Chinese doing manual work on Jamaican project

| 25/11/2011

(JamaicaObserver): Jamaica's opposition People's National Party Member of Parliament for East Kingston and Port Royal Phillip Paulwell has warned that trouble is afoot over the imbalance in the number of Chinese workers compared to Jamaicans on the Palisadoes Shoreline and Rehabilitation project. "There is a serious problem that is about to explode on the Palisadoes road, and when I say explode, I mean an explosion of no mean order. As member of parliament I have had to contain it but it is not going to be contained much longer," Paulwell told a meeting of the Public Administrations and Appropriations Committee of Parliament yesterday.

The East Kingston and Port Royal MP said that he had photographs in his possession showing Chinese persons carrying out manual labour on the Palisadoes project.

"We wish them well and we love the Chinese but when they come in the wake of a minister's pledge to the people that this work is going to create hundreds of jobs and for the Chinese to come to be doing manual labour it is going to create problems in this country, and I am warning," he told the committee.


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