Minister calls Mac to London

| 12/11/2011

(CNS): The premier has been called to London by the FCO minister with responsibilities for overseas territories to talk about “a financial reform agreement”, according to a release from the press secretary. McKeeva Bush is going to the UK this weekend to meet with the UK government’s Henry Bellingham for what were described as talks on urgent matters. According to the premier’s press office, the minister did not want to discuss these “matters” at the Overseas Territories Consultative Council, which is scheduled to take place in the UK capital later this month but called Bush to London to meet next week instead.

The release did not state what other urgent matters would be discussed in the talks other than financial reform or why Bellingham preferred not to include these matters on the agenda for the bilateral talks, leading him to ask for the premier to make a special trip to London.

The Legislative Assembly is scheduled to sit on Wednesday, 16 November, and the release from the press office gave no indication how long Bush will be in London or if he will return in time for the new parliamentary meeting.

The OTs council is expected to convene later this month but the exact date has not yet been revealed. One of the issues on the agenda will be the White Paper on the Territories, which the UK government wishes to publish in 2012, that will set out its future approach to the Overseas Territories.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope they put him in the tower!

  2. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    I wonder if Mac is going to get run over by that freigth train that I said has been coming his way for some time now…

    • Theo says:

      Speculation,speculation that seems to be the creed of our nation,never failing to criticize never stopping to verify. What will the consequences be not for you and me but for generations to come, who still can’t live and work as one. It s sad to see that people just are vicious and malicious and have a press who entertains and foments dissent to and on our shores. Long gone are the days of tarr and feathering they say, and the cat o nine, keep it up you sad bunch it may have to be used to diffuse conflictive and divide sentiments and increased crime fueled by the hate most of you eschew.

  3. MI7 says:

    Does anybody really expect anything of substance to come out of this meeting?

    The protection of UK interests are paramount therefore if somebody over there decides to look the other way and 'forgive' all of the questionable circumstances, Auditor General reports, police investigations, "conflicts of interests, the obvious examples of  OFFICIAL corruption & the usual behavior in this "banana republic". The Premier, his governemnet and all the other known pirates will merely get a slap on the wrist  or a stern warning about the behaviours that the UK is well aware of and all of the real issues will once again get swept under the rug as it has been done for the past 30 years. 

    The UK neither want the headaches or can afford to topple this duly elected administration with UK tax payer funding plus look at the mess they have gotten themselves into in the past 2 years over in the other "banana republic" in the TCI.

    The only thing that can save these islands is Caymanians demanding more, standing up, speaking out, the RCIPs, Anti-Corruption Commission, Commissioner Baines, AG Sam Bulgin doing their jobs properly and voters choosing better leaders instead of the hoping the FCO bails Cayman out of a mess they have created and allowed to continue since the 1980's.

    There is a reason the Cayman Islands celebrates Pirates Week!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is no 'Banana Republic'.

      We are not completely dominated by foriegn companies. We have no plantations growing bananas for export.

      I do enjoy the very nice rum cakes that are exported regularly though.

  4. Forth Class Citizen says:

    A lot of speculation here but the real question is will Mac wear his "Black Power suit" with the Nehru collar? I think it's cool and refreshing. I never knew Mac to be a fashion Guru. I have to look at him through a different lens now. Mac is changing his style and who says an old Dog can’t learn new fashion?     

    • Singing Chicken says:

      New fashion?  And play the keyboard as well!

      Keyboard solo.  Hit it John John.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the FCO will be warning him about the coming of the Chinese.  Do not get these Islands involved with the Chinese worldwide Revolution.

    • anonymous says:


      Ha, Real funny…They would have to warn David Cameron first…or maybe Cameron just went rogue on them!

      Quote- "BEIJING- A senior Chinese military official said Monday China valued friendly relations with Britain and hopes to enhance military cooperation.

      Chen Bingde, chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), made the remarks while meeting with Stephen Dalton, British Chief of the Air Staff.

      Hailing the establishment of the Sino-British comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in various fields, including technology, education, culture, business and trade, Chen said he hopes both sides will work to strengthen bilateral ties for the long-term.

      "As an important part of bilateral relations, the Sino-British military ties has developed well; we hope to advance the relationship to new heights with the joint efforts of Britain," Chen said.

      Dalton said the British side attaches great importance to its military cooperation with China and hopes to further boost communication and exchange with China in both international and regional affairs."

      …..(Todays "")

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not sure what you are trying to achieve by posting this news. This report merely indicates the 2 countries would like to work together to strengthen bilateral ties.  It does not even remotely indicate that Britain would ever be so foolhardly as to allow a communist regime to come to their land, build, operate and own huge areas of their infrastructure or their main seaport of entry, for the next 50 years until paid back.  Britain wouldn't be that stupid.  The residents here that I speak with, do not want the Chinese here owning their infrastructure.   Cayman better wake up and realize that the Chinese are on a quest to dominate this world, if not by millitary might, then by economic power.  Idon't know about you, but I don't want communists having power over the economic fortune of my country – any country that does not grant its citizens basic human rights do not deserve to make money off the free world.


    • biker says:

      Not "revolution", but DOMINATION would be the correct word.

      It is underway as you read this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Speculation aside, without the presence of an independent observer who will accurately report both the substance and outcome of this urgent meeting, how will anyone know what really transpired?  Now, back to the speculation.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hope McKeeva is not being called up because of any connections with any of that scandal going on over in TCI?  That would be very devestating to our image.

    • so Anonymous says:

      Your now worried about your image?  Did you just start to read the news?  Speaking as an expat from the outside your image would make a good comedy of errors were it not for the fact that the wrong people are getting fat and rich while the people are ignored. Two words come to mind.  Third World.

  8. Anonymous says:

    People! This is very serious! When have you ever remember in recent memory in Cayman, ever being brought in to the "Principal's office" like this?! When? This just goes to show you how much is going on behInd close doors that we naw hearing our knowing fully. But it does say ONE THING LOUD AND CLEAR – WE GOT US SOME POOR LEADERSHIP!! Time to get out boys- SINK UNNA OWN SHIP! UNNA NAW TAKIG MINE.


  9. Anon says:

    It's Pirates Week and Mac has been called  to Walk the Plank!


  10. Knot S Smart says:

    Just what does Bellingham think he is doing calling Mac to scold him during Pirates Week?

    Does he not know that we wanted to see the captain of our galleon wearing his Mao Tse Tung outfit? Especially during the celebration of our pirate,err..christian heritage?

    Oh well.. He probably will return with a Kilt, a Bagpipe, and a suitcase of baloney, about how successful the economic meeting went.

    And oh yes – an economic package containing income, and property taxes..

  11. The Crown says:

    Bring mi back some B&H.. 

    • Strangers in the Night says:

      There is one person that posted a stupid comment on this topic sort of indicating that we must not be glad that a Caymanian minister is being called to the UK by a UK minister. How stupid can you get? If a Caymanian minister is hell bent on hurting OUR Cayman Islands for his personal gain, & CONTINUALLY ignores the wishes & pleas of the Cayman people (even to go so far as to publicly say that certain projects are going ahead no matter who & how many Caymanians oppose them) then I suggest it is only fitting & makes total sense for us to now be happy that there is someone who can put a stop to his madness. 
      To that one person who makes such a stupid & ignorant comment I say you should be ashamed of yourself because, just in case you did not know it, you should always put COUNTRY before self, & for whatever you may personally gain from your blinded support of any politician your love of country should over-ride that, ALWAYS! Do not let your support of any individual be greater than your love for your country, & if you can make such stupid comment it is obvious that your support for a politician is greater than your love for your country. You should be overjoyed that someone of authority is possobly chastising a "Caymanian minister" for so many things that have gone wrong under his watch & is hurting YOUR country, "don't worry, be happy"!! Please, ALWAYS put country before self, & ALWAYS put country before any politician, you will be much happier for it! 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Step down or Bangles perhaps ?

  13. Libertarian says:

    First, Bush meets Bellingham on "a financial reform agreement." 

    Second, on urgent matters, which we know nothing about. We don't know if it has to do with fraud, with our overly large civil service, with imposing taxation, with spending, with investigations or any form of political corruption.

    We just don't know the details, and we shouldn't speculate. All we have is a feeling of uncertainty.

  14. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Financial Reform???

    Like "Show us the money???"

  15. nys_best2003 says:

    Property tax now or you're on your own cayman… It's coming folks… Save up… We will no longer be able to take a free ride on the back of England.  Lets face it… that's what we've been doing for a while… I'm sure they'll need to see some taxes making it's way back to England.  Time will tell.   

    • Anonymous says:

      What free ride?  Look at the mess their commissioner is making.

    • Anonymous says:

      "We will no longer be able to take a free ride on the back of England and thats been happening for a while now"


      Can you explain this one for me, please ?  How exactly has Cayman been riding England's back, financially ?  If you lived here in England you would know the English mentality when it comes to money…I won't go into details less my comments won't make this forum but suffice it to say, 'leeches' would not be an inappropriate word to use.

      If this meeting has anything to do with 'financial matters' it might have to do with McKeeva Bush's 'double-dipping' on MLAs pensions, the size of the civil service debt burden, the fiddling with the pensions law and Bush's own 'corruption investigation' in which the citizens of Cayman have been kept totally in the dark.

      I could easily see a combination of all these factors leading to 'call to the carpet' for Bush.

      Any other issues to do with taxation forced on Cayman by England is a load of S&&^t.

      England is one of the world's most taxed countries right now, the 'suits' have their grubby little paws in every single financial pie that exists in this country, 'we can't breath for them' in our faces and wallets at every turn and given half a chance, they would do the same to Cayman…bleed the country dry and then move on….as they have done every other 'colonly' they ever possessed.

      Taxes in England are used to fund a host of public service, including 'cradle to grave FREE health services and other social benefits to what is essentially, a poor population…England is a poor country….but if these same benefits did not accrue to Caymanians, there is no reason to have England force Englsih-style taxes on Cayman.

      The only ones to benefit from that type of taxation would be the English politicians and beaurcracy.


      • Anonymous says:

        I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we do pay taxes.  They are just hidden taxes and we are supporting all the people that don't want to work whether they are Caymanian or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don't think the commenter was ignorant of this fact.  I think they were merely speaking of direct taxation.  They as well as most of us know, that "England is one of the worst taxed countries" through a mechanism of both direct and indirect taxation – they have as much if not more indirect taxation as we do here in Cayman.

    • Typical Retiree says:

      As a Retiree I'm ready to sell my house.The tax will be moe than the house is worth and I may go to jail if it keeps piling up and i'm unable to pay. Thats just the facts.

      • Adam Smith says:

        Pathetic scaremongering. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Come and watch me cash the check and wire the difference to Hong Kong and Jersey once the mortgage has been paid off!

          It should coincide with another batch of foreclosures hitting the market.

          I think you are in for a rough ride my friend unless you get the rose tinted shades off real quick!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mine is sold, money is in the bank in three jurasdictions to safeguard any further exposure to risk and I intend to party until i leave.

        • Anonymous says:

          I managed to beat the pre independence sell off, sold my unit and got roughly what I paid for it. To be fair.

          That is 20 points immigration won't be taking into account!

    • Anonymous says:

      "free ride on the back of England"…………………..But didn't they ride us for hundreds of years, have you forgotten about the days of slavery? All of the UK's ex colonies should have still been under mother riding her like a donkey, Britian made it big from us, so why can't we make it big from them!!

    • Happy to Go it Alone says:

      Free ride on back of England?..surely you jest or just plain have no clue.

      The last thing I remember England giving is was a 'grant' to our primary schools back in the 1970s. We even have to pay for their "technical and legal advice" now, something they used to do for their "colonies".

      We pay for the Governor's salary, living & traveling expensesas well as the lovely coconut shrimp at his cocktail parties here. Not to mention "Tempura and Cealt" and whatever the ongoing ones behind the scenes are to be named. We are sure paying for their Bobbies to be here now. Hope they stay inside and don’t get caught with their pants down on a beach near you. The Daily Mail is sure watching.

      We paid for the Cubans, we paid for the Afghans – both "external affairs" issues which they should be 'responsible' for…I could go on.

      Even after Hurricane Ivan they came briefly in their boat, saw Governor was 'secure' and promptly left. It was the Americans that eventually gave us a few tarpaulins-oh forgot, the Brits asked them to drop them off for us. Some weeks later British Airways brought in some water.  We probably paid for that too and BA for the freight.

      However, if we are going to be taxed to send money to England we will need a seat or two in the House of Commons ( you have heard it – "no Taxation without representation"- the real reason Cayman is Tax free)

      I actually think for the last 40 years its England who has been getting the free ride (vacations) here in the Cayman Islands. Maybe while Bush is there he can see if he can at least get reimbursed the $12M(we will ignore the interest) the British wasted on Tempura.

      • Anonymous says:

        “However, if we are going to be taxed to send money to England we will need a seat or two in the House of Commons ( you have heard it – “no Taxation without representation”- the real reason Cayman is Tax free)”

        You make a very good point. Taxation without representation is not fair, most of us would agree with that. What do you propose to do with regards to expats paying taxes here? You can’t have a double standard!

        • Anonymous says:

          You don't actually pay any taxes here aside from consumption taxes such as import duties. Those are needed to fund extra burden on the infrastructure imposed by the expat population. 25,000 Caymanians would not have required any of the new roads to be built.

          I think it was the Americans who coined the slogan 'no taxation without representation' and they certainly do not mean that any individual who pays U.S. taxes must have political representation in the Houses of Congress or the White House. Non-U.S. citizens cannot vote in the U.S. but so long as they earn a dollar in the U.S. must pay U.S. income and other taxes.  

          • Anonymous says:

            I certainly hope you are not advocating a American style tax scheme for Cayman. Just because the Americans do things a particular way doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do things.

            • Anonymous says:

              I suggest you read the thread as you seem to have missed the point of the comment entirely.

      • Anonymous says:

        Correction silly, Air Jamaica was the first one to fly aid into the country, before any other nationality.  Yeah, the same Jamaicans that you piss on.

    • Anonymous says:

      What free ride, exactly? I must have missed it completely. They did not so much as give us needed assistance after Hurricane Ivan. Cayman pays its own pay including the salary of the Governor as a British civil servant.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem to have forgotten about McKeever turning away the help that UK offered after Ivan.  I sure remember the warship and sailors on the warship that assisted Cayman Brac after Allen.

        • Anonymous says:

          What nonsense. After Hurricane Ivan the elected govt. (that includes McKeeva) was not even in charge. A State of Emergency was declared by the Governor and he appointed a certain senior partner in a large local law firm to help make decisions about us. The same Governor claimed that he requested help from the UK on our behalf but received naught.

          The UK gave help all right – some tarpaulin and water purification tablets. Their only interest was in spiriting the Governor away from the disaster.  

        • Anonymous says:

          The uk offered water purification tablets and woolen blankets after Ivan. Both were useless. They expressly refused to provide armed security that was badly needed despite troops being on the ship offshore. The UK failed to keep her promise to us. Many Caymanians remain bitter at the lack of support. I agree that the UK did help after Allen – but that was 31 years ago…

    • Dred says:

      This had better been a troll cause it's stupid enough a comment to be one.

      England hasn't given us diddly squat. What we got we basically went out and got for ourselves. Oursuccess was not because mother England went out of her way to help us be a successful Tourism centre or financial centre.

      What England gave us was the impression of stability being a crown colony but don't ever make it seem they were there for us to help us become anything where they lifted a hand to help.

      Case in point. When we were hit by what is called the worst storm in our history, IVAN. The UK said we could take care of ourselves. In fact when they grew a heart it was like 2 years after the fact. Thank God we didn't really need it. The US probably was more help than they were.

      I am not ilgreatful of the association because that has helped us but don't make it seem like their reps ever came here to do us good. I haven't seen a Governor actively working to promote the Cayman Islands. Do our Governors go and represent us globally? NO only to the UK to report in on what we are doing here.

      I am not for Independence because I don't believe we are ready to take this step. We have far too many issues fighting such as corruption and crime to deal with now. It also scares me with some of our politicians that we have.

  16. Anonymous says:

    At times like this we need two Ellios. What a dilemma, will he go to London to explain everything to Bellingham, or will he stay here and go on Rooster to explain everything to us?

    Maybe we need a Trillio… someone will have to explain it to the Chinese as well.

  17. Anonymous says:

    All this blah blah blah.

    The minister is simply calling Mac in to warn him not to become an embarassment to the rest of the OTs when the consultative meeting convenes later on. Thats it. Nothing more.

    Just a little discipline lesson before Mac embarasses us.

  18. Bye bye says:

    Maybe they have a job opening or an position they need filling, I'm thinking court jester or court clown.  Either way maybe we will be lucky and they will keep him.


    Fingers crossed.

    • Singing Chicken says:

      How would he get the keyboard playing dog through quarantine?  Aren't John John's solos an integral part of the "Vat I see happenin'" routine?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Oops. Who reported Mac to the boss? Could it be the person who has the most to gain? (Someone from within the UDP)

  20. Anonymous says:

    oh boy…..hope someone SMART going along with him. And not his ENTOURAGE of immature wanna be rock stars he always got hanging around!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Probably go something like this "McKeeva whisky tango foxtrot"?

  22. Do The Right Thing says:

    Another year, another massive fraud in the markets involving Cayman companies and their secrecy.  Perhaps it is time for the UK to step in and say "enough is enough".  BBCI, Enron, Parmalat . . . .Subsidising 30,000 islanders is not worth the costs to the rest of the world of allowing this abuse to continue.

    • Like It Is says:

      Get ready for thumbs down from those in denial and the apologistswho make their money from the dark arts.

  23. Freedom Man says:

    Here come the Taxes! 

  24. Just agents of sabotage says:

    You tell him Mr Bellingham this Sh*& got to stop ! Can't say Mr Bush was not warned several times about returning certain elements back to the government and elevating others to the upper level of their incompetence and just letting certain little pets to continue their fleecing of government at will. The same old dinosoars who ran Kurts ship aground and play his drunk fiddle when he was leader of the PPM fiefdom and then held Mckeeva's hand and sang cumbyaaa because they were afraid he would find of about their treachery. New leadership is desperately needed in Cayman in order to get these old power hungry double dipping hands off the wheel once and for all. The game is up unna bunch saboteurs.  The Captain is about to be given new orders or his discharge papers. Either way it ain't good Cayman thats for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      This post sounds like a new topic for a 'footman or Andy to put a tune to!


  25. Anonymous says:

    I bet Mac is going to return and say he signed an MOU with Bellingham.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This trip was planned a long time ago – how is it now urgent?

  27. Anonymous says:

    You’re on my territory now!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is true that the UK is struggling with some of the same issues we have. They have problems with the size of the civil service and how much money is being spent there, they have crime issues and yes they have problems balancing the books.

      However they are in control and how they look at it is that while they can only be of limited help financially they certainly do not want to complicate the problem of having their overseas territory in financial trouble as well.


      Therefore they car making sure we are handling matters financially so as not to get in dept. Some may question this when they see some of the decisions that both the current Government and the past PPM government operated. The intersting thing is that the UDP Government cried down the PPM Government about spnding and then went and did the same thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you say they care?  Really now?

        Constantly lying to their public and saying that we are a liability and that UK tax payers should not be underwriting our lifestyles are about as uncaring and untruthful as it gets.

        Furthermore, justifying our cuts by saying, well, we don't have this in the UK so you shouldn't have that in Cayman is certainly not caring.

    • The Prophet says:

      What a wicked set of people.  Mr Premier, there is a saying I hear occasionally on the Island.  It goes like this "Da wha ye get"  and I am referring to you giving statuses to people who never deserved it, now they are jumping up and biting your nose.   I am quite aware that only a few Caymanians have internet at home, and I am also aware that 95% of these comments against thePremier is not Caymanians.  I wish you people who have the opportunity to work live and some have even been given Residence,  I say show some gratefulness.  Cayman poeple love MacKeva Bush, just like the people of Cuba love Fidel.  So anyone who think that is not so just watch what happens next election.

      • Anonymous says:

        BS!  From my view, at least 50% of the Caymanian households are aware of CNS and either here about the comments directly or contribute to this forum!!!

      • THE THINKER: says:

        How dare you! Are you callin him a mini Fidel? OOOPPS!!

      • Loopy Lou says:

        Prophet – Sober up from the night before prior to posting next time.

      • Jack B Nimble says:

        Some prophet… can’t see the present let alone the future.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not much of a prophet amd not too much knowledge. U love him so much – how u spell his name? Ya no Caymanian then?

      • Anonymous says:

        What he has said is coming to bite him in the ass, not his nose!

      • Anonymous says:

        You really are an insult to Prophets of all! Go read a book, watch the news or learn something!

      • Anonymous says:

        So in love with McKeeva you don't even know how to spell his name. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Er… the people of Cuba did not elect Fidel to power and it was government by fear and intimidation. Clearly you are assuming that McKeeva will be not be disqualified from holding public office by the next election. I wouldn't be too sure.

        Caymanians are not nearly as stupid as you think.

  28. Libertarian says:

    Headline:  "Minister calls Mac to London"

    Oh well.. back to Pirate's Week festivities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeh mon, Pirates week with culture and heritage, fooood the best….floats better than ever….fun, good weather..yoh and still called Pirates Week!!!.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Opps.  Mac is being called to the Principals office.

  30. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    A bit like a naughty schoolboy being told to report to the Headmaster for ” Six of the Best ” – a damned good caning for anyone not familiar with the Old School system of punishment in the UK.

  31. Whodatis says:

    @ Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 11/13/2011 – 01:14

    Very well said.

    (Re: "The UK is in a position 10 times worse than Cayman." Ain't that the truth!)

    However, there is no need to question the ultimate outcome of our relationship with the FCO / UK, for according to the CIA World Factbook – the people of the Cayman Islands are made up of;

    "mixed 40%, white 20%, black 20%, expatriates of various ethnic groups 20%."

    From the above statistics history has already taught us that at best – we only have a 20% chance of NOT being screwed over, regardless of the reality of our economic or political standing.

    * I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

    History is history. Old habits die hard. It is what it is.

    It is simply a question of when – not if.

    (Being who and what I am in this world today I would be an absolute fool to expect anything else.)

    How does that Louis Armstrong song go again …??

    • Anonymous says:

      "I challenge anyone to prove me wrong."

      What are you talking about? Comparing Cayman with the UK is a bit of a stretch don't you think?

      • Whodatis says:

        Interesting how at certain times absolutely anyone is able to gather support despite their perspective / point being completely off target.

        Kinda' nullifies the popular vote altogether.

        I will excuse the above poster but the rest of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


    • Whodatis says:

      Hmmm … why was my post so unpopular?

      There was no clarification as to which 20% I was referring or to what exactly it related.

      However, it appears as if everyone has come to the same conclusion.

      Now, why is that I wonder?

      Heaven forbid … could Whodatis actually be speaking the truth?!

      * I am only speaking on reality folks – I didn't create it. Therefore, kindly channel your disapproval in the right direction.

      • Truthseeker says:

        The negative response possibly reflects what appears to be a  racist agenda;

        Whodatis post 1:

        " the people of the Cayman Islands are made up of;
        "mixed 40%, white 20%, black 20%, expatriates of various ethnic groups 20%."
        From the above statistics history has already taught us that at best – we only have a 20% chance of NOT being screwed over, regardless of the reality of our economic or political standing.
        * I challenge anyone to prove me wrong."

        Whodatis response to negative reaction. 

        "There was no clarification as to which 20% I was referring or to what exactly it related.

        Your comments seem motivated by racism.  Does it matter who was the target? 



        • Whodatis says:

          Yes, there does appear to be a racist agenda.

          However, since when does referring to something render one guilty of the act?

          • Dred says:

            Stop while you are only a mile or so behind.

            • Whodatis says:

              But the fun has only just begun!

              I may be very unpopular at the moment however, that may very well mean that I am very much ahead.

              Don't really care either way – for on this forum I simply call things the way I see them.

              Feelings get hurt at times, but frankly I could not care less.

      • Truthseeker says:

        Did you ever consider that some might find racism objectionable, regardless of the target?

      • X Pat says:

        Because the majority of people disagree with you and think your posts are a waste of space on this forum perhaps?

        • Whodatis says:

          Yeah – that must be it. (Rolls eyes.)

          That's rich coming from you X Pat – as I can barely make a post on CNS without you piggy-backing on the tail-end of it.

          Now … back to your cave, you troll.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Billingham must be reading CNS, and the LA Minutes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    OOOOHHHH, if only he could fire Mac. We can but dream…………

  34. Anonymous says:

    It's quite telling how so many people enjoy with an almost childish excitement the very thought of someone chastising the elected leaders of this country.  Mind you, its not that they don't need it, but the automatic assumption is that Bellingham is looking out for Cayman's best interest and that he is in a position to help us.

    People the FCO cannot help.  They can certainly, punish or hurt but they can't help.  The UK is in a position 10 times worse than Cayman.  

    We are really in bad shape.  That's the long and short, and we better all hope that the position the FCO takes is fair, based on what is genuinely in the best interest of the Cayman Islands and not on our dislike for the current Government.

    Come to think of it, you can't find one ruling Government in any western democracy that enjoys the public's overall confidence right now…

    • Pit Bull says:

      Best interests of the UK must come first in all dealings involving British territory.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank God you're still around Pit Bull. I thought you had returned to our beloved UK and I was missing your perceptive, unbiased Cayman-friendly comments.

        • Pit Bull says:

          I am glad I can be of service.  Don't worry I am here and enjoying the easy money and the sunshine, the discrimination and corruption not so much.  The UK government should always put the UK's interests first over regional interests.  That is simply good governance.  The UK has been far too Cayman friendly in the last few decades and that is part of the reason Cayman is looking over the abyss right now.

          • Anonymous says:

            The UK has been anything but Cayman-friendly. It has literally been hostile to these Islands particularly under the Gordon Brown era.

            The discrimination in Cayman is mostly practised by your kind against Caymanians.

    • Rick Berns says:



      There may be no popular governments in the west right now, but the posters in this forum certainly do not represent the majority views of the CI's on most topics. If that was true, it would be time to pack my bags. They are shallow in the extreme and have no concept of how the world works. But, if you want to reach nowhere, follow the crowd, said a wise man. This crowd is embarrassing but dangerous. The UK can feel quite emboldened in any machinations it has concocted for the CI's right now, given the silly postings and visceral hatred of our Premier constantly posted on this CNS.

      Whatever is coming down the pipeline is not going to be good for us but they will be shouting 'I told you so', since their incoherent views incorporate a little bit of verything. While you jeer and cheer, McKeeva will be quite fine, even if Cayman goes to hell. You are as little children in a big, bad world. And this is no game.




      • Anonymous says:

        Resect Rick Berns. 

        Just calling it like I see it.  Pride goes before a fall.  And hoping and wishing for this Government's collapse is in anyway shape or form a good thing, is about as dumb as trying to milk a bull.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Condescendimng attitude! Bit like the leader! Time we moved forward n not standimg still or going behind!

    • THE THINKER: says:

      A question for Anonymous 11/12/2011 – 18:14

      If you're being bitten by a vicious dog ,would you not  want someone to pull it off you? Certainly you would!! 


      • Anonymous says:

        I am thinking, but your analogy makes no sense to me.  Who is your dog, McKeeva or Bellingham?  If McKeeva is the Dog in your analogy, do you really think that Bellingham is concerned about ulling him off of you?

        You peole are under some illusion that the FCO is looking out for your best interest.

        Reminds me of the opposition in TCI.  They thought that if the FCO canned Misick and crew, they would happily turn the country over to them.  NEVER HAPPEN!  They will take over all facets of life that are profitable and beneficial to them.

        So, you better find the dog's real owner, because if you are getting bitten, the dude checking the dog has no interest in getting him off of you.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I guess we'll soon know if it's really "my goverment".

  36. Anonymous says:

    If I was Bellingham, I would say you have done nothing of substance to reduce the bloated civil service and reduce its ridiculous pension and health benefits as the Miller-Shaw report suggested. Why not? They are unsustainable and will bring your territory down.

  37. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Thankfully I believe we are seeing the "thumb screws" moving one more quarter turn. Something "gotta give soon come".

    • Theo says:

      To poster 17:37 you may be descendant fro pirates but majority of us are not so to he’ll with ya thumbscrews and off with your tongue lol

  38. Anonymous says:

    the governor should be recalled too……    he's been asleep at the wheel for too long…

    • Anonymous says:

      How naïve, This Governor has been governing in a professional way unlike the last one!

  39. Anonymous says:

    "financial reform agreement" as in agree to implement direct taxation since you cant manage your finances Mr. Cohen-Mr Magic Calculator = 5m surplus oops no 40m deficit sorry no thats 20m surplus

  40. Anonymous says:

    Can you say Turks and Caicos Act 2?

  41. Micky Mouse says:

    Lets continue to pray for ourcountry and its leaders. Castigating them heals nothing.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Early elections??

    • Anonymous says:

      15:51 yea, early elections for what? I have read   all  the dumb, stupid, hating  bull shit written towards the Premeir.


      Let me ask you all one thing…which candidate are you going to replace him with? to carry out the same laws,rules, policies,and the constituation, the highest laws of the land. Do you all really think Mac is breaking any laws…. think again, he wouldn't be there this long if he was a dummy. Change the guard, but you still have the protocol…get my drift?.

      Be real, get off your asses and lobby like real men do, and get the laws ammended.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is at least a real risk that he has been breaking laws since he is under criminal investigation. I would wait to hear the outcome of that investigation if I were you.

        Just about any other candidate would be better.  

  43. Pit Bull says:

    Please note that by "agreement" the FCO mean letting Mac know what he will have to "agree" with.

  44. Reality Calling says:

    Let’s hope the Minister has the cojones to put a stop to Mac’s rampage.

  45. so Anonymous says:

    Bush has proved time and time again that he can talk when there is nothing to say.  Now we get to see if he can listen when there is.  When he gets back we are going to hear a lot of blameing going on.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hope he gives him a pasting over what I view as his attempted intimidation of the auditor for doing his job!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      "The storm is over now" R. Kelly

      Great song!

    • Dis it now says:

      Dis it now!

      Our prayers are answered, Cayman is SAVED!

    • BORN FREE says:

      Damn, damn, at first I thought this was the answer to our prayers, what we have all been waiting for! "Minister calls Mac to London"!!! I thought that was it! I was jumping up & down & thinking "FINALLY"!! But I am patient, it "soon come" still.

    • Nah we! says:

      Mr Bellingham, he nah speak fa we!

      Please keep him with you FOREVER!

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever is said we will never know unless it is printed in the newspapers…..

  47. Anonymous says:

    Mr Premier a word of advice – Mr Bellingham is not a man to give any s**t to. You be straight with him and he'll be straight with you but if he thinks you are BS'ing him brace yourself because it will be a rough ride.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well Cayman this is a precursor to what the Chuckster warned would come if McKeeva was ever re-elected to lead this country. It will all go further downhill from here…..listen for further developments in the weeks and months ahead !!!

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    If you feel overlooked by the Cayman Islands Government, then have your voice be heard by the FCO by posting your comment directly to Mr. Bellingham at:


    • Theo says:

      Go gov.

    • Pit Bull says:

      Please extend the franchise and the right to stand like in Jersey : This will reduce corrupt and discriminatory practices.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a chance.


        That's what most expatriates are hoping for.


        Control of our government and country will not be taken over.


        Only Caymanians will be able to vote, and be elected to government.

        • Pomp'n'Circumstance says:

          Whose country is it anyway? ("The UK's" is the answer that Mac is going to find out next week).

          • Anonymous says:

            Since we have the right to self-determination it is Caymanians' country. 

  51. Anonymous says:

    Rule Britania La La La La La La…………..