Armed robbery at CUC

| 30/09/2011

(CNS): The power company for Grand Cayman was the target of a robbery a Friday afternoon, a spokesperson from Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC)  confirmed. In a short release, CUC said that its North Sound Road headquarters was the subject of a robbery just after 3:00 pm. According to police only two men as oppose to three as first reproted dressed in masks, entered the CUC Customer Service area armed with what appeared to be at least one hand gun and after threatening staff the robbers fled with an undesclosed amount of cash. Both men reportedly escaped to waiting car. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

CUC said there were no injuries to staff or members of the public during the incident. The power company said that its West Shore office would be open on Saturday from 8:30 am until 12:00 noon as usual. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr

Anyone in the vicinity of CUC or North Sound Road at that time, please call 949 7777 or Cimestoppers on 800TIPS. Your information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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  1. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Regardless of how anyone may feel about the cost of energy…, it is a sad day for civilized society when people are celebrating criminal behavior.  smh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Someone brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, cousins, etc KNOW WHO DID IT. Pick up a paper and pen write down the name of slime as@holes and post to police station or call TIPS number.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone say whether the robbers are caught? We are not even hearing any news further to this robbery. Other happenings was well advertised. What of the staff and customers that was there? Hope they are doing ok and back to work with such a fright. Also hope that our good ole CUC will consider increasing the space for customers to pay and more cashiers since not everyone have a checking account. In there where you have to stand in line to pay seems very clastrophobic. Please stop posting so much garbage about CUC they have provided very good service over the years and one have to pay for service. You dont miss the water until the well run dry. I also hope that Customers who went through such much trauma friday will be rewarded by CUC.

    • George Town says:

      More news cover for CUC. You got to be kidding me. What about catching the real crooks in office attire, and prosecuting them?!  Last year, I was charged about three hundred dollars more on my bill mysteriously. Don't know where the three hundred came from, and I had to pay the money or face disconnection. That is how they threatened me and my family. They get what they want, because they know that you have no where else to go for another utility provider. What do you call that?  There is a name for such a crime, yet they always get off scotch free. After my entire family, suffered from bills and not being able to pay without humiliatingly borrowing from other family members to make ends meet, you have the gall to be all sorry for CUC?  You must be one of them. Tell me, what ever happen about the trauma I and my family, and other many families had to go through when they threatened us with disconnection?!

    • Anonymous says:

      yes their reward will come in higher bills next month…Robbery surcharge..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m very sure they will charge us for what was taken so brace yourselves for a much higher eletricity bill next month.

  5. Chris Crookers says:

    LEAVE SPARKY ALOOOOONE!!!! …. snort…. snort…. snort…. LEAVE !!!!!!! 

  6. Anonymous says:

    You all carry on like a bunch of miserable fish stuck in the same fishbowl together…..quit  just hanging around in Cayman complaining about it….. get out and see the world, educate yourselves, take in different cultures…I've been in the states at school for a number of years and I could care less what foolishness happens on some little rockin the caribbean….by the way, the world is much larger and more dangerous than ur little beach town paradise so get used to it…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes – the USA is the greatest place on earth to live.  We should all strive to go and live there.

    • Anonymous says:

      14.16 I wouldn't give up on Cayman just yet. Before you call for the arrest of all CNS contributors for morally aiding and abetting armed robbers, I think you might want to consider celebrating the fact that rather than being 'miserable fish,' we in Cayman do have a sense of irony and haven't yet lost our collective sense of humour, which considering all the problems we're dealing with, is a positive thing.


      The media always pick up on the drama. Normal people, getting on with their lives and doing their best, are just not very interesting to read about. I would think the average Caymanian is far better travelled than the average American. You can find the same insular attutude in America as you can in any Caribbean island. The only difference is that most of us don't think the World was created 6,000 years ago, which I understand 42% of Americans do, and we can probably find Norway on a map.


      So don't worry, in spite of what you read, things are better here, and we are getting to grips with our problems, just as the rest of the World is trying to do. It's just that we love to complain about CUC, because they affect every single person in Cayman, so on that one particular subject we appear united!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you could care less about what happens here why are you posting on Cayman News Service?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Shame on everyone who think that it was a good thing to rob CUC.  All of you are no more than common criminals and deserve to be in jail.  This is exactly why the community is in such a mess.  I am so very dissapointed by most of the comments Caymanians need a wake up call and I pray the sooner the better, this country is gone this is what Jesus would call a den of theives.     How can right thinking people rejoice about a robbery, this society is very sick.   Most who encourage the robbery at CUC have such double standards when our young people rob a bank and liquor store they would say it is wrong.   To all you that rejoice in this I hope when the young people of these islands read your blogs and take your advice and when they do don't go blaming the RCIPS.  The bunch of you are such a disgrace, you would have done the same as the rioters in the UK.  I have an entirely different opinon of many Caymanians and residents that I thought would have a different attitude but I heard their comments in social settings regarding the robbery at CUC and most rejoiced and were in approval.  I am sick to my stomach and wonder if this is the attitude of many Caymanians how do we expect to have a better society when we encourange our children to become common criminals and when we reap what we sow we jump up and try to blame the RCIPS, Commissioner and Governor.   You are truly a very disgraceful lot.

  8. MER says:

    Next to "fuel charges" and "Government tax" they will now add "Robbery Compensation". Time to break in the Kerosene lanterns!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Some of these post are most disgusting and know what fools they are being read all over the world.  People are calling from overseas and asking about the mentality of some Caymanans.  Wait until this begins to affect the islands adversely but way of travel advisories.  We are now complaning about the volume of cruise ships passangers and tourism being low, wait until the ships by pass us completely and tourist stop coming for our glorification of crime.  Since we love and encourage crime and criminals so much very soon the financial industry will be gone and for all of you who are now happy to see that CUC was robbed it will be your turn and I hope you enjoy it as much as you are doing now that it is CUC. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Fools make a mock at sin…" Proverbs 14:9

  11. Smile says:

    When your electricity bill is more than your mortage is time for something to be done. It hurts every month when I conserve by using less power but still  have to pay this bill and borrow money from relatives to pay my mortage. Friday's robbery actually left a smile on my face and yes I am a Caymanian who has strong distaste for unlawful act. But strange enough when I heard the news I felt like I won this time.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Smile, when your electricty bill is more than your mortage it's tme for you to live within your means. You have no more distaste for unlawful acts like a bee has for honey.  You are no more than a common criminal.  You are the type of person that would knowingly accept stolen goods with a clear conscience, you are the kind of Caymanian that gives decent law abiding Caymanians a bad name. It should bring a smile to law enforcement when they get to you, I can only imagine the amount of crimes that you have knowledge about.  Strange enough your day andtime will come and when it does the law would have won that time.

    • Anonymous says:

      07:44 No You don,t. Who you trying to fool. You lean to the criminals. You are encoraging them by your words. I dont know if it has anything to do with the pirates heritage but remember pirates and Robin Hood are just stories. so you should'nt regoice when crimes happen . The gunmen might visit you next. I hope you don't think that they carry toy guns around with them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I feel very badly for the staff and customers who were held up at CUC.  It is not the staff robbing us but of course it is they who are at risk during an armed robbery. Some of the comments posted are funny but please this is no joking matter.  The robbers, who were very quiet during all the recent murders – coincidence??? – have no fear of anyone so all we can expect is more of the same.  I am afraid every time I get out of my car to get into my office building, at the atm, even at the supermarket.  The Police are not going to respond if they are unarmed and whilst I'm not suggesting that all of them be armed, defintely those who are expected to attend armed situations need to be armed at all times.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some of these comments make you all look worst than the robbers. At least they did not harm no one. I seems as if they were only  " helping themselves".      

    • Anonymous says:

      can I assume that given the opportunity you would 'help yourself' as well?

  14. Anonymous says:

    For a Christian country, we are surely a very backward thinkng society in most of the comments that are being made by Caymanians.  Jesus once said "render to Ceaser the things that are Ceaser's" therefore as much as I don't like paying any high bill we must realise if we use it we should pay for it.  It's only the right thing to do.  Remember hurricane Ivan, also remember there is a God and we should be careful and mindful of what we say.  September is gone but we are still in the hurricane season.

  15. Name changed by moderator says:

    To all of you fools smiling because CUC finally got robbed. You idiots are so concerned with sticking it to CUC that you fail to realize that yet again a group of useless uneducated criminals yet again decided to defy the useless law and law enforcement to do as they please by endangering innocent lives committing a very serious crime. Regardless of what these lazy cowards made off with, CUC has been guaranteed a profit by the even more useless government and it is us (assuming you fools have a job) who will ultimately pay. My advice to you would be to get an education and stop wasting time that you could have spent trying to get educated to post stupid comments here. In the event you are wondering, I am a local and honestly ashamed to see that there are so many uneducated people in this country and how useless the legal system, law enforcement and the government happens to be.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The comments make by some of the bloggers are exactly why our young people and country is on the decline.  Many of the citizens and residents of this country have become no more than facilitators of cime and criminal activities.  I whole heartly agree with Lachlan the majority of us have become callous, cold and without respect for the law, yet we expect our young people to be men and women of integrity.  We must lead by example, this country is in for a rude awakening if we do not change our mindset.  Five of our young men all died as a result of gun violence yet here many of us are on here blogging and giving our approval to the use of a gun in a robbery, what kind of a society have we become?  If our attitudes in justifying crimes continues, CUC might well choose to leave and in its place we might just find ourselves with bars on our windows and doors, prisioners in our homes and business. 

    I see not good coming out of the glorification of  criminal acts, but Cayman and Caymanians will dam the day and curse the hour when they embrace the criminal activities and elements.  Those who have ears let them hear, for me it's now time to go, before too long the curtains will fall and the last one left will be asked to turn out the lights!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I dont know what all the fuss is about CUC being robbed? The RCIP just scored 5 million from the government, since clearly they have given no better results. Lets find those perpetrators.

  18. noname says:

    But since they are a monopoly, can't we pay them with monopoly money anyhow?

    • Love it! says:

      Let's pay the new monopoly company Cayman Enterprise City with monopoly money!

      Maybe that will make them go away!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, but you will only get electricity supply on Monopoly.

  19. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    There are a lot of foolish comments here. CNS is a great vehicle for the citizens of The Cayman Islands to voice important opinions and a little  humor here and there. 

    No one should be happy, or wish the thieves good luck, or say that CUC got what it deserves, pure ignorance. Its another robbery in your/our wonderful country. Are robberies so common place now that you are so callous?

    CUC is a business operating under the guide lines, policies and directives that YOUR elected officials have allowed to be in place.     ( remember Bush used to be a director for CUC). CUC provides a great efficient service for Cayman. Your rates are sky high because your inefficient wasteful, first class traveling, over paid, foolish decision making Premier and "some" other members need duty from fuel to help pay for the CIG to maintain their life style.

    If you want to blame someone at least blame the right people.


    • local eutreprenuerer says:

      Hellooooo… you can't make that accurate assessment Lachlan, we know you lived off the island …. how long now… a decade?  It's been quite some time. Be honest now and let the bloggers see how much you are in touch with the Cayman Islands. You can only pick a newspaperor read news on this internet site… that's pretty much it. You definitely don't know what it is like to be robbed by CUC….

      Sorry CNS, but sometime I wonder who he is representing.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        14:03….I believe in truth and logic……

        I represent myself and no one else, hence I sign all my posts. CUC is NOT robbing you. If you don't like the service cancel your meter. Stop blaming CUC and ask your Government to their their act together.

        Lachlan MacTavish

        • Anonymous says:

          Not a constructive comment coming from a self appointed expert on Cayman affairs that does not live here.  I am sure you are aware that CUC is the ONLY provider of electricity and therefore to cancel 'the meter' as you say is clearly not an option for the majority of us.  However if there were more than one provider it would be.  Do you understand the simple laws of economics?

          Just take a look at the British Airways airfares direct  from London to here, what existed before LIME had competition and you will see what monopolies can do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually it is one of the most constructive comments on here most of which are totally misconceived and based on extreme emotion. Posters simply refuse to understand that the majority of the CUC bill is based on fuel costs which it passes on to the customer and the law already permits competition in the generation of electricity but so long electricity is produced from fossil fuels competition will not bring any significant reduction in prices.      

        • Samantha XXX says:

          Lachlan, now I know that is the most ignorant statement I have ever seen you post on CNS.

          That CUC has not robbed anyone????  You got to be kidding me. You can't be so far off!

          I think you need to pay us a visit before you make a fool of yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lachlan, That is so true. People wants to run the air conditioner 24/7 in the summer and their bill remain the same. During the time of plenty some people made in excess of 4 shopping trips to Miami, and they waste their resources on gadgets, and other things. Now we are in a recession and many people don't know that they have to scale down their economic activities.

      Their monthly salaries cannot cover their needs. The Credit cards are in the high  4 figures and they pay the minimum, and still have to seek pay day loans and borrow from friends to break even and now they are blaming CUC. We are seeing the longest recession since world war 2  1939-45 and things could still get worse. Brace yourself ladies and gentlemen , we are in for a rougher ride Cut back , less trips to the restaurant,clubs, less Miami trips, and other avoidable expences.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Oh for crying out loud. One moment you are with us, the next moment you are against us. I have no sympathy for CUC.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am glad to see that Lachlan is an independent thinker and does not get roped into the irrational mob mentality that appears on CNS from time to time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh XXXXXXX   People have a right to make foolish and humorous comments.  With armed robberies commonplace why can we not have a laugh at least at this one.

      I dont know exactly when you appointed yourself an electriciyy expert, but any monopoly will get away with what they can.  We have seen that with LIME before competition was introduced.

      • Monopoly says:

        Cayman Enterprise City will be the next new monopoly with its Special Economic Zone.  Do we want that?

      • Anonymous says:

        Wait until the armed robbers get to you, your families and friends, then let us know just how funny it was.  Foolish!

  20. Sam says:

    Wow… sparky the yellow belly turtle is finally robbed… HALLELUJAH!

  21. Big G says:

    I can't say I'm sorry…these guys get away with robbery every month…I wish someone held a protest in front of CUC and ask persons / companies to stop paying their bills for one month…

  22. Irony says:

    This should not come as any surprise. After all, CUC is the only entity that has any money left. For those who, once again, blame the Police for the crime, how about volunteering to pay a tax for an armed police officer to be stationed at every business premise in Grand Cayman so that robberies will be stopped. No? I didn't think so!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I dont fell a bit sorry for them. They have been robbing us long enough about time they get their's. glad no one got hurt but ….now they know how we feel

    • Anonymous says:

      08:27 I hope they come to your house next time, since thats the way you think. What a stupid post.

    • Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

      Lach, you have posted basic common sense again.  We should all know by now that CUC is doing to us, what our government allows them to do.  CUC is not robbing us with the high electricity bills, our government has used CUC to bilk us of our hard-earned dollars through every administration.  I am not talking about the present day government, I am talking about all of them.  During the previous government, CUC was assured of a 15% profit annually.  The government did that.  There are people here in Grand Cayman that cannot afford to purchase the basics, but CUC must make their profit per annum.  I am not happy to hear that they were robbed at gunpoint.  That bodes even more ill for our little country and unfortunately, any government that gets elected will do the same basic thing, even though they promise h… and all in order for us to vote for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wish people would stop repeating the falsehood that the previous govt. guaranteed CUC a 15% annually. The facts are that CUC's licence which allowed them a 15% return was terminated in 2008 and replaed with a licence which targets (but does not guarantee) a return in the 9-11% range. Its right there on the CUC and ERA websites for the public to read. In the meanwhile stop posting ignorant comments. It is also very ignorant to say that you are happy to hear that they are robbed at gun point. We all lose in that case.    

  24. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe how many people think it's karma or funny that CUC was robbed. Do you have no sympathy for the people who were terrified during the robbery? Bet you've never had a gun pointed at or near you.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You bloggers may not like CUC robbing us monthly (I don't either), but that doesn't mean that the criminals here are good guys; they're still a bunch of low-life scum & I hope they get sent to jail soon (which I doubt) or shot.

    • Anonymous says:

      IT is very immoral when the citizens of a country start agreeing with a crimes. CUC might have overcharge us but it is wrong for us to agree with a criminal act. One thing I can tell you who agree with the robbery. When you start ageeing with robbery at CUC you might soon start agreeing with robbery of our supermarket, our gas stations, our banks, people you dont like, expats, banks, Post offices and who knows what else. It is not only irresponsible, its immoral, and show a lack of respect for law and order. Just remember when you start agreeing with robbers, you are in danger, your family, businesses etc. You might happen to be in one of these places when it gets robbed and the weapon s the robbers are carrying might go off and some one might be killed. It is Foolish to be in a boat and desire or wish it to be sink. May I tell you somethings elce ? this disease of rampant crime is new to cayman but it could get worse where you have to pay extortion money or your life in jeopardy. Think before you write and dont write foolishness.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't know which Cayman Islands you have been living in BUT these ones have been bad for a  year now ……and getting worse!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure the robbers consider it a reasonable "refund" due to ovecharging

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is one robbery that I don't feel as upset about. I feel terrible for the poor people who had a weapon held at them, but otherwise…..CUC robs me every damn month. They rob most of us every month. Watch out for a "Robbery Recovery Surcharge" on the next bill. Crooks.

  28. Anonymous says:

    You folks better be caredul what you ask for.  Remember Digicel and Cable and wireless? So tell me who is the better company today?  Remember how many Caymanians lost their jobs then?  Thread carefully folks. Mr. MacKeeva Bush please be careful what you say in public as it appears to me that whatever you say the robbers do.

    • Good for all not only for one says:

      Opening the market for C&W to  competitors brought down the cost of local and overseas phone calls.  While the prices between LIME the new C&W and Digicel are similar, the prices now compared to when the monopoly existed is tremendous.  A few people losing their jobs while unforuntate is for the greater good of the entire country. 

      CUC should have competition.  It would improve the service provided and would improve the costs. 


      Similarly I dont understand why CEC has been granted a monopoly when the same problems that LIME produced and the ones that CUC is producing will occur will CEC having the exclusive rights to renting commerical property.  It is very odd and suspicious sounding.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I never thought I would see the day in Cayman when we as a people would become so callous and uncaring.  Can we stop the badminded, unchristain behaviour for a moment and pause to reflect that there were human beings whose lives were exposed to some kind of danger during this robbery?


    Where is all this hatred coming from people of Cayman?  If you do not like that your bill is high after you have used the electricty or if you hate that the fuel prices are very high, that is OK but at this time when the workers at this company have gone through such a traumatic experience, all most of us can spew is hatred and disdain? What have we become?  May God help us. I read this stuff and I shudder!  Wow! 


    Your company or somene close to you could go through a similar situation. Is this the reaction you would like to get.


    I cry for this small island.



    • Anonymous says:

      You all treat this as if it is some kind of a joke. Just wait until it happens to you or your family not at  CUC at at another location. You need to feel the experience. I get to feel embarrased of some of us. I think that we need to go back to the good ole days that you often brag about and have to use smoke pans and kerosene lamps and oil stoves then you would appreciate the good old CUC. Want the conveniences but dont want to work to pay for them. I dont think that some of us stop to realize that these comments are going abroad theres no wonder that Tourism is down and it will soon all be gone.

      • Anonymous says:

        Poster 19:02 I totally agree with you, we should all have a rolling black out for 2 weeks or 2 months.  How would we like to buy gasoline or diesel for those noisy generators? but then again for all those who complain about CUC would not have to pay the high fuel change to CUC just to the gas station.

  30. Anonymous says:

    well, i am sure those robbers will not be targetting gas stations no more. They hit the jack pot. CUC whatch out this could be a monthly thing. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am very sorry for this, poor customers that was there. However an improvement would be to have more fast and efficient cashiers after all there is alot of business. I understand that the line was coming out of the door. Please stop  being happy about the incident and encouraging the robbers to strike again just think about what the poor clients had to go through for those few minutes.

    • Anonymous says:

      in case you didn't know, You can pay some one 25 cents to deliver your check to CUC so you don't have to stand in that line.

  32. Ubelievedat says:

    If what the Premier said below is indeed true,

    ("He reminded the country that the power firm had been allowed to take money from everyone to cover its losses in the wake of Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, even though CUC was insured, while many clients who were paying the surcharge on their bills were not insured and had lost everything."

    …………..then CUC is the biggest "robber" of all!!

    The same way CUC uses the reasoning of  "it was an act of God" to get away from reimbursing its customers for damaged electronic equipment after a power surge from blown power transformer due to lightening stike (my personal experience),  the Govt should now be telling CUC that they cannot charge the people of Cayman for Hurricane Ivan damage which was "an act of God"!!.

    They surely have the ability to twist the "acts of God" to suit their pockets….. modern-day pirates – raping, pillaging & plundering the people.

    Its a pity the robbers werent capable to up-rooting the entire plant and relocating it somewhere else……………funny, but serious.


  33. trends says:

    Sad state in Cayman….We have not been robbed by the power provider! We have robbed ourselves by not electing forward thinking leaders to put into place and agree to the necessary energy plans in advance hence, the high bills.  5, 10 or 15 years ago sitting down and not considering the risk that oil could go a lot higher and looking at the trend.  For this reason, we now find ourselves hostage to a commodity that is in very high demand.

    While our options may be limited on the production side over this same time period and maybe for the medium term foreseeable future, we could have implemented planning policies that would have help the citizens prepare and save money.  For example, all roofs must be painted white to reflect heat.  The aggregated effect of this could have saved perhaps, $500,000 annually in power costs.  Other methods, such as requiring higher standards of insulation and enegry usage studies on all new development could have reduced costs further (regulated by planning).  Finally, the regulatory body should be working with CUC to ensure smarter and more efficient T &D methods.

    Lastly, hedging and waste to enegry programmes should have been implemented long ago to help offset the increase in cost of oil or as an emergency backup should oil supplies become interrupted.  1970 oil crisis should have been a lesson to all.

    These are all the types of things that would have been done in any forward thinking small island nation of limited natural resources.  But, cheers to another drink at the bar and we are now waking up to the sobering moring after and accusing  the bar tender because he sold us a drink.  Now, do yourself a favour….each month, when you get your bill, look in the mirror, ladies take your eyeliner and gents take pen, draw and X on your forward and slap yourself right on the X as hard as you can. Now this should remind you about putting your X's in the wrong place come election time.

    BTW you can start to fix your personal problem by buying CUC shares they pay a nice dividend (about 7%) and no brokerage fees courtesy of CUC and most importantly you, the CUSTOMER.

    Have a nice day Cayman

    Elected Ebanks 2013  

  34. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure this isn’t a transposition error? Shouldn’t it read CUC robs gunmen?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Honor among thieves!! Now we goin have a Robbed reading tax.

    Remember when Ivan came and they put that bill on us also and then they claimed insurance too!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    They probably robbed them so they could pay their light bill

  37. Geoge Towner says:

    I am happy!! Please tell me that they took 90% of the bills with them along with CUC thiefing meter reader tool. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    OK this will not go down too well but as a nation who is heavily cash dependent we must take more precautions.  Every business must not leave themselves open as an easy target, you must take precautions.


    To put it in perspective I worked in a gas station in the UK 30 years ago, we were oposite the largest police station in the area and yet we had to move anything more than GBP 50 into the safe from the till, we had no access to the cash. This was in a very safe area and yet we took more precautions than even banks do on the island today.


    It will be an inconvenience but to make everyone safe you have to do it.



  39. Anonymous says:

    Never have I read more childish statements in all my life.
    Persons lives were at risk and you all make jokes and support it!
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, what if it were your business? What if your mother was in the line when they came in? What if there were children present?

    Wake up you morons, this is getting more dangerous everyday as these thugs will go into a highly populated area that has traffic with police fueling down the road and they are not scared at all, and all you do is joke about it! Be real, you are encouraging them to demean this country to equal that of a third world nation!

  40. Right ya so says:

    Get ready folks for the start of another robbery spree in order to finance the purchase of guns for another killing spree!

    anyone else see the pattern??

    Happy to hear that CUC's staff are ok.

    CUC – how's it feel to get robbed blind??  Welcome to our world..

  41. Anonymous says:

    All joking apart, and some of these posts are good and amusing, we need to stop these motherfrickers and their robberies. We need someone to blast their asses into oblivion as they attempt the crime.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I kinda glad they got robbed. Wished those bastards could get robbed every week after how they rob us at CUC.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Mac aimed to pull CUC plug? Did any of the robbers fit Mac description??

    • Anonymous says:

      What goes around comes around – every month CUC targets the Cayman community for robbery in the form of its monthly light bill. Da wa ya get CUC!

      This is one robbery that I won't lose sleep over – don't care who committed it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was actually happy to hear that CUC was the target of a robbery.

      Hope the robbers got to steal those bloody meter readers that CUC uses to so call read our electricity usage. Those pieces of equipment are thieves unto  it self.

      If this doesn't send a message to CUC about their unfair practice of over charging, then I don't know what will.

      It's not often that one robber robs the next one in broad day light! Guess it takes one to know one.

  44. Anonymous says:

    This means another rate increase!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      sadly, that is no laughing matter because you know that is exactly what they are going to do – raise rates. I hope they gave the customers who were in there, if they were also robbed, some kind of credit on their bill for this month. 

      • Anonymous says:

        CUC can't raise rates arbitrarily. It is governed by a price adjustment mechanism which depends on inflation and CUC's rate of return and which permits it to review rates once a year. This hit is unlikely to take it from would range of return to the next.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Is there now a Caymanian Robin Hood?

  46. jacky boatside from old bush says:

    We got to get these robbers mann, because you can bet they are going to add this on to that damm bill of theirs under the Robbery Factor$$$$$$$$$$$ Chha ching Cayman. Poor old Mr Baines he just doesn't get it. Dont worry folks the lads are here to fix all these problems and to prop up this failed police regime. 11 million dollars and no management change can u dig it? i will end by saying this not much us are going to lose much sleep over this one CUC been robbing us a long time too  and they are so good that they dont even use a gun to commit that crime.

  47. Anonymous says:

    More armed incidents. The lack of arrests made while these incidents are in progress demonstrate that the Police do not have the competency to uphold the Law. Mr Baines can make his public displays of figures and facts but in the reality is on the street when you have a gun pointed at you and no way to defend themselves and your only recourse is that there is a glimmer of hope that there is an armed cop nearby, he really is not worth listening to. The question is what kind of Commissioner are you when the “Criminal Faternity” makes mockery of you and holds a community hostage?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't blame the RCIPS or Mr. Baines for this, blame it on the many Caymanians who encourage the criminal and gangster mentality.  Mr. Baines and the RCIPS is working over time to right a situation that Caymanians and residents cultivate, train and encourage.  The chickens are now coming home to roost.

    • JUSTICE says:

      18:20 no no, dont bother with this one all of Cayman is happy for the time being because next month they will add the loses on your bill and the Premier will allow them to.

      I am still watching to see what he will do them before they are robbed again.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well what goes around comes around the Bastards rob us blind every month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Out of an office of 65 people, not one was sad to hear this news.

      How ashamed CUC management must feel if they read these posts.

      No body cares that they were almost robbed. They rob us every day of our hard earned money and don't bat an eye.

      Things so bad at my house that I can only afford to run a fan and use light from my TV.

      I sweat all night, but no better can do. Just don't have the income to afford to run any more electrical things.

      Use flashlights too even without a power outage. Hang my clothes on the line too, but still can't get that bill under controll.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't worry office of 65 people it will only be a matter of time before the robbers get to you.  Don't be sad then the robbries come to your office and I hope that all of you will rejoice the same way that you did about the CUC robbery.   I guess when you make statements like those you don't have the compassion or common sense to realise the effect that it will have.  I do not wish for a further increase in crimes but I can only expect it when robbers are being encouraged by so many people to rob and plunder.   

      • Anonymous says:

        a miserable exaggeration. and what office is it that is so full of cry babies. it was an armed f**'ing robbery for christ sakes.


  49. super paps says:

    Consider me now an official CUC kungfu crook!  Ya!!!  To boldly go where no other CUC customer has gone before…

  50. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    Hope this won’t mean another increase in CUC charges to cover their loss.

  51. Freedom Man says:

    Now they know how we feel every month!

  52. Chris Johnson says:

    Do we now get a Robbery surcharge on our bills.

  53. Caymanian says:

    Don't feel sorry for the monopoly at all – they have robbed me. Mac, if you want to do something good, it is time to bring CUC accountable, and have another utility power company establish on the island to compete with her. Don't let a robbery cause you to sympathize with CUC!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Not that crime is something to make light of but at least this incident will allow CUC to now know what their customers suffer through on a monthly basis.

    First the lard story, now CUC getting robbed I expect CNS's next breaking news to be Steve Mcfield presenting a lecture on the benefits of a free press.

  55. Big whopper says:

    so how does it feel?

  56. potential robin hood says:

    light bulb flashing… i never thought of this… sparky robs us and we rob sparky!… this is sooooo cool.  

    • Anonymous says:

      One day very soon you are going to regret your statement, sparkey won't be around to rob you but those that you encourage to rob sparkey will and I hope that you will find it cool then. 

  57. cow itch says:

    dem betta com wit me bill lowered!!!

  58. James says:

    Now CUC knows what it's like to be robbed!! (they do it to me every month)

  59. Anonymous says:

    Keep your eyes peeled for "SECURITY SYSTEMS SURCHARGE" on next month's bill.  

  60. B says:

    lol… and this happens when Mac decides to pull the plug!  seriously though, my condolences to cuc.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Am happy to hear no one was harmed; however, now CUC management  knows what it feels like to be robbed like they are  doing us. I for one feel no compassion for CUC.

  62. The Prophet says:

    I wish I could say something else beside "THANK GOD"  I hope they never catch them, and Iam sure that half of Cayman feel the same way.  I do not have a sympathetic word to say.  Only this

    'MR PREMIER"  If I was you I would try my uttermost best to do something about that CUC company.  I swear that if I was close by I would have helped the robbers get way.

    I am sure this is the first time Caymanians are not going to complain about a robbery.  "YES !!"

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you say you hope they don't catch them.

      Have people got very short memories?

      It was only yesterday I was reading (not that I had to read it to know it) that the gangs who are doing the murders are also the same criminals who are committing the robberies.

      What double standards you must have.  Unless of course you are happy for all the other robbers and murderers never to be caught

      • Anonymous says:

        Selective memories in hypocritical people. Some gun crimes are apparently acceptable if committed against those most widely disliked it seems. Kind of a vigilante mindet, you know? Never mind the terrified employees and customers in this instance…it was CUC that was getting robbed so those people really don't matter! SMH, KMT. These comments are deplorable.

    • Anonymous says:

      feeling a little criminal?  you're sounding a lot criminal.

      If you don't like CUC, do what you can to not use their services, please don't advocate anymore criminal behaviour here.  Lord knows there is enough alreadty

    • Rev. BB says:

      Typical christian attitude.

    • Anonymous1*(:0:)1* says:

      Do you know how ignorant you sound when you say that  you wish they never catch them, or you are happy that CUC got robbed. Some of you bloggers are really inept. On one hand you dont want crime, on the other you are applauding them, high fives for a disgusting bunch of useless crimminals.

      Wake up Cayman you allowed this behaviour to fester in your homes, schools and neighborhoods without saying a word, you curse the people that really care and want to help but you offer no solution to the problem,  other than degrading or pointing your finger of blame at others for your lack of confidence and pride in this little island that I were born and raised on.    I will not allow some sick lame brained twerp ruin my country by giving them the pleasure of reading these blogs in admiration of what they do. They have access to this blog like we do. So go ahead and give them your high fives and accolades today, tomorrow it may be you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blasted fool! You saying that now until those same robbers are in your house holding a gun to your
      nose hole while you watch the others rape your 13 year old daughter! Idiot! Crime is a national problem now. If they can do this to CUC, they can do it to you. Some people just shouldn’t have Internet access. SMH.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Kind of convienient that this happened, seeing that only the day before this mckeeva talked about CUC's high bills. Karma?