Bush: OT paper ‘not my fault’

| 18/11/2011

_DEW9466(1).jpg(CNS): The premier has hit out at critics regarding the limited period of time given for the public to consult over the UK’s proposed 2012 White Paper on the relationship between Britain the Overseas Territories. McKeeva Bush denied having any control over the process and in particular the short consultation time. He said he did not know anything about the consultation process until 14 September, when it was announced in the UK parliament. The process has followed a timetable set by the FCO, Bush stated as he denied being at fault and added that his government was still fighting to push back the date for agreement on the paper to June next year as the UK aims to bring it forward. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday afternoon, Bush said the criticisms of his role were misplaced and calculated to mislead the public as he had no control over the timetable. While he agreed that the issue was rushed, he said it was no fault of his. 

He indicated that Ezzard Miller had suggested government knew about the consultation a year ago but the country was now rushing to complete it by this month’s deadline, and had accused him of secrecy regarding the new white paper. Bush said the claims of secrecy were untrue the only thing he knew after last year’s Overseas Territories Consultative Council meeting was that there would be a review of the UK-OT relationship by the FCO.

“There was nothing more at the time. I gave notice of the review when I came back … in December 2010,” he stated.

Bush said that if people were deprived of the opportunity to make representations, it was not hisdoing.

“The pubic consultation process on the UK’s relationship with the Overseas Territories is not an undertaking by me or the Cayman Islands Government. This review and consultation is at the behest of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.”

He said the FCO was driving the entire process and he was not in a position to announce that process without the Terms of Reference, which the FCO has determined. He revealed that he had received a letter in March from Henry Bellingham, the FCO minister, but that made no mention of a public consultation. “The letter detailed the three strands of the OT strategy and it says the Foreign Secretary plans to present the thinking outlined in the letter to the National Security Council this spring,” Bush stated.

The letter spoke about discussing the relationship and opportunities for exchange of views and towards a new White Paper later in 2011. Bush said he had made his concerns about the timetable set out by the FCO clear as it would prejudice the prospects of territories to put forward the best position.

“I expressed my concern about the time we were given to present our views from September 7th. How, in view of these facts, could anyone come now and say that it is my fault that the time for consultation is so short? Except that the opposition and the member for North Side have done nothing but twist the truth in all that they do,” Bush exclaimed, adding that it was not until September that the UK indicated they wanted to see a consultation process that included the general public. 

“If the minister for the Overseas Territories is telling me on September 16th that he wants responses froma consultation process that includes as many people of the Cayman Islands as possible by November 18th, how is that my fault?  I have no argument with the point that the consultation process was too brief. But for the opposition leader to say it is my fault is misleading the country, which it seems he has no problem doing,” the premier claimed.

Questioning the motives, intent and sincerity of the opposition and independent members, whom he accused of misleading the public, he said they were at best “negligent” and at worst “malicious” and had calculated to undermine people’s confidence in the very institution of government.

Bush also noted that people who have access to the internet can still make their views known to the FCO through the website until the year end and reveled that there would be a progress report after the OTCC meeting in London next week.

“Our relationship with the UK is of great importance to us as a government, as it remains of great importance to all of Cayman,” he said. “We strive robustly on a daily basis to advance the best interests of the Cayman Islands and will certainly do so in this White Paper review. We will push for a true partnership, for mutually beneficial objectives, and to begin with, both a definition of principles and a timeframe for an agreement, which will effectively realize those ends. We do our utmost for the betterment of Cayman and we have no fear of accountability for the service we render,” the premier added as he adjourned Thursday’s sitting of the LA.

See full speech below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are the smart worldly Caymanians to run this country in todays enviroment? Let me tell you where they are. They all died. The last one recently died and the ones that have some semblance of leadership seems to not have any balls.  We now have to wait until the rest are born.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm.  The Caymanian people seem to think Bush is to blame for them voting him in and letting him stay. He thinks its all the oppositions fault and blames them.  They blame him. In Cayman this is called getting things done.

    • Anonymous says:

      "The Caymanian people" did not elect Bush as Premier or as MLA. You can blame our WB *sses for the latter.  

  3. Satanist Blogger says:

    Do you reckon if Mac farts he says "not my fault"?  Does he blame one on the PPM or the satanist bloggers?  Will Shaggy's "It wasn't me" be his next campaign song?

  4. ALL SEEING says:

    It's not his fault for no Human Rights as well. He is a very sorry man.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It really is NOT the Premier's fault

    "Premier Bush do you know why we've asked you here?"
    Bush: It's not my fault
    "To meet the Queen?"
    Bush: It's not my fault
    "We enabled a loan for you government. Where has the money been spent?"
    Bush: It's not my fault
    "How does your government plan on paying down the loan?"
    Bush: It's not fault
    "By selling the island to the Chinese and Mr. Dart?"
    Bush: You can say anything you want to say, it still is not my fault
    "Has your government been addressing the enormous shortfall in public service pension and health funds?"
    Bush: But, that's not my fault
    "Do you have a process in place to consult with the public on important decisions?"
    Bush: That is not my problem, and I will say again, time after time, it is still not my fault
    "Do you seek public input?"
    Bush: With who? You mean those devil worshippers? No sir, It's not my fault
    "Have you read your Constitution?"
    Bush: Why? I never voted for it and it's not my fault 
    "What fiscal strategy has your government begun?"
    Bush: What? and you want to now blame me? It's not my fault
    "What infrastructure improvements has your government made?"
    Bush: You can say all that you want to say, that is not my fault. But, I tell you what my fault is, is to come here and  sit with you and allow you to bambazzle me. Now, that is my fault.  


    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to add.

      Cayman voters:  Its not his fault.

      Bush's Cayman churces: Its not his fault.

      Caymans overstuffed, overpaid, nonfunctional civil service: Its not his fault.

      Boatswain beach: Its not his fault

      Cayman airways: Its not his fault.

      MLA's as long as we still get paid: its not our fault

  6. Libertarian says:

    Most definitely, it is not a party change we need, but a systematic change. We need better laws and a Constitution that better represents the people of these islands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Premier failure to the Cayman Islands. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nothings his fault!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where are the smart worldly Caymanians to run this country in todays enviroment ? People who see the world and where Cayman fits in to prosper . Same old retread leadership . They have proven time and time again that they cannot cope or adjust or lead in todays world .We have it all and like a rudderless ship , we float around until we hit rocks and become a forgotten footnote . we need help .

  10. Anonymous says:

    No need to explain McKeeva, we all know that you are the Latin God of "Its not my fault."

    Indeed, your unique name goes further back than 500 years of Caymanian tradition. Back then, the West Bay spelling was "My Keepa."

    And prove the outstanding level of government education in those days, one can go even further back to the Latin definition of "Mei Custos".  

    So, you see, my demigod, we understand. Am I going to far by revealing that you are only a demigod because somewhere along the line your ancestors married expats?



  11. Anonymous says:

    Come on, Mac! Be a MAN and take responsibility for yourself. We would have a lot more respect for you if you did!

  12. Anonymous says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH Grow up Mr. Bush always looking to bleam someone else for your wrong doings not today bobo.

  13. Peter Milburn says:

    Unfortunately this is all about TRANSPERANCY or lack thereof.Again I must throw out what I have been saying for many years and that is ever since we came up with this party system(whos idea was it anyhow?????)we have become the Nation of THEM vs US.This saddens me as we can do so much better if the members of the house would just sit and do what is right for these islands.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What's the fuss?

    The actual consultationcontinues through 31 December.


  15. Libertarian says:

    The party system is about creating a polarity, a divide between Caymanians. The party system is about character assasination of leaders and pointing blame at others. The party system is a distraction from the real issues, such as, our self-determination and our relationship with the UK. Cayman, we need to mature and rise beyond "whose fault it is." The UK has given us a timetable!  Now, what we should be focusing on, is extending that timetable, and if that is not possible, we should be THINKING real hard as to what is our next move – what should we be doing "together" as a people. At a time like this, the partisan comments and blame game being made here by both UDP and PPM, is not helping us. This is a NATIONAL ISSUE!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn't Mac just let us know when there is something he is willing to take responsibility for?  It'll save time printing all these denials.

  17. Anonymous says:

    "Our relationship with the UK is of great importance to us as a government,….." ??? Doesn't look so…..!

  18. lawyer says:

    Then you will hear them say that McKeeva Bush is to blame for our Independence!  Cayman Politics as usual. They keep forgetting that the UK call the shots on issues regarding the OT's self-determination.

  19. Dick Tater says:

    He acts like a spoiled child.  But a spoiled child just throws his toys about.  He does not take nations to the edge of bankruptcy (if not way past there) while doing deals which profit his friends.

  20. Anonymous says:

    McKeever is an uneducated idiot and he would blame his constipation on his toilet seat!!!  I hope that when he meets with the FCO in England that they arrest him for impersonating a diplomat!


    I couldn't agree with you more but this makes McKeeva Bush a very cunning politician indeed.

    His track record over 20 or more years of public life, including a period of suspension from his position as an MLA, proves this.

    You would think that people would have learned their lessons about him by now but…

    He keeps tricking them into trusting him every single time…when will Cayman's people learn ?

    The short timetable is good for the process; if Cayman'speople had a longer time, they would do absolutely nothing with it, time would run out and there would be no responses from Cayman.

    It guarantees that the people who are interested will hurry up and get their views in to the FCO…and those views can be trusted to be from intelligent, engaged people who care and whose opinions will have high value to the process.

    In this statement, McKeeva Bush is only aswering and catering to his own people who are blaming him for having to face this process any at all; those of us who needed to make a statement have alreay done so, the time was more than enough for us.

    The only people some people in Cayman are fooling are themselves.



  21. Absurdistani says:

    It’s not my fault; it’s the FCO’s. Or da PPM’s. Or da Desk Clerk in da UK. Or…

  22. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Yea right! You know, according to you nothing is ever your fault. Resign now and tell us that's not your fault either and we will gladly take the blame for your resignation!

  23. so Anonymous says:

    Nothing seems to be your fault.  but it is the voters fault.

  24. dartanian says:

    The incompentent and non-sensical aspect of this whole process is that the UK had to instruct the Premier to do a public consultation on such an important matter. The Premier having known about it from November 2010 and having been informed by the UK in March this year of the three areas to be reviewed the premier should have started the public consultation without having to be instructed to do so by the UK as it became obvious the Premier was not going to do any public consultation. It is the Premiers neglience that forced the UK to issue such a short timeframe because they wanted it done before the meeting this month.. Shame on you premier shame on Cayman and shame on us the people for tolerating such undemocratic action by the premier.

    • Anonymous says:

      How could the Premier start public consultation, when he is in outer space practically every week of the year?  Nearly every flight that lifts off he is on.  He doesn't have time to pass on information to the public, because the longer he keeps the important things from the publics ears, the least time they will have to air their views. 

      It is time for a change, even if it means that we find 'Slocom'.  This Premier, is making the sensible people of these islands look like fools.  Pray for deliverance from the lion's den.


  25. Y U T E says:

    As always, BLAMING OTHERS! It is never his fault! What a joke he is. He loves to accept the title of premier but NEVER accepts responsibility!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nope, nothing is ever McKeeva's fault.

  27. Anonymous says:

    McKeever is an uneducated idiot and he would blame his constipation on his toilet seat!!!  I hope that when he meets with the FCO in England that they arrest him for impersonating a diplomat!!

  28. Libertarian says:

    Thumbs me down as you must, it won't surprise me that the two parties, UDP and PPM, will be firing their darts at each other, "dividing and conquoring the nation," whilst the uk and certain members in their Parliament, will be laughing their heads off at us. I can see the comments now… when we should be united against this timetable.