The NWA and the JDIP

| 29/11/2011

(Jamaica Observer): One of the things that marred the government of the People's National Party during the more than 18 years it was in office was the alarming cost overruns on government projects, especially road construction, which was a gravy train for some party supporters. Two of the expensive cost overruns involved the North Coast Highway which escalated from US$25 million to US$75 million and the Montego Bay to Ocho Rios Highway which increased from US$60 million to US$176 million.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Having grown up in Jamaica and knowing many of the politicians personally it works like this. Two young persons graduate from high school together. One decides to become qualified at university and enter a profession. The other may or may not go to university, but enters politics.

    Years later the qualified person goes to work and has his taxes deducted automatically from his pay slip. Its difficult to obtain a decent home because interest rates can run up to 17%. His car belongs to the company. Despite being qualified its likely a minimal middle class living unless one has support from family. He is lucky some of the best schools are public.

    In contrast politicians import cars duty free, get allowances from a to z, travel in JDF helicopters to go bird shooting, and purchase luxury homes not only in Jamaica but internationally as well. His children attend foreign private schools, apparently for their safety. Its either such persons win the lottery or they are the beneficiaries of these massive over runs, amongst other means of generating wealth.

    It seems many in the Caribbean tend to view politicians the way the Yanks view their Paris Hiltons. That is, the lifestyle andits participants are admired yet the ethics, principals, moral values, humanity, integrity are all put aside. It seems they can't see the forest for the trees. 

    Lets hope Cayman chooses the right path. 




  2. so Anonymous says:

    And today Bush and his Bushits are in Jamaica to see how they do it.  (and get away with it.)