TCI’s former deputy leader denies allegations

| 25/11/2011

lillian-boyce1.jpg(CNS): The former deputy premier in the Turks and Caicos Islands has accused the local Investigation team appointed by the UK of a massive conspiracy to tarnish and destroy the reputation of politicians and other high-profile people on the islands. Lillian Boyce admitted that she was arrested and charged with conspiracy, in relation to the sale of land for a proposed hotel and condominium development at North West Point. "They charged me with conspiracy, but they know deep in their hearts that they had no reason or evidence to charge me….I am completely innocent.” Boyce said. "The SIPT should be charged with conspiracy because it is clear that this whole investigation is politically-motivated and premeditated.”

The former minister for education told the TCI Sun that it might be her now but there was a lot more to come.

“After more than two years of enjoying an all-expenses-paid luxury vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands and putting pressure on the Treasury, they now have to justify why they wasted millions and millions of dollars, while the country is broke, civil servants are being sent home and poverty is increasing,” she said. “Even MPs in the House of Commons have expressed concern about the millions of dollars that they are spending."

Boyce is understood to be the third person now to face charges in the long running investigation in into official corruption in TCI by the UK. The probe started after the British government implemented direct rule of its  Caribbean territory after the government's finances collapsed.

"The facts are that over the past few months I have been cooperating fully with the SIPT on a voluntary basis,” Boyce said. “They interviewed me extensively on a number of occasions and I was completely honest and open with them. Sometime in early October, they contacted my lawyer Neale Coleman and set a date for me to return to continue the interview process.

“When I returned to their office on November 21st , accompanied by my husband Hayden, the officers sat across from me and in a few minutes told me I was under arrest and asked me to sign a form. Contrary to reports, I wasn't picked up by SIPT, I wasn't handcuffed and none of my documents were taken. They asked me to return two days later, I did so with my lawyer and they said they will charge me with conspiracy to defraud the government. I categorically denied those charges, because I know and they know that I did not conspire with anyone to defraud government."

Boyce, who served as a Cabinet Minister in the Progressive National Party (PNP) from 2003 to 2008, said she was grateful for the support she had received from family and friends, members of her church, the wider Turks and Caicos Islands community and around the region.

"The people who know me can tell you that I've worked extremely hard over the years for everything that I have and to build my reputation as a businesswoman and a true servant of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and I'm not going to allow the SIPT or anyone to destroy any of that," she added. "They are abusing and misusing their power. What they are trying to do to me and many others is unfair and it is wrong, but God does not sleep."

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  1. Just Me says:

    Cayman is next on their hit-list and believe me it will not have the effect that all the McKeeva haters are hoping for.  Ask the people of the Turks & Caicos if they are better now than before. If we are going to get S*&#@%d, I would prefer that we do it to ourselves.

  2. yoda says:

    Sounds Familiar doesn't it?      

  3. AnonymousSick and Tired of the B...S... says:

    I don’t think the politicians and high-profile people in T & C need any help from the UK investigation team to tarnish their reputations”…………..Look out Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      Her hands shows how clean she is.  Honesty is the best policy, which I hope the money grabbers will understand.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Haha….sounds like the garbage our glorious leader spits out:

    "I am right and everyone else is wrong. Its all a huge conspiracy to discredit me, honest".

    No dear. What discredits you are your ACTIONS. There is no one else to blame. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    It makes me laugh to see any politican stand up and claim to be innocent, and there is in reality some huge concocted conspiracy. Both claims are just a little far fetched don't you think?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ummh, yeah, if she worked anywhere as hard as our very own Bushwacker to "serve the people" of TCI, then she is definitely innocent.  There is no corruption in TCI just as there is no corruption in the Cayman Islands.  That's because she said so…and if you'd ask Bushwacker, he'd tell you the same thing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This sound very familiar, it leaves one wondering if Cayman is next.  These are interesting times, the players are different but the game is the same.  Divide and Conquor at the end of the day one should never forget the boy Icarus story.  For those who do not know the story which must be few ..  Icarus father made some wings that he fastened with wax.  "Never fly but so high with these wings," the father warned.  Icarus began flying and though that he was flying on this own merit.  Higher, he flew higher until the heat of the sun melted the wax holding those wings.  Down came Icarus tumbling. 

  8. DAVID N says:

    ''.great job lillian wish you all the best and the many other may god be you'r guide.''

  9. Anonymous says:

    Stay strong Ms. Boyce.  We are praying for the truth to come out.  Now with the new hearsay laws and laws protecting witnesses some will bare false witness.  The British are forcing pieces to fit.   Anyone who loves justice will pray for the right outcome for you and not a guilty verdict because of tampering in the laws.  Once the justice system breaks down in one place like it has in TCI nobody is safe from injustice.  

  10. Living Cayman Islands says:

    Lets hope SPIT comes and do a shake down here soon too.

  11. uk observer says:


    i am glad to see credible people standing up against the british colonial system. i wish the education minister the best and do admire her boldness. sometimes you need an iron woman like magarate thacther to put them in their place.

  12. Libertarian says:

    Pure stupidness!  The same thing they did here in Cayman, arresting people even one of our Judges with no evidence. This is the kind of intimidation and harrassment they get away with in the Overseas Territories. This has to stop, and Mr. Bellingham knows too well what is going on up there. A british takeover that is not doing any good, but setting up the downfall of TCI, and then Independence!