Gang war spreads to GT

| 20/09/2011

(CNS): Another two men were shot and one of them killed on Grand Cayman Monday evening, this time in the Crewe Road area of George Town. In the fourth gang related shooting in six days, two men were reportedly gunned down in Cranbrook Drive. Police said that the first victim, a 22 year old man, was found still alive by a mobile patrol unit  and rushed to hospital, where he had emergency surgery, while a second teenager was found dead at the scene when police arrived. The men, who have not yet been officially named, were believed to have been in a white van when they were shot. Police said that one firearm was recovered from the scene. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Only hours after the police commissioner spoke about keeping the gangs apart and how he believed some had moved to other areas of the island, the violence has moved from West Bay to the country’s capital.

Before the sudden resurgence of tit-for tat gang murders last Tuesday, that has now escalated to unprecedented levels, there had been no killings in the Cayman Islands in 2011. However, the police are now facing the fourth murder in less than one week as the gangs appear to be engaged in a full scale war.

Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incident or if anyone was in the area around the time to contact the George Town CID Department. 

Anyone with information about gun crime in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or Confidential Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The headline is questionable as the GANGS were in George Town long ago!! How quickly you forget the list of young men that were killed near the Racquet Club?  About the number of young men that were shot during the reign of one FAMOUS now Prison Inmate?  Have we forgotten?? These Gangs are all over the island and should have been  searched out and dismantled when they first begun! It takes all of these killings and robberies for any action to be put in place. Make use of the DOGS that were bought!! When people call and report about suspicious behaviour Officers need to take them seriously and act quickly, now all of a sudden they are doing what they should have been doing long ago!!

  2. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Thanks to the UDP. WB is out of control now GT. What a country.

  3. trends says:

    Well the armed robberies did not happen since War was declared by our third and fourth political parties and the Governor has made it offical.  It is just a matter of time before they get a cunning little fox as their leader and take on the state or run for government. I can imagine the slogan..Vote LWD (logwood dons) or BTH (Birch Street Hill Badman) and the rethoric will be reduced from lies to colours and gang fingers (kinda like one of our neighours) fist or two fingers anyone…Oh..I know we have plenty of takers out there…P-L-E-N-T-Y

    These Gangs here are in an arms race…I wonder what it is all about…It seems to me these local gangster are having a turf war over the businesses they are entitled to rob or protect.

    Also, the public is worried and this is reflected in the blogs..I don't see anyone really trying to do a Phd. style thesis on crime in this forum like is so common on CNS.

    Now I lay me down to sleep…..please lord don't let me wake to find a gun pointed at my cheek.

    Goodnight Verdent Island set in blue caribbean sea.

    CNS: See the Criminality Report By Yolande C. Forde

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really believe that the thugs don't already influence politics and legislation? Ask yourself why the politicians have been so silent and why they are so timid in introducing any laws that might inconvenience the thugs. Ask yourself why our anti-gang legislation was written to be completely ineffective.

  4. Hibernator... says:

    Just checking…

    Parents of these thugs – would you rather attend their funeral, cry, weap and beg for their mercy, or be able to visit them twice a week in Northward until they get out after being incarcerated for their crimes????

    If it is the former, sit back, do nothing, and remember the good times…

    If it is the latter, turn them in, realise this is the tough parenting love you should have been giving all along, but know, at the end of the day, your kid will still be alive and maybe, God willing, reformed…

    It is parenting a little late, but it is better than knowing your only visits will be to a slab of granite.

    If you cannot see this, will not act, or refuse to undertake your parental resonsibility, even this late in the game – PLEASE do NOT come crying to me when you just ID'd your kid at the morgue.

    THIS IS A SIREN CALL.  Parents – STEP THE F-up and correct your earlier mistakes – and uncles, aunts, cousins and the rest – you are all in this boat.


    ARE YOU?????

  5. Charm says:

    To 8:52.. some of your concerns are already being addressed. Superior Auto has a training programme that was started last year September.  The programme is an accredited programme and it is free. The first set of cohorts who recently completed the course are now all employed at various garages. I recently learned that the new batch starts next Monday. A  vocational training center is here offering free training. Young men, put down your TOOLS that are killing off each other and pick up the correct tools. Learn a trade and be counted in our country.


  6. nys_best2003 says:

    It's as If I've written what's happening.  I've been telling everyone on this page for a while, that this was going to happen.  Here's what's next people:  They're going to start kicking off our doors while we sleep at night.  This is exactly how it started back in New York…It's only a matter of time.  Everyone please be careful.  Things will only get worst because the economy sad to say is not improving worldwide.  Cayman is too small, and the violence will only get worst because these guys don't have to go far to see each other… After this many have been killed, the cycle will only continue going forward.    

  7. noname says:

    Look at the World around us!   Are they not having the same situations as we are finding ourselves in?  There is no one thing or person to blame for this situation, we have to work together to bring our Island back under control.

    I have spend 65 years in this Island and let me tell you the picitures I see:

    Remember when Caymanian children did not speak up in school, teachers were told to train students to voice their opinions.  Then it was decided to take religion out of the schools, no more prayers or reading of the Bible, students met and a few words were said and they were off to classes.  

    Parents decided sleeping late on Sunday morning was easier than getting up and getting the kids dressed for Church.  No more prayers at the dinner table, no more kneeling at the bedside at night to say prayers, no more reverence for God really.  Sundays spent at the beach was much more fun.  Children were tired on Mondays, so parents said they could stay home for the day.  At school when teachers asked why they were not in school on Tuesday, the teachers were given backchat.  This moved into cursing the teachers, then actually being violent to teachers. 

    New rules and regulations were made for teachers.  You could not stap a child, you could not put them to stand on one foot in the corner etc.  This was now belittling to the child's character.   Instead children were suspended from school for a day, week, month or thrown out of school all together.  No one checked on why children were not coming to school with the parents.  When the girls started getting pregnant it was found that they were not coming to school they were out with their boyfriends.  Babies having babies.  No one was teaching these babies how to take care of their children, how to love them, how to train them to be good parents and good citizens who took pride in their Island and its people.

    A new culture started to develop.  If you went to the Government you did not have to work to support your family you could get money from Government.  As more and more people looked to Government to support their families the expenses of Government grew and grew.  Meantime, I am not working, so I sit at home and watch " uncensored" TV.  I watch the murder being committed, the drugs being used, see the money which can be made from selling drugs, and now I have a way to have cash in my pocket.  I start to sell drugs, but hey, someone is selling drugs in my turf….can't let this happen…I'll do what the guys on TV do get rid of them….gun them down.

    Today we are experiencing the results of the gradual decline of our society.  We watched it happen, but that is OK they are not killing me and my family.  Hey …they are getting closer to me and my family now…..the Police, the Politicians the Governor… they are not doing one damn thing….. they have to stop this now.   

    Do you really expect the Police, the Politicians, the Governor to stop this crime wave.  We have to stop this ourselves.  If you know that your brother is dealing drugs, has guns, making treats, report this to the police.  Use the CRIME STOPPERS line.  Which do you prefer burying your brother, never seeing him again or having him alive but in Northward Prison.  At least you will be able to go to see him each week.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey folks, you've got an underclass of a few thousand people who are little changed by Cayman's economic boom. Keep in mind there has only been a real economy for about one generation and not everyone has participated. The underclass is wholly uneducated and unprepared to deal with modern life. Its economic culture is to fish when you are hungry and take a day labor job if you really need some money. Alternatively, a little petty theft has been good for some cash. They are not culturally equipped to hold down a regular job and there are many where no one in the family has ever had a "real job."  The parents may be at fault but they are what they are. Gansta' culture looks good to their kids because their family outlook is so backward and they can see a lot of wealth floating around. This is not just a few bad apples.  These families are not going to turn in their sons and you may as well stop hoping for that. Many witnesses are not going to turn anyone in because they are criminals themselves and are afraid they will get caught for their own misdeeds if they talk to the police. You need some undercover work to break up the gangs and you need some vocational schools to bring these people into the real economy. Then let them know that life does not owe them a living. It's going to take another 25 years to truly turn this around it but better start now. The other choice is going to be to lock up hundreds of people. Don't see that happening.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What amazes me the most is the finger pointing at the Church, the Politicians, the Police, the System, the Government BUT what about the PARENTS!!!!!!!!

    Where the hell are these boys' parents in all this? They are to shoulder most of the blame because the buck should stop with them. Let's not fool ourselves about after school programmes and vocational schools etc. if they had ambition they would find work! Everyone wants to wear a suit and tie to work but don't have to the requisit education to land such a job. A lot of these children are like the proverbial "chip" from the "old block"- that being their parents. Children often live what they learn and if the Parents don't have their heads screwed on then we can't expect anything better from the poor children.

    We need to empower our children, not spoon feed them. But first of all we must admit that there is a problem, then we need to identify the source of the problem before we can remedy it. It takes a community to raise a child, ideally, but if you reprimand a child these days you might lose your teeth or end up looking down the barrel of a gun!

    I have to get back to work and I have soooo much more to say but I think we need to stop blaming others and look at ourselves and take steps to be better Parents and train our children up in the right way. We need to spend that extra dollar to hire a tutor for our children after school rather than to take out a loan for a shiny new Truck or shopping trip to Miami to "keep up appearances"  and take more interest in them and not leave them up to chance! If we were more involved in the lives of our children we would know what activities they were involved in. The future of Cayman's youths should be of interest to each and every Caymanian, resident and expatriate worker and the little that we do, even as a mentoring neighbour, can go a far way!

    • B. says:

      Why is all the blame going on the parents?  Do you realise that these "thugs" as you call them have a freaking mind of their own?  There are a lot of them who are in christian schools and being good kids until they turn 18 thennnnnnnnnnnnnn all hell breaks loose.  As a mother recently said, how in the world do you chase an adult down and tell them what they can or cannot do.  You can suggest that they see the error of their ways and encourage them to do better.


      Pray for those parents who do not have not given a darn about their kids but let them run wild.  I have seen adults and I mean people who are over 30 getting into the drinking and running around which could lead to many other "fun" activities.  Would you like their parents to go out and un-corrupt them.


      Stop the parent bashing please

  10. UDP Supporter says:

    Only Jesus can save us from this Godless criminals (and ex-pats)!

  11. Anonymous says:

    To 8.44am When have you ever seen a…….

    Let me tell you – <b>grow a brain</b> – there are plenty of cops on this island that are here to make a difference.  They dont move their entire families here for the sun and the beaches – they move for a better quality of life and are, at this moment risking their lives for ungreatful imbeciles who insist on protecting the gang members!  How do you suppose they infiltrate a gang on an island as small as this? That has to be the most absurd thing i have ever heard! I am no master criminal but if some stranger not from here wanted to join a gang i think it would raise their suspicions just a little bit!!

    All the chatter reminds me of when my dad used to watch soccer – he would be shouting at the players as if he could do it better – he would shout at the referee as if he knew the rules better….. Let me ask – all of you who sit here, bashing the cops who are out there trying to sort this mess out, which ones of you think you could do better?  It is apparent from some of the comments that most of you seem to think you can solve this issue, but its all well and good saying it when you dont have to worry about your life being taken!  Rather than sit here and make stupid inane comments, help yourselves by helping the police and start shopping these idiots that are destroying our home, in to the police.

    All of the people wingeing that there is no other option – i am sorry, but there are always other options.  I'm sorry if waiting tables is below your child or if cleaning hotel rooms is beneath them – but i was bought up to take pride in my work – WHATEVER i do and that earning some money is better than none and so much better than earning it illegally! You can build all the schools you want, but you cant force a child or an adult for that matter to learn if they dont want to!!!!!

    I sympathise with the woman whose son is in a gang – but do the right thing – hand him over to the police – anonomously if you have to……. as another person said, you are better of visiting him in Northward than visiting his grave. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its a sorry state of affairs that the governor call an 'emergency' meeting on Friday for the following Monday.  I guess it was not much of an 'emergency' and while they are busy figuring out what to do more people are killed.  The cops, the governor and the politicians need to be overhauled all replaced.  They have forgotten what society is, perhaps because they are all too wrapped up in their own selfish needs.

  13. RasLiberty says:

    The JCF and JDF from Jamaica can easily quell this upsurge but the sad thing is that there would be public outrage from the local populus if one of these "innocent" "misunderstood"gangsters were ever to be "harrassed" or "man handled" by a foreigner. So lets watch as the bloodshed unfolds.So Sad.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I suggest they have a "dance off".  That takes REAL courage!!!

  15. REALGAZAMAN says:

    i want una say something bout west now !!

  16. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    A famously cynical comic used to joke about the Safety Instructions on airline flights and particularly the procedures to be followed in donning your “Personal Flotation Device” in the event of the plane crashing into the sea. He suggested that they might just as well tell you to “stick your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye”. Much more of what we have seen in the last week, and the residents of Cayman might as well have a collective ceremony to do just that. An earlier contributor made a sadly accurate point – this could rapidly become a “generational” problem, that could continue into the foreseeable future – when hatred and revenge become the driving forces, any regard for the law go right out of the window.

  17. Concern Expat says:


    After the death of Mr. Christian someone show me a photograph of this young man   holding a revolver in his hand with his arm around a young lady. I asked myself did his parents, brother, sister aware that this Youngman had a weapon.  I was really sadden to hear of his death, because that young lady could of safe his life by informing the relevant persons but they all fail to do so.  What are they saying know? How do they feel? There should be a law to punish them.

     Yes there are some people to be blame for what happen because people fail to do the right thing, but we need to unite and march the streets.  Churches need to  get involve,  organize days of public pray and fast, rally among our men and women who sacrifice sleepless nights, long hours to protect us, be a some source of encouragement to them as they go about their jobs.  Most of all our young people need Jesus and with God in their life things can really be different.  I can testify of that fact because of my experience and God has changed my life.  Parents you need to spend more time with your children, fathers  you need to be a good role model to  your sons, politician invest in the youths, place add on the radio and television to deter them from crime. Let us not panic, we all can make a difference, stop the criticism, and let us unite together and save our youths.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you turned over that photo to the police, or told them who showed it to you? If not then you are not practicing what you preach…..any information even this could be a much needed lead!

    • Anonymous says:

      Years ago I came across such a photo and did turn it into the police and was told that unless I; 1) had proof it was a real weapon and 2) knew where it was being kept, that they could do nothing…NOTHING! So the young man was not questioned, his home was not searched and he went on to threaten someone with and fire that weapon at someone else a few months later which he was subsequently arrested for, went to court for and charges were eventually dropped against him. Has he gone on to be involved in any of the recent violence? Where is the weapon now? Who knows! Have I bothered to look into handing any of this info on any of these photos over to the RCIP anymore? What do you think?


  18. biker says:

    I cannot help but wonder if these, as Dr. Frank would call, "Social Problems" are not rooted in the prevalent and now seemingly acceptable ways of the men of this region:

    Impregnating women at will.

    Taking no responsibility for the upbring and welfare of the ensuing children.

    Giving no personal guidance to his children for their future, to ensure their success in society.

    In short, refusing to accept their own responsibilities as a FATHER.


  19. True Blue says:

    The conditions are ripe for an absolute dictatorship! Check the history of Cuba! Corruption, crime…anarchy… dictatorship!




  20. Anonymous says:

    People of the Cayman Islands, open your eyes and look around, Cayman is too small for this to be happing.

    Police have their faults, politician too, parents and also teachers but there are not the ones that are pulling the trigger it’s our young kids that are.

    We do need to change the Jail system to a “Real JAIL” like the Jail in Mexico, Germany, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua or even the US and then you might see same changes in the young kids that go there.  I berth they will not want to go back to Jail, and they will straighten out fast.

    They need to bring in some US Military to straighten out this mess and put back into our school the “belts” and Police need to stop harassing parents when the put a lashing on their kids… A good beating don’t kill you it make you a better person I know I got it as a kids from my Mom and Dad when I did round.

    I have 2 kids and there is one man on heart that will tell me that I cannot beat my kids, If I do not correct them now there will be tomorrow gangsters  and I will be crying over the graves and I will try not to make that happing. I want my kids and grand kids to put me to rest when the time comes and not me putting them to rest because I did not do my job as a mother. Then the teacher at school need to do their job and the politician also and for the last but not lease the police will be out of a job they will only have to deal with small problems.

    One more thing , my family always had guns when I was a kid, my brother got his first Gun at 12 and my 2 sister and myself along with my mother know how to shot and we did not kill no one, it all comes down to how you was raise your kids.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What good would a curfew do?

    Many businesses would lose a lot of business, the good students of UCCI and ICCI would lose out on their education, employees who work in the night would lose money since they wouldnt be able to work.

    The bad far outweighs the good. I know damn well that I am not going to lose out on my education and money for these bumbling morons.

    • Like It Is says:

      Why should we lose our freedoms to stop more vermin killing each other?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Please crime scene investigatord and police don't botch this up!. Check this gun for fingerprints and to see if it is linked to any of the previous murders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting that you show the T & T issue as an example. I am presuming you know that before things got out of hand they had an organisation called SAUTT which was a collection of local and ex pat officers who had the crime at a lower, but not totally controlled, level. The Government, under pressure from the politicians, closed SAUTT down and the mayhem ensued. So, do we still want to get rid of our friends from overseas who have come here to work with and serve our community? Do we really?

  23. Anonymous says:

    In case it has not been obvious before, it is obvious now! The police is scare of the criminals. There is no other explanation why they cannot control this matter and haul in the ones that are causing all of this.

    You know, when you kick a dog often enough, eventually he will bite! Well, I suggested from a long time ago that RCIP goes aheand and "kicks" (ie harasses) some of those thugs long enough until they try to bite. That's when you got them nailed, haul them in, lock them up and throw away the key.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You can't tell me that people don't know who these gang members are.  Turn them all in.  Family or not.


  25. My two p says:

    Soon the government will have to scrap work permit fees and start paying expats "danger money" to come here! 


  26. peter milburn says:

              I see on here some really good suggestions re possibly the way to at least help get our young people involved in the "building"of Cayman.The main one for me is the lack of a vocational school to help bring more of our young people into the work force.Many of us have been saying this for years.Not ALL the kids are University bound.Some barely squeak through their last year in school only to be basically cast aside and left to make their own way through a very difficult time in our local history.

             Its TIME that our leaders especially in the education side of Govt.step up and get off their butts and get a fully functional vocational school up and running.Dont tell me that that is being done in the schools now.We need a completely dedicated school set up NOW.This is one of the best ways as I see it to help to turn around those young people that feel they have been left out of todays society.because they did not get a diploma on leaving school.Give these folks a chance to add to our communities in a positive way.Granted not all will do well in school no matter what but the majority will and we need to give them a chance to get that huch needed training.There is lots of money to be made in the fields of electricians.carpenters and plumbers.Wake Mr.Education Minister.and try to see the future for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      Peter, this is a good suggestion.  But you can't assume that a vocational school will work for all these kids, as it still takes a lot of 'smarts' and 'skills" to be a good tradesman.  I wouldn't want some dummy who couldn't finish high school to be my electrician!  Ormy divemaster!

  27. ? says:

    This is so scary

  28. Just Wondering says:

    Bottom line is- the Commissioner and the RCIPS either need to put up or shut up. Admit your incapable to get the job done and have no clue of how to or where to start. Quite frankly; you have LOST the support of the wider general public!

  29. plain black and white says:

    Dear Detectives ……go on Facebook !!! take the time to look up thier "victims" friends!!! Find the RIP pages and see what they are saying… can go on thier and clearly see threats!!!!…look up where they are originally from !!! even locals here are putting up threats and then taking them down….have somebody checking these at all times !!! you will find friends that have posted threats to come down to Cayman….. flag them as they come in…it's so easy….check out all thier profiles!!! it's in plain black and white ….these are the people you should be looking into…..

    • Anonymous says:

      'down to Cayman"???? not surprised.

      wonder where from……in 2005 they claimed to have all types of information

      in 2005 after there was an alleged attempt at getting these 'gangs' who were allegedly from other jurisdictions as well. Laws were changed and the usual…… thrown at problem, YET where are we today? obviously the police are not willing to go after all gangs and there may even be 'other gangs' involved in these murders so dont get comfortable again, like 2005, arresting a few local Caymanians will not solve anything and God forbid if this is all a smokescreen for another emerging violent gang, there will continue to be robberies, and other criminal activity


      changing the Commissioner every 2-3 years  is not the solution or problem………the same officers are there, been there for years, apparently most secure job 

  30. Anonymous says:

    Criminals move around and Bains knows this, which is why he didn't support the curfew. You put more police in WB and the criminals move it to GT or BT or…

    The have to be caught and put in jail for a very very long time. It takes enforcement, judicial and executive branches to make that happen.

    As for the people on the street who see this happening, please call your tips in.  Nothing will happen good will happen if you keep it to yourself. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    Tourism and investment for Grand Cayman is done.


    The Sister Islands don't have gangs, murders, armed robberies, or home evasions.


    Come to the Sister Islands instead! Cayman Brac & Little Cayman are safe for families, have excellent diving, and you'll be welcomed by warm and friendly people!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Crying now for Jamaican forces to come here…after all that has been ranted against the Jamaicans!  Some people are just unbelieveable!  Only want them when you need something again!

    • Anonymous says:

      who crying for Ja forces?  Would only be J'cans. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Read all the comments and you will see how many have suggested getting Jamaican forces here.

  33. Anonymous says:

    The Police should be at the funerals to see who shows up

  34. Anonymous - NOT FOR POSTING says:

    Does around there have CCTV? They should look into that especially around by the mini mart at 9:15…..

  35. Anonymous says:

    High crime is like mucus which infects our Cayman society. We can stare the problem in the face and point fingers but we are not looking at prevention, but just a quick solution to put a “plaster” over the “wound” so nobody would know it was there. I would like to know what is being done to prevent other children from having the same fate.


    We talk about unemployment but let high school students graduate when they cannot read or write properly. You know that they are problem children and they require a lot of additional help. There are no training programs in place to correct this, but you let them out as the "schools" did what they could = unemployable young persons / robberies


    We talk about building docks and grand hotels. What about working on community projects that keep children entertained instead of being idle on the streets? We all see the children at Camana on a Friday, walking around like ghosts after the movie is over trying to find something to do = prey to idleness


    We have these persons who want the fast life of being drug dealers and being part of gangs because they lack leadership, they are not punished severely, they are your neighbours yet you say nothing = senseless killings, corrupting the young, infecting their minds/bodies with poison along with others and knowing they can get away with it


    These are not even half ofthe problems that children face today in Cayman!! Only the strong few who have the support of others make something of themselves. Only the smarter children in school are thought about opportunities when they graduate.


    So please go ahead and tell me this is not your problem. We all have a vested interest. The government wants money and good publicity. Persons in Cayman want to feel safe. Businesses would like to make money instead of worrying about the safety of their customers/employees. Children in Cayman need to have a future instead of being placed "last" on the "agenda" and only dealt with when they are doing "wrong". Look at the future we have here Cayman. It takes a community to raise a child. Stop turning a blind eye from the children who are the future of this island.

  36. Anonymous says:

    POLICE NEED TO LOOK AT PRESTON RIVERS FACEBOOK PAGE.  Just look at all the gang signs and ganja smoking….how many other kids have facebook pictures like this?  There are people commenting on his pictures since he was killed.  They know something

  37. Anonymous says:

    I feel like I am back in Africa now..

  38. Anonymous says:

    God bless them,

    excuse me what do you think happened to the 2 ladies that vanished in 2011? 1 in GT and 1 in BT. WHERE ARE ALL THE STICK UP robberies  with guns taking place.

    WE HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS ALL OVER INCLUDING CB, AND THE GOVERNMENT ARE CONTENT IN saying      it wasnt me, if its bad blame someone else, my heart is pure and hands are clean.

    WB  elected 4 representatives,  4 people do not form a government,

    the rest of the country voted for the other UDP CANIDATES  knowing who their leader is.

    most of you critised them and then, the promises and gifts came and the Country was forgotten.

    now you want to blame everyone but yourselves. shame on you all, you knew them well before you cast your vote.

    you created the mess over the years, now you all wonder in awe.

    G ### D, you cast your vote based on p ###### s, whats in it for me, S ### W the country,

    quick bucks, 

    special interest groups rallying the herd to vote UDP,

     now we all have nothing and the nothing continue to  get less.

    we are all in the same boat time to put the country first, 

    time is running out,  it is now the,  11:45 hour.

  39. Anonymous says:

    All we have to do is pick  up all of the gang members and put one from each side logwoodz dons and birch tree hill in a cell together and don't let them out till they finish fighting each other. If they want to hurt each other then let them . Fight with your fists, you all got so much anger about who got what .

     Fight not on the streets butin jail where you can't hurt the public. Anyone can be held for 72 hours. While they are in there make a new law that anyone in a gang will be thrown in jail for 10 years. we all know who is in a gang by the clothes and jewelry and cars they drive. Lets not forget , if you buy a boat , car,  house, expensive jewelry you need to prove where did you get the money from. All of this could be place into law while they fighting in jail. 

    It is only a matter of time before they shoot the wrong person in cayman that is not associated with these gangs and contract assassins or ex military people will come and watch where they eat , hangout , play,  fish or which girl they hangout with . Cause they always wearing a mask . The whole gang will be exterminated.                                                                                 These boys like to watch gang action on tv but forget noone ever gets away. All the gangsta rap artist had to calm down because they noticed other members started getting shot to death too.                                                                                                                                                             This statement is for the 2 groups that think they really want to die for their cause. Find a room in the house thats dark really dark no light no sound  not even the sound of a cricket. Lay down on the floor  close your eyes and yell help in your mind (that means without opening your mouth) . pretend your in a box , a coffin now, you should be feeling what  real death is all about. What do you see? nothing ? what do you hear? nothing? can you all finally understand  this is what is next. Nothing. You don't get money, you don't get women, you are not fishing dancing smoking eating or anything else you use to enjoy before you die. Just nothing That is what i would call Hell

  40. Born Caymanian says:

    To 8:52.. some of your concerns are already being addressed. Superior Auto has a training programme that was started last year September.  The programme is an accredited programme and it is free. The first set of cohorts who recently completed the course are now all employed at various garages. I recently learned that the new batch starts next Monday. A  vocational training center is here offering free training. Young men, put down your TOOLS that are killing off each other and pick up the correct tools. Learn a trade and be counted in our country.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Could say alot, but most important thing to say and do right now … is to get a real gang mediator to Grand Cayman NOW.

    A few years ago Fort Worth Tx mayor called for a gang truce(sp) He employed former gangmembers that had totally done a 180 degree turn in their life choices , that also had developed great reputations for the work they are doing on own to put a stop to this needless, violence in the gang community. (that of course bleeds over into the whole community)

    These guys got in there, built relationships / trust and worked quickly to get issues resolved. It WORKS.  and has continued to work. That's the key. And yes, some did go to jail for due punishment, and maybe the lesser crimes may have been granted some amnesty leeway. and yes there is still some crime in this town, but not like the wars that were on the verge of raging. 

    You are in my prayers Cayman. Do not wait for some official or police, to do this. Do some research, make somephone calls and get experienced folks on the ground. Do this on your own as a community. Come Together. No room and no time for blame, politics, etc.. These are your children Cayman

    When my children were small and in Cayman, my worst fear was one falling out of the top of a fruit tree….I weep with you

  42. Anonymous says:

    September 2011 will forever be etched in the Cayman Islands history as "Bloody September".

    This is shameful for a country that considers itself a "Christian Nation".

    • Anonymous says:

      9/11: this is our 9/11 for sure. It is a BLACK SEPTEMBER TO RREMEMBER

  43. CAYMERICAN says:

    Look ya'll.  I've been living in the US and in the Cayman Islands.  Both places I consider home, simpley because of having Caymanian parents, living there for 50% of the time and being an American citizen  and attending school and settling.  I'm beyond the age of those being targerted, but have a few words.


    The war that's going on has nothing to do with the Government, little to do with the Police and EVERYTHING to do with the gang members frame of mind.  Each and everyone member has pride and prejudice in them.  Most of us as human beings do.  Their's just harms a society and country more on the violent level.  There's nothing that is going on that one can justify as being normal.  I've served in the Military and have seen this in Iraq as a type of breeding.  Where people in general, but especially those who id themselves as part of a gnag or tribe fight with whatever means they have.  Those tribes members that don't fight the "violent" fight, but rather with dialog and other civil means tend to do better with results on a whole.  In other words, while we all have our ideas of ideal, we also have ideas that are different- differing ideals.  My thought, just my thought, no one can or will change un-less they want to make that change.  No one does too much of anything, without wanting (even sub-consciously) to do it.


    Check it out for yourselves.  i've been a part of a gang and the mentality is that of a sheep.  Unfortunatley being led to slaughter…and for no purpose at all.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Surely there can't be many of them left..

  45. Anonymous says:

    Well at least one more young Caymanian male we dont have to worry about. I sit back and survey the terrain and what do I see? I see a country, my country disintergrating before my eyes. It is an absolute shame that the politicians try to distance themselves from the current events by saying it is out our hands. Be that as it may I do not hear a peep from the churches in West Bay for the fear that they may no longer get " Nation Building" funds. If that is the type of behavior "ssshhhhh" and way they intend to build a nation or a congregation they can have it to themselves.

    While my country is disintergrating before my eyes through the voilence of young thugs who can not make a simple decision to cease their behavior because of the lack viable alternatives and opportunities.

    What are the alternatives? We take and give millions of dollars in concessions to Michael Ryan, Shetty Hospital and DART for them to make millions, but two successive governments PPM & UDP cant find the money or ambition to build a technical & vocational school to give our young men and women a fighting chance!!!

    I would like for the Premier and the Leader of the opposition to tell the Caymanian public, the disenfranchised youth and non academically inclined youth why in the last decade they have not built a Techincal and Vocational Center to skill our youth. Let me now cut you off at the pass and say that for you to say "well it would be built into the new high school" is no way near being a good enough answer. We should have built one years ago when we first heard of gangs! But you lack forsight to see that you could have built a regional gem that could have brought in revenue. Shame on you, Shame on you, Shame on you!!! You are the ultimate frauds as you play political games day in and day out, while a transformation unlike one you've ever seen before or will ever see again takes place.

    The leadership of this country is pathetic….there is no innovative thinking that takes place to raise revenue, you just raise duties, import poverty AND GIVE AWAY MILLIONS and LAND TO THE WEALTHY!!!

    EXAMPLE: I am a young Caymanian and I want to start a business, I receive no reductions, deductions or waivers to start my business. If my T&B License is $400.00 I have to pay $400.01 to get it.

    I am Michael Ryan …I now get millions in duty concessions, waivers etc. and I refuse to pay to the Cayman Islands Government over 6 million dollars as required and agreed. Not only that but while you are giving away millions, I also want to but some property from you.

    This money that is given away could have built a Technical and Vocational School and equipped it very well for our young people to learn the skills and trades needed to either find a job here or somewhere else.

    This is an insult to Caymanians and there is something terribly wrong with these examples. Which is more important the young Caymanian who wants to start a small business or the one wants to keep millions in his pocket.

    How about this over 80% of the businesses in Cayman are SMALL BUSINESSES that drive our local economy!!!

    Let the truth be told now…young Caymanians have no alternatives, the money made by government through work permits by importing poverty and cheap labour will remain status quo until we stop recylcling politicians. There are young Caymanians who have college degrees or have attended college who cant get jobs!!!! So what about the disenfranchised youth who are frowned upon by society.

    For those who think that it's not your problem and you've just come here to milk the system…..Sorry I would advise you to saddle up and help out because if you don't it just a matter of time before you come face to face with ugly.

    Mark my word if the Governor and Government do not put in place a bonafide system to protect our borders from the importation of drugs and guns , the end of prosperity will come just as quick as death came for the young men over the past week. I truly wish I could have saved them. I'll end by saying this is truly a colonial system that we have here.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I agree with every word you stated and believe you are 100% right, let me remind you that Caymanians have voted all these clowns in over the last several decades.  Therefore, again, whil I agree, you should have voted them out a long time ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Suppose that was your child, would you have sat down and wrote this same comment "about one less caymanian to worry about". its just sad that would come your mind… SERIOUSLY GET SOME HELP!!!


    • Libertarian says:

      Food for thought

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman actually has not one but three vocational schools.  Its called UCCI and ICCI for those that dont know.  You have to pay money to go to school. If you want to go to the free one its called HM NWP or Northward Prison.

      These guys that are dying dont want to go to school because they could afford it if they wanted to. They want seeking reputation and recognition from their peers which are just like them, doing and selling drugs and carrying guns and trying to establish themselves as a badman, gangsta, don or whatever they idealize themselves as.  I can bet you its not being a honest, hardworking, educated citizen.  They have no parents or more accurately no parents that care. If your father was a drug dealer and/or your mother adrug addict, chances are that you are going to be one of them.  They have no values, no moral guidance, they are free to choose the easy path to a fast buck and a drugdealer lifestyle which is what they aspire to be.  They are ignorant to their life choices.  They look up to Vibez Cartel and Lil Wayne, who are all about drugs, guns, baby mammas and multiple girlfriends and being a gangsta don.

      What is hurting Cayman is the blatant ignorance of its people, the attitude that Its not my children or my problem, its not happening in my district so I dont care . This is Cayman.  All of Cayman is part of the problem. Each of us can be part of the solution as well.  Look around you.  I am sure all of us know some young person that is going down the wrong path.  Reach out to them, show them what comes from hardwork and honesty; a long, rewarding guilt free life.

      As regards to Govt giving away millions, they are not giving away millions, they are giving them a discount. Thats incentive for the developer to spend hundreds of millions of dollars. If you cant afford $400 for a T&B, you cant afford to run a business, period.  Im sure if they were $200 people would still complain about it.

      The young college Caymanians cant get a job because there are none to had. Why is that?  Its because people dont want to give incentives to the big players that can offer them jobs and are shooting down every big project that comes along because they dont want to develop Cayman.  You cant have it both ways.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is the way Caymanians have made it.  Blame politicians, blame expats blame churces, blame everyone that actually trys to get anything done on the island of soon come.

      But do nothing to change it.  Cayman is Caymanian built and the future Cayman will be the same unless the UK takes over.

    • Anonymous says:

      While I agree with your comments, you are not touching the most important thing:parenting. The focus of this and  any other country must be on parenting. Having no father and a mother who can't possibly fullfill his role, even (if) when she tries, has life time consequences. These boys are lost from the start, they would not want to go to vocational or any school. They do not see themselves working for a living. Many young Caymanians, college educated, or not  can't compete with young professional from overseas. They have sense of entitlement and zero desire to work hard.  Just walk into any bank, utility company, police included, etc-incompetence, indifference and unfriendliness are shocking.  FOCUS MUST BE ON PREVENTING UNWANTED BIRTHS, PARENTS EDUCATION AND DRACONIAN LAWS RELATED TO FATHER'S RESPONSIBILITIES.  Cayman males then would think ten times before having unprotected sex if they have no intentions to become a father and raise that child.

    • Anonymous says:

      we certainly could havebuilt a vocational school with the $4M given to the churches recently and with the $1M handed out each Christmas for "clean up" how many electricians, plumbers, bar tenders, construction workers, etc. etc. could we have trained. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don't you run for politics and make the change yourself?

    • Anonymous says:

      You said "Well at least one more young Caymanian male we dont have to worry about" but I'm sure if you have or had a child that got shot dead and someone made a comment like that you would feel very offended.

      It's still a human being no matter how bad of a decision they make.

      Jason was a dad to be and now a little girl will have to grow up without her dad.


      • Anonymous says:

        Just because he was a dad to be, people should feel sorry for him?  I'm a mother and I would not do anything that would cause me to be separated from my child.  This life was his choice.  He should have cared about the family he left behind by not going down the wrong path in the beginning.

        This is the problem.  These children will carry this anger and when they are older they will start the war again.

    • Ken P says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I trust that Baines, Taylor and Mac are reading CNS and see how much people are upset and offering positive feedback to our crime issues.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Do you even know that the armed officers (and I am talking about Cayman) go through a rigorous training in handling the firearms before they are given that job?

    • Anonymous says:

      physical training or psycological training, 

      carrying a firearm should be in addition to duty not a duty in itself .

      i carry a beretta p92 to work everyday in addition i also have a remington 870 shotgun and an m4 machine gun  all which i have been trained to use but they are tools that i carry for my protection and not specifically for the pourose of being armed, i have to use these tools when necessary to supress any threats that come forth during my duties.

    • Anonymous says:

      I've seen what our armed officers do at the CISA and their lack of gun etiquette is appalling. Hell they can barely shoot straight.

    • Anonymous says:

      In comparison to the UK (being as everyone is so quick to call this UK policing – and its not) all the police, including those trained in firearms go through little to no training at all… in comparison to the UK that is.  All the officers from bottom to top who are trained here are ill-equipped and trained to deal with the situations they are now facing, situations which as many others have already said, are commonplace in other parts of the world – it was only a matter of time before these crimes came here… just a huge shame that nobody in the police force could see that too and prepare for it, nip it in the bud, before it escalated to its current unprecedented levels.

  47. Anonymous says:

    why don't you turn him in?! YOU are part of the problem protecting him!

  48. Anonymous says:

    it is not right to kill poepole it is in the holy bible you should listen to his camamnds . i bet if the popo had guns things would be a lot better in  cayman.if their are children going to school their should be somthing call peace thanks for listening and i am a kid


    • Anonymous says:

      Can't spell and bad grammar = ignorance. 

      • Anonymous says:

        It was written by a child. See at the end? Why not listen to what they’re saying as opposed to criticizing the spelling. This is part of the problem! I could say that illiteracy = ignorance.

  49. Anonymous says:

    When have you ever seen a police officer in Cayman awarded something for bravery in the line of duty? when?, I cant remember anything like that unless it was to save a swimmer or something along those lines. Our police don't want anything to do with this and they will not stop it, they did not come here to sunny Cayman risk thier lives, the caymanian police act as they see those that teach them act. We need mercs from the US to come here, infiltrate and take them out. There are cops in Texas or New York that do this kind of thing all the time, business as usual for them. Our guys are not capable. Mac, for once do something for the country that doesn't benefit you in some way. Get the church money and all the other payoffs back to pay for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let's dole out an award now.

      Armed robberies happening almost daily at gas stations across the island. A robbery happens at Mostyn's Esso in Boddne Town.

      An unarmed female Caymanian police sergeant took off in pursuit of suspects and continued pursuit even while being shot at.

      But maybe that isn't good enough for those who will never see the good our police do.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Caymanian police are no different from the security guards. Wen you see a gun, duck and hide! This is absolutely shameful and endangers the lives of the RCIP officers!

      The game has changed, they need to be armed to protect themselves and the public. HOWEVER… Strict penalties and investigation need to be in place to ensure that the firearm is not used unlawfully… Like everywhere else.

  50. please report these "friends" says:

    As much as I would like to say that they should just kill eachother and leave the public out of it….The more people killed…..the more people hurting….. the worse the revenge…… the family members will want revenge…the next generation under them will want revenge on thier older brothers..this is soo sad…'s been going on for years and nobody wanted to listen…..from what I hear you can learn a lot from people's facebook pages and what others tweet on twitter…do your research RCIP…and if you see a status or something from a "friend" report it !! They need all the help they can get…..I'm praying for our youth

    • Time for action says:

      It is time to string up the whitecollar kingpins.  Listen upRCIP &  FCU….you MUST have evidence waiting:  PROCEEDS OF CRIME LAW.

      The banks can help you.  Who in Government or wealthy locals have suspicious transactions?  Weed out the corruption and the whole house of cards will fall.

      FOLLOW THE MONEY AND YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS.  Gangs and drugs are big money, "Catch the Kingpins" and lock up the rest!

  51. Anonymous says:

    no wonder he is in a gang today. Mine is not because i have control of my household

  52. Whodatis says:

    "NO" to a nation-wide curfew!

    Re: "Economy vs human life? Hmm…You're not going to have an economy if they don't stop killing people."

    Did the UK government introduce a nationwide curfew in August when RANDOM looting, rioting, murders, mob attacks on riot police, burning and widespread chaos was affecting ALL cities and areas of their nation?

    Does Glasgow still have an economy?

    Does London still have an economy?

    Does Liverpool still have an economy?

    Does Los Angeles still have an economy?

    Does Rio De Janeiro still have an economy?

    Does New York still have an economy?

    Does Mumbai still have an economy?

    Violent crime exists and is on the rise in every part of the world my friend.

    Do we have a serious issue in the Cayman Islands? Of course.

    Do we need to try a different approach in regards to policing our community? Yes.

    However, feel good / talking point calls for outlandish reactions will only serve to compound our current situation rather than resolve it.

    Our unique set of circumstances MUST be taken into consideration therefore a "copy & paste" attempt of a solution may not be suited to our particular situation.

    * We need to see the bigger picture here folks.

    Taking such action could quite possibly result in a fatal blow to our economy, reputation and position as a prime tourist destination and financial center.

    E.g. 1.) Such a declaration will forever stain us as online search results of "Cayman, vacation, crime, tourism" will stamp us an undesirable destination.

    E.g. 2.) Our competitors would make a point to magnify our negative headlines for their own benefit and as we know, for the average individual, the headline is the full story.

    I for one refuse to allow some young and idiotic "hot-skull" fools tear down in one week what we have been building for the past 40 years.

    I would like to extend some encouragement and support to CoP Baines.

    Lastly, we Caymanians need to own up to our failures as parents and as a community and stop placing so much blame on the RCIPS.

    (Mr. Baines was the last person on my "blame list" when I lost a first cousin to gun violence a little while back.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Baines is to blame for the poor management of police.  When police are badly managed you have a low conviction rate, or people just don't get caught. 


      Cayman has always had ebbs of violence.  It used to be dealt with effectively, and it stopped.  Guess why it's continuing now?  The blame lies at the head of the RCIPs.  Caymanians do obviously hold responsibility, but to say 'its the families' is a distraction from the real problem.


      Go anywhere in the world.  Give them the conviction rate(and public trust in Police) we have here, and see what happens of a period of a fews years. 

    • village idiot of Absurdistan says:

      Very sensible Whodatis. 

      There is a bit of a sensationalist effect taking hold with the recent events. 

      For residents and visitors alike, there are other Caribbean islands that are far more dangerous to residents and tourists- where the crimes have actually been committed against the tourists. The USVI, St Maarten/St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Aruba, all come to mind. 

      I am not trying to minimize the events or the potential harm if they continue to escalate, but trying to keep it in context for residents and future tourists. Be wary wherever you travel, and no things aren't like the good old days, but relatively speaking they are still pretty darn good. 

      Parenting is the root cause, and likely greed, rapid growth, disenfranchisement, sense of entitlement, negative influence of other cutltures and styles all likely play a role. 

      However the rest of the world is not immune to it. Where I live now I watch a generation of youngsters growing up with a sense of entitlement, dressing like rappers and wannabe gangstas, cocking their hat a half turn, and throwing their shoes over powelines to  mark their territory. Uncared for, undisciplined children go wayward in the western world. I think Cayman has always been placed on a pedestal with higher expectations than reality could meet, and people love to pull it down. It was a beautiful place, with an incredible diverse range of cultures, and very friendly and welcoming. It was not perfect, but where is? That is in the eyes of the beholder I believe. 


  53. squared says:

    In my opinion, and we all know what opinions are like….. the correctional system on the island is also at fault. We have a prison here that no one is afraid to go to. I mean locked up with my cell phone,tv &  take out food plus, I can readily have family visits, isn't what hard time should be about. You hear about creating jobs on the Brac, Prison is an Industry. Give these guys 12 hours hard labour a day, making aggragate, working in the prison kitchen cooking  or working  the laundry , away from their families & the takeout food and other "luxuries". Adding extra time to sentences when catching them with contraband in prison ,such as a cell phones ,will make a young person thing twice about his or her  choices in life. Implement a scared straight program and reach these kids at the first sign of trouble and maybe we can change young lives and give them a chance to do the right thing. When the punishments fit the crimes then there will be more control. Obviously there will always be a criminal element at work,but these measures will make some think twice about their actions.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I think the parents of all these young men who have been killed should oganise a joint funeral.  Make a statement about unity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Then it'll be like US headlines where someone is killed at a funeral. Couldn't imagine anything more painful.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I think the roll over suspension will be irrelevant now! People are going to leave this crime zone.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Curfew ? I don't think so .Why should we live our lives in darknest for these criminals, they are not worrying about us  and there country and the families its affecting.

    • Anonymous says:



    • Anonymous. says:

      My friends curfew in Cayman on from long time, only diffrence is that its the other way around,criminals have us law abbiding citizens under their control,we lock up in our homes after certain hours while they patrol the streets with their pow pow's.

  57. Anonymous says:

    In such times, Cayman needs a militarized heavily armed response force to quell this madness that has ensued this past week, yes…just like the JDF. 

    It is clear the situation is beyond the control of Comm' Baines and his 'Cup of Tea' policing skills he brought from the U.K. 

    A police head needs to be put in place that hails from a jurisdiction that is used to gang/ gun culture, one that knows what is needed to get control of our streets. I call upon the Governor ; Dear Sir.. please send Comm' Baines to that jurisdiction he came from & hire a poilce chief from the U.S.  If you dont think you are up for this task, please pack your bags & return to where you came from, have The Crown send us a Governor that does.


    • FED UP says:

      Cayman I think it is time we lock down Government House by marching, because the Governor and the commissioner is not handling things right.  Please step down.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I say arm the public to protect themselves. The police were not even at the scene when this crime was committed – how then would them being armed have been of any assistance in this situation – who were they going to shoot the innocent bystanders. The police are no more trained in firearm use than decent law abiding citizens why should they be given arms to shoot people and not us citizens to protect ourselves. No where is it written that it is okay for the police to kill and not the public. OMg can you imagine our unskilled officers being armed – what a dangerous and frightening thought.

  59. Cat says:

    You know the thing I fear the most right now, is that another innocent person like little Jeremiah will soon be caught in the crossfire. Everytime I leave school in the evening and head home through the Birch Tree Hill area, I am praying that a set of gangsters won't converge on either side of me and begin to shoot at eachother and I get hit or anyone else, even though I was minding my business,has never associated or is affilliated with any gang or its members,just simply going home from school,trying to become a better educated person in my country,yet I and any other innocent person caught in the way, is now at risk of having our precious lives taken because of pure evil and stupidity.

    • Anonymous says:

       I too live in Birchtree Hill and I understand your fears. We have to be vigilant, aware and wise as we try to get thru these trying and scary times. You sound like a very intellegent and focused young person and I Pray that no harm ever comes to you in your jounrey to be the best you can be.  Please continue to study hard, strive and persevere.  I wish more young people would follow by your example.  Be safe, be strong and stay focused and God will do the rest.

  60. curfew says:

    In my yesterday post I suggested that once the police suppress the gang issues in West Bay it will spring up somewhere else; sadly it did. I also gave a suggestion that there should be a curfew in West Bay so let me explain what this could have brought about.


    Yes there are economic implications but it is better to be poor and alive than to be rich and be dead.


    Pastors, Ministers and the likes, mediation is needed, beg, NO command the gang members to stop.

    Where is the militant church? 

    The nation at risk

    West Bay has 4 members of parliament from the same party and in government, two of whom are in cabinet. This murdering of young people by young people has being happening for some years now and you going tell me that nothing can be done by their representatives.

    I believe that this is the case because our politicians are not community leaders, by that I mean they do not come from community groups that interact with the community hence the disconnect .In many countries the politicians work in their government office for half day and the next is spent at their community office others do a day of the week. I know that there are some of our politicians involve in groups but do our young people see them as community base, are these groups accessible, are there programs targeting our young people who are disconnected from society and why do the politicians past these issues off to the police?

    Programs have to be tailored to the young people not as adults sees it but with their input and we do not need infrastructure we need programs with the backing of the community, this includes the politicians, private sector leaders, church and most importantly mothers and fathers.

    Nobody look down on West Bay as it has happen in other district before and can happen again, what we should do is act to stop it happening again in West Bay and prevent it from occurring anywhere else.

    As I saw Camany Airways plane rose this morning for the Miami route I could not help to embrace the pride for the country rising with reflection of the aftermath of Ivan but had to quickly get back to the present where our country needs grace especially the families affected and the disgrace facing our country.

     All flags should be flying at half mass.

    Police and National Security Council should be in emergency meeting to plan the way forward, time restriction should be considered, yes a curfew and additional foot patrol in all district. I say all districts for once it is suppress in one district it can or will pop up in another. If we need outside help, get it. We should not be too proud to ask for help. We have to also consider changing the police top brass.

    This to my mind the single most important issue facing our country, even unemployment has to be second to this crime wave and the top brass cannot handle it and seem to have nothing more to contribute. England sought help from the USA to deal with gang and our top brass is from the English jurisdiction, we need to consider looking to the USA for help.

    A prayer for the nation

    Lord, help us for we cannot help ourselves.


    • Anonymous says:

      To the writer of "in my yesterday post" I didn't have the opportunity to read that one but I can respond to this one. The Curfew would not have contained the gang members to a specific area as the gangs are in every district, not just West Bay. You may say that if West Bay was under curfew then they would only have to focus on the other districts. That isprobably why the killing last night occured, because the RCIP think just like you and many others, the GANGS ARE ONLY IN WEST BAY.



  61. anonymous says:

    That is what happens when you only have on the police force…….a police with a flashlight and of course their blackberry's.
    Police should look for who really have passion for police and is willing to work and not for who just want theys big salary!!!

    Some peolpe wants to be a police and they are never called even for a test, ridiculous!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "Police get big salaries" are you kidding me, have you seen the recent job adverts for Police they make somewhere between 34K-42K. So on average about 3,200 CI dollars per month. Would you want to get killed for 3,200 a month. If I was employed as a Police Officer, I would definitely be waiting till the gun fire was over before proceeding to a crime scene to put my life on the line. As a Police I am onlyarmed with flashlight and stick and the criminals are armed with semi-automatic weapons. Clearly not an even match on the weapons levels plus I am only being paid 3,200 per month.

      On top of that if I get killed my family only gets 100K which does not even cover my mortgage which further leaves my family at a disadvantage.

      PS: I am not a police officer I work in the financial service industry but from analysing the pros and cons, even I can see there are far too many cons for officers to risk their life.

    • Not for the money says:

      The police are expected to go out and face these gangsters without being able to arm themselves (except for a very small USG team).  Would you want to do it?!  I can guarantee they are NOT doing it for the "big salary" – clearly you don't know what a regular police officer earns!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if our goodly Premier still feels that there is no need for a state of emergency to be declared as he was blabbing on Cayman 27 last night?  In my opinion we do need this to happen and soldiers experienced in gang warefare should be brought in to root out these young punks involved inthis senseless street war.

    This country has so many social issues on so many different levels that it is heartbreaking. Our homeland as we knew it has disappeared. I hope that the politicians will finally step back and take stalk of what they have been doing, the examples they have been setting by the public bickering, threatening, name calling and arguing and general disrespect that they engage in on the regular. We have all witnessed it, what examples eh?

    It is time for our so called leaders to follow a wind of change that will take them back in time to a civil and Godly Cayman Islands and not the vacant and meaningless godly calls that we often hear as part of political posturing. Get back to our roots of true respect for our Christian faith and Almighty God, seeking His leading, wisdom and protection for our country.  Using the good sense that we have been blessed with and was used by our forefathers to build this country. It is sickening to see what has happened here.

    Caymanians are starving guys (and lady) our people are hurting! Well qualified and experienced Caymanians remain unemployed while work permits continue to be issued to forigners yet the Premier and his cohorts feel that the thing to do is to disband the rollover policy to allow more foreigners to root themselves here but nothing is being done to ensure that our unemployed are provided with the jobs they deserve. What is wrong with this picture?  This is only one of the problems and since I have a job I have to get on my way to give over and beyond what is supposed to be required of me just to try and hold onto it. 

    In closing I call on the elected members of parliament to get off their butts and put their brains in motion, step away from the party fighting themselves and set an example for this society by coming together in a civil and amicable way to seek solutions for this is dying country.

    Thanks for this forum CNS.




    • Anonymous says:

      07:44 You said a mouth full therefore I'll add a few lines here myself …When Ivan distroyed our country Big Mac did not want Cayman to be expossed by the CNN crew who was willing to expose the damages done by Ivan not to mention the financial help that was offered to Cayman why?  It would make the country look bad. Now once again you think it's not the best thing to do when it comes to calling a state of emergency to stop this wave of crime that has taking over our land…..Once again your talking bulls***there is no time for pride nor the BAD IMAGE bull crap you're always singing on, please note this tune your forever signing has become tuneless. My friend wake up, not only canyou smell but you can also see what has unfolded before your very own eyes….Call a state of emergency before it goes beyound gangsters killing gangsters, but wait this has aready happened hasn't it when an innocent child was brutally murdered by these wanna be gangsters…Bic Mac if both you and the entire government members in the BIG HOUSE think for a second that the entire GLOBE is not viewing what's going on here in your country then you need to think again….These crimes that are taking place here are no longer glued to all four corners of Cayman but instead all four corners GLOBELY…These crimes are now out of your hands and yes the police can do better in many areas but ask yourselves one question..would you fight fire with gasoline or would you fight fire with water??? Well samething goes for the police they too can't fight fire with GASOLINE nor a BATON, protect them or call for a state of emergency it's that simple BIG MAC, you'll be doing your country a world of good.

    • Anonnymous says:

       I could be mistaken – but I believe only the Governor can declare a "state of emergency".

      • Anonymous says:

        The Premier doesn't seem to have a problem bawling out the governor  whenever he is criticized

  63. Charm says:

    Are they going to be another murder on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday September, 25th? Maybe the police should get loaded and be prepared. Remember, prevention is better than cure.    

    This poster, got it right! Time for Reneto Adams to visit Cayman.


  64. Logswoods and Birch Tree Hill in GT? says:

    So now we still think this is a Logswood vs Birch Tree Hill gang war? Are you suggesting that Logswood and Birch Tree Hill have moved to George Town? If so, why? West Bayers don't live in George Town. Moved? Moved to where? 

    CNS: The comments was flagged for abuse, with the comment, "This is a personal attack suggesting that some one from the Logwoods area is involved." 

    • Anonymous says:

      This was a very ignorant comment if you ask me. I wish people like you would just be quite if you dont knwo what your talking about. This is a war between Logwoods men and Birch Tree Hill men. I know this for a fact and dont have to go into to detail to justify this. I hope the police do their research because this is a war that has not even began to start and aint even about to be finished anytime soon. This needs to stop.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you know so much about this, why don't you get off your computer and do something about it?  Or at least give some info here where it is completely anonymous…..give some details….just saying you know about it helps nothing……stop blamaing the police and give them something to work with…..

      • Anonymous says:

        You know what- you might call that poster ignorant, but you're just stupid.. You obviously know something that a lot of people don't and may have information to help police (although, they seem to be a little slace) help solve this.. Why don't you get off the computer and go talk to the police!

        Out of all the dumb posts I've seen here, yours definitatly takes the cake. I bet you will be the same one on here complaining how bad Cayman has gotten  when an innocent person gets killed.  

        Who's side are YOU on??

      • Anonymous says:

        Since you seem to know the facts… and I don't mean this is any sarcastic way.. I hope that you can relay your information to the police. Otherwise, you're letting us all down.

      • Anonymous says:

        Men?  More like immature jerks!

      • Anonymous says:

        You call these people "Men"?

        Wanna-be little hoods are all they are. A Man would get an education, get a job, and respect other people, instead of neglecting all of the above but yet "needing" a shiny car, a gun, the right clothes, a group of other little uneducated hoods to chill with and a bunch of little skanks to admire him for what he isn't.

      • Anonymous says:

        why don't you tell the police what you know then?

    • Anonymous says:

      When pressure is put on the criminals in one area of the island, they can just

      move their operations temporarily to another part, could spring up anywhere!!

      This is where the police really need help from the public, if these people ''who

      know things''  came forward when they heard rumors of something going to

      happen. This comment is made by about every second poster on here.

      People still don't get it!!

  65. Anonymous says:

    We need to legalize drugs

    Studies show that when drugs are legalized, crime fall, drug usage declines,  corruption declines., and governments can tax the legal sales. For example, Portugal recently legalized most drugs, and  drug usage. crime, and corruption fell dramatically.

    Why is this?  For one, there would be no more drug pushers.  That in itself results in far less usage. Many people will never touch drugs but some will if drugs are pushed onto them.

    "The War Against Drugs" is a failure world wide, and should be re-named "The "War For Drugs".

    Prohibition ,"The War Against Alcohol", was similarly a complete failure, and it was terminated after crime and corruption shot  up, and gang violence broke out all over.

    Are humans really so stupid that they cannotlearn from past mistakes?

    It certainly would seem so.

    • Anonymous says:

      It will be interesting to see how Europe responds to the report just released by the U.N.Global Commission on Drug Policy, which came to the conclusion that the 'global war on drugs' has been a very expensive mistake.


      The irony is that successful drug-interdiction simply forces up prices thus triggering more crime. The dealers laugh all the way to the bank, while Joe Public pays the ever increasing  bills. You might as well legislate against gravity. The trick is to work with it. Perhaps Sir Richard Branson, Ernesto Zedillo and Kofi Annan will prove too great an intellectual  force to ignore.


      Were I a Drug kinkpin, I'd be promoting of the idea that drug interdiction should be stepped up wherever possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Holland is a peaceful country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Now THAT would be lovely 🙂

    • Agree says:

      Legalizing drugs would help the local population, but I fear Cayman is a traffic stop for South America so the flow would have to also be stopped.  When trans-shipments of millions of dollars flow through here, the kingpins get wealthy.

      People, a lot of our own whitecollar "respectable" Caymanians once ran drugs and washed money.  (Some still do!!! THAT is the problem)

      **Until we can stem corruption from the top, the drug trade will not die, only our children who are doing the grunt work will (die)***

  66. Anonymous says:

    I really am starting to loose confidence in the police. I'm 27, born here, and considering leaving. I need to make sure my family is safe. I know of cities that are safer with less policeand less budget for the police. Inefficiencies and irresponsible spending have finally driven the last nail in our country.


    If I'm here for next election I am voting for a new government, some major changes will need to happen in order to change my mind. Changes, not "opportunities". Fix our schools, light our bypasses, create skills courses to educate those that went through less than acceptable Government High Schools, lead by example and stop with the bribes and shady deals.


    Gentlemen you are all getting older now, think of the legacy you're leaving behind – right now I wouldn't say it is something to be proud of.


    And for those that are out there causing these problems, we're not pleading for you to stop, we're telling you to. You will be found, and when you go to court we'll all be there showing support for maximum punishment. This is absolutely unacceptable, no matter what your situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's sad that it took all of this before you now figure you should vote in a new government.  However of course very happy that you are as a lot of us that also truly love this place are unable to vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sweety you are surly unaware of the crime rates around the word. Regardless of where you relocate to there will always be crime whether the rate is high or low. Surprisingly enough, our crime rate is considered to be low conpared to our neighboring countries. It just seems high now because of the frequency in the last week. Cayman has modernized in other aspects but fell behind in others such as crime. Perhaps we are now catching up, sadly.

  67. Anonymous says:

    A curfew is NOT the answer. If these men want someone dead….then they will find them and kill them irrespective of what time of day or night it is. Yes most have taken place under the cover of darkness, but if people are willing to rob in broad daylight, then firing a bullet or two which takes seconds won't be much of an issue.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the so called CHRISTIANS, CHURCH LEADERS, COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS AND PASTORS who received all that NATION BUILDING FUNDS in all this, why are they now not all jumping up to the plate to assist in anyway, why are the so silent? the silence is deafening.

    NATION BUILDERS we need to see and hear  you now! don't blame this on the RCIPS and the Governor they can only work with what they have.  We Caymanians and the NATIONAL BUILDERS should know our people more than these two men who both came here a short time ago.  All those Christian be the eyes and ears of the police have a presence reading the bible, singing, preaching and hollering like so many of you like to do. Go out in the know areas as a matter of fact go out all over the islands for 7 days and nights doing this and see if crime won't stop but no you are too afraid, because most of you only use CHRISTIANITY for you own gains for that of money and abuse of power.  This one is for the churches and nation builders, speak and let us see action, or forever be silent.  In my opinion you are the kind of hyprocrites that Jesus spoke about, you will be very vocal if there was a ship of gays visiting, or the government should some how allow gays to marry or they would allow casinos on island all you NATION BUILDERS would be all over Cayman objecting and calling on the people to say NO! but here you are being silent while our young people die.  You are so unworthy that if I don't see but a few christians in my lifetime I would be happy for it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Great post.  So true. No one that should be stepping up in this Country (Premier, elected officials, Pastors) has the balls to do so.  really sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with you.  Here is something that was posted on Logwoodz Dons' Facebook page:

      "B4 I sleepI pray to the lord my soul to keep but if I die b4 I wake I pray to the lord my soul to take!! I got the devil on and he won't let go but I could feel the lord pullin but he movin so slow!"

      I realize these are not his own words, but to post this for all to see seems a cry for help in some ways.  Where are the pastors who taught these boys as youngsters?  Who knows?  Maybe they are trying, and keeping quiet about it.  

      Perhaps God moves in mysterious ways, as they say…


    • Anonymous says:

      They are silent cos you have to go to church, put your money in the box and then hear them talk!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello????? CHRISTIANS??? if you met a genuine CHRISTIAN you won't be taking this way. obviously these NATION BUILDERS are not CHRISTIANS! so stop putting all those in CHRISTIANITY in the same pot! This is similar to someone saying that ALL CAYMANIANS are lazy and uneducated!! sounds stupid right??…EXACTLY!

  69. B.T says:

    Nothing nah happenin yah in BT only old people walking da streets….

  70. Anonymous says:

    What in the world is happening to our Islands?? No one can figure out gangs, because they move from place to place, so while strong Policing is carried out in West Bay another district becomes their killing grounds- It  is just  sad  to have another two loss their lives.  Can the Government and the Police Force  handle these tugs/gangs.  Governor Taylor and Commissioner Baines and others can you not see we are in for a long haul/ You are all not  speaking or thinking in the Ganster terms so please stop and seek experienced help outside.   I hope and pray that when this happens everyone should keep their mouths shut when the job is  done.  In the crack-down you might have some hurted, and if that is what it takes to get the job done – so be it!!  The fued  has travelled to George Town and will soon work its way into Savannah, Bodden Town, East End and Northside to attack their prey.  These animals are witty and will trail and seek you out at a ridiculus price to pay.

    My heart goes out  to the famlies, that are suffering under the hands of these gangs. It started with Drugs and Robberies and   moved to a higher level which is to take lives and cause pain and suffering to famlies.   Do we realize all of this gang voilence is uncalled for, and I beleive there are more gangs out there than what we are focusing on presently.  God Bless the Cayman Islands and our people.

  71. Anonymous says:

    In th US the FBI publishes the charts of the Mafia families with the names of the godfather and all his known henchmen so people know who they are and to put pressure on them. Why not do that here? The RCIPS must know who these guys are by now.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Enough is enough!  Someone call in the a group of mercenaries give them a map of Cayman and in no time will round this heartless little bastards up and hand them over to authorites,

    Governor Taylor and Baines this is not a job for RCIP, they are not use to handling such situations and in fairness to them doesn't have any inkling what needs to be done and are probably fearing their own lives.

    These gang members make plans before they strike, it almost like they makes a shopping list and have have names of the enemy and strike them off one by one. Let's ask ourselves a serious question here. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL BE ABLE TO STOMACH THIS VIOLENT BEFORE IT DESTROY EVERYTHING WE AND OUR FORE FATHERS HAVE BUILT?

    Most certainly seems organized to me. Please remember that gangs when they can't get to their enemy they start taking  out their family members

    Policitians I am begging you please since it is the Governor responsible for the Police march straight to his office early this morning and demand that he gives you some of the power that is needed to fix problems such as these.

    Parents out there if you know your sons or daughters are belonging to a gang please have a little heart turn them over to the authorities. Please don't say tthis  " I know my child wouldn't do that when you damn know they are doing it" it is no way under the sun that you could make me believe that plenty of the parents out don't know if their son or daughter is affiliated with the gangs. STOP BEING SIN CLOAKERS as the old folks would say.

    My advice to the rest of the gangs please go to some one you trust turn yourself in that is if you want to stay a live. NO ONE IS WINNING IN THIS SITUATION.

  73. Anonymous says:

    i'm not ashamed to say that my son is in a GANG, I;m not ashamed to say that I LOVE him and I'm not ashamed to say that as a parent along with other Mothers we have done our best to raise our kids in the right prospective way.  We all make mistakes in life and life is about the choices that each one of us chooses to follow. My son is a good boy my son went to church just like your sons, but you as a parent know that we as hard working Caymanians that these Children of this generation don't listen to us anymore, they think they are grown and they get caught up in the wrong lifestyle by listening to GANSTA RAP Music and protraying what they see on American TV also hanging with the wrong kind of friends that influences them. I have talk to my son to take HEED and pleaded with him to put away the ganster lifestyle behind him.  I have pleaded with him as a Mother to put away any GUNS that he may have or turn them into the Police.  I have talk to him to turn the Gansta name to GOD.  Now instead of you bad minded Caymanians saying that they should all kill off each other, instead of you all marching and UNITING to get help for our Caymanian young men, you all are on here bashing each and everyone of them wishing they were dead!

     Before you put down your own Caymanian men look at your own household first, look at your backyard, how do you know your son is not in a gang too?  Not just because they don't dress like a gansta do not mean that they are not in a gang!  Now lets get real here when our young Caymanian men kill off each other who's gonna fill their shoes?  Tell me who's gonna carry on our good Caymanian name as a leader of this Country when we are all dead and gone?  Our Children is our future "PLEASE LETS HELP THEM ALL AND MAKE THEM STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS" I don't know any of the young men that have died but as a parent I have cried many tears even though I never knew any of them, I have cried because they are someone's child, someone's cousin,friend, nephew,but most of all because they were our young Caymanian men.  Yes!  I'm scared and afraid for my son but I pray to God everynight to help heal him and to come into his heart and make him turn away from his wicked ways.  My son is in the arms of God to protect him and shield him. it is faith thats keeping him alive and only him can turn to now.  I'm scared to wake up in the morning to hear there is another death, it's sad and my heart bleeds knowing we are not doing nothing to help them all, its time for us to take a day off from work and march on for justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Turn him in.

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      Turn him in before it is too late.  Would you rather visit him in Northward or take flowers to his grave?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should be ashamed that your son is in a gang.  Any whether or not you think he is a 'good boy', the fact that he may be messing around with drugs and guns means you should do more than just pray for him.  The way things are going, your son may be next so please stop praying and tell the police.  Try save his life while you still can.

      • Anonymous says:

        He's only a good boy in your eyes becuz he gives ya $50 every week to help put…. oh tank ya, what a good boy ya iz. Then he goes back out in the yard or the street and does his ting, and yo got ya blindahs on, mama.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you for real? You’ve begged him to stop? Woman, if you don’t want to be the next one on tv crying for your son that you LOVE so much then you better love him from Northward. I know this is harsh and maybe once upon a time I would have apologized for it but right about now I don’t feel sorry not one bit. YOU are a part of the problem; the mothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends and baby mothers who KNOW that their YOUNG CAYMANIAN MEN are in gangs but they “love” them so they ask them nicely to stop and to become the good church boys they once were. Wake up lady! Save your son by calling the police on him and all of his useless friends that you see him with. Yes I am a mother and because of that I know what I would be doing in this situation so don’t try with the sob story, the only person I have shed a tear for through all of this is Jeremiah Barnes because HE did not make that choice, HE had no option to run away, HE did not know better. All the rest of these low lives and their enablers are just ruining it for the rest of us.

      As a mother now I will beg you, stop living a lie, your son isn’t going to put down the guns because you asked him nicely; don’t live to regret this while he dies. No one said life as a parent was easy and sometimes it is because you love someone that you have to hurt them. Call Crime Stoppers, call the Police Station, call a lawyer, call anyone and tell them what you know and save your son from the street and himself. Do the right thing by the child you brought into the world and maybe you will feel some guilt for turning your child in to the police but trust me it will be a lot less hurt that what you will feel when he dies

    • Anonymous says:

      You SHOULD be ashamed!  it is parents like you that have allowed things to get to this point.  You blame everyone and everything else, but YOUR inability to bring up your child.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are so not ashamed of your son being in a gang, well be proud and give us your name!

    • Anonymous says:

      just let me tell you one thing you should be  ashamed to call your self a mother you are just as bad as your son is.

      i have two sons and i would be the first to turn them in but you know what i will not have to do that because they were raise in the right way  we made them know who was in charge from day one. and as long as they live in our house we own the air they breathe.

    • Anonymous says:

      'I'm scared to wake up in the morning to hear there is another death, it's sad and my heart bleeds knowing we are not doing nothing to help them all, its time for us to take a day off from work and march on for justice.'

      If you're so scared about another death, turn him in.

      If you're so sad and your heart bleeds…. know that YOU are not doing anything to help him by not turning him in.

      It is time.. for YOU to turn him in.

      You knowingly have a gang member in your family.  Your mother's instict of wanting to protect him and not turn him in, may be the very thing that kills him. And that, will be on YOUR shoulders.

      Take a good look in the mirror, and know that YOU have every power to save your son's life. No more excuses.

    • Anonymous says:

      This just proves the point and is a fine example of what many of us are trying to get across.  You clearly love your child – that is not in dispute.  You are a godfearing woman – that is not either. But what this clearly demonstrates is that taking your child to church, loving him and then leaving the rest in God hands, is clearly not enough.  As a result of this approach, your son has a target on his back and may eventually be responsibile for killing a person.

      Parenting requires more than love.  In order for your child to learn to respect his community, him/herself, his her/peers, parents, authority you need to:


      1)  Instill respect for rules – discipline, teach consequences for actions – Yes a child is allowed to make a choice – but there are positive and negative consquences for every choice – if it is good, reward them.  If it was a poor one, remove privilidges (computer/tv/outings – whatever motivates your child). 

      2)  Follow through – if you make a threat, be prepared to action it.  Don't make threats you can't carry out – and if they don't take it on board – carry through with exactly the threat you made.

      3)  COMMUNICATE!!!!! Especially fathers and sons – tell them about your day,. ask them about theirs.  Sit around a table to eat and talk about what is going on in their lives, what did they do at school, what do they love about school, what troubles them?

      4)  Teach them that everything in life is a choice – they do not have to follow the crowd – get them to understand that before making a decision they must think about what the consequenses might be.

      4)  Show an interest in their actedemic work – turn up to parent teacher meets, attend their concerts and sports days and tell them how proud you are of their successes.  Dust them off after their failures and tell them that with practice they will get better and better and that your are proud of them anyway.  Admire the work they bring home, read and write with them, educate them and let them educate you.

      5)  Limit tv/video games/ internet usage – or at least manage what they are exposed to.  Do you know what their facebook page looks like, what they/their friends are saying on there, what kinds of pictures they have put on of themselves?  What personal information they have shared? 

      Don't wait until they are teens to instill these values – start with babies – talk to toddlers, explain, if the answer is no WHY it is no so they understand that all rules have reasons.

      I do not claim to be a perfect parent – no one is – we are all finding our way – But I know my responsibility is to make damned sure that I have done everything in my power to protect my child, to make him confident in his own abilities and therefore confident to make decisions when he reaches crossroads, and if he is struggling with him, confident that he can come and ask his father or me for help and advice on which path to take.

      Time will tell, how successful I have been – but at least I know that I have given it my all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comment exactly outlines what is wrong with this country. Denial, ignorance and resistance to take any responsibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have compassion for you, because you sound so confused. The shame you SAY you don't feel is coming out of every sentence of your post. So is your frustration.

      I know that children can grow up and go their own way despite what parents have taught, but to say you're not ashamed (in other words, you're proud?) that your son has gone in the other direction?

      Yes your son is  making mistakes. Yes we've all made mistakes. But the problem with Cayman is that we shrug our shoulders instead of DEALING with the mistake. And then, because we don't want someone to call us out on OUR mistakes, we feel we have no business telling someone else that what THEY are doing is wrong.

      I made my mistakes. It's a struggle sometimes – and sometimes someone has to point them out to me – but I do try to own up to them. I'll say this as gently as I can say it. For the sake of your son, go through that struggle and come out victorious. Own up to your mistakes and his. Stop excusing his behaviour. Maybe when you do that he'll be inspired to own up to mistakes too, and maybe he'll turn himself in. If he doesn't, you should. It could save the life of the son that you love so much, and hopefully save someone else's, too.


    • Anonymous says:

      You are not ashamed to say that your son is in a gang?

      M'am, you are a disgrace and part of the problem.

      You are clearly content to harbour him and take his drug money to pay your light bills and live off his criminal lifestyle. Lady, I say this in the kindest way possible, to stop blaming tv or anything else: the problem is you and your lack of parenting skills and common sense.

      If you do love him, turn him in.

      And get yourself some counselling so you can be a better parent and learn 'tough-love' approaches which will get you a better result. Clearly the approach you have taken his mother is NOT working as your son is fully in a gang and does not listen to you.

      I suspect you have other children who are seeing your son as an example AND they see you accepting and making excuses for this unacceptable agreement.

      As a supposedly GOd-fearing person, ask yourself this question:

      "Does your life reflect your morals and beliefs?"

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a shame that you are not ashamed of him being in a gang! If there is no shame in being a ganster, why are you praying for him so much? As far as you are concerned, his activity is laudible!  You are asking God to protect him while he is perhaps involved with the plan of taking another person's life?  Yes, God is our Protector, but I think you are using God's Goodness to 'crutch' your feelings of safety  for your son, while  he is engaging in devilish activities. Please do not forget that God is just and He does not endorse wickedness. I pray that  your boy will make a lifestyle change.  Not one of us want our children to be involved in wrong doing.  You have a moral responsibilty to report to the police, your son's involvement with a gang. The life you save may be his or your own!  Evil can only overcome good when good people do not stand against it!

    • Anonymous says:

      And I'm really sorry to say that you failed to see other options that could have been made available to you when your son was younger and you saw the early warning signs. I too have a teenage son (17) and daughter (15) and these young people that are being killed went through the education system with my teenagers. I'm not saying by far that my teenagers are angels and I have moaned and groaned about the grief they have caused me be it something such as taking $10 from my wallet or hear them complaining for not being allowed to go to the movies with their friends or not doing chores around the house and when they are made too they grumble and throw hissy fits. All of that is so trivial to what is happening around all of us right now. To see these teenagers in pictures on social networking sites before legal age holding guns and alcohol bottles; this problem is deeper than any of us ever thought (especially myself) and it all starts at HOME!!!!! There is NO-ONE ELSE to BLAME!!!!!!

      I'm truly greatful that my teenagers know right from wrong, they understand that harm against or done to others is not morally acceptable and has it's consequences, has the common sense to feel when a situation just doesn't seem right and withdraw away. Why may you ask? I've always had a one on one communication level with my children; before they turned into teenagers. I didn't have to bribe, beg, plead or cry to them to make them change because they had a home with understanding, love, care and respect for one another.

      And I don't really want to hear that broken homes are the major factor in households and teenagers going wrong / awry because that is a load of BS. My teenagers come from a broken home but the support system they were provided, no father as good a father as he might have been could fill it's place.

      There are also other great support systems if a parent is clueless on how to cope alone such as Big Brothers / Big Sisters program and counselling services from he Government that are made available to EVERYONE FREE OF CHARGE SO THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its parents like you that they should lock up in jail. If you know all these bad things about your son you cant then say that he is a good boy because you raised him good. NO he is a BAD boy that you raised good. Turn him in before he gets killed or kills someone else if he has not already done so. Turn him in and then pray for him. How can you continue to keep him out of jail to hurt someone – you are as guilty as he is and should also be held accountable.

    • Anonymous says:

      why does he have guns!?   turn him in. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE

  74. Anonymous says:

    Warships, solidiers,raod blocks  curfews………………..this si not a war torn country fighting a relgouis fraction  nor a TV show. The reality is that there are about 30 thugs with a low level education no matter how they got to that point in life, that are crippling our way of life. We have a Police Service that is not able to stop nor bring most criminals to justice. The situation is not one for the Police to push wedges in between two or three gangs, as that willonly postpone what is going to come,  but to stop them by brining fruitfull evidence to the courts. This is called POLICE WORK. Not that hard when you look at it. They also need to APPREHEND the criminals during at least some of the criminal actions themselves. Mr. Baines answer of a larger stick and a taser is another far fetched one at best and  tonight shows once again he may not want any blood on his hands and it is noble that he wants to keep Caymans Police back in the 1950's but the current uprising of these mow mows dicttates otherwise. History will judge him on how he handled the 2011 uprising  of the mow mow and I do notthink it will be very kind to him.  For the time  being fathers please put the chasity belts on your daughters, guys pull up your pance and  do some good for once for teh greater community. This breeding with 6 or 7 guys and guys visa versa is a big problem and and a part to why we are here now at this point.

  75. Ken P says:

    Baines and Taylor please leave now and go back to England. I demand that Mac, Franz and Alden go to the UK and ask the FCO and Queen to allow us to have all Police officers armed and to bring in specialist from the US, enough is enough. The UK as the world saw 6 weeks ago is in a big mess with gangs and have no idea in tackling their own problems trust me I lived in London and it's a dangerous city. How can it be that in 1 week there's been 5 murders and no arrest of gang members, their families/friends and associates? Taylor you're a joke, a puppet and a poor excuse of a leader. Baines, i ain't got hope in hell for you and your lazy and incompetent tactics and attitudes, you have put Cayman in a very negative light. Mac, start walking the streets of Cayman and make people know you care or will you be jetting off to Dubai again? Pastors where are you all in these difficult times come on Pastor Al, Rose, Sykes start taking to the streets, you're getting loads of money in funding and don't be hiding now you can protest against gays well protest against crime and violence too.

    I'm scared for my family and friends but also for the future of Cayman and I'm worried that tourist will view Cayman as another violent destination like Mexico and other Caribbean islands. It's time we get assistance from the US and maybe also consider becoming independent, God knows it can't get worse than it is. So sad that our young men who should be asspiring to being good honest citizens with bright prospects of being doctors, lawyers and engineers are choosing to be gangsters. Society has failed and parents are to be blamed, we took the bible and beating out of schools and homes and replaced it with BET and gangster attitudes.Our young women are idolising gangsters because they think they are macho guys with guns, cash and tatoos and see it as an honor to be pregant at 15 by these low life scums, what a waste. Prostitution is rampant and young girls are selling their bodies and see it as the norm.Trust me it'll be more murders in the coming days as the police don't know the movements of gangs. Baines, talking about gang members not sitting at their usual places of course not you dummy they are planning their next move and victims, evil never sleeps. I'm from West Bay and I know the hotspots so why aren't you in Logwoods, patroling the 'Ghetto projects' in Birch Tree Hill, Goat Yard area in Bousan Bay, Watrercourse Rd but also Rockhole, Scranton, Swamp, Windsor Park, Dog City and a host of other areas in Cayman.


    This isn't a district issue this is an island wide epidemic that's growing by the hour and residents be prepared for more bloodshed and look at a Plan B exit option. Any person wearing bandanas, gangster attire, carrying firearms, knives, agressive dogs, bats, tinted out vehicles, using gangster signs need to be arrested and questioned for 72 hours and if you need to beat them to talk then do it. The schools are the breeding haven so start a lockdown there and arrest any suspect gang affiliates. Also take a look at Facebook, Logwoodz Dons and see who are friends of who and start arresting people remember guilty by association. Now is now and start taking actions by asking for a curfew and get the UK or US army to help and if they don't then ask Cuba. Resients start demanding change.

    Blessings to all,

    • Anonymous says:

      Police need to look at the logwoodz dons facebook page.  I find it quite funny that most of the people that are friends with this group or person are young ladies.  If you don't think the ladies are involved in this stuff or don't know about it……..WAKE UP……..



  76. Anonymous says:

    caymans main problems are:

    shambolic government

    shambolic governor

    judicial system that can't seem to convict anybody

    why do you think we such lawlessness in the country?

    we need direct rule for 2 years with specialist undercover hit squads who can eradicate the vermin on this island

    • Anon says:

      Wrong! the main problems are

      the parents

      the brothers the sisters

      the aunts the uncles

      the grand dads the granmas

      They are the ones with the power to stop this madness

  77. Just Sayin' says:

    This must be great news for the unemployment rate.

  78. Concerned says:

    My concern is that at this point, there is still the blame game being played and no one is accepting the reason for this mess. Its Caymanians killing each other, no outside influences, iths all here?  Where are the parents in these homes, why have these young men strayed so far from what's right or wrong and why do citizens, who know who is responsible for the senseless violence, being silent?

    People are quick to blame the police, but it closer than Mr. Baines, is uneh, wake up Cayman. It maybe time for a curfew, its hit GT now, and it won't be long before there is collateral damge/accidental killings of innocent bystanders.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is Caymanians killing each other – sadly. But to say there have been no outside influences would be false.

      1) The Jamaicans that brought in and introduced drugs to these Islands – especially cocaine for local distribution.

      2) The guns that come from Jamaica and the US

      3) The Jamaican criminals who came here and began the armed robberies back in the 80s and 90s and trained our local thugs

      4) The Jamaicans who came in to commit some of the high profile murders in the past – e.g. Todd Powery

      5) The Jamaicans who our local gangsters still have as gun and drug contacts and who trained the so-called gang "elders" in the ways of organised crime and gangs

      6) The well-off expats who come here from Europe and North American with their recreational drug habits and perpetuate the drug trade – demand = supply.

      I know a few current and fomer thugs. Every single one has the same thing in common – a Jamaica connection for guns and drugs, and Jamaicans resident on island as communication links.  There is more influence on our criminal underworld from our neighbour to the southeast than most people think or know.

      This is not to say that our homegrown criminals are not evil, violent thugs – just to say that they've had some foreign training along the way.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Listen Cayman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The police cannot do it by themselves, its not like the gang members are gonna go up to the police and say "I'm a gang member arrest me" of course not! We (caymanians) need to help the police not sit around and complain about them we need to take this responsibilty of our country as a whole. we need to stand up call the police and tell them what you know about the crimes. I know at least one peron in every family knows someone thats a so called "gangster" and im sure thiers at least one person that knows somthing about the murders that have taken place in the last week. If you know any1 that knows anything about anything call the police from a pay phone are somthing tell them what you know and be done with it..You cud be the person responsible for saving our Island!! PLS Cayman young caymanians are being lost alomst everyday and this has got to stop it is going to ruin our Island you dnt wnt ppl to think about cayman like how they do with Jamaica & Honduras!!! I myself is away at school and the ppl always say "we love the cayman islands, it is so beautiful and safe thier, its not like jamaica" like come on cayman ou want to be known for that (the good) not the bad if we lose that about cayman and we lose our tourism right after that will be the banking then what will your children do??? huh?? nothing cayman will be a 3rd world country and then we will be in a mess then!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Absolute garbage.  The RCIPS know who they are and where they are, they are afraid of them.  Have you ever been to the police station to report a crime?  They could not be less interested.  I have been three times now and was treated so disrespectfully, I will not go again, it seemed it was just too much paperwork for them to do and the 300lb receptionist doesn't exactly portray a fit police force!


      Cayman is the size of a village with an oversize police service, it is not difficult to police.  They have high speed boats, helicopters armed units, fast cars, canine units and still they do not get enough convictions.  Useless!

    • WB Expat with eyes says:

      I guess since you are calling all Caymanians I don't count yet AGAIN.

      You are sad for dismissing an entire segment of your population and perpetuating the 'versus' mentality


      I will hide and watch and you can sit and swivel

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello! Focus on the problem at hand! How dare you drag Jamaica into this! Pick the trash frommyour own eyes . There is no need to be casting stone when u have your own problems. It’s not about the country”look” is what is affecting the citizens here ….u caymanians are all about how “thing look” that is why shielding. Criminals bcus u are afraid of what ppl will think. I am most upset about the Jamaica comment because even in your time of trouble u are finding time to spit in the eyes of others. As

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm not the poster above but 2 points: 1. Jamaica had this problem and they did the same thing we did: ignore it.  

        2. This "Gaza" "Gully" thing comes from Jamaica.  

  80. Grandmother of 17 says:



  81. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS needs to get some help from the JDF or the Jamaican Mobile Reserve Unit. They would have this place cleaned up in a few days; they treat criminals in the way they should be treated they do not 'pet and powder' them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't hold your breath, CAYMAN Is a British Territory and cayman's people will have none of it. If JDF and JCF members were engaged and there is a shootout and one of these young gangsters are killed it would be "hell" in cayman. Demonstrations, pettitions, hate speeches and innendos against jamaicans residents and jamaican-caymanions. Forget it

    • Anonymous says:

      The RCIPS has far too many Jamaicans in it now who boast about JDF experience and who sit and do NOTHING!! Last thing we need is MORE Jamaicans!!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I pray he pulls through and that God spares his life:)

  83. Anonymous says:

    The police need outside help! The Commissioner of police said a year ago that there were only 15 gunmen in Cayman causing havoc and he stated that those that weren't dead were in prison. They also only use to arrest certain individuals everytime something happened even when they knew good well it couldn't always be these individuals. Now that those individuals aren't on the streets they can't blame it on them. So whose doing all these killings? The problem is that there are too many guns in Cayman now and worst of all in the wrong hands. Almost all of these boys/men are related. Its so sad because its the families that suffer. There will always be this tit 4 tat killing because these boys don't know how to deal with the pain of losing a loved one and they let their anger get the best of them and go out there and kill which solves nothing just brings more heartache to the Island. We as a community instead of saying they should all kill each other we need to pray to God for guidance for these young men. They are out of control and need help. Let's see the results of the forensic evidence when it comes back? That should be some good evidence to bring forth a charge. I just think that anyone arrested now should be held for the full 12 days maximum. This is because they are more likely to get caught up in the crossfire if they are released. The man that was just released was related to one of the boy's that was murdered. I pray for guidance for them all. People need to remember that they can't be crying for justice to be served for their relatives when they are out there shooting other people as well. Leave it to God and the police. God will never fail us, hopefully the police will stop failing us soon. 

  84. Anonymous says:

    why aren't these imbeciles being put under surveillance???? Then the police would know who is killing who and make the arrest right there on the spot? They know who these retarded gang members are…so why not keep them in sight? 

  85. Anonymous says:

    Thumbs up for a blockade of the govenors house until a state of emergency is declared and curfew is put in place.

  86. Anonymous says:

    It is obvious that the people of the Cayman Islands still don't understand what is happening here, including our law enforcement officers. When they make comments like "they have moved to George Town", it is no wonder they have such a hard time getting a grip on crime and incapable of solving these crime related cases in a court of law. What they refer to as The Birchtree Hill and Logwoods Gangs,is  Island wide, madeup of people from East End to West Bay, Bodden Town and George Town included, plus expatriates. There were some comments over the past few days in which some people thought that West Bay should be cut off from the rest of the Island and the crime issue would be solved. This has convinced me of these people's ignorance. Murder in Cayman did not start in West Bay nor will it end in West Bay. GET REAL!!!

  87. Xander Cage says:

    we need the task force of the 90's……simple

  88. Anonymous says:

    Blame the politicians.


    Anyone remember back in the 1990s? Some people spoke up, myself included, about the need to tackle the gang problem fast and hard before it grew and became uncontrolable. Truman Bodden, then in power, denied there were any gangs in Cayman. He said there might be a few mischevious "groups" in the schools but that's all. McKeeva Bush suggested that such talk was reckless because it might hurt tourism. Most other ministers and MLAs had nothing to say at all.


    Given the quality of people at the helm, it was inevitable that our country would run aground.





  89. Anonymous says:

    I am no expert in the field but it is common sense that this ridiculous policy of  refraining from arming every police vehicle has made the police very ineffective in responding quickly and effectively to armed criminals. These criminals are running freely with impunity knowing that with such few armed policemen they can do whatever they like.

    The problem is that Commissioner does not have any accountabilty to the people of these Islands. He operates on policies that are suited to the mother country not the Caribbean.

    He knows if he dares to suggest the increase arming of the police he will be summarily dismissed and replaced. That's is not how it's done back home "my lad"

    Mr. Governor, Mr Commissioner wake up,  arm the police officers so they can have the necessary protection to deal with this state of anarchy. 



    • Anonymous says:

      You know, the police in LA and NY are armed yet it doesn't stop their gang land killings now does it. I'm not against arming the police, but let's be realistic here, it's not going to stop the gangsters to making their moves. Unless the police know how their next move there's not much they can do and that's not their fault either, they can only do so much when it comes to intelligence. The criminals aren't going out there with loudspeakers saying "I'm heading to kill [insert random name] right now." I'm no expert, but from a perspective of a young caymanian, the police need the assistance  of the community on the whole. Frankly speaking I don't see them getting much at all. All they receive is criticism, some warranted others not. I'm not pretending that I have the answers on how all of these killings can be solved, because I certainly don't, but I know it's not as clear cut as arming up.  

    • The Facts says:


      And for Gods sake, police please arrest some one, dont care if the JUdge let the ago.  And Judges, for the sake of us all please do not let them ago, if you have the knowledge that they are guilty as hell.  Send them away.  Let their families appeal your decision, but do something.

      What are we really waiting for to curfew.  The Commissioner of police obviously along with all the others, Governor and Premier is not doing what supposed to do.

      I say it again they are only waiting for a white man to be shot target, or innocent and then the Governor and Commissioner will take measures.  Watch out for it, because when these thugs cannot find who they are looking for, and cannot get their drugs they wILL start drive by shootings.  But you people will not listen to what the public is saying.  IT IS JUST BEGINING.  Police make sure you are prepared and have bullit proof west.  Do not park anywhere.   Keep on the move with eyes wide open.

  90. Big G says:

    I agree with 22:37…Police just do what needs to get done and stop spending time on trying to restore your image…let your work speak for itself…get on with it Baines…

  91. Anonymous says:

    Baines, why don't you own (man up) up and say it like it is:  The RCIPS has no answer to his rampage of mindless killings.  The gangs are now in control of the streets of Cayman and no one is safe in this country anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correction. Baines does not have the answer and he has marginalized those who do. Ask any police officer and they will tell you the same.

    • Anonymous says:

      then what?

  92. Anonymous says:

    did anyone really think the violence was going to end in west bay…. these "gangs" have declared war and war it will be where ever they choose to go,,, our police force is not equipped to handle this situation. does anyone blame them,, would anyone enter a gunfight without a weapon?  the time has come to ask for help,, and when it comes,, let us not complain about road blocks, house searches, etc,, if you have nothing to hide,, it should not be a burden. this is not the cayman i came to 15 years ago,, and no i am not leaving,, this is my home and i will fight for what ever it takes to make us a safe community again…….

    • Agree says:

      I came here fifteen years ago, married a Caymanian, we both worked very worked hard, bought a home, and am raising upstanding children.  I too, am not leaving due to a bunch of corrupt politiicians who KNOW who the kingpins ARE and a bunch of thugs in a gang.

      Arm the police, arrest the white collar drug kingpins and round up the punks.

  93. Scared says:

    All of this is from Caymanians. Our country is lost. Heaven help us.

  94. Shepherd says:

    Can we have our curfew now Mr. Baines?  Island wide please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Curfew will not help the situation. The gang members will start killing in the day. The police know who are associated with gangs, tag them and put them on curfew.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      The Commissioner of Police is correct to not use curfews.

      • Concerned Caymanian says:

        Denny if the police is not to have a curfew, will you please come up with a solution.  Dont you see that the Island is in the Red.  People are afraid to be out.  So if there was a curfew in place the same van with the men who were shot would not have been able to drive the Bodden Town road last night.  They were seen in drug areas looking drugs.  If there was a curfiew they would have been stoped and searched and the gun found before they were shot at.

        Police need to stop every one.  Take ID and licence plate numbers of suspects.  Ask where you are going,  make sure anyone under suspicion is thoroughly searched.


    • Anonymous says:

      You want 50,000 people to stay home after 6 pm because of the actions of 10-15 people? Sure, now there is a proportional response (sarcasm).

      • Concerned Caymanian says:

        08:21  WHY THE HELLL cant you buy your beer and drink it at home for 6 months until we can get this mess cleaned up.  Restaurant people dont want a curfew and bars and clubs do not want a curfew.  Well then pick up the news paper each day hoping that it is not your daugher son or grand child has been shot.  This is now everyone business, sodo notthink that it will not reach you soon.  Just watch

    • Anonymous says:

      Commissioner of police its all well and good making statements over every thing and anything.

      You need to give that job to a junior officer or a civillian worker and roll up your sleeve and lead by example. And don't think that only English Bobbies can work in the Cayman Islands. Get people from West indies and USA including specialist crime fighters who can deal with these ruthless gun men. We are affraid that if you don't change your stragedies, all the depressed areas, Dog City, Scranton, Rock Hole, Windsor park and other aeas including bodden town and east end will have their own weeping because of gun men shooting at each other and innocent bystanders or people in their houses will be in danger of being shot.

      Judges in the Court and lawyers for the hoodlums stop letting off criminals on a mere technicality. They will come back to haunt us. Not you because you have your personal security. When violent crime continue to rise it bound to touch the untouchables. Act now before its too late

  95. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to say 3m/4m to late.
    This should problem should have been addressed years ago.
    I recal a form police office warning Mac and senior civil servants that this was going to happen, this former officer also put a proposal forward to form a special unit at this time and it was turned down by them.
    Mr. Baines, HE what are you going to do now? Bring officers from the UK? Make all you current officers work 12hr shift and wear them our?
    Bring back old officers who know the streets and the people, they are respected and know to all…

    This appears to be a 48hr bug.

    From what I see it’s now
    2 logwood
    3 birchtree

    And with the double murders tonight I assume these guys will be shooting in twos.

    For all you officers on the street good luck, be safe and God Bess.

  96. Anonymous says:

    By stepping in, the police are only going to slow the murders down. They will commence once all is settled again. These idiots have nothing else on their minds but picking up guns and and blasting away. And for what? No reason whatsoever! We should have a vigilante sniper go out there and show them what it's like to be "the hunted" for a change.   

  97. Anonymous says:

    We need a Top Cop with experience in fighting Gang Warfare . Unfortunately we have one with experience in tackling football hooligans  

  98. Anonymous says:

    Curfew Governor, CURFEW!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What good would a curfew do? They would just do their killings before they have to get off the street…

  99. Anonymous says:

    The worst is yet to come…wait til there are simultaneous shootings or other violent crimes in two or more districts at the same time.  What are we going to do with one helicopter and no backup?  I suggested bringing in a few British warships with helicopters and onboard prisons and 100 or so soldiers from the US with armored vehicles to patrol the rock but CNS didnt post my suggestion for some reason…must have thought it was too far fetched.  WE SHALL SEE. 

  100. Anonymous says:

    This Commissioner does not know what he is doing or talking about!! He should be asked to resign, how does he expect to keep them a part when these individuals are always two steps ahead of him and he so called department!. I would be so ashamed to wear that uniform!!! They have no interest in solving crime problem cause it aint their ppl getting murdered. Mr. Premier what do u have to say or u gonna keep passing the buck over to the Governor who is obviously still eating tea and scones!! What a bunch of ppl we got to put up with, no this is what I call unadulturated, harrasement!!

  101. Anonymous says:

    At least these "wanabee gangstas" so far have only shot each other. The biggest worry I have is if they start with "drive by shootings" that makes it at least a thousandtimes more likely that some truely innocent person will be killed!

    • Anonymous says:

      “wannabe gangstas”??? I think we’ve passed those cliches a long time now. These are gangsters! They are in gangs, aren’t they? They’re killing people, are they not?

      So if they were dropped in Tivoli Gardens today they may just pee their pants and call for mommy, but trust and believe that they’re working hard to get to that calibre.

      Cold and heartless? Check.
      Blood thirsty? Check.
      Selfish and uncaring about their community? Check.

      Cayman can be flushed down the toilet for all they care. So funny how their online pics show them flashing their gang and WB symbols, but yet they’re destroying WB. Damn idiots!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, but put them in the middle of a real gang in the US or the UK and these kids are just boys…wannabe gangsters, they'd be cryin for their mommas in no time.

  102. Poor parenting, young parents, lack of love... says:

    Some of the reasons for joining a gang may include:

    A search for love, structure, and discipline
    A sense of belonging and commitment
    The need for recognition and power
    Companionship, training, excitement, and activities
    A sense of self-worth and status
    A place of acceptance
    The need for physical safety and protection
    A family tradition
    Risk Factors for Joining a Gang
    Racism:  When young people encounter both personal and institutional racism (i.e., systematic denial of privileges), the risks are increased.  When groups of people are denied access to power, privileges, and resources, they will often form their own anti-establishment group.
    Poverty:  A sense of hopelessness can result from being unable to purchase wanted goods and services.  Young people living in poverty may find it difficult to meet basic physical and psychological needs which can lead to a lack of self-worth and pride.  One way to earn cash is to join a gang involved in the drug trade.
    Lack of a support network:  Gang members often come from homes where they feel alienated or neglected. They may turn to gangs when their needs for love are not being met at home.  Risks increase when the community fails to provide sufficient youth programs or alternatives to violence.
    Media influences:  Television, movies, radio, and music all have profound effects on youth development.  Before youth have established their own value systems and are able to make moral judgments, the media promotes drugs, sex, and violence as an acceptable lifestyle.
    Protective Factors
    Well-developed social and interpersonal skills
    High sense of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and personal responsibility
    Reflectivity, rather than impulsive thought and behavior
    Internal locus of control (i.e., the belief of being able to influence environment in a positive manner)
    Flexible coping strategies, well-developed problem-solving skills and intellectual abilities
    Gang Prevention
    Here are a few gang-prevention strategies:
    The family and the community are essential to the development of the child's social, emotional, and physical needs.  If the family is the source of love, guidance, and protection that youths seek, they are not forced to search for these basic needs from a gang.  The family and community share responsibility for teaching children the risk of drugs.
    Strong education and training are directly related to a youth's positive development.  Young people who successfully participate in and complete education have greater opportunities to develop into reasonable adults.
    Graffiti removal reduces the chance that crimes will be committed.  Since gangs use graffiti to mark their turf, advertise themselves, and claim credit for a crime, quick removal is essential.
    Conflict resolution programs teach gangs how to deal better with conflicts and help eliminate gang intimidation tactics.
    Recreational programs such as sports, music, drama, and community activities help build a sense of self-worth and self-respect in young people.  Youth involved in suchactivities are less likely to seek membership in a gang.
  103. Caymanian Patriot says:

    Well at least Baines can be sure that the 2 he has locked up in relation to the other shootings did not do the shootings tonight, but then again, with Baines who knows?

  104. Anonymous says:

    CURFEW!   PUT IN A CURFEW until this settles down.   This war is red hot.   A curfew was put in during a past emergency, Hurricane Ivan, and this merits another one.  PLEASE, I dont mind temporary inconvenience.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Um hello, think about all the businesses and people that would be hurt by a curfew. A curfew means no customers at the store, no work for the store employees and in the end more people in need. After Ivan was one thing, very few people were able to work but trying to make 50,000 people stay home to prevent 10 or 15 from going out is not possible. The police would spend more time arresting you and me for breaking the curfew and have no time for the criminals.  Also, do you really think the gangs will follow a curfew? Really?

  105. Anonymous says:

    State of emergency…island wide curfew is the only solution

    • Anonymous says:

      no way…. maybe a male caymanian curfew only……

      • Anonymous says:

        Plenty Caymanian females involved in all this too….wasn't it a Caymanian female that smuggled the gun into the nightclub some time ago for her 'friend'.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Since the police dont seem willing to install a curfew, I say we the people should go ahead with one.

  107. Love Cayman says:

    It is now time for martial law

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      Martial law???  You mean actually let armed men be seen in the Cayman Islands?  The same people in charge who won't let our police have weapons to defend themselves won't go for that!  Truthfully, a cop with no gun is like a car with no wheels.

  108. Concern Citizen says:

    Lord Have Mercy

    When will this stop and when will we all come out and unite our forces to help stop this foolishness, many family will continue to feel the pain of loosing love one if they just decide to sit back and take it as it is. when we all look into it becuase notting is being done or on the other hand what can be done to stop this.One simple advise to the people of this islands it will continue to happen if we don't get up from our chair and bed and beg that better measures be put in place to combat what is happening it will be more blood in the street and family loosing there members.

    What is the Leaders, Police commissioner and Governor  waiting for, what more they need to be proven to them  or are they waiting until little kids or elderly people start dying or  fellow officers become targets,Cayman is too small for this large police force can't handle, (but how can u send police to a gun war with pepper spray) one of the main problem is that they know who these people are but becasue of family this and family that you can't take them off the street, i know if this continue to happen we will soon see a island going down to the Dirth, soon no tourist, (BBC,CNN,CARIBBEAN NEWS) and many migration then more problem in the country

    These police need to look more LAW AND ORDER, CSI, and CRIMINAL MIND etc and stop complaining that they are not getting information and put measure in place to find information, not everything needs to be on the opening and a little more smart thinking could reward us all more openly.


    My sympathy to all the family that have lost there love one to the GUN

    This must stop

  109. Anonymous says:

    Send for the JDF!!!! They know how to handle these situations!!!

    • Swine says:

      YES!! Because crime, murder, rape, drugs and voilence is under control in Jamaica because the JDF know how to do thier sh!t! They themselves are bigger criminals than the ones that they go after….

      • Anonymous says:

        They are not under control. Even with our spate of violence there are still less murders here on a per capita basis.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that JCF police can easily deal with crimes like these, but the sad thing is , if they come over here and clean up the place , THE CAYMAN people are the first to protest and say that Mckeeva make Jamaican police come over here come harass them "innocent" Cayman youths. So the blood shed continues!! So sad.

    • Anonymous says:

      You want Jamaicans here now – thought you were trying to get rid of them after all the complaining about them!

  110. Caymanian Boat Captain says:

    At this rate, our "City Morgue" must be getting quite full these days. I guess we'll soon have to rent one of Thompson 20' – 40' refridgerated containers to hold them all. The stark truth is……… The RCIPS have really lost all control in the "Prevention and Detection" of serious crimes in the Cayman Islands. Time for a leadership change……. and for goodness sake, we don't need no more experts from the UK. 

    Your Excellency, please look at new leadership from Canada or the US…… to take usout of this mess that we're in.       

    • Anonymous says:

      The Police have lostcontrol of nothing – we the people of the Cayman Islands are the ones who are losing everything. The police did not cause these crimes – it is not because of their actions or lack of actions that there are gangs. We the people and our government MUST decide to take this under control – insulting and demorlising the police force is not going to make this problem go away. Furthermore, why dont we just let the little buggers kill each other – they soon wont have anyone left in either gang for us to worry about. The economy will pick up too – at least the funeral homes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The leadership that we need can be found right here, of our own. There is no country in the world, no matter how advanced that will come here with the intention of cleaning this country up at heart, if there were, they would happily do it for free.  We do not need anyone from overseas, what we need is someone who knows our people, lands, streets, ways of life etc etc etc….please stop asking for overseas experts, they are the last thing we need…..

  111. Anonymous says:

    Oh my. Sorry to hear that. I can't imagine what's going on in the minds of the people of George Town. Their property value must not be worth as much as my goats. They should put George Town on curfew. Just lock that crazy place down.

  112. Just Me says:

    The second victim has also died. Two dead. OMG!!

  113. NorthSider says:

    Some things to consider:

    Name and shame gang leaders and put them in the lime light

    Impose stiffer sentences, aim for better conviction rates, tighten up parole rules

    Riot gear and guns for police togo in and round up known gang members

    Urge gangs to reform or face major crackdown-offer gang members and families help with housing, addiction, education and jobs.

    Offer a contract with society-if broken harsher penalties such as longer non-parole sentences in maximum security, work intense prison sentences

    Make gang membership and recruitment a crime.

    Catalogue tattoos, etc and make it a misdemeanor to have known gang paraphanalia/tattoos

    Collect detailed intelligence-Pictures/bios on gangs

    Target known hangouts

    Catalogue gang movements

    Target support network: family, spouses, friends, girlfriends and impose criminal sanctions for aiding/ associating with gang members

    Step up border activities w/ volunteer boat guard and guard houses on beaches, including after hours infrared cameras

    Establish specific anti-gang unit

    Gun sniffing dogs, women officers to search known female associates

    Declare martial law and target the known areas

    Parents who do not turn in their children who are gang members are criminally liable

    Impose a natioanl curfew: 10pm for children under 18 unless accompanied by parents.

    Impose a national ID done at drivers licence dept. Include fingerprints: 14yrs and up must carry ID

    Undercover officers in nite clubs bars with known gang visitors

    Weekend raids-curfew violators handled harsher-limited state of emergency due to murders

    Automatic six month sentence for knives

    • Anonymous says:

      You can start by phopographing and identifying every 13-30 year old attending a funeral in the next few days.

  114. The Camel says:

    Ok, bye bye Cayman. This is the straw that broe the Camel's back.

    Off to Canada I go. Or maybe Cuba. Or perhaps Afghanistan. You know…somewhere safer.

    I just hope I don't get gunned down driving to the airport.


    • Anonymous says:

      Then good riddance as it appears you were only here for your own selfish reasons to make money or perhaps escape from your nightmare wherever it is you originate from and never had any 'real' interest in the Country's well being at all. Please don't let Cayman Airways door hit you on your backside as it closes!

      • Anonymous says:

        What a dumb response…seriously! It is someone's right to voice their opinon and if you yourself had any common sence you would notice the name of the person who said they want to leave is "Ebanks-Bodden" two of the most popular last names of Caymanians. So before you go assuming and telling them to go back where they came from how about you get your facts straight!

  115. Mrs. J. Ebanks-Bodden says:

    This has now become a state of chaos. I am afraid to leave my house. Oh my.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the Caymanian Compass, three arrested for the murders, but guess what one has been released already…typical….and now we have another murder, possible two if the second person doesn't pull through!

  116. Anonymous says:

    This is really bad now, Cayman is on the verge of no return.  For the very first time in over 45years I am scared.  These people have no value for life and absolutely no respect or love for this country. 

    • Anonymous says:

      OK, this is enough. I know people might not agree with me but when my football team is performing bad over a period of time and there is only talk from those in charge, like the Coach, manager and even captain, well its time to replace them. Well Cayman is my football team which has now been "relegated" and I have only been hearing small talk.

      I heard McKeeva's statement on Radio Cayman this afternoon and he was his usual self, passing the blame. That cannot work no more and as leader of this Country that is falling fast, McKeeva must step aside now and let someone more capable take over the captaincy of our beloved Isle Cayman. This is serious now and something drastic has to happen and as McKeeva seems more interested in travelling off Island, well let him go and put a worthy person to be Premier.

      This is nothing to do with PPM or UDP, the simple and true facts are, that McKeeva has failed miserably!