DoT depends on Caymankind to boost arrivals

| 21/12/2011

cayman (1).gif(CNS Business): The success of the new brand image for the Cayman Islands on the global stage will depend greatly on the people who will be ‘Caymankind’. During a presentation at Pedro Castle last week, Shomari Scott, acting director at the Department of Tourism, explained how the branding was created and said he hoped that the new image would help to build on the steady growth in stay-over tourism. Given that the new brand is directly related to people living up to the welcoming and warm image it represents, the DoT is reaching out to the community to get on board. Scott said the Caymankind brand campaign was “an expression of how we treat each other” and the goal was to educate the local community about the importance of the tourism industry. Read more on CNS Business

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Kind?? How 'bout we start being "Cayman Kind" to one another first and stop walking around acting like we in friggin NYC!!! Oh and please, can I have some CAYMANIANS greeting me on the waterfront !!!?? All I see is name tags with foreign countries!!! Betcha most of them sales clerks/waiters etc don't even know what TURTLE MEAT made of!! LOL. 

    Get wid it Cayman! The tourist only here for a bit – we are here forever!!

    Signed, with much love…….your cousin from your mama side of the faimly.