Alden:What’s the plan Mac?

| 02/12/2011

Premier Bush delivering his address.jpg(CNS): The opposition leader pressed the premier to reveal what his government's plan is to fulfil the promised revenue increase forecast in the Strategic Policy Statement delivered on Thursday. Alden McLaughlin pointed to an absence of any specifics in the documentregarding the projects referred to or any other new revenue generating measures. He said McKeeva Bush’s comments about austere times would come as no surprise to anyone but what the country would have been hoping for with this important statement was hope for the future. With no sign of a plan and no sign of any of the government's projects coming on line, the UDP government was fast running out of time to achieve anything, McLaughlin said.

Speaking on Friday morning in response to the premier's SPS, theopposition leader said there was little substance in the premier's speech or in the document itself at a time when the people were crying out for something to inspire them and give them confidence in the future.

McLaughlin queried what the government's plan was for the rest of its term as it simply was not clear in the speech or the document. He said that with government well past the half-way stage, one would have imagined a comprehensive presentation of government's plans to turn things around and details of the recovery, but there was none. While the premier spoke about his vision and promised things would get better, the opposition leader expressed concern on the lack of detail.

“When people are losing their homes and their businesses, these words don't comfort,” he said, adding that there was no indication of any plan in the document. “We are afloat in an ark captained by the premier with no plan,” McLaughlin stated. “I am not at all sure we are going to arrive safe and sound.”

McLaughlin wondered if the absence of detail relating to the major projects, in particular the goal to develop berthing facilities in George Town, was because the new Financial Framework Agreement may have put this and the ForCayman Alliance at risk. Although the SPS referred to the major projects, including the Dr Devi Shetty hospital and Cayman Enterprise City, the opposition leader pointed out that there was no information about the time lines.

He said there was not even a date for the main agreement on the port project, never mind any kind of time line for work to start. Government’s move of “changing horses midway” had certainly delayed the cruise project and had perhaps put it at risk. The premier, he said, owed the country a detailed explanation about what was happening to this and the investment alliance with Dart. If they were on hold, the government needed to reveal a 'plan B', McLaughlin added, given that they were hailed by the premier as Cayman's economic saviours.

He acknowledged the premier's comments about not being able to turn the economy around through talk, accusations and complaining. “But what is it that he is proposing to do?” the PPM leader asked, adding that he could not expect people to believe things were going to improve simply because he said so, as he criticized the opaque statements about revenue enhancement. McLaughlin noted that Bush had signed a deal with the UK committing Cayman to “realigning its revenue base” but, he asked, what did that really mean?

With no plan and an absence of specifics about what government intended to do to improve its revenue, the opposition leader said it would be hard for the members on his side of the House to support the SPS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Plans

    The Mac: Retain power

    Alden: Regain power

    The Difference

    PPM:  Lots of talking and very little action

    UDP: Finger-pointing and lots of corruption

    The choice

    None of the anove

  2. ALL SEEING says:

    Moore travel that's the plan.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes thats it!

    Antagonise the UK, go independant, and then talk to Berlusconi about how to avoid prosecution whilst you are premier!

    Not suggesting he is guilty, but just in case!

  4. Anonymous2 says:

    Alden:  What's the plan Mac?

    Mac:  What's the plan Alden?

    Another 4 years…

    FCO makes a deadline

    Alden:  What's the plan Mac?

    Mac:  What's the plan Alden?

    Another 4 years…

    FCO makes a deadline

    Alden:  What's the plan Mac?

    Mac:  What's the plan Alden?

    Another 4 years…

    FCO makes a deadline…




  5. Anonymous says:

    CG had a plan, but it wasn't Mc's plan. End of story!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If he ignored CG's plan what do think he will do with Alden's plan…

  6. so Anonymous says:

    What you all have been seeing for the last year or so WAS THE PLAN!  There is no OTHER plan.  He will have to come up with a BRAND NEW PLAN.  What Cayman needs is some people that will stop waiting for the same idiots that got you where you are today to come up with a NEW PLAN.  You all need some new blood in what you call your government.

    But if thats the best you got……………………Good luck.

    • Anonymous says:

      i want the 'direct rule for 2 years' plan

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Alden, with respect to you, Bush has NO plan and has shown Cayman he cannot create one or we would have it by now. Country projects with third parties is not a plan. I believe most voters have figured out that Bush has no idea of how get get Cayman out of the mess she is in.

      The opposition should create its own strategy to secure Cayman's relationship with the UK, rebuild world confidence in Cayman's professional services industry, rebuild stay over tourism first then cruise tourism, create education and health services for the people for the future, save Cayman's natural resources, reduce the cost of running the country, create new income streams and balance the books and rid Cayman of crime. 

      Show the voters that there are politicians who want to lead and represent Cayman and her people not themselves. Under her present electoral system the coming up election could finally put the last nail in Cayman's coffin. Time to figure out how to take control of Cayman's Government before the present leadership succeeds in pushing Cayman to independence. 

      Cayman's leadership is headed in the same direction as Pindling and JA's leadership with their historic blundering into independence followed by 2 decades strife and economic oppression. Cayman's crime levels, economic instability and lack of leadership is so ripe and ready for a down fall. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dis is exactly why I am convinced, that we have NO LEADERS in the House. Mac, Alden, and you WHOLE bunch, please resign and let GOOD citizens deal with Gov't…..even if it is someone 20!!! This tit-4-tat high school gang style is soooooooo 1980's!  Get with it.

    Man, looks like arguing w/out prejudice is hard to come by now- a- days. We need BIG change.

    And Mac, before you get too excited. Remba dis. God has spoken to ALL unna many times now. And as you said it, "cash is KING", some how I don't think He takes too lightly to His people declaring  those kind oF BELIEFS!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Alden is not the premier, and to answer –  macs plan is to do nothing but spew rhetorical garbage until he fills his pockets as much as possible because he knows after this he is done for good. To try and get thru the office as the islands first premier in name and not disgrace it anymore than he already has.

    Its about him, his clean hands and his pure heart and to hell with Cayman and its people and what is happening to them. The worst thing that could possibly happen in a economic crisis happened to us when this man was voted in. The plan we want you to tell us is when you will resign while you are being investigated for corruption and save us all further cringing everytime you open your mouth.

    Alden, to begin with, if you dont mind me making a suggestion or two. A good start to a plan would be investigate the "Nation Building" fund and other vote buying gimmicks and get it back, dont take all your friends and family on holidays on the public purse constantly, dont hire your friends to do work the government already has departments for, make the ones who owe the country money pay up, friend or no.

    There, you havent even started your first day and you have turned a $4.5 M deficit into millions plus.

    Well done, all you had to do was act like a decent human being.

  9. Anonymous says:

    CG had a plan for the port. Did it matter? No; it wasn't Mc's plan so it didn't.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Alden believes the best defence is a strong offense. Alden points the finger at McKeeva and rightly so because the government in power is responsible but underneath the politics of this is my belief that Alden has no idea himself what to do.

    The PPM faithful say well we don't want to help the UDP and I respond why not suggest some answers to help the country. If Alden puts forth some suggestions that help the country the voters will remember come next election and I for one will have greater confidence that Alden is part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM came up with some ideas, but what did the UDP do? Nothing. UDP did not even want to listen to some of the PPM suggestions. Ezzard has come up with some ideas, but what does the UDP do? Keep silent and vote against Ezzard's proposal. Cayman, get it straight – Alden or Ezzard have NO POWER in the House, UDP have all the power and therefore ALL RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to Government's policy and decision making. UDP are all in the same boat, whether that's Caucus, Cabinet or LA. COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY for all UDP.


      What can you do with stubborn "adults"?


      As for "CG's plan", his email came at a time that seems a lil too convenient for me, honestly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Concerned Cayman Islands Citizens: What is the plan, Alden and Mac ?

    • Anonymous says:

      See dey, NO  plan, man, or maybe dey tink is none of oua business. Dats oua transpsrent government at work, nuh?How u spec Mac ta kno all dem money mattas? Pray….oops, no dats not what we need..we need $$$$…..maybe da 12million he gave churches ( & wasted pan foolishness) gonna save oua asxxs when UK come down pan us.  ' Run Forest, Run' is all I kin say, it too late now! Too bad oua  Primier is exempt from accountability…so nobody is mindin da store!

    • Anonymous says:

      “what is the plan Alden”? why ask Alden? He is not the premier, he is not in control, & furthermore, Mckeeva Bush does not listen to his own peoples plan muchness the opposition! Do not ask Alden what the plan is, ASK Mckeeva!

      • Anonymous says:

        but in most developed countries …opposition parties will produce their own detailed manifesto with economic plans..alternative budgets….etc…

        obviously this is beyond the ability of caymanian politicians…

        • Anonymous says:

          That is why it does no good to ask what the PPM party platform is.

        • Anonymous says:

          First, it is not correct to say that that happens in most developed countries. In the U.S. you will find that political parties are massively funded and have a great deal of resources at their disposal. Minority Senators will have their own staff etc. It is not simply the elected representatives putting their heads together.  

        • Anonymous says:

          See, that is where you are wrong.  Go back to the UDP canteen and get a pepsi and try again.

    • Theo says:

      Alden at least Kirk had a plan which waste consult,whereas during your reign as unofficial leader you ranted and raved until they made you and Arden spend spend, and indeed divine intervention did stop you. Many of us don’t look forward to seeing you at the helm of this country, and I mean MANy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I really wonder if you or the PPM have a better plan than the UDP. Just last week two of our local Banks laid off people and I know for a fact that the one that has headquarters in Bermuda only laid off locals. The bank has many many people on work permits, they have many people hired through the temporary agencies who are on work permits so why is it always locals who are being made redundant. If a job becomes redundant why are they not given a job in another department where there are permit holders.When these people loose their homes and have to rely on the government is this helping the country. Can the country afford to house and feed these people while the ones on permits are sending the money back to their country. The mass status grants of a few years ago is taking it's toll. The managers from England, Ireland etc who were given status by Mr. Bush are now making locals redundant to keep their people in the jobs. Mr. McLean I really hope you and all the other elected MLA's including the UDP realize what is happening and do something about it. Have you all noticed that nothing was carried by the press. Why?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't blame the banks and business that are forced to layoff people to save their bottom line that is just business anywhere in the world.  As for blaming the mass status grants and foreigners for Caymanians being laid off blame the mess squarely at the feet of Caymanians if they did not want it or allow it to happen it could not have happened.  This is the greed of Caymanians that have now come back to them as a boomerang.  Caymanians need to learn to live within their means and stop looking and depending on government for handout, no one owes you anything.  No job is guaranteed, if you allow people to come here to work and live and ultimately give them PR and status then expect that they have the same rights to jobs like any born Caymanian.  Stop blaming foreigners for you own demise and greed.  If Caymanians had maintained what they had in the 80 and early 90's this island would still be fine but no they wanted more like Craker Jack.  Now when times have become hard don't go blaming foreigners who was smart enought to take advantage of what is good as they say, "good until the last drop".  If Caymanians are smart enough they would try to save the last drop for themselves.  Not because you are use to working in the financial industry at a desk job and cannot find one at the moment should you stay at home if you can find a job in the hosptality industry or anywhere go apply for it and when you get it work at it like you would any job in the financial industry that way it will stop foreigner from coming in to take the position that you refuse to take and it will keep the money in the country.    Caymanians need to wisen up and stop longing for the good old days because they are over and just remember, tomorrow  is not as bad as it seems. Just adjust and do what you must!

    • Olly and his Brolly says:

      As a customer of that bank, i noticed that things have good much better since they sorted the wheat from the chaff.

      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously you haven't been in their lately. The line forever long and 5 tellers working and moving at snails pace. Please don't take your lunch hour to go there.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Now you UDP'ers want Alden to tell you how to get out of the mess?  I have heard your leader tell PPM they did not want to hear nothing from them, because they had nothing to offer.  Oh but how they wool he had over your eyes have worn thin, or are you like new born puppies that it has taken an extended period of time for your eyes to open?

    UDP claimed they were going to turn the economy around in 90 days!  You all remember that?  They made a straw look like a bamboo to a drowning man.  They have produced nothing but hairbrained ideas, jumped after some of the too good to be true "deals" that even a child would have been cautious about, "hitched rides" on private jets that just happened to be passing our way (LOL). They did however create employment for some of their supporters as we have come to find out thanks to CNS, but that added to government's deficit, so I can't say that was all good either. 

    I cannot wait for Alden and PPM to get back in.  At least they were open and honest and we knew where they were spending the money.  And they treated the public with respect.  No intimidation and no bullying.  And I only know of one time that Alden ever chastised anyone.

    • anonymous says:

      ..and at least we now know, based on your post, that Alden DOES NOT HAVE A PLAN either!!!  You are still talking personalities and NOT IDEAS.

      I wonder how McKeeva's favourite colour is different from Alden's?  hmmmm.

  14. Anonymous says:

    arden is 100% right in what he says…… but i have heard no viable alternative plan from the ppm in the last and half years……..

    ps…independents like ezzard are not the answer either!

  15. Anonymous says:

    What's his plan ? The same thing it has been all along.  Spend more money, put us in a serious hole and pit us against the UK forcing us to make a stand and go independent  with the dictator at the helm.  He wants more ….power !

  16. Anonymous says:

     Fair enough Alden. But, erm, what's the plan Alden?

    • Anonymous says:

      All you folks asking Alden what is the plan know very well that Alden's plans or the PPM's plasns or anybody else's plans don't mean zilch to the UDP. THEY are the ones supposedly running the country and THEY are the ones we are looking to for a "plan" especially since they are too good and know too much and are way,way to dictatorial to listen to anybody else in this world. The UDP and it's supporters really do very much need to finally stop blaming the PPM for the UDP's countless, miserable, unending failures. I have a plan if anybody in the real world wants to listen to it. Lets get rid of the hopeless UDP party and elect ourselves a transparent, decent, honest, educated, progressive, stable, responsible, sensible, realistic, non-blaming, upright, god-fearing, democratic, prudent, accountable Government to move our country forward rather than downward. Sound like a plan, Cayman? 

    • Anonymous says:

      It might have escaped your notice that Alden is not the Premier. It really doesn't matter whether he has a plan because he is not running the country.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jesu Christo 23;48!! So you mean you are ok with the leader of the Opposition who might be the next Premier not having a plan!! No wonder this territory is in a mess.

        • Anonymous says:

          welcome to wonderland……

        • Anonymous says:

          I think you are deliberately missing the point. I certainly would not elect the PPM if its Leader didn't have a plan but the elections are 17 months away. That is not really issue right now as any plan he has will not change our situation one bit as it will be ignored by the Govt.   

          • Anonymous says:

            One of the hallmarks of the UDP and it's supporters is to deliberately miss the point.

      • A frozen Squid says:

        Really?  Opposition leaders around the world consistently issue their ideas on improving the economy and their country. That is their job. That is the only way they get elected. It seems that only in Cayman we use personality to elect someone.

        This time is different. We will not vote for Alden nor Kurt nor Ezzard nor Mac nor any of them if they do not come to the table with a reasoned plan of action that we can believe in. And they need to do so now before they issue their silly 'manifestos' just before elections.

        Because "Alden is not Premier" is the lamest excuse I have ever heard for not having or publishing a single idea. How would Alden get us jobs, cut the civil service, lower our debt, stop the loss of the finance sector, increase local business, increase tourism, increase revenue to government and cut crime?  How?? What is the plan?? Should we vote for him hoping he has a plan or vote for him because we dont like McKeeva?

        PPM should realise that this time is different. We are not just going to vote PPM because we hope you have a plan or don't like McKeeva. And UDP should realise that we are not just going to vote UDP because of some turkey handout, paved driveway or because we don't like Alden.

        This idea that we need to just elect someone because we like them or they are my cousin or some silly personality issue is dead. Give me someone educated, with common sence, honest, that is for the people (i mean ALL of the people, those in Scranton & Dump and those in the condos) but give me someone WITH a plan not just some silly manifesto 3 months before an election.

        That's who we will vote for.


        • Anonymous says:

          It is not correct that Opposition Leaders around the world offer their ideas to the govt and most assuredly that is NOT their job within the Westminster model of governance. Instead, their job is to scrutinise the govt policies and hold the govt. to account.  In any event Mac has made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in anything the Opposition has to say.

          As far as showing that they should be elected is concerned that is the stuff of manifestos and election campaigns. The elections aresome 17 months away.    

      • so Anonymous says:

        Neither are the people of Cayman.

    • Sunlight Please says:

      Sir/Madam The next car that you pass is being driven by a better leader than Bush.

  17. Anonymouse says:

    The Big man just woke up and tolds us what we already know. There is no money, well we already knew that. Plan ? what plan ? He will blame the PPM for what they have not done wrong yet. No Alden there is no plan B. AS the Big man said cash is KING and he made sure he got HIMSELF plenty of that. Nothing will be happening as the new excuse is no more EXTRA revenue. Lets be honest there was never any. He spent it all travelling all over the place. He wants to make certain there is very little left for the next Govt. Are you minister of the UDP starting to realize that you will still live amongst us Joe Public in the future ? It don't look so but I tell you when the going get's togh you are on your own and Mckeewa will have it made in the shade. Thanks for nothing and keep your ham and turkey.

  18. anonymous says:

    The single question I have is "what's YOUR plan Alden??"

    How would you make Cayman better right now??? We are not going to elect you again if you do not say what your plan is. And don't say you dont want to give it to UDP but wait until your manifesto.  Too late then- we hungry now.

    • Caribitz says:

      The PPM "plan" is to oust McKeeva.  That is the best plan I have heard.   As soon as that happens the economy will grow and people will once again be unified to do what's best for Cayman!

      • A frozen Squid says:

        How will the economy grow again?? How?? by magic? Do you really think that having PPM (or anyone else) running the country at this time would matter to the "economy"??  would matter to our $1,000,000,000 public debt? would matter to our $500,000,000 budget? would really matter to FCO?….. really funny.

        BTW, countries are never 'unified' when they have political parties. Cayman being unified is a thing of the past. what you meant to say is "I will feel better when my gang is in charge". Most people do feel better at that time but it is really irrelevant to Cayman.

        We need to see a plan this time not personality worship – leave that for Hollywood.

    • so Anonymous says:

      What are your plans Caymanian? Every leader of late has tried and failed to deliver. Smart people would try something and someone else.  Why keep listening to those who have failed you in the past?  UDP, PPM, Them, us, him, her, it doesn't matter who failed or how much they have failed.  the Caymanian people are responsible for finding someone they can trust to do the right thing (for the people).  So far it appears you all have failed.  If thats really the best the people of Cayman can do maybe you should ask for help.  Nicely.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Alden, what are your plans? We would like to know.


    If you don't start now, you will unprepared for your role as premier in a few short months.


    I am starting to think that my vote will go to a frozen sardine.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's better than exchanging it for a fridge for sure.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Wow, so original!

    • Anonymous says:

      "a few short months". The elections are not scheduled for another 1 yr 5 mnths. Do you know something that we don't?