Police dog killed on road while off duty

| 30/11/2011

_DSC2648-web.jpg(CNS): One of the RCIPS specialist K9 Unit's Belgian Malinois was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning, police stated Tuesday. Misty, who was one of the new dogs imported by law enforcement this summer, appears to have been run down in the Newlands area, but officials could not say how the dog came to be on a main road when it should have been secured by its handler. Misty had already distinguished herself on duty and was behind the arrest of a man in a violent domestic encounter August. "We can confirm that around 3:00am on Sunday, 27 November, the body of Misty, one of our K-9 Unit's Belgian Malinois dogs, was found on the East / West arterial route in Newlands,” a police spokesperson said. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

"The dog and her RCIPS handler were off duty at the time. The RCIPS has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death," the official added.

A postmortem examination, which was carried out Wednesday  morning, confirms that the dog died of injuries consistent with being struck by a vehicle.

The RCIPS is appealing for anyone who may have been travelling on the East/ West arterial route in the early hours of Sunday morning, and has information which could assist the police, to contact George Town police station on 949-4222.

Misty was one of a several new dogs that arrived on island this summer after the law dealing with dangerous dogs was amended to allow for the importation of the specialist Belgian Malinois for law enforcement.

The dogs were identified as the best for these purposes and are used by police forces around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, among others. The dogs, which cost several thousands of dollars, are capable of explosive and firearm detection, narcotic detection, as well as tracking and locating persons.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     Full investigation on how this animal was kept should be launched on the handler


     if i ever pay 20- 30 thousand US dollars  for a "misty" with " special  talents"  she's  got  to  have a  place inside my home and in my bed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it seems like a Cayman Island Government departments that employ dogs treat them like pieces of furniture. Why did CNS notinvestigate the K9 dog that had to be euthanized on one of the sister islands because of down right physical neglet by its handler and report on the deplorable conditions that the replacement dog now lives in. There is an actual law in the Cayman Islands(yes hard to believe) that protects the welfare of all animals but the force that should police those laws namely the RCIP and DOA laugh at its advocates and the brave that come forth to report such abuses are harrassed for their complaints. Why aren't these vulnerable Canine employees living conditions inspected on a regular basis to protect government's investments? Attitudes won't change until Animal Rights and Protection Laws are enforced. Do what is right RCIP leadership.  


    CNS: We did investigate about the dog on the Sister Islands because there was much publicity on the internet about it having to be put down because it was being maltreated. It was implied that the dog could not walk because it was never exercised. However, according to both private and government vets who examined the dog, it was euthanized because of a degenerative disease, which progressed to where the dog could not walk. Big difference. I agree that the DoA should be monitoring the condition of working government dogs more closely than they apparently do but spreading disinformation does not help anyone, least of all the dogs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Police Cars……..Police Dogs…….. Prisoners… they can't look after anything!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let's get to the nitty gritty here.

      An innocent dog died.

      The handler is guilt ridden from losing his or her dog/partner.

      The fact that this dog got out and was hit by a car.

      Look at your neighbour.  His dog is not spayed/neutered and is left to roam free.  To fight, to mate to cause havoc to face those responsible dog owners who can be bothered to walk their dogs, to care for them medically etc. 

      I am sick and tired of people so called "owning" dogs who could not give a toss about them.  My neighbours are just as bad.  I feed from time to time, I wash in tick shampoo, I give them heartguard every month and generally look out for them. I SHOULD  NOT HAVE TO BE DOING THIS but I do.

      This is a very sad situation where Misty died.  No, it should not have happened but it did and there is nothing we can do about it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop dogs roaming.  In fact STOP taking dogs on if you cannot look after them properly.  Spay/neuter your dogs – CARE will financially assist in this.  Don't make the matter any worse. 

      You have a brain – so USE IT.  It's not difficult. Children grow up – dogs do not.  If you cannot take the responsibility then don't take it on in the first place.  Leave it to those that can and will.

      Misty RIP – your handler is in "bits" at the moment.

      Let's just leave it at that – what good can come from this now.  This  act was not intentional.  Look after your own (and your neighbour's if they can't be bothered).

      • Maverick (yes really) says:

        Oh I'm still here, don't worry, I'm just waiting for my utter contempt for the 'K9 unit' to subside to a level where I can post a comment that has half a chance of being posted.

        Your comment (above) shows an utter lack of understanding of the bond between a dog and a handler, but not only that, more importantly the responsibility that comes with being a K9 handler. There is a difference between a dog handler, and a person who works a dog. If the situation arises when your dog gets loose and run over, or dies in a hot car, then you were never, and will never be, a dog handler, merely a person who works a dog. This is akin to 'accidentally' shooting someone- utterly unacceptable. TheK9 is part asset, part cop, and if the commissioner had any balls, which I think he's illustrated he does not, then he'd instantly dismiss this XXXX for neglect of duty. If you can fire an officer on the basis of their religious beliefs, you can fire an officer for being XXXX.

        A least Misty is spared a life of misery within the kennels.

        Full facts will be released in due course, fear not… unless you've worked on the K9 unit, in which case, fear your ass off.

        CNS, please, at least only edit this if you have to, don't bin it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The fact is that while a living creature not a child, the handler may very well be in bits, BUT this animal was property of the CI Government and for the sum of what was paid there must be answers to what happenend. The dog was in essence a piece of equipment and the country has a right to know why this equipment is no longer available to the community. T
        Put human emotions aside and look at the bigger picture. This dog was also a banned dog but yet since it was loose the RCIP did not adhere to the law in which these dogs are suppose to be kept. Lead by example and not do as I say not as I do. I hope that the findings are made public.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The bar of professionalism within the RCIP seems to drop lower and lower. A K-9 handler looses his dog and it is hit and killed on the road. This is beyond belief.


  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very saddening…their is a huge problem with roaming dogs on this island and it's very sad that the people who are supposed to be "responsible" on this island cannot even keep a working dog safe….very very sad, they should be banned from caring for animals.


  6. Anonymous says:

    This K9 deserves a burial with full Police honours because she solved more crimes that half of the lazy Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce will ever will.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There goes $20,000 of our hard earned money. It will be interesting to see how the RCIPS handles the officer responsible for the dog. You know what they say, if you have something good and don't use it, you will lose it. They don't seem to be using these dogs so what can we say.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is just too sad!  What a beautiful creature.  All animals are God's creatures and most are more worthy than many human beings. Hope somebody is punished for this.

  9. Animaliberator says:

    I have witnessed a German Shepherd break away from his handler operated by a security companies K-9 unit in town, once loose, this dog became frantic and ran all across the road without having a clue where he/she was going and could have been easily killed right there and then. Suprisingly, the "handler' was barely 5.5  feet tall and could not have had the weight as much as the dog as was likely the reason the dog broke out in the first place.

    These types of dogs do not very well without the guidance of their handler and Misty, apparently was a tracker dog likely searching for her handler upon being left alone for whatever reason taking it that normally the dog goes wherever the handler goes. Handler and dog are rarely separated as the dog expects the same dicipline from her/his handler as the handler expects from the dog. Could have been Saturday night fever on hehalf of the handler and figured the dog would be alright.

    So, here we have (at least) 2 cases where the choice and/or dicipline of the handler has been severly underestimated or compromised at great risc/cost to the animals by whoever employs the handler.

    I trust the RCIPS K-9 unit will properly investigate this incident but won't hold my breath of ever finding out though he media what really happened.

    Do me one big favour though please, do not replace this animal as the true use of these magnificient dogs is really and truly minimal for a place such as ours.

  10. Anonymous says:

    cayman kind………..

  11. Anonymous says:

    uh-oh spaghettios…..

  12. Anonymous says:

    I was going to make a post here but unfortunately there are no words to describe this. I hope the investigation is speedy and the findings made public in days, not years, of course we all know that this is the last you'll hear about this. XXXX

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love the Cayman Islands and its people and even lived there for a time.  However, one of the things I found DEPLORABLE about the Islands is people's treatment of animals of all kinds.  It seems that there is something lacking in the hearts of many people there that makes them treat animals in such a fashion.  Please remember that we are all God's creatures and I believe we will be held accountable for the way we treat His lesser (??) creatures.  Caymanians are caring, compassionate people overall.  Please try to treat your animals better.

  14. Complete Mess says:

    There is no way that this should have happened and no way that the officer should be let off the hook! Not only are their dogs police property (in the same way their weapons and vehicles are) but they are also living creatures and it is an additional responsibility to be entrusted with its care and well being. I would love to see some kind of action taken against the officer for this act of negligence but I doubt that will happen.

    Oh and as a side note the picture currently used is of a German Shepherd not a Malinois

    • Anonymous says:

      How can you tell?  Looks like a Malinois to me…



      • Complete Mess says:

        The Malinois has a much finer bone and build than the GSD and more black on the muzzle than most GSD. They do share a similar heritage so are sometimes mistaken for one another but if you have ever seen them in person the differences are quite apparent.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sure the malinios is a different dog from the GSD. Much finer boned with a black muzzle and fawn colured hair. Banned? that description matches about every stray dog on this island! The red dogs that are labeled cayman mutts are 60% malinois. Everyone always claims they are so loving and loyal. Easy to train. Well that explains something.

    • Anonymous says:

      This officer in question is a hard working police officer who loves dogs and has rescued one or two others.  It may be curious to find out why a proper and SECURE pen for this working dog was never provided (no doubt despite repeated requests for the same) – this is not down to the individual officer to supply – like food and medical, the complete welfare of this dog is down to government/RCIPS.  To spend $20k on a police dog (and untrained at the beginning!) and then to deny spending $2k on a SECURE pen just seems false economy to me.  What if that dog had hurt someone whilst loose – this is a working dog and not a pet – it's just a shame that the injury proved fatal to an animal which has caught criminals and defended members of the public and that some people think that $2k to keep the dog and people safe is not worth spending on.  Let's just hope the next time you call 911 for assistance because someone is in your house you don't get a response from the RCIPS with a hamster on the end of a leash – their bite is vicious too and  you can pick up a cage from animal house for $30!

      • Anonymous says:

        If this was true about the dog not being kept or the handler not being given the proper run for the dog, the governor should get involved for afterall it was stated that these dogs would be kept in a secure area and he is the one who allowed the police to bring this breed in.    As soon as I find the article I will cut and paste it when they brought these "banned dogs" in.   Sorry I blame the handler for some part of this, for afterall they did volunteer to become k9 handlers

      • Anonymous says:

        1451 I am pretty sure the RCIPS has kennels, handlers who opt to take their dogs home are responsible. Dont take it home if you dont want it in the house, it is not a pet. This is why not all dog lovers can be handlers, the dog is a tool,  even though you should love it because it will give its life for you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a sad reflection of Cayman's general attitude towards animals and especially dogs. So many dogs wonder the streets, without restraint. It is unacceptable. It is dangerous for the dog and for humans – drivers, walkers, runners, cyclists, children.

    If I see a dog not being controlled by the person it is clearly with, I stop and say something. Time, after time after time people say to me,"the dog got loose", "it's not my fault", "it's my mother's dog", excuse after pathetic, lazy excuse.

    People lie and say it is not their dog. I see the dog on your front lawn month after month, often then wandering into the street and road and you expect me to believe that that is not your dog.


    Grow up. Cayman Islanders – many of you have dispicable, feckless, obnoxious attitudes. Animals, like your children are worthy of your respect and fair treatment – in the same way that you expect to be treated fairly and with respect.





  16. Anonymous says:

    Another cover up just like the missing gun on CNS Had it been a Caymanian officer you can bet your A$$  Bains and his entourage would be on every media oulet touting instant dismissal proceeding and a public linching of such officer. Yet Cayman we have wanted foreign officers in the RCIPS and the silence is deafening. Where is our police mascot to explain this all?

  17. St Matthew says:

    That poor dog had more enemies than friends….better he was brought here to catch iguanas or wild chickens,would have lived for another ten years.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The only thing worthy of saying here is that this is disgrace. I own 11 dogs and take much better care of them than I do to myself. Occasionally one or more may escape, but when this happens, I dont rest until the dog is found and returned safely to my kennel.

    Recently I was walking one of my dogs and the leash became undone. Within sevonds of the dog getting loose I watched in horror as the driver of the Garbage truck almost took down my neighbours fence trying to kill the dog.

    Luckily he realized that I was looking at him and decided against killing the dog with the Garbage truck. None the less he certainly knows what I think about him and turns his head in the opposite direction whenever he sees me out on the road

    This poor dog probably died unnecessarily because there are many animal haters driving on our roads  that will go out of their way to kill any animal they see on the road, be it dog, cat, iguana or chicken.

    Shame on the handler for letting the dog escape, but more shame on the person who killed the dog if it was done deliberately.

    • Eddie says:

      Were any of you that left the comments there to see what hapoened? If not then you cannot make an informed comment on what happened are all the handler did something wrong or purposely let the dog loose. Police dog handlers love there dogs and never want anything bad to happen to their dogs. I am sure this is not an easy thing for the handler to handle. You are making comments based on no factual information. So before you decide that heads should roll or that the handler was at fault or didnt look for the dog, you should maybe ease up on the negative

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry but heads should roll.  This was a  supposively "banned dog", which was to be kept securely.  The dog was found dead at 3am in the middle of the road.  Was it the handler that found her?  A passer by?  The police aren't using these dogs correctly.  Did anyone see the first video of the handler handling one of these "banned dogs", poor handler.  Shouldn't have been a handler,  She had to lead the dog to the item, she had the dog on a tight leash.  3/4 of the so called police dog handlers HAVE NO EXPERIENCE.  The prior k9 handlers, one or two of their dogs had heart worms, is that a way to take care of a dog?????  They were locked away in kennels forgotton about, just like these dogs.  Why did they have to bring in Belgian Malanoise?  To prove a point that the police can do whatever they want?  Shepards, Dobermans could have been used.  The handlers can't handle these dogs….remember a few years back when they brought in the other so called K9 Unit?  They had to put one of the dogs to sleep for they couldn't handle it…it wasn't a Shepard. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Further shows the incompetence of police officers, and the public is asked to trust them by giving highly sensitive and potentially dangerous information. Yeah right!

    You know the kind of saying – you earn respect?

    • Anonymous says:

      Does that go for the puplic as well?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps the criminal element in Cayman made this dog a target and sought her demise? Whatever happened, it is very sad.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well done handler, are you paying for the $20,0000 replacement dog. This kind of like leaving your gun in the street.

  21. Right ya so says:

    My God -if  they can't even look after the dogs entrusted to their care how on earth are they going to successfully catch criminals!

    Poor dog.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, this should NOT have been allowed to happen and someone's head should roll.

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Where are the CAMERAS????????  Installed, to be installed, on the road or off the road?  Would the cameras assist in this case?  Just asking.