Slow progress on review of FOI

| 04/11/2011

Dilbert crop_0.JPG(CNS): The information commissioner says she is still waiting on the outcome of the Legislative Assembly’s review of the Freedom of Information Law and despite her requests the committee has refused to reveal any of the public input it has received. A committee of the whole Legislative Assembly was created some 18 months ago to review the Freedom of Information Law to ensure it is functioning as intended. In the latest report from her office, Jennifer Dilbert notes that she submitted her recommendations to the committee more than ayear ago but so far there has been no progress regarding any amendments.

The LA committee has formed a law review sub-committee, which is chaired by the attorney general and Dilbert submitted her recommendations to that committee in September 2010. A position paper on anonymity and fees was also sent to the FOI Law Review Committee in January of this year.

“On 7 April, the committee sought public input on changes to the law with a deadline for submissions of 8 May,” Dilbert said, adding that in order to facilitate public participation, the ICO published the two documents. The commissioner then requested that the committee provide her with copies of any input from the public and the FOI Unit so that she could give input.

“But the sub-committee declined to provide her with this information, indicating that they would prefer to wait until they have completed their review of the FOI Law before releasing any information which they are considering during their review,” the quarterly report reveals.

In early September, the information commissioner was invited to appear before the Law Review Committee but the meeting was postponed and a new date has still not been set.

See latest information commissioner’s report below.

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  1. so Anonymous says:

    Truly amazing that in this day and age a country still exists where it takes over a year to get anything done like this and its normal.  Cayman you are really one of a kind.  Caymankind.

  2. peter milburn says:

    Jennifer you are doing a great job and I might add FOI is something that we have needed for many years.Keep up the pressure and dont let them continue to Pussy Foot around such an importnat issue.Members of the House what are you all waiting for the Return of the Jeddi??????

  3. Anonymous says:

    "….the committee have refused to reveal any of the public input it has received"!!! How hilariously ironic!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am sure that thinking about democracy and FOI is the last thing they want to do while there are still 4 or 5 countries left in the world that they have not tested for the ideal spa.