Jamaican PM calls elections for 29 December

| 05/12/2011

Andrew-Holness1.jpg(CNS): After less than two months in office Andrew Holness, (39) the Jamaican Prime Minister has announced that the country will hold general elections on 29 December. He revealed the date on Sunday on a visit Mandeville where he spoke to Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters. Holness, who served as education minister before his appointment as the PM, was required under the Constitution to hold elections before the end of this year and he faces the possibility of becoming the shortest serving leader in Jamaica’s history. The opposition People's National Party is headed by Portia Simpson Miller who served as the country’s first woman leader between March 2006 and September 2007.

"We are ready for progress, ready for development and ready for a positive future," Holness told the JLP crowd Sunday as he revealed the election date and said formal nominations for the election would be held on 12 December.  Now is decision time,” he said. “I have a feeling that our future is going to be a great future.”

Holness said that he had waited until a proper enumeration of voters had been produced before calling the date and he had been told by the director of elections that the new list has now been published.

The opposition People's National Party is headed by Portia Simpson Miller, who served briefly as Jamaica's first female prime minister from March 2006 to September 2007.
At a massive meeting in Cross Roads St Andrew on Saturday night, Simpson Miller presented the party’s 63 candidates as she declared that the comrades are ready to go to the polls and the PNP was ready to take control of the affairs of the State.


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  1. concerned CAYMANIAN TO THE BONE says:

    Good Luck in finding someone that is honest enough to put Jamaica back on track. Dudas is no longer in town! Bob Marley once said, Tomorrow people where have you gone" which sums up Jamaica. Careful Cayman you don't fall in the same pit!

    USA years ago had Steven Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash; Cayman don't have any Jobs, Cash or Hope! 

  2. Libertarian says:

    I hate to be pessimist. But, to me, his announcement, is disturbing news, and reasons why people (especially Caymanians) should avoid travelling to Jamaica prior to and just after December the 29th. Even the Australian government has issued a travel advice to those considering travelling to Jamaica, "we recommend you ensure your accommodation has adequate security, such as guards or security fences, particularly if you are staying in villa-style accommodation…"  It goes on to forewarn that there is a "possibility of a snap general election…"

    Interestingly, the travel advice, was issued on the 22nd of November, and several months back, Bruce Golding resigns.