Cayman career advice to be posted on Youtube

| 01/11/2011

(CNS): A local recruitment firm is calling on local business and members of the financial services sector to help produce a series of videos for YouTube about potential careers local students can pursue in the Cayman Islands. Targeting young Caymanians, organisers said the series will provide information about career opportunities available within our local financial services sector. The videos intend to offer constructive advice on securing employment, academic pre-requisites and scholarship opportunities. The different paths that can be taken in the various professions to achieve long-term career goals will also be highlighted.

The video series is the brainchild of Steve McIntosh, CEO at CML Offshore Recruitment who has signed an MOU with the education ministry and the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals (CISHRP).

“CML is delighted to have the support of both the government and the CISHRP in producing the Career Guidance video series.  It’s important for young Caymanians to have accurate  information on the wide range of career options available to them.  We believe this video series is an excellent way to provide high-quality information in an engaging format and through a medium that appeals to young people,” Mcintosh said. 

He explained that he is looking for private sector sponsors willing to work with CML to produce the videos for their industry sectors. The recruitment expert said 16 distinct career paths had been identified in the financial sector to profile.

“I ask those with an interest in helping young Caymanians make good career choices to urge their employers to contact us and find out how they can get involved,” McIntosh added.

Samantha Nehra president of CISHRP said the she hoped the series would raise the profile of the many career options available in Cayman.

Interviews will be conducted with Caymanians at various levels within each profession, including HR professionals, executives, partners and recently qualified trainees and students. The objective is to obtain a holistic view so that young Caymanians can get a full sense of what each occupation offers, the organisers stated. Each segment will run for 5 – 15 minutes depending on the subject being captured.

Rolston Anglin, the education minister, thanked CML for leading the  project stating that it was extremely important to help young people select the right career path so they can excel and be happy in their chosen profession. “Through such videos, they can make fully informed decisions and get a true sense of what each profession is all about,” he added.

Once finalised, the videos will be hosted on the public video-sharing website YouTube. CML plans to make them available for viewing until June 2013, after which they plan to refresh the series.

Interested companies should contact CML on 949-1345. The company guarantees that they will make no profit from these videos. 

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