Woman injured in severe single vehicle smash

| 14/11/2011

carsmash.jpg(CNS): A woman was taken to hospital in the early hours of Monday morning after smashing her car into a wall along Walkers Road.  Just before 3am on 14 November police and emergency services were called to the scene of the car smash, where the female driver had collided with the wall close to Memorial Avenue.  The vehicle was very badly damaged in what appeared to be a single vehicle crash involving no other cars. Officials said the woman had suffered head injuries and was being treated at the George Town hospital. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Moron!


    This happen to be our daughter and we thank the Lord that she is still alive.  We do not know the circumstances as to what happened but if it was you I am sure you would have also being critized like that without knowing the real cause.  Please think before you judge and be thankful that this was not you or one of your family members.


    Parent (South Africa)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now I KNOW this could never be the correct picture.. single car??? what in the world was the cause of this?!

  3. ? says:

    Perhaps these morons should get of their phones while driving. Or how about driving and texting? Just this morning a woman almost took off the front of my car, because she couldn’t be bothered to take the corner properly. Eyes glued to blackberry and right thumb working overtime on those keys. One morning on my way to work I counted 23 people either talking on their phones or texting…..and my drive is just 5 minutes without rush hour traffic! If you are that stupid, you deserve what you get. God help me the day some idiot rams me and my kids are in the car. That will be your last day texting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey ?(moron)!!! How do you know she was on her phone/texting? This is my good friend and she is in critical condition!! Dont you dare judge people without knowing the real circumstances.  I hope one day you will also have someone close to you be in this position and stop judging before you hear what really happened. You make me sick!

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps youshould find out the full story before you judge! This was a close family friend and we're all having trouble dealing with this. If you actually know what she had to go through and knew how close to death she was, you wouldn't be making these stupid comments. Also, names really? Moron? It's sad to see this is what the world come to. That's a form of bullying, I'm sure you wouldn't want your children being bullied. How would you feel if your children were bullies? Be the change for a better tomorrow. Stop with the name calling. Stop with the judging and most of all learn the information/ fact surrounding the incident before saying something like that. You have absolutly no idea how close to death she was, who she was leaving behind. However I can assure you that she is loved and we are all thanking the being who allowed her to have another chance at life, the person who kept her alive. I for one know I will forever be thankful to whomever/ whatever did it. I don't know how she managed to crash into the wall and nor does she. Therefore nobody can know what truly happened. Maybe she was on the phone, maybe she wasn't. Stop making snap judgement and think before what you say because not everyone will appreciate it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That doesnt look too good.   People should plan ahead before going out so these things dont have to happen.   If you dont plan ahead, invaribily, this is what happens.