need to be given the tools as the first step. This is not selecting a few, but training and providing all officers with side arms and instructing officers that you start by getting out of office and  stoping people for any cime- no matter how big or small.

    One of the biggest problems is officers think patrolling is driving up and down in a car with A/C all day and night. Sometimes police duty also calls for the officer to stop and ticket people for small wrongs, not just big crime.  I wish the police could understand this in order for them to start with focusing onthe issues that grows into bigger crime…crime such as murder!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you but so many people on this forum are always complaining that the police waste time issuing traffic tickets. The police can’t win either way – the police are criticized whatever they do. It is really pathetic that people here do nothing but criticize the police rather than actually do something to help. Truly sad and truly pathetic.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Another mother burying her young son!

    Will someone from the community PLEASE go talk to these boys/men and help them squash their issue/s without gunfire. They are just gonna keep shooting, burying their boyz……for what???????????????

    • Anonymous says:

      "Boyz"?  is that the thug word?  

    • Anonymous says:

      why don't you go and talk to them?

    • My2cents says:

      "Will someone from the community PLEASE go talk to these boys…" – theres part of the problem right there. Everyone expects someone else to do something about it. If it concerns you…..GET OFF your A&& and go talk to them yourself! Why is everyone expecting someone else to do something about it? 

  93. Anonymous says:

    Brace yourselves for number 4.

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      Whomever you are in the post above, you have correctly predicted each of these shootings this week. Either you are a sound guessor or you are much more closely connected to these gangs and the police need to speak with you. Or these gangs have their own play by play announcer who covers the events that occur in this alternate plane of reality. 

      Some brave soul needs to step forward and be an informer- and then under a police protection program start their lives elsewhere to ensure their safety.

      This point in  history may change Cayman for ever. 

  94. Anonymous says:

    These low life thugs are making the investigative work far easier for the police as they are killing off the suspects every night. Keep it up you morons and then all of the law abiding citizens of the Cayman Islands can live in peace and harmony.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately it will not end so quickly or so easily.Can't you see that? These young men all have family members who are now 'blood thirsty' and who either already is thinking about revenge for someone murdered or will be thinking about it in the near future. These misguided young men (and women) include some of the kids we have sitting in our high schools. Don't believe me? Sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with one of the teachers at John Gray High. They are already having problems with a gang culture in that school.

      I had to remove my son from that school because he was being bullied. He was also being targeted when he answered questions in class or even for simply turning in assignments. It all came crashing  down for me when I came home one evening and he approached me and told me he was not going back to school, EVER. Of course being the type of parent I am, my given instinct was to smack the s**t outta him or to knock some sense into him but something in his eyes said 'listen to me' so I asked him what the problem was. It turns out he was approached by four boys who backed him up to a wall and told him to stop making them look bad by being a 'goodie tooshoo' and a teacher's pet (there was a project due and he was the only boy of the four students that had handed in his). I asked him if he reported it and he ask me if I was mad, if I wanted him walking around with a bull’s eye on his back for being an ‘informa’.

      WTF??!! When since is doing your homework and actually wanting to learn a bad thing? I had a meeting with a few teachers and was not pleased or satisfied with the answers I was given so I moved him before I made matters worse by taking matters into my own hands. But what about the parents who have kids like mine, where this is not an option? What about when the school gangs from these two sides from this district start taking this retaliation to a new level? Sorry I am venting without suggesting any solutions but right now my lil heart is aching for our little island and our young people so much I cannot think of any.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your input is appreciated. It's time we start looking at the raw truth. Thank you for venting.

  95. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad…these are young kids…..this boy graduated John Gray in what 2010…young…I feel bad for the families in these cases..they are not the ones who deserve this pain….my condolences ….I will say on a side note…since when do "gansters" have facebook pages?….I'm pretty sure real "badman" don't have facebook pages……these kids are in way over thier heads….every profile picture on this young man's page screams gang…..it's so obvious….and so sad….

    • Anonymous says:

      The blame cannot be placed on the shoulders of the Police. The PARENTS who bring these children into the world and drag them up instead of raising them like they should, is to blame!!!! That is the hard to swallow pill.

      People need to stop blaming the Police and everyone else.

      However, I will also say that the so called politicians down there have some blame as well. Let me explain. MacKeeva and his team have been the MLA's for WB for how long?! Don't they know the pulse of their people?Have they not been their long enough to know what the issues/problems are in their own back yard? Haven't the enacted any policies to fight back against the moral decay of their society in WB, and by extension the entire Island?!!! No, just worried about something else, and passing laws to benifit a few.

      It is convenient for them to hide behind the wordds "we can't do anything about crime, because it is the Gov's area", how nice. They don't have to deal with the issue and possibly offend their supporters.

      Well, if anything comes out of this shameful era, is that the WB people finally see that they cannot wait no longer on the false promises of these MLA's and they, the people decide to take responsibility and charge of their own futures. Washers and marl with a "couple of dollars" can no longer blind everyone down here.

      My years of support is done!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      gangster 'culture' is the culture of idiot muppetts……

      shame on parents who let their kids grow up like this…

      the gangster look should be banned from all bars/clubs….

  96. Anonymous says:

    CNS is promoting the gang culture by showing the shooting victim in a picture where he is cleary flashing a gang sign.  Get educated before you makes things worse.  He isnt making a peace gesture you know.

    • Stateside Caymanian says:

      I'm going to be fair and  take a chance to assume you knew him personally and you know for a fact he was in a gang and that's why you said what you said, not that you made a judgement based on the picture. I see the gang sign plain as day, but don't be so quick to judge, that's what  God isfor. Something you may want to consider is that most gang members carry guns, sell drugs or commit other crimes for money, which usally (key word, USUALLY) means they have a lot of money in their pockets. Are there any reports that state he was found w/a gun, drugs or a lot of money? If not, he may not be a gang member. I don't know about Cayman, but here in the states there's site you can go to and look up arrest inquiries. If so, check it out to see if he was ever arrested for gang related activity or any crime that could be affiliated w/gang activity. I've seen far to many times kids throwing up gang signs who aren't really in gangs. Would you have thought he was in a gang if they used a picture hugging his family? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me tell u something whoever you are, Preston Rivers is my blood cousin! My aunt’s child!!! Her only son!! Her baby!! Its very disrespectful how most of you come and talk about him on this page! I grew up with him and knew him like the back of my hand! He was not a gang member and i’d be damned if I allow any of you to come on this page and make it seem as if he was! I defended him when he was alive and I will continue to defend him even after his death! Leave your negative thoughts somewhere else and let my cousin rest in peace! That comment made me very sick to my stomach! You know NOTHINGGGGGGG about him at all. None of unna have the right to say we as caymanians need to unite!! Most of you are hypocrites!! How are we suppose to unite when unnamed downgrade other districts and ASSUME stuff for eg. That my cousin us a gang member. He has passed almost 2 yrs now but you know what I leave it in God’s hands, just remember you have to face God One day! !! Who arr you to judge my cousin from a picture!!!???! And just to give you a heads up, when since a peace sign became a gang sign?????

  97. noname says:

    God helps those who help themselves.  The common reaction to the recent spate of violence is that we need to pray.  Sure I believe whole heartedly in the power of prayer; however it is high time that we put on the armour of the Lord and fight for our country and our identity.  As much as we would like to label these young men as thugs and set ourselves apart from them, guess what, they are a by product of us.  A cancerous reflection of the complacent and helpless nation that we have become.  It is easy to affix blame to the doors of the politicians, the police, and even the parents but we as a nation have failed these young men.  We have lost ourselves in the ebb and flow of development, turned our backs on hard work and now we are throwing our hands up in despair without one iota of accountability for the erosion of Christian values and the rejection of our legacy.  Wake up Cayman; we were once a nation of world class craftsmen, culinary giants, fearless seamen and selfless people.  Our very foundation is built on self-sacrifice and love for our fellow man!  Yet we are now cowering in fear from our own.  Waiting for the politicians and the police to solve our problems. How long can we sit and bury our heads in the sand? Why not reach out to the sections of our community that we have amputated in ignorance, arm ourselves with love and knowledge and fight for the future of these islands?