Mac: Crime in officials’ hands

| 19/09/2011

(CNS): The premier has once again emphasised that the elected government has no control over police operational matters in the wake of three fatal shootings in his constituency of West Bay. In an address to the country after the gang related murders McKeeva Bush said that government had done all it can, despite being “willing to do even more” to address the issue of crime. He pointed out that the elected officials had made serious demands in a political motion about crime to the governor and the police commissioner and had voted another $4.5 milllion in the budget. “This growing trend of violence in our country has been recognizable for many years," Bush stated.

"I have had many concerns, concerns which I have made known to all of the commissioners of police, including the current commissioner. I have voiced the importance of forcefully addressing the severity of this issue from long before my inception to office in 2009 and in these years leading up to the senseless executions which we are witnessing today,” he said in a national address broadcast on Radio Cayman Monday lunchtime.

He reiterated, however, that the present constitution restricts the elected government and, by extension, the “people of these Islands from getting involved with the operational matters of policing and security.” Bush stated that recent comments by the governor, duncan Taylor, that when it comes to “matters of crime and security that the buck stops with him,” were accurate.

The premier added that since taking office, his government had given the governor and Police Commissioner David Baines all of the financial, legislative, political and moral support possible to aid in this fight against crime.

Bush reminded the people that he had recently tabled a motion dealing specifically with crime and had made demands on Duncan Taylor and Baines.

"The governor and the commissioner, having agreed to the terms of the motion, were given an additional $4.6 million in financial support. Whilst we are empathetic and understand that they need time to implement the agreed upon strategy, I wish to state publicly, again, to the governor and to the commissioner of police, that we as a government have done all we can do and still stand willing to do even more, and that today we continue to make our voice publicly heard on the matter,” the premier added.

He called on them both to use every instrument available to fulfil their constitutional obligation. "In a meeting today with the commissioner and the governor we voiced our position strongly that enough is enough; we need action and we need action now," Bush stated, adding that the commissioner had assured government members that over the days to come “we will all see a stepped up police presence.”

Offering his condolences to the families affected by the killings in his own district, where he has been the representative for some twenty-five years, Bush pleaded with people to come forward with information and help stop the violence. He also said he would be meeting with pastors and concerned citizens tomorrow. Bush explained that a community group would also meet with parents and individuals involved in gangs and affected by them “to find out what can be done to stop this senseless slaughter.”

On Saturday night a third young man was killed in the district of West Bay. A recent high school graduate at only 18 years age, Preston Rivers was gunned down outside a house in Andreson Road by two masked gunmen.

This shooting came on the heels of the murder of Andrew Baptise (24) on Thursday in Sand Hole Road and before him the killing of Robert Bush (28) on Tuesday while he sat in his car at the junction of Birth Tree Hill Road and Capts Joe and Osbert Road. A young woman was also injured by a bullet during that incident.

The governor announced yesterday that he would be hosting a high level meeting Monday morning with officials involved in law and order and would be making a further public statement this afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wah Wa Wa Wa ..Wuh We We We….know what I'm Sayin

  2. Anonymous says:

    When was the last time that all our leaders went walking into their districts to see if children were starving or being abused by their parents or whatever the case may be – oh yeh how could I forget, only at election time when they looking votes – PATHETIC HUMAN BEINGS!

  3. Anonnymous says:

    Just exactly what do you want the Premier to do?! It is true that he has no authority.  He can only meet and make suggestions, which he has done and is doing.  The final decision comes from the Governor, to the Commissioner of Police.  We as parents, siblings,grandmothers,  have to stop saying " my son/brother/grandchild wasn't involved in any gang" and get out of their denial mode and speak up.  They all know things they are not sharing with the police. 

    In the meantime, the Governor and the Commissioner of Police should be busy getting in a task force to tackle this immediate scourge that we have in our land and clean these gangs out!

    To move forward in a positive direction parents, families, communities, government, churches must all do our part, with God's help, to guide and direct our young children, particularly those at risk so that they may become productive citizens.  We blog and blog and blog and blog!! WHAT ARE WE ALL DOING?  

  4. Anonymous says:

    The people of this country need to call for the Police Commissioner to step down. He has no clue how to deal with these gangs. "He has equipped his officers with bigger batons and stun guns" Give me a break!! We need someone with experience in dealing with gangs to lead the RCIP and Baines is not that person!!

    Governor Taylor, please recruit some outside help to bring this voilience to a halt. The RCIP is not capable of doing so.. The elected memebers has called for a swat team and Baines said he can handle it.. Yea right he has done a wonderful job over the last 6 days!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Before you go calling for the resignation of the police commissioner and for the governor to recruit outside help  how about calling on the parents, politicians and community to first do their jobs.  Lead by example.  Parents stop encouraging your children in their wrongs, stopbuying, selling and using drugs; Politicians stop the garrison politics, end the corruption give our young people a fighting chance with a proper education system; The community stop being afraid and tell what you know, those two young men who got shot on monday night most of West Bay knew that one of the individuals had a gun and were a part of a gang or group call it what you may and I found this out in less than 12 hours just by having conversations with a handful of people.  I was able to find out that one of the individuals arrived at a party full of people with a gun.  How was this not told to the police by the community about a month ago when this incident took place?  STOP this BS of the blame game Caymanians take responsibility it is our island and young people and believe me it will only get worst if it is not addressed NOW!  We don't need investors or investments more than we need peace and security.  STOP THE KILLINGS!!   POLITICIAN, PARENTS AND THE CAYMANIAN COMMUNITY DO YOUR JOBS NOW!

      • Anony says:

        The commisioner needs to go.

        Calling on the families to do proper parenting is stupid, for obvious reasons which I wont say.  Hopefully this will encourage you do something called 'thinking'.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you saying that "parenting" is not the job of the family???

        • Anonymous says:

          "Calling on 'parents' to parent is stupid."  You really shouldn't be allowed near a computer unsupervised.  Idiot.

    • pass_the_pig says:

      I am afraid I have to comment on this…..  Why should the Police Commissioner step down?  His hands are tied just as much as the "Premier" claims his hands are tied… what a load of crap.  When has the Premier's hands EVER been tied…when he wants something to happen – he ignores all policy and procedure and bullies his way right through government bodies – which are put in place to keep procedures and such in place and to make sure that the Premier and his government are doing things the correct and democratic way – we are still a democracy, aren't we?  Clearly in the past he has completely ignored these procedural steps when he wants something to happen and knows that by following procedurehe probably would not get his way – so he simply ignores procedure and does what he needs to do anyway to get what he wants.and what's even more sick is we have let him get away with it!!!  AND … he was voted back in!!!!!!  Come on people of Cayman… this "our hands are tied" business is ridiculous and an excuse by the Premier.  If the Premier really wanted to do something about this he would ignore policy and procedure and do his own thing……..right?  maybe its because there is nothing in it for him….

      As for the Commissioner of Police…. He is here to do a job… unfortunately for him, the government don't think he needs any funding or staffing to carry out his job and seem to believe he can do it all himself!!!!  Don't blame the Commissioner for other peoples lack of foresight, intelligence and understanding of what it takes to really fight crime…The Commissioner's hands really are tied…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    He didn't hesitate to throw the Governor and the entire RCIP under the bus, did he?!!? That's what I call team work and leadership towards a common goal for the betterment of the entire country. NOT!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well said Mac, get your denial in as quickly as possible.  Clearly as leader of this country your responsibility is to take credit for any decreases in crime and make sure you're nowhere to be found if there is any increase. After all it's really all about you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    all you who are talking about leadership should note that leadership starts at home.  when a child thinks of committing crime they should fear their parents more than the police.  they should not want to do anything to insult or offend their parents.  trust me, if that was the case with all children our police could go back to what they used to do which was nothing.  remember when you couldn't ride a bicycle without a license, now you can have a gun without a license that's how far we have slipped.  This isn't a police problem this is a parenting and community problem.  We know who these kids are they the same little ones who were running up and down the church isle making noise and the elders dared not say anything for fear of invoking the wrath of their idiot parents.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is run by a gang UDP with another gang PPM trying to take control.  UDP has no regard for law or established protocol when conducting government business.  how then can we expect any better behavior from the criminals on the street.  They are both killing our country UDP and PPM from the top and the street gangs from the bottom.  The good people caught in the middle must take a stand against both forms of gangs that we have ruining this country.  it is easier to get rid of the ones at the top then you can start to write laws to get rid of the ones at the bottom.  Anyone convicted of gang crime should serve their time in solitary confinement. that will make a flea out of any would be monster.

  9. Caymanian Abroad says:

    The government has no control over police operational matters, but aren't they the people who PASSED THE FIREARMS BILL INTO LAW? It's a damn good thing they're taking a second look at it, because it's clearly not working.

    This is a momentus wakeup call for our society. Anyone that had turned a blind eye to the gang violence before can't help but see it now. It's time for our government to grow a pair, and get tougher on crime within their juristiction, because the RCIPS can't fix the issue without their support.

    Mac, if you are so “willing to do even more," you better start taking some action on that claim. We don't have time to sit around and listen to you talk. Pirate's Week is approaching and tourists will be visiting our island for the festivities. At this rate, we're going to have to hire the pirate's to control the streets, because your policy is a damned joke. And Mac, don't forget that eventually, you're going to have to get yourself reelected. I'm sure this won't look good on your platform.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tourists & Investors: Please come to Cayman Brac & Little Cayman as we have no crime whatsoever and your family is completely safe here! 

    Grand Cayman's tourism is gone. The SISTER ISLANDS ARE THE PLACE TO BE!

  11. Anonymous says:

    dear leader,

    please lead.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mac, if we give you a 50% pay raise and double your perks and your travel allowance and and your pension allowance(s) will you stop blaming the PPM and the constitution and Governor Taylor and David Baines and the past and get off your lousy backside and do something about crime and voilence in our country? We could even negotiate with our Auditor General to ease up on his silly probes of the UDP government's activities, and the police would no doubt be happy to drop all criminal investigations against you? We think that would be a real win win, don't you?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians especially our youths should be much more important than investors , investments and jobs.  If we lose our young people we have lost everything. Leaders get up  off you high chairs and do something about what is happening in this country and stop blaming the RICPS and the Governor.   If the head of the stream is dirty now do you expect it to flow properly?  I am so very upset at what is going on in this country and it seems to be with the leadership. Please UK come and remove the whole bunch of the so called leaders of these islands.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The PPM's constitution is stopping me from taking action. This was going on from the time the PPM was in power so it really can't be McKeeva's problem. Get your holsters on and get your backside out there and DO sumting, Gov. Taylor, while I go an have annoda meeting with the preachers. Hell I might even carry them some more of the people's money, DAT should fix the problem. What a complete disgrace we are calling a Premier.   

  15. concerned CAYMANIAN TO THE BONE says:

    Sadness has hit our island once again. It baffles me to hear our premier and his UDP colleagues shout and lay blame while our beautiful youth are dieing. I'm reminded of an old addage which says that, it's bad enough to be thought off as an idiot/fool but to open ones mouth and remove all doubt". This seems to be the norm in the UDP camp.

    Mac, as your colleague mourns the death of his loved one, 18 year old Preston Rivers give him support and KEEP YOUR CRAZY COMMENTS to yourself. If you want to say somethng come out on the Ed Bush playing field and hold a candle light visual for the youths of your district. Make a plea to the rebbles in your district who are nothing more than left by the wayside grunts. You must take the blame for not getting off your seat and visiting this rebbles and their families and give them a good ole fashion tongue lashing like only you can give.

    Prove to the country and the world that you are the LEADER you want people to believe you are by tackling the criminal elements in your district. And you know where thise rebbles live cause we see you in them areas campaigning. So do not hide your face from the Lord and play that you don't know who these rebbles are! Quit blaming the PPM and the constitution for all that is happening and don't blame the national team either cause you were a big part of that also.

    Just one last thing Mr. Premier; remember in the late 1990's when you were accused of the collapse of the First Cayman Bank that you held a rally on the WB playing field to get support from the people to convince your colleagues not to throw you out of EXCO, well do the same to get the support of your supporters in fighting the criminal elements in your district. Your success in fighting crime and will determine your political destiny.

  16. Anonymous says:

    That a boy Mac!

    Excellent display of leadership. Just wash your hands of the whole situation.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Madmac you are pathetic and you ARE NOT a leader no matter what titles and positions you have created for yourself.  The proof is there everytime you flap your lips so sit down already and shut your ignorant trap.  Your admisnistration from years ago is mostly to blame for the problems we have now which you contributed to by the following: 

    Wonton distribution of Caymanian Status including to those with criminal records

    Concerning yourselves more with the special interest groups than ensuring our infrastructure could support their greed.and your own

    Neglecting our Healthcare and Education Systems particularly but also not caring about changes needed in the justice system, the prison system, issues with domestic abuse, family services, cost of living, unemployment, waste management, balancing the budget, etc.

    Neglecting to amend laws or make new ones to accommodate for the changes over the years.

    Being present and a part of the fabric of Cayman and expecting that from all developers instead of selling out our island and expecting us to adapt to their demands. 

    In other words your administraion has failed in every area and in the worst possible ways and you all shoud be removed.

    We did not and do not need a cruise ship dock…..Cayman was once a place cruise ships would always want to come to because of its safety factor  with or wthout a dock.  Now sadly that will change.

    We  do not need medical tourism.  We need a state of the art Medical facility to treat our own complete with an after care and reahab faciltiy.  We need first rate retirement facilities for those who cant be cared for at home.  

    We need to save our values and culture and traditions.

    Sadly you and your SADministration have had no interest in any of the above because there was no Penthouse or yacht or jet or millions of dollars in the mix for you. Its long past time for you all to take a long walk off a short dock…..We need to return to DEMOCRACY …SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.










  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey  Mac while you are pleading for people to come forward with information on these shootings also get them to come forward with information on:


    The Stan Thomas affair

    The Cohen Loan affair

    The Chinese deal on the dock affair

    The shetty hospital affair

    The First Cayman Bank affair

    The Ritz Carlton affair

    The Boatswain Beach affair


    Come on lets see how many we can list I am sure there are more!

  19. Caymanian to the Core says:

    I have watched you all trying to shred this man to a stick. I beg of you to just STOP!! Have any of you seen Mr. Mac shooting up anybody? Have you seen the police or the Governor shooting up and killing anybody? Please, STOP! Have some respect.  Our children are killing off each other because of poor parenting!! Parents take control, teach your kids some values, love, self respect, respect for life and for your fellow men.  Cayman is not gone yet, we can bring it back by starting at HOME. By the way..I am Caymanian, and I am not affiliated to any party.  I do not like any of them. No Party system for me.

  20. Anonymous says:

    One would have thought that the all powerful West Bay MLAs with their chests pushed out, would have been on the streets of West Bay urging the gangs to reign themselves in and cut out the violence, but has anyone seen them? They are mighty silent and inactive on that front, aren't they? Where's the West Bay Premier? Oh, he's overseas again? Did someone say he was addressing the problem from overseas?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Come on Big Mac, let the Chief of Police close at least ONE investigation. Take all of your fax messages and bring that investigation of your deal with Stan Thomas to an end.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Children on becoming adults, will live by the example's they saw and experience when growing up.

    A country is only as good as the government they elect,

    elected by the majority of the country voters.

    Now think,    are you the majority of voters going to continue to accept this kind  of Governance.

    Time soon come, think country first.      

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mr. MacTavish, please exclude Mr. Truman Bodden & Mr. John McLean from kudos when referencing past politicians' leadership and positive actions. They were a part of the 1976 – 84 Government whose policies have put us exactly where we are now. I don't mean that as a compliment.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think it was the 1976-1984 govt so much as the 1992-2000 govt. of which they (together with the Premier) were also a part.  

  24. Lox says:

    What a spineless coward.

  25. Anonymous says:

    is this what the wall of heros is for?????????????

  26. Anonymous says:

    I SUGGEST THAT THE WEST ELECTED OFFICALS CALL URGENT MEETING IN THE DISTRICT WITH THE YOUNG PEOPLE. ,   The premier has alot of influence whet it come to election time, so use that same influence now and help save some of our young people lives.  Stop dogging the problem, by saying that the governor is responsible, you must do your part too.  Durind the PPM adminstration your general secretary was always on the rooster with your suooprt blaiming kirk for the crime. Now that it is worst now with your goverment it is the governor and commissioner problems   It is time to stop blaiming the PPM and do some thing with the youths, just giving the police money will not stop.I SUGGEST THAT YOU TAKE PROFESSOR   E SOLOMON WITH YOU TOO 

  27. Anonymous says:

    When Caymanians are killing themselves, Mac is being introduced to the Jamaican people by PNP's Portia Simpson – shows where his loyalty lies. Well I am not sure of where his loyalty is as it use to be JLP.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier attending a partisan rally for the opposition party in another country?  This is a serious diplomatic incident .

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am almost physically sick when I see Mac in the headlines, now.  I sometimes have to force myself to read what he has to say to keep up with what's going on but would rather mind my own business, keep to my own and look out for my own….which is the mindset that is only contributing to the problem.  

    • Anonymous says:

      So where was it all this time???? What is making the difference now?  Did the RCIPS hire new officers to replace the useless ones they already have?  Did a new commissioner arrive on Island that we don't know about?  So, hence nothing is going to improve!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That's funny, I thought that he and the rest of the members of parliament was responsible for formulating policies that have socio-economic benifits. Who else in the hell would be passing such laws to benifit the people. These four MLA's have been in their seats for how long?! and they don't know the problems/issues being faced by their people? and then acted on them by passing policies (thru law introduction, changes)? Instead they were passing out "stuff" during the election.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 17:44.the mind set that  contributing  to problems is mind like yours. This hatred not just among  gang  members, this  hatred is throughout. Just listen to  your statement,and you expect the Premier, the Commissioner and others  to get anything done when you  yourselfe – one  side of your mouth is crying for help and  the other side is sending out hatred.  Its hard  to tell really who is the gangster here. YOU NEED TO JOIN HANDS   AND TRY TO GET THE CRIME UNDER CONTROL.THAT'S  THE  BEST  WAY TO HELP

    • anonymous says:

      Mckeeva Bush is quick to now say that "crime in officials' hands" & that "the elected government has no control over police operational matters" yet when the PPM was the government he continually blamed the PPM for crime! Is he for real? What a hypocrite! Crime is far worse now under Mckeeva Bush than it was under the PPM, but he has the nerve to pass the buck now but continually blamed the PPM for crime when they were in power, what a coward! It is time for Bush to stop blaming others! It is time for Bush to man up, if he can, & accept responsibility for the terrible state of our nation. He must take responsibility for crime, the economy, the lack of jobs for Caymanians, & the failure of his government to help Caymanians. He has been the premier for over 2 years & is the biggest failure as a leader we have ever seen. STOP passingthe buck Bush, you are responsible, & you have failed miserably! You have failed the people!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Madmac get off your horn and stand with the Governor and Commissioner to tackle these urgent issues.  Make your presence known to be doing something with them to help them combat crime here and now…TODAY.  Stop talking about what you murmured years ago and don't expect them to do everything while you sit back and lay blame…YOU ARE NOT HELPING US BY SPOUTING OFF AT THE MOUTH.  It's YOUR district we all have a problem with and you need to jump off your lazy ass and help clean it up today.  No more of your bang and blame tactics.  If you can't deal with this in a professional and serioius manner step down as Premier because we don't  need you.  You Need Us!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Here’s an idea…ladies that know these boys…cut’em off until they behave AND get real jobs:

    ‘Sex strike’ success in Philippine village: UNHCR
    (AFP) – 3 days ago 
    MANILA — Women in the southern Philippines brought peace to their strife-torn village by threatening to withhold sex if their men kept fighting, the UN refugee agency reported Friday.
    The “sex strike” in rural Dado village on the often lawless southern island of Mindanao in July helped end tensions and bring some prosperity to the 102 families living there, said UNHCR national officer Rico Salcedo.
    “The area is in a town which is subject to conflict, family feuds, land disputes. The idea came personally from the women,” Salcedo told AFP.
    The idea was conceived by a group of women who had set up a sewing business but found that they could not deliver their products because the village road was closed by the threat of violence, Salcedo said.
    Sporadic shooting incidents between men in the village had occurred especially near the road, the UNHCR said.
    “There had been a string of clan conflicts. You would have a number of men who would go against another family. There were scattered incidents of shooting at each other,” said UNHCR staffer Tom Temprosa.
    The sewing group’s leader, Hasna Kandatu, said they warned their husbands they would be cut off from sex if they continued causing trouble.
    “If you go there (to fight), you won’t be able to come back. I won’t accept you,” Kandatu recalled telling her husband, in a video on the UNHCR website.
    Her husband, Lengs Kupong, recalled his wife telling him: “If you do bad things, you will be cut off, here,” he said, motioning below his waist.
    Feuds between Muslim clans over land, money or political influence have been a major source of violence in the southern Philippines, helping fuel a Muslim separatist insurgency and brutal crimes, rights groups and scholars have said.
    In the worst case of such feuds, members of an influential Muslim clan are being tried for allegedly murdering 57 people in the south in 2009 to keep a rival family from challenging them in local elections.
    Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved. More »

  31. Anonymous says:

    Pure utter trash some of these posts. Police here are not constrained by law and redtape from the courts and a rights of criminals. There are safe guards in law that prevent citizens from getting railroaded by poor Police work. The Police have little leash when it comes for the need to detain search or question people so spare us the whole new law and hands tied speech. The elected arm gas given real money to the Police and it is them the Police that have not produced. If the police are your charge then noone should have to remind and beg or tell you daily what to do – that is a given. Hats off to the elected LA for standing up and being heard. If the buck stops with him then he and his man Baines need to step it up. But I predict any action will be short lived and a major inconvenience to law abiding citizens overall. This is not a war in the Middle East.

  32. Anonymous says:

    More "harassment" Mac?

  33. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Who can pass tough laws in the Cayman Islands? McKeeva we need more actions, not more lip service!!!!

  34. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Ridiculous. Poor leadership and finger pointing. I do not believe that Mr. Craddock, Ms Annie, Captain Charles and Benson, Mr. Norman, Truman Bodden , John McLean or Linford Peirson would have sat on their hands for the last 4 years as Bush and the UDP have. The UDP is playing politics finger pointing and the stakes are peoples lives and the countries economy. No leadership would be better than excuses. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    “This growing trend of violence in our country has been recognizable for many years," Bush stated.

    Left not said – "Ya we recognized it and we would have done something bout it but we had this kick ass plan to travel first class all over the world at the people's expense. We got's to keep our priorities straight."

  36. tim ridley says:

    There are many faces of crime and many ways of dealing with it. It is good to see the Premier adding his weight to the fight against gang violence. But it  disappointing to see the Premier suggesting that the Police alone have responsibility. Crime of this sort takes a long time to build. It is surprising and equally disappointing that the political group that has controlled the wards of West Bay so tightly for so long was unable to stop this developing at the very outset and before it became the problem it now is.

    It would also be very welcome if the Premier and his colleagues were to insist that appropriate resources be devoted to the institutions that can ensure the Islands are well defended against "white collar" crimes, particularly bribery and corruption that are so corrosive to the community as whole. So let us also hear the political leadership loudly endorsing the work of the Anti Corruption Commission and ensuring its proper funding.

    It would be good also to hear the professional and business associations speaking out loudly on the same issue. Silence is no longer a sensible option.


    Tim Ridley

  37. Anonymous says:

    I guess moral leadership is totally out of the question then.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Really don't you people understand.  MAC is far too busy to deal with such trivialities as gang wars.  After all he has to;


    Meet the miss teen contestants for dinner

    Plan his next overseas trip for the international conference on conch shell colours

    Work around government procedures to get his own way

    Collect money from real estate deals

    And the list goes on

  39. Anonymous says:

    REPOSTED from elsewhere on CNS:

    Strangely, I am reminded of another group of men in Cayman whose leader is from West Bay.  This group of men have a particular color that is "their" color and woe to anyone who wears the color of a "rival" group.  This group of men, to show unity, always appear in public wearing an identical item of clothing – all in the "approved" color scheme of the group.

    With the actions we have seen from this group of men – flaunting the law and attacking anyone who does not support them, is it any wonder that this type of undesirable behavior is on the rise across the island?

    I call on this group of men, the UDP government of Mr. McKeeva Bush, to put up or shut up.  Start behaving like a government and not a gang.  Until you do that, you will always be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.  But then I am sure you be denigrated for waying that because if you disagree with the "man" you must be worthless.

  40. enviromentalist says:

    Pass da Buck!!

    Another example of our leader not taking responsibility. This should be his biggest concern! Mac, OWN the situation, step up policing, and kick some ass! Stop being a wishy washy pansy…this is happening in your (mine) backyard. Protect your people and your islands reputation. No one vacations in a crime ridden bannana republic…when the tourists leave so will all of the easy money!!!There is already a recession on..want another reason to not travel to the Cayman Islands, besides its high prices,lack of ammenities and, oh ya, gangland style shootings! Pull your head out of your ass and nip this in the bud now, or you will soon return to the land that time/tourists forgot!! Hope you can live on coconut water and mosquito sandwiches!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac meeting with pastors tomorrow…. guess they must have heard that he found more money for the police.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is he meeting with them to give them more "Nation Building " monies.  Monies he took away from long time successful NGO's grants NGO's that are now unable to provide the support to the community they used to.  All so Mac can be the one to hand out  the money so he will look like the Hero in the next election ( i.e. buying votes with government money.).

      While we are all arguing about how to deal with crime, Mac is loving the distraction and can behind the scenes move forward with selling out to Dart, Michael Ryan and other "big money" people.  

      This is working well for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah he is getting them together to hold another prayer meeting at Town Hall.  Remember the last one…I think he better give up on that idea.  We have had MORE CRIME since that prayer meeting of theirs….

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess the Academy will be first in line!

  42. Anonymous says:

    If Big Mac really cared about solving crimes, all he has to do is present all of the evidence relating to the Stan Thomas deal and that would give the Chief of Police one less case to worry about.

  43. Anonymous says:

     clever manipulator? an evil genius? a belligerent school boy?  Our leader?

  44. Anonymous says:

     beacon of hope? a role model? high on something from china? our leader!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Crime is the #1 issue with the Cayman Islands right now. If the situation is not corrected all else will fail. Tourism, Investment, Wealthy Individuals Leaving the Islands and taking their businesses with them. Mckeeva Bush and his government, aside from the fact they should be taking it personally that our islands are being destroyed by few, should be raising the damn roof with the Governor and Police. They should have been all along. It is still no excuse to absolve themselves from it and they should have been demanding it publicly. Every single little infraction of the law from illegal tint, reckless motor vehicle opertaion to stealing a pack of gum should look for and stomped out with stiff penalties. Not only will fines raise revenue but it sends a message that the law is the law on any level. The inaction of the police on all and any level breeds and atmosphere of lawlesses and our young people see this and grow up thinking they are beyond the law and no one is watching or even cares. Many of us have manners, are polite and follow a civil code so that we are good neighbors. There are many amongst us who do not care, are a public nuisance and simply, if not told or made to suffer a consequence, continue their daily lives of encroaching on others . They are selfish and simply don't know any better and do not care. Left to be this way they only become worse. While it is expected police get off their butts when people start getting shot what about the 100's of daily flaunts of the law and never a police car in site. What about that illegal tint? What about street racing? What about spitting on the side walks and being a general pig towards others? People should start acting right and should be told get it together and nothing like money in they way of a fine will get through to these simple minded people. When will Police start acting like Police? Maybe if people start realizing that there is law on Cayman…not just the kind on paper they will start to actually think about how they behave. Like I say many of us know how to behave but some simply do not.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, What I'm saying other than the obvious need to deal with the violent crimes with stiffer penalties is to start dealing with general lawlessness. For example, bet most of the gangstas drive cars with dark illegal tint. Like the black Honda that was riding my A$$ a few months back so I slowed way down and he pulled up and flashed me his little Gangsta Gun sign. Use the Law to pull over for ONE thing that may lead to OTHER things. Expired tags, suspended liscence, wanted for warrants  (if there is such a thing here) etc. It is call probable cuase. Might even find a few guys that will run rather than be pulled over. I wonder why? Maybe a gun in the car?

  46. Anonymous says:

    complicit? rude? jerkish?

  47. Anonymous says:

    out of touch? stoopid? callous? our leader?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Rubbish. We need to strengthen weak laws to help combat criminals. We need new laws passed to help combat the criminals. Only the Premier and the other MLAs can do that. Trouble is it appears that they don't want to.

    Only the Premier and the other MLAs can end the revolving door parole system.

    Only the Premier and the other MLAs can increase penalties for violent crime.

    Only the Premier and the other MLAs can legislate to reform the prison.

    Only the Premier and the other MLAs can pass laws to stop people from cooperating with and helping the criminals


    • Libertarian says:

      And still, my lad, all these things you mentioned, are not enough. Smart and noble laws are crafted by politicians with clean hands and pure hearts. At the end of the day, we can never rely on them to save us and convert the young.

    • Anonymous says:

      But that would take actual work.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that it is up to the MLA's to pass laws, however there are already a substantial number of laws on the books, some with significant penalties. The penalty for murder and attempted murder is life in prison. The fact is the penalties are not a deterence to these criminals, especially since the chances of the being caught is slim, the chances of being charged is slim, and the chances of conviction is slim.

      The problem, besides the cultural one, is that the consequencies are high, but the likelyhood of consequencies is low. this is not the fault of the MLA's but rather the RCIP and the community members that won't talk to the RCIP when they have information.


    • The Facts says:

      15:02 You are absolutely correct.  Mr Premier please stop talking rubbish and do what has to be done.

    • Hear Hear!!! says:

      And … ONLY the politicians can FIRE the woeful administration at the Deptartment of Education that knowingly caused this mess for the past decade.

      Our Education Administration sits back and collects big fat paychecks with no improvements.

      Only the politicians can shape up the Social Services and identify these familes at risk.

      Time to STOP passing the buck and take responsibility!!!

      • Savannah Resident says:

        While your comments hold some merit it reinforces one of the biggest fundamental problems in our society.  We are so quick to blame teachers and other social workers for the inept, rude, disrespectful attitude and behavior of our children.  People, learning begins at home.  Child rearing is not the responsibility of teachers or caregivers.  Take responsibility for your actions as parents. 

        Someone will counter my argument with the adage that the cost of living is extremely high so parents are forced to work two or more jobs.  While this may be true, steps can be taken to ensure one knows the whereabouts and companions of their children.  Lets make a real change for the better for the sake of our community and country.  Change begins at home!!!!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    more nonsense from mac….. he's is playing pass the buck while he's own constituency is out of control…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. Anonymous says:

    A well written speech.

    It's good that Mac has FINALLY spoken out about crime. Simply saying that he is not ultimately responsible is not good enough. This is another method of allocating blame.

    Although the Mac may not have ultimate responsibility for the decisions or appointments within the RCIPS, as Premier, he is still responsible to keeping the issue high on the agenda ensuring that the Governor and Commisioner make the issue a top priority.

    • peter milburn says:

      I agree with this person.Its the Premiers "job"to keep the crime situation highest on the agenda even if he is not ultimately responsible for the Police.You are the leader of this country so that makes you the responsible party that must answer to the people of the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree Mr. Milburn.  Was it not McKeeva Bush who stood up on the Appointed Day and very pointedly told our new Governor that he, McKeeva Bush, was the "defender of the Cayman Islands"?


  51. Anonymous says:

    Sure Mac isn't responsible for the police……But whose responsibilities are the laws that tie the hands of the police force?  Perhaps they need to be more enabled to harass the known and supected gang members.  How easy is it for them to get warrants?  To do stop and searches?  How long can they hold a person for questioning.  I do not know the ins and outs but I will bet that the police have limitations on what they are able to do because of laws in place.  I am sure that Government is able to do something to help pave the way for a police crack down.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police harass who they feel like harassing! 

    • NOT A DOLLAR says:


    • Time for action says:

      Big Mac, you CAN write anti-gang legislation like Trinidad 2010.  This is in YOUR backyard so  fix it before all the tourists are gone and the big business moves out!

      You wanted to be elected and fly around in provate jets so this is YOUR problem for YOUR people.  

  52. Anonymous says:

    This island blows my mind- you fart and everyone hears about it, yet someone kills someone else and no one knows anything… Oh well, guess this is what they all want then.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or if your a man sleeping with someone's husband or wife, everybody knows about it and it spreads like a damn virus. Yet info on topics that will get you shot every1 is mum and RIGHTFULLY so cuz you can't rely on the popo's for protection.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The farter is not likely to kill you.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a relative in Canada and they heard about all this violence in a  news report

      there. This whole increase in crime and murders is going to have far reaching

      implications on the islands future economy. 

      People need to quit looking the other way and convincing  themselves they ''know nothing''

      If relatives and friends don't give up these thugs then what is going to happen to the

      young ones just now growing up.  When the economy is in the tank and they have no

      chance of jobs to support themselves they will conclude they have no choice but  to enter

      into the gang life just like their older brothers….another generation lost!!