Cops pull in gangsters

| 20/09/2011

(CNS): Police currently have six people in custody in relation to the recent spate of gang violence after rounding up four suspects this morning under gang legislation in addition to another two men being held who were arrested over the weekend. Chief Superintendent John Jones said that the law relating to gangs is limited but the RCIPS is using it to get people they suspect may be involved in the shootings in custody. However, in order to keep them behind bars they need evidence that they are involved in one of the four murders committed in the last week. Last night saw two more young men shot, one who died at the scene and a second who was shot at least four times and remains in a critical condition. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

In the fourth shooting in six days, Keith Montague (22), who has been airlifted to the US for emergency surgery, managed to stagger from the scene of the killing in Cranbrook Drive to a police patrol car in a nearby street, where he was rushed to hospital at around 9:30, minutes after the shooting. His friend, Jason Christian who was only 18 years old, was not so lucky. The teen, who police say is known to them, died minutes after emergency personnel arrived, at the wheel of the white van that he was driving when the gunman opened fire.

Police said that the two men may have been lured to the area to meet someone and when they arrived the person they were expecting to see was not there and the two men were likely ambushed. At least one gunman reportedly emerged from the bushes and opened fire. The teenage driver received at least one head wound and police say that they found more than 10 casings at the scene where both men had been shot. The officers noted that, as in the previous cases, there was no doubt of that the gunmen intended to kill these men given the shots to the head and the multiple shots fired at the victims.

When police arrived at the scene they also found a loaded revolver, which they said had not been fired but could not confirm which of the men had possession of the firearm.

Speaking at a media conference regarding the latest murder, CS Jones and DS Marlon Bodden said that although they could not say with certainty that the latest murder was related to the three killings in West Bay last week, there were clear connections with the men who were shot last night and the other victims and the timing was also an indicator, and the officers said that there was a strong possibility they were related.

However, they also revealed that the white Honda van being driven by the latest victim had also come up in the police investigation into the recent robbery on Friday afternoon at the Tortuga liquor store in Pasadora Place.

The challenge that the senior officers say they now have is securing evidence to keep the current suspects in jail and to round up other known gang members that may be involved in this current spate of violent crime and prevent further shootings.  Jones explained however, that the law in relation to being a gang member was limited in its scope and they would not be able to necessarily net all the potential suspects under the legislation. Despite that, the RCIPS has launched an initiative to arrest as many suspects as they can under the legislation in order to find evidence that may link the suspects to one of the shootings.

Once again, DS Bodden railed about people sending information to the police after the fact. In this latest instance a picture of the teen victim posing with a firearm had been posted on a social networking page. Bodden said that had someone told the police that the teen had a gun and where to find it, the young man would very likely have been arrested and his life saved instead he has become the latest victim.

Bodden pointed out that the police can do very little about these types of posts as the onus is on the police to prove that a weapon pictured in any photograph on a social networking site is a firearm and not a toy. In order to do that, the police need to find the actual guns and they can only do that with intelligence from friends and family or others who may know where the guns are hidden.

The officers implored the friends and family of the young men involved in this gang related killing to tell the police where the guns are to help them put a stop to it. Unlike the people who are committing what they described as brutal assassinations, the police can only act within the law, the officers emphasised. They explained that in order to arrest people they need genuine suspicion and can only then charge the perpetrators with hard evidence.

“To have four murders in such a short period is unprecedented in this jurisdiction,” Jones said, as he pleaded with the community to help. He said they had not in the last week been met with a wall of silence, but police needed as much information as possible to find who has the guns, who is using them and who is talking about attacking whom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I blame the parents of these kids. If they had raised them properly this never would have happened!!! 

  2. Oopsies says:

    Well now it does appear that you may have missed a few……

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good job now go after the parents, girlfriends, family members and friends, put them in jail until they tell what they know too.

  4. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Re: “DS Bodden railed about people sending information to the police after the fact.”

    I thought that DS Bodden said they were “intelligence led”? If that was the case, how come the RCIPS didn’t know about the Facebook photo?  Didn’t the CoP claim to know the identities of the robbers and gang members in the Cayman Islands?

    Please, cut the BEEP!.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you Dennie.  How hard is it for them to check social media?

  5. Anon says:

    Why headline these PESTS as Gansters CNS?  You are only playing up to the sterio type that they want people to call them.  Name them what they are; Criminals. Do you know how it sounds that Cayman has Gansters when they really dont…. Think people… 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ok – the runaway girl's picture is posted by police, but still no pic or name of the man wanted on the weapons charge from Prospect??

  7. Nomad says:

    With over 400 police officers and more coming for 55,000 people The highest per capita probably in the world. Come on now Governor Taylor and Government how much more situations need to happen in Cayman for you to act. A  serious change of managment is desperately need at the RCIPS stop making excuses and wasting public funds.  Cayman is the only place in the world where officials are reward for failure even third world countries have means to deal with the level of incompetence that we see on display here.

    • Anonymous says:



      yes  you are right.

      Everytime there is a increase in voilence. The commissioner says he needs " more to workwith "

      Ovr the last year or so we have now got a Helicopter.  A few years beforethat   they asked for more  Police and they got it.

      Look over the last  5years and look and see if  it was not a cry  for more Police ( and they got it) , More tools and they got it ( Helicopter and Boats)

      And now  with about 55,000 people we havegot 300 plus  Police. Compare this per capita in any anoother part of the world.


      Tell  me  WHY NOT  ENFORCE CURFEWS  ? At least for anyone  under   35 years of  age?

       Why do we not lay off those  Police who  " dont want to risk their lives"   with  Detectives  

      and Cops that will go and " kick butt in a real way in west  bay"

      Are no drastic  measures takeing  because many  living and working in this  island  really want to see and hear the Reputation of Cayman destroyed ?

      TV  INFLUENCE— I understand in Jamiaca , a lot of the voilent  TV shows such as what so many of our Carribbean Boys see on BET  is now Blocked in that country.

      Why have our Commissioner have also not  spoken or suggested that?

      Why do our TV stationNOT understand the kind of CULTURE they are creating in each of our homes?  Don't say please that parents should take responsibility . That is aJOKE  .Because many  of  the parents are  in prison or thugs themselves. So how can they

      guide their children in what to watch on TV?

      I guess if it is not those paid people who are policing thise issues then the GOOD PArents of this islland will have to accept theRidicule  and victimisation and put themselveson the  forefront  and  fight with the TV Station

      Please dont tellme they  can see thesame  voilence on Internet. Many  of  of our people dont   have or can afford a Computer  and the Internet at home.

      Do a survey yourself . But no matter how poor you are you can aafford Cable in your house

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't understand most of what you are saying.

        I can't afford cable & internet so I choose internet because 1. my children can research information for their school work 2. I can check my work e-mails 3. I can research information myself.  All those things taht I can't get on Cable.  Plus we can watch shows on the interent too. 

  8. ? says:

    Yes check in with these "girlsfriends"…also check into all friends that hung together and went to John Gray yr 2010…..and detectives they are getting new phones and numbers and pins…..look into it…what are they hiding…..tI'm sure hese girls are putting out threats just as much as the others……

    • Anonymous says:

      check with the teachers. We know what is going on with our students and former students. Kids talk to us and talk in our rooms/hallways.

      • Anonymous says:

        well please call crimestoppers and let them know =do the right thing

      • Anonymous says:

        If you are a teacher then you are not too smart and a little slow in coming forward, don't you think?

  9. Anonymous says:

    While I don't think its right that any life should be lost in such senseless & ruthless manner.

    I am a bit p***** off that there is speculation the white van the 18 yr old & 22 year old was shot in may have been part of the Tortuga robbery & there was also a loaded revolver found in the van and the public is running scared of these punks.

    Remember if you play with fire you may get burnt, if these "thugs" dabble in "gangster" type activity they may just lose their life. 

    I for one won't be contributing to their fundraisers, memorials or medical bills!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for my computer ignorance but is there a way for Police to view the Facebook/Twitter pages of known gang members without being added as a friend?  Also, I hope they are seizing all cell phones/blackberries of suspected gang members and going through them thoroughly.  Also, can they take the phones from the girlfriends and other family members? 

  11. Anonymous says:

    Detaining the gang members is not going to solve the problem, it is only delaying the retaliation by a few days. Mr. Gains you need to start thinking like a gang or just admit u need help!! This is affecting the cayman islands as a financial centre a d tourism destination.

  12. brit says:

    I agree get the girlfriends, wives etc. They DO know alot but are obviously so brain washed they haven't got a clue. No guts to come forward. Always baffled me how these thugs had cars, cigarettes, beer but no job!!!!!! 

    • Anonymous says:


      1) Yes  take the Girl friends and Family memebers  cell phones who want talk . they tell the Police  they know nothing. How does a Girl friend , sister, aunt, mother thinks that he

      gets money . He comes home eacch day with beer, cigarettes, keeps gas in his car,  but yet he has no  jobs. Be real FAMILIES . Stop covering up and lying. It could  cost them their life. Get on a ANNYONMOUS  Crime stopper  Phone and report what you know if you are scared or   is that money he   bring in  each week is  too good to tell on 


      • Anonymous says:

        Judging from the chatter on FB from some of the girlfriends and baby mothers of these guys, it won't be long before they are arrested on violent charges themselves.  Not an ounce of class or decorum amongst them.

    • Evidence says:

      That is why we need to nail them on the proceeds of crime law.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope he lives to tell who shot him..

    • Anonymous says:

      A few things I would like to point out.  The last two individuals, a firearm was found in their van (not fired).  I would suspect it is an illegal firearm.  Why hasn't anyone asked "how are all the guns getting into the Island", do you no think maybe someone isn't doing their job as usual, or they need someone to do this job.  Regardless firearms are illegal so you can't purchase them from your neighborhood supermarket, so hence they are getting them from somewhere??????

  14. Anonymous says:

    What about using the DOGS!!  What happened to all those dogs that they brought in and trained, are they not being used?? Get them in the areas where suspected drugs/gangs are and they might help the Officers get some results!  QUICK TIME!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dogs are a great suggestion. I would couple this initiative with the following…

      With a strength of 14 officers and 10 horses based at 5 operational stables spread across West Bay/George Town their job sees them carrying out a variety of roles including, high visibility patrols, public orderduties as well as specific crime initiatives and some specialist events.

      "Mounted police may be employed for specialized duties ranging from patrol of parks and wilderness areas, where police cars would be impractical or noisy, to riot duty, where the horse serves to intimidate those whom it is desired to disperse through its larger size, or may be sent in to snatch trouble makers or offenders from the crowd. For example, in the UK, mounted police are most often seen at football matches, although they are also a common sight on the streets of many towns and cities as a visible police presence and crime deterrent during the day and night. Some mounted police units are trained in search and rescue due to the horse's ability to travel where vehicles cannot."

      The manure can be used in North Wood for convicted criminals to develop farming skills to give something useful back to the community they robbed.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Errrm, I don't think they could just hop on the horses and ponies at the local stables.  Police horses go through special training just as police dogs do and police are supposed to do.  If you want a mounted unit, you would have to import horses trained and accustomed to dealing with these situations – and horses cost a heck of a lot of money to train and keep + vets and shoing fees, not to mention they would have to acclimatise to our hot climate before being used.  Add to that all our new Cayman 'Mountees' would all have to be trained for their new job, this would in turn create an additional huge drain on the public purse and police resources.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry I don't think their K9 unit is what they were suppose to be.  A few of the dogs were to be used for tracking, non have or if they have I don't think they found anyone.  They insisted on bringing in BAN DOGS which I think was wrong, but they did, so at least they should have been 100% working BAN DOGS!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        What are Ban dogs?

        • Anonymous says:

          The person is speaking of the Malinois dogs brought in by the Police.  The same breed is banned in the Cayman Islands.

  15. SMB says:

    Time to use the search option provided under the drugs law. All you need is reasonable suspicion and you can whack down the doors of the thug wannabes, and if the mothers and girlfriends are not helping the Police and providing information, kick in their doors too, because if they are not assisting the RCIPS, it is probably a safe assumption they are stashing and hiding the drugs for their useless thug member. Using the existing laws you have to make these people's lives a complete misery.

    Tear their houses apart looking for drugs, strip search them and if you are really thorough you might find a gun too. Everytime the door gets fixed, swing by with the canine unit, one small peep or bark out of the dog, and smash the door down again and again.

    These people who are selling drugs, committing robberies and generally terrorising the communities need to be afraid. They need to be forced to the realisation that their lifestyle is not working out for them, that they may need to try something different, that they need to make a change. Right now these people don't fear the Police and they don't mind going to Northward. They are used to doing the intimidating.

    It is time to hear some complaints from the public that the Police are being too rough and aggressive. Right now they are coming across too soft and meek. RCIPS we are not asking you the break the law, we want you to use the existing laws in a creative and very robust, determined and targetted manner. Stun these people with your heavy handed and tough interpretation of the law that allows you to search their homes, vehicles and other property.

  16. Anonymous says:

    the police need to question the "girlfriends" of those who have died and any and all other girls that are involved/ passed between these gangs, surely they know what is going on, in just a few minutes you can find names and relationships, past and present on facebook on whos who, not to mention the threats they are posting to the boys who dare to associate with them

  17. Anonymous says:

    People seem not to recognise that the reason the Rambo-type anti-gang units in the US work (apart from the fact that they are armed) is that they are backed by legislation that works.

    The anti-gang legislation we have is completely useless which is why there has never been a prosecution let alone a conviction. Our law was written to make it look like something was being done when those in power knew that nothing was actually going to change. The way our law is written it is too hard to prove that a gang exists let alone that a thug belongs to one.

    We need to change the law to focus more broadly oncriminal organisiations which should be defined as 2 or more persons engaged in a joint criminal enterprise. Once that is done anyone cooperating with the members of a criminal organisation is presumed to be part of that criminal organisation unless proven otherwise.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Put them all in the same cell and lock the door for a couple of hours. Problem solved.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hope the police have talked to the young girl who was also in the gun picture

    • taekia christian says:

      just for your information that picture was taken 2 years ago in miami. My son was not apart of any gangs. He talk to everyone he did not care if people he associate with had problems with someone else as far as he was concern it didn't involve him.He didn't have problem with no one.He was trying to change his life around, he is not perfect but he had a lot of good qalities about him. I am proud to say he did not use any type of drugs he had no interest in it. he was giving his friend a ride ,he was not doing no harm to no one.


      • Anonymous says:

        I am sorry for your loss.  I am also sorry about the thumbs down and LOL responses to your post.  But could you tell us why your son was posing with a firearm, and why he felt it an appropriate photo to post on Facebook?  It might help other parents who might find themselves in your situation to have a little insight into this gun culture that has sprung up amongst our young people.

      • Anonymous says:

        M'am, I am sorry for your loss. However, I do not understand your post.

        That he was in Miami and not Cayman does not make it better.

        If it was 2 years ago, he would have been 16 years old…why does he have a fiream?

        He should not have had it in the first place, m'am.

        I also note you say he was "trying to change his life around" which sounds like he might have been having trouble in some areas, like we all do, at times.

        But give your children wrong when they are wrong, too. Especially if you want to protect your other children from the same fate. If as you say, he was "just giving a ride" then make sure your other children understand the dangers of keeping the wrong company.

        Condolences for your loss.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We need to have better border control to stop these guns coming in.  How are they getting in?  Do we even have radar?  For such a small Island there seems to be no shortage of guns

    • Anonymous says:

      No radar and no regular patrols or interdiction efforts.  Quite the opposite, we have fishing tournies every other month that provide perfect cover for blue water liasons.  These boats are not checking in and out with Immigration at Port Authority.  Some of these "honest fishermen" are highly dubious to begin with.  It would not be hard to imagine some are refueling narco subs, getting guns in, and getting paid more than a fisherman's wage to do so.  

  21. Anonymous says:

    The RCIP are flip flopping. If someone that they can ID on a social network has a picture of a firearm in their hand, then you go to Immigration and see if that person has lef the jurisdication. If not then you open an invesitgation onto this person. If they have you still open one if they are back on Island. Point being if they did not go away then where could have the phot beentaken? If you are any kind of Police Officer with these gang members they will trip and give you cause for your S W.. Do not hide nor use the law as an excuse for not brining or trying to bring these criminal to justice. What you are doing is letting them pervert the law, and hide behind it to commit violent acts. 99% of these guys are using and dealing drugs – you do  not need any Judge to put a signature on a paper in order to arrest, search, and charge if you have cause and evidence. This is more lip service. Between having over half of a Service  that is unarrmed and un able to respond to what people really need the Police for and the lack of critical thinking skills, it is no wonder how about 50 mostly kids with a low level education are runnning miles around the Police and cannot be brought to Justice. There almost a zero percentage of the Police ever apprenhending these people during the crime, no matter how long they are there at the scene pointing guns around and such a low conviction rate that is almost laughable if it was not such a desperate matter.

  22. Anonymous says:

    If the police were competent then a picture of thug on Facebook holding a gun ought to produce a search warrant and a search of that thugs house, vehicle and anywhere else he hangs out.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why isn't a photograph of a person with a gun not enough to get a search warrant?  At the least Boris and several armed officers should be tearing their house apart.  Even if it is a toy – it is clearly real enough looking to carry out a armed robbery and traumatise the victims….by selecting a very realistic "toy", with intent to threaten and intimidate or gain unlawfully….isn't there a crime in that?  If not there should be.

    • Evidence says:

      Hopefully the Financial Crimes Unit have been doing their job during the past two years and building a case on these thugs.  Simple: 1.)  How much money was on teir persons when arrested???  2.) If the thug cannot prove their employment then they need to provide "source of funds".  I'm going to bet a class A bank was not involved.

      If the FBI got Al Capone for mail fraud, wht can't our FCU get these thugs to serve time under the "Proceeds of Crime" law.  (property and bling count as proceeds)

      Now go after the kingpins too.  Their money-lauindering fronts and bank accounts.  Go for the top and stem the flow of cash.

      • Anonymous says:

        cause then you would jail all the baby muddas who get the proceeds from maintenance court….

      • Anonymous says:

        Not for nothing, but Big Al wasn’t done for “mail fraud”. He was done for tax evasion. And not after a LOT of blood was shed on both sides of the badge.

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Anonymous 08:38, Please pay attention and read before posting!

      As stated above in article;

      " Once again, DS Bodden railed about people sending information to the police after the fact. In this latest instance a picture of the teen victim posing with a firearm had been posted on a social networking page. Bodden said that had someone told the police that the teen had a gun and where to find it, the young man would very likely have been arrested and his life saved instead he has become the latest victim. "

      This sounds like it means that if the popo had been notified they would have done what they could to search and find out if it was a toy or real.

      Just not sure if it wold have given them legal rights to a search warrent.

      Curious  now. Anyone?

      • Anonymous 8:38 says:

        I read that but note that they said they need to be told about it AND where the gun is hidden.  My point is that while many knew about the picture, very few could say exactly where that gun was……I am suggesting that they don't wait for complete answer, but take the initiative to go looking … and ye shall find (with a bit of luck and Boris's keen sense of smell)

  24. Anonymous says:

    So Mac…..instead of saying that it is all the police responsibility, how about your talk to them about the lack of gang related laws that would help them do their job and work on getting those passed ASAP?


    Enough sitting on your hands looking innocent – you have a job to do and we need you to get onwith it, right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      In 2005 they did pass laws on gangs/gun violence in response to increase in alleged crimes from gangs and attempted attack on AG……………a few Caymanian young men are serving the mandatory 10 year sentence


      so they had the laws on their side…..BUT if the police are too scared, too intimidated, want to keep their secure jobs and pass blame to COmmissioner, NOTHING will change!!!!!!!!!

      unenforceable/unenforced laws are bad laws, period.

      • Anonymous 8:38 says:

        I know….we could all just sit around pointing the finger at everyone else and acheive exactly nothing, while the bad guys solve the problem by eliminating themselves.


        Then we can pat ourselves on the backs for a job well done.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I got a funny feeling our robberies are going drop significantly after this last incident on crew road.

  26. Anonymous says:

    "Chief Superintendant John Jones said that the law relating to gangs is limited but the RCIPS is using it to get people they suspect may be involved in the shootings in custody. However, in order to keep them behind bars they need evidence that they are involved in one of the four murders committed in the last week".

    I wonder if Chief Supt. John Jones has actually read the relevant sections of the Penal Code. Simply being a member in a gang is a criminal offence. If the police have evidence that these persons are involved in a gang they may be charged accordingly and held on that basis.  

  27. Concerned Caymanian says:

    Shot four times and still alive?  The shooter is a very bad shot – perhaps he's blind or has eyesight issues?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shooting a fixed target at over 20 feet with a short barrelled handgun is not as easy as the movies and tv would lead you to believe, one that is moving, even less so.  For those proponents of private gun ownership, this is yet another reason why these weapons should not be in the hands of the general public.

    • Anonymous says:

      50 Cent has been shot 11 times, and he still can't sing

  28. Anonymous says:

    Whilst I understand what is being said here, the RCIP needs to step into the year 2011 and have some police officers who are very familiar with current social websites and can conduct some research accordingly – you cannot rely on the public to do that for the police.

    I would also assume that seeing someone posting with a gun is enough suspicion to bring them in for questioning, even if the gun turns out to be a toy gun. Dig, dig, dig and harrass the crap out of those people. Clearly, they have no fear if they are willing to disclose anything and everything via widely accessible media.

  29. Anonymous says:

    can we stop calling them gangsters it gives them a Hollywood prestage, we should be calling them child killers and murderers for that is what they really are.

  30. Freedom Man says:

    these people are animals…if you think guns are the problem you are wrong.  If you took away all the guns they would use axes or bats or knifes.  Blaming the public for not mentioning pictures of A@@h&%$@ with guns on social networks is wrong.  You know who these thugs are do your jobs and round them all up, put them away and keep them away from those of us who benifit society.  If you don't want to do taht than get out of our way and let us protect ourselvs and our communities!

  31. AT Last Common sence says:

    Please find something to charge them with, give them a trial date in about 10 years,  and Judges please do not let them ago.  Make them appeal your decision. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please get these people off the streets.. and if/when they're out of jail, dont give them an internship at immigration where they can use that position to bring in more guns. There are better choices to let them earn an honest living.



  33. Anonymous says:

    The police need to employ a criminal phycologist to study these gangs and social media's no one should have to tell the police that! Let's be real they need to start shaking down the girlfriends, baby mother's and wives, they know a hell of alot!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Points of facts,
    To all those who think this will quell the violence then think again, it will only stop it for a while. When they get out due to insufficient evidence (no fault of the Police)these persons will redraft the killing spree.

    When ALL of the shootings took place, it took the “ARMED UNITS” a minimum of 10 mins to get on scene. Two things with this, a) there were other un armed police units right next door, but could not respond due to being unarmed and procedural policy b) by the time the Police Armed Units arrived it was absolutely useless because, of course, the perpetrators had already fled and been gone for the 10mins before the Police’s arrival.

    The reason for so much incidents not being DETECTED BEFORE they occur is simple, put yourself In a Police Car, or on foot, unarmed, and attempting to stop or attend to calls where the perpetrators may – or may not be armed!

    It is time for Cayman to get real about where we live and who we live next to ( Jamaica, Honduras, USA) and It is time to realize that the criminals are ARMED.

    It is time to realize that the British Style of Policing IS NOT working on this SMALL ISLAND.

    If these Islands CAN NOT change HOW THE POLICE OPERATE then it will never get better, only worse.

    Concerned Law Enforcement Family Member!

  35. Scared Girl says:

    Please Please pass an emergency legislation to keep them longer than 72hrs. We need to search their homes, question all their friends on face book and BBM, question Moms, Dads, pass school mates etc. We have to keep them in longer than 48-72 hrs. Please please pass an emergency law to permit this. I know it can be done! Please. Once released they'll come back with more anger on the street in revenge. Facebook has many clue. Please look.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Macworthless and the muppets…get the laws changed NOW….show us you can do something besides wag your lips uttering nunsence and blame…if YOU don't change the laws now to support the efforts of the Police who are risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe on these shores you will continue to be nothing but an ongoing saga of failures

  37. Anonymous says:

    Mr. David Baines,

    I'm going to give you a little unortodox advice.  Take a breathe and a break, push all the thoughts of everyone telling you what to do.  Think what would you do if you were not listening to McKeever, CNS forum, everyone.  Find your slingshot and let it go.

    If you still can't find it, check the social media sites and give the police guns.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Boddm is making pathetic excuses. If these people are "known to them" perhaps a lightbulb might go off that it would be interesting to go on their facebook pages. A picture with a gun may not be enough for a conviction but it might suffice for a search warrant. Last I heard "imitation" guns were also illegal.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The cops know who these gang members are I am sure….

    IMHO  they should have pulled in all these guys after the FIRST MURDER.!!!

    One life lost should have been enough for them to pull out all the stops and drag in

    these thugs last week.. Now sadly it has escalated and four young people are gone.

    They must have known that after the first murder there would be more ..tit for tat…killings

    Can't fugure out why they waited this long…….

  40. Anonymous says:

    in 6 = convictions 0

  41. AT Last Common sence says:

    At last the police is doing something.  Lock up all of them.  Charge the too, then make the judge send them up to prison untill they are old men.  If the family who encourage them want, let them get lawyers and apeal their cases.  We have had enough of judges letting ago criminals.  Send them away,  let them spend money and appeal if they want to get out.

  42. Kent McT says:

    Well we continue to hear that the elected members are not the ones to look at to fix the problem, yet we read here that the police basically have their hands tied as the legislation that will allow them to actually put an end to this simply does not exist.  So I ask what is so freaking hard about the police suggesting what they need in legislation, our public prosecutors stating their needs and concerns to our elected representatives? Then the govenor can put the weight of his position on both the elected members and the judicial to formulate laws that can be enforced from arrest through to conviction.  Then arrest, convict and throw away the damn key!  Put the fear of God into any that want to follow the thugs that will never see the free side of prison walls again!


    Just my $0.02



    Kent McTaggart

    • Anonymous says:


      That has been done. Don't just rant here for no reason.

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        Don't rant for not reason, Umm are you living in a different world than I am?  If it was done before, then why are the elected members saying what they are, and the police saying what they are.  Obviously if the discussion was had, the actions were not taken.  So the discussion needs to be had again, and followed through again.

        And if you want to disagree with me, have the guts to post your name, or in my book you have no leg to stand on.



      • Anon says:

        If that has been done why didn't we hear about it? After the high level meeting all we heard is that the police were getting $4m more. 

  43. For love of Cayman says:

    Fellow Caymanians I appeal to everyone who is in someway connected to these criminals to come forward and give the police the information they need to solve these crimes. This is the time for us to step up to the plate or face the consequence of a very bleak future. The next generation is depending on you to do the right thing.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Jones – gang legislation not good enough is it? Is that like the window tint legislation not being good enough, or the pensions legislation not being good enough, or the health insurance legislation not being good enough, or the anti-corruption legislation not being good enough… Or is it really defective? If really defective, then why? Who wrote and passed it? how long have the police been lobbying to get it updated so you can use it?

    … It is all sounding about as hollow as the gap between some of these gangster’s ears. I believe you are trying, but really, it hasn’t been working. I do not blame the police for this, but please confirm who is responsible for the total breakdown in law and order and standards since the cabinet status grants, sorry, I mean hurricane Ivan, sorry I mean 2004.

    • Wake-up Cayman says:

      Dear 19.29,

      Simple. Caymanians. Expats (where you allow them to). Everyone. We all to some extent have the power and the responsibility to make a difference.

      As for social issues, I believe that many of the failings arise out local people's incredible belief in their entitlement and utter lack of responsibility and accountability. Look at how many postings on here are from people blaming themselves – people offering to actually do something, apologising for their arrogant, aloof, inaction. None. It makes me want to puke.

      On the legal side, it is terrible that so few crimes are solved and that those that are sometimes end in acquitals. Sometimes though that must be the correct outcome. In order to better this situation, why not have an independent review (perhaps jointly by the chief attorney – Bulgin, a leading firm of defence attorneys, Baines, a senior local judge and an overseas judge, or barraster (to provide a framework to prepare the report and oversee the final report to ensure it is sound and complete). Review all of Cayman's criminal laws, police detection rates, and the court's conviction rates, with comments as to whether the decisions were likely to have been correct, or likely to have been unsound and if unsound, state for what reason. Then address those reasons rationally.  The report need not identify individual cases – it can still be confidential and unbiased. Let the report make recommendations to improve the situation. Make sure legislattion is passed to make things right and all paries involved understand their part.

      How about potential jurors being given mandatory education about how to act as a juror, perhaps as a high school class – with a test so you can't graduate without that. A law class. How about mandatory law classes for students aged 14-18? Get some public eduction (TV, newspaper and on the excellent talk radio show you have here) where a barraster, policeman and judge all discuss case study court cases – those that were successful and those that were not. Then people can base their views on facts, not just spout off and make ridiculous, ininformed, retarded statments that are so commonly heard.

      On the social side, here are some other suggestions: –

      1) Start social welfare programes. There are so many forms these could take. Sports clubs at school and afterwards, sports events and matches, with a BBQ afterwards with all being required to attend. You have some world class swimmers and runners that I know of and should have more. Spend some money so given given to churches (which to my mind do very little except expend hot air in prayer and tax their minds hoping for a "miracle" as I have heard on the radio) on a new Olympic size swimming pool. I cannot believe you don't already have one. It could have been built several times over with the "Nation Building Fund". Every Caymanian should be able to swim and swim very well given the quality of the sea all around the islands.

      2) Muscial programes for various bands (classical, soca/merengue/calypso, wind instruments, jazz bands, or rock banks – even country music if you absolutely must). These who could perform at concerts, including Jazz-fest, or in the case of country music red-neck events. The banks could go on mini-tours abroad, say to the US, preferably in an exchange programme with an American School. Caymanians go to Cailfornia and Californians come to Cayman – at different times, so joint concerts could be held.

      3) Beach camping events, with an associated beach clean up. Camping inland, say at Northside, or Brac where there are caves to explore.

      4) Lunchtime, or after school programmes in website design, or car repair, or onto the working of some business or other, where the young people can be shown what lies in store for them, if they follow good advice and a sensible career path.

      5) A business club, or young entrepreneurs club. This also would help the economy and brush away a sense of entitlement, because running a business is not easy.

      6) Language classes, with exchange programes for foreign students – Caymanians go and stay for a week with a family in Panama/Cuba, or Argentina, and the Panamanian/Cuban/Argentinian students could come here and stay with a Caymanian family for a week.

      7) Enviromental and/or ecological group. Get your youngsters excited about the variety of wildlife you have here, on land and in the sea, including on Brac and on Little Cayman.

      8) Most importantly, do things with your children. Make them know from an early age that you love them, care about them and that they are important and that their lives are valuable. It's not easy. You need to spend time with them. You need to find out what they care about, what they like and put yourself out to both fit in with them and inspire them and introduce them to the infinitely limitless exciting possibilities in the world. Go to all of the above things with them. Support them.

      Good luck everyone. I hope someone reads this and takes some action. You may have guessed but I am not Caymanian. I have been involved with all of these types of bands, groups, classes, exchange programmes, etc and all have changed my life for the better. You don't get caught up with drugs, gangs and guns if your excited about the future and making something of yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you. I wish you were Caymanian. You obviously care much more than many status recipients.

  45. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    Oh….. how reassuring that is!! A twelve day break behind bars; then you are given police bail to hit the streets and start all over again.


  46. Cat says:

    I got a songto sing to the Police and it goes like this…..





    And the church says YEAHHHHH!:)

    Go on wit ya bad self and get those punks!!! I mean those unsanctified children of the Lord!

    Alright people!! Listen up!!

    The Police have finally got the their wagon rolling, now HURRY UP and jump on board and help them!!






  47. Anonymous says:

    They all will be released or found not quilty.

    • Anonymous says:


      You are right about that… I catch a guy in my car ripping it apart; he jumped out the car and ran down the street. I went to the police station and report it, right away they knew who it was, so they put me in the car to go look for him… fifteen minutes after leaving the police station in a patrol car, they pick up the guy, put me in the front and him in the back. After taking him to the station and locked him up, the officer told me the next time I catch someone in my car; break their two hands then call us because we can only keep them for a day and they are back on the street.

      My friend, the system is messed up.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why only a day? He commited a crime?  I'm not following….How bad is this????


        He damaged your property.  He trespassed on your property.  You saw him do it.  You identified him.  Why doesn't he get a conviction?


  48. Anonymous says:

    The parents are the most at fault for lacking human responsibility for their many children. The wild animal type of breeding that goes on here is out of control. The products of all of these discovery channel type of encounters are the ones involved with these gangs and killings. The police are not at fault in that regard . They the police and more specfically Baines and his Predessors have failed the law abiding people of this country at providing a Policing system that can provide resonable protection from these predators. Now that there have been many killings are the Police arresting and putting pressure on them. Never mind that is is resonable to think with given reports that these are one in the same in many of the armed robberies that Baines paid the country lip service for over two years. Let us see if at least 50 percent of these gangsters do any real prison time. When they are resleased the public will again be chastised for not making the case for the RCIP. Same words just different music. The RCIP is costing this country more then just it’s inflated budget, as are these people who are throwing children like wild animals.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Please stop the violence. It does no good. I beg all of you to put down your guns, stop  the fighting and the threats. Yes, you may be angry. You may be wounded. There are other solutions. I call on the men (and women, if they are involved) to lay down your arms,respect everyone, and get off the streets. The violence does nothing but hurt the honor of those that have already passed on. Let us not smear Cayman Islands with more blood and heart ache, more violence.

    The family members who must spend the next days burying their sons want this to end.
    The children that are left behind want this to end. The brothers left behind want this to end. There need not be another funeral on this island.

    Our streets should not have blood running down them. A mother's scream over her dying son should not interupt the cool breeze on these islands. Life is precious. Put down your guns.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Ideas to keep them in custody – test them for drugs – bet they all test positive for consumption of something illegal.

    search their houses – you will probably at least find some weed that you can charge and hold them for.

    put them in a cell with an opposing gang member and wait for the fight – hold for wounding, assault etc.