Government employs 8 contractors for 8 homes

| 15/12/2011

SIAHDC Minister cuts ribbon (248x300).jpg(CNS): Eight different construction companies have been contracted by the Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation (SIAHDC) to build the next eight affordable homes on Cayman Brac, though it has not stated how the contracts were awarded. But as the contractors are expected to hire up to 8 workers apiece, the project is being lauded as a boost to the island's economy. In phase three of the project, four houses are to be constructed at Watering Place and four at West End. In the first two phases of the project there were no qualified applications at the time from people wanting to live in Watering Place, so under the previous board all eight homes that have been built so far are at the West End site.

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor Connolly, who is District Administration minister and a Sister Islands MLA, said she wanted to build 100 more homes but government did not have the cash. However, local contractors welcomed the work.

“People have no idea how much this contract is going to benefit the contractors and the Cayman Brac economy,” said Whitman Tatum, owner of Quality Construction. “Building these homes will give a lot of people here on the Brac much needed work. We were facing a gloomy holiday season, but now we have hope.”

The eight contractors are C & C Construction, Dixon Contractor, DSS Contractor, Eastwing Construction, McLean Contractor, Ricky Walton Construction, Quality Constructor and Vander-Built Contractors and they are expected to complete this phase of the SIAHDC housing project in April government officials said in a release.

The current plans are for one 2-bedroom and three 3-bedroom homes to be constructed at the Watering Place location, and two 2-bedroom and six 3-bedroom homes at West End. The plans are similar to the existing homes, which are 855 sq. ft. for a 2-bedroom home and 1,073 sq. ft. for the three-bedroom unit.

At the ground breaking ceremony O’Connor-Connolly revealed that the West End site where there are already a number of government homes will also have 10 acres demarcated for "educational purposes".

The minister said she had told the board to give a chance to everyone especially the neediest cases. “It doesn’t matter the person’s circumstances; what matters is their ability to pay. That has been my instruction to the board of SIAHDC,” she added.

With other people on the Brac hoping for homes in the areas where they grew up, she challenged them to help SIAHDC find suitable land in those areas for another housing development site.

For more information on how to apply for a home in Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation subdivision, please call 948-8177 or e-mail to or visit the SIAHDC Office Unit 8 Avistar Building.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All this is very good, for the contractors, the workers and especially the owners of the new homes.

    Having said that, some thought comes to mind about some (poor) people who have borrowed money from the bank and put in all their savings in order to build apartments as an envestment with hopes of having some income in their old age (retirement) These people worked hard to do this and never depended on government's help. Now the rental business is not good as there are too many and not enough renters. Another fact is people from outside has come in and got places that are substandard and have many tenants. The people that built with hopes of an income is and will suffer from lack of renters and therefore no income. In fact they may wind up losing what they do have. What will happen to these people when they do not have an income otherwise (good pension) and none from their investment.

    It is sad to say, but the ambitious persons are the ones who seem to benefit less in some cases than the ones who sit and wait for government hand outs and help instead of trying to help themselves.

    The old saying that "God helps those who help themselves" seems to be obsolete.

    The comment on 18/12/11 at 14:09 has said a lot of truth.

    • Nobody knows says:

      The comment may have said a lot of truth, but without knowing exactly what is being behind someone working their tails off, it's hard to just judge like that,  won't you say?  I for one know of a few of the "subsidized" contractors who take care of about 3 families-besides his own young family.  Consider this.  Not everyone is greedy

  2. Anonymous says:

    All this is very good, for the contractors, the workers and especially the people who will own the new homes.

    Having said that, some thought should be given to the fact of what is happening to the (poor) people who have borrowed from banks to build apartments and also put their savings in to it with the hopes of having an income in their old age (retirement)

    These people worked hard to make a living and to do this and did not depend on government's help. Now the rental business is not good because of the economy and in part by a lot of people who did not have homes before have now and more will be getting. This is good ofcourse for these people who will be getting the homes, but things may not be so good for the people who invested their money with hopes of having an income and may not and may even lose what they have if they cannot pay the mortgage.

    In the comment on 18/12/11 14:09, much truth was spoken.

    How unfair is this world – especially these Islands.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t there a falling out on this board as well where members were replaced?

  4. Realist! says:

    From the Group it looks like those who have other jobs are 8.  They all have other jobs.  Little Caymanians and Cayman Brackers are very resilient usually are very productive and successful.

    Look at the Kirkconnell's, Foster's, Bodden's, Scott's just to name a few how well have they done? VERY!  Point is, does it matter if someone is not waiting on a hand out, they are not the only people working.  What about their staff? They can't share the CS salary.

    Give the guys a break!  Stop complaining about everything that Hon. Julianna does.  Abe Lincoln said it best- "Anyone can Critise, complain and condemn-and most fools do!".

    • Anonymous says:

      These 8 contractors either have civil servant jobs or their wives have them. They're not starving for work but the contractors who don't work for gov't weren't even considered during the bidding process. Please tell me how this is fair? 


      The only people they are putting to work are to expats that work for them on work permits. These 8 contractors don't even show up on the job. 


      So, please tell me how this is helping the economy on the Brac when civil servants and work permit holders are the only ones profiting from these jobs?

      • Anonymous says:

        And what is your point if a spouse works for the government. Are you saying that the spouses of civil servants are not to be building contractors???

      • Anonymous says:

        You my dear are talking a bunch of crap. Not all but most of the contractors chosen not only show up on the job site they work on the job site. Thats how they make their living – apart from two who have government jobs and these two have valid T&B licences so why cant they build.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And REMEMBER I want nothing RED not even TOOLS or tool boxes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Contract restrictions: The color RED shall not be used in any matter wether preparation,design,delivery or occupancy.

    BIG SIGN OUT FRONT (no red allowed) but it will be in green and white.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She wants 92 more bodyguards someplace to live. 

  8. Optimist says:

    Sure would be interesting to see who the owners/shareholders of these companies are?

  9. But Wait! says:

    You know Ju Ju had to make that tree in the picture green. How come she couldn't had had a red tree? Boy, I tell you!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you notice the bow?

    • Anonymous says:

      And you moroons will vote "JUJU" back in again in 2013, with mac mac, john john and all the rest rest. 

      Have to add one more thing, do we have a politician in west bay called Ugene Ebanks?  Not sure…i think we pay him a salary but never hear his name in anything…lol

  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm really quite surprised to find that there are 8 residential construction companies in Cayman Brac. Although, as long as there are no-bid contracts available, any type of company can be found.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask how many are run by Civil Servants, while they have Govt. paying them a full time salary!

      • Anonymous says:

        And that means what?  Big deal, I bet Realist above knows each one- none of them are lazy, they all have made something of themselves.  Get off their backs and find something to do- if not they will take what you should be doing.

        • Anonymous says:

          It means that those whose livelihood is dependent upon their Construction Business and is the only means of supporting their families, are competeting against those who are effectively being subsidized by Govt.

          • busha says:

            Cayman Brackers came to Grand Cayman and had 3 jobs and a business back when the Brac was really slow-70's.  Some made a real killing.  Stop pissing around and complaining-get up and do something or shut up.  Because people have more jobs for whatever reason they do, is it a crime? Unless it is, give them a break.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it was a real red-ribbon ceremony.

  12. Pro Caymanian says:

    Are you for Real???

    Do they really need 8 Contractors??????

    WOW!!  They sure know how to throw  OUR $$$$ away!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Pro Caymanian my A@@

      You sound just like the group that wants it all for self….me one,… me own …, mine…selfish Caymanian if you ask me! Those Cayman Brackers all need a job, so whats wong with that.

      Grand Cayman had 35 od contractors and sub-contractors on the homes built here.

      Why is it, everthing this Government does, is has to be labled.. throwing away money.

      • anonymous says:

        Because of the overwhelming evidence that everyone has already seen?  Is it really a Caymanian thing for Caymanians in power to steal from all Caymanians to give to freind, family and church as long as they are Caymanian?

      • Pro Caymanian says:


        Well wait and see what the outcome will be!!!

        Know it ALL!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    What am I missing?

    " she wanted to build 100 more homes"….for what, about 3000 people total.   What kind of lunacy is this?