No drugs in plane wreck

| 15/11/2011

plane.JPG(CNS): The RCIPS said Tuesday that officers are still unable to say why the private light aircraft which crashed in Cayman Brac this weekend was in local airspace. The police revealed that so far no drugs have been discovered in the wreckage of the plane, which smashed into the Bluff late on Sunday night after clipping a light-pole located at a new sub-division. Throughout the day the RCIPS was engaged in scene preservation and officers commenced a full search of the area, supported by customs colleagues, which began at 6.00 Tuesday morning. A UK aviation investigation team will arrive in Grand Cayman tonight and will travel to Cayman Brac tomorrow to begin their investigation, the police stated. (Photo courtesy Cayman27)

“We cannot speculate at this time as to why the planewas in our jurisdiction. However, a full investigation is underway looking into all of the circumstances,” an RCIPS spokesperson said Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday the police confirmed that the pilot and his passenger, the two occupants of the plane killed in the air crash, were from Colombia and Mexico but they will not be able to reveal their identitiesas police are now working with the governments of the two countries to determine who the men are and why they were attempting to land on a secluded road on Cayman Brac.

The plane was not expected in Brac airspace and officials said they still do not know where the flight had come from or where it was headed. The Cessna 210 crashed in the bush off Booby Bird Road; the two men were killed in the smash and the aircraft extensively damaged.

Although there were unconfirmed reports of fuel containers on board, officials said that the plane did not ignite at the point of impact.

See Cayman27 video of crash scene

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If all that is said is true and the flight was legitimate, how come a flight plan was not filed ?

    I for one have never heard of any aircraft taking off that did not file a flight plan. Legitacy of flight is the issue is it not?

  2. Anonymous says:

    May God have mercy on your soul as stated before these men where sons fathers family men regardless of what they were doing may you now
    rest in peace by our heavenly father!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like someone is getting a cut out of the benevolin funds

  4. B.B.L. Brown says:

    For what it's worth, I don't believe that plane intended to land on that narrow road in the dark.  Sure, there was moonlight, but you'd have to be nuts to try it.  I believe a drop was planned, and I believe the recipients picked up the drop and were gone before the police got there.  What else would they do…. wait for the cops?  As for there not being room in the plane for any drugs………..?  Man I don't know how anyone could come to that conclusion!  Just my opinion.  We will never know the whole story.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have any idea what nine 20 gallon containers looks like inside a Cessna 210???!!! Obviously not my friend!!! I don’t know where they were heading or what they were doing but it is obvious it was life or death for them to try to land there on that piece of road with a wing span wider that the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      Check out the video, there are Cessna 210-width mainwheel skid marks down the middle of that road. It's a high-performance STOL aircraft that someone thought they could squeeze in there but it all went wrong. 

      Old saying – 'There are old pilots and bold pilots but very few old, bold pilots'. As someoneposted before this is Darwin's theory of natural selection.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    For a devout Christian country ….. there sure are a lot of Drugs experts with a lot to say suddenly!

    No wonder you crave those good old days back again!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The entire crash scene has been jeopardized because persons who know nothing about investigating air crashes have been allowed to penetrate to site. NOTHING should have been removed from that plane until competent and knowledgable persons arrived on this island. While we may never know from whence this plane cometh or where it was headed- I guarantee that any little chance we did have of knowing has been blown off the Bluff with the brilliant police force we have!!

  7. Smugglers Blues says:

    Careful you bunch of city slickers from Grand Cayman there are secrets here in the Brac that need to be left alone. You go digging around ya you might just find what you are looking for! Many have run afoul of the secret syndicate that call this place home. Leave our little town to get on with its way of life and keep your little noses out our bizznessstar.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey this kind of activity could really bouy the economy….we are already full of crime we just need some cold hard cash to accompany…If we could only lure more of these investors into dropping cash from the sky it would be great…


    Think of the trickle down effect…we could open an airplane dealership and our local boat dealerships could be selling 4X 250 outboards on a weekly basis.

    Someone should be in the Northern region of Mexico meeting with these cartels and signing some MOUs. Come to think, we have an airstrip on Little Cayman we can set up a booth at the other end for our Mexican and Colombian friends. Oh an by the way, it is Colombian not from Colombia (Ko-lohm-biahn) not Columbian.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am now really scared that we will have unauthorised aircrafts in our air space. We should expand the civil service to an army.

  10. Just Commentin' says:

    I have to chuckle over all the speculation about what the plane was doing here; all the people here getting it all wrong about the plane running drugs and stuff. The answer to what the plane was up to is so plain to be seen! Duh!


    It has been said that the plane could not have been smuggling any quantity of drugs because it was full of containers of gas. NOW do you get it? 


    With the price of fuel what it is on Cayman Brac, to hell with ganga, the plane was smuggling in gasoline!


    Now that we know what the plane was up to, let's move on to other matters:

    OK…let me get this straight: The report says that "…the police confirmed that the pilot and his passenger, the two occupants of the plane killed in the air crash, were from Columbia and Mexico but they will not be able to reveal their identities as police are now working with the governments of the two countries to determine who the men are…" 


    Huh???   How the hell do they know where the two men were from if they do not know who the men are? Maybe the Brac police are selectively psychic?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure they meant the background of the men! Like what were they into!They clearly stated that their ID's were found so they KNOW their names and nationalities at least.

  11. Voices1 says:

    So many things have been said about this crash, so I am going  to add my thoughts, just as everyone else here seems to like playing the guessing game. I read the aircraft was a 4 passenger. So let me ask this! How do we really know there were only 2 people on board? Sure 2 people were killed, but there were also 2 more empty seats, and the plane never caught fire, it's well hidden in the wooded area. So who's-to-say, that just maybe, 1 to 2 people walked away with whatever they came with. Hummmm that's a thought.

    • Been there, flown something similar says:

      The Cessna 210 is a six-passenger aircraft.

      It's the plane of choice for drug smugglers flying out of the Bahamas into the USA because it has long range, it is also fast, big enough to hold extra fuel and a useful payload but small enough to do under radar approaches. In fact it's one of the fastest general aviation aircraft ever built and will easily outrun the USG helicopters trying to intercept it. They are also cheap to buy.

      What is particularly attractive to drug runners about the 210 is that is has a high wing and the door windows fold up under the wings so fairly large packages can easily be thrown out. You can also take the doors off for larger drops. 

      Voices1 – crashes like that you only walk away from in the movies. Anyone in that plane died.

      CNS – ask RCIPS if both doors were on the aircraft. If one or both were missing it was a drug drop.

  12. Anonymous says:

    at 15.51  Making a pick up and guess what the fools forgot to tell the pilots to be careful of those new light poles!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly….they crashed before the pick-up could be made…extra fuel on board for quick refuel and off again.  Cayman's people can't be that naive to think that this plane crash is anything else than a drug run gone bad, can they ?

      • Anonymous says:

        My guess is that they were bringing drugs from somewhere.  Their pals over here didn't know the poles had been installed and that's where things went wrong.

        If there are no drugs, then there should at least be money and since there is no way that the people who were meeting the plane had enough time to get it all, I would say we are going to see some new boats, cars, planes, houses in Brac soon.  The economy will be booming in Brac.  


  13. Knot S Smart says:

    It is always sad when someone dies suddenly.

    There are parents or children who have lost their sons or fathers – so we should not be so callous about the death of these men.

    Having said that – the whole situation is highly suspect and while we wonder what they were up to, we should not judge until all the facts are in.

    • Anonymous says:

      The facts will never be in.  We have an incompetent police service, that is about the only fact we will ever have.

  14. Say what? says:

    I don't care what the Police or CNS is saying here, this has all the markings of a drug drop. This kind of thing happens everyday in Central America and spells serious problems for the Cayman Islands for it is a clear indication that orgnanized crime has its footing here. The problem with Cayman is that we love to ignore our problems until it bite us in the **s.

    Caymanians should be very worried about this, it will not be the last one.

    • Anonymous says:

      How can they be dropping drugs when there is no space in the plane to put the drugs in the first place because its completely full with fuel tanks??? People need to stop writing fullishness and wait till the investigation is complete!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Howmuch do you think cocaine weighs?

      • Anonymous says:

        Because it was probably a pickup – they were never planning to land at the airport if they were carrying their own fuel.  The onboard fuel was for the trip back, cargo area would be clear and ready for packing.  We should assume there are a lot of drugs still on the Brac probably somewhere near the best deserted landing site.

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh great I just realize there is no drugs in Mexico.!!! Duh!!! How stupid again!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Was that before or after the Crash?  Here are some statistics from an old Police annual report for the years 1998-2001 over 10,000 lbs Ganja recovered and destroyed in and around the Sister Islands over 2000 lbs Cocaine recovered and destroyed. Since then has anyone heard much about such recoveries in the subsequent years in the Sister Islands.I doubt it, the records are there, if anyone cares to FOI or they might just use the old backup Hurricane Ivan excuses. The truth about the matter is some people in high places would like this to be kept exactly where it is Quite!! The men and women in uniform do a reasonably good job in the sister islands the problems was and still lies in the leadership in Grand Cayman.

  16. Anonymous says:

    One minute we heard drugs were in the plane………next drugs all over the road……..finally no drugs found. No one is gonna know anything UNLESS YOU WERE UP THERE RIGHT AFTER!!!  So ppl need to stop assuming, cuz you'll never hear the truth.  I dont know what to believe with this thing. I didnt hear it cross over my house so I cant say how many times it circled the island.  I heard it went around 3 times. My thoughts of it……..they dropped off drugs  to the east of the bluff at some point.  I dont think they had any plane issues, because people kept saying it was back firing. NOOOOO….they just had to fly it with low speed and it wasnt given enough power which made the sounds. 

    What gets me with the police……. is that the Fire service which is a rescue team also tried to get in there to the ppl and the police refused them for a period of time.  HMMM!!! really now!!! makes me wonder about them officers!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Have the Police tested the fuel? How sure are they that it is pure av-gas?


    • Anonymous says:

      What, it might have had a little water in it?!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Cocaine base is not soluable in water, so it is created using a chemical distillation process reliant upon diesel, gasoline, turpentine, or any number of cheaper poisonous solvents.  It was a good question.  Important that people learn that this is terrible stuff to ingest.    

    • Anonymous says:

      not the cops job, and besides they wouldn't know what avgas is.  They can barely direct traffic yet alone investigate anything to successful prosecution.

  18. Anonymous says:

    How typical in Cayman…

    a suspicious plane, unannounced in our airspace, trying to land on a dark road…

    yet no $$$, no drugs and no guns on board

    so who was the "passenger"

    Who out deh fryin fish?



  19. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me what I was told years ago by someone.  They said Columbians were landing and taking off in private planes on the East End road decades ago, with guards fully armed and conducting drug deals. Apparent nothing has changed in Cayman after all these years. What a shame there are such crooked bottom feeders in the world.

    Brac Power and Light need to put up a few more light poles without lights. Ha!  Good job!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Some people are so stupid. They have no idea of any of the fact in this crash but they are putting stupid comments on here. The plane was completely full of fuel containers so they had no space to put drugs. No one could ever land that plane on that piece of road and not damage it even with no poles there in the day much less in the night. While there are a lot of on answer question it is obvious that there guys were not destiny to the Brac running drugs with their bags pack with cloths and tolatries etc. Just wait till the investigators do there job and stop writing sh*t.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I found a suitcase completely bound in tape in the woods behind my back yard once which upon opening I discovered was fullof drugs in individually marked packets for distribution.  It had obviously been dropped out of a plane and seems to have been intended to be dropped at sea.  So I did what I beleived to be the right thing and called the Police.  Within minutes a car load of officers from Drugs Task Force were on the scene and upon assessmentdetermined a street value to be about $750,000.00.  They left with the drugs and a couple days later I called the Police Station to see if they had any leads on this only to be told they had no record of any such suitcase or drugs being found, reported, seized or brought to the Police Station.  No one knew anything surprise surprise.  Seems like nothing much has improved around here.  Hope the UK brings Drug Dogs to sniff about the area and the plane since there has been no mention of our drug dogs being involved and I mean really, why would a small plane like that be flying under the radar at that time if night with extra containers of fuel onboard and no distress call?????  I dont think they were there to pick up JuJu.  

  22. Anonymous says:

    They were probably there to pick up the Cubans or may be  even drugs.

  23. Anonymous says:

    wow, CNS readers have solved it!  Good Job guys…



  24. Anonymous says:

    It is time to wake up to the drug trade in and around Cayman Brac. Sleep or denial no longer works.

  25. Anonymous says:

    How about it was dropped or delivered already (not in Cayman) and they are on the way back West lets towards central America  and ran into problems with the plane maybe and decided and decided to land it in Cayman Brac. I dont think a drug plane (if it was) is going to call the tower as then it will be investigated were they departed from after the land. Did the helicopter or authorities check Cayman waters that same night next day? or did anyone have some foresight & common sense to notify the Coast Guard of the suspicious circumstances to be on the look out for a drug boat or boats that mat be detected around our vicinity that same night?.Just sayin

    • anonymous says:

      No plane comes from the west WITH drugs. They come from the east and south on the way to the great consumer in the north, America. 

      Therefore a plane WITHOUT drugs in Cayman Brac was going east empty to PICK UP drugs or going west AFTER DELIVERING drugs.

      Cayman Brac is one of the most remote places in the Caribbean so they did not just accidentally show up there. It was their destination going west or north with drugs or their destination picking up drugs to go west or north.  It makes no sense that Brac was not the destination. They would have landed on the big 6000 runway not try to find a dark subdivision road on the bluff.

      It is almost impossible to find any 30 foot unlit road from the air at night. They used GPS and possible nightvision goggles to find it but they knew where it was prior to arriving. Plus if the plane was having trouble and had to ditch they would do so in the sea- much greater chance of survival. Published information would identify the main airport and there is no indication that they tried to go there.

      That leads me to conclude that the "mexican" plane was PICKING up drugs from the bluff and the DRUGS ARE STILL ON THE BRAC.

      The only other option is that they had ALREADY delivered the drugs ON THE BRAC from the east or south and then ran into trouble and tried to land. That is highly unlikely however.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mexico is to the West which is where the plane was registered and most likely where it came from.  I think that the least unlikely scenario you picked was probably the right one.

    • Todays Special: Sparky Stew says:

      I agree with your statement one possible scenario im thinking is they were flying from mexico to jamaica and already drop off there unknown load consequently did not have chance to refuel in Jamaica possibly almost apprehended by Jamaican authorities and decided to refuel in cayman brac might explain why the containers still had fuel in them the max. range of Cessna 210 is 1036 miles, from Cancun to montego bay  is alittle over 600 miles and from  montego bay to cayman brac is approx. 150 miles therefore the next possible stop to refuel would be cayman brac. If these individuals did'nt have anything to hide why didn't they just radio in they were in distress and use cayman brac airport runway ? Instead they tried landing a 36 ft wingspan plane on 20 ft wide road not today bobo.

  26. Anonymous says:

    what about the cash in the plane?

  27. Anonymous says:

    No drugs anymore

  28. Anonymous says:

    TIP 101:

    The people waiting on the plane to land have the Drugs.


    Dear God – Please send us a better Police Commissioner.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they were making a pick up?

    The Brac is a recognised trans-shipment point.

  30. hmmm says:

    where did they go? hmmmm

  31. Anonymous says:

    No flight plan is troubling and if theywere having difficulty locating the airport then some radio contact would have been expected.


  32. Anonymous says:

    "Throughout the day the RCIPS was engaged in scene preservation and officers commenced a full search of the area, supported by customs colleagues which began at 6.00 Tuesday morning. "

    The plane crashed at 11:30pm Saturday night and they started searching on Tuesday?  

    • Anonymous says:

      It crashed SUNDAY NIGHT sherlock.

      • Anonymous says:

        Even so, that was one whole day without any searching giving plenty time for stuff to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police only secured the scene from who they wanted to secure the scene from. They allowed the persons who live in the only house up there to come and go and take persons who did not live there to their property even after expressly being told not to certain officers were told by other officers to let them through. This was and is WRONG.

  33. Anonymous says:

    How did we go from loads of information to no information? Surprise surprise.  If I was a betting person, I would have won some money on this speculation.

    I thought the UK investigation team was suposed to be in Cayman Brac today.  

  34. Anon says:

    Key words… No drugs found "in plane wreck"


  35. Anonymous says:

    No Kidding, ever think they were landing to pick them up?