Habitual burglar gets seven years jail time

| 04/12/2011

prison-cell-pic-rex-99532672 (256x300).jpg(CNS): With a string of convictions for burglary, Andy Myles (25) was sentenced to seven years in jail on Friday following his conviction last week for breaking into the home of an elderly couple in the Governor’s Harbour area in December last year. Justice Charles Quin imposed the hefty sentence on Myles in view of what he described as an appalling record, with four previous convictions for burglary. Although the defendant was not armed when he broke into the house in Magellan Quay, the judge said he terrified the elderly female resident when he and his accomplice woke her in the middle of the night demanding that she open her safe. 

Myles had been apprehended by police minutes after the offence when they fished him out of the canal where he had fallen during the chase. The judge commended the police for their speed of thought and action in the case, as the officers on routine patrol in the area had spotted two men acting suspiciously just as they received the burglary report.
Justice Quin, who presided over Myles’s judge alone trial, said that he did not harm his victim during the break-in but it took place in the middle of the night when the victim was home alone and asleep in bed, and was a cold, calculated crime.

“The intruders awakened the lady of the house in whatshe described as terrifying circumstances,” the judge said in his sentencing ruling. “The court must punish this offender with an appropriate term of imprisonment.” Justice Quin said he was also mindful of the increase in burglaries of both residential and commercial premises and hoped that the sentence would act as a deterrent.

The local judge referred to comments made by the British judge, Lord Bingham, when he said there were some burglars who from an early age behaved as predators who return to their trade as soon as they are released from prison.

Myles had already been sentenced to five years in September 2006 for two aggravated burglaries. But on release from prison, it seems, he was back committing offences and was convicted earlier this year for two other burglary offences also committed in 2010, including the break-in at the Elmslie Church hall in George Town and a restaurant on Sheddon Road.

Myles’ partner in crime in this offence escaped police on the night in question and has never been charged for the offence, leaving him to be tried and convicted alone.

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  1. nice! says:

    Just seven years? this scum-bag should be put away for double that!!

    If he has 4 previous convistions for burglary, just imagine how many more he got away with, how many families had their world turned upside down by this man's greed and non-existiant morals!! (oh no wait, he's Camanian, I take that back)

    Why wasn't he placed on an ankle bracelet or some other monitoring system after convictions 1, 2 or 3??

  2. a helpless citizen says:

    In 7 years you are going to let him out why?He has no place in civilized company, so there’s no reason to let him out at all.

  3. Chris says:

    The 7 year sentence sends a strong message for potential criminals to think twice.

    I agree with this.

    I just wonder if the burgular was caught for breaking in to a home in some other part of Cayman, say Dog City, Scranton or Swamp if the sentence would be as tough?

    I sure hope so!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Must be one of these status grants in 2003 certain posters are always telling us about……….oh sorry, he's a born Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      A criminal is a criminal and terrifying another person for whatever reason, even more so entering somebody's home, needs to be locked away.  Your comment and others like it aggravate the situation rather than help the situation because you are giving these criminals more 'status'.

      • Anonymous says:

        Im pretty sure this man isn't getting the status you may think he is. In fact, I bet hes not enjoying this status. I would think hes feeling humiliated, for the fact that this is the talk on the island and his loved ones and peers are reading about him. If he was to be getting some status, that status wouldnt be in the newspaper, that status would have been he commited a robbery and wasn't caught.

        • Anonymous says:

          Habitual burglar.  He's been sentenced more than once.  He is in the news again.  He is getting his 'status'.  The criminals love getting their name in the news. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn't matter whether the criminal is caymanian, status holder or from outer space, he should be dealt with according to law.  Too many times these criminals are given a slap on the wrists and are free once again to torture the citizens.  If they commit the crime, they should serve the time.  Let one be an example for all.