Lord gets top UK Cayman job

| 14/11/2011

(CNS):  A British Conservative peer has been given the top job in the Cayman Islands London office, officials announced on Monday.  Lord Blencathra, formerly David MacLean before he was appointed to the UK’s House of Lords, has been appointed the director of the UK office. The former Conservative MP represented Penrith and The Border from 1983 until 2010 and was the party’s chief whip from 2001 to 2005. The premier made the announcement from the UK capital on Monday, having been called there by the OT minister.  “It is vitally important that Cayman has a strong voice in Westminster and Brussels,” Mckeeva Bush said about the appointment.

“I am delighted that a politician with David’s experience will ensure that our interests are protected at a time when tax neutral jurisdictions such as our own are the subject of such malicious and ill-informed attacks,” Bush added.

According to a release issued on behalf of the Cayman London office, the Tory peer’s immediate agenda will include developing a more comprehensive understanding with the FCO and other governmental organizations in the UK of the financial management of the Cayman Islands, its economy and its day to day operations.

IMG_5113 (233x300).jpgLord Blencathra said he was honoured to take up the appointment as he “passionately” believes” that both the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories are a force for good in the world.

“In a world of ever faster communications there is often slower understanding. A major part of my work will be to make people in the UK and Europe understand that allowing the Cayman Islands to maintain its leading position in world finance is also vital for the City of London and the whole of the UK economy,” Lord Blencathra stated.

 “As the world possibly enters even more difficult financial times then we should all build on our strengths and maintain our family ties with those countries that have always stood by us. On both those counts that means that I will be working for the closest possible relationship and understanding between our two countries," he added.

The new director will also have responsibility for promoting the Cayman Islands' interests in the UK and Europe by liaising with and making representations to UK Ministers, the FCO, the European Parliament, European Governments and the EU Commission, the Commonwealth Countries Association and the Overseas Territories Association, as well as the Mayor of the City of London and City of London institutions and businesses.

Officials added that he will be liaising with and promoting the interests of the Cayman Islands at the Overseas Territories Consultative Council, which is due to take place this month. In particular, the peer will be assisting the CIG in developing the new accord for the Overseas Territories with the UK government.

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  1. Knot S Smart says:

    I object to calling them'Lord'

    Where do I file my complaint?

    Or should I just call St Peter on his direct line?

    • Anonymous says:

      Lord in this context is merely a marker of his titled status as  a Baron.

      It isn't religious.

      He is a Lord….hence why he sits in the House of Lords.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This man is a political nobody in the UK, “kicked upstairs” to the House of Lords because whatever small usefulness he had in the Commons has long since disappeared. He’s thoroughly discredited as the MP who led the campaign against expenses disclosure, and no doubt he’s been snuffling out paid sinecures like this. I don’t care whether or not he’s a Caymanian, but I do care if he’ll be an effective spokesman for us. I fear that because his knowledge of Cayman and its economic drivers is nil, he won’t. I also think it’s scandalous that he was chosen on a whim like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Therein lies the real problem: he is shunned by the political establishment, and therefore recognised as without political weight by the administrative establishment.  


      I don't care if the post is held by a Caymanian either.  However, if you appoint a British person it needs to be someone who is respected, and no one who is respected in the UK establishment would take this job because it's hardly a post to put your talents to use; not when you've got the whole Whitehall and Westminster machine to choose from.  Thus the argument for putting a Caymanian: it's what people expect, and the appointee carries the legitimacy that comes with being a national when you are dealing with national interests.

    • Anonymous says:

      ON A WHIM? Either you don't listen to rooster talkshow, which I doubt is the case, therefore I am going to assume that your native tongue is not ENGLISH, or you are anti the current government. I am not a talkshow fanatic, I listen to certain broadcasts of this show and I heard this topic discussed by the hosts and opposition guests, so I cannot understand why now, this was done on a  WHIM. I am sure, you are aware that Caymanians did infact fill this post in the past, also, one should realise that there is one constant in life,"CHANGE" I  HOPE AND YOU SHOULD, that the changes that our political leaders make, enhances our existence in today's world.

      • Anonymous says:

        Having posted the comment that 14.35 attempted to reply to (after an alcohol-fuelled lunch, I fear), the politest thing I can say is that his/her reply is utterly incomprehensible. Can someone explain it please?

        • Knot S Smart says:

          He confused the hell out of me too.

          Now I need a drink to clear my head…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here comes Santy-Claus, here comes Santy-Clause… la la Santy-Claus lane…

  4. Chris says:

    Was trying hard not to comment on this bleak story but Anon 14:25 just tipped my hand.

    Please please please its time to grow up and wake up.

    Cayman needs to stop believing that someone else from somewhere else is going to best represent our interest.

    Caymanians are ready willing and able  to carry out the responsibilities of this post.

    Not so long ago Caymanians held key positions as principal of John Gray High School, Commissioner of Police, Head of the Prison, director of our national museum and Cayman representative to the UK.

    What next? Foreign Chief Officers in the Civil Service and an expat Deputy Governor?

    Each time these key positions are replaced by a non-Caymanian it is a backward step for the Cayman Islands.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this a Lord or Robin Williams working on a new movie roll?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am disgusted.  We should not be patronising the UK establishment with what few overseas posts CIG offers.  There is a difference between being the 'Director of the London Office'  and being the 'Cayman Islands Representative'.  What we've just done is given a member of the House of Lords quasi-diplomatic immunity inside his own country.  WHY is this post not held by a Caymanian?  


    Let's look beyond that colourful costume to that man's career and reputation in Westminster:


    He was demoted from Chief Whip to the backbench when David Cameron took office, which means he doesn't have his ear.  He held that post under Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard, two Ed Miliband-level unsuccessful Conservative leaders that everyone has totally forgotten about.  He introduced a bill to exempt Parliament from Freedom of Information legislation, and voted for their expenses to remain secret.  He used 20,000 of taxpayer money to improve his property before selling it for 750,000.  And when it was all said and done, they stuck him in the House of Lords, which is the standard reward for undistinguished long service in the Commons.


    So, he believes in secrecy, profitting from service to country, and should have left politics a long time ago.  Who does this remind you of?


    And, sad but true, he has multiple sclerosis.  This is an autoimmune condition with unpredictable symptoms that worsen over time.  Moving forward into the new relationship the UK say they want to have, we need to have a first-class, fast-track Caymanian running this office and taking no prisoners.  We need someone who can grow with this job, not someone who is on their way out of Westminster and wants a bit of whimsy before they go.  Look up the symptoms and ask yourself whether in all honesty, taking into account the need to make all reasonable allowances for people to hold their jobs, someone with that condition should be running a diplomatic and trade office.  Hmm?  


    This is another Mac moment, when he was asked to review the candidates and was told 'Mr Premier, there is one other candidate, he was recently appointed to the House of Lords-'

    'What, a Lord applied?  Boy, dat sound real good to me'


    Just another thing the next government is going to have to reverse come 2013.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good Lord, Mac didn't even have one friend left who wanted the job?

  8. ThatCaymanianYouKnow says:

    For once I have to say, well it could be a whole lot worse. I'm just wait out untill I can put in my vote…

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is what Caymanians like – complain and complain til the UK sets up their own to rule the affairs.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can someone check whether this gentleman has ever been to Cayman?

  11. Anonymous says:

    A recent conference in London saw many of the Carribean countries reveal that they are treated as second class citizens by the arrogant civil servants in the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  

    The Cayman Islands Governemnt has to be congratulated for appointing Lord Blencathra who, as a  former and very effective Chief Whip for the Tory Party, knows exactly how to handle uppity civil servants.

    Yes, a Caymanian could have been appointed but who would have had the kind of experience and access to UKGovernment that Lord Blencathra cleary has? Answer -nobody so let's bring an air of politiical reality to this discussion.

    This is actually one of the smartest appointments ever made by McKeeva and it won't be long before other Carribean countries follow suit.

    Regarding the jokey  remark about the shepherd's crook, Lord Blencathra has mobility probelms because of multiple sclerosis.     

  12. Anonymous says:

    So we have an Englishman, Lord Blencarthra, representing the Cayman Islands in the UK and Europe and his deputy, Mary Candler-Allen is an Englishwoman. The XXXX of Cayman. Thank you Mr Bush.

    • Jocktastic says:

      He is Scottish.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best news for sometime. He knows his way around and can get us a better hearing in the UK. BTW his deputy is Caymanian-not English.-Charles Parchment.

      • Anonymous says:

        10;52: So what has happened to Mary Chandler-Allen who was the Acting London Representative when Jennifer Dilbert left. Charles Parchment was sent there by Mac to be her deputy. Charles Clifford had removed Parchment from there, remember?

    • Anonymous says:

      He is actually a Scotsman, born in the Highlands who went to University of Aberdeen.

  13. St Matthew says:

    Not all who says lord lord shall be favoured by the United Kingdom.

  14. anonymous says:

    Was this a post that should be advertised?  Did any Caymanian get a chance to apply?

    • P.A.Rody says:

      I've been wondering about that for all UK jobs! outrageous if not, how is a Caymanian going to get a job without preference through statue?

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously when it concerns representing Cayman abroad Caymanians should have preference. That is simply commonsense. Can you imagine the UK asking a Frenchman or Irishman to represent them in anything?    

    • Anonymous says:

      DID WE EVER IN THE PAST?  We are given the details after the fact!  Things are still the same, nothing has changed.  Are you new to our Island?






  15. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    That implement in M’Lord’s right hand in the photo, looks like the thing which in the old British Music Hall days was used for dragging performers off the stage, by the neck, when it was obvious the audience had had enough of them, called – ” Giving them the Hook “. Would it be too much to hope it is a sign of things to come?

  16. Indian says:

    Why he dress like santa claus. lol… must be a white man thing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that our Honourable Premier and hispolticall ymaligned entourage will not have to take so many trips to the UK and exotic foreign lands   to "personally " oversee the interests of the Cayman Islands in Europe andAaustralasia? I doubt it but will wait optimistically  as the next episode unfolds….

  18. Libertarian says:

    Premier:  “I am delighted that a politician with David’s experience will ensure that our interests are protected at a time when tax neutral jurisdictions such as our own are the subject of such malicious and ill-informed attacks.”

    Sir, what about our interest in terms of having a strong direct democracy implemented in our Constitution, a direct democracy that prevents MLA's from being bought out by the wealthy, developers who belittle our local communities for their own profit, special interest groups and elites in the UK against the democracy of the Cayman Islands, potential dictatorships, and a flawed and weak Constitution which we have now that only represents the Governor and local politician.

    Of course, I am relieved that there is someone that believes in our financial industry, but what about "we" the Caymanian people – what about our freedom, individual rights and liberties?

    • Independant says:

      Libertarian, our politicians are all about money. Sadly, you are never going to her about the sort of things that is best for Cayman. It is always about their interest.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well Done! Having personally met Lord Blencathra, I am sure he will give us the representation that is required. Thank you.

  20. Yo Mama says:

    Oh great, a lord. Just who we need to look after the best interest of the average Caymanian. Those who inhabit the House of Lords are so well known for their concern for the poor and middleclass.



    • Anonymous says:

      This guy will fit right in with Mac and his crew:

      David Maclean, the Conservative MP who led the campaign to prevent the publication of Commons MPs’ expenses, spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money renovating a farmhouse before selling it for £750,000.

      A list of (for brevitys sake a few of) items the MP has claimed for since 2004.

      £1198.70 garden trees

      £625 “digger” from Thanet Well Motors

      £1,866.49 Thermatech boiler

      £2,023.92 fence posts

      £2,300 silver E-Ton Vector 250cc quad bike

      £1,298 Panasonic 32in flat screen TV

      £140 John Lewis Egyptian cotton satin kingsize flat sheet

      £120 two Peter Jones natural pillows

      £364.72 a display mirror, silver display light, two oak two-door glass display cabinets and five drawer chest of drawers from Argos

      £437.99 Zanussi washer dryer

      £236.60 two lamps from Debenhams


      • Polly Tricks says:

        And he wanted it all kept secret by asking for the Freedom of Information Act not to apply to Parliament.  He is Mac's soul mate.

    • Anonymous says:

      I recommend looking at this article, it show you what we will be dealing with, as if this sort of behaviour from our premier wasn't bad enough already.

  21. I TOLD YOU SO! says:

    Sounds like somebody is on the way out and there won't be any more Nation sorry, [church] building monies etc. etc. handed out!  Looks like we will have to get permission from  Lord Biencathra in the future! Could be a good thing.  

  22. Whodatis says:

    Sounds like the UK needs us as much, if not more, as we need them today.

    London has for a long time been the final resting place for money gathered via illegal and immoral international corruption.

    Obviously all eyes are on the big fish (Occupy Wall Street / Occupy LSX) these days, so it helps to have a secret "inner pocket" under one's waistband – in this case, we are playing that role for the UK.

    I suspect, and of course there is no way to know for certain, that our Beloved Isle Cayman is playing a major role in international western corruption, albeit inadvertently.

    Am I happy about this? Of course not.

    Can we do anything about it? As we are constantly reminded on a daily basis right on this forum – nope. We are not a country. We are no sovereign. We are not a democracy.

    Click: Interesting video. (It gets really good from 1:30 onwards – a spirited display of criticism against Assange at the very end as well!)

  23. Polly Tricks says:

    Incredible!   This is the man who tried to block the Freedom of Information Act applying to Parliament.  No wonder Mac is so happy!  

    A pro-hunting, Thatcherite fogey out of touch with the modern world is not really going to defend our case any better that Richard Coles's recent comedy efforts.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Was this post advertised and interviewed for in accordance with the Public Service Management Law? Or is it a Bush appointment under no law whatsoever?

  25. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like our good Premiere Bush has been appointed an 'overseer'.

    This is what he had been 'summoned' to Britain for; to be told to 'shut his trap' when travelling abroad and at international conferences and quit his 'Castro and Chevez' style blabbering off at the mouth and embarrassing both Cayman and Britain.

    The voters in Cayman cannot get rid of this blabbering fool quick enough for their own good.

    'Loose lips, sink ships' is a proverb McKeeva Bush needed to have learned a long time ago…and its too late for him to do so now.