PPM colour banned from Christmas lights display

| 12/12/2011

xmas lights.PNG(CNS): The deputy premier's ministry has treated the people of Cayman Brac to a brand new display of Christmas lights in a remote and sparsely populated area of the Bluff. Costing an estimated $5,000, the display of blue, green and white lights decorates the new road and cabanas at the Agricultural Grounds off Songbird Drive. Conspicuously absent is the colour red — the colour of the PPM — from the light display. It was launched Tuesday 29 November, pre-empting and following a very similar programme to the traditional launch of Christmas on the island, the Cayman Brac Rotary Club's Tree Lighting Ceremony at Stake Bay, which takes place the first Monday in December each year. (Photo by James Tibbetts)

The building of the road to the Agriculture Grounds, which includes two roundabouts (the only ones on Cayman Brac) caused quite a stir earlier this year as the road is seldom used and was given priority over any roadwork done onthe main tourism area of the island.

The road was dubbed the "Grand Bluff Highway" in a CNS Viewpoint by Just Commentin', who described it as "a four-lane shiny black asphalt paved double carriageway with tree-planted medians, connecting cross-overs, and additional turning lanes at the end where it intersects the main road. It reminded me of the entrance and main throughfare to one of those ritzy Miami subdivisions. The only thing missing was the guy in a gold-buttoned uniform in a security booth at the entry gate. Off to the side all the trees had been leveled to make way for big paved parking areas."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need leaders who are colour blind, instead of totally blind.

  2. happy Bracer on the bluff says:

    I attended the Christmas lightening service on the Bluff…it was very beautiful to drive and then walk up toward the grounds…..it is a most special light display. (  we drove again all through the grounds the following week admiring the beautiful display ) Nobody counted colours….we all found it very festive with special musical presentations which put all in the Christmas mood….if you do not feel that this was like a present to many living on the Brac you may have forgotten how many Cayman Traditions started….. ( we hope it was not a one time Christmas show, but may become a tradition each year )…..we had not seen that many Residents come together in a long time…. It took nothing away from the yearly Rotary special event….after all we on the Brac are NOT spoiled with many functions as such, and we enjoyed the special effort made with the additional Bluff Christmas show….we went home saying it was a beautiful evening ….( please stop making all a political issue you may miss many beautiful things in life meant to lift our spirits when many need it…) 

    I for one would not have wanted to miss the Lights and the magical feeling of the Bluff that special evening…..whom ever I may have to say "thank you" too…..here it is!

    ( No I am not advertising for Any political party …..just advertising the Brac with all its special lights)

    Tania D  


    • anonymous says:

      The Party must have paid for this – they have a right (even it is childish) to use the colours of their choice.  If it was MY tax payers money that paid for it then it is …………..(fill in the blank)

    • Anonymous says:

      You've somehow successfully managed to completely elude the entire point of this thread that the PPM was specifically and intentionally banned from this "most special light display". Your glowing remarks do very little to hide the fact that this was a ridiculous, spoiled child, ignorant, selfish, uncalled for, egotistical, arrogant, pompous, un-christian act. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You've somehow successfully managed to completely elude the entire point of this thread that the PPM was specifically and intentionally banned from this "most special light display". Your glowing remarks do very little to hide the fact that this was a ridiculous, spoiled child, ignorant, selfish, uncalled for, egotistical, arrogant, pompous, un-christian act. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this for real?  This is the epitome of stupidity – Lord, I hope there's no more to come! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I know this entrance road to the Brac Agriculture Dept. compound and it is off the beaten path, no residences immediately on this stretch so it seems pointless in any case to decorate this entrance but if the exclusion of red lights is for the reason reported then that is puerile, sad, appalling, frightening. If it's just media sensationalizing, that stoops to a new low in journalism (that wouldn't even be classed as journalism)

    Whoever the cap fits in this story or the reporting thereof just please STOP IT before it goes too far. We know what sentiments over colours have brought to Jamaican politics and US cities.

  5. Pro Caymanian says:

    What does PPM & UDP colors have to do with Christmas????

    They should've put up BLACK lights instead!!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Don't you worry yourselves, we nah gon vote dis gyal back in. We Brackers may smile pon her and her family but she done here. Jus watch an see! Soon come JuJu! She XXXX will be soon farmin the bluff. 


    This story had to be written so that the local dumb***es can put this into perspective in their small lil minds!

  7. Oh Chrisrmas Tree says:

    Ju-Ju, the Christmas Gringe who stole the red out of the Christimas on the Brac!!!


    Watch out RCIPS, your red stripes & red lights will be next!!


    Jacques Scott, she'll probably request that you remove aaaaall red wine, Red Stripe and Red Bill from your selves!!


    Woooah!!………..Red Sails.,,,,,,,,,and Air Canada you have a red maple leaf on your aircarrier – you suuuure you have clearance to land in Ca,yman with all that red????


    Thank God our red poinsetta are not in bloom this time of the year cuz she'd probably want to chop dem down…………


    what a gual-child!!…wey she from anyway……nuttin I've ever seen






  8. Anonymous says:

    I bet she wants to take the red out of the beautiful sunsets,,,,and this is what is trying to run the Islands…………shame,,,,,,,,

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unna don't know how to fix dat?

    Some "kind sou"  needs to go up to that Bluff and put the Red back in Christmas.  You can do it one or two ways:

    1) like the real Santa in the dark of night and away in the blink of an eye

    2) or you can do it like the Santa at the charity events – donate a gift of lots of  red bows and lights with the free labour to put it up. But for God sake call CNS, Compass, Cayman 27, Cayman Net News, Inews etc when you make the donation so we can all see the express on the rep from the UDP.   🙂

  10. Cat says:


    This man "McKeeverr" has officially proven himself as an over-achiever in the idiot department and has been moved to the top of the waiting list for a straight jacket and padded room. Please take him there soon, he really needs the help.

    And being that it is Christmas time, I don't think he should be deprived of some Christmas cheer, so make sure that his room is filled with those cute Red Tonka Toy Trucks, a Red Ryder tricycle,some sweet Red Ribboned peppermint candy canes, a nice cozy Red Blanky to be wrapped in at night , a little tea table with cute tiny tea cutlery and cups with  feathered hats, so that him and his croonies can have a little tea party on christmas day…oh how cute 🙂 Oh don't forget that he needs and little Blue Star pinned on his straight jacket that blinks the Red words,


  11. Anonymous says:

    Why didn't they add more lights to the area around District Admin? At least people would actually see them. I went up there last night out of curiosity. Not a soul to be seen and betting it's like that most of the time. You have to go far out of your way to go the Ag grounds. No one goes there, especially at night.


    Well, I suppose passing drug planes can enjoy them. As for the rest of us – what a stupid waste of money!

  12. Anonymous says:

    SHAME…..SHAME…..SHAME on you CNS for posting such an irresponsible, childish and immature topic. Does the color of lights really mean anything? My wife has decorated our tree this year in RED- NOT because she is a PPM supporter but becuase that was her choice of color this year. I have decorated our yard with RED and WHITE lights!! Does this make me a PPM supporter. NO it dosent. I have been trylu appaled at some of the stories being carried in this forum and have to ask myself if they are not being written by children. There is MUCH more critical, important and national issues to be discussing rather than the color of lights chosen to decorate Cayman Brac with!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What some people have missed is the fact that the UDP itself has "redecorated" several events, their offices, etc. in order to remove the color red from their environment – because that is the color of the PPM.

      So.  I ask you.  Does the color of anything really mean anything?  Apparently the "leaders" of our country believe so.  And while they are busy "representing their colors", the people of this country struggle to keep from going down the tubes.

      I agree, there are MUCH more critical, important and national issues to be discussing than the color of the Premier's door or whether or not one can wear the color red to work if you work for government (a discussion which I have actually heard more than once).

      Shame on the UDP.

    • Stiff-Necked Fool says:

      Hey 8:29, reread your post and see if you talking any sense. Your obvious dislike of PPM and Pro-Julianna stance has made you talk foolishness – Not surprising though!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Let's wait until next week and find out what is the colour scheme at the Cayman Brac civil servants Christmas party. The last 2 have been in blue & silver. I bet there will be no red this either.

  14. wa hap'en'n? says:

    foo-foo, while ya buzy taking the red out of Christmas, why not change our flags and crest and take the red out of dem too.


    Also, can you take the red out of dem red roosters that I see all over George Town, West Bay 7 mile Road and Shamrock Road advertising the PPM color and also dem wild parrots that have red on their chest – ya, thats right, our National Symbol.


    Well, thank God you dont have to change the National Song cuz that only sings about the BLUE waters…………geezh PPM, you loose out on that one!!!!


    Just to give ya a heads-up, ya betta start thinking about what ya gonna do about Valentine's Day cuz thats just around the corner…………gual, ya gotcha hands full on this one!!


    whatta mess, gual, whatta a mess!!!!



  15. BOTC says:

    aaaaalli-kip-it-tunce, what foolishness.


    You know, Im not one bit surprised.  I can now understand why the premier chose Juuuulie to be his deputy………….same old act of stupidity.


    I suppose this will be the next law passed in the LA,,……ie No red Christmas lights allowed in the Cayman Islands!!!


    Oh, and bu the way Santa, be very careful how you're flying around in that red suit when approaching the Cayman Islands, red suits will probably be illegal.


    Be sure to arrive via Jamaica just in case you need to change your red suit for a blue velvet or green velvet suit cuz you mightn't get in.


    Juuulie, I have a suggestion for you, change all dem lights to black and bring back Halloween for Christmas…………….goes well with your attitude and decision-making capability.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would like to add that just having a Christmas display up there that will be seen by very few people is a waste of govt money.

    On the positive side, at least the planes know where not to land.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the next Rundown does a skit on this. I will be hilarious. 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    CNS while you are on the subject of money spending in Cayman Brac is it correct that the yearly road clean-up has begun? And is only lasting 9 days? If so is it also correct that a lady was brought in from the US to head the project?

    • Anonymous says:

      The lady brought in from the US specifically to head this clean up is a Caymanian. One of the beneficiaries of the Status handout compliments of the Deputy Premier. She is brought in each year just for this – ie her annual vacation. Also a Caymanian from East End is brought in as her assistant. Imagine what they are being paid and the cost of airfare and accommodation etc. for these two individuals. One would have thought that these two positions could have been filled by someone from the Brac but ……………………….. politricks my dear friends politricks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please, can someone tell me who I have to XXXX to get a job on Cayman Brac? I could've done this job! I have a college degree from the states and a status handout from JuJu and I couldn't get this job?? 

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing less then GANG activities to confront the other party. Christmas with red, I guees Santa Clauss will have to wear green. It's a bird, it's a plane, nope it's just UDP.

  20. Benjy says:

    Red missing because of its link to communism? Traditional red missing – like taking "Christ" out of Christmas? Emphasis on blue and white, a nod to Israel? Green a nod to the beautidul lush vegetation of the island or a passing reference to a traditional Christmas colour; or a significant endorsement to the thousands of "Greenies" sold each year in the local bars?

    How petty this display seems. Maybe the Deputy Premier got at deal at Walmart (production mistake from China?).

    What has happened to "My Beautiful Cayman Brac"?

    So sad to see such things going on.

    I have such fond memories of Christmases on The Brac – where everyone was ONE community (well almost: there was some strong religious competition).




  21. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of CRAP!!!  This just goes to show – we all obviously to serve the same God!! Right UDP?? Remember……CASH IS KING!!!

    Disgraceful. And please rememebr you have kids watching show – GROW UP!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I truly couldn't care less about the exclusion of this or that colour.    The expenditure — and in an area remote on the Brac at that — is far more concerning to me.   

    Don't ask me to tighten my alreadysnug belt and then turn around and drop $5,000 on a light display.    Does that include the cost of the power to run the lights?   Does it include the labor to put them up and then take them down, or just the cost of the lights alone?    At $25 per 18 feet of rope light,  and $15 for a string of 75 tiny L.E.D. lights, I'm guessing that is just the cost of the lights.  

    hmmmm.  Maybe I should have a festive battery-operated lighted belt;   Then everyone could see just how small the belt has grown. 

    Is my complaint petty?   Maybe.  Granted, it might be.   I'd prefer, if any politician is going to mandate an expenditure of this nature (say, $1000 and above, for nonessential decorations), that they pay it from their own pocket, given that their monthly pocket exceeds my yearly one, and guess what………….. I actually get things done.   You heard it here first.  

    Merry Christmas everyone.   I'll be riding my bike up to the Ag center, I guess, to look at the lights I helped buy without my knowledge.    I might even rest on some of the parking lots  I helped buy and didn't approve of along the way.    Ain't I generous? `

  23. Anonymous says:

    LOL!  If this is not gang related, tell me what is.  These stupid leaders have to stop this s*#@ of colour coding sides and do what is right for the people and the Islands.  Are they trying to turn these Islands into a mini Jamaica?

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Christmas is predominantly RED so for that woman from Cayman Brac to ban red from Christmas celebrations is downright Pathetic.

      Imagine PPM supporters boycotting CNB because there is no red in their Bank colours, but PPM supporters are not that shallow-minded so I have seen many of them come into the Bank.

      It was like the time, that man from West Bay had all the colours for the Jazz Fest changed, from the red carpet to the red back-drop of the sunset, to the green of the udp. That kind of childish behaviour did not take place under the PPM.

      I agree, this has to be the last Christmas under udp, for the sake of Cayman and the Cayman people – No Joke!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I find the article and headline sensationalist and unnecessarily divisive – poor taste.

  25. Brit says:

    how so childish & immature. What a ridiculous expenditure!!

  26. Dissapointed says:

    CNS – what a disapointing, divisive andunecessary story.  Did you think it was funny?  Were you making a serious point?

    Our media needs to be more responsible than this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you mind read with that dude above there?

    • annon says:

      You know something, I would tend to agree with you except that i happen to know someone from the DOT who asked for my help two years ago just after the Elections. They were trying their best to find a piece of green or blue carpet to replace the red carpet used for arriving dignateries at the airport, so seeing this story is no surprise to me. Yes these are the times we are living in, some of the party members even choose the color of their Merc accordingly.

    • Anonymous says:

      The media?? What about the elected rep??? But, in typical UDP style, you shoot the messenger because you don't like the message.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Santa Claus knows who has been good or bad, and he is xxxxx!!!   Guess he won't be going down Puppet's Mac Chimney this year.   Santa won't vote UDP come 2013 – If the UDP DeMorkerycy has not been replaced with Communism before the election.


  28. Anonymous says:

    When I read this article only one word came to mind.  CHILDISH  !!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    This is a nonsense story. Red is China's color, not PPM's. Maybe red lights cost more and the UDP is simply saving money for more travel. Maybe they don't want to be associated with Amsterdam's Red Light District. Although if you think  about it, all the empty window displays, in the George Town shops, could be put to good use. Could you imagine the increase in business action, I mean business activity, this would provide? We could start with McField's Lane and Mary Street. Its like destiny.



  30. Anonymous says:

    Hold on —- where in this article is there even a remote indication that orders were given by the Deputy Premier to exclude the color red? This seems like creative journalism to me. There are quite a few lovely displays around without the color red and care should be taken not to delve into this silly but dangerous way of thinking. With all that we have facing us as a Country this is really petty and not worthy of further discussion.


    • Anonymous says:

      Because everyone one in Cayman Brac knows that she FORBIDS RED thats why. This was a total waste of public funds. This was all done for political mileage – there was no need for this public funded event. The annual tree lighting has been done in Cayman Brac for nearly 30 years by the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac and for the past 30 years it has been done the first Monday in December. There was no need for her to upstage the Rotary with this event and waste public funds.

    • Anonymous says:

      You forget the red carpet fiasco?  hmmm…well, there was a red light fiasco as well.  No red bows can go on those Christmas trees.

  31. Libertarian says:

    The question should be raised:  What color christmas lighting, red or blue, would burn more CUC current?  Answer:  It wouldn't matter!  Both PPM and UDP parties, are incurring great cost to this country!

  32. Anonymous says:

    You dont see the Crypts wearing the color Red! Oh sorry we call then groups or parties and NOT gangs. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    All the Government accounts are in the RED year round!!  Post traumatic stress disorder.

  34. Knot S Smart says:

    Uh Oh..

    Now Santa has to wear a green suit and Rudolph's nose will be painted blue.

    I am trying to say the word 'childiish' but 'idiocy' keeps coming out instead…

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier has a primary school education.  Shame on you for expecting him to act mature!

  35. Anonymous says:

    How immature and childish Julianna!

    You really are a dissapointment to Cayman Brac!!

    There are more children mature now a days than the leaders of our small islands!

  36. God a look pon u says:

    I  reckon now i na gine home this evening fly my red underwear in my tamarind tree!

  37. Anonymous says:

    To be fair to Ju Ju and the UDP, the colour red does feature prominently in their budgets.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Santa, Take note.  You may be banned if you don't change the colour of your suit.  No more red allowed I suggest you go for a lovely green velvet.  Then you would be accepted.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I think the sooner we get rid of ALL THESE "COLOURS" the better. This "divide-the-people" concept must stop. CNB did not use red in their roundabout but that does not make them UDP. 

    Stop the silliness. CNS I am surprised you ran this "story" in the first place. Anyhow you never ever said who "banned" the red lights! Please dont add to this party nonsense anymore.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      In the event that you don't know by now, in order to get somer readers attention, this type of down right simple things have to be written, and for sure people who write comments on these subjects here will always put a spin on every thing against the UDP or it's leaders in order to get as much thumbs-up.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Who cares about PPM color being banned.  What you need to write about is the ppl in this country that have no place to live, no food to eat or are one paycheck from losing there homes.  Thanks to both PPM and UDP governments!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the Deputy Premier did not do this purposely, as Christmas is not Christmas without red in it. If it was done spitefully then shame on you Julie, but now a days anything that is done by the UDP seems to e undermining. People on the Brac I hope you can see what's happening and let her know it in 2013.

    • Bracca says:

      Ty hush dem people gah put her right back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      As many educated men that Cayman Brac have , I am ashamed that we cant get one to run in the next election to make the difference and take care of our problems. We have both men and women that have higher degrees than just being a PE teacher. Thats no competition, and doing law and dont practice it . Come on brothers and sisters lets get our act together and get rid of all this XXXXXX. After all I will hold to my gun and again repeat. IT TAKES A GOOD BUSINESSMAN TO RUN OUR  COUNTRY. AMEN.

  42. Anonymous says:

    If this article is not meant to stir up controversy I don't know what is.  The colour red is omitted and it is a PPM colour. Are you serious right now?  I had no idea that the PPM or any other political party for that matter had a colour that was trademarked, copyrighted and/or otherwise protected as intelluctual property.   It is this kind of news reporting that causes discontent amongst everyone in the Cayman Islands. 


    In addition, this is not even newsworthy.  

    • Anonymous says:

      That's right, bo bo, cover it up, sweep it under the rug, deny it, THAT is what the UDP certainly does best.

      • Anonymous says:

        wrong!!!…. it happened before wherby a government publication had to to be re-printed at the last minute due too much 'ppm colours.'…costing the people thousand of dollars……

        thank you CNS for bringing this to our attention

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with you on this one.  Losing a little bit of class here CNS.

  43. Anonymous says:

    God is looking down on you, sister Ju Ju, and he sure as hell ain't smiling. Never mind, you are certainly going to have company, wherever it is you're headed.

  44. anonymous says:

    All along we thought this was the site of the new Cayman Brac airport.

  45. Anonymous says:

    What a childish deputy premier.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I suppose we'll just have to tolerate the Unbelievably Dumb Party 'enjoying' their very last Christman in 'power'. what a bunch of morons.

  47. How says:

    How friggin petty and typical! This is the wonderful government we all begged for last election. As petty and childish as a buch of 5yr olds fighting over a toy.

    Disgusting man, just disgusting

  48. Anonymous says:

    i wonder what color is santa is the bizarre twisted world of the udp???

  49. Anon a mouse says:

    Very small island and even less surprising Small-minded behavior.
    If that is the ‘Christian behavior’, then I want none of it.

  50. Anonymous says:

    More wasted money WTF??????!!!

    UDP must GO – this is ridiculous – when Butterfield is laying more people off the second year in a row before Christmas, this is the kind of stupidty and wastefulness the UDP is into? Damn out of order!


    • hey there what you dredging down there says:

      It seems you must go too if you cant have a dialogue without disguised cussing.  Butterfield and others have layed off peple and perhaps alond with others will continue to do so if the economy does not get going, but ya forget where your milk come from mainly not from de cow on d brac but from America, who is experiencing the worst economic situation in its hisstory. Why should we be any different than the rest of the world, especially when we only produce a bunch of seemingly stupid bloggers.

       Stop playing antsi panti and contribute something useful.