Fugitive now wanted for burglary

| 24/11/2011

Charlton EBANKS (240x300).jpg(CNS): Police said Thursday that they are still on the hunt for twenty one-year-old Charlton Ebanks (left) who escaped from the Cayman Islands hospital while under police guard last week. Since Ebanks went on the run detectives said that he is now wanted in connection with a string of burglaries. Police said the burglaries occurred in the days before he was arrested and since his arrest, and subsequent escape, information has come to the attention of investigating officers that makes the fugitive a suspect in these crimes that took place in both the George Town  and Snug Harbour areas.

Ebanks, who was arrested on Wednesday 16 November in connection with a road-traffic offence and an outstanding warrant, escaped from his police guard at the hospital on the morning of Thursday 17 November. Despite extensive enquiries with his friends and family there is still no trace of Ebank, an RCIPS spokesperson said as the hunt continues.

Police said last week that the circumstances of his escape were also under investigation but no details have yet been revealed on how Ebanks managed to get away from his law enforcement guards.

The fugitive is described as being 5’ 11’ in height with brown eyes, dark complexion, black hair and of slim build, is not believed to be a danger to the public. However, anyone who sees this man or knows of his present whereabouts is urged to contact their nearest police station.

Anyone with any information about his present whereabouts is asked to contact their nearest police station or the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777.

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  1. Rumpolestiltskin says:

    Looking forward to the same Caymunian apologists saying he was just an innocent with a traffic ticket outstanding . . .

  2. Thankful Again says:

    HMMMM…covering tracks! 

    Any way, I pray there are no murders while he on the run, looks like this Charlton will provide a good scapegoat for the RCIPS.  Yes am being devious in my comments.  I still believe they were wrong for what they did last week.  So yes naturally I am thinking they are covering tracks.  Perhaps guilty as hell that there were no other reasons for their overkill actions.  Yes am entertaining the conspiracy route.  It's my opinion.

    In balance and fairness, if he is burglarizing homes and they have strong reasons to believe he is, then YES lets get him off the streets NOW.  However, I suspect I will see all suspects that police are looking for and on the run (and they have them all the time for weeks on end), we shall expect to see their photos in the news.  That thought for me, is whats makes me believe this is good cover, beacuse the chances of such a policy going in-place is next to slim for obvious reasons.

    If he have not committed these crimes (innocent until proven guilty), charlton, wherever and whoever you are, pack ya stuff and leave home.  It's sad but your home has just destroyed your life.

    Of course I will read: he should give himself up and everything will be okay!  To that I would say rubbish as a defense for the RCIPS.  They are to beg a responsible, ethical and standard bearer to people's human and personal rights evenin face of someone walking out the hospital on their watch and them being  made to look bad.


  3. Anonymous says:


    Funny hearing all earlier posts saying what a good guy he is, and his picture should have never been released, this is why young Caymanians can't find jobs, blah blah blah.  He escaped from police costudy so he probably had something to hide.  Now it turns out he is wanted in connection with a string of bugleries.  Would you like some cranberry sauce to go with that foot in your mouth.