Thieves steal booze but forget to fill up getaway car

| 28/11/2011

article-1322037452362-0EE6F22100000578-85984_636x407.jpg(Metro): Rose Devlin and Denise Egan tried to steal £400 worth of supermarket booze – but forgot to put petrol in their getaway car. Devlin, 59, and Egan, 52, were caught on CCTV wheeling the alcohol out of a supermarket. But they came unstuck when their blue Citroen ran out of fuel and they were forced to push it to the store’s petrol station. They then paid to fill up before driving off – unaware the whole fiasco had been caught on camera. Devlin and mother-of-four Egan, both from north Manchester, admitted theft at Manchester magistrates’ court. The pair struck at the store in Oldham on June 6.

One of the women distracted a security guard while the other pushed the trolley into the car park, the court was told.

The haul was so big Devlin  struggled to shut the boot. She then jumped behind the wheel only to realise there was no petrol in the tank. Egan then helped push the vehicle.

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