CNS Business launched today

| 04/11/2011

Busy_office_worker_IS354-007.jpg(CNS): A new website dedicated to business issues in the Cayman Islands and news relevant to our business community was launched today. Cayman News Service’s sister site, CNS Business, starts with a bang with a Business Viewpoint by former CIMA chair, Tim Ridley, on “The corrosion that is corruption”, while Butterfield Bank’s Phil Turnbull weighs in on the currency market with “An uncertain landscape”. There’s an update on the debt to government by the developer of the Ritz Carlton, while Health Minister Mark Scotland talks to CNS Business about the spiraling cost of healthcare in the Cayman Islands.

On the day that CNS readers can cash in their vouchers for a free brew from The Cayman Islands Brewery, CNS Business reports on the success the products of the local had this week at the Caribbean's largest beer festival — and readers can then try the products for themselves, compliments of CNS and CIB.

Today only, Friday 4 November, CNS readers are invited to share a free Caybrew, CayLight, Ironshore Bock or White Tip Lager to celebrate the launch of CNS Business, which can be claimed at one of three participating venues – Brick House and Dog House at Grand Harbour in Red Bay, and Club House at the Treasure Island Resort on the West Bay Road. Just click on the ad at the top of the CNS Business home page, next to the CNS Business logo, to download a voucher for your free beer (just one per person), which can be claimed at any time today.

“When Wendy and I launched CNS, we heard a lot about what we couldn't or shouldn't do if we wanted the site to be a success. Fortunately, we ignored much of it,” said CNS owner Nicky Watson.

“We felt that the Cayman Islands was ready for something a bit different, including — perhaps especially — the ability for readers to post feedback anonymously on the news articles. ‘Dem Bloggers’ have certainly ruffled a few feathers but have also helped shed light on what people who previously had no voice in these islands think about the issues of the day. With the launch of CNS Business, we're expecting our readers will also have a lot to talk about concerning business in the Cayman Islands — and many points to disagree on. We hope that anyone interested in the finance and tourism industries or local business will share their points of view, whatever they may be.”

CNS Business will be the first business publication in the Cayman Islands that will update every weekday, and to help us with this, the former editor of The Cayman Islands Journal, Lindsey Turnbull, is joining the CNS team.

“We want CNS Business to be a useful tool for the business community as a vehicle to let the movers and shakers and the decision makers know what is really happening, what you think of the issues and what you need,” said Watson. “Cayman needs a freeflow of ideas and people to listen to them, and we hope to be one avenue to help this along.”

If you have any ideasfor CNS Business, please post them in the forum topic CNS Business – what do you want to see?.

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  1. Uhmmm says:

    I don't understand why two websites are needed?  I have been on the other site and comments don't seem to be as prevalent.  The LOL feature and thumbs up and down feature are not there also.  I don't think this will work as you now have to visit two different sites to get information whereas you could on one site before….Please explain the logic 

    I prefer to have only one site to visit and then see the updates as news arise. 

    Good luck to you though.  I hope it works out and that I am wrong and just resistant to change. 

    CNS: The thumbs and LOL buttons will be added soon, and we were not expecting as many comments right off the bat. 

    The new site will have a different target readership – though hopefuly there will be a lot of overlaps – however we will link articles on CNS Business from this site if we believe that they will be of general interest, so if you don't want to check on the more business oriented articles and links regularly, you shouldn't miss anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The fragmentation of your website goes contrary to consolidation that most sites strive for.  I think you'll find this business decision made no sense and I suspect you will merge these two in short order.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your second baby.  Here's wishing CNS Business a long, healthy and happy life.

  4. Just Sayin' says:

    Big Woop.