NHDT clients get new for old

| 04/11/2011

Nov%2030%20Government%20affordable%20-pic (240x300).jpg(CNS): Despite the increase in the value of the new properties being built in George Town, existing National Housing Development Trust clients in good standing will get a ‘new for old’ straight swap and will not be faced with an increased mortgage, officials have confirmed. The NHDT director said that existing home owners who are up to date and in good standing with their payments will be given a new home at the same cost as their original properties. Janet James the general manager confirmed that all mortgage clients will be subsidized by government equally.

There have been a number of concerns that owners of the older homes at the Windsor Park site which are being rebuilt would face an increase in their mortgages because the cost of the replacement homes is considerably greater than the original houses. Government has stated, however, that the houses will be replaced with better quality homes without any costs being borne by the owners.

“The mortgage clients that bought the existing homes that will be re-housed in the new models will not be forced to pay the difference of the cost on the new houses as the original cost of the property will stand,” Janet James the NHDT general manager told CNS.

The trust confirmed that demolition started at the Windsor Park site in June and the residents began moving in April. Government is paying the rent of homeowners who are in good standing until they are able to return to their homes.  According to an FOI request by a member of the public seen by CNS, the cost up to the beginning of November was just short of $200,000 for 6 months rent and deposits.

Last month the trust was thrown into turmoil when one of its board members, who has still not been named officially, was arrested under the anti-corruption law and police announced a full scale investigation into fraud and corruption.

The board which had been reduced down to only three members by the eve of the arrest was reappointed with a combination of new and returning members. According to a recent Freedom of Information request, a family member of one of those returning members had received a contract from the board in relation to the development of the new properties.

The anti-corruption law states that neither officials nor their family members can profit from their positions. However, the general manager stated that the board member in question had declared his interest.

According to the FOI request by a member of the public shown to CNS, Boldwin Jackson Construction was paid $27,750 for architectural services on the Windsor Park re-development and the owner of that firm is the father of Jaron Jackson, one of the returning board directors.

The trust said that in this particular tender five bidders were requested but only three bids were received for the job. “The director in question declared his interest and was not involved in the selection process,” James stated. The FOI revealed that the second bidder submitted a bid which was around $500 less but it also revealed that another $6000 was paid to Boldwin Jackson Construction at later date for further work on the drawings. In addition another $5000 was paid to Tropical Architectural Group for revised plans and amendments to the original plans for Windsor Park, the FOI revealed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Janet James the general manager confirmed that all mortgage clients will be subsidized by government equally." – How will this be done "equally?"


    Also, why would the Govt NOT put a lien on the property for the value of this "gift" that is now being given to these home owners, so that govt can protect its interests?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know Jaron quite well.  I would tell him to steer clear of this mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      when all the evidence is laid on the table in the very near future we will all know what actually went down at Windsor Park. After taking a look on the Planning Department website, i am quite confused why the project was submitted on April 26 after the contract was rewarded in late January?

      Why did it take so long to submit the project?

      Why relocate the people on May 1, if the project is submitted on April 26?

      why not wait until the approvals and permits are granted?

      i smell a cover up here, just a quick overview of the process you will notice that the NHDT paid for 4 months of rent when they should not have. Who should be to blame for this long delay? i know it is not the Planning Department, they were bending over backwards trying to accomodate this project. the records will show that a certain person did not do the job they were paid to do, why did the NHDT have to hire another architect to finish a contract that a board member was paid to do?

      lots of questions that need to be answered

      • Anonymous says:

        18:44 comments should result in all those reinstated NHDT Board members who made this decision to step aside until all discrepancis have been investigated and members either exonerated or found guilty of corruption/collusion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question of the Day the ones that is not up to date witth their  payment what will happen to them  tell me?

    Will they  be  put on the streets ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bush-anomics. Save $500.00 but pay $11,000.00. Now we know why the country is in such bad shape.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "According to the FOI request by a member of the public shown to CNS, Boldwin Jackson Construction was paid $27,750 for architectural services on the Windsor Park re-development and the owner of that firm is the father of Jaron Jackson, one of the returning board directors"  

      WOW !!! whether a declaration is made or not one never ceased to wonder when will this stop.  This type of stuff is the same ol same ol;  only a different person.  The Cayman Island is far to small to think that this type of business will ever stop, because Caymanians are all families.  Therewillbe no business of such nature that wil not consit of this type of handling. Therefore, WHY CRUSIFY ONE PERSON…….   Personal interest exist every where, so Caymanian polititions I beg you stop the tear down of each other and runing people character. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why try to throw smack at Jaron Jackson?  Cayman is small, there WILL be many occasions such as this.  Jaron did the right thing and declared the conflict, this should have been entirely omitted from your article rather than insinuating anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      My comments are  not directed at Jaron – I am referring to how the system works.   If you do not understand what you are reading then please save your comments.   As you stated "WILL be many occasions such as this" this is exactly what I am saying in the above.  So Cayanians need to stop tearing down one another.  I know who Jaron is, he coms from a very respectful family. That has nothing to do with how polititians handled government affairs in tearing down one another.