Mac calls for more power

| 27/09/2011

(CNS): The country’s premier has said that the elected officials don’thave enough power when it comes to dealing with crime. Two and a half years after the people of the Cayman Islands voted narrowly in favour of the new constitution, McKeeva Bush was still attacking it and those who voted for it at a West Bay meeting last week. Bush told his constituents that the document did not give enough power over security to the elected officials. He said it was not that much different from the old one and people should not have voted for it. “Your elected representatives should have more say on these matters,” Bush added as he spoke about the limited power the elected government had to address the rise in violent crime.(Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

The premier stated that the new constitution restricted the elected government from getting involved in operational aspects of law enforcement and security. “The governor himself has said publicly, when it comes to matters of crime and security, the buck stops with him,” Bush said. “I cannot give any direction to the police commissioner or the governor for that matter … and for those of you who voted for the constitution, let that message be loud and clear.”

Although elected officials can raise their concerns and they voted millions of dollars for the police budget, they did not have the power to demand that it is spent correctly, Bush lamented. “They are the ones that have the authority to say where it’s going to be spent, how it’s going to be spent and when it’s going to be spent,” he said. “I rue the day that those of you that voted for the constitution did so.”

One of the things that he said he felt was totally wrong was the limited power the politicians had. While they should never be able to have a say over prisoners or who goes to court, “since people feel that way,” he said, the politicians should have more power and he insisted that the elected arm of government had done everything within its power to deal with the current spiralling crime situation.

He also told the West Bay audience that things were going to get worse with the advent of the Bill of Rights, which he said was already costing the country millions of dollars even before the law suits against government started.

“Don’t say I didn’t tell you about this constitution,” he warned, saying that even the police were limited under the constitution because of human rights. The premier stated that when the Bill of Rights is implemented next year, that would be when the problems really started. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” he added. Bush said government would be spending around $12 million, some of it on buildings, even before it spent money on the claims he seemed to think would be made against it.

The buildings Bush referred to are those being built to create a juvenile or young offenders institution, which Cayman has never had. The criminal justice system currently houses children who break the law with adult offenders, a situation that most experts agree increases the risk of those young people re-offending.

The premier said that people were criticising and vilifying him instead of criticising the people with the constitutional powers that “you voted for and you gave them”, as he attacked the constitutional situation. He told people to look at who has the authority and ask why, as the premier, he had to defer to those powers. He complained that while the elected officials voted around $37 million in total now for the police this financial year, they could not direct how any of it was spent. Bush said that government would be watching very closely over the short term how the police tackled the current crime situation.

Asked by former West Bay candidate Woody DaCosta if the commissioner would be given a performance standard, time line or some level of accountability for the money, Bush said he could not force the commissioner to be accountable and the governor does not have to listen to anything the elected representatives have to say. DaCosta asked how it was that government could continue to throw money at the police but no one was being held to account. Regardless of the constitution, DaCosta said, the premier was in a position to apply pressure on behalf of the public because the constitution says that the governor has to act in the interests of the Caymanian people.

Bush said it didn’t matter what pressure he applied; if the governor did not like it, he simply went to the UK and told them he disagreed with the elected officials. With a constitution that he said he believed was no different from what the country had before, at the end of the day the governor could still do what he wanted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He needs to understand people wanted change that is why they voted the new constitution in! The human rights is a wonderful thing and most countries in the world has it! The Cayman Islands people never really knew what going on in the Cayman Islands before the FOI law was in place! If the Government is doing unlawful things in the country then they should be taken to court! Human RIghts only improves things in a "Country" and if you don'y like it just leave government completely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mac wants Mo Powa, for what? So he can tell the Police what to investigate?

    He is the most incompetent, insecure, XXXX leader ever!

    He can't create 200 jobs unless he gives Dart 67 acres of crown land in Salt Creek worth $56 Million.

    He can't fight crime because he do hav no Powa!.

    He can not get the cruise ship docks because the PPM messed up his deal.

    He can't build the schools because the PPM left them broke.

    He claims he didn't support the constitution, but we know he attended all the constitutional talks in London and he would not agree agree to the inclusion of 1 man 1 vote. We know he told the people during the 2009 election that it was a personal decision, when considering the referendum on the constitution. He along with the idiot Mile  Adams made those statements at the COC debates. We know he did not tell the people not to vote for the constitution. And guess what? He is glad to have the constitution just how it is,because this gives him plenty of leverage with both those for and against the constitution. If he was against the constitution why did he not come out at the many meetings he held and say that he would recommend to the people not to vote for the constituion? ur problem is not the constitution! It is not perfect but it meets the needs of modern Cayman better than that collection of rules we previously had. Our problems are Mac, Julie, Rolston and Mike. They are in charge of Government and do not know what to do with it. Those Four are idiots at the highest level.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If I was under criminal investigation by the police I would want more control over the polce too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    More power for Mac?  Jeezus what a frightening concept.

  5. Geoge Towner says:

    To 14:34 "You should be sorry"

    It appears that you are from West Bay.  Therefore, it is you and your families that keep voting for Mac all the time. I vote in GeorgeTown where all my grannies grannies and grandpas are from. I never voted for Mac. Do some reflection…can you say when Mac was ever retired from politics? Never! AND he will never be !!! when he is not MLA he is Leader of Government Business or Exco Member. Now he is Premier. And yes we have to cheer on the West Bayers that keep him in power. He must be doing something good for them. Just like how we keep Mr. Kurt employed in George Town. So like it, or like it not, Mac and Kurt will always be employed. Both by the West Bayers and the George Towners. They have no where to go until they so choose to disappear.

    • Anonymous says:

      It appears I am from West Bay??? Did you read my post at all??? OH well…I tried.

  6. Power of the People says:

    I've been to a couple of the last few meetings or saw them on TV and keep hearing McKeeva blast the people who voted for the constitution – – – AS IF he warned them along not to…!

    PLEASE let the record state that when Mr Bush was – repeatedly – asked for his view on the constitution and how HE personally planned to vote, he (very slickly) declared that he was "praying about it". He never condemned it, he never applauded it. He made it very obvious that he would not share his view UNTIL the votes were in AND we had a chance to feel the fall-out.

    HE benefits from the new constitution MORE than anyone else. HE gets significant power from it. But when there is something wrong with it (as some delegates highlighted before it was voted on) he is oh so quick to tear it apart and blame the blind voters for such a devastating document. Seems to me IF he had been so against it during the elections, he would have made it a point to EDUCATE his followers and word would have spread around that the majority were against it. He had the opportunity back then to encourage or discourage.

    But he did not do that. He played both sides of the field on this one. Keep your mouth shut, don't give an opinion and if everything goes well, it's a good thing and if everything goes wrong, it's the voter's fault! Well I can tell you what I think was the voter's fault!!!

    McKeeva is a champion of blame. He is one of those people who succeed in making the other side look so bad in order to deflect inspection of his own faults. He looks better when you look worse!

    Frankly I am sick of it.

    I am sick of him.

    I am sick of the crime, sick of the heat, sick of the mud slinging. Sick of the politics, politricks and polipricks. But I have nowhere else to go. What to do. What to do?


    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I don't think Mr Bush has ever expressed anything but disdain for a constitution.  Except, of course, for the part about being Premier, which apparently forces him to have a car and driver and fence and pension and salary and perks up his bum and out the other side.  Hey.  Tell us Mr Bush… is it GREAT to be the king?


  7. EXPAT101 says:

    "When the people fear their goverment there is tyranny. When the goverment fears the people there is LIBERTY"!

    Thomas Jefferson

    • so anonymous says:

      Unless there is some silent majority this government has nothing to fear from its people.  Too bad.  the UK is the only other power and it would seem they learned from T&C that "helping" a spoiled child is about as easy as herding cats. And just as rewarding.

  8. Anonymous says:

    MAc says he does not agree with the Constitution. The Constitution calls for separation of juvenile and adult offenders. Therefore, is Mac saying htat he does not agree with the separation of juvenile and adult offenders?????


    Sooo, he believes (against the advice of many experts) that juveniles should be housed with adult offenders – to learn and graduate into criminality. If that is his stance then he is a total waste of space.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is terrifying to read the words.."More", "Power", and "McKeeva" the same sentence..

    More power means absolute rejection of the rules of Integrity and good governance. Police investigation,what police investigation…?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac seems to have so thoroughly screwed up everything he has touched with the power he has, I cannot imagine what disasters would befall the Cayman Islands if he were given more power.  This is a man consumed by a number of lusts.


  10. Anonymous says:

    The way the power rates have been going up I don't see how we can possibly give you more, Mac.

  11. noname says:

    Give it to him, it will ultimately be the last little bit of rope he needs to hang himself with.

  12. Anonymous says:


    Are you kidding me, we caymanians have no say now!

    It time for Mac to sit down and shut the hell up all he is doing is destroying these islands in which our ancestors worked so hard to maintain!

  13. MER says:

    I want more power too!!! More power to run my a/c without having to go on anti-depressants after reading my electricity bill!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like Fidel Castro……One guess which child dreamed that dream!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Leave Fidel out of this,a white dove landed on his shoulder right after leading thevictory march into Havana,this man was chosen………………our ching chings cannot match up to this great leader!!

      • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

        Great Leader?

        Is that why 99% of the citizens of Cuba will risk death to escape Cuba!

        Why you not living there and had to run here?

        Go back and live there if he is such a great leader!

  15. MER says:

    They have enough power to spend and give away all of the Governments money and terrorize us with Gov tax on electricity bills, but not enough power to fight crime that is tearing the communities apart???? I'm speechless…

  16. Anonymous says:

    There's a very good reason you can't have more power and it's called "Separation of Powers", sir. There are 3 branches of government, the legislative (the LA), judicial (courts) and executive (the police). Giving one of the branches power over another is a big step towards destabilizing the entire government.

    Please take a few moments to study Constitutional Law and then take many more moments to focus on the proper functioning of the legislative branch. Proper administration in your own ranks will allow the executive much more freedom to tackle the escalating crime levels.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, I have never seen constitutional law butchered the way you did it in your explanation.  The "police" are the executive branch of government?  PLEASE!!!

      How about you study constitutional law and realise that there is no 'separation of power' under Westminster-parliamentary style governments?  The executive is the Premier and his Cabinet–and they are a part of the legislative branch.  You can't really call that separation of power now can you???

      • Anonymous says:

        This ain't Westminister big boy. Not even close.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep.  The distance between Westminister and West Bay is measured in astronomical units.


  17. Geoge Towner says:

    Sorry to disappoint all of you.  Mac will always be in power.  West Bayers love him to death. They will always ensure that he stays in power. Thank God you cannot blame it on the Status Grant. The Status Grants residents are not from West Bay. I have a list of all those that were granted Status and my research over the past 7 years reveals that only 15 people that received status are residents of West Bay. The majority comes from George Town and Savannah. I did this research because I felt intimidated when this grant was done. Only to realize that the people who keep Mac in power are his West Bayers and there is absolutely nothing we will be able to do to remove him. I say more power to him he knows how to keep the Bayers HAPPY.

    • Anonymous says:

      The status grant were done to help the UDP win the election and retain power. Mac can get in in West Bay but unless he has cohorts in George Town and Bodden Town (Savannah is not a district) then he will not have enough votes to approve his schemes. Therefore his plan worked perfectly and unna call him stupid. The fools are the voters in the other districts who voted UDP or independent since most of the independents were UDP members/associates and were used to split the vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      You SHOULD be sorry because your ignorance is indeed disappointing. Status grants are most certainly not the only immoral means of securing votes. This country and its people's lives including yours are being destroyed by people who will stop at nothing to get more and more and more power and here you are cheering them on. Ask yourself one simple question, my friend, what's in it for YOU apart from the ever increasing utility bills and general cost of living and hardship and out of control crime in our once beautiful country? McKeeva most certainly does know how to keep the 'Bayers HAPPY', unfortunately it doesn't take much and unfortunately they out number the decent, honest, hard working citizens of this country. We should all be on our knees praying to God Almighty for a way out of the disgraceful predicament we find ourselves in. Our ONLY consolation is that your beloved McKeeva seems to be very insistent on continuing to shoot himself in the foot until he doesn't have a foot to stand on.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if your research only lead you to find 15 status grants from West Bay, you must have really had your head up your own backside! Next time you should visit Mt. Pleasant and Bosun Bay!

  18. Anonymous says:

    No Mo Powa for Mac. It's like letting your 7 year old drive your Dodge Viper

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mo powa. I believe McKeeva should have been named Mo Powa when he was born.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why in the world is it that McKeeva completely ignores the constitution when it comes to doing what HE wants to do but not when it comes to doing what he SHOULD be doing??? Oh, I know the answer to that…of course…it's the PPM's fault…of course, that's why I am not doing my job, folks.

  21. Anonymous says:

    More power?  This is despotism at it's very worse.  In our Premier's warped world, only he and he alone can solve all of the country's problems.  Everyone else just get's in the way.  The truth is that many — if not most — of the country's socio-economic problems have been exacerbated (if not caused) by the Premier's despotic political interference into almost everything.

    It's clear from this statement that Bush has absolutely no faith in Taylor and Baines to deal with the issue of  rising crime.  But, if he had more power, he could do it!  No doubt he'd go straight to work addressing what he believes is the cause ofcrime in Cayman, quote:  "Satan rampaging like a lion."  My guess he'd give another $4.1M to the churches!

    • Anonymous says:

      and arm more and more criminals to put us "bloggers, media and devil worshippers" where he thinks we belong.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you please reference your quote? I am the "blogger" keeping an archive of McKeeva quotes. I have noticed over the years that the style has gone from bombastic hilarity to faux Old Testament-style threats. Not so funny anymore as much as pathetic…

  22. Anon says:

    I have an even better idea:

    Why dont we put Mac in charge of the investigation that the Police are conducting against Mac? or we could even let the UDP handle the investigation, thus freeing up the Police to focus on the robberies and murders.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Not again.  I'm calling Bellvue.  Wonder if they will send over a helicopter?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Macdummy wants more power when he doesn't understand the powers he has at present and is therefore incapable of exercising them correctly and efficiently…….o more power for you dictator……less of you would be our answer to prayers. 

  25. ummh says:

    To all those who havea beef with Big Mac,

    Whatever – stop your moaning and groaning.  Come next election, you will vote Bush back in again…  That's just the way that you do things in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      People who don't have anything sensible to say really should keep quiet.

  26. Polly Picked A Pickled Pepper says:

    If Mac wants more any power then there is one option – independence.  The UK has already ceded too much to local government away from national government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your first sentence is correct. Hoever the Cayman govt. is not mere "local govt.". We are not a part of the UK but an overseas territory of the UK . 

    • Anonymous says:

      That is exactly Mac's dream! Working on it behind the scenes right now I do believe!

  27. Dred says:

    I'm sorry but having McKeeva Bush having some influence over the police is like putting the wolf in charge of the chicken coop. Not a chance in hell.

    I believe McKeeva you do like anyone else would. Should you find a department not under your control not functioning as well as you think they should. First you gather information as to what can/should be done, then you analyze what they are doing if it will create the same effect or if it would serve no purpose at all then you bitch and complain to their boss and if that does not work you go up and bitch to their boss boss.

    Come on MB you do know how to bitch n moan don't you? I mean I know you do even when you are blowing things up a little more than they are. So why are you stopping now that maybe we agree with you to B n M?

    You do not need more power, matter of fact, we are looking at what powers we can take away from you right now because you are sick with it. I wouldn't go screaming for more if I were you especially right now seeing as how most of us are wishing May 2013 to come really fast. Secretly many of us are going to church only to pray you do not run for office ever again, IN LIFE!!!

    So for now my advice would be this. Find common ground with PPM on the crime issue and scream as one force against the Governor and the Commissioner. If the situation does not improve escalate the matter higher until it starts to get results. 

  28. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Just look at West Bay. Mac has lost it alright.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The continued rants of a delusional madman!

    Less is more!

  30. Anonymous says:

     The Premier's post has more power than the previous Leader of Govt. Business had, yet he still complains about not being able to get anything done for the past 2 years.  Shame.   Fiddling while Rome has been burning.  All that time flying off island to seek investors, when he should have been here dealing with the local issues. Typical reaction of politicians, only react when things get so bad, instead of nipping things in the bud.   I shudder to think what would happen if he gets even more power than he already has, this place would become a full-blown dictatorship and a Gestapo-like state.  Thank God he does not have more power than he wants.  I don't want him anywhere near the RCIPS – I prefer the Governor continue to deal with things himself without any political interference from career politicians. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with your comment except I believe his travel was all self interest.  I don't think he has done anything for the benefit of anyone but himself.  That goes for all UDP cronies as well.

  31. Libertarian says:

    CNS:  "The country’s premier has said that the elected officials don’t have enough power when it comes to dealing with crime." May I add CNS that "we the people" don't have enough power when it comes to dealing with "political corruption."  Forget about the crime… we have a Constitution that has little checks and balances against political corruption. And secondly, we have a government, both UDP and PPM, that has done little under their tenures, to implement the Anti Corruption Law. Yes… crime is big on the street, but little is said of crime big in government!

    I hope the Constitution is changed… and changed quickly!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Let's get more power! And than let's make our own secret police; the DEA (Dart Enterprise Agents) and build a Hi-tech-top-of-the-line-camana bay-detention-center for the purpose. After we will see who will laugh!  you….UK conspirasist!

  33. Anonymous says:

    CNS, please start a countdown to the next election, do days, weeks or months I don't care, call it the "Countdown to the end of the worst Government in Cayman Islands history" or something like that, "End of Ignorance and Corruption" is another idea, or how about "Cronyism and Vote buying" then again there is…, ah hell, do one for each.

  34. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    This is more deflection, political double speak and politricks from Mr. Bush. Very very simple question, years ago Mr. Bush when crime started to escalate at light speed and we were all demanding that you "do something" which would include asking for more power, or creating an emergency situation,  or working with the UK, The Governor and the Police Commissioner to fight crime, where we you then?

    One of the wonderful results of having CNS and the social networks is that Cayman's voters and everyday people can very quickly assess when they are viewing, hearing or reading BS coming from our elected officials.

    • Anonymous says:

      And why is it only a crisis now and not when innocent folks are shot like the older woman in east end or young man at the jerk stand.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because gang members are dropping like flies.  They seem to be more important than the rest of usm so suddenly it is now a crisis.  The crisis started long ago, but as usual, politicians only react when things get so bad.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush,  I agree with you.  The new constitution is impossible for you to rule under.  I think that in the interest of what is right, you should step down and not run for office again until a constitution is put in place that will work for you.  I see it as the only option you have (other than complaining 24/7 about how wrong everything and everybody but you are).

    I look forward to your immediate resignation.

  36. Anonymous says:

    What I see happening is……If this man has any more power we will all be doomed to running around in grass skirts and eating wild fruit….but wait…. there is no more wild fruit,  all destroyed by the big D-8 buldoozers due to lack of a long term development planning.  Maybe we can fish…. YIKES, No fish either.

    Oh Well!!!

  37. no kiddin says:

    YOU JUST SAID IT MR. BUSH! You want  more power.  Isn't that the bottom line? Your inflated ego ,not unlike all Dictators, crave that thing called power! Thus enabling you to do as you please without any checks and balances. Please take a hint from your good friend Mr. Golden and resign! Cayman will appreciate it!!!!!

  38. Head in the .. says:

    Considering what he has accomplished with what power he already has he will now answer the question"how much worst can it get."  A smart culture based on a better future would be at the very least starting procedures to get this idiot out of power.  Cayman culture is based on survival of the idiots.

  39. peter milburn says:

           Is there a time limit on the Constitution re being able to make any changes or additions?I thought that changes could be made if the people wanted something changed.Not petty stuff but changes that the country thinks would make our country run better(if that is possible)I really hate hearing our Premier keep blaming "the other people"who voted for our present constitution.

                  Just asking.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine our brother getting more POWER.

                                                          WHERE  THE sun meets the sea i'll be sailing

    WAKE UP PEOPLE, stop this madness. special interest groups are running this country. we know who most of them are.

    they, udp are now playing with the minds of those that believe they will be granted status,

    4 votes from, the previous grant handouts.   guess what, we all are loosing big time

    guess what,

    50,000 more people and we all will be earning $5.00 an hour and staying in our grandparents home with our brothers and sisters.

  41. Anonymous says:

    NO POWER FOR PREMIER.   I for one is glad that the premier do not have any more power. this poor man cannot handle what he now have.  Can you imagine he knowing about police operations,and who is the tarket.  politicians can easely become corrupt. keep him out of it  governor.   you worried about building a remand centre for the youths, that should have priority over the park ,with a BELL on the sight of the old tower building

  42. Anonymous says:

    Wow, giving Bush more power, scary…. I like that the governor can step in and stop the foolishness. i just wish he would.

  43. Anonymous says:

    So, Mac, if you had the power you want, what would you do to solve the crime problems/manage the RCIPS etc?

    • Anonymous says:

      I need the power first. Then I will tell you. In the meantime, I'm in Jamaica for the week talking with the Chinese.

  44. Secret conspirator says:

    More power to hunt down the conspirators, I say! Oh great leader, you know it all, don't you!

    There's one thing that's wrong with the constitution, and it's that one person can remain in power for as long as the Premier has so far. There should be a maximum term limit. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to disappoint you Secret Conspirator. Wait till you get independence.Eeeeeehmm………..but wait!!!!!!!. We don't want independence, do we? We can't be a colony and have what not even the mother country have. So that is wishful thinking.fix term for the Premier?

  45. Anonymous says:

    "Mac calls for more power" — when he can barely manage the power he has now in a proper, fair and reasonable manner??

    Aren't you under criminal investigation?

    Where are the "savings" from the dodgy Cohen financing deal?

    Why do you take all the perks from the Constitution you don't support?

    Why are you not accountable for your Nation Building slush fund? Like giving one of your constituents CI$100,000 for boxing while cutting the assistance given to our current olympic athletes?

    Why havent you balanced Government books yet?

    Where are all the 'investments' you went travelled in style to get, while we were broke?

    Why havent you got the government audits up to date?

    Have you updated the MLA Register of Interests yet?

    Why do you keep bussing your supporters to your rallies and then pretend they represent the views of most of the population?

    Bruce Golding had the sense to resign when he was not under investigation, but felt this was for the good of the country and his party: why dont you learn anything – as the longest serving member of the House, it would be expected that you have learnt something about decorum,diplomacy and how to conduct yourself professionally – other than how to bully and manipulate.

    Give you more power? I wouldnt leave you in charge of my cat, sir!

    That you are the Premier is a blight on my country and my conscience! Jacka$$

    • Anonymous says:

      You would be doing a great favour to all of us if you would post this or something close to it as a comment any time he opens his mouth with more of this foolishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      giving millions to churches while cutting assistance given to the kids who go to school every day hungry because they had no breakfast, and now go home hungry because HE took away the money to buy lunches for them and guess what they'll go to bed hungry because mum, dad, step dad, whatever need the money to buy drugs or alcholol and then HE wonders why THEY join gangs.  Neglected and abused kids are all of our problem.  I wish he would get off his butt and do something to help HIS people.

  46. Anonymous says:

    So, for the love of the Mystical Magical Sky Wizard, what is it, Mr. Bush, that you do have responsibility for?

    And what would you do differently to the approaches of the Governor and Commissioner of Police?

    You know, you can talk to them and give them your idea's.

    I give up.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Once again Mac comes right out and passes the blame.  Now it is the people who voted for the new constitution, The PPM, The Governor , The Commissioner., and of course the people behind "The Conspiracy".  He also says things are going to get worse when the Bill of Rights comes into effect and we have to treat everyone humanely. 

    I am confused about the having to spend money on buildings.  I thought he liked doing that.  The Brach Hilton for 9 mil, many million to churches for buildings.  Hmm….  I guess it has to be his idea to be a good one.

    It sounds like he thinks God should strike us down for wanting to build a separate facility to separate the young offenders from the older hardened criminals.  After all, how are they going to grow up if they do not have exposure to these older law breakers to serve as mentors for them????

    I guess, for Mac, the need for basic human rights are right up there with the need to listen to the people.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Thank God somebody at the meeting was not drinking McKeeva-Kool Aid and was trying to hold him to account.

    This excuse about his hands being tied is straight BS!


  49. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush is not making any sense. If the electorate had voted to reject the new Constitution we would still be operating under the old Constitution under which he had LESS ability to be involved in national security issues. At least under this Constitution he sits in the National Security Council which renders advice to the Governor which he is bound to follow unless he finds it contrary to the interests of HMG. How would have rejecting the new Constitution have helped us? The police have always been limited by human rights consideration since the ECHR was extended to us.

    Although feigning a lack of desire for independence, greater control over these functions must mean that he wants Constitutional advancement where a date is set for independence. That is consistent with the recent rhetoric about a conspiracy to destabilise his government He appears to be using a crisis to try to gear the public up for that move. Given his reckless performance to date greater power would be like giving a machine gun to a child.    

    • Anonymous says:

      "How would have rejecting the new Constitution have helped us?"

      The only thing good thing it would have done was to prevent him being the Premier!!

      He is so out of it he has forgotten the Constitution is the hand that feeds him. What a joker!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Give it a rest man

  51. Anonymous says:

    I suspect what he really seeks is the 'power' to find out all of those 'devil worshippers' who are (at least according to him) responsible for the escalating violent crime and creating the 'conspiracy' against him!

  52. Anonymous says:

    I have seen it. The Constitution has a specific provision in it that says that the Premier is not allowed to exhibit any leadership whatsoeverl unless there is another servant or maybe some home improvements or luxury travel or other perk involved. Its there in the fine print some place I am sure. The man is an embarrassment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks to God and the people who drafted the constitution for that provision.  

  53. Anonymous says:

    Gimme da powa

    I gwine lock up all dem bloggas, and dem media people, and all dem bureacratic harrassas. Dey de ones dat given me problems, not dem bwoys wid de guns. De Gubna not realise were de real prollem is.

  54. I Care says:

    This man is POWER crazy have the POLICE fall uder Politians is asking for trouble, coruption like madd. You can't have this its bad enough as it is but when youi have individuals like what we have elected this small Island would be in serious trouble .

    I would advise the powers to be to don't make an knee jerk decisions here we will only go form BAD to Worserrraa as the old people would say , no pun intended. 🙂

  55. Anonymous says:

    With this raving, ranting mad man as Cayman's first premiere under a constitution under which he and his UDP party assumed leadership, its a good thing the new constitution has limited his power over the police.

    I sincerely hope that Cayman's voters has the sense to vote this ignoramous out of power and keep him out of power, for the good of the future of Cayman.

    What Cayman elected government ministers should be doing to help   stop the crime is to be reaching out and speaking directly with their voters and constituents.

    This does not call for power over the police; it calls for engagement with their own people, some of who are definitely responsible for these crimes.

    They should also be trying to improve the economy in the areas where these criminals can be integrated back into society with ways of making an honest living; some of them are un-rehabilitateable but others are and Cayman's politicians can do much more than they are doing.

  56. Anonymous says:

    He can't do anything to help the country, Why the hell he think he could make a difference with Crime??  Could excuse to blame, blame, blame. As usual.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, get off your lazy backside and do something.  The West Bay MLA's probably know the people involved and their families.  they should be out in the community doing whatever they can to calm people, console grieving families and getting to the root of these problems.  Its obvious that some kids are going through hell at home and this is why some are turning to gangs.  I say some, because obviously some kids just choose to do the wrong things even though their parents try to teach them the right way.  Try to do something to help kids who are born to children and live in poverty, with drug addicted or alchololic parents, who are basically raising themselves and probably go through all kinds of abuse that some of us from stable homes can't even begin to imagine.  They know no love or care.  They are not taught respect for anyone, nor are they shown respect.  We all know these kids.  Some of us do what we can but if the kids are left with the parents, then there is only a limited amount that we can do.  Get some proper facilities to care for neglected or abused kids and then the wider community can help. 

  58. Anonymous says:

    Bush, you are full of it.

    You circumvent every law, process and anything else you see fit so dont tell any of us that your hands are tied.

    Start with changing the law with regards to serious crime, apparently you all can change law with the flip of a dime. Make provisions in the exisiting laws that put the fear of God in these punks minds. Provisions such as life for an unlicensed firearm and mandatory hard labour for theri entire duration of stay at HMP Norhtward. Start by changing the prisoon from a 5 star hotel tyo a prison! The prisoners have it better off inside than a large majority of people have it on the outside, see anything worng with that.

    Stop passing the buck, which is all you and the rest of government do. We all know the Governor  and you lot move about as fast as it takes me to grow a mango tree to maturity and by that time Cayman will be worse than Jamaica with crime.

    Stop bitching and do something!

    For all that money that you bank every month we have  yet to see anything for it apart from the embarassment that you and the rest cause this country on a daily basis.

  59. Anonymous says:

    LMAO  ROTFLMA OMG more power for what so you can screw this country over more NA TODAY BOBO .

  60. Anonymous says:

    "…they did not have the power to demand that it is spent correctly…"


    Wow. After years of unaudited government spending, why would we believe that the elected officials do any better with the police money?


    Mac thinks that he has too little power. I think that he has too much.

  61. Anonymous says:

    More rubbish. I am glad that the Premier does not have any more power. I wish he had less – was no longer in office actually.

    The Premier needs no change to the Cayman Islands Constitution to exhibit moral leadership. What is his excuse on that one?


  62. Anonymous says:

    One word…. DICTATOR!

    • Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

      I have been saying this for a long time.  In fact just after the 2009 election, I predicted that this would happen.  When I saw Misick from TCI in the front row at McChavez' inauguration, I predicted this disaster.  This premier cannot make any decision for anything or anybody except to spout nonsense and blame the PPM and their supporters for anything that he cannot get a huge amount of money in his pocket.  I was reading the TCI Journal and seewhere the apartments owned by Misick are being sold and the proceeds will go back into the country's coffers.  Watch out McChavez, it could happen to you and that would be the best thing that ever happened to the Cayman Islands.  When I see how this man is wasting our money bon pipe ndreams and realise that indigent and elderly people are expected to live on 550.00 per month, that is sheer criminal.  MR. GOVERNOR, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO USE YOUR EXECUTIVE POWER AND HELP CAYMAN'S POOR PEOPLE BY DISSOLVING THIS ASSEMBLY AND CALLING FOR A NEW ELECTION,

  63. Anonymous says:

    There is a reason for that Mac.  It is to protect the people from potential misdemeanors of the government.  If the leader of the country could do whatever they like with regards to changing laws and policing then that opens the system up for abuse.


    It is the same reason why the auditor general does not answer to the leader, and the leader doesn't get to control the press (as much as they would like to).  Sadly we cannot always trust our elected leaders to behave impeccably!

  64. Anonymous says:

    What Mac needs is more brain power. Right now he doesn't have enough to record a flicker on a cheap LED bulb.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Giving politicians power over the police is a very dangerous thing to even think, much less do.  Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  No way.  Not today and not ever.  No sir.

  66. Island Prophet says:

    My concern is, Pray tell me is the constitution carved in stone.  I thought the only writing carved in stone was the bible, and even that they have amended and made their own versions.

  67. Anonymous says:

    BOOHOO, BOOHOO, the premier is crying and throwing a tantrum again!!! so what's new?  I can't believe that sensible, educated, honest people sat and listened to him spew this garbage!  Wake up people, Macdajinedad don't care about us.

  68. Jackson5 says:

    I would have thought that the police have a better idea where to spend the additional funds then our law makers. God only knows what hair brain scheme Mac would come up with if he had control. What credentials does he have in fighting crime? Bugger all, in fact isn't he being investigated for a possible crime. Maybe he would re-allocate funds from the fraud division so that they don't have the resources to carry out a proper investigation into him

  69. Anonymous says:

    Mac only knows the following methods for influencing events:


    a) order someone to do something

    b) have someone buy or build something

    c) blame someone


    He does not have room in his brain for:


    c) analyse and address causes

    d) change the environment to encourage different actions

    e) creative solutions